Castle Roland


by Ken Barber


Chapter 2

Published: 8 Apr 14

Jet Stream

The rest of the day Thursday was a whirlwind of activity. Trying to wrap up or move projects to other departments and people. Angela, my Deputy Director at Shuller, Temp and Weis was promoted to Director. Angela and I where cut from the same cloth, so I felt good about the transition for my people here. The amount of paperwork the INS guys had me sign was unbelievable I felt like my wrist was going to fall off. Carl was awesome; this kid was by my side the entire time and seem to read my mind. About one PM, we were all in the conference room going over details, when my stomach started to growl. I looked around and said, "Well I guess we should figure out what to do about lunch."

No sooner were the words out of my mouth, did Carl walked in carrying a couple of trays of sandwiches and salads. Everyone just stopped and stared at him as he entered. He looked a little embarrassed.

"I am sorry, I thought everyone might need to eat," He said shyly.

I laughed, "Carl you couldn't have better timing, I am famished."

Carl just looked at me and said, "I figured since you're a billionaire you wouldn't mind that I told the Deli to just charge your card they have on file."

I chuckled and nodded," I guess I can afford it."

We attacked the sandwiches and salads as if we had never eaten. As we were all eating and chatting, Cal and Mike asked me to step into the Hall for a minute.

Cal started the conversation "Dale, while most of the personnel decisions are up to Mike here and our Director of HR, there are a few exceptions. First, is command personnel, John and his people handle that. Second, is your personal staff. Now your Admin Clara is amazing and I would suggest you keep her for the time being, she has worked for Kevin for the past eighteen years. She has two more years until retirement; if you don't want to keep her we will find another place for her."

I quickly interrupted him, "I don't see any need for that, I am sure she is great. If either of us is not happy after a couple of months, we will revisit this conversation".

Mike nodded, "I think you will really like her. The other issue is your personal assistant."

"I have a personal assistant?" I was amazed by this. "Is that necessary?"

"It was very helpful for Kevin. Your personal assistant sees to all the little stuff allowing you more time to handle the big issues." By the tone in Cal's voice, I thought it might not be a good idea to argue this. He continued slightly embarrassed. "Now Dale, I have always made it a point to not get involved in peoples personal affairs, but I am wondering what you plan to do about Carl. I mean, are you taking him with you?"

I am sure I had a look of complete confusion on my face and then it dawned on me. "Oh you think Carl and I are together. Oh no not at all, I sort of see him as the little brother I always wanted."

Cal breathed a sigh of relief. "Well that's actually good news, because Mike and I have been watching that kid all morning and we both came to the same realization. If anyone is cut out to be your PA, its him. He practically reads your mind already."

I thought about that for a second. "Your right, he has since he started his is internship a few months ago. I will have to discuss it with him, but the problem is this Internship is his final for his degree and people in his field usually start with a salary of about $60K a year. I don't think that a PA makes that much."

Mike and Cal both laughed and Mike spoke up. "Kevin's PA, Jack, stated at $95K and retired last year at $165,000; Kevin had been using a temp since then, but he hated her. So, we ended the contract with the temp agency. We can make an arrangement with the firm here to pay his salary through them, that way the internship stays intact. We already discussed it with Mr. Shuller and he is fine with you poaching him. He knows how good it will be for both of you. We could effectively offer a starting salary of $105,000 a year with a $15,000 a month discretionary expense budget."

My eyes popped out of head. "Damn guys I'll take the job." They both laughed. "So, I guess the only thing left to do is talk to Carl." I poked my head back in the conference room. "Hey Carl, can we borrow you out here for a second?" John looked up and smiled.

Carl practically vaulted out of his seat. "Sure thing Mr. Ryan."

As he came into the hall, I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Carl, for the last damn time call me Dale."

He smiled, "Yes Dale."

I took a deep breath and looked at him asking, "How do you like Virginia?"

He had a glimmer in his eye. "I guess I never told you my parents have a place in Georgetown just outside DC.."

I was a little shocked that I didn't know this. "I thought your parents lived here?"

He smiled a little smile. "They do, except when congress is in session."

I think all three of us stood there with a puzzled looks on our faces until Cal started laughing. "Holy shit. This is Senator Everett's boy. Well I will be damned."

I just stared at Carl and then finally spit out, "Carl, why the hell didn't you tell me."

Carl almost looked dejected. He nodded at Cal. "That's why; I don't want to be known as the Senator's boy. No offense sir." he directed that part to Cal.

Cal put his hand on Carl's shoulder, "I can respect that."

I shook my head to clear away some of the stunned feeling that comes with being overloaded with too much information in one day. "Okay, so anyway here is the deal Carl, we have an opening in INS and would like to offer you the position. We have already worked it out with Mr. Shuller and you will technically be an intern here at the firm just contracted out to INS, which should satisfy the University. We would like to offer you the job with a salary of $105,000 a year and a monthly expense account of $15,000. What do you think?"

The look of shock on his face was hilarious; you would think I just told him he won the Powerball. Well he and I both kind of did.

He looked back and forth between all three of us and said, "It sounds fantastic, but it makes me nervous that you're not telling me what the job is."

Mike laughing replied, "Can't get much by this one can you. You will be Dale's personal assistant. The job also comes with a small suite over the garage of Dale's house in Virginia. So, your living expenses are covered. The suite has a private entrance in the rear of the house so you do have privacy. "

Carl looked right at me and said, "I would love this but are you sure you wouldn't want to find someone more qualified?"

"Carl, in the past four months you have learned to read me more than anyone. For my PA, you are perfect".

He had a huge smile. "Then I accept."

Cal shook his hand, "Welcome aboard INS Carl. Your salary is effective immediately and Mike will get all the paperwork done when we get back to the east coast Monday. Now if you don't mind, we have one more thing we need to discuss with Dale, so go finish your lunch. And, could you send in John Warren please."

"No problem Sir." He turned and went back into the conference room.

I just stood there shaking my head. "I am afraid to ask what is next; I am not sure how many more surprises I can handle in one day."

John was walking in as Cal said, "This one is going to be interesting. John Why don't you fill Dale in the problem we are having with fleet personnel for the new fleet."

He was just finishing swallowing a bite of sandwich. "Sure thing Cal. Well Dale, manning the fleet was actually pretty easy. We pay a hell of a lot more than the navy does so we were able to recruit a lot of guys that where getting out or just recently left the Navy to fill most of the positions. The issue is the Senior Officers. Now in the original fleet, which is called INS Task Force 1, we are all set. Originally, we thought about pulling some of those guys off their ships and moving them to INS task Force 2. But, most wouldn't budge. So, instead we decided to have INS TF1 pick up the US Navy escort contract and INS TF2 will start with the commercial Escort jobs. Mr. Olsen was going to take command of INS TF2 and I will stay in command of INS TF1. We have filled all of our command slots in TF2 except one, and we are still looking for about two senior officers to fill out the last ship. Now the problem is that ship is The TF flagship. Traditionally, the most senior officer in the fleet, next to the Fleet Commander, would command it. Kevin didn't want it that way because he knew that most of time the Flagship would be in port coordinating with all the scattered elements. He felt that would be a waste of a good officer. Now that you are the TF2 Fleet Commander, I am thinking we should reverse that as you have no experience commanding a Fleet."

I held up my hand for him to stop. "And, the punches just keep on coming. Okay, so you are saying I am TF2 Fleet Commander. Okay, Jesus let me wrap my head around that. Okay wow. Your right I don't know the first thing about commanding a fleet. Hell I don't know the first thing about commanding a dingy."

John nodded but continued, "However, there is a very young non-active officer we have been after. He had an unusually distinguished career. He graduated in the top five percent of his academy class and was promoted very quickly. He made Lieutenant ridiculously fast but was tossed out by an older Officer who felt threatened by him and found out he was gay. This happened a few months before; 'Don't ask, Don't Tell' was reversed. The Navy offered an apology and converted his discharge to Honorable. If we get this kid we, could have you doing cruises on your own in no time."

I was starting to get a little excited about this, cruising the high seas in an armed boat taking down the bad guys. "So, get him John. What are we waiting for?"

John just looked at me. "Damn just like his father. Sorry Dale, I know you didn't know him as a father. This guy has spoken to us a couple of times, but feels really dejected about the whole Navel experience. We went as far as offering him the XO, sorry Executive Officer position but he has turned us down. We haven't offered him a CO, Commanding officer post yet."

I snickered "CO I figured out, so what can you tell me about the ship. I mean are we asking him to command a floating tin can.?"

Cal raised his eyebrows. "Actually, she is our newest ship and one of only four that the US Navy allowed us to purchase specked out just like the ones they use. She is The INS Cyclone, a brand new Freedom Class Cruiser. The Cyclone is based on the Freedom Class LCS however I did take some liberties with it. It's the only ship in our fleet that was built for us. Everything else we purchased for the Brits, Germans, or French and three frigates we bought from the US."

"Wow, okay, well that brings up a question, exactly how big is our fleet?" I looked to John, as he seemed to be the fleet expert.

"We have twelve heavy ships with an average of a one hundred man compliment on each. Two command ships, each with a compliment of one hundred and fifty men, we have two fast attack patrol boats that have a compliment of thirty each. We also have two troop transport ships. Each, with a compliment of a twenty five man crew and can they carry a full company of one hundred INS Marine Security officers."

"Holy Shit IT is a Navy." For about the hundredth time today I was in shock.

John continued, "Task Force One will consist of three U.S. made frigates, the two French made Cruisers and one of the German made Destroyers, as well as my command ship a British made Command Cruiser. Everything else including the Marine Security Officers belongs to TF2. TF2 doesn't usually operate in mass and has to have all the tools to fit whatever the clients want"

I looked at all three of them. Good-looking guys, in their mid forties and a thought popped into my head. "How old is this guy we are trying to get?"

John pulled out his IPhone and after a min of scrolling, "Okay, here is his file. Let's see. Twenty seven and he will turn twenty eight next month."

"Can you send his file to Carl for me?" I walked toward the conference room and stepped in, "Carl, John Warren is going to send you a file get a hold of this guy, wait a second, John what is his name?"

"Travis King," he replied without even looking at his file.

I looked back at Carl. "Contact Travis King for me and ask him if he will meet me for lunch on Monday. Give him a very brief description of the changes that have happened at INS, and tell him I looked at his file and would really like to have a talk with him."

Carl started typing something into his I pad as he was nodding. "I just emailed John my contact info, so as soon as he sends me the file I will set it up."

"Good and Carl, if he is at all resistant, convince him."

"No problem, Boss." He had the biggest grin in the world and all I could think about was 'damn now I will never be able to get into his pants.' At least that's what I thought.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. We were in the office until 11:30 pm and had to be back at 7:00 am, so Carl spent the night in my guest room. Friday morning I was getting out of the shower, when I heard him in the shower in the hall. I wrapped a towel around my waist and started to walk out to the hall to make sure he had everything he needed. I hadn't paid much attention to that bathroom lately and didn't know what was in there as far as hygiene products. My Bedroom is right across from the hall bathroom and as I opened the door, I realized the bathroom door was open and just then he opened the shower door and stepped out. My god he was beautiful. Totally ripped abs, strong chest, and broad shoulders. I looked down and saw about a five inches of soft cock. His dark hair was trimmed perfectly around the base and with his smooth chest; he looked every inch of a Greek statue. My cock was beginning to stir and I realized I was staring. I looked up embarrassed and saw him standing there completely nude looking at me with that knowing smile. He walked towards me and I couldn't move. He put his hands on my chest, leaned in, and kissed me.

I managed to stutter, "We shouldn't"

He laughed and said, "Yes we should. We both have wanted this and now we are going to be working even closer so we should get it out of our system now." He reached down and released my towel. As it fell to the floor, he pushed me into the bedroom and with his hands on my shoulders gently pushed me down until I was kneeling in front of a beautiful dick that had grown to at least eight inches. I couldn't help myself, reached out, and started to stoke it. I leaned forward and licked underneath from his balls to the tip of the head. He moaned and I knew at that moment we passed the point of no return. I slide the that beautiful long thing into my mouth and began to suck it as if my life depended on it; and every time the head of his dick was just in my mouth, I circled my tongue around it and he would moan again. After a few minutes, he pulled me up and attacked my mouth as if he was going to devour it.

We fell onto the bed with him on top of me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh. After a minute, he whispered into my ear, "I have to fuck you," not want to, but have to. That was too much for me and I nodded and reach over to my nightstand for condoms and lube.

After he was suited up and he made sure I had plenty of lube, he slowly entered me little by little. It was intense, and after what seemed like forever but was only a couple minutes, I could feel his balls against my ass. I was in bliss. He started withdrawing slightly and then pushed back in. He keep speeding up with every thrust and soon he was plowing into my ass like no one's business. It didn't take long before I was ready to explode and explode I did. Carl followed right after me and fell on top of me catching his breath.

He started to giggle and looked me in the eyes. "Well it's about time,...Boss"

I pushed him off me and laughed, "Look what you did, now we have to shower again." I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in the shower and we quickly cleaned each other up.

As we headed down the stairs, we heard voices in the Kitchen. I stopped on the stairs and shouted "Hey who's there?"

I heard footsteps approach the stairs and Cal came around the corner with a big goofy grin on his face. "Now that you boys are done playing we have a little problem"

I looked back up at Carl "Did you know they were coming over here"

"Yes but I thought a little later, I disarmed the alarm and unlocked the door just in case we were not ready but I thought it would be later and then I forgot to tell you when we oh hell"

Cal started to laugh, "Don't worry at my age I have heard a lot worse, the rest of the guys got a kick out of it"

I couldn't have been more embarrassed but knew there was nothing I could do for now. "You said we have a problem, Cal"

He headed back to the Kitchen as he was talking "Yup, come grab some coffee, you are going to need it to deal with the media circus parked on your front lawn"

I ran to the front window and looked out sure enough my entire front lawn was covered in media people. I wondered how the hell they got in the gated community. I could see Mr. Winston across the street yelling at some camera-men who where trampling his flower gardens. Shit this was bad. I walked in the kitchen and looked around. All three INS guys and John Shuller where here.

I smiled at them "Morning, did all you pervy old men enjoy listening."

Mike chuckled. "I am really surprised that the volume on your TV went that loud." Everyone laughed and I grab a cup of coffee and sat at the counter.

"Ok, so now how do we deal with the mess outside?" I asked as if it was nothing. No need to get everyone worked up.

John spoke up first. "Well actually we were hoping you could enlighten us as this is your expertise and we have always tried to avoid direct contact with the Media".

I nodded and looked around. "Ok the first thing is in a frenzy like this if we try to avoid them it will only cause them to speculate and dream shit up to say. I think we should hold a press conference and actually confront it."

Mike looked skeptical. "And what do you plan to say"

I just looked blankly at him "I have no idea yet, but first Carl step outside and get their attention and announce that I will be making a statement in an hour and ask them to please be courteous to the neighbors and respect their privacy."

I could tell Cal was a little nervous. I just looked at him and flipped on the CNN. There was my house with Carl standing on the front Porch waiting for the media to settle down so he could speak. He was handling them just like I had taught him at our first major press conference last month. When they realized he wasn't going to say anything until they stopped shouting questions they all settled down.

Carl was a pro and his charming good looks carried to the screen. "Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please. Mr. Ryan has asked me to inform you that he will be making a brief statement in one hour. If you could please be patient until then and please be courteous to our neighbors here and respect their property and privacy. "The questions started immediately after he was done but he just turned and walked back into the house.

When he walked back into the kitchen, everyone applauded and he took a mock bow. I stood before the group and prepared myself to throw out my idea. "Okay, first Carl call down to the Starbucks and ask them if they can deliver a cambro of coffee, with all the fixings. Talk to Dave, he is the manager and a friend of mine. Tell him there is a fifty-dollar tip to whomever he sends out. And tell him to call the house when his delivery person leaves." The guys just stared at me obviously wondering what the hell I was doing. "Always treat the media with respect, and they will do the same; it's chilly out there and they will appreciate the coffee and will show a little more respect to us. The problem is trying to get rid of them after the statement. Just trying to get out of the house is going to be a nightmare and the private security for the community will be worthless."

John Warren looked up from his coffee. "Well hell, we are the largest private security company in the world. We should be able to handle it. We have a small detachment of Marines, sorry, INS Marine Security Officers in town; they just finished a mission on board a ship coming in from Hong Kong. I could have them here in about twenty minutes."

"Perfect John, we should only need about ten guys, but they are going to need to hang out until this blows over or we head out to Norfolk." He nodded and got on his phone and walked into the dining room.

Carl came back in and sat down. "Coffee is on its way, I asked David to send a small folding table with it, in addition, have the delivery guy set it up in the driveway. He said it's slow so the kid can just stay until we are done and help clean up. I also overhead what John was saying, so I called the community security company and told them to let the Starbucks kid and the INS guys in. He sounded super relieved we where handling everything. I don't think he has any clue how to handle these people."

John came back in and told us the guys where on the way and where bringing two extras vehicles to transport us securely. We spent the rest of the time discussing what I was going to say, and what the impact it might have. The coffee arrived right before the security guys and the kid was a little freaked out by the circus until Carl went and help him set up. The INS team's arrival got the reporters a little energized as they pulled up in five black hummers with the INS logo on the side and spread out between the media and the house. The time arrived for me to face the circus and I took a deep breath and put on my game face. Cal was already standing on the porch getting their attention. They didn't crowd in as much with these giant black clad security guys there.

I stepped onto the porch and the camera flashes and lights were dizzying. I resisted hold my handing in front of my eyes to block out some of the light. I stood there while they all started screaming questions. I didn't even listen to what they were shouting.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please if I could just make a statement please, Ladies and Gentlemen please can I have your attention. Thank you. I am Dale Ryan the New President of International Nautical Security. Now I know there are many questions but I am going to make a short statement, then I have to head to my attorney's office. Five years ago, I lost my adopted parents in a boating accident, that was one of the hardest times of my life, but I was able to come through it with the help of my birth father. Kevin Olsen the founder, CEO and President of INS. Just last year, Kevin informed me of his intention for me to inherit his business after his death. I don't think he was planning on that happening anytime soon. This past Tuesday, Kevin Olsen died after suffering a massive coronary embolism during his morning jog. He was only fifty-two and in great physical condition; his passing is an emotional loss to all of us. As a result, of his death I have inherited the majority share of INS. My training to take Kevin's place had only just begun. The board and I have decided that for the next year, my training will continue and I will temporarily hand the reigns of INS over to CEO Cal Macintosh. Cal has been CEO of INS since its inception. Cal has signed a contract, that after one year, the role of President will revert to me. During that year, I will serve as both deputy CEO and Deputy COO. This will allow me the time to completely understand the internal workings of the company. So, there is nothing to be concerned about we have a strong continuity plan in place and our clients will continue to receive the same standard of excellence that have come to expect. INS is dedicated to protecting the Legitimate Maritime traffic of the world. Thank you and Please have a good Day."

The frenzy of shouted questions started and we moved with our security team to the hummers. As we got in, I looked over and saw the poor Starbucks kid being mobbed by the media crews grabbing one last cup of coffee "Shit I forgot about the Starbucks Kid, Carl can you stay behind and help him out?" Cal agreed and the driver got on his radio to the trail Hummer and told them to stay behind and help and then bring Carl to the office when he was done. I handed Carl a hundred dollar bill, and told him to give it to the kid; he earned it. As we headed to the office, I was in the same hummer as Cal. I looked at him and he nodded

"That was well played, if not completely true," he said

I shook my head and replied. "I know, I hate lying to the media but I don't want to scare away clients. We need to find someone who is really good at photo editing and edit together a couple of shots of me and Kevin together, fishing or something."

Cal smiled. "We have a small team that handles those things for us. I am sure Mike is already on it."

The rest of the weekend was intense but an indistinct blur. In no time at all, Sunday morning arrived and we were boarding the INS executive jet headed to Norfolk Virginia. I had butterflies in my stomach and was nervous, I think the flight attendant could tell and brought me a couple of strong drinks. I noticed Carl checking him out and thought to myself, 'Jesus he is a slut.' We landed at Virginia at 5:30 PM and I felt like I had just woke up from a week long drinking binge. A Limo met us and skirted us off to my new home.

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