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Geek Squad

by Kyle Aarons

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Chapter 1

Published: 8 Apr 14

Geek Squad

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Geek Squad LogoGlenn muttered as he once again bumped his wheel chair into the edge of the door of the plane. As usual, a complete stranger moved up to help. Glenn took a deep breath and held up his hand, "It's OK, mister, I'll get it."

The muscular man in a business suit frowned for a moment then shrugged, "Up to you, but I really need to make a connection and you are kind of in the way."

"Sorry." Glenn whispered as his face turned bright red. At the same time, he backed up and put his chair in front of the front row of seats, "I'll just get out of the way."

The big guy reached down, ruffled Glenn's hair and dropped a twenty on the boy's lap. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad, kid. Hope this helps."

Glenn stayed tucked out of the way as the plane emptied while looking at the twenty dollar bill. Part of him wanted to toss the money on the floor, out of frustration, while another part wanted to catch up to the guy who gave it to him and thank him for his attempt at kindness.

As the last passenger, a little old lady who moved even slower than Glenn did when he was in his wheel chair, finally exited the plane, the pilot stepped out and looked down. "First on, last off, huh?"

"As always." Glenn stated with a forced smile. "If I had been allowed to use my other chair, I'd already be zipping down the terminal to get picked up, by now."

The pilot shook his head, "A hydrogen powered hover chair is not exactly something the TSA has authorized, but after seeing you in it, I have to say I'm impressed. How much help did you get making it?"

"Well, mom and dad had to spend money on the parts, and a few of them I had to get help with to get the thrust cones the right size. The actual engine was a nightmare because I didn't know how an engine worked until I started putting it together. I kind of do, now, and I can fix problems, but it's still a bit above me on some things. The rest I know and I did all the rest of the blueprints by hand." His brown eyes locked into the eyes of the clearly skeptical pilot, "It's not like a crippled kid can go out and play baseball or football. If I'm not in front of a chess board, I'm sitting in my dad's lab, seeing what stuff I can help him come up with, or reading."

Glenn paused and pointed into the cockpit, "You know the monitor for the collision threat system was designed by my dad, and I knew how read the circuit charts before I became a double digit. The fact is, I'm a crippled, geeky, scrawny, kid."

With that, Glenn rolled his chair out of the plane and started up the walkway. Before he was fifteen feet out of the plane, his thin arms were all but exhausted. He stopped and looked up the fifty plus feet before the walkway leveled out. His shoulders dropped and he looked back at the flight attendant, "OK, yeah…"

The woman nodded her understanding and grabbed the handles, quickly pushing the chair up the walkway. Getting into the terminal, he glanced around, and realized he was at the far end. Rather than say anything he leaned back and let the woman push while he closed his eyes. Already the temperature and humidity difference was bothering him. He had left Danbury Connecticut with the temperature in the high thirties and now he was sitting in Austin Texas with the thermometer hovering in the mid eighties with well over seventy percent humidity. The difference was beyond obvious and he already hated it.

At first this had seemed like such a great idea, entering a national science contest for kids ten to tweleve years of age. Those who entered had to show they had full understanding of their project and it had to be something unique. The top eight from across the country would then get a weeklong trip to Austin to meet with other winners and enjoy all sorts of tours and even an amusement park, all without parents. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

Now, however, here he was in the middle of Texas and basically on his own for the first time in his young life. Suddenly, nothing about being one of the eight winners of the science contest seemed like a good idea. He was a chess playing, blueprint drawing, electronic understanding, nerd with nothing in common with any other kid he had ever met. Spending the next six days with seven other kids, none of whom were locked into a wheel chair, or in his case, hydrogen powered hover chair, meant he would be the odd one out, yet again.

Sure he had looked up who else would be joining him. There was the kid from Nebraska, some sort of camera lover who made a hand held stabilizer for perfect pictures even if the person taking it happened to be standing on ground experiencing a 7.3 earthquake. Next was some Boy Scout from Delaware who made a harmonic fish attractor that could be hooked to a fishing line. Then there was a rock hound from Nevada who made a metal detector that could tell what type of metal it was detecting. Also on the list of winners was the HAM radio operator from Indiana who came up with some kind of new hand held radio. Probably the weirdest one of the eight was a boy from Minnesota who seemed to be some kind of Robotics want-a-be, who made a new vacuum cleaner. Who wins a science project off a vacuum? It was rather stupid in Glenn's opinion.

The oldest winner had actually turned thirteen a few days prior, but had still been tweleve at the end of the contest over three months ago. Of all the kids, this was the one who worried Glenn the most. The kid was a Junior Marine, His pictures showed a short kid who had arms thicker than most kids' legs and looked way too serious. He was a champion marksman according to the news articles out of Arizona. The kid's project was also pretty impressive. He had built a water purification unit that pulled water out of the air all done by solar power and it was already patented and had been picked up by a large corporation.

The final one was the only kid who Glenn figured he might be able to deal with. The boy was from New Jersey and was a computer nerd supreme. He had built a three dimensional dungeon generator for people who liked role playing games. Although Glenn had not seen the actual working unit, the articles said it could project images into a 3D TV and showed exactly what the player was facing, making a role playing game fully interactive. This item was also being looked at by several companies and the kid was certain to come out of this with a big payoff.

As the flight attendant handed him off to another airline worker, Glenn's cell phone rang. While he was digging into his pocket to fish it out, the man pushing him toward baggage claim snickered lightly, "Tchaikovsky? I'm impressed."

"My favorite." Glenn grinned; somewhat surprised the ring tone had been recognized. "My dad is big on Mozart, but Tchaikovsky has more power to his music."

"Much more." The man agreed as Glenn finally got to his phone.

"Hi, mom." Glenn looked back at the man and rolled his eyes, "I haven't even gotten to baggage claim… No, it landed almost twenty minutes ago, but I was last off… I was going to call you…" Glenn clenched his fists in frustration, "If you were following the flight on line, then you know I got here safe…Mom, I'm in an airport with more security than some countries have!" He pulled the phone away from his ear and glared at it for a moment before pulling it back up to his mouth, "Mom, I'm fine and the airline guy is right here. No one is going to steal me, OK?"

With a resigned sigh, he passed the phone back over his shoulder, "My mom wants to make sure you are going to be with me until I get in the shuttle to the hotel."

The man laughed as he ruffled Glenn's hair. "Mrs. Olivarez, this is gate attendant Brandt. You have a terrific son."

The guy smiled and nodded, "Yeah, but he is eleven and a winner of a nationwide science contest. He's growing up, and let me add, has a great taste in music."

Mr. Brandt laughed, "Yes, he told me about his composition disagreement with his father." He gave Glenn a gentle squeeze on his shoulder as he listened to the lady on the other end of the phone. "I'll stay with him until the chaperones get here, but I can assure you, he is just fine… You know what, I live here in Austin. If it would make you feel better, I can give him my cell number so he can call someone local if something goes wrong… No, it's no problem; any kid who has a Tchaikovsky ring tone is worth getting to know better… Yeah, but every kid needs to be able to spread some wings… I know, it's hard to let go… Sure, here he is."

Glenn glanced back and had to fight hard not to giggle as the man handed the phone back and made a motion with his hands of someone cradling a baby. A bit of a giggle escaped his lips as Mr. Brandt made kissing sounds behind him. "Yeah, mom… No I wasn't laughing at you… Yes ma'am, I'll get his phone number and text it to you, so you can have it, too… OK, I'll call when I get to the hotel and figure out who I am living with for the next week… Bye…" He held up his hands and shook them in growing annoyance then pulled the phone back, "Love you too, mom, bye."

Before he even pulled the phone off his cheek, a kid standing at the oversized luggage baggage claim glanced over and held up his own phone, "Been there, like five minutes ago." He came over and extended his hand, "you must be Glenn."

"What, the wheelchair give it away?" Glenn grumbled as he reluctantly took the offered hand.

The boy in front of him shuffled his feet and stammered quite badly. "Well, yeah, it told me who you are… Um, I mean, I saw you can't walk…" the boy lowered his head, "Look, I'm sorry… I have no clue what to say, but I wouldn't have known you were one of us had it not been for the conversation you had with your mom. It was like word for word the one I just finished with. At least you had airline back-up. I had to promise to text when I leave the airport, when I get to the hotel and then call and let my folks talk to whoever my roommate is, so they can make sure whoever it is keeps an eye on me."

Glenn nodded in some sympathy at the kid's discomfort. "Sorry for barking at you, but since none of our pictures were published except Craig's, you have me at a disadvantage."

"Oh, sorry!" the blond haired, blue eyed boy stated as his face turned red while punching his left fist into his open right hand. "One of these days, I'm not going to be the social moron. I'm Justin, Justin Rogan."

"Ah, the camera kid." Glenn nodded, suddenly feeling silly, "I guess I should have guessed by the camera case around your neck."

"I never go anywhere without one. I have two more cameras in my checked bags." Justin admitted, "The cell phone is a backup only." He held up a Galaxy S3, "But I still have a 32 gig card in it just in case."

This got a genuine smile out of Glenn, "Nice," he held up his HTC, "I figured I'd be the only one without an I Phone."

"Over rated," Justin snickered, clearly trying to gain some kind of confidence back. He then pointed over to a pair of men holding signs with both his and Glenn's names on them plus two others. "They have people to grab our stuff, but I told them, no. Only I handle my cameras."

Glenn glanced back at Mr. Brandt, "My ride is here, I'll be fine."

The man nodded, but still pulled out a pen and wrote his number and address on Glenn's baggage claim ticket. "Still, just in case you need something, anything, get this into your phone. It never hurts to have an ex army grunt's name in your cell phone." Seeing the look he was getting from both boys, he waved his finger, "Besides, I talked to your mom, and promised to give this to you; and after talking to her, I'd prefer to face live fire again than cross her. So I'm not going anywhere until that is programmed into your phone."

This got a good giggle out of Glenn who quickly complied. "Thanks, Mr. Brandt, but I am sure I won't have to bother you."

"It wouldn't be a bother, Glenn, and you can call me Nick. I can't have a good music conversation with someone who keeps calling me mister."

Justin eyed Nick for a second, "Did you really see combat, sir?"

"A couple of times," Nick sighed, "not something anyone should ever have to see. You interested in going military or something?"

"Becoming a war photographer is my dream." Justin pointed to his camera bag. "I want to be where the action is and show the world photos without the stupid news spin."

"Lofty goal, Son." Nick eyed the slender boy carefully as if trying to gauge how much he should say. After a couple of seconds of thought, he pulled down his tie and exposed his shoulder revealing a gunshot wound scar. "But before you go down that road, you should talk to people who have seen combat. Then, if you still want to do it, do yourself a huge favor and spend a couple of years in the military. This will give you a chance to learn how to handle live fire situations. I saw two cameramen get killed because they didn't know how to deal with being in a combat zone and one of them ended up getting me shot trying to save his sorry butt."

"Oh, wow…" Justin slapped his forehead at how cold and stupid it must have come across, "I mean… That is like totally awesome. Is there any chance… I mean…"

"Hey, you're interested, understandable for someone who has interest in war photography. Actually, you should be proud of yourself for finding the guts to even show interest after seeing a gunshot scar."

Justin took a long calming breath to get his voice steady, "I never thought I would get a chance to meet a combat vet. Now I don't even know what to say other than thank you and ask… Um, can I interview you some time?"

Nick looked into the boy's eyes and saw something he liked. "First off, you're welcome. Second, and only with your parents' permission, yes." Nick nodded over at Glenn, "You can get my information from him and call me, but I expect you to ask your mom and dad first. If they say it's alright, then I will have to call them before we talk. Hearing about combat is something your parents need to have a say in."

Justin gulped, never having seen anyone be so serious in his young life, but finally nodded in understanding. "I'll have them call you, before I do."

"Good." Nick forced a smile, "Now, you two have a great time. It isn't often you can get off school for a week to hang out with kids who will probably teach you more than your teachers could."

As the man turned and left the two boys, Justin glanced down at Glenn, "So, I don't want to do or say the wrong thing, here, but would you like me to take over pushing you or…" Justin once again turned bright red as his voice faltered.

"Hey, if you're willing to push, I'm all for it." Glenn held up his right arm and put his hand around his bicep. "Does it really look like these arms are used to moving a wheel chair?" Seeing a smile appear on Justin's face, Glenn shrugged, "There was a reason I came up with a hover chair, after all."

Justin didn't hesitate to push Glenn over to the baggage claim and grabbed the boy's two suitcases. The first was easy; the second was like lifting up a bag of concrete. He was barely able to get it off the circular baggage carousel. "Holy crap, Glenn, what is in here?"

Glenn blushed, "All my physical therapy stuff. Dad had to bring it in and the wheel on the bottom broke as he was wheeling it to the gate, so he had to carry it the rest of the way. I tried to tell my mom and dad I'd never get it to the hotel we are staying at."

A slightly deeper, but still young sounding, voice spoke from behind the two boys, "I'll get it for you."

As Glenn spun his wheel chair and Justin's head jerked at the sound. A five foot two inch kid moved up and grabbed the bag without too much effort, even though he already had a full military style duffle bag over his back. His jet black hair was cut close to his head, but wasn't quite a buzz cut. His eyes were dark blue and held a dangerous edge, even though he was smiling. There was obvious muscle budges in both his arms and legs as he hefted the suitcase yet didn't have the body builder look the news article seemed to have shown. "You got everything else?"

Glenn nodded, patted the small carry-on bag in his lap, and gulped as he saw how easily the kid was carrying a bag that had to weigh sixty to seventy pounds. His fear level increased as he looked into the kid's eyes, but forced himself to extend his hand, "Hi Craig, I'm Glenn and this is Justin."

Craig took the offered hand and started to give a firm handshake but quickly backed off on the pressure as he saw Glenn cringe. "Until I heard you talking I wasn't sure, but as soon as I heard 'hover chair' I knew it had to be you. I sure look forward to seeing it up close."

Craig turned to face Justin, "I still got a free hand; you need me to grab anything?"

Justin took a step back and shook his head, "My bags are already in the EEL van. They just wanted to wait for a couple of others to get in before heading to the hotel." Justin pointed over to the two men standing back by the exit. They already have your hover chair in the back."

As the three boys moved toward the two men wearing the corporate badges of the Exceptional Energy League, "I sure hope the award we get doesn't say EEL on it." Craig quipped lightly. That would be kind of creepy."

This loosened up Justin some as he giggled, "Yeah, Exceptional Energy League would be better."

"Speak for yourself." Glenn joined in with a smile, "I think it would be awesome if it was a trophy with an electric eel on the top just like their logo has."

"Only if it glows or flashes." Craig snickered.

Another boy came over, clearly having overheard the conversation. "I bet between all of us, we could make it glow and flash."

Glenn glanced up and instantly knew who was coming up to join growing group of nerds. The kid's jacket with the Boy Scout patches on the sleeves was a dead giveaway. "Scott, right?"

The kid looked a bit dorkish, but clearly didn't care. He carried a school backpack over his shoulder with one outside pocket full of colored pens. His wavy red hair was not even kind of combed, his steel grey eyes were a bit big for his very slender face and his ears were pretty big for the size of his head. The strange thing was, it all seemed to fit in some odd sort of way. Without missing a beat, Scott nodded at Glenn, "Yup, the fishy one be here."

This got a huge laugh out of Justin, "Now that's a good one, I'm Justin."

Scott nodded, "Yeah, I know who you all are. My dad's big into computers and managed to find pictures of all of you somehow. He wanted to make sure I knew who I was talking to."

"Your dad Paranoid?"Glenn asked then instantly cringed, "Sorry, didn't come out the way I wanted it to."

Scott shrugged, "No issue." But it was clear by the look on his face and his voice it was. What was strange was his voice sounded angry while his face showed a degree of hurt and sadness.

Glenn smacked his forehead, "Seriously, my mouth says things before my brain thinks them through sometimes. I was trying to be funny. I'm really sorry."

Scott shrugged again, "I get it, and it does sound a bit mistrustful, but after what happened, we have good reason. Don't worry about it." He paused and looked up at the ceiling of the airport to blink out a couple of tears, "Look, it's kind of a touchy thing and I don't like to talk about it to strangers. Besides, I hear it from kids who do know, all the time, so I should be pretty much used to it by now."

"Hey," Craig spoke up, "I know all about taking garbage from other kids. Something tells me we all have to deal with it to some degree, since we are probably the biggest nerds in our schools. The last thing we want to do is hurt each other's feelings when we are going to have to live together for the next week."

"Oh, come on," Justin spit out, "Who is going to say something to you? You're built like a tank!"

"Compared to most kids, yeah," Craig nodded in agreement, "and I can shoot better than most, too. However, I'm betting you know what happens when you are sitting in a class and the teacher asks a stupid question, at least stupid to us. You sit there, shake your head and keep doodling on a piece of paper. The teacher sees you and repeats the question so now everyone is looking at you, but you still find the whole question absurdly stupid. You go into the 'how dumb can you get mode', so you roll your eyes or say something under your breath about it being too easy, only to find you are the only one in the whole room who knows what the teacher is talking about. Then the looks and the name calling starts, even if it isn't directly in your face you still hear it. At least I do."

"All the time." Glenn responded with some astonishment. "So I'm not the only one in the world who gets dirty looks and stuff said about them all the time, just because most classes are a total waste of time?

"Been there." Justin stated instantly. "I hate it. Sometimes, I just want to pretend I don't know the answer just to fit in."

"Live there." Scott grumbled, while loosening up a great deal. "Maybe dad was right about me flying down here after all. It'll be nice to be around others who get it." Seeing his checked bag he moved over and grabbed it. "So, what now?"

Justin nodded in the direction of the two guys from EEL, "They said two of us got here early and the last two are coming in later, since they're on the same flight out of Denver and there is some bad weather out there."

Justin moved behind Glenn and pushed while the other two followed. The taller of the two men nodded at the four boys, "So, you got everything?"

"Yes, sir." Craig responded without hesitation.

The other man moved up to take the heavy looking bag from Craig only to see the boy shake his head, "I got it, sir. Just point the way."

"You sure, it looks awfully heavy."

"It is, but I haven't been able to work out today, so it's good." Craig paused then glanced up at the guy, "Is there a gym in the hotel?"

"There's an exercise room and a pool at the hotel and we will make sure you have access." The second man answered. "If it isn't enough for you, I bet we can take you over to EEL corporate headquarters in Lakeway, so you can use our exercise facility a few times. The CEO wants all of you to have a great time and to make sure you all get the royal treatment. We even have a couple of personal trainers for our employees, and I'm sure we could get you a one on one if you really want."

Craig nodded and smiled, "Now, that would be really cool."

The first guy smiled and pulled out his cell phone, "I'll see to it."

It took only a couple of minutes to make their way over to the parking structure and to a large van with a lift in the side. The taller man spoke again, "We have your hover chair in the very back, but if you would prefer to ride in it…"

Glenn pressed his lips tightly together hating the fact he was the center of attention. "Just get the ramp down, so I can get in, please."

The second man complied without hesitation, but as he moved to push Glenn onto the lift, Justin shook his head, "I'll get it."

Glenn looked back and nodded his thanks. As soon as he was in, he dropped the left hand bar and winced badly as he moved over to one of the seats.

The man controlling the lift cocked his head to the side, "We have wheel locks for your chair, you could have stayed in it."

Glenn shook his head, "I have been stuck in it for like seven hours, other than when I got help to get into the bathroom on the plane. Besides, it doesn't have the padding my hover chair has, so my legs and butt are…" He stopped and blushed badly as he saw all the others looking at him.

Justin didn't hesitate to jump in and push the chair into the far back. "Ease up, Glenn; you're among fellow geeks. It's nothing to be embarrassed by and none of us are going to make fun of you or anything."

Craig tossed Glenn's heavy bag in the back before depositing his own bag on top of it. "He's right, Glenn. Besides, we are going to be living with each other for the next six days, so we need to get to know more about each other."

Scott pushed his own bag in, getting some help from Craig to shove it the rest of the way. "Something tells me we will all get the chance to have actual intelligent conversations over the next few days, which is rare. Hell, my own dad tries to talk down to me half the time."

"I hear that!" Justin stated without hesitation. "Both my mom and dad have a bad habit of trying to make things too simple sometimes. The funny thing is, I have to make things more simple to them and their friends when I talk about my stabilizer designs. Right about the time I mention the gyro and go into friction reduction, I see eyes glaze over."

This got a real laugh out of Scott as he looked over the others and saw their eyebrows go up with a great deal of interest at what Justin was talking about while the two escorting adults glanced at each other with the opposite look. "I think you lost our chaperones, Justin."

"Not going to deny it." the shorter man spoke up, "But EEL has some scientists who will happily discuss those kinds of things with you for hours and you are scheduled to get a chance to meet with several." He then glanced over to Scott, "But as an avid fisherman, I want to see how your thing-of-a-bob works."

Scott climbed in, took a seat right behind the passenger seat and started talking about how he experimented with all sorts of sound wave lengths on both salt and fresh water fish tanks and even various species of fish as he was trying to develop his idea into a working proto-type. It didn't take but two miles before the men up front were totally lost. At the same time the other three boys all started asking questions that only got more technical in nature as the van turned onto the main highway to take the kids to the resort.

The thirty five minute ride went remarkably quickly for the four kids, while the two adults were very much ready to go do something else, anything else. Once the van pulled to a stop, Scott was the first one out. Next to Glenn, Justin reached back over the seat and pulled the wheel chair up. "Need help?"

Normally Glenn would have glared at someone for offering, but he was weary after the flight and just wanted to get to a bathroom and then eat. "Any chance you can pull my right leg up and hold it so I can slide into the chair without it dragging? My hip is really stiff and starting to hurt bad."


With Craig holding the chair so it didn't move, Scott gently lifted up Glenn's right leg. He glanced over, "Um, is it supposed to feel like it is creaking or grinding?"

Glenn gritted his teeth while he spoke, "It does that when I have been sitting on it without much movement for too long." He let out a sigh of relief as he wiggled over to his chair, "Can you let it down real slow, please; It's hurting too much for me to lower it on my own."

Scott did so, watching Glenn's face contort in a great deal of discomfort as the knee slowly bent back to a normal sitting position. "That looked way too painful."

"It was way worse, after the accident." Glenn stated then clamped his mouth shut.

Craig saw the look and gently squeezed Glenn's shoulder, "Hey, it's cool if you don't want to talk about it, but until right now, I didn't know you got hurt in an accident."

Glenn let the ramp lower the wheel chair down with him in it then pushed himself over to where his hover chair was being lowered. He let out a long breath realizing just because he didn't want to talk about it, it would probably give the others information they would want to ask and may even need to know before the week was out, "I wrecked my bike just under two years ago. I was in intensive care for a month and a half and a body cast for another four months. That's why my arms are so skinny. I broke both of them in multiple spots and mangled my right leg and hip. My left leg was broken in two spots as well, but it works OK now. They say when I finish growing, they will be able to do a hip replacement and I'll be able to walk. But since everything is still growing, they can't put in a metal hip joint and there is too much damage for it to properly repair itself, even with another surgery."

Glenn stopped talking as his hover chair came into view. He frowned deeply, "It's my design, but not my chair!" Anger came into his voice."What gives?"

Fredric Triumph, CEO of EEL, came out of the front entrance of the resort and spoke, "Yours is still in transit, Glenn. I had my people build that from the schematics you provided, so you would have one when you got here. Everything is the same as yours, right down to the millimeter, but it is made out of much lighter weight and stronger composites than yours. Because we built it out of carbon composite, you will find it a bit faster and will have about six hours of normal running before you need to refuel."

While the other three boys turned to stare at a man they all had some hero worship for, Glenn wheeled close and ran his hand down the side of the hover machine.

Fredric ignored the others as he moved up and knelt next to Glenn, "It's yours, just not the one you built, promise."

Glenn took a deep breath, dropped the side bar of his wheel chair and started to slide over to his hover chair. As he winced in pain at the movement, Justin quickly moved over. "Need help with your leg?"

"Right now, I need help just moving and I really need to find a bathroom I can access."

Fredric turned to the two men who drove the kids, "You didn't ask if they needed anything?"

The taller man shook his head and gulped, "No sir… I figured they'd ask…"

Fredric waited until Justin and Scott combined to physically lift the clearly uncomfortable and tired Glenn into his hover chair. As the chair powered up with surprisingly little noise, and Glenn checked out the controls and adjusted the inflatable padding to help support his right hip better, Fredric stood. "Through the door and to the left there is handicapped accessible bathroom."

Even as Glenn showed how good he was behind the controls, making his way to the door, Scott quickly followed. Fredric rolled his eyes, "Not a good start, sorry guys."

"It's OK, sir…" Craig started, only to see Mr. Triumph shake his head

"No, no it's not. You all are here because you won a contest I personally sponsored. Your folks entrusted your care to me for a full week and if you didn't stop for a bathroom break, then I assume you didn't stop for food, either." A glance over to the two men accompanying the boys quickly confirmed this. "So, when is the last time either of you two have eaten?"

"Had a couple of Luchables on the plane cause mom made me take them, sir." Craig answered, "But I am kind of hungry."

Fredric's hand crashed into his head as he looked at his two employees, "Go round up Keith and Ricky and bring them down here. We need to see what these boys want to eat and get this whole project back on a good foot."

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