Castle Roland


by Ken Barber


Chapter 5

Published: 8 Apr 14


I stood up. "Is she here?"

He laughed and walked over to my laptop and clicked an Icon with a picture of a ship and the letters FO. I had noticed it before and thought I would check it out later. A map opened up with a bunch of blinking dots. "Jessica stopped me on my way back to the office and showed me this. The little colored dots are INS assets. I don't know what all the colors mean yet, but blue are ships. Click on a dot and it gives you all the information about the asset." He clicked on a blue dot on the east coast of the US. A pop up screen opened.


INS Cyclone.
Docked at INS Headquarters. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Undergoing Replenishment/Refit.
No pending orders (NOT COMMISIONED FOR DUTY)
Armed/unloaded weapons Secure
Commanding Officer: Captain Travis King
Task Force Assignment: 2
Primary Duty: Flag Ship Admiral Dale Ryan, INS Fleet Commander


"Ok so can we go check her out" I was smiling from ear to ear like a little boy on Christmas that just got his dream toy.

Travis Chuckled. "Um Dale you own her, who is going to stop you."

"Good point. Well I think Clara would if she wanted to. I know I won't argue with her, will you?"

"Hell, no! She may look like the sweetest lady in the world but behind that facade is a Lioness just waiting to pounce"

We both laughed and walked into the outer office. "Clara, Travis and I want to head down and tour Cyclone. When we are done there I think I am going to call it a day unless someone needs me."

"Okay, I will tell Michael to bring a car around to take you to Cyclone and home. I have Carl getting all your HR Stuff done so when you leave Cyclone you will have to pick him up."

"Thanks Clara and have a great night"

We headed out of the office and as a second thought; I poked my head into John's Office. He was on the phone but when he saw me standing there he told whomever he was talking with to hold on for a sec. "What's up, Dale?"

"Travis and I are headed down to Cyclone to check her out - just wanted you to know."

"Okay, Lieutenant Mathis is on board I will call down and have the duty Officer notify him you are coming."

"Thanks John, see you tomorrow have a good night."

"You too, Dale."

As the elevator doors where opening, Jessica walked up to us. "Headed home?"

"No we are headed down to take a look at Cyclone. Care to join us?"

"Actually, I am headed down to the yard to sign off on some supply requests for TF 1 and I haven't seen Cyclone yet, so I would love to."

The three of us got off the elevator on the first floor and Michael was waiting there for us. We all piled into the Town Car and head down to the Yard. We pulled up beside a gigantic ship and got out of the car. She was beautiful, sleek and mean-looking. The Slate gray color made her look vicious . I was so excited; this is like every little boys dream. I kept my excitement internal; I didn't want the crew to think I was some nut case. I looked over at Travis and I knew he was in love with the ship.

We approached the gangplank and Jessica addressed the crewmember standing watch. "Admiral Ryan, and Captains King and Warren request permission to come aboard, Sir"

"Aye Ma'am, permission granted."

We started up the walkway and Jessica stopped halfway, faced the rear of the ship and saluted the American flag hanging there. I looked at Travis and he shook his head slightly and whispered. "Only when in uniform. I will teach you how to salute properly so when you do have to, you won't look a fool." He was smiling and I chuckled. When we reached the top, a group of officers and senior crew where waiting. One blew into a whistle." Receiving Admiral Ryan INS Fleet, Commanding. Hoist the ensign". A small white flag with two stars on it went up a flagpole at the very top of the ship. I thought to myself to ask Travis what the hell that was all about later.

An officer came forward, "Gentlemen and Lady, if you will follow me I will show you around".

Jessica about scared the shit out of me when she spoke in a very authoritative voice "Lieutenant!"

He turned around. "Yes Captain?"

"I understand that the Admiral is not in Uniform but you will introduce yourself and show him the courtesy to which he is entitled. Is that Clear?"

He had a look of contempt on his face "Yes Captain, Very Clear. Admiral, my apologies, I am Lieutenant Mathis, INS Cyclone's Operations Officer. Would you like me to give you a tour Sir?"

I noticed he didn't introduce himself to Travis, something was up here. "That will be fine Lieutenant. Have you met your new CO, Captain King yet?" I wanted to see his response.

"No Sir I have not." He shook Travis hand. "Captain, it's a pleasure." There was still something off in his voice; he was not happy we were here. I was going to have to keep an eye on this. "Admiral, Captains, this is Command Master Chief Petty Officer Hansen and Master Chief Petty Officer Billets."

Hansen was in his mid forties but look as if he could eat nails and spit out bullets. Billets, on the other hand looked like a kind father figure.

Travis stepped forward and shook their hands "Master Chiefs it is a pleasure. I am assuming, Master Chief Hansen, you will be working for the Admiral and Master Chief Billets will be working for me?

Master Chief Hansen nodded. "That is correct sir; however, Billets and I go way back so we will both do whatever we can to keep this ship running like clockwork."

Travis patted the CMC on the shoulder. "Master Chief, I am sure the two of you can handle pretty much anything that gets thrown at you. Lieutenant, let's get on with the tour please." There was an edge in Travis's Voice I had not heard before, but I could tell he was not happy with this officer.

The CMC spent more time talking than Mathis did on the tour. He went over every little detail and showed us every little nook and cranny. Him, I was starting to like. When we got to the quarters, he was a little embarrassed. "Gentlemen, the Freedom Class Cruiser was not designed to be a flag ship. While we have the best upgrades for communications and a flag bridge, the Ship's Captain and the Admiral have shared quarters. "

Travis nodded, "That is not an issue for me, Admiral." He had a slightly devious smile.

"It is not a Problem." We went into the quarters it was small with two desks, two lockers and two twin beds side by side with barely enough room to walk between them. I was picturing them pushed together to make one bed. There were two bookcases; both where empty. I was assuming we would fill those ourselves. Next stop was the crew mess. When we entered, Master Chief Billets shouted out, "Officer on Deck." All the crew immediately stopped talking, set their forks down and sat up straight.

"As you were." Travis bellowed and the talking and eating continued, but at a quieter tone. A few of the men were looking our way trying to figure out who we where. The CMC took us over to the kitchen area to tour that. I spoke with the cooks a little about their jobs. The rest of the tour was amazing as there wasn't an inch of wasted space on the boat.

Then we got to the bridge.

"Admiral on the Bridge," Master Chief Hanson about scared the crap out of me.

"As you were." I hoped that was the right thing to say, it seemed like it because everyone went back to work.

The bridge was amazing; I didn't have a clue what even half the shit was for but it was cool. Lieutenant Mathis guided us to the Fire Control center, which after a few seconds, I realized was not the ships fire department.

A very good-looking young man walked up to us. Mathis introduced him." Admiral, Captains this is Lieutenant Junior Grade Walker, weapons officer for Cyclone".

"Ma'am, Gentlemen it's a pleasure to meet you. Are you familiar with Cyclone's weapons systems? If you would like, I could explain them to you."

Mathis interrupted him. "Walker, I am sure they have more important issues to deal with right now."

I had enough. "Lieutenant Mathis, I believe I can speak for myself. Lieutenant Walker, I am not completely up on the modifications that were made for us. If you could explain those for us, I would appreciate it."

"Certainly sir, well, we have no missile systems. The surface-to-surface and surface to air launchers have been removed. One launch platform has been replaced with a computerized multi-launch flare system. With that, I can literally make it day light in a 360 degree sphere around the ship for about 3 miles in all directions for about an hour, or I can program the system to launch flares in intervals and directions in any imaginable way. It's almost like our own little fireworks system."

Travis was deep in thought. "For the types of missions we will be doing I can see the how that might be helpful."

Walker went on. "The other launcher was replaced with something not even the US Navy Freedom Class Ships have. We have four drones fully loaded and ready for launch with low-yield EMP explosives. These babies could knock out the electronics on most ships our size or smaller. If programmed correctly, they could be used together to take out a larger ship. Plus, we also have an OTO 75mm Matera main gun and the two bushmaster 30mms as well as four .50 cal machine guns that are manually operated. I am sure you are aware of the cost of the drones so we only want to use them in extreme circumstances."

Travis shook his hand again. "Thank you Lieutenant, I can't wait to see this girl in action."

After the tour, we got back in the car to get Carl.

"Travis, I am not sure of Lieutenant Mathis, there is something not right there."

"I am glad you saw it too. I will look at his file tomorrow and talk with John and Jessica to see if I can figure out what's going on."

"Okay, Captain, handle it." I couldn't help but grin, I was giving orders. "Would you like to join Carl, Rick and me for dinner? I am sure it will be some unhealthy take out, but I did inherit an amazing wine cellar?"

"I would love to if you don't think I will be in the way." He was using that killer smile like a weapon.

"I don't think that will be a problem, Oh, and do you think we should invite some of the ship's officers to the little party Friday night?"

"We? Is this our first official function as a couple?"

"Well sort of, I mean we aren't a couple, yet, but we are a team on the ship."

He was laughing at how much I was blushing. "I think we should invite the Master Chiefs, but if we invite Lieutenant Walker it will be a real slight if we don't invite Lieutenant Mathis"

I nodded "I will have Carl go down and invite them all tomorrow. Maybe we just need to get to know Mathis a little better. Oh, and I want to review Walkers file as well. He is very young to be a former Navy officer. He must be what twenty-three or twenty-four."

"Looks about that, I was thinking the same thing. I will talk to John and Jessica about him as well."

After we got Carl and told him Travis would be joining us for dinner, he called Rick to let him know. Apparently, Rick was trying to impress me so he was at the house getting dinner ready. We dropped Travis off at his car so he could follow us. When we got to the house and walked in, the aroma that hit us from the kitchen was astounding. I walked into the kitchen with Carl and Travis in tow and Rick was a flurry of activity. He looked up at us and smiled. "I hope you like Chicken Milanese. It will be ready in about thirty minutes."

"Perfect! Travis and I are going to pick out a bottle of wine from the wine cellar."

Rick nodded. "I would recommend a dry white or red blend."

I laughed, "Rick, you are going to do just fine here. I only drink reds. Have you been down to the cellar yet?"

He laughed. "I have only worked for him for a couple of hours and he is already trying to get me in his cellar. This job is going to be interesting."

Everyone was laughing as I grabbed Travis by the hand and pulled him toward the basement stairs. His Jaw hit the floor as we entered the game room and went through the floor at the wine cellar. We discussed wines for a bit and then I pulled a bottle from the shelf.

"What do you think about 2005 Bodega Mas Alta's Artigas?" When I turned around, he was standing right behind me so close I could feel his body heat radiating from him.

"It sounds perfect." He took the bottle from my hand and set it on the tasting table and the wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him and kissed me. It was a deep passionate kiss, the kind you where you feel like you are trying to devour the other person. My legs felt like Jell-O, and I am sure he was holding me up. He undid my tie and started to unbutton my shirt. His hands felt like fire as they touched my chest. He began kissing my neck and ears. I was lost in paradise. He slowly kissed his way down my chest to my waist, and undid my belt and opened my pants. He freed my aching cock, kissed the tip, and licked the underside of it before he took the whole thing in his mouth. He sucked on my dick as if it was the only thing in the world at that moment. After just a few minutes of this, I was getting close.

"Oh god Babe, you're going to make me cum."

He picked up speed and I was ready to blow. I tried to warn him but he wouldn't stop.

"Oh shit Travis, I am going to cum." And then, I shot a huge load into his mouth and he just swallowed it all. I was in a frenzy, I pulled him to his feet almost ripped his shirt and tie off, tore open his paints and gasped at the Beautiful giant cock in front of me. It had to be nine inches at least. I swallowed the whole thing and gave him a blowjob he will never forget. It didn't take long and he blew a huge load that I swallowed with vigor.

I heard the door upstairs open and Carl shouted down, "Hey guys, dinner is ready."

"Ok we will be right up, just discussing wines." I tried to sound casual. He closed the door without saying anything.

Travis was grinning from ear to ear. "I don't think he bought it."

"Get dressed quickly." I was laughing. I don't remember ever feeling this comfortable with anyone, and I had just met him. We got dressed in a rush and headed up stairs.

Carl was standing in the kitchen entrance with both hands on his hips. "So, a discussion about wines somehow includes switching ties?'

I looked at Travis and sure enough, he had my tie on. We both started laughing.

Carl started to laugh as well. "So busted! Come on, dinner looks amazing."

Rick had set the table in the breakfast nook and dinner looked fantastic. We dove in with a vengeance and after a few minutes of banter and amazing food, I knew Rick and Travis were the newest additions to the mine and Carl's family. I could tell Rick adored Travis and Travis was really warming up to the kid. After dinner, Travis and I went to change into swim trunks for a swim. As I was bending over to pull up my trunks, I felt a warm hand on my ass cheek. He squeezed just slightly and I couldn't help but moan slightly. I pulled up the trunks, stood, and leaned back into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed my neck, and whispered into my ear. "Why, do you feel perfect?"

I could not help but smile the biggest smile ever. "Why, do you make me feel perfect?"

"Touché, Now let's go; the kids are going to get restless."

I laughed and grabbed his hand and started out of the room. When we got down stairs, the lights in the pool where on and Rick had lit a fire in the fire pit and set a new bottle of wine and four glasses on the table next to the pool.

Carl came out right behind us. "Rick is grabbing trunks and will be right down. He wasn't sure if he should but I told him you would be pissed if he didn't."

"I am not sure I would be pissed but I do want him to feel like he is not just the hired help. I like him and think he is a good addition to us."

Carl was smiling, "Nick is stopping by. I told him to bring trunks, I hope you don't mind."

I laughed. "My, my Carl do we need to go wedding dress shopping?"

"Shut up, I would say you're just jealous, but with Captain Gorgeous there on your arm I know it wouldn't be true."

Travis blushed. "I could live with that nickname."

I walked over to the table and started pouring the wine. "Hey Carl, text Rick and tell him to grab another bottle and another glass."

"Okay. I think he didn't grab a glass for himself." He was already texting.

Travis and I grabbed a glass of wine and pulled a chair over to the fire pit. Rick came out, in a pair of swim trunks, with another bottle of wine and a glass. When he came out the door, all three of us were staring at him.

"What! What did I do?" He was obviously nervous.

"Rick you are fucking gorgeous!" I just blurted out. Travis jokingly glared at me. "What, like you weren't drooling. Rick, Travis needs some napkins."

Rick was blushing. "Cut it out guys. You're making me self conscious."

"Okay, we will stop but get your cute butt over here and have a glass of wine." I ordered.

He laughed and started pouring wine when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." He headed for the door.

"Damn!" We heard a shout from the front door. "I am liking it here more and more." Nick came walking out with Rick in tow. He motioned over his shoulder with his thumb "Who hired the stripper?"

Carl laughed and jumped up and gave Nick a quick peck on the lips. "Behave, you're making him blush. Nick this is Rick, Rick is the houseboy. Also this is Travis, Dale's new husband."

I punched his arm. "Very funny, Carl." I shook Nick's hand, as did Travis. "Nick, good to see you again."

We exchanged pleasant conversation for a bit and then Travis and I went for a swim. Watching his beautiful body cut through the water was a huge turn on and I had to wait and extra minute before I got out. He noticed and grinned. When we approached the table Carl, Rick and Nick were in deep conversation.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I interrupted.

Rick was obviously very excited. "Nick has some staff we can use for the party Friday night."

Nick was nodding "And thanks for the invite, Dale, I am looking forward to it."

"Good, it should be a good time. Oh Rick, did Carl tell you the guest list might get bigger. Is that going to be a problem?"

"He told me, no it shouldn't be. Actually, Nick is loaning me one of his employees all day as a Sous Chef." He was a little too excited.

"Really?" I was intrigued.

Nick spoke up. "Yeah, Billy is a good kid and the same age as Rick. He just started his second year at The Culinary Institute if Virginia. I hope it's ok that we set this all up."

"Absolutely, I told these guys to handle it so I leave it in their hands." I grabbed my glass and sat down. "Just so you guys know, in two weeks Travis leaves for Dubai. I follow two weeks later; we should be gone for about two months so you are on your own. Try not to destroy the house."

Carl laughed. "Rick, Dad and Mom are leaving for two months we are going to have a huge party."

"Very funny Carl, I don't care if you have a party but if you bring the INS security goons out here, you will have to deal with them."

Carl was laughing hysterically. "Okay, Okay! You win; those guys I won't mess with. The only person that scares me more is Clara."

Travis and I where cracking up. "I think it's about time to call it a night. Travis, are you staying?"

"Well Duh." He was smiling that million-dollar smile again.

"Night, guys! Carl, what time is Michael going to be here in the morning?"

"8:30, you have a Department Head Meeting at 9 am with Cal and Mike." I was still amazed that he could remember my schedule.

"Okay, see you guys tomorrow. Night, Nick."

We all said I our good nights, Travis, and I went up to my room. As soon as I closed the door, he pulled me into his embrace and kissed me. "I don't know what is going on here, but it feels so right to me. I feel like I have known you my whole life."

"I know, your arms around me feel like they just belong there. I can't remember what it was like to not have your arms around me and that was just a few hours ago." I was in heaven!

He kissed me again and we walked over to the bed and flopped down. We started making out and he started to tickle me. I was laughing hysterically. I am not sure how it happened but at some point we just fell asleep in each other's arms. Next thing I know I woke up to Carl bring a tray of coffee into the room.

"Wake up, sleeping beauties. Here is your morning coffee. Travis, if you would like, I can send Rick over to your place and grab some clean clothes for you."

"Sure, I could get used to this." I just stared at him for a minute. "Waking up next to me? Or Carl bringing you coffee?"

"Honestly, Both."

I got up and headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Travis followed me in and we showered together. As we where brushing our teeth and shaving, Carl came back into the room. "Travis, I called fleet ops and got your schedule for you. You are supposed to be introduced at the Department Head Meeting and then you assume command of the Cyclone. John and Jessica Warren will handle that with you. Immediately after that you meet with all the senior Noncoms. I don't know what that means but I am sure you do. Then Lunch with all the officers. After that you have ops training with John and Jessica, They are going to go over how INS works compared to the Navy. Oh, and you don't have to worry about Rick getting clothes for you; Tony is on his way with your Shore Office Uniform. You might want to grab some personal belongings from your house before you come over tonight."

"Wow, thank you Carl." Travis was obviously impressed, as was I.

"Carl, that was nice of you. Thank you."

"No problem, I have a feeling Captain Gorgeous is going to be a fixture around here so I figure if I keep him happy, he keeps you happy, and then I can stay happy"

I threw a pillow at him. "Get out of here so we can get dressed."

Carl came back a few minutes later with Travis's Uniform. After he got dressed, I had to stand there and stare for a few minutes. He spun around "How do I look?"

"So good I want to rip it off you" I was really turned on.

He slowly unzipped his fly "How about just a little of this for now?" He had that look in his eyes and I couldn't resist. I dropped to me knees as he pulled his cock out. Damn it was big and getting hard quick. I kissed the tip and licked around the head. I slowly let the entire thing slide into my mouth and then slowly slide it back out. He started to thrust into to my mouth and was soon fucking my face while holding the back of my head. I had a firm grip on his ass and was holding on for dear life. I felt his dick begin to twitch. "Baby, Oh god, Babe, I am going to cum." and cum he did. It was a huge load and I swallowed all of it.

"Now I have to brush my teeth again, Damn it." I was laughing and then kissed him.

He broke the kiss and laughed "If we keep this up we will never get to work."

We both headed down stairs to find Carl, Rick and Michael in the kitchen drinking coffee. I grabbed 2 cups and started to pour Travis and I coffee. "Morning, Michael. Hey come to think of it why don't you and your wife come over to the party Friday night."

"Thank you for the offer, Dale, but Friday is our 25th wedding anniversary and I have reservations at Terrapin's. It's her favorite place and I took her there for our first date." He had a huge smile on his face and I noticed Carl making a note. Damn the kid was reading my mind.

"Well ,congratulations Michael. Now we just have to get this slacker nephew of yours back in school so he can finish his degree." I patted Rick on the shoulder as I teased him he just smiled. "Hey Carl, Nick leave early this morning?"

"No, he left last night."He noticed the look of shock on my face. "We are taking things slow."

I let that one go "Ok, we are ready to head to the office. Rick, the moving van will be here by noon. Just pull one of the cars out of the garage and have them unload everything in there. It's just clothes and some mementos so it shouldn't take too long to unload. We will be home around 5ish and we can go through everything once we get home. If you need to go anywhere take any car except the Hummer or the Town car. Carl, can you get him added to the insurance? We need to get him one of my credit cards in his name so he can run errands and stuff."

Carl Laughed. "Already done. Your new broker at Merrill Lynch is meeting him at 10 AM to give him the new cards and to set him up with his tuition reimbursement account."

"Damn, Carl, how did I live without you all these years?"

"I honestly don't know." He was chuckling and I picked up and apple and threw it at him.

"Really guys, isn't there enough fruit in this room that we don't have to throw some around." Travis chimed in.

We all busted up laughing and headed to the door. Michael opened the car door for us, Travis and I got in the back, and Carl got in the front.

"Dale, I can bring one of the bigger cars if you let me know there is more than you and Carl in the morning."

Carl turned and smiled at us. "Michael, I think it would be best if you just planned on it, being the three of us from now on." He turned around and sat back down.

Travis looked over at me with that smile and took my hand. Carl continued to rattle on about what I was supposed to be doing that day but I zoned out on Travis' smile.

When we arrived at the Office, Cal was getting out of his car and saw Travis, Carl and I all get out of the same car. He was grinning as he walked over to us. "Morning, gentlemen. I hope you had a pleasant evening?"

I just smiled. "It was quiet and relaxing. So, tell me what to expect with this Department Head Meeting. "

"Nothing major, just all the department heads will tell us about any major changes to their department, voice concerns and suggest improvements." He started walking in so we all followed to start our second day heading this multi-billion dollar company.

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