Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 14

Published: 17 Dec 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

The new villa was enormous; six individual villas under one huge glassed roof and the bedrooms were all separate, with the living, entertainment and dining central. The floor was glass and it was beautiful. I was told by one of the maids this was where Wills and Kate had their honeymoon so I thought I would Google that and get the right story, but I'm pretty sure it was the Seychelles where they went.

Conner was looking a lot better and the manager cancelled the video shoot today, rather it would be done here tomorrow afternoon and his little concert was the night after. As well, there will be no meet and greets.

After moving in, there was a knock on the door, it was Dave who was just checking up on Conner; he had brought over a bottle of vodka so I kicked him out.

The shoot was great, all Conner had to do was talk about his fabulous time at the resort. He did his speech in his board shorts and it was a very rare piece of footage, of course Conner had sexed it up to the max including the swiping of the hair back pose. The manager was very pleased and his son was parking cars when I next saw him, I giggled to myself.

An intimate night with Rick consisted of him sitting on stage with his guitar and singing three songs with no backup to a very animated audience. Mrs. 'Sign this,' was there and swooned into her pink cocktail, she didn't notice me while Conner did his numbers.

We had the best time; the resort provided dune buggies and parasailing was made available to us as well as reef diving. We chilled out, got grounded and relaxed completely. I was lying on the massive balcony looking at my beautiful tropical fish, playing and feeding them, when I felt a strong arm across my neck.

"You okay Brent?"

"Yeah, sure Phil, having a great time and you?"

"That's not what I mean Brent, are you okay?" he asked.

I turned around and looked into his gorgeous dark eyes and said, "Why on earth would you think I wasn't okay?"

"Oh, I was just thinking you were maybe a bit pissed off about the flight over," he replied blushing.

"Of course not, I was a bit surprised at Adam and Rob but I shouldn't have been looking anyway. They can have the salon on the way home, Conner and I are a little more discreet but it's no big deal, we are good, more than good Phil," I said.

He hugged me and I hugged him back.

"Phil, can I ask you something personal, it's something Conner said the other night and it's bugging me?"

"Sure, you can."

"Well, he said you and Dave are fighting, is that true?"

"Happens Brent, when I met Dave he was the most beautiful person I knew and he still is. Conner's got it all twisted, we are together forever."

"Okay, if you need a shoulder to cry on, you know where I am," I replied.

I put my hand on his shoulder and then walked back to our room to start packing, we would be leaving in the morning.

The last night we didn't drink much, just laid around watching the waves crash onto the beach. Conner was laying back on me as I stroked his hair and played lightly with his nipples, he groaned. Dave and Phil were sitting in another part of the room, they were arguing over something.

I moved Conner over a bit then went to get us iced water but as I pulled the drinks door open, Dave walked by.

"Is everything okay Dave?" I asked.

He had murder in his eyes as he stopped and looked at me, breathing deeply, he had tears streaming down his face.

"No," he replied, walking off.

I looked for Phil but no sign of him so I took the drinks back to our beach bed and Conner sipped his through a long straw.

"Your miles away again babe, what's up? " he asked.

"I'm worried about Phil and Dave, I just saw Dave, he was crying and looked like he was going to kill someone."

"It's me probably," he said.

"What do you mean Conner, you?" I asked.

"Phil's going through something at the moment but I know it will be okay, they just need a little time,that's all."

"What kind of something Conner?"

"Can't say," he said, slurping his drink.


I lay next to him thinking that maybe if Conner's confident then I shouldn't worry too much about it, but why is Dave pissed with him?

We headed for our villa; the lights were out in Phil's and I hoped that they were okay.

The next morning we checked out. Everything seemed back to normal and we took off for our journey home. Phil and Dave were joking and laughing and we told Rob and Adam they could have the salon but they insisted we take it, as they would sleep on the way home and Conner needed to rest because he has a full diary up to Christmas.

"You can help me organize the Christmas party Brent," Adam said.

"What Christmas party Adam?" I asked.

"Conner always throws a Christmas party for his staff, this year he wants to include his students and Mary's kids also," he answered.

"Well Adam if it's help you want, I will give it freely but if you want me to do it all, I'm busy," I laughed.

I made sure my friends had everything they wanted and no one was drinking so we watched a movie.

Later, we again tried to talk Rob and Adam into taking the salon but they wouldn't budge so Conner and I headed for bed as we were tired, I snuggled up to him and we quickly drifted off to sleep.

Arriving home, we unpacked our stuff and I slept for another couple of hours. I had a session with Mary later in the day and Conner came with me this time, as he didn't have anything on. He sat with some kids and watched TV while we talked, I handed over my paperwork and drawing and Mary put them in a folder this time with the others and then locked them away in a filing cabinet.

"You never look at them,"I said.

"Yes and no, Brent. I know the drawings are of Rick, and the write-ups are only a paragraph long, not even worth reading because I now know how you felt. The most important thing here is your smile, you always smile when you talk about Stephen and Pat, they can't hurt you anymore, they're dead and you know this already.

"What I want you to do now is focus on the attacks once a day and see it in your mind, then I want you to do that every other day the following week. My guess is you will get sick of doing that after three days, you're safe now and nothing can hurt you and the Sydney incident proves that you are starting to fight back and that's a good thing."

"Okay, now did Ron get in touch with you?"

"Yes, I have a meeting with him tomorrow."

"What's it all about?" she asked.

"I can't tell you, only that your life is going to get a little better and very soon," I smiled.

"Okay, how's Phil and Dave, did they enjoy their holiday?" she inquired.

"Yes, I think so but there's something going on with them, Rick knows but wouldn't tell me, he just said everything will be all right," I replied.

"Umm, maybe my brother is due for a catch up. They hardly ever fight so this must be something major," she said, mulling over it.

We went out to find Conner; he was talking to the kid who thinks he's broken because he's gay. I overheard Conner say,

"If you want to ask your parents first but you have to go to school because this will only happen on a weekend. I want you to choose anywhere in Australia you want to go then we can make plans." The kid smiled at him, no doubt feeling a lot better, then Conner went out to the car and got one of his star shots, he signed it with, 'your best mate Rick Conner's', then handed it to the boy who had a smile from ear to ear.

"Say thank you Tom," Mary encouraged him.

"Thanks Rick, that's awesome, I can't wait to show my friends at school," he beamed.

"Well remember our deal and I want to speak to your dad about the trip before we go."

Back in the office, Mary told us his parents are wonderful people who don't care if he's gay; they just want happy, healthy kids. He hadn't told them but they guessed and when his friend told him that all gays are broken, he got very upset and started wagging school.

Conner told her he had offered to take him anywhere in Australia if his marks improved and he attended school more often, she was grateful for any help he could give her. The boy has to realize he's not broken and what his friend said was wrong.

I flew to Sydney the following day and my stockbroker friend and his mate were my charges. He again slipped me a piece of paper, 'Sell fifty thousand shares in Tin Pan, put it aside for a rainy day but keep the rest of the shares. Enjoy the ride. Thank you, you have been an inspiration.'

I looked at him and I swear his eyes were tearing up.

"Don't let them win," I said.

"I won't," he smiled.

Having no idea what his problem was, I prayed I had said the right thing. Ray did what I told him and I paid Conner back with interest, even the emergency money but I felt I still had his money in my bank only because the deposit and note were still showing. My account was very healthy and I didn't need any more tips, I just thought I would keep the remaining shares and it didn't matter if they went down, at least my debts were fully paid.

Mary had been on the phone to Conner while I was away; she was over the moon with the large donation and was a very happy councilor.

When I got in, Phil was talking to Conner and thanking him.

"What do you want to do tonight Brent?"

"Stay home and give free hugs out?"

"Want to hit Commercial road?"

"Conner, it's full on, don't you think you may be noticed?"

"I will wear my special cap," he suggested.

"Okay, it's only up the street so let's go," I agreed, thinking this is good; I get to take my man out in public.

Commercial road is the place to go, full of restaurants, pubs and sex shops and a gay heaven. Drag queens and muscle cruisers but I have only been there a few times with Rob and I had a hoot.

Conner placed his cap on his head and it had blonde surfie hair flicking out from under it. It changed his face and I loved it, he also had put his jeans and a tank top on and he looked so sweet.

We rang Ray and John and told them we were going to the Exchange hotel for a while and invited them to meet us there.

Walking up our street with Conner in my arms was just the most liberating thing I have done for ages. He kissed me often and I stopped to pash his gorgeous face then arriving at the venue, we quickly got a couple of beers and grabbed a table for four.

Ray and John arrived within minutes and guys and girls came up to talk to them. They were old customers here and very popular with the younger set, mainly because this was their local hotel and also, they were nice guys.

Conner took my hand when a rather boppy song came on and he dragged me to the dance floor but instead of rocking, he took me in his arms and slow danced with me while rubbing my back and placing his fingers in my crack, I don't blame him, I was doing the same to him. I started licking his neck and whisper kissing his full lips. When it went onto another song, all the girls jumped up and took over the dance floor so we grabbed another drink and sat at our table, Conner was drinking doubles and I was drinking wine and soda. By the fifth one I'd had enough but Con and John kept going.

Around midnight, he went to the toilet and then I noticed him talking to the D.J.

A microphone was produced immediately and I noticed staff started running around clearing tables and settling guests down, then drinks were served at our table. What are you up to mister Conner? I said to myself.

He came back and sat at the table with a mike in his hand, he winked then said,

"Let's liven this place up."

I looked over at Ray and he must have surveyed the situation so he nodded at me that it was okay.

The lights went down and out of nowhere a spotlight hit us. The music started and Conner took my hand. I could see the bouncers were starting to quiet people and the main doors had been closed.

He kissed me and with the deepest breath I think I have ever heard, he started, deep and strong, "Us" reverberated through the room.

I was in a beautiful space and time.

It was effortless; at least I think it was, he looked so relaxed and calm.

My eyes were on his and my hand just wanted to touch his lips.

He looked straight into me, I felt I was trapped there forever and I felt love.

Dead silence.


The place went wild, drag queens, leather guys and twinks were just going crazy, they slapped Conner and I on the back, some kissing his cheeks some shaking his hand, it was the perfect song to sing to a relatively crazy crowd. Everybody was buzzing and talking, the DJ hadn't started up and he looked like he was in shock when he was looking at Conner.

Conner gave him the thumbs up and it began.

He threw off his hat, shook his beautiful long curls and strutted onto the stage,

"If you don't like me, just tell me, bring it on."

The crowd went absolutely insane, phones were out and flashing but I worried he had done something not quite right, fortunately John's hand on mine reassured me that all was good, so I relaxed and watched my man strut his stuff. He came back to the table and rubbed his crotch into my face then gave me a quick wink and wiggling his ass, he moved over to some pretty serious drag queens, they were the stars of the venue's show so I guess he didn't want them to feel left out.

He rubbed, kissed and hugged them; their inner selves were trying to get out as they shouted, "Rick Conners kissed me", but their theatrical side kept them in character. Twinks had their bums pinched and lesbians turned him around and he bent over for them to fuck him. The leather boys didn't know what to do, they just dirty danced with him.

Back to me, I listened to his mike voice and his real voice, my hardon was screaming at me and when he accidentally on purpose put his hand there, he knew I was about to explode.

The music finished and he stood upright, then did a beautiful bow. He pressed his palms together and kissed them then opened them and blew a kiss around the crowded room.

Silence is golden; the song was in my head as he prepared himself for an encore, which wasn't what they expected.

He touched my cheek then I heard the intake of air, his chest expanded, his stomach tightened.

He started singing a gorgeous Anne Murray song, no back up, no guitar, no stool, just the mike, the air was crisp and not a sound was made. People gasped, mouths were open, lovers hugged. It was pure Conner, I slid off the table and sat at the edge of the stage, tears flowed down my face, I couldn't help it and I wasn't alone. He looked at me but he was concentrating on the rhythm. Wait until I get you home mister, my thoughts were whispering to me. He sang the last few bars and stood in silence.

The lights started flashing, the doors were released and the drinks flowed, then the drag queens started their show. Drinks covered most of our table and we received a thank you from a beautiful bunch of people we didn't even know.

Ray explained that when Conner was kissing me he had the hat on, there were no photos, no flashes and if I noticed, he didn't actually fuck me in public, not when they realized it was Rick Conners. "All's good," he said.

He drank his free drinks and then Ray, John and I walked him out of the venue while he was backslapped and kissed by many. They walked ahead, Conner held me, occasionally kissing my cheek, I couldn't stop myself, I gave him a full blown, mother fucker of a kiss in the middle of Commercial road and another on our corner and another outside Ray's place, then we said our goodnights.

He was pretty drunk by this stage so I maneuvered him into our house with the intention of putting him to bed.

"Pill lubs you," he almost didn't get it out.

"I know, wanna spew?"I answered.

"Nup," he looked in my eyes and swayed.

"Okay, let's get you into bed."

"Don fuk me Brett, will ya?"

"No baby, I won't fuck you, just let me get your things off and we will cuddle."

"I lub you Brenty."

"I love you too my beautiful boy."

"Pill lubes you too."

"He loves Davey."

I managed to get his top off and sneaked in a suck on his nipple. Yumm.

"Ya no wy he lubs yu?"

"Because I'm a very nice friend and a good flight attendant baby."

His jeans were a mammoth task but I won in the end, shoes and all came off in one swoop.

"He lubs you Brent, I sad butt I talk him to not fuk wit yu, I get berry mad wit hims, I say I sak im. Dabo berry pissed."

"What the hell are you talking about Conner? Phil doesn't love me, I've never encouraged him, never, he doesn't love me."

"I lubs you, don't go wiss Pill, stay wit me, I lub you."

I got him under the sheets then stripped, he had a worried look and I wondered if what he was saying is true. That's the second time he's tried to tell me but I'm not buying it, Phil hasn't made any moves on me, he's done nothing but help me.

"Don't left me Brent, don't leve me, please."

Conner started to weep so I immediately enclosed him into my body.

I kissed his forehead and then moved down to look at his face and said,

"Never my beautiful boyfriend, never in a million years will I ever leave you, I love you too much." He gave me the biggest smile.

"Nights Breth, nights, I lub," he never finished.

I thought about it for some time when Conner went to sleep, Phil is a friend; a great friend and I would do anything for him and Dave. Why does Conner get so upset when he's drunk, and so confident when he's sober? I drifted off but my sleep was disturbingly familiar.

I woke early and got Conner tucked in and comfortable, then I left to go shower and toilet. I needed coffee and was feeling quite strange, my head and heart were thinking about the magnificent show Conner did last night and I wished all our nights were like that. His beautiful voice echoed in my ears as I showered, soaping every inch of my body. I paid particular attention to my cheek and chin, they were itchy and felt numb, just a fragment of times past.

Shrugging it off, I dressed and made my first coffee for the day, I wasn't tired but I did nod off on the sofa for twenty minutes. Ray had left the papers on the doorstep and there were a few snaps of Conner singing at the hotel but the write up said nothing about him crooning to me.

I also decided to talk to Phil tomorrow on the way to Perth.

Conner had started rehearsals for the Euro concerts and would be bogged down all week sorting through his songs and getting the back up band just right.

He dragged himself under the shower just before lunchtime and I had his coffee ready, then walking out of the bedroom with a big white towel around his waist, he gave me a slight smile. I made him stand in front of me so he dropped the towel and I blew him, my cum landed on the towel.

"Feel better?"

"Yep, thanks."

He sat with me and we talked about last night but then it got the better of me.

"Tell me why you think Phil's in love with me?" I asked

He blushed.

"I wasn't going to say anything but I think I did last night, I'm sorry," he said looking down and playing with his fingernails.

"That's the second time you have mentioned it, don't you think I should know what's going on?"

"The first night on the island we got pretty pissed and Phil told me he loved you, he wanted to fuck you. I was pissed off big time and we had a little punch up and when the dust settled, I told him if he makes one move on you, I would sack him and then kill him. Davo heard me and they had a big argument. Phil said he was joking, which we accepted because he was drunk but I notice him looking at you all the time. Davo has noticed it also and he's very upset."

"Oh, so you didn't think I would want to know about this revelation and don't you think Phil may be watching me for other reasons, maybe looking out for me?" I wasn't pissed off, just the boys hiding things from me made me feel a bit left out.

"I love you Brent and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Phil isn't going to put the moves on, he's too much in love with Dave but sometimes I just get a feeling like it's not done with yet. I was trying to subtlety warn you but I see now I haven't done a good job on that score,"he explained.

"Or maybe someone's just jealous?" I suggested.

He blushed.

"I can deal with it Conner, Phil's a good mate and I love Davo, maybe he was a little drunk and maybe they are having problems at the moment, like us." I stared at him.


"Our problem, what do you think we should do about it?"

"What problem baby, tell me?"

"Let's see, drinking yourself to death for a start baby."


"Think about it will ya? But I will miss fucking you while you're out to it," I smiled.

"You do not, you wouldn't do that."

I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows.

"At least you don't moan about it."

We didn't really have to have a serious talk about it, I think by the hangovers he gets, he just might settle down on it, but time will tell.

"So how far have you got with the tour Con, is it all set out?"

"Yes nearly, at last, it will be similar to my ones here but less personal. Full screaming rock, cause that's what they want to hear, my other songs will have to wait until I can come up with something," he said looking disappointed.

"It will all work out for the best baby, you'll see." I felt sorry for him; he so wanted to do his love songs for his fans.

We chilled for the rest of the day then John brought over a very nice chicken dish for our dinner. He was also under the weather but had managed to do some cooking; we were just going to get a pizza. We thanked him then I dished it up and we ate it in bed, for some reason it was kind of nice, watching TV and eating in bed. Conner started to get very randy around nine so we turned it off, and I turned him on.

I dropped him at Marty's before going to the airport, thinking all the way about the tour. I parked outside the hangar and boarded the plane, there were a few workers packing the hold and Phil was fixing coffee.

"Let me do that Phil, does Dave want one?"

"No Brent, he's having the day off, not feeling the best so I got a temp to do this run with us."

"Phil, is there something I'm missing here with you and Davo, it's just that Conner has mentioned a few times, that there was some sort of trouble?"

"No Brent, he's got it all wrong. I told him I liked you a lot and I could fuck you into next week but it's got out of hand now and Conner's attitude has changed towards me, and Dave is very upset. I am trying to fix it but what's said when I'm drunk isn't easily taken back, I was just teasing Conner, not thinking Dave was listening," he said, looking very upset.

"What do you want me to do Phil?"

"I don't think there's much you can do Brent, maybe talk to Conner for me, I don't want to lose his friendship but I really think he's being childish. Also, I have been thinking of joining Mary with the counseling and Dave's pissed off about that too because he knows how much I love flying."

"Leave it to me Phil, I'll get something sorted out,"I answered.

"And Dave's sick?" I added.

"Yes Brent, he's a bit run down at the moment. He trusts me but it did upset him a bit at the time, he knows I love him to death, we are good there."

"Okay, now coffee and does the temp want one?"

"Yes, he's a nice guy, a very by the book flyer so it will be a smooth take off," he said.

It was a smooth take off. I got my notepad out and started to make notes, I don't like unhappy people around me, especially if they are people I love.

The flight was long and boring, I tried to Skype Conner but he must be busy so I fed my pilots and generally just looked out the window. The temp was a nice guy but straight laced, like Phil said, he does it all by the book.

Phil came out to see how I was and I said I was bored.

"Fuck me into next week eh?"

"Not really Brent, that's Conner's job." We laughed.

I didn't sense anything wrong at all, just a man that's said the wrong thing, at the wrong time.

We pulled into the cargo side of Perth airport and I took the time to ring Conner.He couldn't talk for long but I wanted to tell him I loved him, that's all, and to hear his voice, our trip back will be a half hour longer because of the time difference. I slept most of the way so Phil organized the coffee and eats, for some reason I was dogged tired.

Arriving home it was just on dusk; I cleaned up and then headed for Marty's.

I was really knackered but I wanted to talk to him before I headed home.

Adam was his usual efficient self, he got me up to speed on the tour and his and Rob's relationship, which thankfully, was now full on love. I was so happy for Rob; he had been left on the shelf for too long.

I went into the boardroom and Marty and Conner were having coffee so Adam fixed me one. I bent over and kissed my man on the head and he held my hand as I sat next to him.

"Hi Marty, have you got the itinerary finished yet?"

"Yes at last Brent, we can sign off on it now, how are you anyway?" he asked.

"Okay, I am feeling really tired lately but I guess a good nights sleep will fix that," I said and gave Conner a wink.

I looked over the schedule and bingo, Melbourne, Singapore, then London, Edinburgh, Dublin, two weeks off then over to France, Spain and Germany.

"What are you looking for baby?" Conner asked.

"Oh, just the date of the intimate concert night in London, I thought I might like to attend." I yawned and my puppy eyes were staring.

"What? Brent there's no such thing," said Marty.

"Oh, that's a shame. Very disappointing, I thought maybe the invitations had already been sent to the palace," I said and put on a sad face.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Conner laughed.

"Eh?" I snapped my head up.

"Sorry Conner, I must have misunderstood you when we talked, I thought you said you were doing your real music show before the rock concerts because your voice would be good, but I must have heard you wrong. I thought you said you had six London concerts but I only see five, very disappointing," I yawned. Then I looked him in the eye while his fingers were toying with the paper the tour dates were on.

"Can we book an extra night Marty?" he let out a deep breath.

"I guess so Conner, I didn't think you would want to do that over there, you know how full on it's going to be and your voice won't cope."

"Your voice will still be pristine then Conner so I don't think that will be a problem and there will still be two weeks rest before Europe," I said.

"How do you do that?" he looked at me bewildered.

"Do what babe?" I looked at him.

"You know too fucking well what I mean," he smiled.

I shrugged.

"Because that's what you were born to do baby, they need to see the other side and it's a night I want to see over and over again."

"Can I make a suggestion?" Adam asked.

"Sure," Marty replied.

"We could book that night two nights prior to the concerts. That will give us a day to rest and the venue will already be set up and looking at the venue's list of bookings, it's quite possible they won't charge for the rest day, I can talk to their people," he said.

I gave Conner a kiss and said, "Now you can show me London, on a double decker bus," I smiled.

"Let's go home," Conner said.

Marty looked at me and asked,

"Anything else you need to organize Brent?"

"No, that's it Marty, I'll let you know if I think of something else but that's it until we get home, then we are going to talk about true friends and one off jokes."

Smiling, I took Conner's hand and led him down to the car.

"I'm being a dickhead aren't I?" he murmured.

"He's ready to throw in the towel and you can't let that happen, we have to make Dave feel safe and loved and Phil saved my sanity, he still watches over me Conner, which says it all baby, you have so much to thank him for."

"I was only looking out for you."

"No, you were jealous and by the way, you were the one that wanted an orgy with them," I giggled.

"I love you," he said.

"I adore you and I'm going to love you more after the first concert," I confided.

"Are you still tired?"

"No, want to swing by Phil's?"


"What are you going to say?"


"Good, now that's sorted, let's talk about us."


"I want you for a weekend on the beach, do you think you can pencil me in?"

"Let me see, I have to check my diary."

"Well file this away."

I gave him a slip of paper with the dates on it and he put it in his pocket.

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