Castle Roland


by Ken Barber


Chapter 6

Published: 8 Apr 14


The department heads meeting was pretty cut and dry. I was intrigued when the Head of Security, Karen Gaines, a retired FBI agent went over threat analysis and counter measures. It was pretty interesting stuff, but I was amazed that INS had security systems in about twenty homes and monitored them from this location.

"Karen, I have a question for you." Everyone was surprised that I had spoken. Up to this point, I had kept pretty quite.

"Absolutely, Mr. Ryan". She was not ruffled at all by the fact that I had interrupted her.

"What are your monitoring capabilities? How many systems could we monitor before it becomes too many?" I had a thought and wanted to see where this went.

"Well sir, that question has two answers; the first is, system-wise, there is no limit. We have the absolutely best security systems available and best monitoring equipment as well. Manpower is a different story; we would have to increase our manpower at the monitoring station if we go over say seventy-five homes. We would have to add a monitoring Tech for each shift. Why do you ask, Sir?

"Well, I am thinking if we have the best security available, why don't we offer it to people outside INS as a service. We could start a home security division. Obviously, it would be for people that want the very best in security and are willing to pay for it." Karen was nodding in agreement.

"I like the idea, Sir! We are more than capable of handling the additional work load but we would have to get the word out."

"Jerry, do you think your guys in marketing can come up with something?" I was on a roll now and really wanted this to work.

"Sure. We will have to put our heads together and come up with a game plan. This won't be a mass market kind of thing so we need to get a potential client list generated."

"Okay, so Karen, come up with a proposal for how Security can add a new home security division, Jerry, get me a marketing plan. Legal, can you look into what we need to do to cover our asses on this?"

The Head of Legal, Mark Dunn, spoke up. "We should be covered. I will double-check, but we have all the licenses and insurance for it already."

I looked over to Cal and Mike "You guys see any issues?"

"Not at all, Dale, I like the idea." Cal was smiling. "Mike, why don't you grab Karen, Jerry, Mark and anyone else you can think of and make an action committee to get this proposal drawn up. Dale, when do you want to see it?"

I paused for a minute. "Why don't we give you guys plenty of time to work out all the details? When I return from this trip in two months, get the group together and they can present the proposal to us."

"Sounds good, Mike, I am putting this in your court so run with it." Cal was a smooth operator. He had just let me throw out an idea and then handed to the people that would get it done. This guy knew what he was doing. "If no one has anything else let's call it quits for a today."

Everyone started grabbing their notes and heading out. Cal gripped my shoulder. "Well done Dale, this was an idea Kevin and I kicked around when we first started the company and forgot about it over the years."

"I am glad to hear it. I hope it works out ok." I was a little apprehensive.

"Well, we have all the key elements and all the key people and they want to impress the new boss, so they will cross every T and dot every I, so I think this is the right time to make this move. You are going to make me an even richer man, Dale." He laughed and headed for his office.

The rest of the day I spent in training. I got to do some simulations on the bridge and the trainers were really cool and took things really slow. It was getting late, but I wanted to do one more. I had them set up a simulation of the mission to come. I walked onto the flag bridge and it was night, the trainers where acting as the bridge officers and crew.

"Admiral on the bridge." One of the crew shouted.

"As you where, what is our status?"

"Monsoon is picking up a small fast moving radar contact to starboard, heading 337 on an intercept course."

"How long to the intercept?"

"Four minutes Sir."

"Very well. Order Hurricane to break formation and take a starboard screening position. Tell Monsoon to attempt to make radio contact."

"Aye, Sir."

"Cyclone to increase speed and close the distance to the fleet."

"Aye, Sir."

"Tankers to increase speed 5 knots to max."

"Aye, Sir."

"Monsoon reports contact is increasing speed and is definitely on intercept."

"Hurricane is in position."

"Monsoon reports no reply to radio contact."

"Very well. Notify the closest friendly vessel of the situation"

"Aye, Sir. That would be Finice, an Italian Navy corvette."

"See if she can assist if needed."

"Aye, Sir."

"Sir, Monsoon, visual contact, small armed coastal craft flying no colors and moving in an aggressive pattern."

"Sir, Finice reports making all speed to our location to assist."

"Sir, Cyclone reports visual on Monsoon and Contact."

"Sir, Monsoon reports under fire from contact."

"Return Fire. Cyclone, light up the night I want to see everything."

"Aye, Sir."

"Monsoon engaging target."

"Cyclone laying down flair pattern."

"Sir Tanker CCC 2 reports visual on second contact; port-side, right off their bow and dead in the water."

"Cyclone to intercept at maximum speed."

A voice behind me made me jump. "Cyclone launching Helo-1 with marines on board to CCC 2. Maximum speed engaging at maximum distance."

Travis was standing there smiling.

"Sir, CCC 2 reports they are under fire from secondary target."

"Hurricane, return to forward screening. Cyclone, use Helo-1 to engage secondary target."

"Cyclone reports engaging."

"Marine Squad Delta, aboard CCC2, reports they are engaging boarders."

"Cyclone, Helo-1 reports disembarking marine squad Alpha on stern of CCC2."

"Cyclone reports engaging secondary target with main guns."

"Monsoon reports primary target disabled."

"Cyclone reports secondary target disabled"

"Marine Squad Delta pinned down on the port side of CCC2. Alpha moving up the starboard side"

"Helo-1 to engage boarders on the bow of CCC2 danger close engagement"

"Aye, Sir."

"CCC 2 reports boarders surrendering"

"Final Battle Report, Sir. No vessels are lost. Two marines killed, one crewman aboard CCC 2 killed, two wounded."

The lights came on and the trainers turned around. The lead trainer Kyle smiled. "Not bad Dale. I might recommend you use you air assets sooner. You still had Monsoon's and Hurricane's birds on the deck during the whole thing. Typically, the Ship's Captains will do that without you telling them to but we wanted to see if you would do it. Of course, since Cyclone's Captain was here, he made the call and that kind of saved your butt on this one. Don't beat yourself up though; this is a pretty advanced simulation and you handled yourself really well."

"Thanks Kyle. I just need to get used to all the assets and what their capabilities are."

Travis stepped up and put a hand on my back. "Dale, you did great. The thing to remember is that no matter what happens, keep your cool - and you did. Together we can handle anything."

"I am really beginning to believe that." I smiled, but tried to keep my emotions under control in front of the trainers.

On Wednesday, in the middle of all the training Travis and I were being put through, we met with Dr. Catherine (Cat) Mathews. I loved her immediately and I am pretty sure John and Cal did as well. We got her to readily agree to serve as Task Force Chief Medical Officer and we added the newest member of the team. She had to give the hospital time to replace her so she would be flying over with me to catch up with Cyclone on her maiden mission.

The rest of the week flew by. Soon it was Friday morning and, as usual, Carl woke Travis and me with a cup of coffee. He had my dress uniform in his hands as will.

"Morning gentlemen, Rick is making omelets and Michael will be here shortly. Just a heads up, both Master Chiefs, Hanson and Billets, and their wives are attending tonight as well as Lieutenant Walker. Lieutenant Mathis declined. Oh, Senator Everett and his wife will be here as well."

I sat up. "Carl, you invited your Mom and Dad?"

He laughed, "Actually they kind of invited themselves. They are very good at that. Also, Dr. Mathews will be attending, and Commander Stavi arrived late last night and confirmed he will be attending. In case you forgot, that is Captain Gorgeous' new XO. You're not expected in the office until ten, so enjoy your morning."

He left the room and closed the door. I turned in bed to find Travis smiling at me. "There is only one thing I want to enjoy and that is you."

I leaned over and kissed him. Soon we were making out pretty hard. I rolled on top of him and could feel his hard dick pressing against my ass. Until this point, we hadn't had actual sex yet and I wasn't waiting any longer. I slid down his chest and put my face in the crotch of his boxer briefs - My God, he smelled amazing! I slid them down, freeing the monster that lived in them, and took the whole thing in my mouth for a minute. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom and the lube. I looked up at him and he had a huge smile on his face. "Finally the prize I have been waiting for!" He chuckled.

I just smiled and slid the condom down his dick and slid back up until my ass was poised right above it. I lubed myself up and started to guide it into me. He held onto my hips with both hands and let me do all the work. It was huge, and it took a minute. Soon I was filled by more dick than I have ever been filled with before. I sat there for a minute with all of him inside me, basking in the feeling. Then, I lifted up a little, slide back down, and started going fasting; he flipped me over and took control. Slowly sliding out a little, then back in, stopping for a second, and then sliding back out slowly, then back in. He was in no rush and wanted this to last. He drove all the way in and I couldn't help but yell out. "Oh, Dear God! Yes!" He left it all the way in, leaned over and started kissing my neck and ears. I was pinned beneath him and could not resist. He had total control of me and I loved every minute of it. I whispered in his ear. "I am all yours". He slowly started sliding out again and then back in, over and over again, picking up speed a little each time until he was ramming all nine inches in and out over and over. I was in ecstasy! I've never been fucked like this before - it was glorious. He was drilling me with everything he had and I knew he was close.

"Oh God, Dale, this is amazing, I am going to cum. Holy SHiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!" He pushed with all his might into me.

I could feel his dick twitching inside me and that sent me over the edge. I grabbed onto him and blew my load all over my chest. He lay on top of me; his dick still hard inside of me, we both took a minute to catch our breath. Then he propped on his elbows. "Babe, that was the most amazing sex in the world and I think it's all because you are the most amazing man in the world."

"Travis, you are pretty amazing yourself." I looked into those eyes and knew I found the perfect guy for me. "Now let's go get cleaned up and get some breakfast. We are going to need our energy tonight." I pushed him off me and started to get up.

He smiled. "Oh right, the party."

I laughed. "I was referring to the energy we would need after the party is over."

He laughed, smacked my butt and followed me into the shower.

After we dressed, I stood there looking at myself in the mirror.

"Hey babe, what's up?" Travis came over and smoothed the uniform Jacket on me.

"I feel like a fraud." Seeing me in the uniform was making me doubt myself.

"Whoa, Honey, you are anything but a fraud. You are amazing, and I mean professionally as well as personally. You got this whole thing dropped into your lap and you took off running without missing a beat. You relocated yourself across country; the people at the office adore you and have nothing but respect for you. You are putting yourself through the most rigorous training I have ever seen a Naval Officer go through, and you manage to keep me smiling."

"That last part is the most important. Still, I can't help but think I shouldn't have this uniform on."

"Listen Babe, this uniform is no different than the suit and briefcase you carry to work every day. It just demands the respect that you already have. You are going to be fine and no one thinks poorly of you." He grabbed me in a hug and kissed me. "And I love you."

"Oh wow, Travis, You know I love you too." He just smiled.

"Let's go have breakfast with everyone and then we can get to the office and you can be the boss." He pinched my ass and made me yelp.

"You will pay for that later." I headed for the door.

"I am counting on it." He had his smile beaming and I almost missed a step as I started for the stairs.

As we came down, Carl and Michael were standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Carl turned around and gasped. "Holy cow, you two are the hottest gay couple in Virginia Beach."

Travis laughed. "Just in Virginia Beach, I would think all of Virginia at least."

We all laughed and headed to the breakfast nook. Rick's Omelets where amazing, as was everything he had cooked so far. "Rick you've outdone yourself again. Are you ready for tonight?"

"No problem, Dale. The guests should start arriving at 6:00 pm. We will have cocktails and light appetizers until 7:30. The soup and salad will be served first and then the main course. Dessert and coffee will follow and then more cocktails. The guest list is about thirty now. I have tables, chairs and a small tent coming and we are setting everything up outside by the pool."

"Thirty? Who am I missing?" I was shocked that the party had gotten so big.

Carl laughed. "Do you read your e-mails? Admiral Wilson and Captain Racely, our US Navy Liaisons, will be attending with their wives along with the Senator from Virginia Mark Warner and his wife."

"So much for keeping this to a small affair to get to know everyone! Oh well, I guess we are in the limelight now, right?" I was shocked at how many important people where coming to an event at my house. "Are we ready for all this?"

"Yes, Karen from the Security Office is sending some officers over in case we have any issues. Rick has the menu planned. Nick is providing us with a ton of staff at a good rate too. I took care of entertainment and transportation. INS limos will pick up out of town guests at the Cavalier Hotel where we booked rooms for them. I gave local guests the option of limo transport as well. Only Senator Warner accepted. A couple of Karen's guys are going to double as valet - that was her idea so she could control all transportation. She is setting up a Security Command Station in the Ops room at the end of the hall."

"Holy Crap, I just thought we were going to eat and have a couple of drinks. Damn, I am impressed you guys handled all of this. However, next time something like this gets so big, give me some advance notice. "

Carl Smiled. "Yes boss. Just so you know, dress is black tie so I have tuxes for you and Travis upstairs. As soon as we get back from the office, you can change. The only ones in uniform will be the US Navy guys." He paused for a second. "I wonder if Lieutenant Walker and Commander Stavi have tuxes. I will find out and have Tony grab some quickly if needed."

I just stared in amazement. Carl was probably the best staff choice I have ever made. "Carl, you don't need to come into the office with me, if you are needed here."

Carl just stared at me for a second. "And risk you commissioning the wrong ship at the wrong time. I don't think so. Actually, I am going to leave right at 4pm so I can get back here and get ready. Michael will bring you guys back about 4:30 and then he is off for the night for his anniversary."

"Okay, that works. Are we ready to head to the office, and get this Dog and Pony Show started?"

We all piled into the limo and soon enough we were at the office. The buzz all over the twelfth floor was about the party later that night. Around noon, Carl and Mike brought their wives in to meet me. Soon after that, I had one set of dignitaries after another in my office. About 2 pm, Travis and I headed out of the office to go down to Cyclone and see if we could get in the way. As we entered the outer office, we saw Carl hugging a man and woman that had to be his parents. Both parents where very good looking. I could tell right away that Carl got his looks from his dad.

Carl let go and turned to us. "Mom, dad this is Dale Ryan and Travis King. Dale, Travis this is my mom and dad, Senator Mitch Everett and Jill Everett."

I walked over to them and reached out to shake their hands. "Senator and Mrs. Everett, it is indeed a pleasure to finally meet you both."

The Senator grabbed my hand and shook it. "Mr. Ryan, we have heard so much about you. Please call me Mitch, and this is Jill."

I noticed Mike, John and Cal in the doorway motioning to me. "Thank you Mitch and please call me Dale. If you will both excuse me for just one minute, I need to attend to something." I walked away as Travis stepped in and started small talk.

I walked over to the guys. "What's wrong?"

"You are starting to get to know us." Cal was a little concerned about something. "We kind of screwed up. We forgot to ask someone to do the actual christening of the ship; you know the whole bottle of champagne against the hull thing. It's supposed to be a woman and someone of importance. It is typically the captain's wife, but in this case our Captain doesn't have a wife." He paused and smiled, "unless you want to change into a dress real quick."

"Very funny, Cal. I have a solution. Come with me."

I walked back over to the group making small talk. Clara had gotten them some coffee already.

"Thank you Clara. Senator, Mrs. Everett I believe you know Cal, Mike and John already?"

Pleasantries were exchanged once again. This was becoming a routine for me.

"Mrs. Everett, I was wondering if you would do something for us. As of this morning, we had not decided whom to ask to take this honor, but when Carl told me you would be here, I thought you would be perfect. Would you accept the honor of christening INS Cyclone?"

"Oh, my gosh, I would be thrilled. Being the wife of the senator from Washington State, I have done a few christenings already, but never a warship. I am delighted and thrilled to do the honors."

"Excellent, we are just about to head down to see her. Would you care to join us for the trip down?"

"We would love to. Thank you."

"Clara, can you please let Michael know we are on our way down and I have Senator and Mrs. Everett with me."

"Already done, Mr. Ryan".

"Thank you Clara, See you tonight."

We all headed down to the main lobby where Michael met us with a stretch limo and drove us down to the dock. A grand stand had been set up on the pier and it was already filling up with INS employees and family of the crew. A band was playing a lively tune and, overall, it was a great afternoon. As we got out of the car, an honor guard formed up in front of us. We all "marched" to the bow of the ship. The entire ship's crew was information on the bow, as well as the two ships anchored near Cyclone. The christening was short, but sweet. Cal introduced Mrs. Everett and we all had a picture taken. Mrs. Everett stepped up to a large boom like structure that had a bottle of champagne hanging from a lanyard and announced "I christen thee Cyclone" and then swung the bottle against the hull of the ship. The bottle shattered and the champagne splashed against the deck. The crowd roared with applause.

The crew began to move off the ship and onto the pier, while the band played a song with which I was not familiar. Once the crew had reformed with the XO Commander Stavi in the lead, the band started playing the National Anthem. The whole crowd stood and everyone in uniform saluted. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to Travis beside to make sure my salute looked good. We had practiced many times. Once the anthem was finished, I left the grand stand area and headed over to the crew. John and Travis followed. Commander Stavi was a very good-looking man in his early thirties and when I reached him, he saluted me.

"Admiral Ryan, I deliver INS Cyclone to you. She is outfitted and ready for service on the high seas."

I returned his salute and did a very military-like about face. This was something else Travis and I had practiced a lot. I addressed the whole crowd. "INS Cyclone is outfitted and ready for service. I order her into service to act as the Flag Ship for the entire INS Fleet. Captain Travis King, front and center." Travis stepped in front of me and saluted. "I deliver into your command INS Cyclone, her and all of her crew and officers are your responsibility. Protect them and guide them to glory."

I stepped to the side and Travis stepped in front of the Commander Stavi. "I hereby accept command of INS Cyclone. INS Cyclone is commissioned for service. XO set the watch."

Commander Stavi saluted him and did an about face. "INS Cyclone is in service. Lieutenant Mathis, set the watch. All others dismissed."

With that, the crew began to cheer, the crowd applauded, and the band started playing. People began milling about and Master Chiefs Hanson and Billets had some crewmembers start giving tours. Carl pulled me to the side.

"I am headed back to the house to make sure Rick is ready to go. Can you bring Commander Stavi and Lieutenant Walker back with you, Tony dropped tuxes off for them there."

"Sure, no problem, and Carl, thank you. You really are a god-send." I clasped his shoulder.

"It's my pleasure, Dale. You don't know how much I enjoy it and appreciate everything you do for me." He turned and headed off to a collection of vehicles parked near the end of the pier."

I turn to see Travis beaming that smile at me. "Hey Babe, is Carl running off to make sure everything is perfect for tonight?"

"Yes, and I have been giving my marching orders. I need to go find Commander Stavi and Lieutenant Walker. I have to bring them back with us. Carl arranged for their tuxes to be delivered to our house."

"OUR house?" He was smiling.

"You know what I mean. Now, help me find them, Captain."

"Aye, Sir, right away Sir." He grabbed a passing crewmember and told them to get Master Chief Hanson or Billet.

Master Chief Hanson came over to us within seconds and Travis told him to have someone find Commander Stavi and Lieutenant Walker, and instruct them to meet us by the vehicles in ten minutes and to bring everything they needed for the tonight's party.

We worked our way through the crowd thanking everyone for attending, saying good night to some. Others, we just told them we were looking forward to seeing them in a few hours. As we approached the limo, we saw Cat walking toward the office building.

I shouted. "Cat, need a lift?"

She turned around and smiled. She was carrying a garment bag and an overnight bag. "Sure, I was just headed up to steal some office space to get ready. If I go all the way back to my place in Friday traffic, I will never make it on time."

"Why don't you just come with all of us? There is plenty of room for everyone to get ready at the house, and that way, if Carl and Rick need any last minute help we will all be able to help out."

"Sounds great. "Thanks Dale." She had a very cute smile and I still didn't understand why that idiot of an ex-husband left her.

Just as all three of us got to the limo, Commander Stavi and Lieutenant Walker came running up with overnight bags.

Commander Stavi saluted, "You wanted us to come with you, Captain?"

Travis returned the salute. "Yes Admiral Ryan's personal assistant Carl arranged for tuxes for both of you, they were dropped off at the Admiral's house so you will get ready for the party there."

The both chimed, "Aye, Sir."

We got in the Limo and Travis right away started laying down the law.

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