Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 15

Published: 24 Dec 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We stopped and bought flowers for Dave and Conner wrote on the card, he didn't show me but I think it was a written apology to him personally.

Phil answered the door of their condo in his sexy shorts and ummed and ahed his way while inviting us in, he didn't know what to say.

We found Dave on the couch wrapped up in blankets and empty juice glasses were on the coffee table, Conner handed him the flowers and he gushed over them, reading the card he looked at Conner and said, "Thank you."

Phil offered us coffee and Conner helped while I had a good heart to heart with Davo while also telling him to keep the next weekend free. Then I gave him his note of instructions.

We heard laughing coming from the kitchen and the guys came out with a tray of coffee and biscuits; Phil winked and mouthed a thank you to me.

I winked back then we settled in to hear Dave's ills and aches, we all rolled our eyes and I just told him to man up and get on with it. I think he was enjoying the attention.

Through Helen, I had hired a beach house for the weekend in Sorrento. She assured me that it was on the beach and she would organize for it to be fully stocked for the weekend. I told her it was for a special thank you weekend and she told me that she would email me pictures of the property when she had it all arranged.

As we were leaving, Phil hugged us both and said,

"Now go home and fuck this guy into next week Conner."

"Your joking, after today he's doing me, I think I owe him one or two." We giggled on the way home and that's what I did twice, but before we went to sleep, a thunderstorm hit so I snuggled Conner in and he was calm and collected. We slept well, no moaning, no crying.

"It looks like it's settling in for a few days Brent, we will be flying above it but the ride may be rough on the way up," Phil said.

"Okay Phil, I'll tie everything down that I possibly can, do we have parachutes?" I joked.

"Thank you," he said and kissed my cheek.

"That's what friends are for Phil, you and Dave are my family. Conner was just a tad jealous but we have it organized now, it was my pleasure and I hope Dave gets better by the weekend."

"He will be on board tomorrow mate. When you both left last night we talked and things are a lot fucking less stressful around our house now."

"It's the Rick Conners' effect Phil. Sometimes I have to remind him that he's just Conner, a sweet, good looking kid from Prahran, he gets it but it takes a bit of prodding."

We laughed.

"What's he up to today?"

"Rehearsals Phil, all day, I hope this storm lets up."

For anyone who knows Melbourne, its weather is complicated, you can get four seasons in the one day and I hate it when it does that. By the time we took off for the Adelaide run, the sun was out but we still shook our way to twenty five thousand feet, the air currents were horrendous.

Making good time, we refilled the plane and then it started again, full on thunder and lightning.

"We are grounded Brent, the airport's in lockdown and all the incomings are being diverted to Sydney."

"How long Phil, do we know?"

"I think this is going to be an overnighter kid."

Although the storm abated for a while, it was forecast to return during the night so we thought it safer to stay. The smaller plane will get tossed around like a leaf in the wind, so Mother Nature gets the last word.

I was worried about Conner as Melbourne usually gets Adelaide's weather, if it's bad here then it will be bad there later today or tomorrow.

I waited on the plane for hours but then my phone rang it was Ray, "As soon as he gets there, make him eat Brent, he's had nothing all day."

"What state is he in?"

"Okay, he's still a little agitated though but I think that all he needs is a cuddle.

"I think I can handle that, what flight is he on?"

"We don't know yet, the airport just re-opened and he has to fly commercial but I will message you the flight number, I would say he will hit Adelaide around eight."

"Okay, I will wait here, Phil's going to the hotel but I will go wait at the arrivals."

I waited until nine before a very untidy and disheveled boy walked through the gate and he almost ran to me, pulling me into a big hug.

I took his bag and we were on our way to the hotel, more rain, but no thunder.

We cuddled on the couch for some time and the triple glazing on the windows helped to keep the noise out. I disentangled myself from him for a minute and ordered a pizza from the kitchens, he hadn't said much and I knew he just wanted to be held.

"How was commercial?"

"Okay, they put me in first class, not as nice as our plane though but the flight attendant gave me her number," he chuckled.

"I put it in my diary," he said but then pulling the paper out of his back pocket, he threw it in the bin.

I started stripping him slowly, kissing every exposed part of his awesome body; his tattoo got my special attention.

Our pizza arrived and we ate in bed, thigh to thigh and his leg over mine. It was erotic as I fed him the last pieces of our meal. It was also erotic when Conner backed onto me and then started moaning, but for what seemed like different reasons.

The morning was beautiful and I woke to Conner's blue eyes looking at me.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"Feel better now?"

He nodded his head then closed his eyes again.

It was a clear day and on the way back to Melbourne we detoured to Mildura to avoid turbulence and to drop off a businessman who was desperate to get home to his family. His little girl was sick in hospital and he was surprised to see Conner on board. They talked non-stop on the one-hour flight as Conner re-assured him that his girl would be fine. She had broken her arm while out rollerblading and he couldn't get a flight last night so today he wasn't taking any chances and hired our plane and I suspect Conner refunded the flight fee. We also had taken mail in the hold that was well overdue.

Arriving, we caught a taxi, Conner had grabbed his guitar and we travelled to the hospital with her dad.

She was too excited about Conner being there that she almost ignored her father but he was relieved to see her, his two sons and wife with everyone fussing over her.

Conner sang a song for them and we said our goodbyes, her mum drove us back to the airport where Phil and the temp were waiting for us.

We managed a small nap on the way, well I tried but it was hard to do with my legs over Conner's shoulders and looking into his eyes, I moaned loudly.

Later, we heard rattling in the galley and Conner opened the door and declared, "And that Phil, is how you fuck Brent into next week," he laughed as a paper cup hit the door.

I cleaned up and settled in for our descent into Melbourne, trees had been blown down and emergency services were everywhere rescuing cars that were abandoned along the freeway. My driving skills were tested that day but we finally got to the studio where Conner was rehearsing.

"I won't be long baby, can you wait? I just have to go listen to a final track."

"Sure I can do that, another anthem?"

"No, a love song," he smiled and I felt blessed.

Jamie, the sound director was beaming when we arrived, he was excited about something that he wanted to play for us.

Conner's voice was crisp and clear and the song was beautiful, I almost cried. Conner was tapping out the beat, it was haunting and dark and the violins were caressing my heart.

"It's beautiful Conner, just beautiful."

Jamie said, "Now listen to this peasants."

The violins changed to an electronic sound, his voice was still the same and it still had that haunting feeling but it was a rock anthem. Jamie had done a great job adding the rock background that pumped out of the speakers, like, 'Bring it on', it suited both the rhythm and the words.

Conner seemed happy with them both, he said he would save the slow version as an added bonus with a new album and the rock version will be released before the tour.

"You have done a fantastic job Jamie, well done," Conner said then hugged him.

Jamie gave me a demo disc with both songs on it.

"Please let me know if you pick up any flaws Brent, and also, I believe we have to thank you for some of the lyrics. Conner was agonizing over a certain sentence but we talked him into leaving it in," he winked and Conner laughed.

I've heard that sentence; it was in the chorus, 'Wrapped in your strong arms, I am lost to the world, I found peace with another man'.

I said, "It has a hidden meaning Jamie, it stays," I insisted.

Conner rubbed my neck.

I put it in the CD player in the car and Conner sang it to me on the way home. Later, Ray and John called in for dinner and they brought the food with them.

We listened to it a few times and they also loved it, being the dance club patrons that they are. They played the dance version several times while strutting their stuff around the room. Beautiful men, beautiful friends, I thought.

I could hear another storm coming as I closed up and while Conner showered, I lit a few tea lights and placed them around the room. I put a CD in the player and paused it but when he came out he lost the towel and jumped too quickly into bed and I didn't get my perve in.

He snuggled up and I pushed play.

Mary Poppins was one movie that I at least knew some of the songs to but of course my man knew them all, we spent a great three hours singing, rewinding and pausing for make out and piss breaks. The storm had long passed and when the lights were turned off, Conner quickly went to sleep.

I was off to Alice Springs again and then a road trip tomorrow to Sorrento, about an hours drive. I packed for Conner but not much in the way of clothing, it was just a two-night stay.

I didn't know what Conner had to do today; he mumbled something about chilling out so I guess that maybe he's busy in the studio.

Dave was back on board and I was pleased to see him there, I missed him.

We hugged and while the hold was being loaded, two other pilots walked up.

I leant over to Phil and Dave.

"Your relief is here, make yourselves comfortable."

"What, no way, what's happening?"

"I'm giving you both a present, these temps are going to fly today so you two can have the salon," I winked.

As Phil made sure the temps could fly his beloved plane, Dave sat on the sofa while I poured him champagne and when Phil came back, I left them to it. The plane started to move so I did my safety talk and when we were cruising I nodded my head towards the bedroom, they flew off the seats and headed down the aisle.

I didn't see them again until the plane started descending and the captain gave us a weather report, they had smiles from ear to ear. I fed them after we landed and they thanked me for their gift with Dave looking especially happy.

On the return flight, they disappeared again. Conner was a little bit quiet that night and I noticed him wince once or twice, he spent longer in his shower before bed and wore boxers. I asked him what the matter was and he said he thinks he's getting a boil on his bum, of course I wanted to check it out but curiously, he wouldn't let me.

The limousine picked us up at nine, we dressed casually and we enjoyed our trip down the freeway to our special seaside hideaway.

Helen had sent me photographs and the place was amazing, my other guests would turn up and hour after us.

Jen and Bob couldn't come, she was feeling like shit all the time but my other family was there. My family surrounded me, the family that helped and loved me and I wanted to share this weekend with them. The fridge was stacked with champagne, wine and mixers as well as plenty of food and snacks; Helen really had done a good job.

Dave and John fixed a light lunch and we all chilled out on the very spacious balcony, the sun was shining and the bay looked beautiful.

Di got up off the lounge and changed into a beautiful white one piece, she then laid face down on the sun deck.

"Oh forget it guys, your all gay, except you Marty, you can perve."

We laughed because we were all staring at her, gay or not, she was a beautiful woman inside and out.

Couples started to disappear later in the afternoon, naps were taken and in our case a bit of fooling around but we nodded off for a half hour, our dicks forgotten.

Later, cooking wafted through the house and my stomach was telling me it was hungry. I dressed in shorts and a wicked T-shirt while Conner was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone seemed to be up and about doing their business and I spied Conner and Ray running on the beach. This place is sensational, secluded and big with plenty of land surrounding it, it wasn't new but it had been renovated and the balcony shone, it was huge with a hot tub at one end and I wondered if it worked.

It looked like John was doing a roast for dinner, the table looked magnificent and everything worked, my friends were happy.

We ate, joked and laughed our way through the three-course meal while music echoed through the room.

After we had cleared the table, Phil went into the laundry and everybody seemed to be smiling at me, then Conner disappeared and came back with his sexy boardies and tank top on. He takes my breath away.

Phil arrived with the biggest cake in his arms and he placed it on the table, then someone said, "One, two, three," and everyone started singing,

"Happy Brent day to you, happy Brent day to you."

They all sang, "We decided that today is your happy day, so happy Brent day Brent." Rob said.

I screwed my face up as everyone lined up to kiss me, Conner's was the best but Rob's came a close second.

"What the fuck are you all doing?"

They rushed into their various parts of the house and returned with brightly wrapped presents.

"Happy Brent day Brent," they shouted as the gifts were placed in front of me.

"But it's not my happy day," I insisted

"But we needed an excuse to party Brent," Rob yelled.

"Open Conner's first," Ray suggested.

I searched through the gifts but couldn't find it.

Laughing almost like a teenager I said,

"He didn't buy me one, he forgot my happy day." I broke into aching laughter, tears started down my face.

Conner by now had put a very raunchy song on the player, he started to bump and grind his way over to me, losing the boardies as he waltzed over but he had a pair of black, hipster boxer shorts on underneath. My cock was immediately getting hard so I put a napkin over it but it didn't go unnoticed, Rob nudged me.

"Feeling hot eh?" he winked.

I blushed and giggled.

When he got no more than three feet away, he peeled his top off; he fought with it for a long time, his hips rolled, just like the night when he was drunk on the island. With his waist moving to the beat, he tossed it aside while his body was just inviting anyone to fuck him. He was like a smooth car ride up a bumpy road, his muscles were moving randomly over his torso.

His thumbs started to pull the boxers down and now I was really embarrassed.

Off they came in seconds, I screamed, "No!"

But he had a G-string on which barely covered his man parts so I looked at Di.

"Lucky boy Brent, very lucky," she said.

"But I've seen bigger," she added.

Marty stared at her.

"In the change rooms Marty, the change rooms," she winked at me and smiled.

He relaxed.

Back to my man, he had almost shoved his butt in my face before I saw his present.

A fucking tattoo, he knows how much they turn me on, the prick. I nearly blew.

He had a tattoo on his bum, not a boil.

He shoved it in my face.

I saw, 'Forever Brent,' written in script with a heart on the upper left side of his butt.

"Fuck me!" was all I could say as my jaw dropped. He took my hand and we both ran to our bedroom amid loads of clapping and laughter. Conner had me on that bed within seconds and had entered me in no time at all. He fucked me while I tried to watch his tattooed bum in the full-length mirror, but my head strained so I moved us around so I could watch it move and dance on top of me.

He sang happy Brent day five times, then we both came together.

I recovered and started kissing his butt, sliding my tongue up his crack while all the time watching my name bounce around. His hole got a good seeing to and my cock was hard as rock again, I slipped into him but held myself back, just to watch the script move, it was so fucking sexy. I came again and Conner squealed as he had another enormous orgasm.

"Fuck, if I had known you would turn into a sexual predator baby, I would have had it done months ago, do you like it?"

"I fucking love it, and I love you."

We re-joined the party feeling completely spent and very hungry so we attacked the cake with gusto. We finished up with chocolate all over our faces so we started to lick it off each other, which made me get hot again.

Conner put a pair of pale blue speedos on and handed me a green pair, we put tanks on and were wolf whistled for the next hour but the boys were careful not to pinch Conner's bum, it wasn't completely healed yet but I'm sure they were tempted.

"Come with me babe, be subtle," he whispered to me.

He took my hand and I thought of the poolroom on the far part of the balcony where the hot tub was, it was steaming in the cool night air.

There was a bucket of ice with champagne and glasses, many, many tea lights lit the area and the tub was quite large and inviting.

"John set it up for us," he said as we slipped in.

"How did he ever know how to turn it on? I thought about it earlier but couldn't find any switches."

"Umm, he's been here before," Conner answered.


"He and Ray used to come here years ago, they know the house."

"And you?"

"Ah, yes Brent, been plenty of times, I used to come here when it all got a little crazy."

"They own it?"


"You do."


Before he answered, I pulled him in and kissed him.

Nothing more to say but I am going to enjoy coming here more often.

We kissed and groped but left our bathers on and of course the crowd gave us some time alone, ten minutes it took before they joined us and I'm sure those smiles on their faces were the result of wandering hands under the surface.

"Did you eventually find it Di?" I smirked.

"It was hard to find Brent but I eventually did, it was down near his ankles," she laughed loudly, Marty puffed up.

The party toned down as it was getting very late, Conner didn't drink all that much and he declined to do shots with the boys but Di was throwing them down so I started singing behind her, "One little, two little, three little wrinkles, four little, five little, six little wrinkles."

"What have you done with Rick Conners Brenton, and who is this pussie of a man you have on your arms?" she shrieked.

"Yeah, give us back our Rick," Ray yelled then they all started in on me.

"He knows he can drink guys but I think it's just that you all bore him to tears and I enthrall him," I joked.

I was getting tired and so was my Mr. Conner so we drifted off to bed, he didn't fuck me, we just kissed and groped, I somehow loved this more than the sex.

A beautiful morning greeted me as I stepped out onto the balcony, I checked that the spa was cleaned up, a few bottles and glasses were still there so I picked them up and put them on the counter. John said not to bother as the cleaners will be in on Tuesday but Conner always had the house cleaned after it was used. Mainly holidaymakers rent the place during summer so it has to be kept spotless.

Rob and I went for a run, he was happy and he and Adam were looking for houses in our area to buy. I said, "Ask Conner, I'm sure he's got a few in the area, he maybe will give you one?" We were still laughing when we arrived home. Breakfast was great, courtesy of David and John and we all joked and laughed the morning away, then a big white boat arrived at the jetty late morning so I looked at Conner. He blushed.

It was Phil who said, "Let's go guys."

Towels were swiped out of the linen press, bathers put on and we went for a cruise across to Queenscliff, a beautiful seaside town southwest of the city.

We downed anchor and swam in the bay, life's good and my friends were happy again. Di cornered me and told me that a new designer who works for Armani had already designed her gown and Marty's and our suits, she said the designer lived outside Brisbane, and he was big in Europe, she loved his work.

I put my arm on Conner's shoulder and said,

"Our day off, right?"

"Yup," he agreed.

"What about my double decker bus tour of London?"

"I'll buy you the bus."

"Okay," I joked.

"Okay," he double joked.

We lay on the beach for a while but then we noticed that there was a bit of a crowd of onlookers gathering, so we dusted off and went back to the boat and waited for the rest of the crew, it was a wonderful, relaxing day with no dramas.

"When are you going to take Tom on his flight Con?

"Next weekend, his parents want to come, they are just a little nervous about him being away from them, that's all, they love him to bits."

"Where are we taking him?"

"To Coolangatta for the weekend."

"I see, fun parks?" I guessed.

"Yup, on Saturday, then we fly back late Sunday, Adam has it all organized. His grades are really good now and school finishes for him Thursday so I was thinking Friday but his parents can't get the day off."

"Okay, kiss me."





"Buy me a boat."

"You have it."

"That was easy."

"Wanna look at my tattoo?"

"Yep, but not here, well, maybe a little peek."

I knew that this was forever, there was nothing Conner could throw at me that would make me love him less and I felt safe and wanted when he was around. I would chase him to the end of the earth if I had to, he needs me and I need him.

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