Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 13

Published: 10 Dec 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We drove home in silence, he headed for the shower and I warmed up airline dinners from the flight. Snuggling into watch a bit of the lifestyle channel, I pulled him up to me and stroked his hair, kissed his gorgeous cheeks and undid his shirt and started playing with his nipples. He undid his jeans and I played with his ass while he kept pushing at me so I flopped my hardening cock out, spat on it and entered him. We lay there and I slowly moved in and out, I wanted it to last but unfortunately my balls had other plans. He fell asleep.

I helped him clean up and put him to bed, he was fucked.

"Goodnight my sweet prince," I whispered.

In the morning Conner stretched and scratched under his arm, then pulled me onto him for a smashing morning kiss.

I got a little carried away and smoked his pole, then made him breakfast.

"What are you up to today babe?" I asked him.

"I have another meeting with Marty, I want to set a few things straight with him, then it's done with."

"I guess our little talk helped?" I suggested.

"More than you know baby," he answered and then added, "Where are you flying today hon?"

"Canberra, Dubbo, Tamworth and then back to Canberra, it's a full day and our passenger, Reece Hawden the country singer, is doing half hour gigs at each stop, so I guess I'll just be waiting at the jet for his return."

"Say hi to him from me, he's a good bloke, he must have a new album coming out soon if he's booked those gigs. He will probably be an hour or two at each town so make sure Phil and Dave get you back to Melbourne tonight," he called from the lounge room.

"Sure Con, I will."

I plied my man with toast and vegemite followed by some poached eggs on toast; he was a happy star this morning.

Reece Hawden was a funny guy and he had me in stitches for most of the flight. I gave him Rick's best wishes and he sent some back, he said he admired Rick's stamina to do the States straight after the European tour.

"The words out, he's doing ten cities in twenty days, that's huge Brent and he's going to be exhausted."

So that was what our non-conversation was about, and it explains the extra meetings.

"Tell me Reece, what will it entail for him?" I asked.

"It's hotel after hotel from the venue to hotel, from hotel to venue, not even time to ring home, you're doing television non-stop, in Rick's case it will be interviews and he will have no spare time, it's really a quick way to thank your fans and collect a shit load of cash while doing it."


"He's young Brent but he won't even have time for pussy," he laughed.

I laughed along because it sounded funny but I also thought I won't even see him, I may as well come home.

Exhausted from thinking too much, I drove down the freeway to our home. I had decided what to do and I have to stick by my decision, so when Conner came home in a great mood I put my plan into place.

"I heard you are going to tour America after the European tour Conner, is that true?"

"Yes but.."

I stopped him.

"There is no way I can come with you and I wish you wouldn't do it but I understand, it's your job. As you know our nephew or niece is turning up about that time and I want to be there when he arrives so I will fly home commercial, you can hire a temp to do America.

"No arguments Con, this is the way it has to be."

"Okay Brent, I can get a temp. I wonder if Swedish Sven will be available? He's got a tight ass and the cutest face. His hair is white and his skin so tanned and smooth, also his massages are out of this world," he sighed.

I burst out laughing.

"Your full of shit Conner."

"The tour has been put on hold baby, I'm not up to it and I told Marty today if he wants to book a similar tour in the future then he's to talk to you first, your advice helped me babe."

"Then if he has the balls to ask me Con I will tell him, one tour, one city, one song per year, preferably in Australia," I laughed.

"Kiss me," he said.

I did and it was so smooth, like kissing a satin pillow.

My next meeting with Mary was a bit different. I handed my drawing over to her and again she didn't look at it but just put it in her drawer. She asked me to write down the feelings I had when Stephen was slashed and then shot and then she asked me to do another drawing. We talked then about my work and how I was handling it. I told her I thought things were back to normal and Conner still had me on three flights a week. I was looking forward to doing more flights and of course Europe next year, I had never been there. I also told her he had mentioned Bora-Bora for a week before the Christmas rush.

We hugged and she asked that I do the write up when I'm alone and without any distractions.

Conner came on my next trip; he was off for the day and wanted to spend it with me. My other charge was Di; she was going to do a shoot in Brisbane. I was both surprised and pleased the post was loaded up in the jet's belly again, it means I am not holding up the cash flow. The flight was fun and we talked about the wedding and Conner hoped Marty still wanted him to be best man. Di told him she had tried to talk Marty out of accepting the tour when he got a fax from the agent in New York, but he was adamant.

"He's money hungry Conner, you know that and he doesn't need it thanks to your record sales but he wants more, just the mention of money sends him into a frenzy. However he did see your point, leaving Brent in Australia isn't an option for you or for Marty, he knew the baby was due but I guess fifteen million dollars was too much for him."

"How much did you say?" I croaked.

"Fifteen mil, give or take a dollar or two Brent," Di said.

I looked at Conner.

"Get Sven on the phone, you're going to the US," I joked.

Which reminded me, I fired up my Ipad and checked my shares then I sort of faux fainted into the sofa.Conner took the Ipad.

"Wow Brent, seven hundred biggies, what the fuck?"

"Is that our shares Brent?"

"Uh, yes they seem to have gone up again, did you buy some Di?"

"Yep, sure did, thanks to Ray's persistence."

My god it's there in big numbers, I was over the moon as I can pay Conner back but my stomach sank when I thought about my emergency money.

Di was laughing all the way to the toilet.

"What's up baby?"

"What do you mean Con?"

"Somethings up, you've gone very quiet all of a sudden?"

"Nothing Conner, just thinking,that's all."

"Okay, want to talk?"

"It's just I was thinking about your money that I have in the bank and the money you lent me to start this account. I was wondering if I could pay you half of it and maybe keep the first half for a while? Just for awhile Con, I promise I won't use it, it's what you sent me and whenever I look at my account it reminds me of you and your love and home. I don't want that message to disappear, it's kept me going but if I withdraw the money then that message might go too."

"Brent, keep it there, you know I don't need it, it's your emergency money and I'll never take that off you, never," he said as he put his arm around me.

Di returned and I was deep in thought, I'd had a light bulb moment and I would talk to Ray when we got home. I don't have to use my account at the bank; I must be able to transfer some shares to Conner's account? Maybe I'll just leave it for the moment.

I knew the deposit will disappear after six months but it was comforting to think it's still around on the bank's computers.

"Brent,there's something I need to talk to you about." Di said.

"What's that hon?"

"Well I went through mum's stuff last weekend, it's been hard to do but after your interview I now have a firm hold again."

"Di, I'm sorry I said those things, it wasn't intended to hurt you in any way," I replied.

"No, you are healing and I understand, it was a big step for you. I knew you were shielding me and I love you more for it, what mum did was impossible to even comprehend at first, I'm so ashamed of her Brent."

"Don't dwell Di, just be happy." What could I say? I was happy she was dead.

"Anyway, when I went through her stuff I found eight hundred thousand dollars in cash, do you know of any charity I could donate it to?"

"Excuse me for a minute Di."

I went to the cockpit and got one of Mary's cards off Phil.

"This lady needs all the donations she can get, Phil's sister and my councilor," I smiled.

"Bloody perfect Brent," she said.

She opened her oversized bag and put a briefcase of cash into my lap.

"You give it to her, it's filthy money and I hate carrying it around but it will help other people like yourself recover," she said.

"Then I will take it up to one million, that makes it even then," Conner said.

"And what's the rock star putting in?" Di laughed.

"Okay, I'll take it up to one and a half, that's a good start and maybe I could do a benefit for her," Conner offered, happy to help.

I was amazed at the decision as it was almost instant.

Landing at Brisbane, Di was met by Jill who had flown up yesterday, she was her agent up north so I guess she's in good hands, we said our hellos and had a long conversation about Sydney. We thanked Di and said our goodbyes; the belly of the plane was full. Conner and I slept on the way home, nothing like a nanna nap to revitalize the senses. We arrived into Melbourne full of beans and ready for the next chapter in our lives. We went to see Ray and John and I gave him the cash and the story, he said he would take care of it.

"Brent can I borrow your ring for a day or two?"

"Sure babe, what do you want it for?"

"It needs to be inscribed and I want to get it done."

I took it off and gave it to him but then I thought about his ring so I snapped my fingers and he gave it to me.

"Sorry Conner, I would have had it done at Daydream Island but I was in too much of a rush."

"The answer was yes by the way, I will marry you," he said.

"I know, soon baby soon but I'm in no rush to buy you a pipe and slippers just yet."

I saw Mary on Friday, this time I had written my feelings down, it wasn't long only a half a page but it was hard to remember what kind of things I felt when it happened, only satisfaction I had slashed his ugly face. I also did a drawing.

She didn't look at either of them, again she just put them in her drawer then said, "Do me another drawing and write about how you felt when Pat was shot." I laughed.

"I can tell you how I felt, happy, but sad she had soiled her Jimmy Choo shoes, they were a nice peach color too."

She smiled, "Brent, just write about your emotions when it happened."

Then we talked about other stuff but not my kidnapping.

She gave me a very broad smile and asked, "You really laughed?"

"It hurt like hell Mary but I managed it," I replied.

Then I had to go see my man.

Dinner was cooked by the time I got home, my guess is John did it this afternoon and Conner just picked it up on the way.

He kissed me forever and had a good grope at the same time.

"Babe can we do something different tonight?"

"Like what Conner?"

"Well, can we light some candles?"

"Sure Conner, we can do that."


"And what Conner?"

He was blushing so he leant over and whispered in my ear.

I smirked and said,"Yes."

So I stripped him and he did me, then he served dinner in the nude. The candles accentuated his hard guns and tattoo, his pecks were round and protruding beautifully, his waist tight and slim while his foot was playing with my balls under the table and his ass was kissing my toes.

Dinner was very nice and it got even nicer when I took his hand and slipped his ring back on, he took it off and read, 'Forever', scripted on the inside. He leant over and kissed me then he travelled down my neck and then chest and sensually sucked on my nipples, my boner was jumping with joy.

He slipped my ring back on so I did the same, I took it off and to my surprise he had, 'Home', scripted on the outer side then a long number on the inside, they were small numbers but legible.

I looked at him and did the same nipple plunge, I guess his dick was jumping for joy too because he groaned, I didn't do that but I will next time.

"It's beautiful Conner but the numbers?"

"No matter where you are, no matter what country, if you can get to a phone and need to get home, just ring that number and my security firm will know exactly where you are, in any corner of the world."


"It's a telephone number and it's direct to the security center. All you have to say to the operator is, 'home', and they will immediately do the rest. They will either get a plane there or a company agent will find you, it has a high priority response attached to the word,'home'."

"My god it's like a James Bond gismo Conner, thank you so much."

"Your welcome, now can you do my tits again, they are horny," he giggled.

Fuck, I was so tempted to try it but I didn't want twenty secret agents bursting down our front door.

A special lovemaking night was spent on the lounge room floor in the candlelight. Conner was awesome, his hips moved one way and his muscles another, my butt loved it and so did my cock especially when he flipped over and rested his legs on my hips and pushed back on me.

I couldn't stop looking at my ring when I got to bed.

"It's for emergencies only, my guys get quite angry when they receive a false alarm."

"Oh, then I won't then," I promised.

On Sunday we chilled out, Conner strummed his guitar and sang a few songs for me and I asked him what I should expect on the Euro tour.

"It's full on interviews, television, photograph sessions, rehearsals, concert, press, drinks with fans then sleep, and that's just the first day babe," he said.

I thought about it, I could believe it, it's his work I suppose but there won't be any time for us. Hanging around hotel rooms would drive me crazy so I suppose I had better start looking for tours to do during the day.

"Marty's got it organized, Diana is also coming with us, she's done it before and when she's not working, she will be showing you around," he said.

"Oh," I replied.

"But," I went to add.

"Every morning we get us time, it's done already and I won't do any media until after twelve," he said and added, "We also get Sundays to ourselves," he said happily.

"Adam is collecting you at nine in the morning to get your passport then to the office to go through the itinerary with you. We will take the long haul jet and the band travels domestic but first class.I would like to use you as the flight attendant Brent, it will keep you occupied because it's a long, tiresome flight but if you just want to relax then I can get a temp to do it."

"No, that's okay Conner, I don't mind working, you're right, it will be a boring flight and I would be spending most of my time in bed."

"I'll get a temp," he agreed.

"I'll bring the lube," I laughed.

I added, "Not Sven."

We started kissing and I just drowned in his eyes, my boy was shining bright tonight.

"You're not flying next week hon, I want to take you to Bora-Bora and I need to rest my crew before the Christmas rush, also I'd like to take Rob and Adam along, just the six of us, okay?"

"Sure Con, whatever you want, it's going to be awesome. I've only seen pictures, do we get a villa over the ocean?"

"Yes babe, with a glass floor so you can see the pretty fishes."

"Sounds wonderful, Rob is going to be stoked,"I replied.

"And don't worry about the money Brent, I get it for free," he smiled.


"I sing a few songs, maybe make an advert and be nice to the guests, all that kind of stuff."

"So you're working?"

"Only a little, it's nothing really, we will spend heaps of time together, I promise."

Conner was more excited than me, he couldn't wait to get to the plane and soar into the sky to Bora-Bora. He had been there before but he wanted to show me seeing I hadn't been out of the country, except that one time.

The flight was a long seven hours, we watched a movie with Rob and Adam in the salon then Conner started yawning so Rob and Adam took the cabin bed and we bagged the salon one. I put my man into bed and read a book while he slept but then after an hour of so I had to hit the toilet so I crept out in my boxer briefs. As I walked across the aisle I could see the pull out bed and I was stunned into a sudden stop because I could see straight down, Rob was balls deep into Adam. I could see Rob's glorious globes flexing as he pumped his ass and I was fixated to the spot. Then an involuntary orgasm followed without any warning, I had cum in my jockey shorts so I just went into the loo, did my business and wiped up then went straight back to Conner.

When I slipped back into the salon, Conner was awake.

"Get an eyeful babe?"


"Rob and Adam humping, looks like it turned you on."

"How did?"

"I know."

He flipped a button and a new channel came up on the TV. It was the security camera in the main cabin, Rob was just pulling out and Adam was slumped in the bed.

"I was trying to look for you baby but I kind of saw them going at it so switched it off," he blushed.

"Well I came in my jockeys but by the time I realized it was happening, it was too late, it was like watching a live porn video," I said, slightly embarrassed.

"Just as well you just watched and not entered the competition," he giggled.

Now I was tired so I snuggled into Conner and fell asleep.

Nothing was said after we woke up, best to just leave it alone.

The resort was everything I imagined it to be, we were welcomed by the manager and shown to our respective villas.

Once inside, Conner looked at his schedule. His first job tomorrow is to say a few words in front of a camera about the resort then to hang by the pool and be nice to the customers and in two days he would do a three number mini show for them. That's it and we get free food and lodgings.

"What a stunning villa Conner, look at the fish, they are so colorful," I cooed.

"Put some food down that hole babe and more will come."

I did and all of a sudden there was a burst of color everywhere, it was awesome, my camera was working overtime.

I could sit here all day but Conner was unpacking so I thought I'd better help. We got it all sorted out then chilled out on the bamboo lounge as I played with Conner's cock through his shorts.

"You got it bad today Brent, the porn show must have turned you on," he chuckled.

"It was naughty Con but I'm settling down now, all's good."

"Do you want to have a try at group sex Brent?" he asked.

"No Conner, it's just it was like watching a porno but in three D, it just got to me that's all," I tried to explain.

"Well if you want to dabble, I can get the guys over and we can party for a bit. I reckon my cock would fit Phil's tight ass, maybe he can suck you off or we could tag team him, what do you reckon Brent, he just might fuck both of us?"

"Stop it, just stop it Conner," I yelled.

"Stop what babe?"

"Stop talking about it and get into bed, I need a fuck now."

He ran into the bedroom and got on all fours, inviting me to slip in, it was awesome.

We dressed for dinner and Conner was beautifully decked out in shorts, tank top and thongs, I pretty much looked the same and so did the boys, nothing too elaborate here, just casual cool.

My embarrassment had disappeared by this time and we talked about the amazing display of fish under our villas and the great service provided by the management here.

I was wondering why Phil was so quiet; he's hardly spoken to me since we landed.



"Babe where are you?"

"I'm here Conner, can't you see me?"

"Yes but you were elsewhere."

"Oh sorry,just my mind running wild again," I said.

Conner signed a few autographs and photos were taken with him and some guests, none of which I recognized as being famous but I suppose if you were, you would be eating in your villa to avoid all this. After he'd had quite a few photos taken and the crowd was getting bigger, he started getting nervous and said, "Get me out of here, there's going to be a full on riot soon." Adam was on to it before I could spit, he grabbed Conner's elbow and maneuvered him into the restaurant kitchen then through the back door, how he got him to his villa after that was a miracle.

Adam invited us in for a nightcap before we returned to our villa. The duty free was opened and vodka shots downed, I said to Conner I didn't want much and thought I might just slip out and go back to our rooms. Phil had cornered me and we talked a bit about the almost riot at the restaurant. He said it could turn dangerous, well meaning fans but very confronting for Conner. He also apologized for Adam and Rob's behavior on the way over. "It's not the done thing," he said.

I wasn't a big drinker and not wanting to spoil their night I kissed Conner and slipped out to go home.

I got into bed and switched the TV on; I would wait for Conner to come home. He finally arrived an hour later being worse for wear, the shots had claimed another victim. He started by telling me how much he loved me, he kissed me and wanted to sing me a love song but he wasn't very coordinated, he got off the bed to undress but swayed into the wall.

"I wus talkin to Pill, he likes you berry much," he slurred out and his shorts dropped.

"That's nice baby, I like him too and he's a great friend. He's helped me twice now and I'm grateful for it," I said turning the TV off.

"He's want to buck you," he slurred as his tank was getting practically torn off but his muscles were dancing for me.

"Of course he doesn't Conner, he's got Dave."

"He's not chappy wiv Davo, at da moments teither, an he not habby wit Rob an Adams teither." He finally tossed the poor, tortured tank into the wall, smacking his hand against it for good measure.

"Why on earth is he not happy with them, they are lovers aren't they?"

"Budd thay did it in frond of you." He finally kicked his thongs off.

"Well he's dot happies with dem, he dold me dat he told dem off for doin in publik, he's dot habby you got ubset." He fell onto me.

"Okay babe, I agree a bit more discretion wouldn't hurt, now why don't you snuggle in here and I will make out with you until you go to sleep?"

"Okays Brett, bud don't let dem fuck me while I sleep, will ya?"

"I won't let them fuck you babe, your safe now so just put your head here and close your pretty eyes for a minute, just a minute to rest them."

I pulled his head into my shoulder and he was asleep within seconds.

He smacked his lips a bit and it was so fucking cute.

At breakfast Conner was very delicate, the others weren't up yet so we went ahead. He needed to eat and also drink plenty of water, I was laughing at him because he was like a bear with a sore head. There were people everywhere, where the fuck did they come from? He tried to be nice but when a woman shoved a photo under his nose and said,

"Sign this," I fucking flipped out.

He was pissed big time and I could see the anger in his eyes.

Before he could do anything, I grabbed his arm standing him up.

"Come on, we will eat in the room," I quickly urged him but she was just standing there, not letting us pass and she still held out the photo and again said, "Sign this."

I took it out of her hand, ripped it up and threw it in her face.

"You didn't deserve that photo you rude bitch, now get out of our way and go home, you left your manners there," I was pissed.

She nearly fell over, good I thought.

I hauled Conner out onto the walkway and a young man helped me to get him back. People were following us and if it weren't for the security guard, we would have been mobbed or trampled in the stampede. We got him to the villa and he rushed into the bathroom. I could hear him being sick and I knew what he needed was more water and sleep.

The kid that helped me then put a piece of paper in my hand and said, "This might explain the circus, they were delivered to every room last night after dinner by order of the new entertainment manager. He also had them delivered to every hotel within a boat ride away." I thanked him.

I finally got to Conner only to find he was on the floor crying. I helped him up and wiped his face several times with a damp washcloth trying to cool him down then I cuddled him on the sofa, he looked like death warmed up.

I read the rider that the kid gave me.

It was an invitation to meet and greet Rick Conners at breakfast, all photos will be signed then he will be at the restaurant for lunch at noon, then it went on to list times and places he would be available, it was a week full of meet the star.

I was fucking livid, one signing, one short talk about the resort to be filmed and one appearance including three songs, no encores.

I rang the boys and they had already heard that there was nearly another riot at breakfast; they wanted to know if everything was okay.

"Look at this Adam." I thrust the pamphlet into his hands.

"This is not right, fuck me, this can't happen, Conner could get harmed."

"He was nearly trampled at breakfast, thank god we were near an exit, what's fucking happening here?" I shouted.

"Welcome to my world baby," Conner turned to look at me.

"Not any fucking more Conner, Adam, come with me," I stared at Conner then said,

"Will someone please get Mr. Conners a cold water and put a cool towel around his neck, we will be back," my motherly instincts kicked in.

I dragged Adam into the resort and at the front desk, I demanded to see the entertainment manager but he wasn't available so I shouted to the very nice young lady,

"Well make him available here in two minutes or I will scream this place into a full on riot."

She left and after four minutes a very red-faced man came out, he was the manager's assistant.

"Not good enough, get me the hotel manager," I seethed.

"That would be me sir, what's the problem?" it was the guy that booked us in.

I shoved the pamphlet under his nose and asked,

"What sort of game is being played here?"

He read it, and then he read it again.

"Good god," he gasped.

"Really, good god, is that all, good god? I have a young man in my villa who is too scared to even piss after being attacked at breakfast, he's being chased all over this island and all we get is good god?" I was pissed.

"Please sir, come into to my office, this is terrible," he said.

We were shuffled into his very spacious office and were offered coffee, I declined and I declined to sit also but Adam said yes as he floated into a soft leather sofa. "Stuff you Adam, stay with me man," I was saying to myself.

Another young man arrived red faced.The resort manager showed him the paper.

"So what am I looking at?" the kid said.

"Your looking at a schedule of Rick Conners' holiday, nothing but meet and greet, no privacy for him or his guests, you even printed his room number on here, did you even stop to think maybe he would like a holiday, after all he's doing a free concert and holiday video for us. Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost us if we had to pay him? It's not a very good start son, it's dangerous to do this sort of thing, we have a contract with his manager and we can't have the man hounded wherever he goes, we could be sued."

"Oh sorry dad, I wasn't thinking," the red faced preppy said.

"I will deal with you later son," he huffed.

"He's new," the manager attempted to explain.

"Well what are we going to do about it? This can't go on, Mr.Conners needs his privacy and he can't function under this sort of pressure, wherever he goes he's being treated like a prime piece of rump," I said and leered at him.

"Pack up your things and I will send porters to take them to reception. Can you all be ready within the hour?"

"Yes but why?"

"I have a large villa on the other side of the island, it has security twenty four seven and it has a live in chef and cleaners. There are other villas within the compound and you will all be my guests there for your stay. Please accept my humble apologies for the inconvenience."

"Thank you," I said.

"You finished Adam?" He put his cup down and followed me out.

Arriving back at the villa, I waded through some stragglers wanting happy holiday snaps with Rick, then I burst into the room and said,

"Pack your things, we are moving." Conner was looking a bit more human.

"Where to? "Dave asked.

"A private villa within a private villa, should be nice I think," I smiled.

"Oh you're good, you're too good, Marty's gunna wanna talk to you when we get home," Adam smiled.

"No thanks to you mister, I'll just swan around here and have a coffee please Adam, you sucky, sucky," I mocked.

"Well I could see you had everything under control Brent, you didn't need me," he tried to explain himself.

"You should have seen this guy, he's a class act," he laughed.

"Go pack your bags Adam," I said sternly.

"Come on guys, let's pack, Brent got us a better deal."

I could hear his chuckle all the way down to his room.

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