Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 19

Published: 21 Jan 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We were gearing up for the Euro trip and a week before we left we had Bob and Jen around. She looked beautiful, we touched her belly and waited for the kick, John listened with his ear and gushed over her, trying to force feed her with several tit bits he had baked.

Bob was as proud as punch and mentioned that there were no bills coming from Ray's office. Ray interrupted and said he had lost them but would get around to re-doing them one day, maybe when the tours were finished but the title is being held at his office and if they wanted it, he would release it to them anytime they wanted.

Bob looked skeptical so I held his hand and said, "A thank you is enough Bob," I assured him.

"Thank you Conner and Ray, we will never be able to repay your kindness but when little Conner comes along we will let you play with him."

"Seriously?" Conner said.

"Seriously Conner, Brenton and Robert, he's going to have three names, poor kid," he laughed.

"You can take mine out Jen, I won't mind."

"Absolutely not, our kid will answer to all three names."

Conner was elated and warmth radiated from his face; they would name their first born after him. We toasted his naming with champagne then we said our goodbyes as we would be away for nearly three months, getting back just in time for the birth.

We took over the A300 that had three small bedrooms, a dining room and lounge and was used for overseas travel mainly by Conner's corporation execs when they had business in Europe. But now it was designated for Conner's tour and would be more comfortable than the smaller jet. Larger airports were booked and inflight food was ordered. I was so excited, my first overseas trip, that's not counting Bora Bora. Rob, Adam, Marty and Di would fly with us and we would have a layover for three days in Singapore.

I picked Conner up the next day and we drove to St Kilda where we found a very nice restaurant on the beach, the owner put us in a quiet section but some people were at the other table near us and as we walked by, Conner greeted them, "Hi Jeff, good to see you mate, Hayley, you too Mal, Brian, how's it all going?"

I waited behind him but no introductions were forthcoming so I nodded and walked off to our table. Menus were placed there while Conner caught up with some industry friends so I ordered us both a drink and sat for awhile, listening to them babble on about the tour and Jeff's new album. Conner was almost sitting with them so I sent his drink across to their table and not wanting to interrupt, I paid the bill and left without eating.

"Brent, Brent, wait up will ya?"

"Oh, now you want to know me, I guess you want a ride home?" I said off handedly.

I walked into a fish and chip shop and ordered cause I was hungry.

"Sorry Brent, I haven't seen them since the X factor days, it caught me by surprise, I didn't forget you, I just got caught up in the moment."

"Well next time you invite me to lunch or dinner, I will choose the place." I smiled.

"Okay baby, you choose, I'm sorry."

"Good, now let's eat, I'm starving."

He followed me across the road to the sea wall and I unwrapped the food and we ate in relative silence.

"Did they pick up the suitcases today?"

"Yes, they will be loaded tonight after clearing customs."

"What time do we have to be at the airport?" I asked.

"Around ten am, you go with Phil and Dave as flight crew and I will follow with Marty and the guys, we will all be bussed to the plane by customs officers."

"Okay, you got everything, you haven't left anything behind?" I asked.

"I did but thank god he waited, I needed a lift home," he joked.

I wasn't mad with him, I understood so I told him if he wanted to sit there with them all night it would have been okay but I was hungry and we had a big flight in the morning.

I had a broken sleep and kept waking up every hour on the hour as I had it in my head that I was going to sleep in and miss the plane. I was nervous about the flight; it would be eight hours straight to Singapore, then fourteen more to Heathrow.

I felt like I hadn't slept all night when I made coffee, Conner of course slept like a log. Ray and Dave came in and made sure we ate something, we chatted and I was made to check that I had their Skype number and email

addresses, they were nervous and sad that they won't see us for three months. I rang Jen and Rob to say goodbye and promised them the same, that I would Skype as much as possible.

Ray and John drove us to the airport and there were tears and hugs but a crowd was forming because the media were there so I met up with Phil and Dave and we went through customs. It was quick and I hung around the duty free shop to wait for the others while the boys had to get to the plane to do pre-flight checks. I bought some great aftershave and then started looking at Rado watches, they were very expensive but beautiful and I fell in love with the black-faced one with four diamonds. The salesman put it on my wrist but I resisted the urge to spend so much money. So with my carry bag and duty free, I just hung for another ten minutes before I spotted a good-looking Australian star in black jeans walking through with some friends of mine and Di looked gorgeous as usual. A big, totally awesome looking man halted Conner's progress for not more than fifteen seconds then walked off, probably a fan I guess, what a butt wow.

Conner smiled at me and I joined his entourage, falling in behind but he stopped and waited for me to catch up.

"Get anything exciting Brent?"

"Some aftershaves Conner, good ones, I'll smell much better when we go to lunch now," I smiled at him.

He laughed. We caught the customs bus out to the plane then settled ourselves in and I made sure I had all the food and drinks I would need. Helen had done a good job, there was so much more room in this jet and the two galleys were fully stocked.

The man I had seen Conner talk to in the duty free shop came aboard.

"Brent this is Grant, he's a member of our security team and will travel with us, could you please make up the couches at the back for him?"

"Pleased to meet you Grant and welcome aboard, I will get your bed ready now as maybe you will want to have a nap later."

"No thanks, that's okay Brent, I can sleep anywhere so don't go to any trouble, I'm here to do a job and that I will do," he said.

"Conner, where do you want me to sit?" he asked.

"Anywhere you like mate, just make yourself at home."

"I'll go have a word with Phil and Dave for a minute then I'm all yours."

"Grant is the head of our European security babe, he's gay and a friend, so relax."

"He's gay?"

"Yes babe, you okay?"

"Yes." I gulped.

I guess security guards can be gay too, I just never thought about it, this guy was built and quite good looking too, I wonder if he has a partner at home?

"Don't even entertain those thoughts Brent, his lover is a member of Interpol, they live in London and are very happy," Con grinned.

"I don't know what you mean Conner, let's settle in."

We unpacked our bags and put everything away; there wasn't much really, just a couple of changes and bathroom stuff. Conner's stage outfits and our extra clothes are stored in the hold.

Di and Marty were doing the same but I noticed that Rob and Adam's door was closed; umm, now they are starting early.

Grant walked over to our room and leant on the door, he was talking about how nice it was to see Phil and Dave again so I asked where he had met them and he said in the air force. He gave Connor a small package and he placed it in his drawer.

"Anything else boss?"

"No, that's about all for now Grant, go relax, we should be taking off soon."

I wondered what the parcel was but thought it might be a gun or something so I didn't peek.

I did my spiel and thankfully Adam and Rob surfaced shortly before that, then we made our way to the main runway where we sat for a few minutes until it was all clear to take off. Roaring down the runway I was thinking about the things I had to do and as the wheels collapsed under us we soared into the northwest, starting our journey to Singapore. The seat belt sign went off and Phil gave us the weather report, fine sailing all the way. I went to the forward galley to put the coffee on and Di sidled up to me and said, "Want to see the sketches of my wedding dress?"

"I would love to Di, is it made?"

"Yes, that brilliant young Australian designer that I told you about, the one who works freelance for Armani did the suits and dresses, he lives just outside Brisbane with his partner and family, he's brilliant."

"So when is the wedding Di?"

"We moved it to three days after Conner's final concert, that will give him time to recover so he can maybe sing dirty ditties at the reception and take you on that double decker bus ride," she giggled.

I went with her to her salon and she showed me the most gorgeous drawings of her dress and our suits, the actual clothes were in the hold.

"I love it, you are going to shine like a diamond ring Di, I'm so happy for you."

"He's good Brent, here, this is your suit." She passed a few drawings over to me and it was absolutely beautiful, she also handed me a personal note from the designer, which I read with tears in my eyes.

"I know mine had the same effect, he knows about us so he wrote us a personal explanation on our outfits."

"Di, mine is different from Conners and Marty's, is there a reason for that?"

"Yes Brent, this, this and this one is the bridal party, Marty, Conner and Adam.

These are for the bridesmaids, my friends who live in London and these are for the bride and you. You will give me away won't you?"


I was gob smacked.

"Brent, you're the closest person I have to family so please don't be disappointed that I moved you but I really want you to walk up the aisle with me, please say yes?"

"My god, I don't know what to say, I'm not worthy to do that job, isn't there someone else?"

"No there isn't and even if there was, I still want you walking with me." She pouted.

I hugged her with my tears threatening to fall and said,

"Yes, it would be my greatest honor."

We held each other for some time but then Conner came looking for me and found us lying on the bed.

"She told you?"

"Yes Con, I'm blown away but if that is what she wants, then I can't argue with her."

"Hello guys, I'm just here," Di spoke up.

Laughing, we set off to get those coffees organized.

After lunch and three hours into the flight, Conner decided that we needed a lay down and I didn't mind as I took my shoes off and relaxed on our bed, we did some heavy making out until he remembered his parcel.

Of course, it was the wristwatch I had been looking at so I thanked him for the beautiful gift and in more ways than one.

"I hope this isn't going to become a habit Conner?"

"No babe, Grant was watching you trying it on so he thought I should know about it. You have your work credit card for that sort of thing and this is work related you need to have a good timepiece," he smiled.

"Thank you Conner, it's absolutely beautiful, I love it."

"Happy Anniversary Brent, I love you."

"I love you too my Conner."

We then slept for a few hours but I had to get up and do the afternoon teas so I left him to sleep some more.

As it happened, it was already done and Rob and Adam had organized it so I sat and looked at my watch, it was beautiful. Grant leaned over and said, "Do you like it?"

"Of course, it's beautiful but you shouldn't have told him, I can afford it if I want and he gives me so much now, but also there's not much he doesn't have so it's hard to find something to buy him."

"Leave it to me, two can play his game," he winked.

"Okay," I winked back. I think I'm gonna like this guy.

Changi airport was banked up but we finally landed and cleared customs, an hour later than expected. The throng of fans and media were the hardest to maneuver through but Grant did his job well with the aid of airport security staff. We were booked into the Hilton hotel, which was beautiful and Conner and I had the penthouse. I opened the drapes and wow, what a view, leaning on the balcony rail I was thinking to myself just how lucky I am to be here, in a foreign country I had only dreamed of going to, never thinking it would happen.

Big arms went around my waist and a gorgeous man snuggled into my frame, he wiggled his way around to the front and I kissed his neck as he looked out at the view. My hips automatically started to hump his bum so he undid his jeans and dropped them and I did the same, we screwed for awhile but I couldn't hold on, moaning in Conner's ear I had a killer of an orgasm, filling his perfectly shaped bum with juice. He came down the balcony wall and I turned him around and kissed his lips while rubbing his ass cheeks with my hands, his smell was intoxicating and I wanted more.

The phone rang, it was Marty and he said that Conner had television interviews to do in the media room in twenty minutes. Conner kissed me and said he would see me in an hour or two for dinner so I took the opportunity to clean the balcony and unpacked our clothes. I was thinking that we would eat in the room but Conner's words came back to me, his pet hate is hotel rooms so I went down to the tour desk and inquired about restaurants. Having decided on dinner and a show on a floating restaurant, I showered and changed then waited for my man.

Three hours later I started to walk towards the media room but on the way I spotted Marty and Conner in the bar with some other guys and girls I didn't know, one of them had his arm around Conner's waist and was whispering in a somewhat animated way in Conner's ear.

I didn't go over but I was as mad as hell, I fucking knew this would happen and I had to stand back and watch it. An Asian lady moved in and kissed him on the mouth and between the two of them, they were practically undressing him. He seemed oblivious to their advances and Marty was no fucking better.

I walked across the foyer to the Italian restaurant to order a meal and Rob and Adam were in there, so I joined them. Not being in a good mood I wasn't feeling very talkative and Adam picked up on it.

I sort of told them what was happening and that I was a bit down in the dumps.

Adam looked at me and smiled, he patted my hand and said, "Take charge Brent, you can do it, I know you can, take charge," he nodded towards the door and winked.

I thought about it and thought, fuck it, why not?

Back over to the bar and Mr. hands had moved them to Conner's belt loop on his jeans, Con did remove them but they slowly came back and Conner looked uncomfortable. So off I go, do or die, this is it.

"Excuse me Mr. Conners but there is a call at reception for you from Melbourne, it's urgent."

"Brent, where have you been, we were about to go partying, what call, who from?"

"In the foyer Mr. Conner, please don't keep the caller waiting," I said in my best flight attendant voice.

He excused himself and Mr. hands looked disappointed. Connor followed me across the foyer to the restaurant and I took his arm and led him to our table.

"Now please sit here Conner and eat dinner with me."

I stood over him and his mouth was open and he sat heavily.

"Now what do you feel like to eat, Mr. Conners?"

"Umm Brent, you order for me," he blushed.

Adam was giggling into his spinach lasagna and Rob was folding his napkin as he had finished his entree but he didn't look up, I knew he was smirking.

I ordered for both of us and when it came to drinks, I ordered two diet cokes.

We ate in silence but Marty came looking for Conner and he tried to talk him into going back to schmooze the so-called media.

"Marty where's Di?" I asked, I was fucking furious with him.

"I don't know Brent, probably in the room, why?"

"Good, I will go get her, maybe we can find some strangers to feel us up while we get drunk, I think she would love that."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well, you wouldn't mind if some stranger felt her up, would you Marty? You don't seem to care enough about her because she's in her room eating alone while your schmoozing some hanger on at the bar, you wouldn't mind if I didn't get her home sober and in one piece and at a reasonable hour, you wouldn't care would you Marty?"

"Of course I would care, I would care a lot Brent, what the fuck is happening here?"

"Right Marty, Conner went out for a simple, two hour media gig so I organized and paid for a dinner cruise for the two of us for which you now owe me two hundred bucks. He didn't go out to party and I bet you, if Di was in Conner's place being felt up by fucking strangers, you would be as livid as I am. No more, when Conner goes out with you for work, he is to come home sober and at the time we agree on, I won't end up like Di, sitting in my room alone waiting for him," I gritted through my teeth.

"He's got you there Marty," Conner laughed.

"Marty go and find your beautiful woman and take her to dinner, fuck the media, they will print what they want to anyway and you already know this."

"Oh okay Brent, I'll go get her, you guys sticking around here for awhile?"

"Yes Marty, we were going out to see a show but this one is cheaper, at least for us it is," Adam said.

Marty took out his wallet and reluctantly placed two, one hundred dollar bills in front of me.

"Thank you Marty," I accepted and put it in my pocket.

Conner burst out laughing, and then the whole table joined in, even Marty.

He went upstairs and got Di.

We had a great night and when Mr. hands poked his head into the restaurant, we ignored him. I guess he will have to go leech off someone else, there will be no free dinners for him here tonight.

We got in at a reasonable hour and Conner apologized, he said that he just got caught up in the moment, Mr. hands was giving him the shits and he was so pleased to see me.

"Conner, I don't want to cramp your style, I really don't, but this is my first time in a foreign country and I am a bit nervous but excited. I don't want to share these moments with myself, I want to share it with my boyfriend too and as much as I can. We are a team Conner, partners, we can't work on a different time schedule, we would never see each other."

"I do love you, you know," he said.

"I know you do and I love you too but it would have been good to have had dinner on a floating restaurant in Singapore. I know it's touristy but it still would have been fun."

He held me and kissed my neck and I rubbed his bum.

"Did the big bad Mr. hands hurt you baby?"

"A little honey."

I turned him over and kissed his back then bum and licked my way to a special place.

In the morning we were all on board for breakfast that was included with the room. We could have eaten in but we wouldn't see anyone so I dragged Conner down to meet the boys and the food was amazing, I tried just about everything.

Marty came looking for Conner and he said good morning to us all then said,

"Conner, can you do an interview with some students from the media school this morning, just for one hour please, they are nice kids. Brent?" he said looking at me pleadingly.

"One hour Conner then we go look at the sights, want to come Marty?"

"Okay Brent, could you call Di and meet us in the foyer at eleven?"

"Sure Marty, I will send Conner to the media room at nine thirty."

He almost bowed when he left and we laughed relentlessly through coffee and sweet cakes.

Conner was looking at me; I think he was in shock.

"I love you."

"I love you too baby."

I squeezed his hand.

I ordered a people mover to take us to the docks, I wanted to go to Santosa Island on the cable car, see the dolphins, do the underwater ride and watch the dancing water show and the boys agreed with me. It would be a great day out, and then we can go down to the river and eat at one of the many restaurants.

True to his word, Marty met us around ten forty and I looked at my watch to make a point.

We piled into the car and were taken to the docks before hopping into a few brightly colored cable cars, I started taking loads of photos with my Ipad and Conner was laughing into it. It was good to see him having fun, he is such a kid at heart and even Marty laughed, as a matter of fact, everyone was laughing.

The ride was a bit scary and the Singapore docklands is enormous, I couldn't believe the number of cruise ships that were anchored there and hundreds of container ships, cranes by the dozen.

We spent a wild, wonderful five hours there, it was full on, I have never laughed so much and Conner didn't attract any attention so he relaxed and got into the fun and games.

Near exhaustion we caught the lift back to the mainland, planning to meet in the lobby at seven thirty, we would try and get an hour sleep before dinner. Conner stripped and got into bed and he was asleep in no time, I guess the fresh air wore him out.

I slept behind him and spooning was the order of the day. I was having a rather erotic dream about Grant and Phil, Grant was balls deep in Phil's sculptured ass and Phil was laying on me kissing my neck, it was okay but he felt so heavy, slowly I opened my eyes the dream was lost and Conner was laying across me, dead to the world. I looked at my beautiful watch, it was six thirty so I gently woke him and we showered and dressed then went to meet the others.

"Where to, oh fearless leader?" Di said with a giggle.

We piled into the people mover, which took us to the river to find a dozen or so restaurants with colored lights forever, it was like a big carnival. We had a drink in one of the bars then decided to eat Indian food so we found the brightest one with tables on the riverbank so we could watch the boats going by, photos were taken and much laughter was heard. Ordering a mix of Indian food with rice and roti bread and a couple of carafes of wine we then settled in and waited to be served. I got them all to pose for a family photo, Phil took one with me in it then we asked our waiter to take a dozen or two more.

The boats going by had singers or dancers on board, talk about buzzing.

Our food was delicious, best Indian I have tasted but we were too stuffed to eat it all so we made our way back to the car and went home to sleep.

Conner again started to kiss me down my chest, he got to my abs then stayed there, he slept well. I mused over my dream earlier, nah not possible but it made me feel kinda warm.

At breakfast they were all discussing what to do for the day, when Marty spoke,

"Conner you have a television appearance at one, it will take three hours then more media interviews but we should be done by seven."

Everyone looked at me. I blushed.

"Okay," I said.

"Team, you have a challenge, each couple has only fifty dollars and that is all the money you can spend on costumes, the challenge is to put together the funniest costumes for our night out."

"Where are we going Brent?" Adam inquired.

"Not telling, but there will be a prize for the funniest outfit, and I do mean a very nice expensive prize," I smiled.

"Now get to the markets and start shopping, and remember, do not go over your allocated amount, I want receipts, we all meet dressed up in the lobby at eight thirty."

"Ready, set, go," I said and looked at my watch, which said nine thirty.

There was a stampede of friends, almost running out the front of the hotel to look for cheap costumes.

"Come with me Conner."

I took him into the lift and back to our room and I made love to him, he then did me, I moaned a bit this time I was very excited we had an awesome time. Showering again we played with each other's goods and kissed a lot.

"You having fun baby?" I asked.

"You bloody know I am Brent, I could almost scream."

"Good, now I want you to try your costume on."

"You already have ours?"

"Yes, I picked a few things up at the shops at the back of the hotel, did it yesterday while you were doing media."

"Isn't that cheating?"

"No, my game, my rules," I laughed.

He looked great in his costume and I took many photos.

We had a light lunch then Marty picked Conner up to go to the studio. We kissed goodbye and he was on his way.

I walked around the many shops while I had time to myself, buying some exotic flowers and a prize for tonight then I visited Di for coffee and she was pleased that I had pulled Marty up, she was also sick and tired of hotel rooms.

"Well Di, take charge, I repeated Adam's quote to her, don't let him get away with it, pull him up on it now, otherwise he will walk all over you," I urged.

Conner arrived, he was in a good mood and I didn't smell anything on his breath when he kissed me. We showered together and had slow sensuous sex in bed before we went out to dinner.

We dressed, he laughed and I took photos. I had bought a bowler hat and cane, teamed with a fake moustache and would go as Charlie Chaplin, I did the silly walk and all while Conner was dressed as a playboy bunny, blond wig, pink ears, black shorts, pink T shirt and a fluffy tail. We met the others, Marty and Di were Batman and Cat Woman, Rob and Adam looked adorable in nappies and bonnets sucking on oversized dummies and Phil and Dave came as a couple of cackling witches. My prize went to Dave as he had really got into his role. Unwrapping the small parcel, he pulled out a plastic kid's princess crown and scepter; he would be the ruler tonight and had to think of some fun things to do tomorrow,

I handed him the flowers and he thanked everyone, including his parents. I added to his dilemma by saying,

"No Alcohol."

He groaned.

"Okay load up, let's go eat," I said excitedly.

They asked me where we were going so I told them we were eating in the biggest restaurant in the world, the hawker market. Plain as mud to them but I had heard of these eateries and wanted to experience it. Hundreds of food stalls, you just order from any stall and the waiters bring your food to your table number. Cheap as chips, maybe three or four dollars a meal.

Pulling up, our driver pointed to the tables so we found one big enough for us all, then went off to look at the stalls. Conner was all eyes but he couldn't make his mind up food wise, I ordered four different dishes and some rice so we could try everything. The look in his eyes said it all as he looked and played with the happy waving cats in a stall that was nearby, he delighted in making them all wave at once. This is where his rhythm comes into the equation, they were waving their little golden hands at him and he loved it, the people must have thought we were all mad but they took a lot of photos of us. They lined up to have one taken with each of us; it wasn't about Conner but about the mad Australians in costume.

We did drink but not as much as usual and I really didn't feel like it but Marty and Dave gave it a bit of a nudge. Later we strolled around the stalls, not actually buying but I noticed Rob and Adam had a few bags of stuff and Conner ummed and aahed over a radio that was in the shape of a Kombi van, it was so cool but he left it, saying he really had no use for it. After being dropped back at the hotel, everyone was stuffed full of food so we said our goodnights.

Conner and I sat in the lobby for awhile and people were staring at us like we were mad and eventually a porter came up to us and asked if he could help with something, so we decided to go home and maybe make out.

"I know what you are trying to do Brent and I love you for it," he said, kissing me on the balcony.

"Well Conner, all the times you have been in Singapore, have you ever once gone outside the hotel?"

"No, I've never actually seen Singapore, except the airport and here, it's been wonderful to be able to get out and I thought your costume party tonight was brilliant."

"Well no one noticed you, except the girls wanting to pinch your bum."

"What girls?"

"The ones I told to piss off, those girls."

"Oh, those ones," he smiled.

He kissed me again and started to lick my face.

"Settle down bunny or I might just have to play with your tail."

"Feel free old man, do you want a lap dance?"

"Yes please, little bunny."

"Fifty bucks for the dance but if you want to fuck me then we could negotiate a price."

"Let's start with the fifty buck lap dance and I bet you fifty bucks that I get a fuck for nothing," I smiled.

He gyrated to the music and yes I won my fifty back.

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