Castle Roland

One Day Maybe

by Mark C


Chapter 6

Published: 23 Mar 15

One Day Maybe
by Mark C.

Since it was a Saturday, the alarm did not control my morning and it felt wonderful to lie in bed in that pleasant state between sleep and complete wakefulness and just drift in and out of thought. My bladder was not full enough to make me head for the bathroom quite yet and my morning erection was not yet a demanding task master. It seemed as if the two had agreed to a truce and they no longer were fighting to see which one would win my attention. Both were content to sit in the background for the time being and wait - then make a bid for dominance when the time was right.

My thoughts drifted in and out of my mind, coming and going on whims. I found myself thinking about the upcoming farewell lunch with my students and did I remember to make reservations at the restaurant? A great tasting bottle of petite Syrah I sampled at home last night meandered through and I wondered if it was a local winery, because it would make a nice trip to their tasting room and maybe tour the facility on a wet weekend. How much longer was the halibut season - it was my favorite fish - and I would miss grilled fresh halibut when the season ended. Did my toes curl when I reached my orgasms? Wondering where that thought popped into my head from, I recalled the male/male romance I had been reading last night and it mentioned a toe curling orgasm the hero had experienced. Of course, then I had to think of James and my erection, sensing the triumphant moment was at hand, broke the truce with my bladder and I found myself with a very stiff cock in my hand. And yes, I did curl my toes I found out later when a mental image of what I hoped James looked like naked pushed me over the edge.

Later that morning, walking towards the study room I had reserved at the library, I heard the barely muted sounds of boisterous and happy teens behind a closed door. Certainly a different sound from the first time we met. Then it had been a quiet despair greeting me. Two of them, Ken and Alex, were on the school baseball team and if they did not pass Biology, would not be allowed to play their Senior year. Since they were part of the team which almost won the State championship last year, they were eager not to miss out on a second chance at redemption. The third boy, Kevin, had a father who was pushing him to be a doctor and was disappointed Kevin was not doing well in a subject so critical to medical school. I felt bad for Kevin, because I knew he really did not have his heart set on medical school, but really enjoyed gardening and plants. The fourth teen, Billy, just wanted to get out of high school and Biology was standing in his way of graduating.

I opened the study-room door and was greeted with a "Hi, Ben!" from all four.

"Okay, you reprobates, are you ready for your final exam?" I answered them back. A chorus of affirmative noises greeted me and I smiled, knowing I had helped each one move one step closer to their goals. "Ok, let's go over items which I know I would put on a final exam if I were the teacher and see how you all do. Then as promised, we'll walk down to the Pike's Place Market and have lunch at Place Pigalle." Shouts of "Rad, man" and "Okay" met that announcement.

The next hour was spent reviewing cell mitosis, Mendelian genetics, ecology, human systems, and animal classifications and when all finished, I was absolutely sure they all had a solid grasp of the subject. Barring a test "freeze" on their part, each one would do well on their final exam and pass their Biology class. It made me feel so good to have been a part of their success and to help them. They were like my little brothers in spirit. I knew the odds were extremely low any of them would keep in contact with me over time but that did not lessen the rewarding feeling I received from my weekly sessions with them. And if any of them did keep in contact, it was just gravy on top of it all. I did hope Kevin knew he could talk to me if he ever needed to, and would make sure before he left after lunch he knew my door was always open, if he ever needed to chat or vent. Going against a parent or disappointing them can be hard on a person and I wanted Kevin to know I cared about him.

The boys were in high spirits as we left the library and headed for Pikes Place Market, where the restaurant was located. They kept up a running commentary on the people around them, their weekend plans, school, sports and girls. A couple of times a comment about a sexy man heading our way was directed at me, they knowing I was gay and single. Once Billy had even tried to arrange a blind date for me with his sister-in-law's gay brother, but he moved for a new job before it could be arranged.

We passed the fish stand in the Market, where the fishmongers held a show of throwing fish around for the tourists. Someone would buy a salmon and then it would be thrown from person to person, on its way to being wrapped up. "Flying fish" took on a new meaning here. In all the years of buying my fish there at the market, I had never seen a fish dropped or mishandled. The tourists loved the show with the fishmonger's friendly patter and there was always a large crowd of people around the huge display of fresh seafood of all kinds. One clam, the geoduck, pronounced "gooey duck", which has an enormous neck or siphon, always got comments from people who had never seen one.

"Looks like a soft horse penis."

"It's huge, three feet long."

"Yuck, disgusting looking. Can it really taste good?"

I usually chuckled to myself when I heard the comments as the geoduck is one of the longest living animals and the Chinese consider them a delicacy.

We arrived at Place Pigalle and were seated at a table at a window. One reason I liked the restaurant is the commanding view of the harbor area, with the green and white State ferries coming and going, the commercial ships heading for the crane docks to unload containers and the myriad of pleasure crafts, both sail and powered. West Seattle was in the background, its houses nestled in the trees on the slopes and hills as they clung to the earth.

We ordered our food and I made sure the boys knew to order non-alcoholic drinks. I ordered the fresh halibut as did several of the boys. There was no awkwardness at the table as we waited for our lunch; the five of us had merged into a group of friends forged in the crucible of learning. When steaming plates of delicious fare for both the eyes and tongue arrived, all conversation ceased as we dug in and enjoyed the entire experience.

I paid for lunch and we all trooped out to the entrance of the Market area and there we said our goodbyes. I shook hands with each one and wished them well and added a reminder to keep in touch if they wished, making sure I looked Kevin in the eye to reinforce the thought. They all thanked me for my help and for lunch, then said goodbye, each one going his own way back home. Watching them leave was a bit sad for me - I enjoyed my time with them - and now they were gone. Yes, I would have a new group to tutor in Chemistry soon but that could not cheer me up now.

So I went for two of my sure-fire cures when I was feeling down: chocolate and books. Next to a large bookstore downtown was a gelato shop and although each of the 35 different flavors called to me, hoping they would be the one to entice me, the dark chocolate gelato lured me in and I was caught up in its decadence of cocoa. Two large scoops of creamy smoothness helped dispel my gloomy mood as the chocolate lifted my sadness. Then I headed into the bookstore to see if any of my favorite authors had a new book out for my reading pleasure.

Arriving back home after the afternoon's outing, I made plans for a light dinner then sat down and called Fay. I wanted to ask her to join me in visiting the Seattle Art Museum tomorrow, knowing she had the day off and enjoyed our outings.

"Hi, Girlfriend!" I replied to her hello.

"Ben, how are you? What have you been doing with yourself?" she inquired of me.

"Just wrapped up my Biology sessions, had lunch with the boys at Place Pigalle, OD'd on chocolate gelato and bought two new books. What about you, anything new?"

"Oh yeah... Had dates six and seven with Tim! The last one was an all day thing where we drove up to Snoqualmie Falls and had brunch at the resort there overlooking the waterfall. It was wonderful. Ben, it's really getting intense. And kinda scary, too, at the same time. Not sure where it is heading but believe me, I'm enjoying the ride so far!"

"Hey, congrats Fay," I replied to her news. "It's about time one of us had some luck in the dating game. From what you have told me, Tim sounds like a nice guy. He had better treat you right."

"Oh, he does," She gushed. "I feel so special when I am with him. He is working tomorrow and I miss him already."

"Then we need to meet tomorrow, visit the SAM and afterwards you can tell me more about your Tim, all the juicy details you can't tell your mother." I laughed.

There was a little pause, which I immediately noticed, and a feeling of disquiet flashed through my mind. "Umm, Ben... I'm sorry, I can't go with you tomorrow. I'm... busy." Something in Fay's voice did not sound right.

"Fay, what's wrong? Are you okay? Talk to me, girl." I asked, getting a bit concerned.

"Okay Ben, the truth..." she started, and I knew right away I was not going to like what she had to say. "Tim is a bit jealous of you. I told him all about you and what a good friend you are but now he is jealous."

"Fay, he does know I'm gay, right? And you are the safest with me, period."

"Yes, he knows," she sighed, "but since we are still in the early stages of our relationship, he's feeling a bit jealous since he does not know you. It must be a guy thing, Ben. Tim is really sweet and nice and I know once he meets you and gets to know you, he will be fine. But right now, with it all being new, he feels threatened by you and our friendship. I'm sorry, Ben."

Knowing I could not say anything to make the situation better right now, I wisely bit my tongue and instead of telling her what I really thought, instead said, "I understand Fay. It sounds like the best thing to do now is to check with Tim and find a good time all three of us can have dinner. I do want to meet any man who has become important to you."

"I'm so glad you aren't upset, Ben. I wanted us three to meet before this kind of thing happened but there just wasn't time." A click sounded in my ear and then, "Damn, Tim's on the other line, I have to go, Ben. Can we talk later?" she pleaded.

"Sure, Fay... Off you go... Later." I answered and hung up.

Feeling betrayed, I stood there for a second and then grabbed my car keys and walked out the door. I needed a stiff drink and some male companionship. Preferably naked and in a bed.

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