Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 21

Published: 4 Feb 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

After some time I managed to pull myself together as Con needed me more than I needed to cry. I walked into our room and Adam was still there. I whispered to him, "Start deleting everything and if they complain, cite exhaustion, between now and Paris I want as many days rest for Conner as we can get. Please Adam get it done. I know Marty has abused you too but he won't be getting near you or Conner for some time, I will get Grant onto it. I also know when Conner is more with it, he will probably reinstate Marty, but I want him to have a clear head and a long think before he does."

"I know he will, they are friends, but as far as Marty and I go, I'm done. I'm just not that forgiving Brent. Now go be with your man, you look like you could do with a rest too. I'll call you when I get it sorted out." He walked out and hopefully can get something organized quickly.

Tonight is the Dublin opening and as Adam closes the door, I get a phone call from the stage manager and he wants Conner in there early for a sound check and lighting. The show goes on at eight thirty and I want Conner to rest as much as possible so I tell him that we will be there at three. Mr. Conners has to rest so no fucking around, signing autographs, taking pictures or any family meets. He will only attend sound and lighting checks.

I strip, climb into bed and hold Conner to me. He's sound asleep and I don't want to wake him. He makes a noise so I wrap him in my arms and we sleep solidly for three hours. I kiss him awake and he gives me his big smile. Into the shower at two before Grant knocks on our door. I bring him up to speed and tell him to get a guy to keep an eye on Adam and if anyone disturbs him then they are to be removed pronto, meaning Marty. He kisses my cheek.

"Welcome back boss we missed you," he says smiling.

We get us out of the hotel at two thirty and he is on stage by three. Conner looks a little better but he still needs more rest. I talk with Adam and he agrees that we go on at the advertised time.

"I want a half hour interval break and a doctor here at nine thirty, please get it done my friend."

"He has the meet and greet after but I have put the word out that he's exhausted and needs rest so not to expect a big party," Adam assures me.

"Thank you and I'm sorry this has been dumped on you but you're the only friend I trust at the moment."

"It's my pleasure, friend."

I took Conner's arm and led him to his dressing room where I made the bed; I took his boots off and made him sit there for a minute. I told Grant to put security on the door and if Marty comes within ten feet of this room then he is to be removed. I handed him Conner's and my phones.

"Yes boss," he winked.

"What's happening Brent?" Conner asked.

I sat on the floor and looked into his big, beautiful eyes.

"Adam is hopefully taking care of it now and you are going to try to get some more sleep. He is organizing a doctor as a precaution and if the show has to be canceled, then so be it. Your health is more important."

"I don't want to sack Marty Brent, he's my friend. He believed in me when no one else did."

"Keep telling yourself that Conner and I'll weep for you but not before he puts you in an early grave. I won't let that happen. I would miss you far too much," I gently smiled then kissed his nose.

I know I didn't have the right to interfere but something had to be done.

I got Conner undressed and we both slid in. I pulled him into my neck and he was asleep in minutes, no strike that, seconds.

We slept for a few hours and Conner was relaxed and full of questions when we woke. I didn't have to say anything, but he knew.

"You showed him didn't you, or should I say threatened him?" he said.

"I had to. He needed to be cut down to size Conner. I know you won't forgive me easily but you also must know I wouldn't dream of releasing any of it to the media, I just wanted Marty to realize the love you have for all your friends. If he tries it again, you have to sack him Conner, you just have to." I was a little pissed off but his kisses told me everything was going to be okay, he wasn't mad with me, thank god.

I went out and got our phones from Grant and asked him to do me a favor and find a rusty car and a modest hotel room in an alley way in Dublin. He grinned at me.

"Already done boss."

I called Adam and he told me that everything was back where it should be, we have five days before Paris and we only do two shows then three weeks off, I thanked him.

The messages from Marty were apologetic and remorseful, Conner didn't ring or message him back but he turned up a half hour before the concert started.

He hugged me then wept on Conner's shoulder.

"It won't happen again, will it Marty?" Conner asked.

"I promise it won't Conner my friend, I am so sorry," Marty cried.

"Well I've finally got three weeks off and you need to plan a wedding," he said.

"I don't know how to fix it Conner, she left me," Marty said.

"Well another bridge for you to cross Marty. Ask your heart what to do but in the meantime, Adam stays right where he is," I replied adamantly.

If the audience sensed that there was something not quite right with Conner then they didn't show it, and through the continual screaming I don't think they cared. He got through the first half of the show with no hitches and during the interval I got him into the dressing room and a doctor looked him over.

"Complete rest for a few weeks will revive you sir and try not to use your voice when not on stage," he prescribed.

"Good," I said.

The meet and greet was over before it started. Conner collapsed just after we got there so I took one arm and Grant took the other and we left in a little rusty car. Adam took over the reigns telling everybody that Conner was exhausted and needed rest.

The blond wig was produced and once again Conner was in my arms, silently sleeping in a small room, in a small hotel, down a lane in Dublin.

"Thank you," he whispered before we dropped off.

"It was my greatest pleasure," I answered.

In the morning we made love for the first time in two weeks and it was loving beautiful and tender. Very rewarding for both of us. We were connecting again. I had a meeting with Adam and learned that Marty had flown back to London last night after he left us, to get Di and God willing, they will meet us in Paris. I had called her early this morning and she was ready to forgive him, but only because she missed him and us. At the end of the day, they were right for each other.

We tried the same flight crew switcheroo trick at De Gaulle airport and got through, no problems then drove straight to our hotel.

Conner did an hour's media then Adam immediately shut it down. In a very good way he was more in tune with Conner and my needs, and he did a first class job.

As for Conner, it was so beautiful to see a big smile on his face again and as the tour guide led us through the Louvre, we promised each other that we would return after our holiday in the south of France.

Somehow Adam had managed to stop the meet and greets and the press were only allowed one interview. TV stations got the use of the pre-recorded questions and we were getting our sanity back. We dined in little, tiny restaurants that held only twenty people, sat in the sun on the Seine and bought paintings that we didn't need, but the artists needed our cash. We happened on a street festival that Conner couldn't let go of, we drank, danced and reveled in the thought of not being recognized by anyone.

"We have to come back Brent, we just have to." Con laughed.

"I'll get Adam onto it." Then I rang him, he was going to leave in a few days, he and Rob were planning to head home. He had severed all ties with Marty and was just fixing up the loose ends. I don't think he will ever forgive him.

I hadn't realized that Rick Conners was Marty's first really big superstar and this was the first big international tour that he had organized. Conner's reputation was in tatters thanks to his first recording contract but he was still a star, with four number one albums under his belt and Marty believed in him and had got him a much better record deal. But the money and fame had swelled his head and he dragged all of us along on this hideous ride he had so prided himself in creating. We know it won't happen again so we discussed Adam taking over the managerial part of Conner's tours, but Adam refused to contemplate the idea. It wasn't what he wanted to do in his life. Marty begged, even pleaded with him to stay but Adam was stubborn and I now realize that I should never have gotten him involved. Marty had treated him just as badly as he treated Conner and I. I spoke with Rob and he tried but it was a no go. He would move to Jill's Sydney office and she would handle Conner's publicity account. Conner offered to get the boys to fly him home but Adam also refused this. He was nearly as angry with Con as Marty. He said that Con could have stopped it anytime he liked. The fallout was making everybody miserable so I made a small suggestion to Conner and he immediately agreed.

Di was at the last of the Paris concerts and she was still wearing the engagement ring that Marty had bought for her. She twisted it as I put my plan into action.

"I love him Brent. Just to see you in that suit, I will do it."

Adam and Rob arrived at our door the next morning.

"Why did I have this suit delivered to our room last night?"

"Because you're wearing it day after tomorrow as Marty's groomsman," Con explained.

"They're getting married, how, when?" he asked.

"Everyone in the wedding party will be here in Paris. Conner needs rest today and tomorrow but the day after Di and Marty are getting married in Notre Dame. You are his groomsman and you are standing with Marty and Conner," I explained.

"We go home tomorrow."

"Cancel the flight Adam. You are needed at the wedding," Conner said.

"One good reason Conner. I need one good, fucking reason," Adam said and I could see his hackles were up.

"With all his faults Adam, he loves you very much. He wanted you in the first place but Di insisted it should be me. We all have our faults Adam and Marty is no exception but I think he's learned a lot from this experience. Being a manager isn't enough, you also have to be a friend. Marty now knows that and I'm confident it won't happen again. He owes you so much Adam and he knows it. After all you are his family too," I said.

"Well, maybe if you both can forgive him then I might as well; but I'll never forget the way he worked me like a horse and nearly broke Conner, not to mention Di's and your treatment."

"He knows Adam, more than we ever imagined. He's just so lucky he has a family that is forgiving enough to give him another chance."

"I was his first choice?"

"Yes Adam," I lied again.

"Okay then, we will stay."

That afternoon we all took a train ride to Versailles, Marty included; it was time to start bringing him back into our family.

While sitting in a rather deserted carriage, Marty told Conner he had a request from Prince Albert of Monaco for him to sing at the annual palace ball.

"NO!" we all shouted.

"Pity, I've always wanted to see Monaco," he mused then lightly punched Adam and added, "Cheer up sunshine. I don't know whose going to look the best out of you and Diana but I bet Rob gets the first feel in when you put that suit on," he laughed loudly.

Adam blushed.

Marty was laughing for the first time in weeks. He hugged Di all day and they kissed at every opportunity.

I could see Adam was starting to relax around him a little. I think the ice queen is melting. Conner and I walked around the palace almost hand in hand. It was so beautiful. If not for it's history, it would have been a very romantic place.

We sat on the lawn and had a picnic. I took heaps of photos of us all and it was a great day with friends.

When Conner and I arrived back at the hotel, Grant steered us to a little French car then drove us to a small hotel in St Michelle where we were installed in an attic room. We drank wine and shared a baguette with cheese. We couldn't stop smiling at each other. He stroked my face and I stroked his big, uncircumcised cock.

"Wow, wow and fucking triple wow!" Conner yelled as I walked out in my beautiful suit.

"Wow your self mister Conner," I said as my hands ran over Conner's crotch and bum. The suits fitted perfectly. The guy had done an amazing job on them and I can't wait to see Di's dress. We only had a short ride to the cathedral and the limos would wait and take us back to the hotel for the wedding breakfast. There were photographers and media everywhere but only a few were allowed into the cathedral. The bridesmaids were beautiful, their dresses just stunning and my jaw dropped when I saw Di, she was standing in the sunlight, her dress dazzled. I had no idea her waist was so small, we kinda kissed each other but said nothing, she looked me over and I looked at her in awe.

"Marty's one lucky guy Di," I whispered.

"He knows it too," she laughed, breaking the moment but then Conner stuck his head in.

"Wow! Di, your stunning."

"I already know that Conner, what do you want?" she laughed again.

"Some friends are here to see Brent, can I bring them in?"

Before anyone could say yes, I heard a rather familiar voice say,

"Cut the crap, where's my boy?" It was John, he rushed at me and tried to sweep me up. Ray followed him in kissing my cheeks and talking French to me. I had no idea what was said.

"How did you get here that fast boys? How long can you stay? It's so bloody good to see you," I nearly cried.

"Marty flew us over as a surprise. We are here for two weeks and it's awesome to see our boys again. You were so missed," Ray said.

Phil and Dave poked their heads in. They had spent most of their Paris time back in London with friends, but they were with us now. We hugged and kissed them also. They swooned over Di's dress before touching me and Conner in all sorts of inappropriate places. I smiled and I think Davo had a boner.

Marty called out, "The music is starting, are all you girls ready?"

The boys rushed out to take their places.

I took Di's hand and she whispered a thank you then we began our journey up a very long aisle.

The words from the designer I received in my note were echoing in my ears. "Never give up Brent," and at this moment in time, no truer words had ever been spoken. I couldn't be happier.

I released Di's hand into a very stunned Marty's; that tear did arrive and when I looked at Conner, he was looking at me and it felt like no one else was there but us. Conner moved Adam over a bit then beckoned Rob and I to stand with them, it was so peaceful. The photographers took hundreds of photos of us all and at the very small family wedding dinner, we each made a short speech, Conner's was most impressive, he sang a dirty ditty or two, maybe three.

Seeing that Adam and Rob had decided to stay, I got him to cancel the south of France in favor of Paris, as there was so much we hadn't seen. Conner's next concerts were in Spain. He still wasn't right so I got him onto natural drinks and lots of salads and health foods and his voice will thank him for our more relaxed schedule.

For the next week we dined, looked at museums, climbed the Eiffel Tower and danced at many street parties. It was obvious that the French are open and accepting of gays so we openly kissed each other and Conner in his blonde wig and cap looked so fucking hot and cute.

Photos of the wedding were plastered all over the glossy magazines, we looked at Marty and he pointed to Diana.

"Four hundred and fifty thousand dollars those photos raised for Mary's charity Brent, suck it up," she said.

I did.

"I am guessing the rock star can afford to match it," she added, looking at a laughing Conner.

"I guess he will have to, he doesn't want to come off as being cheap." Con retaliated.

"Shriek, one look at your husband over there, tells people you are," she bantered while pointing at me.

"Well, I had better take him shopping at Armani's tomorrow. They do have a bargain basement and I see your husband has been shopping there," Con said straight back at her.

Then he added pointing, "What's that on your face Di?"

"Don't be an asshole Conner, it only works when Brent says it," she sniffed and winked at me.

But I noticed a little later that she was looking intensely into her little compact mirror.

Ray, John, Phil, Dave, Adam, Rob and us hired a mini bus to go look at the French countryside. We swam in a little river, had a picnic and then disappeared into the bushes, to put it in plain words, to fuck.

Grant introduced us to his partner Stan, who had turned up at the wedding and fuck me drunk, no wonder they are in love. He was the nicest person I have ever met, apart from Con and Phil. Calm, cool and collected, they were included in our dinners and outings and Interpol was just so interesting, but he couldn't tell us too much. I was far away as usual. My imagination got the better of me, I was thinking about these two powerhouses going at it and of course Stan was on the bottom but Conner squeezed my now erect cock.

"Want me to ask them for a foursome?"

"What? Stop it Conner, there's no way I would do that."

"Your cock tells me different baby."

I blushed.

"Well maybe I would, just once," I joked and raised an eyebrow.

Later on that night Stan sat next to me, my erection returned and he whispered in my ear,

"Grant and I would both love to fuck you and Conner. It would be awesome to have my cock up your tight bum and I really would like Conner's cock up Grant's ass. I love watching him with another guy, it's mind-blowing," he said and blew in my ear. I nearly came in my pants.

"He's an expert Brent, he even got me going there for awhile, but I'm not as sensitive as you," Conner laughed.

I couldn't believe what just happened.

I looked over at Phil and Dave and they were laughing into their drinks along with Stan and Grant.

"It's my training Brent, I have to sound genuine and sincere, as if that would happen?" he leered at me and the crowd laughed at my embarrassment. I went along with it and held Conner's hand tightly.

Grant assured me that it is Stan's training.

"He's trained to manipulate the mind in ways we wouldn't think about. The tone of his voice, the closeness of his face. On many occasions he's seduced me without me knowing though I'd better talk to him, it's not fair on you. I will get him to de-brief you," he laughed loudly.

All jokes aside, by the end of the first week, Conner was almost back to normal, he did a media interview a day and was back into rehearsals for the Spanish concerts. There would be three, he would do two then have a day off before the final one.

The vibe from Germany was that they wanted the unplugged concert. Adam tried to put them off but after much discussion it was decided to do one in a theatre setting. Conner would have a few days break before the rock concerts start and there were only three planned. He would love to do them if only just for the change of pace.

"Next year the concerts will always be in theatres and unplugged Conner gigs. He can leave the rock star at home," I said to Marty.

"You're still full of crap Brent, go away," he laughed; it was so good to see.

During the second week, we chilled on our small balcony with Ray and John. It was great just to be able to do that because they missed us terribly but had to go home on the weekend after we flew to Spain. The sound checks had to be done on Friday so we made sure that our last night was a good one, booking a table at the Moulin Rouge. It was a fabulous show and great meal but it was a teary goodnight as we were leaving early in the morning. We were both a bit low but cheered ourselves up with a nightcap, a tub of double chocolate ice cream. The guys had told us that the press in Australia was all good; nothing was mentioned about Conner's exhaustion, which was a blessing because it's no ones business.

A wake up call at five thirty wasn't what we wanted but we only had hand luggage. Our car was ready to go and Grant handed me a bag of souvenirs.

The flight wasn't long and Conner went ape shit over the trinkets that fell out of that bag. Our house is going to look like a goodwill shop by the time we are done. It made him happy, which made me happy.

We didn't stop Marty when he suggested adding things, we just told him to think on it more and usually he saw sense that if his product is stuffed then his business is gone.

Di and he were very happy. They won't travel back with us but will go back to the UK and Di will work. That was sad news also and we would miss them, but Adam would take over Marty's role in Australia for a while.

Spain, Germany, Japan, then home. Conner had given Adam permission to cancel the Russian concerts. He had read all about the treatment of gays there and didn't want anything to do with that country. The next four weeks went off without a hitch. Conner's special theatre night was received with full on coverage and the reports were all positive, so much so that Las Vegas was offering big money for him to perform a season there. He told them maybe next year.

It was a drizzly, autumn day when I turned the key to our front door. We dumped our travel bags in the hallway and headed for our soft bed falling instantly asleep but I was woken later in the day to people talking.

"We can't wake them up, they must be so tired, let's just leave the dinner and go John."

"But I want to see them."

I got out of bed still in my jockey shorts and poked my head out.

"Put the coffee on boys," I said.

Their grins were infectious.

Conner stirred, I said,

"Go back to sleep baby, I'll get this."

I pulled on shorts and a V-neck pullover; it was cool but not cold in the house.

Kissing both of them, we held on a little longer than usual, but finally settled into the sofas for coffee and a few cakes that John had baked.

"How did he end up?"

"Better than I thought he would guys, he's still sleeping - or maybe not." I looked up and Conner was coming up the hallway scratching his balls.

"Look what I got," he said happily.

Conner strode into the room to more smiles and hugs from the boys.

He pulled out his three happy cats and placed them on the TV unit then got their arms moving. You would have thought they were the crown jewels; Ray and John oohed and aahed over them, rolling their eyes at me. I laughed.

"But there's more," I said as I rolled my eyes back at them.

I gave Conner some coffee while Ray had his arm around his shoulder, he had kissed his cheek several times and he held his hand.

We chatted about the concerts. Conner was happy with them but glad it was all over and double glad to be home.

He got the rest of his stuff and proceeded to show the boys what he had. Placing each item on the coffee table, it was covered by the time he'd finished.

John started playing with the radio but Conner took it off him.

"Buy your own," he said.

"I will, tomorrow," John answered indignantly.

Ray looked at him and was quite amused by it all.

After two hours our eyes were drooping. The jet lag thing was kicking in so we ate some pasta bake and said goodnight but they wanted to sleep with us, I drew the line right there and then.

Kissing Conner's face is my favorite pastime and he got a really good kissing before he went to sleep.

In the morning I felt like I could sleep for a week. I had a few days off before it was time to get back to the grind. Phil and Dave had retrieved our small jet and it will be business as usual. Conner had to go into the office sometime today as Ray said there are a heap of papers to go through and sign. So we had a long shower together and pasta for breakfast because that was the only food we had but I will do a shop while Conner is at the office. There's a supermarket around the corner. When driving Con to the office I was a bit blonde headed. I had to concentrate, I hate jet lag.

I kissed Conner then left to do the shopping. Grabbing a trolley I started my journey up and down the aisles; milk, eggs and bread were the first must have items. Then I moved across to the deli for some cold meats and cheese, music was wafting through the store and my trolley was almost overflowing, I bought heaps of vegetables and health drinks as it's time we started eating properly. The European tour had nearly finished Conner so I was thinking about the US tour that Marty wanted him to do straight after it, there was no way that Conner would have coped with that.

"Brent?" I heard someone behind me call.

I turned around and came face to face with Matt, my old friend. You know, the one that slept with my boyfriend Richard. I was surprised because the last I'd heard of him, he was in Sydney.

"Hi Matt," I said. I don't want to go down that road again, hating him wasn't the answer so I let it go, it wasn't all his fault.

"Brent, I've missed you, how are things nowadays? I have been keeping an eye on the papers, didn't you just get back from Europe?"

"Yes Matt, it's good to see you. Everything is fine in my life now, no more dramas just re-stocking the pantry," I answered as I looked down at my overloaded trolley.

"Well you look good, I'm so sorry Brent, if I could take it back I would. I have missed you," he looked sad.

"Well it's done, gone and buried. I don't want to look back, really it was so long ago now it's only a small memory, where have you been?"

I maneuvered us over to the side of the aisle, to let shoppers past.

"I went to Sydney to find work but ended up in a back office pen pushing. I didn't like it and when my old boss asked if I would return, I jumped at the chance, will you have coffee with me?"

"Sure, just let me put this lot through and we can do that."

It's too long ago and I did miss him in a way but I won't let him into our world. Not that I don't trust him, it's just that, all right, okay I don't trust him.

He helped with the shopping and I locked the car then we headed to a coffee lounge and I ordered.

"Anyone in your life yet Matty?"

"There was a guy in Sydney but it fizzled out. It wasn't to be. Now I just play the field but one day maybe I will look in earnest. How's Rob by the way, I haven't heard from him for a long time?"

"He's great, he came on tour with us. Still going to the same gym, the same coffee place and his boyfriend is tops, a bloody lovely guy. He's in love," I chuckled.

It's all Rob ever wanted, a permanent boyfriend. He hated playing the field, now he's totally happy.

"Good for him, remember me to him, won't you, tell him I miss him."

"I can do that, I will be seeing him soon so give me your number and I will get him to call you."

We exchanged numbers.

"He's fucking hot mate, do you really live at his house?"

"Who Matt."

"Rick Conners, I know he's not gay but have you got even a look?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"It's all on the up and up Matt. He's a mate, a bloody good one. He saved my life now he's my best friend. No, I haven't seen anything, not even a pubic hair Matt, he's not interested."

"Well those fuckable eyes get me every time, he's so fucking hot, must be frustrating living around him?"

"He's a regular guy, his fame isn't who he is Matt. Inside he is like everyone that comes in contact with him, I kinda am drawn to him."

I thought that's enough, that's all you get for now.

"No urges Brent?"

"Plenty, but I won't kill the friendship by trying. Anyway I have to shoot off, I'm picking him up from his office then maybe going shopping for clothes. It's been good to catch up, come to the gym one day and I'll introduce you. Rob will probably be there. Tuesdays and Thursdays, early morning, if you can make it."

We shook hands and I left, I had said too much and I really am fifty fifty about letting him into my life again, but we were friends once so maybe sometime down the track I might be able to be honest with him.

I got the lift up to Ray's office, he hugged me behind closed doors while Conner was bending over a stack of paperwork. I kissed his head then sat down to talk to Ray.

"What's he doing?"

"We are buying out another company so he's looking over the contract, its long and very involved," he winked.

"Well it looks like he's not making any headway. I think he's bluffing his way through it," I observed.

Conner looked at me, he couldn't help himself, he dropped his pen and folded his arms before he laughed.

"Haven't a room full of accountants and lawyers already looked at it?" I asked.

"Yes Brent, plenty of times but Conner wanted to look at it too," Ray winked again.

"Okay, I'll pick him up next week," I winked back.

"Stop it you two. I thought it would be a few pages but I was wrong, it's pretty interesting though. I have marked a spot that I think they need to have another look at, I thought Brenton Walsh's name should be struck from the board members list," he winked.

"What?" I almost yelled.

"I need you on the board to keep them on their feet Brent. It's okay, they only meet once a month. You turn up and see what they are up to, collect a shit load of money and go."


"Why not?" Conner was grinning.

"Because I said so, that's why not," I said.

"Two twenty a year Brent," he winked.

"Not for all the tea in China."

"Okay, I'll ask Rob."

"Yes ask Rob, he needs the money and he's great at things like that, I make coffee and serve meals."

I knew he wasn't serious, me a member of the board. I don't even know what that is, let alone what it entails?

"Do you really think Rob would be good at that job baby?"

"Depends what he has to do babe, he's an accountant with a small firm, mainly tax returns I think. He knows about business and handling other peoples money but you will have to talk to him, what job did you really have in mind Conner?"

"I'll get back to you on that one Brent," he smiled.

"How was your coffee?"

"How?" I faulted.

"Oh, yes it was fine, I ran into an old friend in the supermarket, Matt the one that destroyed my last relationship. We had coffee but I really don't want to pick up the friendship again, I don't trust him anymore. I didn't tell him anything really, only that I lived at your place which is pretty much common knowledge but he was more interested in what is in your pants than what I'm up to, so I would like to keep him at arms length.

"Okay, it's no big deal Brent but don't get in too deep. I don't really want him to come for dinner then, it would make me feel uncomfortable not being able to touch you in our home," Conner said.

"He wants to catch up with Rob, I will ring him and word him and Adam up."

"Good, want to go shopping babe?"

"Yep, I need new underwear."

Conner had me downstairs in the car in a flash, his paperwork forgotten.

"Underwear, eh?"

"Yep, just some for work."

"Boy, am I ever going to enjoy this," he smiled.

"I'm sure you will," I laughed.

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