Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 18

Published: 14 Jan 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Taking Conner home was a nightmare as every photographer in the country was outside the hospital. He made a small comment but then Jill took over and answered questions and then it was the fans turn. Connor signed autographs and limped his way to a waiting limo flanked by security guards. I snuck around the back and jumped in the blind side, Di, Marty, Ray and John were already inside and we were taken to Mascot to catch the jet. Conner was still sore and bruised down his hip and leg but he was so glad to be out of there.

Marty said the cherry picker was faulty and a police investigation is ongoing.

I couldn't wait to get him home safely to our world and I think I will be sleeping for a week, my adrenalin had kicked in and hasn't left but I'm sure it will, once we are home.

I settled him into an easy chair and Phil and Dave were all over him, I guess if he ever needed a liver they would be his go tos.

Di hugged me from behind while I switched on the warmers and coffee machine and whispered in my ear, "You okay?"

"Yes but I'll be better when I get home. I keep thinking about the accident and need a distraction so Conner will be my project for the next couple of weeks."

"Don't Brent, don't do this to yourself, you did all you could do."

"But I didn't prevent it, I felt something was going to happen and I didn't stop it."

"You couldn't know for sure and from what I hear, you did a lot, you may not remember but Jill told me that you worked on him, making sure he was comfortable and breathing right. You gave the operator a black eye you know."

"I did?"

"Yep, I believe the words coming out of your mouth were unprintable," she said smiling.

"What are you doing with my boyfriend?" Conner was behind me.

"Nothing Conner, just had a quick grope and I feel so sorry for you love, very sad indeed," she giggled as she went back to Marty's side.

"What can I get you baby?"

"I need to go piss, can you help me, my co-ordination isn't the best?" he asked.

"Conner not here, this is my work, what if my boss finds out?" I said softly.

"We won't tell him."

He limped to the loo, pulled his track pants down and I closed the door behind us. He peed after I licked his balls and sucked on his cock.

All eyes were on us when we emerged, Di was laughing her head off and the announcement for take off was heard with a very loud,

"Conner, Brent out of that toilet now," from Davo.

I couldn't see if my face was red but it felt hot and tight so I guess it was and Conner laughed along with Di and the boys while Marty just shook his head.

We had a pleasant flight home and Conner stretched out in the salon where he slept restlessly. I entertained my charges with food and nibbles and was in the galley when I heard a moan so I slipped my shoes off and held my man until we started our descent.

A people mover was sent to pick us up, as it was easier to get him in and out of. Rob and Adam were there with big hugs and as I moved past Adam I said, "That will be a dollar thanks."

He looked at me weirdly.

"It's a new social club fundraiser, for every hug that Conner gives, it costs a dollar, so pay up, you too Rob."

Conner burst out laughing.

"Watch it Adam, he's got your name down for the Dunk a Dude day."

"You will have a four hour shift that day, bring your swimmers Adam," I laughed loudly.

I walked off feeling pretty pleased with myself; Conner had an idea there so maybe I'll look into it, sounds like fun.

As soon as we were in the door we had our clothes off, I put Conner to bed with a very sensuous massage, every crevice was rubbed and kissed and he went ape shit.

"For fucks sake Brent, finish me off, I'm going nuts here."

So I did his big nuts, no salt.

We slept the afternoon away then I rubbed cream into his leg to help with the bruising while he made phone calls to Molly, Marty and Jill.

While lying on the couch I remembered something I wanted to ask him about.

"Why did you make me power of attorney baby?"


"What's up Con, I had to sign your admittance papers, isn't Ray more than qualified to do that?"

"Umm, yes and he was but I wanted you because you're a nurse and you know the jargon better, but Ray is still executer of my estate baby, I wanted to talk to you about it but time got away from me."

With that said he got up and found the safe key then went to the kitchen cabinet where it was installed to get some papers out. Returning, he opened a folder and placed two documents in front of me.

"Can you sign these original documents for me Brent, they are the powers of attorney, medical and financial, in case I'm not quite myself."


"Because you're my family and I said so, that's why," he said.

I didn't argue, I just signed the bloody papers and said, "There, over and done with but I have to warn you that if you ever get sick I will need help, I wasn't very with it when you had the accident."

"I understand, I would feel the same way babe but at least you have some medical knowledge," he replied.

He started putting them back in the folder that was marked, 'Conner Wilson Private, Wills and certificates.'

"What are the others?"


"The other papers Conner, don't what me," I said.

Butterflies were returning, my stomach twisted.

"We can do them later baby, that's all I need for now."

"Okay but if that's what I think it is, forget it, I don't want to know and if I'm mentioned then you can just delete it."

"No baby, I know how you feel, it just says things that will make you a bit more comfortable and secure." he said as he kissed my mouth lightly.

I didn't say anything, I don't want to know about it and I don't want it.

Before going to bed, I fired up my ipad and checked my shares, fuck me, all that money, this is more than a nest egg this is a small fortune. My bank balance was much the same, there had been deposits made at regular intervals; my wages and something called Ricon Industries were depositing different amounts into it.

I asked Conner before we settled in what Ricon was.

"They are the royalties from our Just Conner album baby, I told you that you get half, don't you remember?"

I seemed to remember him mentioning it when I was unwell but I thought it was a joke at the time.

"I'll transfer it into your account tomorrow, I don't deserve any of it, you wrote and recorded it Conner, I had nothing to do with it so please take it back."

"Yes you did, you transfer it back and I'll return it, you can bet your life on that one. I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for you," he sounded angry.


"No buts, kiss me." No he's not angry.

Tom was the first through the door the following afternoon with Mary, Phil and Dave; he hugged Conner and then me. His confidence was the first thing I noticed as he sat Conner down and started trying to mother him and tell him he wanted to go see him but his mum and dad didn't think it was a good idea. Too many visitors and such they said, so he asked Conner not to be mad at him, he had tried. Conner said he had received the card and flowers and thanked him for his best wishes. Mary was looking at me.

"Everything okay Brent?" she asked

"Sure Mary, all's good," I replied not knowing what to say.

Rob and Adam came through the door and hugged everyone.

"Another dollar please," I said.

Adam pouted.

Well all we have to do is invite Ray and John in and we've got a party happening, so we did and they brought the food. I put Conner to bed around ten, he was very tired and everyone said their goodnights and I locked up but then looked at the cupboard with the safe in it.

I undressed and climbed in with my man, he moaned and moved into my arms as I stroked his bum, running my fingers down his crack but the next thing I knew, it was morning.

As Conner slept I made coffee and sat looking at the kitchen cupboard and thought I don't want it, I only want Conner. It was too much for me so I took Con's keys and almost opened the safe but thought better of it and closed the door and put the keys back. My man finally limped down the hallway, I had his coffee ready and he kissed me.

"Did you look?" he asked.


"Did you look in the folder?"

"No, I thought about it but decided it was your private business," I owned up.

"I would prefer you didn't look at it Brent but I will tell you a little about the paperwork," he looked me in the eye. He was pissed.

He kissed me again, maybe I'm wrong again, he's not pissed.

"Among that paperwork is my will and if anything happens to me then your life will go on as normal. It provides you with the means to live your life comfortably, without any day-to-day stress because I know you will be upset if I left you. The money I have put aside for you isn't important, I know you don't want it and I know you won't spend it unless you really have to. Ray is the executer and he will control everything, so what I'm saying is you have nothing to worry about in the future, you will have some money, a few shares and the royalties from my albums."

I looked at him stunned he was lying to me.



"You're lying to me Conner."

"Okay, okay, you get my personal fortune and my company shares, my houses and royalties. You're my fucking family Brent; you're my husband so of course you get it. I have left aunty Beth's shares to Ray and John and her jewelry to Diana but if there are things among it that you would like to keep then you get to keep them. I've also provided for Jen, Bob, Conner, Adam and Rob, Phil and Dave and something for Tom, there's more but you don't need to know, it's the unimportant stuff," he said as he kissed me again.

My tears ran, I couldn't believe he had done that to me, I wanted him, just him and he dumps all this shit on me, I don't deserve it and I don't want it.

"Then you will go and direct Ray to take my name off it."

He was stunned.

"Don't think I'm ungrateful baby, I want you but I don't want your money, I never wanted that, I don't know the first thing about it. I never had money so this is difficult for me, I just want you, just you." My tears flowed but I went on, "I nearly lost you in Sydney and I can't lose you, I won't lose you. God, I wish I had died in Papua, this is too much to contemplate, I should be the one that is dead then you can go on and enjoy the fruits of your work. It would hurt me less and I wouldn't be so fucking damn depressed and so fucking full of guilt. I should have done more for you, I felt useless and I felt dead, I was dead inside, I froze," I wept.

He stroked my hair and neck and I leaned into him and cried.

"This isn't about my will, is it baby?"

I shook my head indicating a no but I did feel like shit and maybe I am coming down with something, maybe I'm just crazy.

I got up and wiped my eyes then went back to bed and slept some more in my man's arms.

Waking in the early afternoon, I showered and went to make some coffee, Conner was strumming his guitar on the sofa so I leaned over and kissed his sweet lips then said, "I love you and thank you."

I sat next to him and he started singing our song.

The knock on the door was unwelcome, it was Mary, Conner must have rung her. She sat with us for a few hours and we talked it out, Conner was adamant I had done all I could do, he had heard me say he was going to be all right. I related what had happened and how I felt and I even smiled at the way Conner was trying to convince me that I was a saint and should be canonized.

Mary spoke to us and she advised me to get back on the train and forge on, she convinced me that there was nothing else I could do, that Conner was safe and well and not going anywhere soon. We had to tell her we were a couple but she knew anyway.

After she left I felt foolish but relieved that some of the weight of the past two weeks had been lifted from my shoulders.

"Want Chinese for dinner baby? We could walk to the corner, I need to get some exercise," he asked.

"Sure, let's go."

We still sat for a long time just touching and kissing but then my tummy rumbled so we slowly walked down to the corner and ordered up big.

No work today as Conner got a temp in but we had to go to the office anyway. I watched Conner as he read, signed and folded stacks of paperwork; the lawyers and accountants had already checked it so his signature was all that was required.

"See, it's easy," he winked.

While I was there I spoke to Ray and he would draw up my will leaving everything to Con, not that I had a big estate but Connor was my family now and it's the right thing to do.

Later, we ended up in Brunswick, I wanted to get my hair styled and highlighted. My man sat and waited while my stylist did a great job, he had shortened it a few inches and it looked good.

I whispered to my man, "You got a boner?"

"Yup," he answered.

"Then I must look good," I laughed.

The days passed and Conner was walking almost normally, no pain, his head wound had healed and his bruising was gone. There will be a court case but Conner didn't want to be involved, his way of thinking was that the operator didn't know it was faulty and it was just an accident but the police charged him anyway so hopefully it will be a fine. I eventually, after fighting with my inner self, eventually felt the same way.

My anxiety was under control and I felt a lot better as the weeks passed and I devoted all my spare time to Conner. He started doing more and more television gigs and interviews and I noticed his attitude had changed a bit; he was being more and more co-operative and less on the defensive. He filmed interviews in front of a blue screen that would be used by networks in London to cut down on his appearances; they would just slot their interviewer in and their own background. It was interesting to watch Conner being very animated; it also cuts down on the shock questions.

I was immunized and felt a bit sick for a few days but it's a no brainer for me, I didn't want to get sick over there, especially in the Asian countries.

We dined with Ray and John, who gave me the legal papers to sign and I took my copies and put them in the safe next to Conner's. I never looked at them again but I did play with the beautiful diamond necklace that his aunt left him. There were some scrolls in with his things and I looked at one of them, it was a certificate of gratitude from the Australian government recognizing him for all his charity work he had done with children. I didn't look at the rest but I could guess they all would be along the same lines. My flights were back on track and he was busy doing media and planning his shows. I had my hand operated on at the day surgery and it would be bandaged for two weeks so I couldn't use it but at least I could wiggle my fingers more than I did before, it also ached, so I had some more feeling in it. Conner waited for me and drove us home and John of course had cooked again, we ate after Con had cut my steak up into kids sized bites, he would have fed me but I stopped him.

"Do you think you can stop that?"


"Babying me, I will be all right in a few weeks, my hand hopefully will have more strength in it and feeling, if it doesn't then so be it, but don't baby me."

"Okay baby," he consented.

My strength did come back and a whole lot of feeling, it still shook but I put that down to nerves, I did the squeeze test on Conner, he was over the moon and so was I.

The Christmas party rolled on, it was a beautiful day and nearly everyone turned up with their families. Conner and I did all the rides along with Rob and Adam, who I might add, screamed the loudest. We stuffed ourselves with fairy floss and hot dogs; Conner won a tiny bear on the clowns and gave it to me so I put it in his treasure cupboard. He sang three songs and hugged just about everyone and made a beautiful speech then started giving out awards to his staff.

He called me onstage and someone gave me a chair.

His speech was long and genuine, I had won the employee of the year so I thanked him and all the wonderful people that helped me, especially Helen, Adam, Phil and Dave, I was given a small cup and a gift voucher, the cup also went into the cupboard. We invited Jen and Bob for Christmas dinner plus the boys and John cooked with Adam and Rob's help. There were gifts for everyone under our tree and we all had a wonderful day.

Jen told me that mum and dad had invited them to lunch but she declined saying they would be out all day, she smiled and hugged me.

"No way am I going there without you," She said and I kissed her cheek.

Conner passed a small parcel to me and said, "Merry Christmas babe."

I opened it, thinking what the hell has he bought me now.

I laughed as it was revealed to be a small Swarovski crystal statue of a man sitting on his bum, his hands clutching his knees; he had a backpack with a cap on his head. It reminded me of the first time I saw him and it was breathtaking. Everybody loved it and it was passed around the room, it stood about four inches high and the workmanship was awesome so I kissed him for ages until he had to break away to catch his breath.

Then I handed him his rather colorful present and he slowly opened it to reveal six wooden games, real mind benders, his face lit up as he loved them and immediately tried to solve the first one but I took it off him and solved it in ten seconds then put it back together before he could take anything in, he looked at me confused. I kissed him. I had been playing with them all week on the plane.

"That crystal figurine is just so beautiful Brent," Jen said.

"It's stunning Jen, he must have paid a lot for it, I would have been happy with a t-shirt," I replied.

Phil leaned over and whispered, "One of a kind Brent, especially made for you, probably cost him plenty," he suggested.

"Oh, I had better put it in the safe then," I laughed.

"Don't do that, it's too beautiful to be hidden away," he said.

I noticed Conner, he was being very animated looking at his present and trying to work out how to solve the games, they will keep him occupied for a month.

Pulling him aside, I apologized for not spending more and getting him a decent present but his eyes said it all as he kissed me deeply.

"That's the best present ever and I got a big present for you for later on," he said.

"Thank you but your present didn't cost as much as you think Brent, I know someone that works there," he added.

Exhausted we crawled into bed, I put my little man on my side table and Conner spooned me, it was beautiful and so was my crystal man.

We flew to Sydney for New Years Eve and Conner sang at the huge free concert, he did his rock god thing then we left before the countdown to watch the fireworks on the bridge. They were awesome and I took many photos and kissed Conner endlessly while his hands were everywhere, luckily we were the only ones on the roof of our hotel. We made heaps of phone calls and sent and received loads of messages then we made love for the next hour before we joined the land of nod.

Two months to go and then Europe, I couldn't wait. Conner spent time doing TV, radio and charity nights, I flew but had very few passengers as it wasn't our busy period.

Where you off to Brent?" Ray asked.

"Adelaide, Coober Pedy then Alice and home, big day with lots of customers," I laughed.

And I did have lots of customers, three rowdy guys heading for Adelaide to go to the football in style but they were generally well behaved and stoked to be in a private plane. I listened to their dirty jokes and then went and organized a quick meal, they were blown away with their five star fare. I wished them luck, Adam and Dave had given them a tour of the cockpit and they were very happy when a limo picked them up to go to their hotel.

Dropping the mail off, we headed for Coober Pedy but another 'gasket' was blown so we had to stay overnight because parts are sparse in the middle of Australia, a replacement would be flown up on the afternoon commercial plane.

I wasn't worried or panicked but Phil had his arm over my shoulder and said, "You stay with us tonight, just because we love you, we will probably be here for a few days while the part is replaced but there's plenty to see here."

"I'll be okay Phil, it's over and I'm a lot stronger now."

"I know but you still stay with us."


We disembarked and Phil locked the jet, I wondered why we didn't just sleep on the plane but thought I would ask them later.

We got to the hotel and checked into a double bungalow, I put my stuff away and rang Conner but he already knew. We talked for a long time and he was just going to chill with Ray and John. I told him that Phil and Dave were in the next room and we are going out to dinner, after a very long goodbye, I showered and dressed.

We went out for an early dinner. I was bushed as it was so hot there that I needed some aircon and the food felt heavy in my stomach so I said my goodnights, put the TV on and watched a couple of shows, falling asleep alone.

I woke suddenly but I wasn't alone, I rubbed my crack up and down the ample dick that was embedded in it.

"Oh Phil, thank you, please don't tell Conner, now can you fuck me into next week," I whispered.

I planted my ass hard onto his cock.

The rubbing stopped, someone lifted himself up on one elbow and I knew he was looking at me.

"What took you so long?" I asked.

"I had to fly commercial," he replied.

"Want a head job?" I inquired.

"Yes please," he groaned.

I rolled over to be met by two blue eyes then I made tender love to my Conner.

He held me all night, I guess he was worried but I knew he would turn up at some stage, how could he not, he loves me.

In the morning I straddled him and looked into his eyes while he screwed me, his hips going wild with me holding his pecks and thrusting down on his prick, he grunted then relaxed and I leant over him and kissed his lips gently.

"Thank you."

We went back to sleep.

A knock on the door woke us; it was Phil who let us know that the jet will be back in service tomorrow.

"So what do you want to do today baby?"

"I think I would actually like to see some of this town Conner, I've been here several times but haven't seen it."

"Me neither, let's book a tour maybe," he suggested.

"Okay, do you and Dave want to come along Phil.?"

"Yeah I will but Dave is staying with the plane."

"Maybe I should go too Conner, Dave shouldn't have to do it on his own."

"It's okay Brent, he doesn't mind, he's just supervising the installation, that's all, he knows a lot about the mechanics of a jet so he actually loves tinkering with it and the part being replaced really isn't a gasket, it's minor but hard to install," he explained.

We showered and dressed then went for breakfast and we organized a three-hour tour starting at ten, it will be hot out there so I hope the bus is air-conditioned.

Armed with my ipad to take photos, the bus pulled up on time and our guide welcomed us. We sat with ten holidaymakers all interested to learn about this town's history and it was fascinating. There were tens of thousands of dugout mines within a forty-mile radius, most houses were underground because of the heat and there were at least thirty stores selling opals in all sorts of sizes and colors. Personally, I loved looking at them but didn't buy any as the prices seemed a bit of a rip off and also they are supposed to be bring bad luck.

I believe the cheaper sellers were the aborigines on the streets, they don't go underground to mine them, it's taboo for them so they go through the stacks and stacks of discarded dirt that is everywhere and sift through them. It was certainly an eye-opener and Conner and Phil were like kids wanting to sift through the mounds themselves. The tour guide said it was like a drug; many men and women come here to seek their fortune and become addicted to the search. The many underground houses and some churches and other buildings were cool and well designed against the blistering midday sun. After our tour we had a light lunch then changed to go to the airport to see how Davo was going. He was bare chested and covered in sweat his overalls peeled down to his hips, Phil gasped and I giggled.

He had no idea how hot he looked in his mechanic's gear.

He wasn't alone so nothing was said or touched as he was only helping the other two guys.

It was nearly finished but they had to test it several times before it was deemed flight worthy.

"Why do you think I fell in love with him?"

"That fucking white hot body Phil, its obvious," I said.

"Well there is that but he won't let anyone work on that jet without him, he's keeping us safe even though he's sweating like a pig," he laughed.

"He knows this jet back to front and there's nothing he can't do," he added.

"Okay," I said, "Who's for a dip in the pool, I'm feeling a bit hot all of a sudden?" I asked.

They both agreed, I was hot and by the looks of him, so was Phil.

We ate a late lunch and were ready to go into the water for the third time when Davo turned up, he dropped his overalls and jumped in with only his jockey shorts on and swam over to Phil then put his head into his neck. He must be tired and judging by the bulge in Phil's boardies, I guess it will be an early night.

Conner had dozed, off and on all afternoon, I rubbed sunscreen all over him then he did me while shoving his crotch against my ass.

He was looking a bit pink so I suggested we go to our room and he was off and running in no time. Rubbing aloe vera onto my pink shoulders to relieve the sting I did the same to his while grinding my cock into his crack. We ended up making love. The problem was Phil and Dave were in the next room, their bed squeaked and we could hear moaning, my imagination was running wild so I attacked Conner, fucking him until he screamed stop. We had both cum but I had continued pumping, I was completely lost in my own little world.

"Fuck, sorry Con, did I hurt you?"

"No baby but it was time to stop, were you working up another load?"

"No babe just got lost in the moment, that's all."

"I can get them to film their lovemaking Brent, all I have to do is ask," he joked.

"Oh Conner, I don't know why it turns me on so much, maybe I should have watched more porn when I was younger."

"Maybe we can watch some porn together?"

"Maybe." I leaned in and kissed his beautiful lips.

My phone alerted me that there was a message from Dave, it said,

'For your information, Phil was just fucked into next week. xx.'

I laughed and showed it to Conner and he started banging on the wall.

"Phil you dirty slut, stop smiling."

We both laughed under the blankets.

They were cool guys really and at breakfast we laughed about it and Conner asked them to film it next time. Phil said they would but only if we would too.

"Will I have to shave my ass for the camera?"

"Yes, we love the smooth look," Dave replied.

That was wrong, I had seen Davos' bum and it was lightly covered in black fur.

I laughed.

"No way is a razor going near Con's high class ass."

The waiter thought we were mad.

We entertained each other for the next two hours then headed for the airport. I settled in on the sofa with Conner and we soared into the blue sky on our way home. There was no love making on the way, we actually sat there and watched DVDs.

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