Castle Roland

Day of N

by Kyle Aarons

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Published: 8 Apr 14

Day of N

Kyle Aarons

Name Age Eye Color Hair Color
Devin 12 Blue Black
Hunter 12 Grey Brown
Angus 12 Green Red
Gage 11 Blue Sandy
Zeki (Zeek) 11 Brown brown
Ramsey (Ram) 12 Brown sandy
Vernon 11 blue blond

Steven jerked hard as the sky seemed to flash above him. He then cursed as his front tire on the bicycle hit a glass bottle, went flat, and came off the rim shredding before he could stop. He quickly lost control and his bike flipped as he caught the edge of the pavement. Behind him several kids hit their hand brakes while two others zipped past him before slowing and turning around.

Devin was the first to get to him. The twelve year old hopped off his bike and rushed over. "Mr. Korbal!"

Steven rolled over knowing he was starting to black out as he did so. Even as bad as it was, his brain processed a few things. First he knew instantly his arm, probably his elbow, was busted, as were a couple of ribs. He also could taste blood in his mouth and as he ran his tongue over his teeth; he realized at least two were no longer there. Since he had not spit them out, he guessed he had swallowed them.

He glanced into the boy's very wide blue eyes and started to say something, but nausea hit him he rolled over and puked. He then saw stars and passed out.

By this time, three of the other boys had run over. Hunter moved up while pulling out the patrol's first aid kit out of his pack. "Come on guys! Give him some room."

Angus pulled back on Gage, "Come on newb, get out of the way. It's not like you care about Mr. Korbal anyway."

Gage glared as he found himself on his back a full yard back from the others, but one look at the long haired, extremely muscular, kid; the biggest and strongest in the patrol towering over him cut off any argument or complaint. For about the twentieth time since the group of seven boys met at the scout hut for a forty-five mile overnight bike ride, he cursed his mom for putting him into scouts. Besides, Angus was right. Gage didn't care about Mr. Korbal or any of the others for that matter. As his initial anger faded he realized he did kind of like Ramsey, Ram for short. The kid was a year older than him, but his folks were pretty cool and they both liked shooting, which was something Ram's dad was only too happy to take him to do almost every weekend. The man was a gun nut and had all but become a surrogate dad from the moment he found the boy's interest in firearms was right on par with his own. At first it had surprised Gage to find his mom giving him her blessing to learn to shoot, but it quickly became clear one of the reasons was, she wanted to push Gage's dad further out of the picture.

The fact this trip was screwing up the weekly shooting trip, only made this whole thing worse.

Gage sat up and brushed himself off. A bit of satisfaction crossed his overall attitude as he noted the new tan shirt now had a rip in the upper shoulder. The uniform was cheesy, the idea of sleeping outside at night nauseating, and not having his night light on beside his bed sacred the crap out of him. Still, Mom wanted him to do things with kids his own age and thought a real male role model would be ten times better than his ex-con dad. Yet to Gage, his dad was awesome, even if he did happen to knock over a half dozen check cashing places a few years back. It wasn't like his mom was perfect. She took people's houses away. Sure it was legal since the bank owned them, but he had been at the bank and seen the families his mom had made homeless. How could she possible say anything about what his dad had done…

His thoughts were distracted as Zeki, the youngest kid in the patrol held up his cell phone high in the air as he could. His strong Turkish accent made him a bit hard to understand. "Me gets not signal bars. Me display be empty. No way to make 'mergancy call."

Off to the side Vernon pulled out his on cell, "I got nothin' either." The boy frowned deeply as he smacked the side of his phone a few times. "I don't think I even have a charge… my screen is blank." He shook his phone again, "I pulled it off the charger this morning. It shouldn't be dead!"

"Anyone ease see the bright flash overhead?" Ramsey asked while looking up and down the road.

"Yeah, I almost lost control like Mr. Korbal did." Hunter responded, while doing his best to bandage where bones were poking out from the broken arm. "I wonder what it was?"

"Mine's dead too!" Devin gulped as he stared at the totally blank screen of his smart phone.

Vernon moved back to his bike and pulled out a road flare from inside. "I think whatever flashed killed our phones. We'll have to go get help instead of call for it." He popped the flare and set it behind the group. "How is he, Hunter?"

Hunter shook his head, "Um, he just lost consciousness… I am putting him in shock position, but we need to get help."

Angus glanced back down the long road, seeing no cars. "We are a full hour and a half from the camp ground, and the last real farmhouse we passed was almost an hour back. I could probably get there in thirty minutes if I peddled my ass off."

"Don't go alone." Hunter spoke up, showing why he had been elected patrol leader over the other eleven and twelve year old boys. "Take…" His words stopped as a bright flash silhouetted his outline in front of him even though he was facing the sun. Fortunately, all the boys were focused on trying to get cell phone reception or on their badly injured assistant scout master. Because of this none of them turned in time to get their eyes seared by the nuclear blast which had just flattened Topeka, but as they did turn to stare at the forming mushroom cloud, three others could be seen even further in the distance…

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