Castle Roland


by Kyle Aarons

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Published: 8 Apr 14


By Kyle Aarons

The year 2017 was a bad one for the world as a whole. Lawmakers in the United States finally went too far and succeeded in passing laws the people could no longer live with. It got to the point where even the simplest forms of discipline to one's own child could land them in trouble with the law. The new laws had been in response to growing race and religious pressures. The last of these ordered the military to step in and arrest anyone who produced material against any other race or belief. For the most part this caused an open revolt because even the basics of practicing religious faith fell under governmental censorship.

Many units flatly refused to obey the president's orders to carry out the mass arrests.

A few units still loyal to the federal government tried to use force against the citizenry and the states taking ‘propaganda material' and burning it. The states quickly retaliated calling in their National Guard units to stop the ‘unnecessary and undisciplined' use of force. Many of the breakaway federal units also joined in. The result was a full scale civil war. Aided by their strongest allies at the time, the French, the U.S. Federal forces captured much of the East Coast and major cities on the West Coast. New technologies, never tested in battle, killed millions.

China, seeing that nothing was in their way, decided it was time for a campaign to reclaim Taiwan. Many of the nations of the Orient protested and sent forces to help the island nation. Vietnam, Cambodia, and most importantly Japan sent in troops. Japan had been growing increasingly aggravated with China for what it considered a price war. China's cheap labor and good products had increasingly left Japan with a shrinking trade surplus. This was a chance to strike back and they took it with a vengeance. Much to China's surprise, it was quickly discovered that Japan had an ultra secret nuclear arsenal.

Several small, but devastating, exchanges followed. China, having been caught off guard, took the worst end of the deal, but Japan being the smaller nation ended up with extensive damage.

North Korea also took advantage of the sudden lack of interest in world affairs by the U.S. With a speed and swiftness that startled much of the world community, the North launched a major offensive deep into the South. South Korea immediately sought help elsewhere and found it. Australia announced to the world with a large bang it had an operational nuclear arsenal of its own. Four detonations stopped the advance and another two sent the North scurrying back to its border. At the same time Australian air power blasted the North Korean nuclear program out of existence. Australia decided not to stop there. With China up to its ears in a fight for survival, Australian and South Korean forces pushed hard. Within two years North Korea surrendered. Millions were killed as food shortages ravaged both countries.

The Middle East was not lost in the all ruckus. All the Arab states, excluding Egypt, thought this would be the perfect time to get rid of the Israeli problem once and for all. To prevent the imminent use of nuclear weapons on the last of the world's main oil fields, European nations joined Israel in a non-nuclear defense pact. England and Germany took the lead. Battles on the Middle East sands may have been conventional, but they were extremely bloody.

Other small-scale wars broke out between India and Pakistan, Brazil and Argentina, and innumerable small African countries as tribal warfare was renewed with a long smoldering blood lust.

The only countries to stay out of fighting altogether were the countries of the old Soviet Union and, of course, Switzerland. They had not forgotten the horror of warfare, and thus they were all content to protect their borders.

Although the world's media organizations were calling it World War Three, there were not the elements of two sides slugging it out. Instead almost every country fought in minor wars. It was as if a gigantic free for all had broken out, and the world was looking for a new big kid on the block.

The results of the bloodshed were over three billion dead and another two billion five hundred million orphaned, starving, or poisoned by radiation. Most of them would die the following year. All told the world's population was reduced by over a three-quarters. Just as it looked like the world had slipped into an abyss that it could not climb out of, the fighting slowed.

Christmas Eve of 2019 the Federal Government and French forces surrendered to the Unified Forces of American States and Free Federal Armies. This came after the fall of their last stronghold, that being L.A. The Old Constitution was resigned with a few new provisions. This time it was autographed by the governors of all the continental states. The two newest amendments read "The rights of citizens shall not be infringed upon unless they do direct harm, physical or economic, to another." and "The family has full disciplinary rights and responsibilities over their children. This includes but is not limited to disciplinary procedures, unless the life of the child can be proved to be in imminent danger. Moral teachings, and educational upbringing are also the parents sole right. The parent of a child will be held responsible for all actions of that child until the child is registered as an adult. Upon registration a person can no longer use their parent as a shield from prosecution and will be considered an adult."

This eliminated many laws across the country. Laws such as age laws, drug laws, mandatory state schooling and the like were summarily stricken from the books.

Many of the lawsuits which had become all too common also fell by the wayside. There was no such thing as mental suffering in the law. A person could be reimbursed for medical cost and lost wages, but little else. As the New Year dawned the new U.S. started using threats, diplomacy, and where needed outright force to bring the world back into order. Its first action was to cut off all aid coming into the South American war.

Seeing a steady flow of arms through Cuba, a lighting strike was launched. Within a week Cuba was taken completely over. The speed, skill, and daring of the attack caused Brazil and Argentina to look twice. Without outside weapons, they realized they were no longer in a good position to hold their own let alone fight. The message was sent directly to each government. It was clear. "Lay down your arms or you will be next." By May of 2020 they signed a non-aggression pact.

With the help of Canada and Russia, other countries also started falling in line. Japan and China signed the last peace treaty in January of 2021. Only weeks before over 400 stealth aircraft penetrated both countries' defenses. They attacked anything remotely military.

With all war time production all but destroyed. They had little choice but to stop fighting. To this day it remains unclear exactly whose aircraft were involved in this preemptive strike. Bets are that it was a combined Canadian, Russian, and American action, but none of pilots have come forward and the governments aren't talking.

Most scholars agree that no one country had that type of power, so it was certainly a multi-country effort, but the circumstances that lead to the attack may never be known. It is still the talk in many a barroom.

Many governments fell while others rose out of the ashes. Most of the European governments found themselves sliding into a feudalism system. In Africa many strong charismatic dictators arose grabbing all the military hardware that they could find. The North American continent became one mega-country with Mexico adding four large states and Canada adding five. Puerto Rico and Cuba were also added, while Hawaii broke off and became an independent country. The result was a sixty star flag flying over Philadelphia, the nation's new capitol.

South America combined shortly afterward to form a second Mega-Country. This was designed to show some unity so their neighbor to the north wouldn't get greedy. If any thoughts were going on about the possibility of extending further south, this certainly put a stop to it. In Europe, only Germany and England came out better than before. Germany took in Austria, Poland, extending all the way to Bosnia. England took over all the British Isles once again. The rest of Europe stayed divided and ended up with kings and other forms of royalty. Rumors abounded as to which ones had nuclear weapons and which ones didn't. So many warheads ended up missing after all the chaos, there was no way to tell who had what. Because of the threat of possible nuclear weapons prevented Germany and England from annexing more land and left vast expanses of Europe in a new feudalism system of governments.

This information is only meant to give background information for the rest of this work. Because, although these changes may have seemed very impressive at the time, they are nothing compared to what happened in June of 2025. It is that which this book means to tell the world about.

Although this book is written as a novel, it should no way be taken as fiction. Almost all of it is taken from old computer files and from interviews of Ryan Yerris, Alex Caldwell, and others named in this telling. Some of the speech is conjecture but goes along with the real facts leading up to the Re-emergence and the subsequent would changing events. I hope the reader remembers this is not just fiction as he or she reads it.

This prologue was written February 5th, 2167

Kyle M Aarons

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