Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 6

Published: 22 Oct 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Arriving at the hotel and into the underground car park we were met by a valet. Because Conner has been here for a few days he already had his key and the valet called a bus boy to take my bag. He showed us to the elevator and in no time we were safely hidden away in the room, which was spacious and the view stunning.

Conner tipped the bus boy, and after the door was closed, took my hand and led me to the bedroom and took a bag out of the walk-in wardrobe.

"Here, try this on, I need to check you out," he winked.

I did a very slow striptease, taking my time as I relieved my body of its protective garments. In only my hipster briefs, Conner started dressing me, the suit was black with forest green fabric down the small lapels and trouser stripe. It was awesome, Jill had done a great job on this and it fit like a glove.

Conner's hands were everywhere. He took photos, but I didn't have a shirt on then, so I was showing some skin, he licked me up and down. In no time I was naked, my beautiful suit slung over a chair, my legs wrapped around Conner's slim waist and I was being kissed and nibbled into oblivion.

We showered and dressed casual then I re-hung my suit. Conner ordered pizza and champagne from the kitchens and we sat on the balcony watching the city lights and the sparkle in each other's eyes. I had called Jill and thanked her and asked how much but she said it was an anniversary present from Conner.

We discussed it for a minute and I closed the conversation with, "No more anniversaries, okay?"

"Okay last one," he smiled but I just knew he had crossed his fingers behind his back.

The pizza was very tasty and filled the spot. I opened my Ipad to look over the schedule for next week and starting Monday it was Melbourne then Adelaide and then back to Sydney, the list went on but it didn't look too heavy. Turning it off I asked Conner what was on tomorrow's list.

He said we had a hair appointment then massage and he had rehearsals at two.

"Are you singing baby?"

"Yes hon, but I can't tell you which song, all I will say is it will be Conner on stage, not Rick," he grinned.

"What are you up to mister?"

No answer.

It started to get late so we went to bed and made out.


"Yes babe?"

"We still have to talk you know."

"I know Brent but can we do it later, not this weekend okay?"

"Sure we can."

I spooned him, every good part of my body settled into his beautiful parts, and we were happy and warm.

We skipped the massage because it was for an hour and that's an hour we could spend in bed.

The hairdresser did a great job on my wavy locks, she also said she will come to our room and primp it before we leave,apparently it's all part of the hotel service; but I'm thinking once she's in the room, maybe she might expect to stay, I needed a plan.

Jill arrived at five with a stunning woman she introduced as her partner Sarah and they both looked a million dollars, Sarah immediately got on the phone.

"She's calling her mum whose babysitting Luke tonight, he's got a sniffle. This will be the first of many calls honey, just go with it." She winked.

I offered them champagne while Conner had a beer.

Standing on the balcony watching the city come to light while Conner dressed, Sarah kissed my cheek and said, "Thank you."

"Umm what for Sarah?"

"For being here for Conner, it's the happiest I've seen him in ages, his life has been somewhat in the toilet these past few years, I get that you love each other and, I'm guessing but deeply, I pray it works out for you both," she was genuine.

"Thank you Sarah, and yes I love him so much, I would never hurt him, I hope he feels the same for me."

"He does honey, believe me," she smiled.

I answered the door and the hairdresser and her big-breasted assistant came in, she fluffed, sprayed and cooed all over me and she said absentmindedly, "Fuck me dead," when Conner appeared.

Sarah moved to his side giving him a peck on the cheek and answered,

"No, fuck me." Jill giggled as she kissed my cheek.

The girls were put out but what could they say so they proceeded to finish up on Conner then left, their mood somber.

"You look stunning baby, fuck when you go out, you go all out, fuck me."

"That's the offer I've been waiting for, girls we will see you tomorrow," he laughed then kissed my mouth.

I went and dressed while Conner entertained the girls and looking into the mirror. I nearly teared up but then a pair of hands slipped around my waist and nuzzled my neck.

"When's your date getting here babe?"

"She's here, Sarah's my date, Jill's yours," he winked.

"Now we can all sit together and have a great night."

"Hey you two, get out here, it's time to leave," Jill yelled.

"Are we meeting Marty down there Conner?"I asked.

"Yes, he and the boys will be leaving much the same time as us, we will arrive together."

"Planned it well didn't you?" I kissed him.

"Well that and your anniversary surprise."

"Fuck, no more surprises Conner, I thought we had a deal?"

"Just one more please mum?"

"Oh okay, you naughty boy."

The lift took us to the basement and we were met by a black limo, the driver helped us into the back then proceeded to drive around to the front of the hotel. That was a short trip but I get it, he would drive around the car park again and pick up some more celebs, doing circles for the next hour.

Conner and Sarah were first to alight the car to screaming fans, then Jill and I, we were ushered to the side and Conner did his thing with the crowd. Looking around the red carpet I spotted Marty and Diana being interviewed by some woman I didn't know, Diana looked divine in a Valentino gown. I do know some labels.

She spotted me and winked, then gave me the thumbs up.

I giggled and out of the corner of my eye I could see Jill staring at her.

"Put it down," I said.


"Stop perving."

"I'm not, I just spotted that insufferable Steven in the crowd over there."

I looked and there was my smarmy flight attendant with his gay friends, snapping photos.

"I am so going to love this Jill."

"What are you up to?"

"I'm going to do my best Julia Roberts impression, watch this."

I slowly sauntered over to his little ensemble grinning, he didn't recognize me at first but when I got closer, I could see the recognition hit him full force.

His friends were taking our photos and cooing, I placed my hand on his shoulder and said,

"Big mistake, huge," then laughed.

I felt a hand going around my waist and I knew whom it was. He also bent over and said,

"Massive mistake asshole, you okay babe?" he asked, a little too loud.

Conner steered me away and told me Jill had summoned him over, just in case.

"I didn't need back up Conner, he had it coming."

He whispered,

"I know honey, I just wanted to be in on it," he giggled.

"Now let's go win some awards,"he added.

Little did I know that minute of fun would come back and hit me big time.

We sat through a lot of minor but important nominations and presentations then Conner disappeared with an usher, he said he would be back soon.

A half hour later and the presentations were coming up for,'Best Album'.

Before they were read out the stage went black and a lone figure entered, looking like the rock god he was. He walked to the microphone and dropped his head as the room went ballistic with applause, when it dropped off, more lights came on that revealed a choir and orchestra, my heart leapt into my throat and I could feel a tear slowly moving down my cheek.

He began to sing a song I didn't recognize, it was slow and soo fucking sexy, his voice deep and somber,

'Deep in my heart there's a place for your soul
Down there it's cosy and pure
Your eyes tell me that you need to be held
In the face of the oncoming storm.'

I leaned into Adam.

"What song is this?"

He answered,

"It's on his new album but he's singing it as it was written, unplugged, it's called,

'Please ask me."

I looked at him nearly losing it.

"Don't tell anybody but it's the theme song of Ang Lees' new movie. It will be released next month so Conner wanted to give it an outing tonight, my guess is there's somebody in the room he loves deeply," he giggled.

I listened to the words, they caressed my heart and when he lifted his voice to an unbelievable height, the choir joined in and the song came together in a mammoth crescendo then dropped down to a lone voice singing,

"I love you, please stay in my dreams."

The applause was deafening, I jumped up and applauded with the others, my heart wanting to rush on stage and hold him, he looked so fragile standing there but the show must go on. It was five minutes after that he won his first gong for,'Best Album.' He swaggered on stage, kissed the presenter and was handed his trophy, his speech was all about his peers, very humbling and he ended it with, "I love you babe."

Adam and Rob punched me and Jill nudged my ribs, I couldn't stop smiling and my pending tears tried to run free.

He was shown back to the table, all the way getting slapped on the back and handshakes. Marty was the first to hug him, Diana kissed his cheek and then wiped her lippy off his face, all the while his eyes were on me and mine on his.

"What did you think?"

"Fuck me Conner, that unplugged album is looking a whole lot better, I could listen to you sing that kind of song all day," I murmured into his ear.

"Did Adam tell you?"

"Yes, did he do wrong?"

"No, I wanted him to, happy anniversary babe."

He didn't kiss me but I knew he was thinking about it. I was too and more.

He won the next three awards and his night was completed when Marty got off his phone and announced that his upcoming album had reached three hundred thousand online sales and rising, his recording company had released the online album to coincide with the Arias.

We celebrated with more drinks and by the end of the night I was stuffed but Conner was ready to party. He had to go and face the media for photos so I said I would see him upstairs and said my good nights to everyone, it was two hours later that he undressed and climbed into bed, me pulling him closer then dropping off almost immediately.

The morning, as always, brings wood and my wood was firmly planted between my lover's thighs, pre-empting my morning piss. I slowly detached myself and went to the bathroom, relieving myself of last night's drinks.

I put the coffee maker on and started to pick Conner's clothes off the lounge room floor,by the looks of the trail, he must have started undressing as soon as the door closed behind him. A slip of paper was hanging out his jacket pocket so I put it on the coffee table along with a carry bag containing his awards, bubble wrapped tightly inside. Sitting down, I sipped my drink letting Conner sleep longer, he would have to do radio interviews later in the morning but that can be done over the phone.

The paper caught my eye again and I opened the note sized page, it read, 'I have always loved you, why do you even doubt it, please call me, love John,' then a phone number.Maybe a fan slipped it in last night; I refolded it and left it beside his things.

Scratching his bum crack, he emerged an hour later. I made a drink for him as he stood behind me holding himself up and nibbling the back of my neck, "I love you,"he whispered.

"I love you too, last night was fantastic baby, did the party go late?"

"Yes hon, it was good to see some mates again but I'm suffering now."

"Well, have your coffee ready and you can sit and wait for the phone calls."

"Do I have to mum?"

"Yes you do, otherwise Marty will be pissed off," I smiled.

He sat on the sofa then started unwrapping his awards, I noticed he looked at the note then threw it in the bin.

"Ask me," he said.

"Ask you what?"

"Ask me about the note."

"Okay, it doesn't bother me but what's with it?"

"John, the last guy I fooled around with, he's the drummer in the band I used for my shows in Sydney last year. We had a small thing until he decided he wanted to buy his drugs on my credit card, I didn't love him Brent, I lusted for awhile but that's about all."

"Okay Conner, over and done."

"More than over and done."

"Can I ask you a question babe?"


"Why do you shy away from me making love to you?"

"I don't know Brent, I've never let anyone get that close, maybe it's a leftover fear from my childhood, maybe it's just that, fear."

"Do you remember anything from those days?"

"Not a lot, you already know what happened, I have nothing to add."

I kissed him and thought you can't pass it off that easy.But I left it for now.

The first of many phone calls started and it was two hours of answering the same questions, I kept the water up but I could see by the end of it, he was exhausted so I made him go back to bed.

I just lounged around for the rest of the day picking the phone up with no comment other than, 'yes, he's sleeping and yes, he's over the moon.'

John rang and wanted to speak to Rick but I just took his number and hung up.

He asked who I was so I just said, I was his new assistant.

I left the message on the pad with the rest of them and having had enough, I rang reception and told them to hold all calls.

I went and lay down for a bit but I didn't get to close my eyes as Conner was all over me in an instant.

After a hungry hour of making love we cuddled and kissed.

"My Aunty Beth knew, she knew everything about me, everything, she had it all written down in her diary. I couldn't talk about it to her but she knew my mother used to hide her drugs in my rectum when the cops were around, it didn't matter that I bled and I don't know for how long things were in there but it happened often," he started weeping sadly.

I held him and kept saying, "It's over now and no one's going to hurt you anymore."

I felt like saying, tell me the rest but I held off. This is a start; anything he says about those days is a start.

Leaving the hotel was a nightmare as, there were cameras everywhere. I had my flight uniform on and I thought it might buy me some privacy, and it did. No one was interested in taking my picture today so it was good to just take Conner's bags to the limo. I slid into the far side followed by Adam and Will, Conner almost fell in when a reporter tried to get in with him.

"That's just plain not on lady, so rude," Conner said to her.

She was red faced and tried to apologise to him as the valet finally got the door closed and we were on our way.

"Move over you two, I want to sit with Brent," he said as he wiggled his way over, placing his hand on Adam's crotch, making him scream, Conner chuckled and those dimples were firing up beautifully.

He kissed me and put his arm around my shoulders, I snuggled in.

"She had a grope," he said.


"She groped me when she fell on me."

"Bloody hell, your right, that is rude,"I said.

"Well it happens a lot to me, I get so sick of it," he kissed me.

"Oh, then I'll stop then," I giggled.

"Don't you ever stop babe and as soon as I get you on the plane,"he started.

"You'll have coffee and cake,"Adam leered at us.

"My plane, my rules and anyway my guess is your bum needs a rest Adam," he laughed.

Arriving at the jet we loaded up the bags then I met the boys in the cabin with drinks. We had an hour to kill but the time goes quickly as I have to do a galley check to make sure there was enough food and drinks for everyone.

"Why isn't Marty coming with us?" I asked Adam as he exited the washroom.

"He and Diana are going to have a few more days in Sydney, she has a shoot to do tomorrow for Vogue so he's decided to stay. It's hard for them to get alone time together, her mum is always with her when they travel, she's tied up with business at the moment otherwise she would be here," he answered.

"Oh, stage mum?" I asked.

"Yes, a true, stuck up, number one bitch of a stage mum I'm afraid Brent. It's a shame, if it wasn't for her dreams for Diana's career, she and Marty would be married now raising some kids, but alas mum seems to get the last word, I feel so sorry for Marty," Adam sighed.

"Shame, Diana just can't tell her to back off," I said.

"She won't Brent,she's too nice."

"Okay enough said we had better sit down for take off."

I did my pre-flight check then gave my safety talk, Conner was rubbing his crotch while I tried not to laugh, dirty bugger.

I strapped myself in and we roared down the runway.

Finally on our flight path to Melbourne, I organised lunch, passing out the trays of hot food to my guests. I sat with Conner at the table, he kept kissing me and when Adam and Rob started to get up,Conner said very sternly,"Sit down."

They both flopped on the couch, mouths open.

He took my hand and said,

"Shall we?"

"Of course sir," I answered.

I thought to myself, not again, I'm not liking this one-sided relationship one bit.

We made love gently and passionately as the jet swayed in the air, I think the boys were doing it deliberately because Conner couldn't stop laughing.

I gave him what he wanted but I so wanted to make love to him, I tried but he dodged my attempts to loosen him up.

"They're a couple you know," he said.


"Phil and Dave, they have been together for ages now, they even had a commitment ceremony in Canada last year."

"I didn't pick it, they act so straight," I said amazed.

"Well being what they are, they keep it pretty quiet from everyone," he replied.

"Well it's good to know Conner, I can be me around them."

"There's no need to act around the people you meet Brent, most of them know about my off stage life, they really like you by the way. They told me the other day, coming up, that they were livid with what Steven had done to you, if you ever need some advice then they are your go toos"

"What's Marty going to do about Diana, they can't go on like this forever?"

"Oh, you know about that?"

"Yeah, Adam mentioned it."

"Good, I love Adam and I like Rob, he's good for him, he's had a rough few years, I'm glad they found each other."

"Marty loves Diana, they have been dating forever, it's been hard but he's stuck it out. Diana's mum is really full on; I only let her use the jet for Marty's sake.

Be warned Brent, when she's on board she might start ordering you around, I think that's why Steven and she got on so well, they are both bitches. I personally would like to kick her bum into next year, she's so up herself and quite rude, no heart of gold there. I insist she calls me Rick, I pull her up on it all the time and Brent, feel free to give it back to her if she upsets you. I mean that, you don't take any shit from our freebies," he laughed.

"How often does she fly Conner?"

"About once a month, she goes to see an old friend in Darwin, nobody knows who, not even Diana, she stays a few days then fly's home. I avoid her on those flights, Marty schedules my appearances not to coincide with her trips."

"Sounds like my first battle of the airways coming up, I have her on my flight Thursday."

"Want me to come with you baby?"

"Not unless you want to, I should be okay, difficult people are my thing, when all is said and done they are either scared shitless or two bit bullies."

"We better change the bed and get ready for landing Conner, I can feel the jet descending."

The announcement was heard a few seconds later and Phil gave me a reminder to tie everything down.

We quickly made the bed and I settled the galley, Adam pouted.

"You'll be home soon honey, the wait will be worth it," Rob said patting Adam's knee.

He smiled and blushed.

Landing at Avalon this time, it was a somber goodbye, I had to fly on to Adelaide, then Alice Springs and then home and we won't get in until nine tonight. Our belly full of urgent parcels, the boys will move the jet to Tullarmarine in the morning for a mid-morning flight to the Gold Coast, Sydney then back to Melbourne.

My flight to Adelaide isn't long and I was looking forward to having the plane to myself, I haven't really had a good look around.When we land in Adelaide, Conner will be just getting home, it's a long drive from Avalon but I'm sure he will sleep all the way.

We kissed goodbye in the galley not wanting to let go but we had to. The underside lockers were full and our time slot approached. I waved to everyone from the window and Conner was smiling as he got in the limo.

We took off into the west on an uneventful, one hour flight and I familiarised myself with the cabin then made coffee for the boys who were being very chatty, they even let me into their little world and pointed out the important switches and dials, there's no way I could fly one of these things.

Unloading half our cargo, we then set off for Alice Springs on a longer leg of our journey. I served lunches and sat at the table to eat mine, then I turned my Ipad on and connected to the plane's Wi-Fi and almost immediately Conner's face appeared and we looked at each other while I ate.His hair was wet and he had shaved, slowly he moved his Ipad down to his boner.

"It's waiting for you baby."

"I see it's happy to see me," I said.

"You look so gorgeous Brent, are you tired?"

"A little but we are nearly there so I will get some shut eye on the way back. "

We disconnected because Conner had a knock on the door, it was Ray so I left them to it.

Starting to descend, I looked out the window at the red desert below. Alice Springs is in the middle of Australia, just miles and miles of desert, mostly red, powdery dust, so fine it's like talcum powder, but Alice is a beautiful oasis.

"If you look out the left side Brent, you can see Ayer's Rock, now sometimes called Uluru, it's aboriginal name"

I did and it was magnificent from the air, a huge red rock in the middle of nowhere, very majestic.

I belted up for landing which again was smooth; the guys were there to unload the rest of our delivery and then loaded up some more parcels to be transported to Melbourne.

We fuelled up and then left, I didn't even get to walk around the tarmac, it was so quick.

On the way to Melbourne airport I managed an hour's sleep on the sofa.

Three hours later we landed and again the plane was unloaded, I really had nothing to do so I said my goodnights and walked to Conners car which had been left for me to get home.

Opening the door I was greeted by a very animated rock star in the nude, he was draped over the sofa and horned up and it only took me thirty seconds to join him. He was all over me; then he bent me over the armrest and screwed my ass forever. I still wasn't happy with this arrangement, I have always been the top in my past relationships, I hope this isn't going to be the norm in our lives, I would rather not bottom all the time, the only reason I am sort of enjoying it is because it's Conner doing the pitching.

Fully satisfied he asked if I was hungry, we could walk down to the many restaurants nearby or order in, we opted to walk down the street and get some take away.

With his baseball cap on, Conner looked more like a young boy not the rock star he is. I kind of loved this side of him, he even held my hand occasionally and I kissed his cheek whenever I got the chance.The Chinese restaurant was busy, we ordered then waited at a table on the sidewalk until it was ready.

"It's been here for years, my first take away meal was from here and I felt so special and grown up. My aunty ordered up big and we couldn't eat it all so I ran some into John and Ray's, they lived next door then. They have only recently moved out to the burbs but I get the feeling they will be back. The place is rented at the moment and they love the gay scene around here, I think they miss it and their friends, they know just about everybody on this street and most of the shop owners."

"They were very good to you earlier weren't they?"

"Yes, they helped me learn a lot of things, from tying my shoelaces to what spoon to use at the table. They trained me in the finer things in life and were never too far away, I would see Ray's car parked outside the school on occasions, he would just sit there and watch me in the schoolyard, he still looks after me like a father."

"Had they known your aunty for awhile Conner?"

"Yes, they were friends long before I came along, my aunt was married to Peter who was a medical scientist with his own pharmaceutical company. Between the four of them, they came up with the disposable syringe and a few other gismos used in hospitals all over the world. That's where I got the bulk of my money from, Ray and John, who is an accountant look after that side of things. My aunt and uncle were ordinary people but quite wealthy, it's all too much for me to understand so I just leave it up to them. They also don't have to work as they invested in my uncle's company very early on, before he made his first million."

"Oh," was all I could get out.

"Ask me."

"I don't need to know Conner, in fact I would rather not know as long as your okay, the rest is your own private business," I said.

"Okay we'll leave it for now but if you want to know, just ask Brent."

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