Castle Roland

One Day Maybe

by Mark C


Chapter 3

Published: 2 Mar 15

One Day Maybe
by Mark C.

"Great,"I sighed. An e-mail from Human Resources in my inbox, sitting there as pretty as you please. I know those people are dedicated to the company, as we all are, but sometimes the requests they make seem like time wasters. I suppose we don't see the crap they put up with from various outside governmental agencies, both local and national, but I sure hoped this was not a survey asking us if we were satisfied with the drinking water or some such thing. The last survey had as itslast question, "Were you happy driving to work today?" Excuse me people,...

Even though earlier today Stu had come by, rather sheep faced and embarrassed, and apologized (I hope Dan had really reamed out his ass if warranted), I was not in a good mood. Frank had come in about 45 minutes late, sliding into his chair and slouching quickly, hoping no one had noticed. Since then I had not had time to talk to him and now this HR e-mail. Clicked on it to open it and my heart sank. I had tried to warn Frank. His tardiness and recent unsatisfactory work behavior had caused HR to get involved and now I was directed to officially record any future tardys and inform HR. He had been e-mailed an appointment to his calendar to meet with the department HR rep and receive a written warning. The next step after a warning could be dismissal. I did not relish the idea of finding and training a new Operations person if Frank was let go. "Change is constant." I mentally sighed, but why can't I do it on my schedule?

I walked over to Frank's rectangular desk area and he saw me approach and seemed to deflate, as if someone had pulled the airplug out of him. "Yeah, I saw it. Have the meeting in a few minutes. Might as well pack up now. The way it is at home right now, my mind ain't here. Besides, it'll look better later on if I quit instead of getting canned. Janice and you been real good about it and you warned me, Ben. But right now I think I need to get my wife and baby situation straightened out first. She has been talking divorce lately. My folks can help out with the baby while we try to save our marriage."

"Damn, Frank, I hate to see you go. You sure you don't want to stick it out and try to make it work? The team here will work with you as much as we can. You know that. We all work well together and I hate to break the Operations team up. Why don't you attend the meeting and see how it goes before doing something totally final?"

"Sure, Ben. I'll do that for you but I doubt it will change anything, just to let you know so you don't go nominate me for Employee of the Month next month." He grinned at me.

"Well, let me know how it goes."

I returned to my desk and wearily sat down in my black ergonomic chair. Designed for sitting at a computer, it actually did force my back in an anatomically correct position which at the end of day, made for a back-pain-free ride home. Looking at my watch, I noticed it was late enough in the day for me to call Joe and not risk waking him up.

"Hi Joe! Are you free to talk a bit about me taking over next week while you lounge in the sun on Waikiki beach? Just make sure you don't sunburn on the first day. I think you being stuck in the hotel room, unable to move too much, is not the best way to enjoy Hawaii. If you plan on turning red all over and getting second degree burns, it's better if you stay here so I don't have to miss my beauty sleep fending off the night cleaning lady!"

"Hey, at least I'd be safe from sharks while surfing, as I hear they don't like their food cremated," Joe joked back at me. "Both my wife and I are looking forward to it and getting out of the weather here. There's not much a few rays and a fancy umbrella and cherry topped drink won't cure."

"Plus all those hot guys wearing Speedos and board shorts." I joined in the fun." I wouldn't mind smearing suntan lotion over a muscled surfer boy. It's been too long since any man has touched my body except to shake hands." And my cock agreed with me by twitching as it reacted to an imaginary massage session with the hunky surfer.

"One day Ben, one day."

Since I did not want a pity party for my non-existent love life, I changed subjects and asked Joe, "Anything I need to be aware of next week? Any changes since last time you left on vacation?"

"Well, the full weekly backup is now taking 12 more tapes, so plan for that. And make sure you have extra boxes of invoices on standby from Accounts Receivable as we seem to be eating those things every night, which is a great thing, I suppose. Other than that, the nightly run is the same as the last time I took off."

That eased my mind as the last thing I wanted was to call him with a problem while he was slurping on a Mai Tai. We chatted a bit more and then hung up, me ending the conversation with a hearty wish for a good time. I spent a bit of time dealing with some project work and was deep in thought regarding the disaster plan for the computer room when Frank came and whoosed down into my guest chair.

"Hey, Ben, just letting you know I gave my two week's notice just now. I know I have some rough times ahead and just don't want to make your life a hassle here. It really is best right now I leave and take care of things and I appreciate the help offered. But I did agree to the two weeks since I know you'll be gone next week on the night shift and I couldn't leave you and Janice shorthanded and hurting."

"I'm sorry to hear it, Frank." I sighed, but had figured it might end this way. "At least we have the two weeks to advertise in-house and see if someone is interested and has some server knowledge. You're going to be tough to replace, dude." He left to go back to his desk.

I pulled out the folder with all the Operations position descriptions and went over to HR to discuss the position posting with our rep. My goal was to come back from the night shift with a list of people to interview, if possible. After returning I pulled out copies of the run sheets for the night work and placed them in the pile I was taking home for the weekend. I'd look them over before Monday evening.

The weekend flew by fast due in part to doing some tutoring on Saturday at the main public library downtown. I loved the building, which received national attention when completed due to its innovations and futuristic look. The four teens I was tutoring now in Biology had come a long way since we first met. Back then they were lost, drowning in Latin derived words and cryptic biological processes. Slowly, week after week, I helped them make sense of it, from paramecia to genetics. They would be leaving me soon as the group no longer needed my help and my next batch scheduled were behind in Chemistry. I liked Biology better but still felt comfortable tutoring Chemistry, at least at the high school level. By the time early Monday evening rolled around, I was ready for the week of night work, having reviewed the run thoroughly.

There were a few cars in the parking lot, mostly workaholic management types at this hour. Carded the door and walked down to the IT area. It was sort of eerie walking through row after row of empty cubicles, as if it were a horror movie set and any moment a screaming teen would be running around the corner followed by a freakin' monster.

I entered the server room door combination and went in to start the full system backup which would take several hours. I fully loaded the feeder hopper so I need not do anything else for at least the next two hours but enter in the command to initiate the save. Next I grabbed the phone at my desk and punched in the code which would allow me to make a building wide announcement telling anyone working, the computer system would be going down for several hours and to give me a call for further information if needed. I waited a few minutes to give anyone time to call me by reading my e-mails from the day. Then as I keyed in the command to take the systems down and back them up, a black haired man, dressed immaculately in a pinstriped suit, strode up to my desk.

"Hello," he offered. "Any idea when I can get back on the system? I'm here from the Boston subsidiary and have a ton of work to collate for a presentation tomorrow."

"It'll be a bit over two hours. And you are?" I asked this handsome man with the bedroom eyes and dark stubble covering a square jaw. He noticed the interested look on my face, the look I could not stop from covering my face for an instant as I gazed at him, waiting for his answer.

"Sorry, I'm Seth. Here to see if there is a possibility we can merge our Design group in Boston with yours. And if not merge, maybe coordinate strategies so we aren't duplicating efforts and wasting money." While he was answering me, he had appraised me up and down with a knowing look, as if he was thinking, "Yeah, I'm hot, I know it and how about a little fun?"

"Since we can't use the computer system, how about you show me around the computer room for a private tour and attention?" The question was asked with a slightly raised eyebrow and a sexy emphasis on the word "private" and of course my cock took an immediate notice of it, reacting as blood began to rush into it and voting for some frictional action by its lengthening. I couldn't fault it, having been on a steady hand diet recently. Variety is the spice of life after all, my second head urged.

"Umm, sure, I can do that, Seth." At least I was able to get those words out, though it came across as a bit husky sounding to my ears. I started to rise out of my chair and he held out his hand to help me up and I saw his wedding ring, a band of glistening gold. My heart dropped into my stomach. Damn.

"Seth, are you married?

"Oh, you mean this?" He answered, nonchalantly twisting the ring around his finger.

"Yeah, that." My statement came out flat and terse as I nodded in the direction of the ring.

"Hey, he's in Boston and I'm here. It's only sex. Case closed. Now, how about we go get private in the computer room?"

"I'm sorry, Seth. I think you'd better leave and go make sure your presentation is ready. I have work to do."

"Ok, but your loss, buddy. You'd love sucking my big cock, you know. You're hard now just wanting it. I can see the bulge from here. Don't be a prude." He was so smug.

"I may be hard but I still believe in trust and vows, unlike you. I don't poach. Now, please leave." With that I sat back down and turned my attention to the progress of the backup.

He stalked off, face hard in disapproval I had not wanted to play and be another notch on his cock.

"I hope his cocks drops off one day," I muttered to myself as I let my anger have reign for a bit longer but then began to feel sorry for his partner. If he ever found out Seth was using business trips to up his road warrior on-the-side count... I wanted to find my man, be able to trust him and be a couple with no single extra curricular activities. If that made me a prude, then so be it. I wanted forever and a happy ending. Was it too much to ask? With my luck it was, it seemed. My track record sure pointed out I might be asking for the impossible.

Looking down at a slowly dwindling bulge in my pants, I commiserated with my trouser snake and promised him a long and slow, lube covered session when we got home. I know it was not what he wanted but it would have to do for now.

The backup went smoothly and when finished, I began to bring up the systems. When all was normal and ready for any late night users to access the main database, I made an overhead announcement relaying the news. I had thought about delaying the announcement and make Seth wait but in the end could not do it. The rest of the shift went smoothly and I even was lucky enough to be working in the computer room when the amourous cleaning lady came by to vacuum around the cubicles and empty wastebaskets. I left the day's invoices for Accounts Receivable, filled out the night logs, and left for home. To a lonely bed but at least I had a session promised to Ben Jr. below and we both would enjoy the release. Better alone than feeling used and depressed by a momentary physical act with a less than honorable man who had a husband waiting for him in Boston. Who would want a cheater anyway? At least I would sleep well tonight.

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