Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 16

Published: 31 Dec 15

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Tom was so excited to be on board that he didn't know where to look first. I had given him the grand tour and Dave had shown him the cockpit, he was taking heaps of photos of the jet, Conner and I and the pilots. I had dressed formally for the flight, his parents were bloody lovely people and of course we got their permission to stage a little play in front of Tom, he could be trusted and so could they, after all, it's no one's business.

I helped him belt up as Phil and David talked with his parents, they moved over to Tom's seat and said that they hoped he enjoys his flight, then they hugged while Phil kissed Davo on the lips and said, "Safe flight baby."

"You too cutie," Davo replied and then they both casually returned to the flight deck. Tom's stare was electric, god knows what was happening in his pants but he certainly blushed.

I did my safety spiel as we headed for the runway and he managed to take some more photos. Phil's voice came over the speakers, "Buckle up Brent."

The jet soared into the air lightning fast and with Tom's shock forgotten; his eyes were everywhere and for a long time his nose didn't leave the window. His parents watched, with pride showing on their faces.

When the seat belt sign was turned off, I moved to the kitchen and started breakfast and I could see Tom deep in thought, Conner moved in closer to him and they were laughing. Phil came out to get coffee and I could see Tom's eyes never left him and his poor face was beetroot red.

I thought I might interrupt but instead, Tom got up and walked back to where I was.

"How's it going junior flight attendant?" I asked.

He was quiet.

"Can you give me a hand with these dinners?"

He nodded so I put a tray in his hand and said, "This is for mum and dad."

He took the tray very slowly out to his parents and they helped place them on the table then he rushed back.

I gave him the boy's breakfast but I winked at Conner who got up and opened the cockpit door for him. He went in and the boys helped, they even said he could sit in the extra seat and have his late breakfast with them, but he declined.

He returned to me looking quite confused and as he strode over, I gave him Conner's food. The three adults were sitting at the table deep in conversation so I asked, "Want to eat up here with me?"

"Can I?"

"Sure, pull up a pew and dig in."

I put ours on the low counter, it had two fold down seats and he opened his meal and started eating.

"Good stuff?"

"Delicious, I wish my mum could cook like this," he smiled at me.

"Well I didn't cook it, it came from the airport hotel."

Then I explained the food and the Australian post parcels in the hold.

"Are they really gay?" he asked, out of the blue.

"Who Tom?"

"Phil and Dave, they're pilots, they can't be gay, gays are stupid and broken."

"Who the hell told you that load of rubbish?"

"My friend at school, he told me that gays are no good and stupid."

I gave him one of my open mouthed shock, horror looks.

"I'm gay Tom, do I look broken to you, or stupid?"

"Your gay? But you're a flight attendant, that's a cool job."

"Gays are not stupid Tom, they are not broken, they are people just like everyone else, why would you believe a silly boy who wouldn't even know any gays, you just met three, do we look stupid?"

His head dropped, I guess he was thinking.

By this time our meals were gone.

"Want to go ask mum and dad if they want another one?"

He jumped off the seat but then stopped, looking me in the eyes like he was thinking deeply about something, he burst into tears and hugged me.

"So I'm not broken?" he asked.

"Of course not, you're just a normal boy who listens to silly rubbish sometimes, be yourself always, you can do anything you want in life as long as you are safe and kind to others."

I gave him a tissue, he said, "Thank you, do you think Dave will let me sit in the cockpit with them now?"

"Sure, let's go ask them."

Of course they were fine, they showed him the controls, the autopilot, how to do turns and most importantly, that they were just ordinary men, not broken people.

The hotel was beautiful and our guests were over the moon at Conner's choice.

The limo arrived around eleven and took us to Movie World, Conner had his disguise on and we were shown the VIP entrance where Conner's two body guards met us, then ushered us through and they followed, at a safe distance all afternoon.

I asked Conner what he had said to Tom and he explained that when Tom asked if Phil and Dave were gay, he told him to ask me because I was an authority on gay people. He chuckled and I thought, okay, karma is a bitch, then I told him what happened in the kitchen.

During the day we let his parents know what was going on and they had got him talking when we were having lunch, Phil and Dave were laughing and touching, not sexually, just being their loveable selves when Tom's dad spoke,

"You know you guys are so well suited to each other, how long have you been together?"

Tom blushed.

"Forever mate, about seven years, we met in the air force and were married in Canada three years ago, we are very settled and happy."

Tom snapped his head up.

"You were in the Air Force? he asked.

"Yes Tom, for five years, that's where I met Davo."

"I would have loved a gay son Phil, I would have spoilt him to bits," Tom's mum said.

Tom was having kittens by this time.

"Well, we can keep trying honey," his dad grinned.

"He would be broken," A small voice was heard.

"What? Not my son, he would be clever, handsome, beautiful and all mine. If he didn't want to go fishing with me then I would hang with him and watch Momma Mia or something, do you really think your little brother would be broken?" his dad asked him.

It was too much for this little fella and where he found the courage I don't know, but thank god he did.

"I'm gay," a little voice said.

"What was that honey?" his mum asked.

He looked at her with tears in his eyes and repeated, "I'm gay mum."

Her tears flowed; she held him and rocked him while his dad was kissing his head.

I don't think this little boy is so worried anymore.

He exhausted us and Conner was beat when we drove back to the hotel. Tom whispered to me, "Is Rick gay?"

"You ask him at dinner tonight, if he is, then you have to keep it a secret, okay?"


He smiled all the way, his dad holding his hand and his mum stroking his back.

I wish my parents were like Tom's but alas, when you are dealt the asshole parent card, I guess you make the best of it.

"You told him to ask me, I can't believe you did that," Conner said when we crawled into bed.

"Well I didn't think he would blurt it out in a restaurant full of suits," I giggled, knowing full well he would.

"I had to say no of course but you knew that anyway, didn't you?"

"Umm, yes," I laughed.

"Just for that, you can suck my cock, gay person on straight," he giggled.


"Do a good job too and clean up after yourself," he laughed.

I tried, god knows I tried but the giggles got to me, I collapsed into a full on belly laugh. We were too tired to even start again but I didn't mind, his eyes lulled me to sleep.

In the morning, Tom's mum came across the hall and I answered the door, she was beaming. Nothing was said but she gave me the two thumbs up and then left.

One very happy family unit, I think. They had the day to themselves, we thought it would be the best thing and at five they met us at the plane, a dad holding his son's shoulder and a mum with a lovely smile on her face. Tom helped me serve then went and sat with Phil and Dave. Later I asked what they had talked about but Dave put his finger to my lips and said, "Secret gay men's business," he winked.

When it was time to leave, Tom was sad but happy and we said we would see him often. He had our address and phone and if his parents permitted it, he could fly again in the future. He gave me a special hug and Phil and Dave a kiss on the cheek.

He looked at his parents and they were giving him the proudest smiles they could gather.

At home, Ray and John were waiting for us, with dinner of course. I hadn't much time with my man during the past forty-eight hours and I was a little disappointed but very happy to see them and they served up a great dinner. Wine was served and we talked about the trip but I felt really funny and I had to excuse myself to go home to bed, I felt exhausted, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I went home through the side gate and as I put my key in the back door, I leaned over and spewed. My stomach heaved my food and wine into the nearby garden bed, I lost my balance and crashed into the daisy bushes and when I landed, I yelled, "Fuck me!"

I lay there stunned for a few minutes and tried to assess my injuries but thought there was only minor damage, I just lost my footing.

"Conner, Ray, help me," I yelled. I could still hear their voices but I couldn't move because I had fallen between two garden tubs and knew if I tried to wiggle my way out of them, I would do more damage to my ribs.

"Conner, help! " I yelled again then started laughing at the scenario, it wasn't funny, I hurt but they couldn't hear me.

I waited until I heard the back door open then said,

"A little bit of help would be appreciated, if you can find the time," I whimpered to myself in pain.

Conner was next to me in an instant and he wanted to know what happened, then Ray and John arrived and wanted to call an ambulance.

"Just move the pots boys, I'm wedged in," I groaned.

They removed the pots and then got me on my feet. I was all right, just a bit of grazing down my left side but I felt okay. The sickness that brought it all on had gone, maybe something I ate wasn't quite right but it's anyone's guess what that was all about.

"Babe, take your shirt off so we can see if there's any other damage."

"John, there's stuff in the green bag in the bathroom, can you get it for me?"

I kissed Conner on the lips, and said, "Everything's okay, I just lost my footing and threw up my dinner so I must be getting some sort of bug, I don't think it was John's cooking." John handed me the first aid bag.

"I don't think so Brent, maybe it's just a bug and you could have got it from anywhere."

"Well, I have been feeling very lethargic lately, maybe I will go see the doctor tomorrow, do some bloods?"

I could see Conner wringing his hands and my heart sunk for saying such a stupid thing, anything I say from now on is going to be wrong so I decided to just be open and go with the flow.

"Conner can you put this stuff on the scrape for me, just dab it on, it's a disinfectant?" I asked.

He ever so gently dabbed the ointment onto a small scrape.

I took his shaking hand and looked him in the eye, "It's a scrape, I lost me footing, I threw up something that was stuck in my gullet and I am tired because my brat of a boss overworked me on the weekend," I smiled and at least he didn't frown.

Ray checked the rest of me and I felt that I had been fussed over enough.

"Well, I for one am tired and I'm going to bed. I'll clean up the yard in the morning, goodnight Ray and John, sleep tight," I said and kissed them both again.

"Coming?" I looked at Conner.

After I gargled, I crept into bed and turned Conner around, spooning his beautifully shaped body into my curves and kissing the back of his neck.

"Night night my beautiful man, I am okay and nothing is going to happen." Then I listened to his slow breathing, he was asleep.

The boys had been up early and cleaned up the yard and I noticed that they had smoothed out the stones I had tripped on, wonderful neighbors.

I made toast and coffee while Conner slept, then when it turned nine I rang my doctor, he could get me in at five so when I return from Sydney I will go straight there. I showered, still no Conner, I know he was there, I checked him on the way to get fresh clothes, sound asleep still.

I kissed his lips when I was leaving and felt his forehead then he stirred and smiled.

"Late night baby?" I said as I pulled a small stool over to his side.

"Yes." He stretched.

"Did I sleep soundly?"

"Yes, but you snored a bit around three."

"Must have been dreaming about my slave driving boss," I said with a smile.

He twisted my hair in his fingers, looking into my eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you too," I replied, adding,

"I have a five o' clock appointment with my doctor, do you want to come, I can pick you up here, if you like?"

"Can I?" he asked.

"Of course you can, I will be home by four so we can fool around then if you want." I slipped my hand under the blanket, oh yes I thought, he wants to fool around.

He yawned and wiggled.

"Sounds fine to me."

"Bye bye baby, I'll ring you from Sydney, okay?"

"Stay here with me," he pleaded.

"No can do, I got mail to deliver."


I kissed him again and left him to it.

I don't have the symptoms for anything but maybe a stomach bug and I know he's worried so I will get my bloods checked and then he will see it in black and white.

My day started with hugs from Phil and Dave, they were asking me if I was okay, gee news travels fast in this company, I guess Conner had called them when I left.

"All's good, sometimes things happen with no explanation but I feel great now so don't fuss. Conner has just got to realize that not everyone he knows will get cancer, it's not happening to me cause I don't have the symptoms and he worries too much," I reassured them.

The day was boring; I sat remembering my patients and how much I had missed them. I might just give it another few years and maybe put myself through medical school, seven years of study, could I be bothered? I mused at this statement, that's the reason I became a nurse, because I could be bothered. My bank account was looking very healthy, the shares had soared, something about iron ore being found in abundance. I might Google the companies and maybe start learning something about them.

I read the whole way back and nearly missed the boy's afternoon tea; I shook myself and thought that I now know all about the mining industry.

Up the freeway and into our street I went, hanging out for some quick man loving. I got through the door as Conner rushed to the bedroom, my clothes were off within seconds and he was already prepared, no making love this time, just a deep throated sixty niner and a bit of rimming, I could have stayed there for the rest of the evening. I showered then we dressed and were in the car heading to Richmond within half an hour, Conner couldn't stop giggling and I cracked a smile or two.

"What just happened Brent?" he said laughing, his legs up on the console.

"I think we just had parent sex without the parent bit Con," I laughed.

"It was fun, want to try it again tomorrow?" he said with a naughty smile.

"Yep," I replied.

The doctor was very pleased to see me; he had helped me a bit in my darkest hour and was very pleased with my progress. I had put on some weight, my muscle tone was excellent thanks to Rob's insistence but I didn't go to the gym nearly as much as before, my man held all my attention.

He said that I was perhaps a tad run down but he saw no physical reason for what happened so he decided that a full blood test would be best, then he dropped the bomb.

I am fucked if I know why he said it but he did and it didn't go down well with my man.

"Maybe we will do a HIV test too Brent, just to make sure, I know the guys that attacked you were clean, but just to be on the safe side," he suggested.

Conner and I have been having unprotected sex for a few months now and it never occurred to me that I could be infected. My horror was back, I looked into my beautiful man's eyes and whispered, "What have I done?"

He smiled. "Well doc, you better do one for me also, I haven't been exactly safe the past four years."

I knew Conner was lying but the doctor said,

"If you can wait for an hour then I can get the lab to do a rapid test which takes about twenty minutes, then later I can organize the full test but that will take two to three days."

"We will wait," Conner agreed.

We sat in the waiting room and there wasn't anyone around, I think the nurse and receptionist had gone home. We tried the coffee but it was terrible, so we threw it down the sink.

"I'm sorry Conner, I did have two tests done, one when I was found and one when I saw this doctor a couple of months later and they both were clear. Shit I'm a fucking idiot, what if I've infected you, I couldn't live with that Conner, it would break me," I cried.

"You haven't, but maybe I have."

"Bullshit Conner, you know and I know you played safe."

"Well there was one time, with Sven," he said as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Okay enough, when do I get to meet him?"

"He's off the market, concentrating on his massage business or something Brent, so you won't meet him."

"Can you both come in please?" the doctor finally said.

"It's all good, you are both clear but Brent, you have an iron deficiency, I want you to take a multi vitamin tablet every morning, that should fix your lethargy."

"So we are clear of HIV?" I asked.

"Yes Brent, all's clear for both of you, but I do suggest that you both wear condoms when you make love, just as a precaution," he answered.

"Okay," we both said in unison, something we really hadn't discussed but now we have to. I would kill myself if I hurt Conner like that; maybe the doc has done a good thing today.

We headed home, stopping for a souvlaki on the way and

I bought some multi vitamins and started taking them straight away.

We munched our way through our food before Ray and John came in.

"How did you go?" Ray asked as John made the coffee.

"Okay Ray, just an iron deficiency. We also had HIV tests done while we were there and they were all clear."

He looked at Conner and raised his eyebrows.

Conner blushed.

"What's going on over there Mr. Conner?" I demanded. He shuffled in his seat.

"Well, I wasn't quite honest with you when we met Brent. I screwed John twice but with a condom and I've been blown about five times, that's it, that's the extent of my sexual history," he sounded sheepish.

"So you're not that rock star with a big cock that fucks everything and anything?" I probed further.

"No, and don't you dare rub it in," he whined.

"Well, apart from the two year relationship with Richard where we both wore condoms and only because I didn't trust him, I have had around five different fucks all with condoms and countless head jobs but I've never given any without a condom, I'm a nurse Conner, it's my job to play safe."

"What a slut," I heard John mutter.

We all broke out laughing.

"So what are we going to do Con?" I asked.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"I say we fuck without them, because I'm never going to fuck anyone else," he smiled.

"Are you sure Conner, Brent's getting on you know?" Ray said.

"Okay Conner, this is a conversation we should be having in private," I said.

"So Ray, I see our shares are looking quite healthy. Tin Pan has found enough ore in the Kimberley's to cover a few hundred years of mining and although the boom has paused at the moment, it should pick up when consumer confidence returns. Which I would say, could be within a few years time but it doesn't really matter because the share price should have quadrupled by then, I hope."

They looked at me stunned.

"Your full of shit Brent, you've been using Google again," Ray said.

I blushed this time.

We discussed the pros and cons of wearing condoms and decided we would until we got the full test results back in three days, but then I screwed Conner into next week without one.

But I wouldn't have done that if I had any inkling that something was wrong.

Our results were still negative.

I had another appointment with Mary, she was so happy and I could see instant results in the way her business was benefiting; she had another lady working with her, who was also a councilor. She asked how my exercise had gone and I burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"Well I haven't had time to think about it really. I did when I passed the Jimmy Choo shop, but it was fleeting and I can't remember a lot of it. Mary, it's buried but a good buried and I don't feel the need to bring it into the future with me,

I was happy that I was able to do that but she looked at me strangely, and said, "No more visits Brent, I can't cope with happy patients." She laughed.

"Thank you for what you both did with Tom, he's a different boy now apparently and his parents are over the moon at his change."

"Was our pleasure Mary, he's such a deep thinker, far too much for a little teenager to cope with. We all had a great time with him and his parents."

"Well thank Rick too, he's been amazing also."

"I will Mary, is there anything else we can do for you?"

"Not at the moment Brent. The only other thing was Phil and Dave but I was there last night and they are back to normal. As a matter of fact, they asked me to ask you if next week had arrived yet, what's that all about?"

"I can't tell you," I laughed as I hugged her and promised I would stick my head in occasionally.

"I'm home," I said as I walked in the door smiling at Conner, who was plucking his guitar in the nude, his legs up on the coffee table.

"So it went well then," he said and pulled me down.

"Yep, don't have to go back anymore, thanks to you." I kissed his sweet mouth and undid my jeans.

"I didn't do much Brent."

"Oh yes you did, you found me, fed me, talked to me, you took me home, you brought me back to our home and us, that's what you did."

"Do I get a fuck for doing that?"

"Right this minute, open up." I slid into my man as he plucked out a tune, looking into my eyes.

"Want to come for a ride with me?" I asked.

"Where to?"

"Unfinished business."


I stood there in the afternoon sun with my dick in my hand, pissing a gallon of yellow musky water.

It was liberating to be doing this in full view of anyone that cared to watch me. Finally spent, I shook the final drips onto the ground. I didn't feel the need to take a dump but if I had, I would have done so.

Turning towards the car, I saw my Conner's very large smile as he held his arms out to me.

"Get it done?" he asked.


"Feel better?"


I smirked.

He smirked.

Driving away from the gravesite, I couldn't help laughing at Diana's last words on the tombstone.

It read, 'Here lies Patricia Mills,' and the relevant dates. There was no mention of children or, 'In memory of,' or anything about a loving mother.

She was just cold and dead and covered in my piss and I thought to myself, rot in hell you bitch, you didn't win.

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