Castle Roland

Dawns Early Light
Book I

by Ken Barber


Chapter 8

Published: 22 Dec 14

Dawns Early Light

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10:17 GMT (05:17 EST) 09 November 2013
SEAL Team 4
Daytona Beach Florida

Dawn's Early Light LogoAlpha team slowly maneuvered into position near the building on the north side of the target.

Bucky keyed his mic and in a barely audible whisper "Train Wreck you and Giggles in position?"

"Roger that, we are tracking two very unfriendly characters on the west face of the building and they have a buddy near the front entrance."

"Roger. SWAT are you in place?" They were lucky to have a Daytona Beach Police SWAT sniper team amongst the detained police.

"In position, sir, and we have a solution on the hostile by the front entrance"

"Thank you, SWAT, Stand By. Bravo SITREP over."

"We are right outside the back entrance ready to kill the generator. One tango watching the back deck but more interested in the titty mags than what is about to happen to him."

"Godfather, Alpha and Bravo in position."

"Roger that, you are green to go, green to go."

Bucky raised his weapon to his shoulder. "Train Wreck, Giggles and SWAT, take your shots when the lights go out. Catcher, cut the generator in 3....2...1...go."

"Train Wreck, Tangos 1 and 2 down."

"SWAT, Tango 3 down."

"Catcher, Tango 4 and Genny down."

"Roger that, assault teams move to the entrances and prepare to breach. Last two active guards are in the main lobby. Alpha has those two. Bravo you move to the second floor and begin clearing room by room. It's going to be a long night, gentlemen. Bravo and Alpha go, go, go."

Germs opened the main door and tossed in a smoke grenade. Tigger went in low right behind it, firing as he went, Pretty Boy was leaning over his shoulder, firing. The two silenced weapons spit bullets into both targets.

"Lobby clear."

"Stairwell Clear."

Bucky pointed to Ice and Ghost directing them to take up positions covering the two halls that lead to the Lobby.

"Heads up, thermals show four hostiles moving on the second floor toward Bravo's position."

"Roger. We got em."

The silence was shattered by automatic gunfire coming from the second floor. It only lasted a few seconds and the building returned to quiet.

Bucky keyed his mic. "Bravo, SITREP."

"Four Tango's down. One went down with his finger on the trigger. No injuries."

"Bucky, you have lots of movement in the rooms. Can no longer identify friendlies from hostiles."

"Thank you, Train Wreck. Catcher get the lights back on. Switch off goggles."

All the SEALs pulled their night vision off just as the lights came up. "Godfather, send in the rest of the team. Charlie and Delta move through Bravo. Charlie take the third floor. Delta take the fourth. We sweep room by room, clear each room with a three man team."

Ghost held up his hand in a fist. Bucky scooted over to him and he pointed at a door that was slightly cracked. Ghost and Bucky pulled their heads back as a barrel of a rifle came out of the opening and fired on them. Beside them they heard the patter of a silenced MP5.

Ice keyed his mic. "Tango down."

Bucky looked at the bullet ridden door and the barrel of the rifle laying on the ground.

"Charlie entering back stairwell."

Everything was quiet. "Delta entering the back stairwell."

"Charlie in position."

"Delta in position."

Bucky looked at his team. They had the hardest task as they had to divide up, since they started in the middle of the building. He signaled the two sub teams to get set up.

"SEAL Team 4 begin sweeping your assigned areas. Weapons tight, I say again, weapons tight."

"Bravo, roger weapons tight."

"Charlie, weapons tight."

"Delta, weapons tight."

"Alpha, FYI these tangos are Hispanic and wearing uniforms I have only seen in Central America. No insignias either."

"Understood. If anyone finds Agent Atwater, we want him alive."

The teams began going room by room clearing each. There were a lot of frightened kids and even some of the adults were cowering in fear. The remaining guards knew they were outnumbered, and not really being soldiers, surrendered pretty quickly. As they were getting close to finishing their sweep, Pepper, Delta team leader, called Bucky.

"Bucky, it's Pepper. We are going to need you on the fourth floor."

"On my way." Bucky looked around at the four men sweeping the rooms with him.

Snoops nodded. "We got it, B. Only three more rooms anyway."

Bucky bounded up the stairs to the fourth floor and kneeled beside Face Plant.

"What's going on?"

"Hostile with a Hostage. Room 455."

"Damn it." He stood and went around the corner and slowly worked his way down the hall to room 455. Delta team's progress had halted and they were surrounding the room.

"Bravo team sweep complete."

Bucky looked around. "Catcher, keep half your team in place for security; send the other half to assist Alpha."


He knelt next to Pepper."Status?"

"Caucasian Male, mid thirties, armed with Sig 226 9mm, female hostage mid twenties, pretty beat up."

"Bucky, this is SWAT; we have a solution. I say again, we have a solution."

"Roger SWAT stand by. ONLY on my order, understood?"

"Roger, on your order."

Bucky waited as the command team brought a breach shield to him. He slipped his MP-5 to his back and loosened the restraining strap on his side arm. Pepper grabbed the shield and strapped it to his arm. He crouched low behind the shield with Bucky right behind him holding onto his shoulder strap. The two turned the corner with the shield in front of him.


Bucky ignored him for a second while he surveyed the room. The Hostile was in the far corner of the room with a naked young woman in front of him. The room was very messy and the woman looked to be very badly beaten. She was sobbing and terrified.

Bucky took a deep breath. "I am Lieutenant Commander Albert Buchinski, Navy SEALs. Can you tell me what's going on here."

The hostile seemed to waver for a second. "Your Navy SEALs?"

"Yes sir, can you tell me who you are?"

"Special Agent Atwater, DEA. You're not supposed to be here. This is all wrong."

"Agent Atwater. Why don't you release the girl and put down the pistol and we can figure this out."

"Something is not right here. If Navy SEALs were ordered to my area, I would have been told. What are you doing here."

"Right now, all I am trying to do is save that young woman's life."

Agent Atwater paused for a minute. "Her, she is an undesirable, nothing but a common whore. Why do you care about her."

"Agent Atwater, put down the gun and release the girl and we can figure it all out."

"HOLY FUCK that terrorist Bryce sent you." He pushed the girl out in front of him blocking Bucky's view of him completely."

"This is SWAT we still have a solution. Subject is escalating."

Bucky keyed his mic and whispered "Stand-by"

"Agent Atwater we have this building under control and surrounded. There are only two ways this can end. You're a federal agent you know what those are."

"Charlie Team third floor clear."

Bucky keyed his mic twice. "Agent Atwater, you have a choice to make. Are you willing to sacrifice your life here."

"Commander, you and your men are ordered to stand down you all are under arrest."

"Agent Atwater, you know as well as I do that isn't going to happen."

It was quiet for a second. "Commander, I am prepared to meet my maker and send this disgusting filthy whore to hell." He pushed the girl to her knees with the gun still pressed to the back of her head.

Bucky shouted into his radio."SCORPIO."

The window of the room shattered, the top of the agent's head seemed to explode upward, the woman screamed. Agent Atwater just stood there with a blank look on his face and then crumpled.


Bucky jumped over Pepper, drawing his sidearm and came around the bed keeping his pistol trained on Agent Atwater the whole time. Once he was sure the Agent was not getting back up, he grabbed a blanket off the bed and wrapped the girl in it. He pushed her out of the room towards Pepper. Bucky knelt down beside Agent Atwater and checked his pulse. Once he was sure there was no pulse, he rolled him over and looked at the entry wound.

"SWAT, clean kill. Son we need to talk about where you learned to shoot like that."

"Sir, yes sir."

The shot was perfectly placed at the base of the neck angling upward. When the shot impacted it completely severed the vertebrae cutting off all response from the brain. This was the shot all snipers train for and very few can actually pull off.

"Ok, get that girl back to the Command Post and get the medics to check her out."

"Bucky, this is Godfather. Building clear. 11 hostiles, neutralized, no collateral damage, team 100% operational."

"Thank you, Godfather, Great work, team. Let's get the detainees into the ballroom so we can brief them. Godfather, send in our friends from the Daytona Beach PD, their families are going to want to see them."

The reunion with the Police and their families was emotional. After they all settled down, Captain Sweet briefed them on the current situation and the plans. Any that wanted to stay and help could, the rest would leave with the refugees. Most of the cops wanted to stay but wanted to send their families away. Bucky was in the hall when he heard one of the cops talking to his son.

"You're getting on that plane and getting out of here."

"No I am not, Dad. You're all I have left, ever since Mom died it's just been you and me. I am not going off to some refugee camp, while you stay behind."

"This is going to turn into a war zone. You're only 16 and I can't take the risk of losing you."

"I can't take the risk of losing you, Dad. If you stay, I stay. You have taught me my whole life what it means to protect your family and community. I can't turn my back on that, now. Yes, I am 16 but I know what I am saying and I know what needs to be done. Dad, I am not leaving you, end of discussion."

Bucky would have laughed at that last statement if the whole situation wasn't as fucked up as it was. He came around the corner.

The cop looked up at him. "Commander, did you want to have that discussion now?"

Bucky just stared at him with a questioning look. The young boy laughed. "My dad is the sniper that took out the dirt bag in the hotel."

"Peter, not appropriate."

This time Bucky did laugh. "I think it's very appropriate. Peter, Lieutenant Commander Buchinski, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Peter shook his hand. "An honest to god Navy SEAL. I had planned on joining the Navy and becoming a SEAL. I had been accepted to the Naval Academy."

"Congratulations, Peter. That is outstanding. A couple of years from now and I may be working for you."

"I doubt that is going to happen now though. With the Civil War and all."

"Peter, one of the reasons I am here today is to make sure it does happen. We will end this as quickly as possible and at the end, we will need to rebuild our military. Bright young officers are going to be in high demand."

Bucky turned to the officer. "Lieutenant, we will have that chat another time. Spend some time with your son; you deserve it. Peter, I would be proud to serve with you and your Father anytime." He turned and left them to get some fresh air. As he left the building, the sun was coming up. He leaned against the building and heard the crunch of boots on the gravel. He looked up to see the most beautiful eyes in the world staring at him.

"Hey Flex, boy are you a sight for sore eyes."

"You doing okay? Buck?"

"Just a lot to take in. This is so fucked up."

"I know, but hey we have always joked that if we ever teamed our units up, the world would be turned upside down. Guess what, we are going to turn this world upside down and that prick Ashwood is going to regret the day he was born."

Bucky smiled. "I really do love you. You always know how to make me smile."

Flex put his hand on Bucky's shoulder. "Buck, we are in this together. I am here for you. By the way, I am moving your team to a hotel just west of the airport. Saber Troop, my chopper jocks, have the first two floors; you guys have the 3rd and 4th floors. I am trying to make room for the Marine Unit even though most of them are going to be in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I will have a couple of vehicles pick you up here and take you there. Godfather has already started to move your equipment."

"Thanks, Flex."

"You and your guys have been running on adrenaline for a couple of days now. Get some rest, I will come over about an hour before chow time and we can have a private briefing." He winked at Bucky and turned and walked away.

Bucky just smiled, shook his head and went back into the building to round up his guys and turn this op over to the CAV and cops.

12:20 GMT (07:20 EST) 09 November 2012.
USS Ronald Reagan.
Southwest of Bermuda.

"Captain we have an incoming coded transmission from somewhere CONUS, sir"

"Can you be a little more precise Petty Officer?"

"No, sir, the location is scrambled."

"Well, what is the message?"

"Sir it's vague. “Live pool rematch in 5 minutes."

"It's Bryce, get it setup in the CIC. Get the XO and Major Sinclair, now. Make sure our location is scrambled."

"That's not really a problem. This link is bouncing off so many satellites, I don't think we could trace our own location from it."

"Good, headed to CIC, Lieutenant Roland, you have the Bridge."

"Aye sir, I have the bridge."

Sinclair and Myers met the Captain in the CIC, the video screen just said stand by. Norris was pacing back and forth. "President Bryce is trying to reach us. This brings us to a major issue."

Myers looked confused. "What issue skipper?"

"He is not the President, yet. I can't take orders from him."

Sinclair chuckled. "You could listen to his advice, sir."

The screen changed to an unusual unit crest Norris had never seen before. Norris looked over his shoulder at Sinclair with a question on his face. Sinclair just shrugged.

A moment later the face of President Jack Bryce, as well as Admiral Cathcart appeared on the screen. "Captain Norris. It's great to see you again!" Jack said.

Captain Norris sat up straight."Mr. President, Admiral Cathcart, I have with me my new XO, Commander Jessica Myers and Major Sinclair, commander of the Marine Unit. Mr. President, I am happy to see you are okay. We heard about the attempt on your life, are Linda and the kids alright?"

Jack sighed. "They're getting better. Linda and Chris are doing better. I'm not sure if you knew, but Linda was eight and a half months pregnant when we were attacked. Little Theodore came a little early, but he's doing well. Thankfully, we met up with some very skilled doctors, who were able to save Linda." Jack sighed, as the emotions played on his face. "I almost lost her, Aggy."

Captain Norris paused in reflection "But you didn't, Mr. President, and I am happy to hear it. Congratulations to both of you. I am sure Theodore will be following in his daddy's footsteps in no time. Mr. President, I don't want to be impolite but could someone please tell us what the hell is happening?"

"You already know about the attempt on my life, and I am sure by now that you know we were rescued by some unknown, but very capable troops." Again Aggy nodded. "I am about to introduce to you the commanding officer of that group. Before I do, though, you need to know a few things about them. First off, disregard what your eyes tell you. Yes, they are young, but they escaped from a lab that was trying to genetically engineer super soldiers. The doctors very much succeeded, and for that fact, I am very grateful."

"Sir, I am not sure I follow you. Are you telling me you have genetically engineered super soldiers working for you?"

"That is exactly what I am saying." Jack said completely seriously. He then looked off screen and nodded to someone. A very young man dressed in a military style uniform stepped to Jack's side, coming fully into the picture.

"Hello Captain Norris, I'm General Adam Casey. Commanding Officer of the Universal Next Generation Infiltration Team." Adam said standing at full attention.

Captain Norris was shocked and sat there for a second. "Well, General, it's not often that I'm speechless and while I'm very intrigued about this group of yours I feel we have more pressing matters than my curiosity to discuss."

"Of course, sir." Adam said as he stepped back a bit, leaving Jack in the foreground.

"The reason I brought them up is this. They have graciously allowed us to stay within their base, so if, in the future, when you contact us, and get a young person, you will not be that surprised." Jack said wanting to make sure that Aggy knew what to expect.

Aggy nodded. "Sir, we have a huge issue here. President Ashwood has authorized the US to use Nuclear Weapons on our European allies, should they, and I quote here, "should they move to intervene with this administration's attempt to maintain control of the United States."

"Fuck me running!" Jack said softly, but still loud enough for everyone to hear. Normally he would never have said anything like that, but the shock of hearing Ashwood was seriously considering the use of Nukes on the allies, throwing this Civil War into a World War, shocked Jack to the core.

"My thoughts exactly, sir." Norris actually chuckled slightly.

It took Jack a moment to regain his equilibrium, and then to think through the problem. Of course, he was thinking out loud when he did. "We can't tell them, since they may decide to hit us first. But can we leave them in the dark if Ashwood decides to launch?"

"We had considered a warning sir, however the chance of a First Strike order was too great. As of now, Ashwood's people can still launch the missiles remotely. We have taken the first step to prevent that, by putting all our Nuclear assets in maintenance mode. However, we do not know how many ships received the order."

Jack stood there for a moment thinking, then shook his head. "Thanks, Aggy, I'm not sure yet, what we're going to do, but we're going to have to do something. By the way, what is your operational status?"

"Sir, we are fully operational minus a few officers. Admiral Buchinski attempted to start a mutiny on most of our ships, using a few key officers. He asked his son Lieutenant Commander Buchinski, SEAL Team 4 Commander, to assist, but Bucky wanted no part of it and tried to arrest his father. The Admiral shot him in the shoulder before my Marines could intercede and arrest the Admiral. The Admiral is being held in my brig. I will need to discuss Admiral Buchinski's fate with Admiral Cathcart later. I currently have the entire Battle Group sitting off Bermuda, with the exception of the Rhode Island, Providence and Olympia which are submerged off the coast of Daytona Beach Florida. The Russian Federation made contact and attached two Yasen class subs to me which are screening the east of Bermuda. The HMS Illustrious Squadron is screening northwest of Bermuda. The British Commander, Commodore Chase has been in contact with the French Carrier Group Charles De Gaulle and has asked them to establish a screen southwest of Bermuda. SEAL Team 4 has been inserted in and around Daytona Florida and linked up with the 1st Squadron 2nd Cavalry. That unit was dispatched to take and hold Daytona Beach International. President Ashwood's commanders think it's loyal to him, however it's not, and I have it on good authority they are with us. So, sir, we hold Daytona and Bermuda."

Jack stood there stunned for a second. Adam, though, was smiling and nodding. Cathcart was also stunned, but he recovered quickly. "Well, Captain, it looks like you have yourself a hell of a Battle Group there."

"Agreed." Jack said with a smile. "For now, I will ask that you hold station and wait for further orders. At this moment, I do not have the authority to issue you any orders, but within two hours, that should be remedied."

"Thank you for understanding that, sir, it was something I was concerned about. However Admiral Cathcart does have that authority. And I am glad to see he's working with you. I had planned to put the 32nd Marine Expeditionary Unit on the ground in Daytona to augment the Cav and SEALs. I am also moving, to be in range for counter strike should Ashwood attempt any further WMD strikes."

"That sounds good. We will be getting back to you when we have an idea of how we are going to use you, and when I have the authority to do so. Do you need anything?" Jack asked, his mind already swirling with the possibilities.

"Other than a new Admiral to take command, a few more planes, maybe another carrier, a couple of destroyers and some more subs, if you have any spare junior officers laying around oh and if you throw in some more Marines and I will concede that you beat me at that pool game fair and square."

Everyone nearby burst out in laughter, Jack being the loudest. When he calmed himself back down he nodded. "Aggy, no promises, but I'll do everything I can to get you what you need. I can start by giving you, your Admiral."


"Admiral Cathcart? If you would be so kind?"

"Certainly, Mr. President." Cathcart stepped forward and cleared his throat, "Captain Augustus Norris, Attention to Orders." Norris, Myers and Sinclair snapped to attention, as if pulled by strings. Cathcart continued, "By the authority vested in me, by the Congress of the United States, acting in time of war, and recognizing the gallantry and duty above the ordinary, I hereby order Augustus Norris to receive the rank of Rear Admiral, Lower Half, until such a time that a board of promotion may be convened, selected, appointed and confirmed by the President of the United States." Cathcart smiled, "Congratulations, Aggy!" Cathcart then stepped back.

Jack, smiled as he said, "You don't need a new Admiral to be in charge of the fleet, because I am looking at the new Admiral in charge of that fleet."

Admiral Norris paused for a moment, as the full implication of what was just said struck him, he then nodded, solemnly. "Well, thank you, sir." He then looked over as someone else spoke to him, then back to the screen. "Mr. President, we are in very good shape all things considered, however, I am being told that we are about to lose the last satellite in range. We will do everything in our power to provide whatever assistance is needed.

"Understood Admiral Norris. It is good to see you, and we will speak soon." Jack said with a soft smile.

"We are standing by for further orders. This is the USS Ronald Reagan signing off. God Bless the United States."

Admiral Norris looked around the CIC. Myers laughed. "Sir, it is my duty to inform you that you are out of uniform, sir."

"Very funny, XO. Now it's my job to order you to find me a damn star for my collar."

"Very well, sir." She smiled and nodded to Sinclair as she picked up the handset connecting her to the Bridge. "General Bosun's Call"

A shrill whistle went out over the 1MC as Myers connected all the ships in the group to the 1MC.

"Attention on Deck, officers and crew of Carrier Strike Group nine. Honor Guard to the Quarter Deck of Ronald Reagan. Stand by to give Honors."

Norris shook his head. "This is unnecessary."

Myers smiled. "Navy Protocol, sir."

Sinclair stepped into the room and presented two little cloth patches to Admiral Norris, each contained a single star. Norris looked at him. "Where did you get these so quickly." He noticed they still had threads on them as if they had been torn off a uniform. "Oh shit did you just tear these off one of Buchinski's uniforms?" Sinclair just smiled. "Oh hell, please tell me it wasn't from the uniform he was wearing?"

Sinclair just smiled even more. "XO, Honor Guard is assembled."

She keyed the transmitter. "All hands, attention on deck. By the authority vested in him, by the Congress of the United States, acting in time of war, and recognizing the gallantry and duty above the ordinary, Admiral Cathcart hereby orders Captain Augustus Norris to receive the rank of Rear Admiral, Lower Half, until such a time that a board of promotion may be convened, selected, appointed and confirmed by the President of the United States.

All Hands Attention. Hand, Salute." She Handed the handset to Sinclair and saluted Norris and held the salute.

Sinclair pushed the Transmit Button. "Honor Guard, 12 gun salute. Attention. Half right, Face. Port, Arms. READY, AIM, FIRE. READY, AIM, FIRE. READY, AIM, FIRE." After the four gunmen fired the last shot they automatically turned so they were facing forward again. "Present, Arms. Raise the Admiral's pennant."

After the flag with one star was raised on the yardarm. Admiral Norris dropped his salute and Sinclair commanded. "Order, Arms."

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