Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 3

Published: 1 Oct 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Walking back to my apartment I was on cloud nine. What the fuck's happening?

I've just picked up the most gorgeous man in the world (so the tabloids say, me too) and fuck me; I'm in love with him, I can't believe my luck this weekend. I started checking my clothes out and found a pair of jeans that would showcase my ass, I wanted to look my best because I wanted to fuck him so bad tonight.

I had a nanna nap on the sofa and again someone knocking on my front door woke me.

It was a delivery boy with a small parcel for me, I signed for it and closed the door. There was no return address but when I opened it there was a card that said, 'With love Rick Conners, turn me on.'

The package was a new Ipad. I found the power button and it started up, when it had done its thing I was facing a gorgeous selfie of Conner as the screenshot and he was holding a small placard which read, 'Skype me.'

I opened Skype and sure enough, his number was registered so I pushed call.

His beautiful face appeared after a few rings, "Do you like your present babe?"

"Yes boyfriend but it's too much, I could have bought it but thank you," I replied, not sure I could have afforded it.

"Well it's my anniversary present to you, I think the charts say something electronic for the third day baby," he laughed, I could listen to that laugh all day.

"Thank you Conner, I'm looking forward to giving you my present tonight but I'm thinking you might want it served nice and hot." Meaning my ass.

"Ooh, I really like the sound of that," he grinned.

"Umm, wanna come over now?" he suggested.

"Nah got to get the oven clean mate then warm it up."

"Okay, then you want me to slip my meat loaf in later?"

"Yep, if it will fit, it's a small oven babe, you might have a job to squeeze it in."

"I'm sure it will cope." Giggling over the Internet we had a great catch up, then I could see Marty in the background, he waved and I said a quick 'hi'.

We hung up, not wanting to, but we both had hot dates and wanted to get ready. I showered, cleaned thoroughly and dressed in my finest and when all was done I sat and had a wine out of the cask and waited for my gentleman caller.

I waited, and I waited, by eight I was looking at my new Ipad thinking this was a first, I've been stood up.

I tried to Skype but no answer so I tried to ring but again no answer. I rang the hotel and requested Conner's room, he had checked out. I poured another drink then another, the tears refused to cease and by the fifth wine I was very weepy and feeling rather sorry for myself. Later on I had gotten to the stage where I wanted to strangle someone then I wanted to be wrapped in Conner's arms. Suddenly my Ipad rang, it was an incoming message, "Sorry Baby, Marty kidnapped me and I'm in Sydney. They needed me to be here tonight to do a television interview, I wanted to be with you but I don't argue with Marty, he gets the final word on this, I'm so sorry, miss you."

I wrote back, "So am I and I love you, see you maybe in three weeks, sigh."

There was no return message so I flipped the off switch and readied myself for bed. I had to be up at eight for my day shift, five days of that, three days off then night shift again, I liked night shift, it's more money and I don't get very busy as everyone is trying to sleep.

I slept fitfully that night and when the sun streamed into my bedroom I felt like I hadn't slept at all. Showering I hummed one of Conner's hits, got dressed and headed for the train still humming the same song, it went over and over in my brain all day, which dragged on and on.

By the end of the shift I was drained completely and to top it off I missed my stop so had to wait for the return train. Sitting on the platform I looked over to the opposite side and there was a billboard advertising Conner's concert, a stunning photo of him, full length with his black jeans and top but the sunglasses hid his best feature, I have never seen anything as beautiful, it put me back in a melancholy mood.

The train arrived and I rode it back to my stop, arriving once again to my empty apartment. I was greeted by the same driver as before, but I hadn't noticed a limo out the front, he just said, "Sir, please shower and change, I will wait for you out the front, dress casual."

I went to protest but then I thought, 'Just go with the flow' and gave him a defeated look to which he opened his hands and sighed again.

I showered and dressed thinking maybe Conner had come back, but he couldn't have, his Sydney concert opens tonight, maybe I'm to go to dinner with the driver.

I stepped onto the curb and looked for him, he was driving a Lexus this time and opened the door for me.

He drove me to Tullarmarine airport then turned off bypassing the main buildings to a private hangar, I think I know where this is going. The two pilots greeted me, Phil and David I think their names were, they were very nice and treated me well. I was shown aboard by a tall, skinny young man who I guess was the flight attendant, I didn't get a name, he showed me my seat and as I looked around I couldn't believe the pure luxury of this plane. My mouth was dry so I asked the surly attendant for a glass of water, he disappeared then came back with a plastic bottle that was half empty, he smiled, no he sneered at me so I put it on the table not drinking or touching it again. Within ten minutes a small private jet whisked me away into the early evening sky. The attendant sat on the couch with his legs crossed, he was rocking the top one up and down looking at his fingernails and then me, he finally said something before landing, "How much is he paying for you?"

I looked at him with disgust, I didn't give the cunt the satisfaction of seeing me cringe so I didn't answer him, but I knew what he meant.

I can't describe the way I was feeling, it was a combination of disappointment, need and anger, there was no need for Conner to do this, it must have cost him a bomb and I don't need the insult. I needed him last night but I understand he has a job to do, I missed him terribly but this was too much. I see myself as pretty normal, the biggest expense I have is my monthly rent and credit cards and I work sometimes very hard to meet those agreements. My credit cards are nearly maxed out but at the very least I seem to be able to pay a little off them each month. Flying to Sydney to see a concert I only saw two nights ago is too much, seeing Conner my friend I found in the park that fateful night is what I desperately wanted, the rock star can go all over the world and I wouldn't miss him but my Conner, I wanted with me, always. I found the toilet and washed my face, wiping my hands on a fluffy white towel then moving back to my seat. I watched the attendant go in there for a moment then alighting with the towel in hand, he threw it in a waste paper basket.

A car met me at the private hanger then whisked me away to a Sydney stadium. By seven thirty I was sitting in Rick Conner's dressing room, a security guard was installed outside his door. He had held me and kissed me, I sat on his couch and he kept apologizing for standing me up last night.

I said to him quietly, "Can I go home now?"

"Brent babe, you just got here, we've got all night, you can fly back tomorrow morning."

"I have work in the morning and I need sleep, take me home," I hunched over.

"You don't want to be here with me tonight do you?" he looked at me puzzled.

"I don't want to be here with Rick Conner's tonight, I want to be at home waiting for my Conner to turn up and maybe take me out for a pizza and coffee and then make out on my couch for awhile, that's my idea of a perfect night, not this, this is just too much, it's embarrassing and degrading," I whispered.

"Take me home."

He got a confused look on his face then replied, "If that's what you want, I thought you would have enjoyed the experience."

I gave him a filthy look and said, "Its degrading Rick, can you please get someone to call me a taxi."

"No, I'll get the driver to take you back."

I stood up and put my hand on his shoulder then said, "Thank you for the thought, I have no idea how to repay you but I will, all the best for the show." I opened the door and was met by my Sydney driver who promptly took me back to the airport.

"Drop me at domestic, thank you."

"But sir, the plane is waiting for you."

"Cancel it, I will be going home on a domestic flight."

"Sir, I can't do that."

He had stopped at a set of traffic lights that separated the various terminals so I let myself out and said, "Cancel the flight." I could just see that smarmy assed flight attendant's face when he realizes he can't insult my intelligence on the way home.

Walking away towards the local terminal I thanked god I had my credit card on me, I went to the Virgin counter and purchased a one-way ticket to Melbourne. The flight won't be as quick or luxurious as my incoming one but it will get me home in time to have a few hours sleep and I will be travelling with regular people.

Walking into my flat I dropped onto the sofa and cried clutching a cushion to my chest, I have my pride and that's about all I have. I switched on my Ipad and opened the message I knew would be waiting for me.

I read then re-read it several times before the words sank in.

"Baby I'm sorry, I didn't think and I was so excited doing something nice for you, I really wanted to see you. I fucked up and I'm sorry, the concert's going well, I love you. xx"


"Rick I understand, I really do but I'm not sorry for being who I am. Can you do me a big favour and not send anyone here to collect me, it's degrading and I'm quite happy with my lot. All my best wishes for a successful tour, I miss my Conner like crazy but I have to say goodbye to you. I love him more. xx."

I turned the machine off then wrapped it in the box it came in. I would return it to his agent Marty's office tomorrow. This isn't going to work. I love him and I'm surprised I feel that way after only four days, maybe it's a rebound thing, maybe it's the real deal but I can't see me flying all over the country or the world on someone else's credit card. I'd feel like a hooker or worse, a hanger on with no home and no future. I saw the disgust in the flight attendant's eye and he knew I wasn't going for a joy ride. I know a little about Conner's lifestyle and I am guessing I would be the boyfriend nobody likes, nobody would talk to me and everybody would think I was with him for the money and bright lights; this is not what I want. I dragged myself into bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next day after work I returned the computer to Marty Hamilton's agency. The lady at the desk asked me who I was, she told me to wait a moment and got on the phone to someone. Within seconds a woman came out and asked what it was all about. I told her Rick Conner's had loaned it to me and I had finished with it and the only way I knew to get it back to him was through Marty's agency. She wrote my name down on a sticker and taped it to the box and said she would get it back to Rick. I thanked her and left catching the train to my suburb, then home.

I rang Rob to see if he was going to do a workout and made plans to meet him there.

"Want to go grab a pizza after this Rob?" I asked.

He replied, "Sorry Brent, I have an important call coming through tonight, can we go tomorrow?"

"Sure buddy and how is Adam?" I asked.

"Good mate, he's rung a few times, he actually rang this morning and said the concert was fantastic, he was looking forward to seeing you there. What was that all about?"

"Oh nothing really, Conner thought I would like to go to Sydney for the night but it wasn't to be." I left it at that, packed my bag and headed home praying no one was sitting outside my door. Fortunately I had the place to myself.

I made a sandwich and sat watching a few game shows then the news, Conner's concert was mentioned, he had record numbers and a snippet of him on stage started my tears. I turned it off.

I sat in the dark for ages, showered and then went to bed. My life was back to normal, I did the gym every other night, rang my parents then my sister. Being the youngest in the family at twenty two I am still treated as the baby, my sister is eight years older and a lot wiser, she picked up I was a bit depressed but I told her nothing, just passing it off as a leftover of past relationships.

She wanted me to go over to her place for dinner one night so I said yes, it's a bit of a train ride but I might just stay the night. She lives on her own now, her marriage broke down after only four years and I missed Bobby, he was a funny bugger to be around and he was very good to me, I wasn't so good to him or my sister near the end.

The third week I rang the agency to get my roster for the following month, it wasn't very full at all, four days on and four off, fuck, do I ever get a chance to get ahead. I caught up with Rob at the coffee shop, he was talking about Adam coming back to town the following Monday and he was going to take him to see his accountant. He reckoned he could get a loan organized for a car at a very low rate, fuck with the interest I'm paying on my credit card now it would be a god send to get a lower rate loan and piss the cards off all together.

"Why don't you come with us Brent, maybe he can get you one too."

"Oh I don't think so Rob, it sounds too good to be true," I said.

"Well, I can get the lowdown and maybe you can look it over?"

"Sounds good to me Rob, I'll think about it, I have to do something soon mate, I shouldn't have taken on the funeral expenses as I just can't fucking seem to get ahead."

He said, "A little at a time mate, that's how it's done."

I had told Rob I wasn't seeing Conner anymore citing difference of opinions, he was disappointed but I think he bought it, but who knows? I didn't care anymore. I had four days off starting Monday so the first day I did my washing, cleaned and generally went out off my brain with the lack of something to do. I will go visit my sister tomorrow and will ring her later tonight.

I welcomed the knock at the door; I thought it might be Rob with the brochure from the accountant.

I opened it and was face to face with a scruffy man with a baseball cap holding a pizza and a backpack.

"Are you hungry babe?" he asked.

"Yes Conner, famished come in."

He put the pizza on the kitchen bench and turned to me,

"I missed you so much Brent, can I hug you?"

"If you don't, I will just about scream."

He held me in his arms and started at my neck breathing deeply at my scent then he kissed me with passion.

We pulled apart and I caressed his beautiful face and fell in love all over again.

He cleared his throat, "Plates?"

"In the top cupboard."

I grabbed knives and forks but I doubt we will use them, two glasses of wine then we sat opposite each other and smiled a lot while we ate.

"Is this what you had in mind?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"I'm sorry baby but I was so happy you found me I wasn't thinking, I just wanted to do something special for you, that's all. I'm so used to people always wanting a piece of me and I have made a fortune the past couple of years. After I pissed off my first record contract I lost sight of the real things in life, I treated you the same as anybody else around me and it was wrong, very wrong. I wanted you in Sydney because I very rarely get to share my success with a real friend, as a matter of fact Jill, Marty and even Adam are good friends but they are not real friends, you are and I love you so much, at least I think I do. I just wanted to share a portion of my life with you but I can see I really was being selfish."

I took his hand and rubbed his fingers trying to form a response that wouldn't hurt him. Taking a deep breath I said, "Conner I understand more than you know. I'm so not in your league, I have mounting bills and a day job where I don't earn millions of dollars a year. This pizza is the best meal I have had since I visited mum and dad's three months ago. I can't afford your lifestyle and I'm too bloody stubborn and proud to accept expensive gifts or gestures. The private plane must have cost you a small fortune, how the hell am I ever going to repay you for that?"

"Brent I," I held my hand up to stop him.

"No don't say it, I already know what you are going to say and I have to accept that gift because I've got no way to pay you back but it's going to play on my moral side something fierce. I can't live like you do and I won't be treated as this year's current rent boy."

He gasped and a dark look came over his face.

"Is that what you think you are to me?" all of a sudden his voice was full of anger.

"Yes, from you insisting your henchman pick me up and take me to the airport and install me on a private plane that was so luxurious I felt like I needed to shower before I sat in the deep leather seat and was waited on by a steward that didn't introduce himself and did nothing but stare and sneer down his nose at me. I half expected him to deodorize the cabin before take off. He showed his full contempt for me by handing me a half empty plastic bottle of water and later asking how much you were paying me, like this sort of thing happens daily, even I have some pride Conner. I was then slipped into your dressing room and for god knows what reason, a guard placed outside the door. If I hadn't jumped out at the traffic lights and got myself home I would have had to endure the same demeaning treatment on the way home, from someone that doesn't know me and would look at me with contempt in his eyes. I hate to think what those men in the cockpit were thinking about me. Conner it's not who I am, that's not me, all I ever wanted from you are moments like this, not all the other stuff. It's going to take me awhile but hopefully in the not too distant future I can buy my own concert and airline tickets but in the meantime I just want Conner not Rick. He's awesome on stage but he's also someone I don't know or care for." I wasn't pissed off just mentally exhausted when I finished my speech.

He looked furious by the time I finished, getting up he paced the floor, his fists were opening and closing, he pulled his cell out and was flipping through his phone numbers, his breathing was labored and his eyes intense. Putting his hand up to stop me this time from saying anything, he said into the phone,

"Hello Phil? Yep, got here on the other jet, all's good, uh,aha,aha.

"Okay are you flying tonight? Great then when you get back to Melbourne I would like you to fire Steven. You heard and tell him he's never to set foot on or near that plane or any company plane or property ever again. He gets no references or bonuses and also tell him from me as a personal message his charge three weeks ago is a highly respected friend of mine and he's fucking lucky I don't come down there myself and kick his fairy ass into next week. That's right Phil, Brent, yeah, he's the one I wanted you boys to meet and treat with the utmost respect and obviously Steven didn't get the message right. Okay Phil, I'll personally pick the next attendant. Have a good night mate and thank you."

He hung up and was still furious. I thought he might start attacking me, I didn't want to be the reason someone lost his job, add it to my failing record.

He poured us another wine then sat down.

"Before you start Brent, I've been wanting to do that for months now, it's not you, it's him. He thinks his shit doesn't stink because he came to us with the jet, we got the pilots too but they are great guys and they would be very happy I just did that. Phil said if he had of known about your piss poor treatment he would have shoved Steven out the exit door, he is furious with him. Steven has been hitting on me ever since I got the plane and I am so sick of people making assumptions about me, as if I would sleep with anyone. I've never hired a rent boy and I really don't think I would even know how. He should have treated you like a VIP guest baby, he doesn't know the real me Brent, like yourself, people just don't know the real us." He took a deep breath and continued, "My company owns the plane and four others. It's belly was full of express parcels and letters urgently required in Sydney for the next morning and the flight still would have flown with or without you, it's how I pay to run it. It didn't cost the company a thing to have you on board and I'm fucking furious you were treated like that, your too precious to me to ever have you thought of like that."

He was almost shouting with rage.

"Brent I love you, everyone I trust knows about you, I would give up my career for you, nobody I know will ever, ever treat you like that bastard did, I wish I was a fighter, I feel like throwing him out the exit door myself at thirty thousand feet."

Silence and I was shaking.

Then he leant over and laid one on me.

"Sorry babe, that was Rick here, just for a minute. Now can we wash up and do some making out on the couch; now I'm back?" he smiled.

I didn't know what to say, I was too shocked so I said nothing.

He helped me wash the plates and put them away, then we settled down on the sofa, I put a disc on and turned it down low. Taking his cap off, I started kissing him and telling him how much I loved him while he was caressing my body and making noises like he was a contented cat. He slid from the sofa to the floor and made me lie down, it was a perfect position for us to get our lips joined completely then he lifted my shirt and rubbed his hand up and down my chest, tweaking my nipples, my zipper was opened slowly.

"I'm warning you, I'm going to scream the house down once you enter me," I whispered.

"Be my guest babe," he answered.

"No, be mine," I said.

Lying in my arms Conner let out a long sigh and said, "That was awesome, I haven't ever felt so close to anyone like that before, I just love you so much."

"Me too babe, I feel completed and I still feel you in me.Thank you for such a wonderful night, I can't remember the last time I've felt this way, in fact I've never felt this way before, ever."

Tears were swelling but I fought to put a stop to them.

He lifted himself up on his elbow and ran his fingers over my abs, his eyes staring into mine.

"Brent can I ask you something without you getting mad? I would like you to listen to what I'm saying and just think on it for awhile, there's no rush."

"Okay Con, just don't make the question too hard okay?" I giggled.

"Okay, here goes. My company needs a new flight attendant and the job comes with four weeks of training at the Qantas school. The hours are random and change daily, there are a lot of perks, sometimes you fly overseas, sometimes islands you didn't even know existed and sometimes you get to meet celebrities, maybe even me." He smiled, his white teeth glistening in the dull light.

"Conner I."

"Please let me finish babe, the pay is a standard contract wage and it's paid whether you fly or not. Your accommodation is included and your starting salary is seventy five thousand a year, just think about it. You have to learn all about safety and your nursing takes care of the medical. The food is pre-packed and all you have to do is flip a switch, your bubbly personality is a bonus, you can talk now," he smiled.

I kissed him again and said,

"Conner thank you, I am so grateful you even thought I could do that job. But the words I'm hearing are,'he's sleeping with the boss that's why he got the job.' I wanted to leave it at that but added, "I will think about it okay?"

"That's all I'm asking babe," he replied.

"I do know what you are talking about but I can assure you anybody that's associated with me would never think or say that sort of shit to you, I give them respect and in turn they give me loyalty, but please Brent I need, no I want to give you a leg up, please go and see my accountant tomorrow. The low interest loans are for staff and family, you are my family now and I will even come with you," he appealed.

"Well, if you put it that way, then I had better make an appointment."

"No need Brent, we will go in the morning, do you drive babe?"

"Yes Conner, I can drive, why?"

"Well I'm a little rusty, I nearly cleaned up a tram on the way here and it's only in the city, not far."

"I can only imagine what sort of car you own, aren't you scared I will trash it?" I smiled.

"She's a beaut car Brent, a dream to drive but a little naughty sometimes," He laughed as he started kissing my neck and I was being driven wild.

"Okay, what kind is it?"

"I think it's a BMW."

"A fucking Beamer and you want me to drive it?"

He shrugged then kept licking my abs.

"She's a sweet car babe and drives okay."

I groaned more from the thought of driving an expensive car not from the shivers happening all over my body. He ran his tongue across my pubes.

We finally made love for the second time. I couldn't get enough of his stubble and grazed my teeth on it then licked it while he gave me another explosive orgasm.

In the morning we showered and dressed and I took my man out for breakfast. He didn't shave and really looked like a bum, he told me he doesn't get recognized as much when he's like that. I kind of liked it.

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