Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 2

Published: 24 Sept 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We sat there for a few minutes in awe, then exchanged chatter about how hot he was, and the great show we had just witnessed, there was a tap on my shoulder and a roadie whispered in my ear, "Would you two like to follow me backstage?" I looked at him and thought, hell yeah!

"Come on Rob, we just got an invitation back stage." He looked at me gesturing with his hands, "What's up buddy?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess we have been invited to the after party."

We followed Mitch, the roadie, to the back stage area where he knocked on a door, after we had maneuvered one of the many mazes that filled the basement of the Arena; a great looking chick opened the door and bid us to come in.

Conner was sitting at his dressing table sucking up water from a bottle; he let it drip down his naked upper torso, bringing on another slight perve.

"Brent, what did you think, was it as good as last night?"

I laughed and answered, "Well I think it was better. I was a bit shocked last night, but I really got into it tonight, and it was fucking awesome, oops sorry ma'am," I blushed.

"It's okay sweetie, I've heard worse from this guy here,"she gestured towards Conner.

Then she added, "Umm, nice manners."

He laughed asking, "Whose this dude?"

"Oh sorry Rick, this is Rob, a gym buddy of mine, Rob meet Rick Conners."

Conner lifted his eyebrow and held his hand out.

"Pleased to meet you, are you ready to party a bit?"

Rob looked over to me and said, "Hell yeah!" He seemed to be a little star struck.

"Okay, you let Jilly take you down to the green room while I get dressed for my adoring public. Brent, can you hang here a bit then, we can go together?" he asked.

"Okay Rick, awesome, Rob I'll meet you there," I waved to my friend.

"Sure Brent," he smiled from ear to ear.

Jill slipped her arm through Rob's and said,

"Come on sunshine, you can buy the first drinks," she chuckled.

"Don't let her lead you astray Rob, she's using you for an excuse to get drunk," he laughed.

"Whatever," Jill fired back.

The door closed and Conner grinned at me, he offered me water and some cheesy stuff, and I accepted then he said, "Won't be a minute," as he dropped his jeans and then his black underwear. I gasped at the pure perfection his skin displayed right in front of me.

"Sorry Conner, I didn't mean to look." I was caught red handed.

He said, "It's okay as long as you don't take any photos and sell them to the tabloids," he laughed stepping into a shower stall.

He quickly rinsed off and dried himself giving me a show of his tight buns.

I had to look away, so I grabbed a program off the table and flipped through it.

He was ready in record time, squirting a little aftershave over his body.

"Okay let's go meet and greet the fans and freeloaders, there's a couple of cute gay boys I can introduce you to," he laughed.

I stopped in my tracks.

"What's up?" he looked at me.

"Sorry Conner, can we skip the meet my gay friends introduction, I don't want to sound ungrateful but I'm not looking to get laid buddy, can we kind of leave the gay bit out?"

"Sorry Brent, my stupid sense of humor, still friends?" he lifted his hand.

"Of course Conner, still mates, you fucking rocked tonight, I can see why you're at the top of your game, the show was awesome."

"Thanks Brent that means a lot," he said.

Walking into the green room with the most stunning man in the world, I had to pinch myself twice, it seemed so unreal from my ordinary life, but it took the stress away that has battered my brain for the past months, and tonight, I just didn't want it to end. I saw Rob over talking to some cuties with Jill holding his arm, still he's going to have to tell her more sooner than later, that the cute blonde is doing all the tingling things to his groin. I laughed to myself as Conner introduced me to Marty, his manager, a tall, good looking early thirties guy who had a magnetic personality, we were friends forever after Conner explained who I was to him.

"Thank you for helping him Brent, it could have been a lot worse if all this got out, on top of all the other crap about him," he shook my hand.

"My pleasure, but I didn't know I was helping out a great star at the time, just a guy called Conner, but I'm glad to have been of some help Marty," I replied.

"Thank you Brent, you saved his ass more than you know, want a drink?" He asked.

"Yeah Marty, beer's good."

We walked over to the bar while Conner sucked up to the news people and fans who had won meet and greet tickets, mostly on local radio. Their faces beamed in the hope he would say some words of wisdom, or drop his drawers for some of them.

It was getting late and the beers were doing their job, making me tired so I said to Rob I was leaving, he smiled and winked then said,

"I'll see you tomorrow, I just got an invitation I can't refuse."

I got his drift and went to find Conner. I asked Jill where he was, and she said she had just seen him going to the bathroom, so I followed thinking I would take a leak while I said my thanks and goodnights.

"Fucking hell Paul, don't you ever fucking give up?"

I heard Conner's voice coming from the last cubical.

When I walked over I saw this gorgeous hunk bent over kissing Connor's neck, and he had his hand on his crotch, having a good feel.

"Oh uh, sorry," I grunted and then turned on my heels, I obviously had disturbed them.

"Brent, Brent, wait." Was all I heard, as I slammed open the bathroom door, just missing a couple of fans in the process.

My heart was sinking fast, and I had to get out of this place, I don't blame him if he's maybe bi then that's okay. I suppose he can get anyone and as much cock as he can handle and ladies, there were loads of ladies in his life too, I read somewhere. I was a bit heartbroken, I had fallen big time for Conner the victim, and his stage persona, but now I don't care too much for Rick, the big star, even having just seen the best and worst live shows ever. It brought back dark memories of finding my best friend and lover in my bed.Why the hell do I even feel this way, god I'm fucked in the head.

I found the exit and started walking down the pathway toward the station, there will be no trains but maybe I can catch a taxi passing. Sitting on a bench I let it go, I berated myself for being so fucking stupid, rubbing my eyes with my wrists, I had come to the end of my rope with nowhere to go, and I cursed Conner for not being up front, and I was as jealous as hell it wasn't me he was kissing in the toilet.

I felt an arm go over my shoulder, it was warm and comforting, someone had sat beside me and I didn't even notice.

"Good night?" Conner said.

"The best, Con," I replied.

"Want a ride home?"

"Nah, I'm just going to walk, thank you all the same."

"I've got a big car."

"I know, but I would much rather walk, but thank you for a great night," I managed to smile.

I couldn't look at him, he would see my puffy eyes, so I just said, "Goodnight Conner and thanks again," then walked away into the night.

I flopped onto the bed fully clothed, and started weeping into my pillow, I wasn't being very honest with myself. So what, he was getting it on with some guy, I don't own his heart, and for that matter I don't own him, he was kind to me for just doing my job, so why do I feel like he's betrayed me? Brent you stupid idiot stop this, stop being so possessive. I kept repeating, I slammed my fist into the pillow just as someone pounded on my door.

Fuck no, it can't be Conner, doesn't he ever sleep?

There was his driver at the door, he lifted his eyebrow and I looked a mess.

"What now?" I said exasperatedly.

"Mr. Conner wants to see you, and I've been instructed not to take no as an answer, Mr. Conner always gets what he asks for sir."

I thought, "I bet he does."

"Well I'm not some rock star's roadie, I won't do his bidding, good night." I was mad.

I started to close the door when a size fourteen boot got in the way. I looked up and said, "You can beat me all you want buddy, but I'm not going anywhere."

"Mr. Conners wanted me to remind you of his comment, 'You only have to ask him' sir, and he said also to remind you that you said he could call in anytime."

I was stunned for a moment, he was right and I guess I should have closure even though it was in my head only.

"Okay, you got me, let's go," I said as I grabbed my keys and wallet.

I had resolved to do his bidding but it would be brief, as I understand it he was staying at the Hilton, it's only a mile away across the gardens.

He opened the limo door for me, then drove me around the park to the front door.

The concierge said, "This way please sir."

I followed him to a private lift that took us to the penthouse; after a slight tap, Conner opened the door, he was wearing boxer briefs and a T-shirt. "Thank you Pete," he said as he slipped money into Pete's hand and said, "Come in Brent."

"Conner, I said I was sorry, so why am I even here, I hardly even know you?"

"Brent ask me, please ask me, just me," he pleaded tapping his fingers on his chest.

I went silent and the words wouldn't come out. My cheek felt wet and I knew a tear had escaped from the duct I was trying so hard to keep shut.

"Please sit down," he pleaded.

He handed me a beer as he led me to a big white sofa, man you could fit a basketball team on it.

"Thanks," I said as his bright blue eyes looked into mine.

He sat opposite me then took both my hands and looking directly into my eyes he said,

"I don't take drugs, never have, never will. I don't trash hotel rooms because I have too much respect for other people's property. I don't have any children; I've never slept with a woman. I am not having sex with Paul the roadie, he somehow found out I was gay and since then he has been threatening to expose me, but I won't ever have sex with him, ever, so he can do his worst, he got me off guard tonight. I was beaten up because I was so desperate for male company I walked through the park late at night, but two guys got to me before I could meet someone, for that I am grateful, because I got to meet you. Have I left anything out?"

"Women, you are seen with beautiful women," I squeaked out.

"Publicity Brent, all my publicist's idea, not mine."


"Not anymore, I've never had a serious relationship, there's too many people out there wanting my money, they don't want me, the real me. Like you I was rolled and kicked hard the last time I even let someone get a little closer, now I try for randoms, but as you saw the other night I don't get lucky too often."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said as he moved closer.

"Anything else you would like to know about this drug taking, hotel trashing rock star that's gone off the rails?"

"Are you really gay?"


"Will you kiss me?" I whispered.

"My absolute fucking pleasure," he whispered.

He put his arms around my waist and closed in for a wonderful silky kiss, my lips parted to envelope his tongue that was pressing urgently to invade my mouth. While he held me close with one hand he caressed my face with his other.

Pulling apart to get some air he whispered, "You're so beautiful Brent, I could do this all night."

"Well I got nowhere special to be" I whispered softly.

He took my hand and led me to his bedroom where he proceeded to strip me, he blew his breath all over my face and chest, then he smelt my hair while he licked down my ear and neck. I was on the verge of blowing my first load when he stopped.

"Do you want to sleep or continue?"

"Umm, hard decision, ask me later on," I said as I took hold of his briefs and slowly slid them over his lightly hairy thighs. OMG what a sight, I just stared open mouthed. His cut, eight incher was beautifully complimented by a very full set of balls; I just wanted to eat him.

"You like?"

"I fucking love," I answered, hoping he didn't get the double meaning.

"I need to have a snack," I said as I lowered my mouth on this gorgeous man's dick.

"Eat up," he said invitingly.

I deep throated him until he moaned loudly then left off for a while, getting the rest of his clothes off.

He pulled me onto the bed running his hand over my exposed body and whispered, "You're so perfect."

I answered by saying, "You're beautiful, perfect and totally gorgeous."

He laughed, "You left one out babe."


"I've got a big dick," he giggled and then added, "But your dick is the prettiest I've ever seen."

He kissed and licked my body like it was some sort of dessert, and I ran my hand through his very long wavy black hair, while he dined on my dick, it felt at home in his mouth. My balls tightened up signaling they were ready to produce a mass of sperm, I pulled him off.

"Too good, too close."

He started kissing me again and I lightly ran my hand over his perfect ass.

'Did he just call me babe?'

He smiled, "I know what's on your mind, but can we not get too heavy tonight, it's not that I don't want to, I just want to get to know you better."

I grinned at him pulling myself up on to my elbows. "Fucking perfect, babe" I said.

We played for the next hour, both blowing at the same time with our lips locked and our hands working the meat.

I pulled him to me, he held me tight we slept.

In the morning my eyes were stuck shut, but I heard movement in the bed and then it was cold and empty. I rubbed the sleep out and blinked, lifting myself up onto my elbows I looked around the bedroom, it was huge and a mammoth TV screen was hung on one wall, and what looked like wardrobes covered another.

"Good morning babe," Conner said as he walked in with a tray of coffee and toast. When did I become babe?

"Good morning, umm beautiful," I replied.

"I got coffee, toast and scrambled eggs for two, I didn't know what to order for you, and thought this would be the safest."

He placed the tray in front of me, and then slid back under the covers.Then he kissed me, not a quickie but a deep probing one.

"When do you go to Sydney?" I asked.

"Tomorrow, I got Jill to cancel my ride today, but I have to do sound checks tomorrow afternoon, so I get to stay another day with my new boyfriend."


He grinned.

"Does she know?" I inquired

"Yeah, both Jill and Marty, and a few other select employees know about me, they are my biggest fans, and I guess I'm their biggest money maker," he giggled.

"So they have to be nice to you?" I said.

"They are two of the best people I know, Marts has been a rock and Jill, well as a publicist she's awesome, there's nothing that gal can't do, I have total respect for her."

"Well I hope she wasn't too disappointed with Rob last night, it looked like he was heading towards the blonde guy's bed," I laughed as I took another sip of my coffee.

"Oh you needn't worry about Jill babe, she's got Sarah at home," he winked.

"No!" I was shocked.

"Yes Brent, they have a son called Luke, and he's beautiful, only four years old, they live in Sydney," he said and kissed my nose.

"And no, I didn't father him," he smiled.

"Is Marty?" I lifted my eyebrows.

"No, he's what is called 'straight'. He did the finger thing.

"Tell me about your life Conner, tell me about your childhood," I asked as he put the tray on the floor and snuggled up to me. He was stroking my face and attacking my eyes with his again.

"Not today babe, too long a story, I'll tell you but now's not the time," he smiled.

"Oh okay, I guess I can look online then," I replied as he punched my shoulder and said, "No gossip columns mate, I will tell you, I hope in good time."

"Don't you trust me?" I pouted.

"Of course I do, you already know more than the general public knows Brent. It's really hard for me to trust people, I cant say what I really think, I can't be me. I've already fallen for you big time, but I still have to go easy, I just fucking don't want to be hurt, and I certainly don't want to hurt you." He kissed me.

'Fallen for me?' I gave him a sly smile.

"Yes," he whispered.

I replied, "Ditto Conner, hence the dummy split last night."

Turning inwards we kissed deeply.

He started rubbing his boner on mine and we frotted, fronted, fritted? I think there's a word for it, my hand was still all over his classy ass, and his was doing the same with mine. I bent my head down and took his nipple between my lips and started to lap on it, the urgency was mutual, and when it happened his eyes widened to match mine and we both breathed heavily, he groaned but then relaxed, I was two seconds behind him.

"We better shower babe, I've got a radio show at one, you want to come with me?" he asked.

"Thank you but I think I'd better get home, I have to do housework and then go to the gym, will I see you tonight?"

"You sure will, how about dinner, say I get my driver to pick you up at six?"

"Cool, oh I forgot, how much can I tell Rob?"

"If you trust him then tell him everything, but please, only if you trust him," he replied.

"Okay, I just don't like lying to him, I haven't done so far, but questions will be asked at the gym today," I replied.

"What time do you go to the gym?"

"Around two then we have coffee around three, a couple of doors up."

"Okay I'll leave it up to you baby, do you need a lift home?"

"No, I can scoot across the park."

I walked home with my head in the clouds; a jackpot comes to mind.

When we finished our workouts, Rob and I grabbed a coffee and I ordered a salad as I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

"So what's with the gold pass last night, was Conner there Brent?"

"Yes, you met him in his dressing room," I smiled.

He hesitated then said, "No fucking way."

I smiled again, "Yes buddy, it was a shock to me also that's why I departed the concert early the other night, I wasn't too kind to him about my opinion of a certain rock star. I didn't recognize him and he didn't tell me, so I mouthed off much to my embarrassment, so I had to leave. We got that sorted out later that night, when he dropped the extra tickets off. How did you end up?" I said hoping he was happy with my answer.

"Fantastic, Adam is Jill's Melbourne partner. We had an awesome night but didn't get down and dirty, I think he's the type to talk first, sex later, but we hit it off. He's leaving for Sydney for a week tonight but we are going to stay in touch for sure."

Just then a good looking, five foot eleven guy in a baseball cap and backpack walked up and sat at our table.

"Good morning Rob, how was last night, Adam's a cutie isn't he?"

"Eh?" Poor Rob was startled.

He took his sunglasses off, it was Conner as if I didn't know by the swagger, so I called the waitress over and ordered coffee for him.

"Adam's a great guy Rob, I'm surprised you even got into his hotel room, he's very careful about who he lets into his life, you must be someone special," Conner said.

"Umm yes, I like him a lot, we talked for hours as a matter of fact and I haven't slept much. Brent was just bringing me up to speed about you being his Conner from the other night, I guess I didn't join the dots, sorry," he blushed at my own personal star.

"It's okay, Brent says he can trust you, so I trust you too, did he tell you he stayed the night?"

"No he didn't, is there something I'm missing here?"

"You tell him babe," he handed the conversation to me.

I stuttered because I really didn't know what we were.

"Well umm okay, it's like this Rob umm," I lost my train of thought when Conner interjected.

"We decided to become boyfriends last night, I think that's the word you're looking for Brent," he laughed.

"Umm yes, boyfriends," I grinned, his eyes were capturing mine again, I nodded, my hair falling all over my face.

"My god Brent, how big is it?" Rob laughed.

I blushed, "Umm Rob, that's too personal pal, sorry but I will say, what you see on stage is what you get," I looked at Conner and winked.

"Oh my god, the smiles, the winks, the hand gestures, you were singing to Brent weren't you, not all the blondes in the back?"

"Yes mate, I like blondes but they have to have a dick." He laughed.

By this time a small crowd appeared at the next table, they were staring at us and I could hear Conner's name mentioned a few times.

"I have to go before I start a riot, want to walk me across the park? maybe be my bodyguard for a half hour?"

"Sure Con I'll get the bill," I motioned over the waitress who was giggling with her friend, no guessing who they were hoping to date tonight.

She brought the bill over gushing like a lovesick groupie, I was jealous and dropped my head momentarily but Conner lifted my chin up and said,

"Everything okay Brent?"

"Yeah, just a tiny moment."

I went to get the cheque, but Conner grabbed it fast and threw fifty bucks on the table.

"We ready? see you again Rob, it's been great to meet you, I'll make sure Adam calls you." They shook hands and Rob said, "Thank you."

I put my finger to my lips and Rob nodded his agreement.

We walked across the road and into the park, not as friends but as boyfriends, my heart was racing and singing at the same time.


"Boyfriends and much, much more babe," he smiled at me.

"I hope so Conner, I really do like you, a lot," I emphasized.

"Well, when I get the six concerts out of the way in Sydney, we can talk about us," he said.

"How long will you be away Conner?"

"Three weeks then I go into the studio to oversee the final touches to my new album. I have a house in Melbourne in Prahran, it's not big just a single fronted cottage but it suits me, it was my auntie's house, she left it to me."

"Did she die mate?"

He looked thoughtful, stopped and again lit my eyes up with his light touching of my arm and said,

"Yes, she brought me up, she was my mum and my savior." A tear left his beautiful eye, I didn't want to push it and obviously it was hard for him to talk about, so I replied,

"She must have been some lady, she did an awesome job on you."

"She was," he whispered with a far away look in his eyes.

I wanted to change the subject so I asked,

"Can I call you in Sydney?"

"Better than that babe, we can Skype each other," he smiled knowingly.

"Oh, I don't have a computer, it moved out with my other stuff a few months ago," I laughed.

"Okay, first things first, where do you want to eat?" he asked, ignoring my comment.

"Don't know really, I don't get to go to too many restaurants now-days, you pick."

"Okay done, our first date," he laughed.

"What will I wear?"

"Your birthday suit boyfriend, what else?" he giggled.

"Seriously Conner, casual, grunge or my nurses outfit?"

His laughter got louder, "Casual but I much rather you wore nothing, but I guess if you did, we wouldn't be a couple too friggin long."

Boyfriend, couple, this day is getting so much better.

"Brent can I ask you something?“ he got serious.

"Sure, anything."

"What was that all about at the table, you know when the waitress brought the cheque?"

"Oh umm, sorry Conner I had a temporary fit of jealousy, she was undressing you, and so was her friend, I know, silly of me."

"Not really Brent, you have every reason to be jealous, but I had better warn you the ladies and some blokes try anything for a date. I sort of go along with it, it's my image, so I don't want you to feel awful mate, keep thinking like, it's his job, he has to suck it up for the fans, they are what makes Rick who he is, but you and I know Conner is very different, you get to take him home with you."

I thought about it for a second.

"Yes, I get it but I don't like it, I guess I've still got insecurities bogging me down but with you in my life now it's looking a hell of a lot brighter Conner," I replied a little too eagerly.

He grinned so much his boy dimples looked like they were going to burst.

He pulled me behind a big oak tree and gave me the sweetest kiss, then said,

"I will see you tonight."

Then he touched my cheek and left.

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