Castle Roland


by Kyle Aarons



Published: 8 Apr 14


Mainstrum AFB: Great Falls Montana

U.S. Defender Team 19:

Battlement: Commander: Age 38 (Class 5)

Extreme strength, Extreme toughness, Superior Mace Weapon, Enhanced Unarmed, Improved Recovery, Chi: Mace (5), Ice Armor (4), Sonic Breath (4), Invulnerability: Cold (3), Water Control (2). Ice Burst (1), (Standard USDT Uniform Colors: Red and Blue with white shield on both shoulders with black 19)

North Star: (F) XO: Age 33 (Class 4)

Light Flight (4), healing light beams (4), Light Shield (3), Hand Fired Light Daggers (2), Superior Recovery, Superior Unarmed, Heightened Coordination, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Toughness, (Standard USDT 19 uniform, but light Kevlar with heavier pads over chest.)

Sonic Strike: (F) Age 29 (Class 3)

Heightened Endurance, Improved Coordination, Improved Toughness, (All about sound): finger snaps (1), claps (2), whistle (3), sonic scream (3), deadly with lung powered instruments (5) (Standard USDT 19 uniform, but light Kevlar with heavier pads over chest.)

Mystic Knight: Age 35 (Class 3)

Heightened Recovery, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Coordination, Force Cage (4) (very draining), Phantom Armor (3), Auto Spells (3), Force Bolts (2), Hover/Glide disk (2), Magic Sword (Viper Blade) (2) (Standard USDT 19 Uniform with magical necklace (phase shift 3 times a week))

Wild Rapids: (F) Age 22 (Class 3)

Extreme Flexibility, Superior Weather sense, Heightened Sight, Enhanced Unarmed Fighting, Water Control (4), Water bursts (3), liquid form (most damage passes right through) (3), Heal Others (1), (Standard USDT 19 Uniform)

Sand Storm: Age 25 (Class 2)

Heightened Strength, Heightened Reflexes, Heightened Coordination, Sand Blast (3), Earth control (2), Wind Gust (2), Wind Flight (2), stone skin armor (1), (Standard USDT 19 uniform)

Night Tracker: age 28 (Class2)

Superior Intelligence , Superior Night vision, Heightened Outdoorsman, Enhanced Rifle, Improved Senses (all), Gadgets Laser Rifle (3) , Chi: Dark burst with possible blindness(2), Gadgets: Force field generator (1). (Standard USDT 19 uniform, but light Kevlar with heavier pads over chest.)

BEARS 97: Bureau Exceptional Adolescents Rockies Squadron 97


Arctic Trooper

Age 48

Class 2

Cold Immunity (4), Ice Armor(3) , Ice Bolts (3), weather manipulation (2)

Outdoorsman-ship(4), Unarmed fighting (3) Endurance(2), Strength (1)


Jade Witch

Age 45

Class 3

Auto Spells(4), {Spells: Shocking fog(4), stink burst(4), stink cloud(3), Shocking zaps(3), Fog banks(1)}, mist form(1) Force field (magic) (1)

Healing (3), Enhanced Flexibility (2), Coordination (1)

Cadets: (Male)

Josh Stellman (1)

Age 14

Class 4

Telepathy(4), Telekinesis (3), Mental Healing (3), Teleport (3), Mind Spear(2)

Toughness (4), Strength(3), Reflexes (3), Intelligence (2), Unarmed (1)

Tanner (3)

Age 13

Class 3

Suppress fire (4), Heat generated flight (3), Heat wave (3), Sparks(2)

Ambush Sense (3), Healing (2), Coordination (1),

Rex (4)

Age 13

Class 3

Retractable claws(4), Animal communication(3), Retractable fangs(2)

Endurance(5), Toughness (4), Strength (4), Senses all (3), Reflexes (2)

Colt (7)

Age 12

Class 5

Electrical Absorption/release (5), Electrical invulnerability (5), Electrical Control (4), Electrical bolts (4), Electrical Flight (4)

Reflexes (4), Coordination(3), Strength (3), Unarmed Fighting(4)

Logan (8)

Age 12

Class 4

Mystical [Chi]: [Gloom Armor] (4), [Gloom Blade] (4), [Gloom Arrows] (3), Light Blast (3)

Coordination (5), Blade (4), Reflexes (4), Flexibility(4), Strength (3), Unarmed (3), Archery (2)

Garret Krammer (10)

Age 11

Class 2

Basic Magic: Auto Spells (4), Sorcery Powers (4)

Munchkin fighting (4), Unarmed (3), Reflexes (2)

Cadets (Female)

Eldora (2)

Age 14

Class 3

Shape Shifter: Tiger(4), Cobra(4), Deer (3), Falcon(3), Porcupine(3), Venom spit (2), Basic Plant Control (1)

Senses all (5), Healing (4), Strength (3)

Valda (5)

Age 13

Class 2

Wood form (Shape (4) Armor (3)) Thorn Toss (3)

Sight (3), Strength (3)

Skye (6)

Age 12

Class 5

Magma Balls(5): Exhausting, Geode Skin(4), Crystal Fist(4), Spires(3), Crystal Shard Burst(3), Mud Stone(2),

Strength (5), Reflexes (3), Endurance (3), Recover (1)

Gwyn (9)

Age 11

Class 4

Force Whip(4), Auto Spells(3), Wind Gust (3), Wind Flight (2), Force Dome (2)

Recovery (3), Coordination(2), Reflexes (2)

Level Classifications: Improved (1), Enhanced (2), Heightened (3), Superior (4), Extreme (5)

**Prologue **

Defender Series Book One

Rex jumped out of his uncle's jeep, slung his school backpack over his shoulder and turned to nod his thanks for the ride. He shook his head, as his efforts to thank his uncle were wasted as the Jeep was already tearing off down the road forcing a couple of the arriving middle school students to jump out of the way.

Rex smiled in satisfaction as he realized one of those who had to move was one of the nastiest and meanest kids in the whole school. Turning back toward his middle school, he braced for the jibes he was sure would come. He was quickly proven correct.

Before he even made it to the stone sign telling the world the building he was walking toward was that of Flathead Middle School, Flathead Montana the first cruel remarks pierced the cold morning air. "Oh look, its beast boy!"

Rex rolled his eyes secretly wishing he could take all three girls and toss them in a mud bog somewhere. But he had heard worse and knew he would before gaining entry into the building and, as usual, he was correct. "Run, its vampire boy!... I wonder if wild Rex got rid of the rabies… shouldn't he be in a zoo cage? And half a dozen other remarks, always said loud enough for him to hear, but never close up and personal.

Finally, he pushed open the doors to the building almost smacking a couple of eleven year olds who jumped out of the way as the doors blasted open with dangerous velocity. Only the fact they were re-enforced to deal with him and a couple of the others who had increased strength prevented them from shattering. Both boys' eyes went wide and they backed off. Still the smaller of the two had yet another sharp remark and sent it in Rex's direction. "Watch it wild child!"

Rex's eyes narrowed as the corner of his mouth twisted upwards so he could expose just a bit of his teeth. At the same time, he allowed his fangs to appear, not to their full length to where they protruded down past his chin, but just enough to be seen below his lower lip. He then sent a very light snarl at the two boys.

A moment later a voice came into his head, "Dude, chill out. You can't afford another mark against you, especially after last month."

Rex retracted his fangs and thought back, knowing his friend would pick up on it. "Don't worry Josh; it's just the Randle twins again."

"Again? Damn those two are a pain in the ass," came a fast reply. "I'll handle those two brats. Now get to math class and don't piss off Mr. Evens again. You have to get a C or better to join us on the winter camping trip with Arctic Trooper and Jade Witch over the holiday break."

"I'll ace the test, and keep my fangs to myself, no matter how much of jerk the guy is to me. Don't sweat it."

"Good. Only four days left till break, so just keep it calm Rex, I don't want to be out there without you and your abilities."

Rex snickered as he replied in thought back to Josh, "What, you don't want the black bear visiting your tent again?"

"No! It took like nine weeks of allowances to replace all my camping stuff that thing destroyed and Arctic Trooper refused to help with government funds!"

"He told you not to keep food in your tent, dude."

"Yeah, well I am used to you preventing crap like that, so don't screw up. Besides, I really don't want to bunk with Tanner again…"

"You may this time of year. He would keep the tent nice and toasty."

"Yeah, and then I will wake up with thawed ground and in mud because he had another nightmare and melted the ground. Besides, I hate having to sleep with fire proof blankets and wrapping everything in fire retarding junk. Let Sparky deal with the hothead."

"Hey, now, Colt is fine."

"I'll never understand why you like him so much, but that's between you and him… Hold a sec…"

The sound of a sigh entered Rex's mind. "There we go, just follow the twins and enjoy the look. Catch you in French class."

"Yup, hey, tell Valda I'd love to have her stop by my uncle's place after school. The handle on his wood axe broke last night, and he doesn't have the money to get a new one at the moment. If we don't get it fixed, I may have to cut wood with my claws again and that always gives me splinters. It's supposed to get really cold tonight and we don't have enough wood cut.

"No problem. My mom is picking me up after school. I'll have her take both of us down to the cabin. Valda can fix the axe and I'll cut some wood while you serve the last day of detention."

"Thanks Josh."

"No Prob."

Rex shook his head as his friend thoughts exited his mind. As much as he liked Josh, the kid's Mental Telepathy was hard to deal with because it left a bit of a tingling in the back of his head for a couple of minutes after Josh backed out.

Curiosity took over as he hung back and followed to the two evil twin boys. The Randle's owned a lot of land and their father had run for mayor a couple of times, but hadn't been elected, fortunately, in Rex's opinion. The whole family thought way too highly of themselves since they had money and lots of it, but everyone in the county knew it was old money, made by the twin's great grandparents. Unfortunately, all brain power seemed to have tapered off greatly at that point because the rest of the Randle line was nothing more than bullies and arrogant jerks.

Rex stood back as the two boys went to their lockers and dialed in their combinations only to find they wouldn't open. Again they tried and failed. By the third attempt, both were pulling in rage driven frustration at the levers and hitting their lockers, doing far more damage to their well manicured hands and fingernails than to the steel lockers.

Rex's lips twisted up in a satisfied smirk, correctly guessing Josh had used is amazing mental abilities to randomly change the combinations on both kids' lockers; meaning the only way the two would be able to gain entry would be by going to the office. The secretary would then have to send Mr. Lutz, the very mean janitor, to unlock the lockers and change the combinations. Since school cameras would show the two boys had not tormented Josh, and the fact there were no cameras pointed at the lockers, the twins would be blamed for forgetting their combinations. Even better, both would certainly be late to class, so the two of them would end up in the detention room with Rex for a full hour after all the other kids went home for the day. All and all it was shaping up to be a good day at Flathead Middle School.

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