Castle Roland


by Ken Barber


Chapter 8

Published: 8 Apr 14


Disclaimer: This story is fiction. It deals with Sexual and adult situations between men. Any person under 18, or anyone living in a state or province where reading these stories is illegal should leave this site

now. Adult gay content.

"Dale, Babe, talk to me." He pleaded and I just kept walking.

I returned to the guests. "As I said, it's just a little misunderstanding". I sat down and took a big sip of wine. Travis looked at me with concern. Carl and Rick being the perfect hosts immediately ordered a champagne toast. Glasses were filled and Cal stood up.

"We have a traditional toast for these events, if you don't mind me performing it, Dale?"

"Not at all Cal, please do." I was relieved that the guests seem to be losing interest in the commotion.

Cal raised his glass and toasted "To the health of the President of the United States."

Many of the guests familiar with this replied "To the President."

Cal raised his glass again. "To our Lovers, who are always by our side."

Again, the guests replied "To our Lovers." the reply was a little louder this time so I think those not familiar were starting to catch on.

"To our brothers and sisters in arms who can't be with us tonight"

"To our brothers and sisters"

"To our friends, who have fallen in combat."

"To fallen friends."

"To Captain King, may he protect his new charge like she is his child."

"To Captain King."

"To Cyclone, mighty and beautiful."

Everyone shouted to "TO CYCLONE"

Cheers erupted and everyone began laughing and having fun again. After a few minutes, I excused myself and went inside to see what the hell was happening. I had visions of Karen's people beating the crap out of Scott, or maybe that was wishful thinking.

I walked into the hall leading to my office and two guards stood outside the door, one of them opened the door for me. I walked in and almost turned around and walked right out again, but I didn't. Instead, I walked over to my desk, sat down and sighed. "Scott, what the fuck are you doing here?"

Karen stood and nodded to the two security officers in the room. "Wayne, Max, give Mr. Ryan the room please."

I looked up. "Karen, give me about five minutes and then send a server to get Carl and Travis. I am going to need Carl's help, and Travis should know what's going on."

"Yes sir, Mr. Ryan." and she and left me alone with him. This man that I had grown to despise over the past five years suddenly returns out of nowhere.

I stared at him "Well I am waiting for an answer. I have a house filled with guests waiting for me."

He looked up at me. "Who are Carl and Travis?"

"It is none of your damn business! Now answer the question. What the fuck are you doing here and have you ever heard of a phone or email? Jesus Christ, Scott, you jumped the wall into a fucking party. Do you realize that there are two US Senators out there? What the fuck where you thinking? And, why in God's Name would you think I would want to see you after all this time, especially since you left me at the worst time in my life? The time I needed you most; the only time I ever asked you to be understanding and patient with me. You are the biggest self-centered fucking prick I have ever met and I question to this day how the fuck I ever fell in love with you." I lost my breath, so my rant ended.

"I deserve all that. There have been many times since we split up that I have wanted to reach out to you to see how you're doing. I thought you wouldn't want to talk to me." He was almost crying but I have seen this act before.

"Damn fucking right I wouldn't want to talk to you. What makes you think I want to now?"

"I need help Dale, I am in a bad place and got messed up with some really bad people and now I don't know who else to turn to."

"What bad people, Scott? And why the fuck should I help you?"

"They are going to kill me."

"What? Who in fuck are you talking about?"

"It's a Mexican Drug Cartel, Dale. I owe them $150,000 and if I return to Seattle without the money, they will kill me. If I run they will hunt me down and kill me."

"What the fuck, Scott. How the fuck did you get involved with the fucking Mexican Drug Cartel?"

"After I left you, I started dating this Mexican guy. I didn't know it at the time but he was big shot in the cartel. After a while, I caught on and started working for him. I was just supplying drugs to all the "A" list gays in Seattle; it wasn't a big deal until a couple of weeks ago. There was a party at Club Neighbors and the bouncer asked me to arrange a big supply of E. It was $150,000 worth. When I got to the exchange point, it was a set-up and I was jacked. I went back and told Carlos, the guy I was dating, and he laughed and told me my bitch ass better come back with the money. He threw me out. I tried everything I could to come up with the money. When I went back to Carlos to ask him for help, he had his thugs beat me up, and told me if I came back without the money, he would kill me. I don't have anywhere else to turn. You have to help me. Please."

"And exactly how would you like me to help you?"

"If you could loan me the money, I would make it back and repay you."

I laughed, "You want me to loan you $150,000 to pay back drug money you owe to your dealer boyfriend. Does his Carlos have a last name?"


"If I am going to pay him $150,000, I would like to know his last name."

He just stared at me for a minute. Finally, he sighed. "Lazcano, Carlos Lazcano. He will kill me if he knew I told you that. So are you going to help me?"

"I don't know yet. I need to think."

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Carl opened it and was followed in by Travis.

"Carl, Travis, this is Scott Fernandez, my ex."

They both just stood with a look of shock on their faces. I continued. "It appears that after he left me he became a drug dealer and has gotten himself into some trouble and has come to ask my help in getting him out of it. I would give you the details but for now, I need to think about his problem. Carl, would you please arrange a hotel room for Scott. Scott, enjoy your weekend. I will have someone pick you at 9 am on Monday and bring you to my office so we can discuss your situation."

Travis looked like he was going to say something, but held his tongue. I could tell he was pissed, and I felt horrible. Karen came back in and had two guys take Scott out of the office, with Carl following them.

"Karen, please tell me you recorded that whole conversation?"

"Yes Sir. I need to tell you the Bureau has been after Carlos Lazcano for a long time?"

"Good, they got him turn the tape over to them, but keep me out of it. Have the Bureau guys pick Scott up this weekend and see if they can get him to roll on Carlos." I walked over to Travis and rubbed his back.

Karen nodded "Not a problem, Dale. I will catch up with an old friend tomorrow and make arrangements."

"Thanks, Karen. I need a second with Travis, if you don't mind."

"Not at all, guys." She closed the door as she left.

I walked over, hugged Travis, and started crying. He held onto me and whispered into my ear. "It's ok Babe. You are going to be fine."

I looked up into his deep brown eyes. "You're not mad?"

"I'm pissed as hell, but not at you. I am pissed this loser drug dealer ruined your night." He had fire in his eyes.

"It'll be fine. I trust Karen to take care of it. We should get back to the party before people start asking questions." I held onto him for a few seconds longer before we headed out. As we passed through the kitchen area, I noticed Shane and Rick chatting. The both noticed us and waved with huge smiles on their faces. Rick walked over to us.

"Dale, I will get most of the mess cleaned up tonight and then the rest I will get tomorrow morning."

"Absolutely not, Rick." The look of shock on his face was priceless. "Let the wait staff clean up as much as possible and then tomorrow night after we all get back from the beach, we will help finish the rest. Be ready for the beach by 11:00. And, after your performance tonight I am giving you a raise. Rick, I never expected all this. Buddy, it was absolutely fantastic. Everyone is going to the beach tomorrow with us. That includes you, Shane. Do you have beach wear?"

"No sir, I didn't think to bring any. I was just going to buy something down there." He got that sad puppy look in his eyes again.

"Rick, you guys look about the same size. Do you have some stuff Shane can borrow for tomorrow?"

"Yeah, no problem. When we are done here, come up to my apartment and I will get you some things."

"That solves that. You guys enjoy the rest of the evening. Rick, let the staff do the work; have a drink; you deserve it. Thank you again."

"Thank you, Dale. It was an absolute pleasure."

Travis and I walked out to the pool. Travis had a huge grin on his face. "What are you grinning about?"

He laughed "You playing Yenta. Could you have been any more obvious?"

"I thought I was smooth."

"Sure, you're about as smooth as course sandpaper."

I laughed as we rejoined the party. Everyone was milling around chatting and it looked like they were enjoying themselves. I noticed Cal and John off to the side having a conversation and decided to give them a brief summary of the situation. In that I was getting Karen involved, I explained to them what happened. They both agreed I was doing the right thing. Cal reiterated that Karen was the best person to handle it for me. All four of us got another drink and rejoined the party. Carl returned a few minutes later and approached me. I excused myself and met him halfway.

"Carl thanks for taking care of that. Sorry I made you work tonight."

He nodded. "It's not a problem, Dale. He was bitching because I booked him into the Best Western. I guess he wanted a higher end hotel. One of the security guys told him to shut the fuck up or they would just take him to a Motel 6."

I laughed. "Good, he deserves to be treated like shit. I still don't know what I saw in that loser."

Carl laughed. "We all make mistakes but damn that was a whopper."

"Shut up. Let's grab a drink. By the way, you are going to the beach with all of us tomorrow. I arranged this all on my own - without your help."

He mocked wiping a tear away from his eye. "Okay. Gosh, you are growing up so fast."

I slugged his arm and we got more drinks. The rest of the evening went smoothly. Cat and David spent a lot of time together and even danced together a couple of times. I did get to spend a little time with Clara and Shelley, getting to know them better even though the Senators wanted to monopolize my time. Overall, it was a great evening and as the last guest that wasn't staying left, I felt relieved that the little interruption with Scott didn't ruin everything. Rick and Carl did a lot of work to pull this off. I returned to the pool just in time to see Travis, Carl and Shane dousing Rick with bottle of champagne. Cat, David and Nick where sitting back, laughing hysterically. I watched as they finished and then walked over to Rick as he was wiping the champagne off his face. He was standing on the edge of the pool.

"It is customary to haze someone who accomplishes a great task." I put my arm around Rick. "Rick, your accomplishment here tonight was astounding and deserves a little bit more than a couple bottles of champagne." He was beaming with pride, so I spun him around and pushed him into the pool.

Everyone was laughing. "Now that the older folks left and the hazing is over, let's all get good and drunk." Just as I said it, I felt a hand on my ankle and I was jerked back into the pool. I came up sputtering to a whole crowd of people standing on the pool edge laughing and cheering. Rick was trying to climb out but they wouldn't let him. I paddled over to the edge and held my hand out to Travis.

"Okay, everyone, that's enough. Let them out." He was very authoritative as he bent down to take my hand and I pulled him in with me. Next thing I knew everyone was pushing each other in. Nick decided to jump in rather than be pushed. The last person left standing on the edge was Cat. She was just staring down at us and laughing. We all clambered out and chased her to throw her in. Shane finally cornered her.

"LT Walker. You will stand down." She ordered him in her best command voice while laughing.

"LT Commander Matthews, I find it very unbecoming an officer to give orders while intoxicated ". David chastised her as he walked past Shane and picked her up. He just threw her over his shoulder as she hammered on his back, walked into the pool and dropped her in. She came up sputtering and he grabbed her and kissed her. All the fire left her fight and she kissed him back. Of course, all the gay guys started a chorus of cat calls and whistles.

David carried her back out. We all settled into chairs around the fire pit. Rick went back to the kitchen and made sure everything was finished. I went into my office safe and grabbed $1400 in cash. We had seven servers, two bartenders and Billy, who helped in the kitchen. I walked in to the kitchen and gave Rick $700.

"Give each server an extra $100. Make sure they know it's in addition to whatever they get from Nick after Carl settles with him. Here is $500 extra for Billy. And I will give the bartenders a $100 each."

He nodded. "You know we are paying them pretty well?"

"I know, but they did a great job and we may want to use them again. So let's make them happy."

"Yes, boss."

I went outside, tipped the bartenders, and rejoined the gang. Rick came out a bit later and sat with us. We talked for hours, getting to know each other and really bonding. The serving staff finished cleaning up and left for the night. At about 1:30 am, I noticed almost everyone was fighting off sleep. The night had been great and no one wanted it to end. I guess it was time for me to be the leader.

"Alright everyone, I am headed to bed. Travis, you staying up for a bit or are you coming with me."

"I will come up with you, Babe." We hugged everyone and said good night.

Once again, we were too tired to make good on our promises from that morning of lots of sex and fell asleep quickly. I had some rough dreams and woke at 3 a.m., snuck out of bed and headed down to the kitchen to grab a drink. As I turned the corner, I saw Rick and Shane completely nude in the kitchen, getting drinks. Too late to stop, they noticed me. I tried to be casual about it.

"Shane, could you pour me a glass of OJ too."

Both where beet-red, and stammering.

"Jesus, guys, it's not like I haven't seen a few dicks and ass in my time. We are all adult men. Chill out."

Just then, Travis came around the corner. "Holy Shit!"

I turned and glared at him. "Now who is the smooth one, Slick? You two go back to Rick's room; you're giving my boyfriend a boner."

Everyone laughed and rushed back to Rick's room. Rick flipped Travis off over his shoulder when Travis whistled at them.

Travis walked over to me and pulled my back into his chest.

I just sighed. "Sorry if I woke you babe."

"I'm not sure you did. I just woke up and you weren't there. You Okay?"

"Yeah I guess so. Scott coming here tonight has just brought up lots of negative energy I thought I had moved past." I pressed against him even more and he hugged me tighter.

"I don't think you ever truly get over it. Every time you've had to deal with him, it hurt. The pain never really goes away; you just make room for it."

I spun around and kissed him. "I can't believe how quickly I fell in love with you. You really are an amazing man."

"I think the same thing about how much I love you. It doesn't hurt that you are unbelievably sexy though."

"Did the boys get you horned up?"

"Maybe, a little."

"From the feel of things, I would say a whole lot." I reached down and rubbed his dick through the boxer briefs. It was getting harder as I caressed it. He kissed me passionately and pushed me against the counter, then kneeled in front of me and began kissing my groin through my boxer briefs. I was fully hard in a few seconds. He kissed along my waist as he slid the boxer briefs down. Once my cock was freed, he began kissing all around it, without touching it. I could feel his stubble against it and it was driving me crazy. After what seemed an eternity, he kissed the head, and then took the whole thing in his mouth in one gulp. His ability to give a blow job was astounding. It seemed like seconds later I was ready to blow. He swallowed every drop just as I heard someone come around the corner. I looked over to see Carl turning around and heading out of the kitchen.

I laughed as Travis pulled my boxer briefs back up. "Carl, you can come in now."

Carl came back around the corner. "Nick and I need something to drink. I am glad he didn't come down with me. I would have ended up having to fuck him again. Oh, such a chore."

We all laughed and headed back to bed. I woke up to someone knocking on the bedroom door. I heard the shower running and realized Travis was already up. "Come in"

Rick opened the door and came in with two mugs of coffee. "Carl isn't up yet so I thought I would bring you some coffee. Karen is down stairs and needs to talk to you."

"Okay, tell her I will be down in five minutes. And thanks for the coffee, Rick."

"No problem, Dale." He left the room and closed the door behind him.

I took a sip of coffee and looked at the alarm clock - 8:36 a.m. I got up and grabbed some sweats just as Travis was coming out of the bathroom. "Morning, beautiful. Rick brought coffee for us."

"Cool. I am glad to see you're up. I am going for a jog this morning. Care to join me."

"Karen is here and needs to talk to me. Then I have a couple of things I need to do before we head to the beach so I will have to pass."

"You want me to stay with you while you talk to Karen." He came over and hugged me.

"No, I am sure everything is fine." I will tell you all about it when you get back.

"Okay Babe, if you're sure."

"Completely". I kissed him and headed down stairs.

Karen was in the kitchen, talking to Rick, raving about his food, when I came in. "Don't inflate his head anymore than it already is, Karen."

They both laughed and Karen came around the counter. "Morning, Dale."

"Morning, Karen. You are out and about pretty early on a Saturday. What's going on?"

"I am sorry; Dale, but Scott slipped his tail this morning."

"What! How the fuck did that happen?"

"He left the hotel, walked across the street to a diner, ordered breakfast and then went to the bathroom. There is a door to the pantry right by the bathroom. We are guessing he slipped into the pantry and out the back of the diner."

"So what happens now?"

"Well for now, I have a security team in place to keep an eye on you until we locate him."

"Oh fucking great! Now I have to deal with being monitored all day." I was pissed, but not at Karen. "Karen, this isn't your fault. I am not mad at you. You have been amazing through all of this."

Just then, Travis came through the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. "Morning, Karen, Rick. See you all in about thirty minutes." He darted out the front door to start his run.

Karen turned to me. "Dale, I know this isn't the best for you, but we are sure he will try to contact you. If we have a security team there when he does, we can grab him and just take him into the Bureau ourselves."

"It's okay, Karen, I get it. I just hope he turns up sooner than later."

"I am sure this will all be over by Monday.

"Okay, you know a big group of us are going to the beach today?"

"Yes, I was notified and that's not a problem the security guys I have assigned will be distant and discreet. Commander Stavi is a licensed security officer so I brought a side arm for him so he could help in an emergency."

"I don't know if that is necessary, but I will go wake him and you can brief him." I bounded up the stairs and knocked on David's door. Cat answered.

"Oh morning Cat. I need to borrow David for a minute if that's okay?"

She smiled. "Of course, he is in the shower. And, before you get a bad image of me we didn't have sex. We spent the evening talking and fell asleep together."

I laughed, "Now I do have a bad image of you. David is drop dead gorgeous. I would not have been able to resist his charms."

She chuckled. "I will send him down as soon as he gets out of the shower."

"Thanks Cat." I turned and decided it was time to wake Carl and Nick so I knocked on their door. I heard grumbling and Carl opened the door.

"Morning, Dale." He was very chipper.

"Morning, Carl. Everyone is up and I think Rick is making breakfast."

"Fantastic, I am starving. I will get Nick out of bed and we will be down in a few."

David was coming out of his room as I started for the stairs. I filled him in a little and then let Karen take him to my office to give him the details. I returned to the kitchen to find Shane instructing Rick on how to make something.

"Well I didn't expect to see Shane teaching you, Rick." I grabbed the coffee pot and started pouring more coffee.

Rick laughed. "He is teaching me how to make baked oatmeal. I have never made it but as he is doing it, I am taking notes on how to improve."

Shane stopped and glared at him. "If you change this recipe, I will rip your dick off."

Rick just cocked his head "No, you won't! You like it too much."

We all laughed. "Okay guys, everyone is starting to get up and we can eat breakfast then get ready for the beach. Today is a day to relax and have fun. Rick, you're from around here, where is there a good place for lunch down at the beach that can handle us all."

"Doc Taylors would be my first choice." He was looking through his phone. "Here is the number you want me to call and set up a reservation."

"Nope just give me the number, I will do it. Today I have to work for myself because you and Carl are off today."

He laughed. "Somehow I feel like working for you, we are never really off. But we love you anyway."

"Thanks, Rick. I will be in my office. Come and grab me when everyone is up." I headed back to my office just as Karen and David where coming out.

David just nodded at me and continued to the kitchen. Karen stopped. "Dale, we are all set. David is more than happy to keep an eye on things as well. I was wondering if it would be ok if he stayed here for the next week until Cyclone gets underway. He is staying at a hotel now."

"Of course, that's not a problem. I would have been okay with it even if this shit with Scott wasn't happening."

"Okay. Well then, I'm headed out. I'm still meeting with my Bureau friend this afternoon and giving him all that we have now."

"Thanks again, Karen, for taking care of all this. I am sorry I had to get you involved." I shook her hand.

"It's what I'm here for, Dale."

She headed out and I went to my office to send an email to John Shuller in Seattle. I wanted his advice on all this as well. After the email was sent, I met up with the group, as they were starting breakfast. After breakfast, we lounged around by the pool for a bit then got ready for the beach. Our day at the beach was fantastic. We started with lunch at Doc Taylors and then hit the beach. Watching Shane and Rick come out of their shells together was wonderful. We played a couple of games of beach volleyball against some off duty sailors and then Travis and I went for a long walk. As we were getting back to the group, I saw Shane in the face of a guy, shouting. Rick was trying to pull him back. Travis and I jogged over just as the guy pushed Shane. I got between them and tried to separate them. Just then, the INS security officers came running over. Everyone took a step back. I remembered Max from my office last night.

"Max, I think we have it under control now."

He didn't budge and looked right at the guy that had pushed Shane. "Is there a problem here, Sir?"

The guy was obviously drunk and was belligerent. "It's none of your fucking business. Just a couple of fags littering up the beach is all."

I still tried to defuse the situation. "Okay, Okay. Everyone relax. Rick, take Shane over to our gear and try to get him to chill." I noticed the guy's friends had started to gather. This shit could get ugly fast. Shane wasn't budging.

"Lieutenant Walker! Now move it." Travis made me jump. Unfortunately, while his command helped to get Shane to move away, it only gave the guy and his friends more fuel for their fire.

"Oh great, Navy fags at that! Should have known." His buddies all cheered him on. I saw the Navy guys we played volley ball with get up and start to come over. Just then, four beach patrol guys came up on four wheelers.

Max and the other security guy headed them off, showed them ID, and explained what was going on. The obnoxious guys didn't let up. Nick and Carl had returned and looked bewildered. I still had no clue how it had started.

The beach patrol guys came over and went straight over the drunk guys. "Alright, pack your stuff up your leaving."

"What? Why are we leaving, we were sitting here minding our business when these two fags started hitting on us. It pissed us off. This is a public beach and we have a right to be here. We ain't going anywhere."

I could see the cop was close to losing his cool. His buddy was on the radio getting back up. Christ, this was getting out of hand.

"You have two choices: you pack your shit up and leave or I haul your ass in for public drunkenness and disturbing the peace. Which do you prefer?"

"Fuck you, pig." I couldn't believe it.

The cop pulled out his cuffs and grabbed the guy's arm. The guy actually jerked his arm away and took a swing at the cop. He hit him right in the side of the head. The cop went down and hit his head again on a cooler. All the cops and the two INS officers tackled the guy. His friends just stood there, dumb founded. The cops handcuffed the guy. I caught Cat out of the corner of my eye running over.

She kneeled down beside the cop. One of the other cops went to grab her. I stopped him.

"She's a Doctor."

Cat looked up at us. "Someone grab my bag."

Travis turned around. "Carl, grab Cat's bag."

She was examining his head. There was a pretty big gash on the side. We heard sirens approaching so the other cops and INS guys began pushing the crowd back. I looked over my shoulder and David was right beside me.

A couple more police officers showed up and they grabbed the guy and hauled him off. The entire beach erupted into applause. His friends began packing their stuff and trying to leave with a little dignity. EMS arrived and Cat went with the officer to the hospital. Another officer said he would bring her back as soon as she released him to the on-duty doctor at the hospital.

After all the commotion died down, we went for a swim and just kind of lounged around waiting for Cat to get back. After about two hours, she returned with two police officers. The officers took statements from all us and asked how he could get in touch with us. I gave him my business card.

"All here are employees of mine, so if you need to reach any of them, call my office and I will make sure you get what you need."

"He looked at my card. Mr. Ryan, I saw a picture of you today on the front page of the daily press standing beside a warship in full uniform. The headline was something about privatization of the US Navy."

"Oh great! That's going to make for an ugly Monday morning. Don't worry, officer. We do not intend to privatize the Navy. We are just a nautical security company. We protect cargo vessels from pirates."

"I know, Sir. Damn press! Okay, I have everything I need here. Sorry about your trouble here today folks. Dr. Matthews, thank you for your assistance with Officer Kell."

"My pleasure, Sergeant Falls."

After he left, Cat filled us in on the wounded officer's condition. He had a mild concussion and four stitches, but nothing major. We hung around the Beach until about six and we were starting to get hungry. Rick suggested heading back to the house and throwing some burgers on the grill. Everyone agreed, so we went back to the van and headed home. We had a relaxing evening around the pool eating burgers and drinking wine. Cat had to pull a shift at the hospital in the morning, so she went easy on the drinking, as did David. Everyone assumed it was to support Cat. Rick, Shane, Carl and Nick decided to go out for the evening to a local gay club, leaving Travis and me with Cat and David. We had a very quiet evening, sitting on the patio and talking. We actually got David to tell us some stories about growing up in Israel. I was amazed to find out he actually grew up in the Gaza Strip. Travis finally opened up more about his family, growing up the youngest son of three, all of them Navy, the oldest now a wing commander on a carrier. His getting kicked out of the Navy for being gay was a shock to them all. They took it well but it put a stain on his relationship with his brothers. Admiral (RET) King tried hard to fight for him, but of course, nothing worked. His dad was thrilled he took the job as Flag Captain for INS. It was getting late so Travis and I decided to call it a night.

When we got to the room, Travis stripped to his boxer briefs and flopped on the bed face down. I just stood there for a second staring at him, amazed at how beautiful this man was. I stripped naked, straddled him, and began massaging his shoulders and back.

He moaned. "Oh, Babe, that feels great." I worked my way down his back, massaged his ass, then down to his legs, and back up. I was hard as a rock. When I leaned into his back to kiss his neck, he could feel my dick pressing into his ass crack. He thrust his ass up a little and I began dry humping him. I reached down, slid his boxer briefs off and spread his legs. I pushed my face into his ass and began rimming him. He was squirming and moaning with pleasure. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Babe, please fuck me now."

I reached over, grabbed the condoms, lube, and got suited up. I lubed him up really well.

"Go slow; it's been a long time."

"I plan to take all night and all day tomorrow." I started kissing his neck and ears. I lined my dick up with his hole and slowly pushed. The head popped in and he gasped so I stopped until his breathing returned to a steadier pace. I slowly began pushing into him until he reached back and put his hand on my thigh to get me to stop.

"You need me to stop, Babe."

"Don't you dare stop! The first time I saw you all I could think about was just how much I wanted you in me and I am typically the top. Keep going."

I resumed pushing in and soon bottomed out. I rested there for a minute, laid my chest against his back and whispered in his ear. "You are the sexiest man alive and I love you."

"I love you too, Babe. Now, stop talking and fuck me!"

I chuckled and started to slowly fuck him. After a few minutes, I flipped him on his back and began to really go at it. He was moaning and groaning, which only got me more excited. I picked up the pace and in kept going. After a bit, I was plowing his ass like no other and he was begging for more. I hope the walls in the house where pretty thick because the noise was defining.

I could hear my thighs slapping his ass as he was shouting at the top of his lungs. "Oh dear fucking god, yes fuck me hard." over and over again. This was a huge turn on for me and I couldn't hold on any longer. I thrust one last time will all my might and blew my load. He came within seconds of me coming. I collapsed on top of him trying to catch my breath. I looked over at the alarm clock it was 2:15. We had been at it for about an hour.

I finally rolled off him. "I need a drink. You need anything."

He just shook his head no

I leaned over and kissed him. "You okay, Babe?"

"I couldn't be better. That was absolutely amazing. I don't think I will be able to walk for a week but it was amazing. I have a question for you, though."


"We are exclusive right?"

"Of course, there is no one else I want to sleep with ever."

"Let's get tested and loose the condoms. What do you think?"

"Sounds good, maybe we can get Cat to do it so it's more discreet."

He kissed me. "I love you more than I could have imagined is even possible."

I kissed him back. "I love you more."

I got up and threw some sweats on to go get a drink. As I got downstairs, I heard talking in the kitchen. Shane, Rick, Nick and Carl had returned. As I came into the kitchen, they all applauded.

"Oh knock it off, all of you." I was laughing though.

"We heard that craziness outside by the pool." Carl was always the lead instigator.

"Whatever. How was the club?"

Shane smiled. "It was lots of fun, even though there was this drag queen that was all about Rick."

Everyone laughed and told me about the antics at the club including Carl flirting with the bartender so they all got free drinks. When Nick went to order drinks, the same bartender over charged him.

"You guys are a hot mess. I am getting a drink and going back to bed. Travis is out."

"I am sure you wore him out." Nick was chuckling.

Carl just looked at him. "Not as much as I am going to wear you out tonight."

I mocked covering my ears. "Too much information. What are all your plans for tomorrow?"

"Shane has duty on the ship from twelve to eight so I am going to get caught up around here." Rick looked a little sad that Shane had to go back to work tomorrow.

Shane rubbed his back. "It's okay, Babe I am off on Tuesday and Wednesday so we can spend plenty of time together before I leave."

Carl looked at me. "I am free but Nick has to work. He took Friday and Saturday off to hang with me."

"Okay, I would like to spend the day with Travis; maybe do some sightseeing or something get to know Virginia Beach a little more. I know Cat has to work at the Hospital so it will be just you two, Carl and Rick with David. Carl, would you mind driving David over to his hotel and checking him out. Make sure the bill is on my credit card or an INS account. Don't let him pay for it. He is staying here when not on the ship. Speaking of which, Shane, where do you stay when you're in port?"

"I have a deal with the Town Place suites. They only charge me $50 a night. It's a nice place."

"Travis and I will take you over there in the morning and check you out and get your stuff. We will drop you off at Cyclone and bring your stuff over here. You can put it in one of the spare rooms."

Rick smiled. "Not to contradict the Boss, but if he is staying here, it's not going to be in one of the spare rooms. It's going to be in my room." Everyone laughed.

"I will take care of David tomorrow, Dale." Carl was always eager.

"Okay guys. I just want to say that all of you have made this weekend fantastic and I hope this is just the beginning of some great friendships. Good night."

All of them chorused "Good night Boss." I just shook my head and went back to our room.

In the morning, I told Travis about my idea to spend the day together by ourselves and go sightseeing. He was more than thrilled. We came downstairs to find Shane in Uniform and Cat in scrubs. Both were eating breakfast with Rick, Carl and David.

"Morning, Everyone". I grabbed the coffee and a plate. "Rick, the quiche looks great."

"I didn't make it, David did." he smiled.

"Oh! David, you have to stop or I might try to steal you from Cat."

Travis smiled "Does that mean I get Cat?"

I laughed "Hell no! I get both of you. Shoot, throw Cat in too and I get all three. It's good to be the boss."

After breakfast, we all headed out. Travis, Shane and I took the Range Rover. Carl and David took the Beamer. They were also dropping Cat off at the hospital on their way. We drove over to the Town Place Suites and got all of Shane's stuff loaded into the SUV. Then we dropped him off at Cyclone.

For the rest of the day Travis and I just drove around talking and checking things out. We visited historic James town and the Cape Henry Light House. We spent a little bit of time in Historic Williamsburg, shopping in Merchants Square was fun. I picked up little memento's for Travis and me. We had lunch at this fabulous little bistro. Just as we were leaving the restaurant, my cell phone started ringing. It was Carl calling.

"Hey Carl, what's up." I was slightly annoyed, as he knew this day was supposed to be for Travis and me.

"Dale, Rick is missing. Security is all over the house. He left the front door open and it looks like a struggle in the kitchen."

"What the fuck! We are on our way right now. I swear if that fucking loser harms that kid in any way I will personally beat the shit out of him." I hung up the phone. Just as two INS security agents came running over to us.

"I already know. Travis, I think Scott has kidnapped Rick." I was storming off to the car.

Travis followed. "What the fuck! I will tear his fucking limbs off. The security guys where trotting to keep up with us.

"Um, Sir?" It was Max - he was assigned to me.

"What Max? Sorry, you don't deserve that. I am just so fucking mad."

"Perhaps you should let me drive. I think you are a little too worked up to drive." He held his hands out for the keys to the car.

"Your right, Max, thank you."

"No problem Sir. If I let you drive and you got into an accident, Karen would eat me alive."

"I am sure she would, just get us back to the house. Travis, should we tell Shane?"

"Not until we know more. He is the OOD on the ship and until I can get him relieved, there is nothing he can do. He is liable to do something stupid anyway. As soon as we get to the house, I will go pick up Ensign Miller, he is the on-call Officer, and then get Shane."

"Okay." I opened my phone and called Karen. She answered on the first ring.

"I am on my way and I have a couple of FBI agents with me. We will get him back. I just notified Michael and he is getting all the Personal Protection Officers up to speed. We are going to have two officers on every one of your friends until we find Rick and have Scott in handcuffs."

We were stopped at a red light and I saw a familiar delivery van pass in front of us - the tent rental company. It was going in the opposite direction of the house. "Karen, is the tent still at the house?"

"I don't know, why?"

Travis grabbed his phone. "Carl is the tent still at the house?" He paused "It's still there."

"Max, turn left now. Follow that yellow van - the Colonial Rental Van. Karen, I think we have him. He stole the tent rental van. The son of a bitch must have seen the name on the tent Friday night. They were supposed to pick up the tent an hour ago. We are following him."

"Dale, put your phone on speaker." I did as she told me. "Okay Max, stick with that van. I have Control locking onto your GPS signal we are sending police to your location. Now, Travis and Dale, under the passenger's seat of the SUV is a small drawer. Do you see it?" I climbed into the front seat and looked.

"Yes it has a combination lock on it."

"The combination is 022. Open it; inside are three Sig P226's with full mags. Each of you take one, Max is already armed and Jayden is following you guys. This is only in case of an emergency. You are not to attempt to engage or apprehend him until the police arrive. Do you guys know how to use a hand gun?"

We both acknowledged that we did. "Okay, I have your GPS trace now. Two Virginia Beach Police cruisers are about a minute behind you and I am about a minute behind them. Just keep tabs on him for now."

"Karen, Max here. It looks like he is slowing and turning into the parking lot of the Blue Marlin Hotel."

"Okay. Just hang back; the police are on the way."

"Bullshit, Max! Pull in now!" Travis looked over at me and nodded.

As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw Scott get out of the van and walk to the back doors. I jumped out of the car while it was moving and started running toward him. I heard Travis right behind me. Scott's back was too us as he fiddled with the keys.

"Scott!" He spun around, dropped the keys and reached for the gun in his waistband.

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