Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 11

Published: 26 Nov 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

When I got home I felt on top of the world, Phil was right, I haven't heard anything so right and forceful since my trainer bailed me out for overweighing my dumbbells.

Conner kissed me at the door and he had John made us some wraps for a late lunch. I showered and met him in the kitchen and he asked about the politicians, I told him they were typical boys club members. He laughed, I laughed then I took his hand and walked him to the bedroom where we stripped and I focused on him and only him. I lay on my back and straddled his waist and all the time he was saying,

"Are you sure babe, are you sure?"

I kept saying yes, make love to me.

I kept my focus on his face, his eyes and his hair, he was my Conner when he entered me gently and he was my Conner when he slowly moved in and out. All I saw was my Conner's eyes, his beautiful blue eyes, his gorgeous face, his hair and I could smell his smell, I breathed him in and to my surprise I enjoyed it because he was my Conner. He was with me, he came to me and he saved me, he was doing things I thought we would never do again and those awful people were the furthest thing from my mind. I fell in love again while Conner got this amazing look on his face, he was in my world with me, and he was totally at one with me.

His cock finally spewed his creamy cum into me and I was experiencing the most sensational orgasm I've ever had, hands free by rubbing on his treasure trail. Thank you Phil, thank you so much for giving me hope and for giving me back, me.

I was panting along with Conner, he leant on his elbow and asked if I was all right and I started to laugh, he laughed with me, we tickled each other then ended up having a pillow fight, my ass felt good and I wanted to scream with joy.

Later that night I asked Conner what Phil's story was, he had noticed the change in me so I told him Phil had a good talk to me and it all made sense. I was giving my psych the flick and was going to look for a better one, I was just wallowing in emotion every time I saw him but he never offered any advice like he did the first day, he just listened. Conner said, "Maybe it's the Rick Conner's effect babe."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he saw me and decided there are oodles of money to be had here. I'll make some inquiries tomorrow, maybe Ray knows someone we can trust with your health," he said as he kissed my neck and licked my ear.

"Oh no you don't mister Conner, I want to know about Phil, what's his story?"

"Fuck babe, not now, later," he moaned.

"Now," I growled as I held his mouth on my neck a little longer.

"Well, what I do know is he's an ex-fighter pilot and so is Dave, they had done eight years in the Air Force and then decided to go domestic. When they got out of the Force they flew to Canada and got married. They got a job flying a private plane for an Australian businessman, who, when he was in trouble, sold the plane to my company and they both joined the company along with the jet."

"His family Conner, I already know the other stuff," I prompted him.

"I talked to him about it once when we told each other we were gay and Steven had overheard it, that's why he was trying to get me into bed. Phil wasn't very forthcoming about family, he did talk about his beautiful sister and she's a councilor or something like that. He's one of the good guys Brent, I think he was trained in counseling himself with the Force, but I don't know what sort."

"Oh okay, maybe I should talk to him more, he really helped me today, I sort of had a little moment and he came to my rescue."

"Really, well do I thank him for the new you?"

"You do Conner, I owe him big time," I said smiling.

"Do you want to fuck me now?" Conner licked my neck again.

I was in that bedroom quick as a flash and I made love to his eyes, hair, face and mouth.

"Wow," he said.

"Wow back at you," I replied.

We slept soundly that night and woke refreshed and ready to go again but no fucking this time, just touching, kissing and sucking.

The doorbell went and I answered it.

"Good morning Raymond and how are you this fine morning?"

"Fuck, I can smell the sex from next door?"

I laughed all the way to the coffee pot.

"Brent, I opened a trader's account for you and here are your passwords, I went ahead and bought some of that stock you wanted so all you have to do is watch it and when you think you've made enough,just push the sell button. Here are some basic instructions."

He handed me the paperwork then showed me how to log onto the site.

I looked and of course was confused but Ray was patient and showed me what I owned and how to handle it.

I showed no response and no emotion but just said, "If it doubles then I might say,'find me a star with a big cock to fuck, just for fun."

Conner nearly dropped his coffee cup laughing.

"You already have one, idiot," he said.

"No, I want a chocolate one next time," I squealed.

"Don't you have to go to work Brent? There's a cute little Prince flying today, you can marry him if you like but I won't guarantee he's got a big cock."

He kills me so I hit him with a cushion.

We hugged, kissed and groped but I had to go and he was off to do a midday show on TV. Maybe I can watch it on the plane; it's only about a one-hour flight to Adelaide and it will be telecast while we are on the ground.

My first prince, Phil, met me at the door and I hugged and kissed his cheek.

"I take it you had fun?" he said.

"The best my friend, the best, thank you, I owe you my life."

"So what are you going to do now Brent?"

"I'm sacking my shrink and kicking those attackers so far away from me they will never come back," I smiled.

"Try this woman Brent, maybe a shrink isn't what you need."

He handed me a card for a counselor's room in Richmond that said,'Mary Daniels.'

"Your sister?"

"Yes, I think she's better equipped Brent," he smiled.

My other prince arrived in his finery, he was very short but very beautiful, he had four legs and floppy kind of ears, his owner's love him very much and he was a friendly guy but I didn't feel the need to check his dick out. He was being shipped to Adelaide to do some servicing; he was a lucky devil, so handsome.

I tried to talk to him but all he was interested in was the packet of doggie treats I held.

He survived the flight and was very eager to get started on his ladies; I waved to him as he drove away, he wasn't into long goodbyes.

Conner's show was on at one so I had half an hour to feed the boys and myself. I sat with them at the table and we discussed Sydney tomorrow night.They were looking forward to the break, as they hadn't had one for a while.

We talked about the Sydney scene and Conner's concert appearance and the time went quickly, then we sat and watched the afternoon show in comfort while the jet was being rested; our departure time wasn't for another two hours.

Conner was superb and he sang my song, 'Us'. He was gorgeous on the big screen and I drooled at the magic in his voice and the beauty of his face.

The interviewer started by asking Conner how his mate Brent was faring. He answered I was fine and dealing beautifully with what happened then he urged the viewers to donate to mental health, saying it'smore prevalent in our society than we realize.

They went on to talk about the Opera house and then Europe; it was a casual talk and quite funny in places. He was asked about his special girl and he replied, although he has a special someone, she's a very shy girl.

The guy interviewing him asked if she was the gorgeous blonde he saw him with at the Arias and Conner replied,

"No, my girl is a redhead and she doesn't like the Arias, she's overweight and lazy, her names Cindy but she does move when I put my foot to the floor," he laughed long and loud and so did the audience, and us viewers; I guess we both have special someone's in our lives now.

That over with, we did the pre-flight check, I cleaned up and settled in for the flight home. Later, I made coffee for the boys and managed to doze a bit.

I toyed with my Ipad and logged into the stock account. I didn't get angry and I didn't react to Conner's gesture, rather I decided to just go with the flow. I can't fight everything he tries to do for me but the one hundred thousand shares he bought me, if I make a little money; will go back to him with interest. My security money I want to hold for a while because it makes me feel safe.

On Friday we all gathered at the hangar for a pre-flight drink and some nibbles, I wore my uniform because there were two VIPs flying with us and Jen and Bob and they wanted photos so I had it on and posed for heaps,Conner joined me in most of them.

Di and Marty were holding hands and she looked so beautiful even though she was wearing grunge, it suited her and I could just imagine her as a kid playing down on Mentone beach, she was probably tall and gawky but what a swan now and no wrinkles.

Conner looked a million dollars in his black jeans and jacket while a white T-Shirt covered his gorgeous chest. His hair was everywhere, it followed his face around and flopped into it often, he would use his hand to push it back and when he did, I could see his bright blue eyes looking at me.

"I'm doing it for you Brent," he said.

"Doing what Conner?"

"The hot star pose," he giggled.

I knew what he meant and wanted to put my tongue down his hot star throat.

Ray and John were talking to Jen and Bob about the loan and I overheard that they thought it might be a good idea if they made double payments but Ray said not to,instead he advised them to leave it for now as there was something in the wind and to be patient for a couple of months. I am guessing Conner has something up his sleeve.

We boarded and I changed clothes, I hung my work things in the locker and started doing my safety talk a little earlier than usual, Bob joked all the way through it and Conner embarrassed me by throwing a black jock strap at me, he joked,

"Do it again with this on."

Everyone laughed at my red face so I walked into the salon and put it on, then came out and shocked them into their own little embarrassed worlds.

Conner didn't think I would do it but he had egged me on giggling, Jen was busy taking heaps of photos but then I went and changed just as Dave announced to buckle up, I just made it before the engines roared into life.

Cruising to Sydney went fast as we all joked and drank and Rob and Adam disappeared for twenty minutes, I guess they wanted to be alone, yeah right.

The jet was left at the Sydney hangar and a people mover took us all to the hotel. Jen was so excited because they never took holidays, they couldn't afford it, she was a good solicitor and made good money but Bob was a warehouse manager and he didn't earn a lot, he loved his job and they survived okay but sadly they had no spare cash for holidays.

Conner asked them both if they had accrued any holiday time and they said they both had about four months of holidays saved but they planned to take them when the baby comes.

"Adam, you got the tour dates with you?" He asked.

"Sure, in my satchel Conner, why?"

"Can you work out where we will be that has a two or three week break between countries, I know we have one around the middle of the tour and let me know the dates, I think it's three weeks."

"Two weeks Conner, stop trying to push it to three," he smiled.

"It's after the Dublin shows and before Germany."

"Get passports guys, you need a holiday in Germany."

Jen laughed and said,

"Thank you Conner but that will be March and the baby is due in May. I won't be in much shape to fly but thank you for the thought and don't look at me like that, blame him, this is all his fault," she looked at Bob and laughed.

I kissed Conner's neck and he purred.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"But the house is enough, they can do Europe next year."

He gave me a surprised look.

"I know your up to something with Ray, I thank you but that's not what we are about Con, you're too generous and we are practically strangers." It was an off the cuff comment but he knew what I was talking about.

"More than strangers Brent, much, much more, family comes to mind."

"Sorry Conner, bad choice of words on my part, I apologize," I said.

"No need, I know what you were talking about but just go with me, I won't go overboard, Ray won't let me, he's got your back babe," he smiled.

Standing near the reception, while the boys collected their key cards, Di put her arm around my shoulders and asked,

"You will be a groomsman at our wedding won't you?"

I was shocked, as I didn't expect that question.

"Umm, if you want me to be, yes of course, I would be honored."

"Marty wants that two bit rock star for his best man but I fought for you honey, I really did but he won't budge, he says he's got a bigger cock," she screamed with laughter.

"God,I love you so much," I said back at her.

"Me too you honey, me too."

"Oh no!" I screamed.

"What?"She said.

"What's that?" I pointed to her eye.

She rummaged through her oversized handbag and pulled out a small mirror and started looking for lines.

She threw it back just as I ducked behind her, hiding.

"Brent you fucking twit," she laughed.

"Big cock eh?" I laughed.

She had never asked me how Pat had died and what were her last words, she knew I witnessed it but she never spoke of it. I was grateful in a way because I couldn't tell her, I'd laughed when it happened.

In our room, Conner immediately pushed me on the bed.

"You still got that jock strap on?"

"Yes babe," I smiled.

My pants were around my knees in no time and a big dicked rock star was sucking it up.

We dined that night at,'The Pier', a great seafood restaurant that overlooked Sydney Harbor and the view was superb, the bridge was lit up and looking its majestic self.

We ordered mixed platters and cocktails but Conner and I only had one each, Jen didn't drink and I didn't count what the others had. It was a relaxing, family night and Conner was fussed over by an over zealous waiter who looked like he was going to pounce at any time so he said, "Watch this baby."

He pushed his chair back and stretched while pushing his ass down the seat, his package was clearly on show to everyone.

The waiter who had been serving drinks bumped into another table and lost his balance and ended up on the floor. It was so funny, I hoped he wasn't hurt but I guess his mind was on something else. Conner helped him up and brushed him off and I spotted a large, stiff dick that was trying to find release in the waiter's pants. He was so embarrassed and scurried off back to the bar.

"Now he knows how I feel when people stare," Conner laughed.

Later on we ended up in a piano bar Adam knew of and Conner sang just one song, because he was trying to take care of his voice, so it would be crisp for tomorrow night.

Of course he was egged on to sing more but declined.

He told me the rock star didn't care too much for his voice and the fans screaming didn't hear much of it anyway, but his Conner voice was different. I knew what he meant and suggested we go home, the place we were at was getting very crowded and there were news crews outside the small bar snapping away at us all as we left.

The morning paper had the headline,'Rock star gives survivor a night out', and our photo was on the cover showing Conner's arm across my shoulders, he was smiling for the camera and I was watching where I was walking.

We had a lazy day beside the pool, it wasn't busy and we had, for modesty sake, worn our running shorts with our Speedos on underneath. Conner had to leave around two for a sound check and rehearsal and we were all very excited and couldn't wait to see the show. I looked through my sunglasses at the beautiful sky, it was cloudless and a pretty blue but not as pretty as Conner's eyes. Hearing him moving, I turned to see what he was up to, he was going for a swim.

"Join me?"

"In a minute Con, I just want to perve a bit."

He laughed and dropped his shorts while walking to the side of the pool with his bum fighting to stay in place, then he dived in and started swimming to the other side.

I also spied another hunk beside the pool who was gorgeous but a little too hairy for me, oh, who am I kidding? He was a hunk.

He also dived in and swam up to Conner and I heard some talking but it was hard to make out, as great as this hotel was, the pool was situated where you could hear traffic along the side street.

I lifted my glasses up and before I made the decision to take a dive, the guy leant over and kissed Conner full on the lips.I knew immediately who he was, John, from the Sydney band, who were accompanying Con tonight, and they were also staying here.

I dived in and swam towards them watching the goings on, Conner had pushed him away but he was coming back for another.

I slowed up and held onto the side of the pool saying,

"Everything okay here Rick?"

"Yes Brent, just trying to get this idiot off me."

"Who the fuck are you?" John sneered.

"Rick's secretary, we spoke after the Arias," I answered.

"Rick can I talk to you in private?" he asked.

I jumped in and said, "Can't let you dude, Rick's got rehearsals and you should be there already, warming up," I smiled as I motioned, with my head. for Conner to move.

"I'll talk to you later, when your trained monkey isn't around," he called.

Conner immediately went on the defensive; he waded back and grabbed John's neck, trying to strangle him.

"Don't ever talk to my friends like that, ever again. I only tolerate you, being in the band because of the other guys so don't push it. We are over, get it stuck in your head, your persistence has already cost the guys the European tour so don't take it any further." Conner was pissed.

I took his arm and pulled him off then pointed him towards the other side of the pool.

"He's got a fucking nerve Brent, we only fooled around two or three times, he doesn't know me at all," he was ranting.

"Come on Conner, let's shower," I said.

Something told me, this wasn't over by a long shot, what just happened and the sour look I got from the drummer who was drying himself nearby with a towel.

Conner left at around two and I visited Phil and Dave for a bit. We talked about Bora-Bora and our holiday there, that's going to be just wonderful, then I went back to the room and ate, then showered and dressed and it was only six but I wanted to get to the Opera house early. Jen and Bob will arrive with the others and Marty has given me a back stage pass, he and Di are already there with Jill and Adam. A security guard checked me in and gave me directions to Conner's dressing room and, as I walked through the bowels of the venue, I heard a woman yelling and screaming at someone, so I stopped thinking I could help, but was told to fuck off by a very well known Australian singer. Boy, was she pissed off big time, probably didn't get her Perrier water, I chuckled to myself.

Knocking on Conner's door I was greeted by Adam and I saw Conner smiling in the mirror, he looked beautiful and I said,

"Umm, before I come in Rick, did you get your Perrier water?"


"Water, did you get your water for the room."

"Of course,what's up?"

So I told him and he broke down laughing and told me she does it everywhere. She should be so grateful just to be here because she's overrated as a singer, she just has nice tits,that's all.

I kissed my star and went with the others to sit out in front. The guys were already there, Phil and Dave had saved my seat so I sat between them and it started from there. Dave put his hand on my leg, I was embarrassed so moved it off, then Phil did it, oh fuck, then they both leaned in and licked my ears, yuk. They were on a high and tormenting me, the topping was Dave putting his left arm around my neck and throwing his right leg over both mine then Phil did the same.

"You happy baby?" Phil asked.

"Will you guys fuck off, this is so not normal," I complained, but I felt so wanted.

Lights down, music starts, applause invaded my ears as the MC welcomed everyone to this very special night and he thanked all the artists for donating their valuable time. Someone had a mike and spoke over him.

"Let's get this show on the road, good evening Sydney," it was Rick.The MC ducked and ran off stage when roman candles spewed in the air, the curtain rose and Rick's band started strumming along with the digital backing of,

'Bring it on.'

Rick, plus dark sunglasses, appeared from nowhere. He had been delivered by a floor lift to the center of stage and god was he gorgeous. He strutted his stuff and threw his glasses into the crowd, who were all on their feet dancing along, including us.

Rob grabbed me and we moved to the stage, the others followed and we danced, waved and threw kisses at Rick who took the time out of his routine to slap our hands as he passed by.

It was a great first half of the show then Miss Perrier water sang a ballad and I must say she could sing but I suppose Conner would know if it's good or not,but it sounded okay to me, her tits bounced all through the song.

We filed out to get a drink at interval after Conner had closed the first half with,'Rock On Hard.' I was humming it to myself as Bob, who was glowing, put a beer in my hand.

"Enjoying the show Bobby?"

"What do you think little brother?It's awesome," he smiled.

Jen caught up and beamed from ear to ear.

"I feel so special tonight,Conner has been so wonderful to us Brent, it's a fairy tale."

"Well lap it up sis, he's a beautiful man, don't be surprised if your mortgage disappears in the next month or two."

"No Brent,that's too much, I will have to speak to him," she said.

"Leave it for now, I could be wrong," I smiled.

I was just about to go back with the others when a security guard took hold of my arm.

"Mr. Conner sent me to let you know you promised him he could call anytime, so when he calls, you will come."

"What?" I was stunned.

"Repeat, when he calls, you will come, that is my message done." Then he let me go and left.

I laughed, what the hell are you up to now Conner.

Sitting back in my seat, I told Phil about it and he was just as confused as me.

The MC came out and said a few wordsand then Conner came on stage to a resounding cheer from the audience.

He talked about surviving cancer, curing cancer and how we all can help, money wise and community wise.

He also in parting said,

"There are all kinds of survivors with us tonight, this night isn't just about cancer, it's about family and friends and I am so blessed to have two family members who shaped me into the person I am today. My aunty Beth who passed from cancer a year ago,may God cherish her as much as I do." There was a barrage of cheers and applause and then he said,

"My best friend is here tonight, he has shaped my life like no other and I love him to bits, ladies and gentlemen my friend, Brenton Walsh, he is a survivor."

Conner lifted his arms and his hands did the stand up gesture and the spotlights were on me.Phil made me stand up and I did but much to my embarrassment, I even waved as I was doing my ten second impersonation of the Queen of England,then Conner went off stage. I sat and got back slapped by the boys then the curtains rose and there was Conner, sitting on a stool with his guitar.

"This song is for the survivors in our life, it's called,'Us.'"

It was beautiful, our song never sounded better than it did that night in the Opera House, a forty-two-piece orchestra backed him and I cried.

Later, walking backstage with my family, I was going to be the first one to give Conner a big hug but I needed to piss, urgently, so I told Dave to tell Conner I'm on a piss break, the toilet was only a couple of doors down and I hadn't thought to use Conner's.

Two big hands slipped around my waist and grabbed my cock, this wasn't Conner so I jumped and yelled,

"What the fuck?"

It was John, he was drunk and I could smell it on him, maybe drugs in the mix too.

"Hey, you hot thing, I want some of what Rick's having." He started rubbing his crotch into my bum so I screamed, "Fuck off," at the top of my voice and tried to turn, to push him off, but he was bigger so I pushed him back with my ass. We went straight into the opposite wall and he grunted but let go. I started shaking and screaming at the top of my lungs, I punched him in the mouth and then kicked him in the balls, he went down but grabbed my legs and I went over hitting my head on the tiles. He yelled at me, calling me some very choice names so I kicked at him, I wanted to go home and I screamed again.

Fortunately a security guy heard me, he held John down while I searched for my bed but I couldn't find it so I curled up on the dirty, tiled floor. I felt safe again.

Other people came in and I heard Conner call my name but someone stopped him touching me, I thought, am I dead now, can I rest?

"Brent stand up and look at me," Phil ordered. I struggled to my feet, my head throbbing. Conner was trying to move over to me but Dave held him back.

"You're all right Brent, come here to me," it was another order.

I did.

Then it started and I broke down.

"I'm sorry Conner, I tried to fight him off."

I heard Phil saying in the background.

"Don't let them win Brent, don't you even dare let them in again, they are gone and they don't exist anymore."

I heard someone say.

"Fuck,what's going on?"it was John.

"You have no idea what you have just started mate,I will see you in hell you cunt," it was Conner and he was angry with someone, someone who had attacked me, maybe a bouncer at the concert, I couldn't remember. I stood up straight and struggled to the door, I wanted to go home so I reached for the handle.

"If you open that door there's no coming back Brent, they win, they win again."

I heard a friend's voice say,

"Come to me Brent."My mind was clearing it was Phil again.

He held me.

I cried into his shoulder like I've never done before. Then I let go; the floodgates opened and I fell on my knees. Phil joined me and it was ages before anyone spoke but then the door flew open, it was Marty and Di.

"What the fucks happened here Conner?" Marty shouted, I cringed but Phil held me.

I heard Conner's voice, it was clear and low but he was pissed.

"Marty, call more security and get this cunt out of here, then I want you to sack his band and take them off your books, then I want you to blacklist them from ever working in the industry again and I want you to tell the others it was John's fault."

"What the fuck happened?" Marty yelled again.

He then looked at me and softly said,

"Oh no."

His phone was out within seconds and he called security to escort John from the building but before he was taken Conner said,

"You will never work in this industry again I will see to that, do you have any idea of what tonight was about? The concept of family and survivors who we all cherish and you keep going on and on attacking people, you don't know and don't care about. Well I care, I care very much, but I don't care about you so fuck off, and good luck with your career."

My awareness had returned, I looked over Phil's shoulder and saw Di crying, she was falling apart. I patted his shoulder, took a deep breath then kissed his cheek and thanked him, then smiled and we stood up.Squeezing it again, I assured him I was okay.

Then I leant over to Di and asked,

"What on earth is that on your face Di?" I pointed.

She immediately went to open her bag.

"You prick Brent, don't scare me like that and I don't know what your holding onto Phil for, Conner's dick is bigger."

I was free, thank you John, you caused it but you released me also, I had fought back, I felt some power inside and it felt good.

I pulled Conner into my arms and held him; he was in shock at my sudden change.

"Take me home," I said.

"You got it baby," he replied.

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