Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 1

Published: 17 Sept 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

I shouldn't be walking through this park at night but it's the quickest way for me to get to my apartment from work and I'm beat. Double shifts do my head in and thanks to my trainer I'm confident I can fend for myself at six foot two and not too many people would take me on so I mostly walked through this park at night. Really, to be honest, apart from the odd gay bloke walking around I really do feel safe.

His silhouette was the first thing I saw when I walked the path, he was sitting under a tree holding his head and I heard a groan so I decided to go over and see if everything was okay with him.

"Hey mate what's happened, you okay?"

He immediately tensed up at my sudden appearance and said, "Yeah I think I tripped and hit the pavement a bit hard, it knocked the wind out of me," his voice was beautiful.

"Well give me a look, it's okay, I'm a nurse, I work at the local hospital," I assured him.

He took his hand away from his face and I could see blood running down a deep cut over his left eye.

"You're a nurse?" he said surprised.

"Yes mate, fully paid up member of the Nursing Union," I chuckled.

Those eyes just shone at me like blue sapphires piercing the dark night; I swear my face was lit up like a beacon reflecting their rays.

Putting my backpack down I rummaged through and found some swabs to clean him up. He winced a bit and I could see he needed a couple of stitches.

"You need to get to the hospital mate, stitches are in order for that cut, if you lean on me I will get you there," I offered.

"No please, can't you just patch it up for me?" he panicked.

"I can only do so much but you have to get treatment, can I call someone for you? Either that or I will have to insist you come back to my place, it's just over there. I can disinfect the cut and put some steric strips on it but you need to have it stitched as soon as possible otherwise there will be a bit of a scar," I urged.He hesitated then said, "Okay, can you do what you can and I'll get to the hospital after that?"

I helped him up, he was light enough and maybe three inches shorter than me and from what I've already seen, pretty hot in the looks department. His eyes just pierced mine, they were drawing me in like a fly at a barbeque.

I helped him up and brushed down his jeans, they were covered in grass clippings, his butt screamed play with me.

He started walking but was very unsteady so I put my arm around his waist, he moaned.

"Sorry," he said.

"That's okay, it sounds like you're in more pain than I thought and I don't mean from your eyebrow."

"Sorry, I hit the path a bit hard, my ribs are aching but I'm breathing okay so I figure they're not broken," he quietly answered.

We struggled up the first flight of stairs and I opened my apartment door and got him inside before seating him at the kitchen table so I could get a good look at it.

I started to boil some water, half for my swab bowl and the other half to make two coffees.

"How do you like your coffee?" I asked.

"Black please," he answered in that gravelly tone.

He cleaned up pretty well but his hand tremors were obvious.

"Take your jacket and T-shirt off so I can get a look at your ribs," I asked.

He stripped off his Jacket and top. Wow, what a tight body I thought, fuck me.

He was in perfect shape and I saw only bruising as I poked around checking his rib cage, I decided there was not too much damage there.

That waist, it's so small, the perfect V shape to match perfect big guns, with a Celtic tattoo around one, I nearly licked it.

"So who attacked you?" I asked.

"What?" he snapped his head up immediately rubbing his hand over the back of his neck.

"Who abused you mate, you don't get this sort of bruising from a common fall?" I smiled.

He went quiet for a moment but then said, "I don't know, I was robbed and attacked, it was my fault, I shouldn't have been in the park," that voice again.

He lifted his head and his loose, black wavy hair fell down past his shoulders resting perfectly to frame his beautiful face, he looked kinda familiar but not in a face from the past kind of way just a flash image.

"Well, you need to call the cops and report it as soon as possible."

"No, I need to settle down a bit then call someone to come pick me up, you live here alone?" he asked.

"Yes I do now, there was one other guy but he left three months ago and as you can tell by my lack of furniture, he cleaned me out."

I wasn't going to tell him the guy, Richard, was my lover for two years and he crushed my heart by cleaning out my bank account and taking my stuff, just after I found out he was fucking my best friend. So much for the effort I put into our relationship, never again. My friend Matt is now full of remorse but it will take a lifetime for me to forgive him, drunk or not, he knows the consequences now but I wished then I had been more forgiving as underneath it all, I deserved it, I missed Matt's laughter and his friendship.

Richard played Matt and I and nobody won, not even Rich, he blew my money on booze and clubs, bought a car and wrapped himself around a tree; he died three days later.

"Your name?" I heard.

"Uh, sorry, what did you say?" I came back to reality.

"What's your name buddy, your miles away?" he smiled, a godlike creature witha killer smile, what next?

"Brenton, Brenton Walsh, yours?" I replied.

"Conner Wilson, thank you and very pleased to meet you Nurse Brenton Walsh." I saw tears falling from his gorgeous eyes and put my arm around his shoulders.

"I was so scared Brent, I thought they were going to kill me,"he said as he tried to pull it together.

"It will be okay Conner, help is here and you are safe in my apartment, no one's going to hurt you here," I assured him.

I could see his pain was deeper than the bruising so I sat rocking him from side to side in a sort of man hug while he pulled himself together.

"Thank you my awesome nurse," he said.

I blushed, I hope he doesn't want me to put a nurse's cap on.

He was gorgeous; I swear to God he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"Can I use your phone please?" he asked.

"Sure, here's my cell," I offered.

He dialed a number and took another sip of his coffee.

"Marty it's Conner, can you send a car to pick me up at this address," he spoke down the phone.

I handed him one of my cards he then gave the guy on the other end the details, then put the card in his pocket.

"Thanks Marty," and he hung up.

Smiling, he stood up and hugged me, kissing my cheek and thanking me for saving his life, his soapy scent was driving me crazy.

"I didn't do much mate but you do need a stitch, if you don't do it you will end up with one sexy scar over your eyebrow, your choice."

"Well maybe I won't get it stitched, I could do with some more sex appeal," he giggled.

I was immediately drawn to his puffy lips and smile, his dimples danced on his lower cheeks and my cock did the man rumba in my jeans.

Reluctantly I walked him outside to the front of the block where we waited for his car but I wasn't prepared for a limo to pick him up.

"Can I see you again sometime?" he asked.

"Yeah, just knock on my door anytime and go around the park perimeter next time, good to meet you Conner," I drew him in for a gentle man hug and as I did I took a deep breath taking in his smell.

"You too buddy," I said as I lightly patted his shoulder.

"Take care."

He jumped into the limo and it drove off at a smooth speed. Wow what a babe, where do these hot guys live? Not around here, that's for sure.

Of course when I got into bed later that night his blue eyes were with me and I pumped out a load that would drown a giant Rottweiler.

Three days off and I reflected while trying to separate my bed from my body, no money to do anything much with probably for the next six months, but hey I'm getting there.

After showering and dressing, I headed for the gym which is three doors down, at least my membership has a few months to go otherwise I will be totally isolated apart from my agency nursing job.

"Good morning Robert," I greeted a mate as I warmed up.

"Hi Brent how goes it?"

"Great, you?"

"Not too bad mate, I'm working off a hangover, I made a goose of myself last night at Rave Hall and I'm fucked if I know when I got in but I do know I was alone, you worked?" he asked.

"Yep, I worked then picked up a bashing victim, brought him home, dressed his wounds and his limo picked him up," I smiled at the thought, those eyes flashed into my memory.

"What? Do you think it was a gay bashing? That park is so dangerous, I wish you wouldn't walk through it at night, it's full of low life's, did you get some?" he smirked.

"Mainly the parks okay and I think I can handle myself but no way would I ever go into the loo there at night or in the day. It's not my thing but to answer your question, no, he was straight, I think, just some cuts and bruises, he looked awfully familiar, names Conner Wilson, does that ring a bell?" I asked.

"Nah mate, doesn't hit my radar, cute?" Rob said.

"Oh yes, very cute and around the mid twenties, a face to kill for, quite long wavy black hair and a body to dine on all night, fucking awesome piercing blue eyes, the whole box and dice," I said a bit too melancholy like.

"You got laid then?"

"Nah, I had to get him to take his shirt off so I could check his bruises but I got a great show," I said.

"So nothing, no replay, no date, no nothing?"

"Yes, that's about it but he did take my card though. Anyway, I'm not ready for another bout, I've been kicked enough the past few months, he was a shining light in my dull life even if it was only for a moment though," I said.

"Okay Brent, have to fly so can we catch up later for coffee, if your not working?" he asked.

"Yes how about the coffee shop around three this afternoon, I've got a few days off, unless the agency calls me," I replied.

I did my routine and showered. Since going to the gym my body had changed, my upper half was ripped and hard and I had a great shape to my legs and ass. Without realizing it I was doing some posing in the shower, looking at myself in the full-length mirror across the room, my eight incher sticking out from my drenched pubes, making it look bigger. Must trim them again, maybe tonight, if I don't tidy it up no one else is going to do it for me unfortunately. My blonde hair was kept neat and tidy longer than I usually wear it but I wanted to grow it below my shoulders just to see what it looked like. Mostly I tied it back with a band for work but I will have to have it shaped soon as it was looking a bit ratty.

Dressed and feeling a lot better I grabbed my bag and started for home, maybe today I can catch up on some sleep. It's been a hard week at work doing three nights and two morning shifts and I don't sleep well when that happens, I feel like I'm chasing my ass all the time.

I hadn't noticed it until I started to get my keys out but there was a black limousine parked out the front of the flats, not unlike the one that picked up Conner last night, the driver was having a smoke and nodded as I walked up the stairs to my apartment.

Arriving soon after I found a boy sitting on the floor outside my home.

"Is this the way you always greet people, last night there was a tree propping you up and today it's a wall?" I laughed my stomach turning as those blue eyes danced at me.

I held my hands out while he grabbed them to pull himself upright, electricity ran through them and down my spine.

"Sorry mate for the unannounced visit but I've got some free hours so I thought I would get my nurse to check out his handy work in the daylight, it looks okay to me but you're the expert," he grinned.

"Okay, let's get stuck into it, coffee?" I offered.

"Yes buddy, thank you," he replied.

I dropped my gym bag in the hall cupboard while motioning Conner to follow me out to the small balcony where I took a good look at his cut, it wasn't that bad just a bit bruised and puffy. I took a little longer to lift up his T-shirt to check the bruising then I made us coffee.

"Looks okay to me mate, dark sunglasses for a few days will help and keep it clean. I've got some saline tubes here, just dab the cut with a cotton ball and then some antiseptic cream, I can give you all that," I suggested.

I made the coffee then proceeded to put some stuff in a small bag.

"Always be prepared," I winked.

He was sitting there just staring at me and I was getting very uncomfortable but he suddenly looked away and said,

"Why are you on your own Brent?"

"I lucked out mate, it's been three months now, I am the victim of a hit and run myself at the moment."

"What! Got hit, where?" he almost yelled.

"No, no, no nothing like you are thinking but it felt like a hit and run, my lover and my best friend decided to do the love rumba together one drunken night. So he moved out of here and everything I owned went with him, even my savings. It's been tough but I'm getting there, just have to do more shifts at the hospital for maybe a few months more." I had let the cat out of the bag but if he can't handle my being gay then he won't be a friend.

"Fuck me, you're gay?" he asked rather quickly.

"Yes, does it bother you?" I smiled.

"Well no, of course not, I just didn't pick up on it that's all and where is your ex-partner now?" he asked.

"Six feet under, he bought a car with my money and slammed it into a tree, his parents didn't want to know so on top of it all I got slugged with his burial costs. I didn't have to pay for it but it was the right thing to do, I did love him at one time and I'm still not right, but I've got a job that I love and they are letting me pay the funeral off so my ghosts are with me but mostly at night. But hey, it's not your problem and there are plenty of people out there suffering more than me mate and if I weren't paying that off it would be some other bill. I just go with the flow nowadays, I'm one of those people that never seem to get a break," I laughed.

"Fucking hell, what a curse, I wish I could help in some small way."

"Not your problem Con, you were attacked last night and the important thing here is you're okay, nothing else matters, you will heal fast and I will go on regardless. What's with the cool ride anyway, you win tats lotto or something?" I laughed.

"Uh, no Brent it's my bosses car, he's somewhat of a celebrity and I get to use it, he's doing concerts in Melbourne at the moment then moving to finish up in Sydney. I brought along two front row tickets for you to his show tonight as a thank you, do you think you might be able to come?" he said placing two tickets on the table, I picked them up and checked out the name.

"Rick Conners, fuck me, awesome, I haven't heard much of him since he won X Factor six years ago, I know he made it big in the states and I love his songs. I heard his record company dumped him, something about drugs or wrecking hotel rooms. He beat his girlfriend up I read somewhere and has a son he never sees, a bad boy I think but I don't read the gossip columns much and if I could have afforded it I would have been at this show anyway. Fucking hell mate, thank you, awesome and I can take a friend?" I said to my lovely blue-eyed boy.

"Yes mate, front row, is your friend a friend or a friend if you know what I mean?"

"Nah, just a friend, he's been my rock since the accident, he will be rapt, thank you," I replied, hoping he got my signal that I'm single.

"Okay I'll probably see you there then, got to go to my bosses sound check so see you tonight and thank you." I walked him to the door watching his swaggering ass that I just wanted to lick all over.

"Thanks again mate," he said and kissed me on the cheek as his arm went around my shoulder.

I watched him move to the stairs and rubbed my cheek at the same time, I had to have another drawn out wank, my imagination was vivid and intoxicating.after blowing another very large load, I laid there and peacefully slept for a few hours.

I met Rob and told him what happened.

"Fuck, Rick Conner is a total babe, is this guy his roadie or something?" he asked.

"Yeah, it sounds like it, he looks like a roadie but I'm no expert on them as you know. I haven't had much of a social life the past few years so I'm a bit out of touch, but you will come with me? We can get the train, it's only a few stops," I said.

"You bet I'll come, I'll even spring for the popcorn," he laughed.

"Okay I'll come by around eight, it starts at nine and it's going to be awesome," I replied to my very excited friend.

That night I showered and looked in the wardrobe for some cool clothes to wear, Levi's, tank top and my hair natural, aftershave then grabbed my wallet and strolled to Rob's place.

"You ready mate?" I asked.

"Yep, I'll just grab a jacket and be with you in a minute," he answered.

The train was full of fans; everyone was buzzed and chattering loudly.

I listened to two teenage girls who were talking about Rick's drug past, his never ending circle of girlfriends and his 'fucking awesome looks', I think that's how they described him. We piled off the train and joined the throng of concert goers walking to the Rod Laver stadium, the mood was hyper and I was pumped and happy to be out and about for the first time in ages, Rob was just as excited as me.

There were thousands of people outside and it took ages to get through the gates, we were running late as we took our front row seats and the stadium lights went down. Music thumped out of the huge speakers surrounding the stage, a five-minute prelude that rocked my soul to the core, Rob was doing a dance sitting down, he was so excited.

Full lights on now and the stage lit up then I heard a loud voice shout.

"Hello Melbourne, are we going to rock this stadium tonight?"

A very loud and earth shattering 'Yes' resounded around the arena.

The music stopped and then there was dead silence; a shape appeared from the back of the stage, the first note was struck and 'Bring it on' rocked us, everyone including me was standing, rocking our hips and pumping the air with our fists, this was pure rock.

The figure ran to the front of the stage and the spotlight hit him as he started the first line of 'Bring it on'.

"You can't stop me from living, just bring it on."

"You can't stop me from dreaming, you are wrong.'

The backing band was excellent; I heard every note and the beat ran through my body as I rocked back and forth, this guy was fantastic. I looked up to be met with two striking blue eyes, I swear I could see them close up; I stopped in my tracks, "Conner?"

What the fuck? I was looking at my Connor, my attack patient; my roadie Conner was Rick Conner's? I stood still more from shock, he was gorgeous under the spotlights as he strutted across the stage,swiveling his hips to the rhythm, a huge smile on his face as he passed by.

"Just bring it on."

"Just bring it on."

The music slowed then ceased, I swear he looked at me, he was no more than fifteen feet away and with perfect pitch he sang the next line.

"And if you really want me to love you, I'll bring it on."

The music restarted and he rocked across the stage as I slumped into my seat trying to go unnoticed, my mind was again in a mess, fuck me, what have I done? The drugs, parties, carousing, hard assed deadbeat, sacked, sued. All the awful things I said came rushing to my mind, the blood rushed to my cheeks and my tears tried to appear for the first time in months. My head went into my hands and I bent forward, my elbows resting on my knees and not looking at the stage but I did look around to find an escape route. Leaning across to Rob I said above the noise,

"I've got to go Rob, I'm not feeling good, my gastro is back maybe so I'll head home, sorry to spoil your night, have fun."

He looked at me, raised an eyebrow and nodded,

"Talk to you tomorrow buddy, keep safe."

I made my way to the back of the stadium and as I climbed the stairs I turned to look at the stage where Conner was still rocking the second song out but he was standing stark still looking straight at me, I knew he was because although I was near the back I could still feel his piercing eyes boring into me.

The train was empty on the way home and it didn't take me long to shower and crawl into bed, my embarrassment was full on and the tears won before I drifted off to a lonely night in my empty bed.

The heavy knocking woke me sometime later, it was still nighttime but I crawled out of bed, slipped my boxers on and found my way through the flat. Opening the door I was shocked to see a very sweaty rock star with a bottle of water in his hand, I couldn't read his mood but I imagined it to be upbeat.

"You didn't stay?" he said.

"No mate, got sick so had to leave," I said as I looked at my feet, totally embarrassed now.

"Well I was disappointed you left so early, I thought you liked my music?" he was sad.

"Come in Conner or do I call you Rick?"

"Conner's fine, Ricks just my cover name," he said.

Then added, "What happened Brent, I thought you were stoked to be there?"

I went bright red and sat down at the table, I whispered, "I apologize Conner, I'm such a dickhead and I felt like such a fake when you started singing, my mind forced me to question your generosity and I felt like an idiot being there. I said some pretty awful things yesterday, things I'm not proud of and I was angry you didn't tell me to shut up, and who you really were, I felt so stupid that I didn't recognize you in the first place,"I said quietly.

He sat opposite me and took my hands.

"Brent I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I thought you would get a kick out of it and also if I listened to everything people say about me I would be throwing myself off a cliff. You only know what you read, you don't know the real me and I hoped you would want to know the true me, not the crap that's printed. I gave up trying to justify myself a few years ago, my old record company didn't sack me, I sacked them, their contracts were too one sided and I couldn't sing the songs I really wanted to sing. They put out a lot of rumors about me, they were pissed they lost their biggest meal ticket and let me know with full force. If you ever in the future want to know anything about me Brent, ask me and ...I'll bring it on," he smiled.

He handed me his phone number and I hung my head in shame, I had ruined my night by being such a dumb ass.

Tears once again crept into my eyes, it was hard to look at his beautiful face but I did.

"I'm so ashamed Conner and so sorry," I said.

"It's okay Brent, just be there tonight will ya?" he smiled again.

He handed me two more tickets for his final concert tonight, I couldn't pick them up, I felt sick.

"I got to get some sleep buddy but before I go I will say one more thing to you."

He leant over and kissed me on the cheek, not full on but just enough to get me a little boned up again.

"See you tonight okay?" Turning for the door.

I smiled through my tears, "Okay."

There wasn't anything sexual in the kiss but it felt like the softest silk rubbing across my face and I thought 'he's straight you moron, he has a kid.' Two am and I crept back to bed sleeping better than I thought, dreaming of a gorgeous rock star with a bulging crotch and blue eyes.

After the gym I met Rob for coffee at our favorite cafe, it was the perfect setting to watch guys cruising the park, a lot of them would sit here and watch the passing parade."You missed an awesome concert mate, he so rocks, his slow ballads were beautiful and I believe he writes them but hasn't recorded them to date. I think it's his record company holding them back, you feel a bit better mate?"

"Yes Rob, much better, do you want to try again tonight?"

I handed over a ticket and he slapped his forehead, "Fuck me where did you get these?"

"They were dropped off sometime last night, I guess Conner thought I might like to actually see the concert this time."

"Meet you at seven thirty, same place buddy, for sure I'll go again."

We spent a very pleasant two hours, I didn't like to let on about Conner's alter ego, I knew I could trust Rob but again I was too embarrassed.

That night I sat through the first three numbers that rocked the arena to the max, he was stunning and I caught a very cute smile every time he passed by us.

"Is he smiling at me do you think?" Rob said over the noise.

"Don't know buddy, maybe, but it's more likely one of the blonde chicks sitting down the back," I laughed because I was a blonde bloke, and I knew the smile was probably for me. He finished his third hit song 'Hit it hard and hit it loud' and someone had put a seat and a guitar on stage.

I don't remember it being done, it appeared like magic.

Picking up the instrument he played some notes and leaned into the mike.

"It's time for you all to know the real me and my ass is sore from all that strutting around, it needs a rest," he laughed. The audience screamed as he stood up and showed his perfect ass, the arena was electric and so was his ass.

He winked, I think at me and then began singing a ballad I hadn't heard before.

"Every time you look into my eyes I see real love, real love."

it was a beautiful song the words erotically caressed my senses

Then he took it up a notch with his grainy voice resounding throughout the stadium.

"I feel your love surrounding my very soul, I feel love in every part of my being."

"I feel real love when you touch my skin, when you hold my hand, when you comfort me."

I didn't realize what a fucking star this boy had become, the audience was dead quiet, no one moved and I felt wetness running down my cheeks. That was the moment I fell in love with my Conner, the moment my heart sung back the very same words to him and the moment my heart sank into the dark abyss full of loneliness. He's not for you mate but oh god what a beautiful performer.

After the next two songs the lights went crazy and a troupe of dancers appeared on stage, his chair and guitar disappeared into the void from whence they came then he threw his jacket off to the side which was quickly swept up by a stage hand and it too disappeared into the unseen void.

The music was cranked up and he started dancing with the troupe, matching them perfectly step by step, swiveling his hips like he was some kind of table top dancer on Patong Beach, it was hot, my cock told me that. Everyone was on their feet screaming as he ripped his black t-shirt to pieces revealing his perfect pecks and abs and his hipsters showcased his bum beautifully, if he takes off any more I'm going to cum in my jeans and by the look of Rob beside me, so was he.

After nearly two hours of strutting his stuff on stage he finished the concert by rocking the house with his well-known rock anthem and 'Rock on loud' hit everyone's ears. People screamed and danced up the aisles and the surge to get to the front of the stage nearly knocked me over but it was awesome. He said his good nights, finishing with a "Thank you Melbourne, see you all in Sydney" then came over to where we were sitting and pointed to us.

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