Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 23

Published: 18 Feb 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

My mum spotted me first, she came over and hugged me, I introduced both of them to the boys and invited them to sit with us when dad looked at me and said, "You look okay Brenton, I really don't know what all that fuss was about, a little ado about nothing is my guess."

"What fuss Dad?" I asked.

"The kidnap son, we knew you would be okay, Jenny was with you. We didn't believe half the things she was telling us, she's such a drama queen," he scoffed.

I was stunned; it was true they never even called me, not a card, not a hug, nothing. What the hell are they talking about?

"I was very sick dad, what Jen told you was true, you only had to ring the hospital to confirm it, I nearly died dad."

"Well your okay now, no harm done," he answered.

Conner was seething; I could see him flexing his jaw.

"Your face is a little lopsided dear but you're okay now aren't you?" mum asked.

I suddenly felt sick; I have tried to avoid these idiots for the past six years, only going to their place for a dinner or two out of some sense of loyalty.

"He nearly died, he came within an inch of starving to death, why on earth would you think it was all some sort of joke?" Conner asked angrily.

"Who are you young man?"

"Conner Wilson, mum and dad," I introduced them to him.

Conner wasn't going to let it go.

"But why would you think your daughter was lying to you, as a matter of fact, why didn't you ever visit, I did make the offer to have you both flown up?" Conner added, he was baffled and angry.

"We knew he would be all right, he's made of stern stuff, got his granddad's drive he has," my mum giggled.

"We did see you on the TV being interviewed son but I wish you hadn't done that, people were asking questions, it was embarrassing," Dad added. Conner got up, his fists clenched but resting them on the table, he had murder in his eyes when he said, "Didn't you hear my last comment, your only son nearly died and you don't care?" he raised his voice.

Phil and Dave started to leave the table, so did Ray and John, they dragged Conner with them, the disgust in their eyes told me everything and I wanted the earth to swallow me up.

Conner came around to my side and grabbed my arm.

"Come on Brent, let's say our goodbyes and go home," he urged. But I shrugged him off because this wasn't finished.

"Brent, sit and talk to us, we haven't seen you for ages darling, what have you been up to?" mum asked.

Tears were dripping from my eyes, I couldn't believe them after all I had been through, this hurt just as much, how ignorant they were, I didn't know them anymore. It changed when I told them I was gay, they seemed accepting but I see now that they had buried me, they had actually wiped me.

"You both ignored me, you couldn't care less about me, your only son and you buried me, why would I want to sit and play happy families with you both?" I didn't know what else to say, my mind was full of confusion.

"Brent, let's just leave, now," Phil urged.

I could see Ray and John were holding Con's arms, trying to move him out of the cafeteria.

He shrugged them off and took me by the waist, then led me to the car and put me in, he buckled me up and waited for the boys to catch up, I was too upset to see Jen and Bob before we left, I didn't feel anything. He hugged me but I didn't feel a thing, he kissed my cheek, I didn't feel it.

I unbuckled my seat belt and got out of the car, opening the back door I crawled in and curled up and cried. I wasn't doing this for the dramatic effect; I was doing it because I wanted to, it made me feel better and being in the back seat, I was hidden away where they can't get to me.

Conner got in with me and with some manipulation, he leaned into the door and held me, my sobbing had stopped. I felt embarrassed and foolish, dad was right that I was a drama queen. John drove our car home; I showered and sent an apology message to Bob then went to bed.

In future I will find out their whereabouts before I visit my nephew, I will wipe them permanently.

I slept in Conner's big arms, he held me close and I knew he would never just throw me out with the garbage.

The following morning I woke early and feeling very foolish with myself, I crept down to the kitchen and made coffee, then sat outside in the garden for a few minutes and checked my phone.

There was a message from Bob and it said, "They really are stupid people brother, don't even give it another thought, we know what really happened and that's all that matters, they don't. xox."

I smiled, he really was my brother and I loved him for it.

Conner came looking for me, he spotted me outside and made himself a coffee then sitting next to me, he smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Good morning, how are you feeling?"

"Foolish, empty, embarrassed, take your pick," I said as I tried to smile.

"Well at least your smiling baby, it's a good start, what is it with your parents anyway? I did offer to fly them up but never heard from them so I thought they might have found their own way up to Darwin."

"I told them I was gay when I was fifteen, they didn't believe me and carried on as normal, they didn't want to discuss it or know about my life. I was looking for some help dealing with being gay but they shut me out and when Bob came on the scene, he became their token son. I never got birthday presents or Christmas gifts, just twenty dollars in an envelope. I didn't exist, no matter how hard Jen and Bob fought for me, they had wiped me so I went to live with Jen and she helped me do my nursing. Mum and dad were very disappointed, they wanted me to do something better than that. I was invited over for dinner sometimes but only because Jen and Bob were going, never on my own. They cleaned my room out and made it into a sewing room for mum, everything I had left there from my childhood was thrown out, there were no photos of me anywhere, only ones of Bob and a few of Jen. They had wiped me like I didn't exist anymore, the only reason they talked to me last night was because they hadn't seen me for sometime, if they had of, they would have turned around and left," I said sadly.

"So they virtually hate their only son because he's gay?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Umm, you okay now?" he asked.

"Sure Con, I've lived with it for so long now that it doesn't hurt much anymore. If they knew we were a couple they would be here every weekend, they see themselves as upper class but in reality they are a very low class. Mum's dress business makes some money and it's funding their so-called social life, dad is just a pen pusher with an estate agency. They would be all over you like a rash Conner but they would ignore me, that's why I introduced you as Conner Wilson, it wouldn't dawn on them who you really are. I'm sorry, they really are stupid people, I guess we both lucked out there," I explained and kissed his lips.

"Well let's shower and go see our nephew," he smiled.

"I have work."

"I have a temp covering it so let's go buy little Conner an IPhone," he giggled.

I went next-door and apologized to Ray and John, they hugged me and said there was absolutely no need for any apologies.

Just about every baby shop in Chapel street was visited and I had to keep a leash on Conner, the clothes were stacked on the counter but to the shop assistant's dismay, I went through them, I picked six outfits and some tiny sized jump suits, the rest we left.

We bought a couple of toys as well but I pulled Conner away from the Apple store.

We rang Bob, no parents there or expected, so our visit was much better than yesterday, Jen looked a lot more human and she apologized for their behavior.

"Don't sweat it Jen, I'm over it, it's their loss."

"Dead right there brother, they have now lost me and little Conner too, not that I think they would be upset, I didn't do anything to make them proud either," she said as she took baby Conner from Bob.

My Conner was chomping at the bit for a cuddle so she handed him over and he went and sat in the corner chair, talking and singing to him like he was already a teenager.

Jen opened the presents, and said very sternly,

"No more Conner."

He giggled and ignored her cause he was too busy cooing.

"You would have got the whole shop if I hadn't have stopped him," I smiled.

"And an IPhone," I added, she tut tutted.

Our visit was wonderfully uplifting; I felt loved and wanted, my fears were leaving me as Jen and Bob laughed at their plans for him. He's going to be a doctor I think, or was it decided he is to be a fireman, but above all he will be loved, no matter what.

"If he turns out to be a street sweeper we would still love him and if he's gay, we would love him even more," Bob winked.

We laughed all the way home, surprisingly Conner drove and he wasn't too bad at it after all, we stopped for Chinese and rang Ray to invite them over. As it turned out Phil and Dave came over too but we had plenty to go around, Conner over caters, thinking we eat like horses. He held my hand and so did Phil, we talked about the drunk and I said I was told to ring the police in a couple of days. It hadn't been reported in the news but we thought he would just get a fine and a slap on the wrist. Conner had called his manager and told them to book elsewhere next time, he had also heard the guy was banned from most commercial flights in Australia because of his behavior.

"How did you find that out?"

"I have my contacts babe," he winked.

Davo and John were giving the drinks a good nudge, even starting on the vodka shots, Conner had a few but didn't get right into it.

"Do you want to go to Tahiti next week baby, I feel like a holiday?"

"No," I smiled.

"Why not?" he wiggled his eyebrows.


"Because why not?"

"Because I said so, why not."


Ray looked at us strangely.

"He thinks I have a need to see the world Ray, he doesn't know how much I love just being at home, I'm not used to packing up to go to tropical islands on a whim."

"Ooh," Ray cooed.

"I'll wear a grass skirt," Conner winked.

"And I'll buy you one in the morning," I replied.


"And a coconut bra," I giggled.

Phil and Dave stayed the night as neither of them was in any state to drive and thank god, I don't have to fly tomorrow.

They hung around all morning before I suggested we go for a walk up to the shops and maybe have lunch.

Ray and John were up for that and they wanted to look at new curtains in the Spotlight store. We started off just before noon and it was a nice, sunny day, Conner didn't put his wig on, he just wore his cap and sunnies, blue jeans and jacket today, nothing rock star about him, except that awesome swagger.

We thought we would eat first so we headed for a nice restaurant and it turned out that the manager knew Conner as they went to school together. Ray said that Conner had lent the owner the money to open the restaurant and she was doing a very good trade and no wonder because the meals were superb, she must have a great chef. I didn't see a bill handed over so presumed our meals were on the house.

As we walked out, a couple of loudmouth hoods were abusing a skinny queen and her mate and Conner somehow had ended up in the middle of it, he was pushed and shoved but then out of nowhere, a SUV pulled up and three guys got out, they pushed the two abusers into the car and drove away.

Another guy held Conner and he was quickly walking him back into the restaurant where we were shown into a back room.

"They will be dumped on the other side of town Conner."

"Thanks Owen, are the kids okay?"

"Yes sir, they will be provided with transport if they need it."

"Thank you."

Owen saluted me and left.

"You weren't supposed to meet him Brent," Conner said.

"Will someone please tell me what just happened?" I asked, looking at Ray.

"Security, I rang them before we left the house, they followed us," he explained.


"Owen is your man Brent, he follows you when you go out or go shopping, he's your security guy," John said.


"You knew that Brent, we had him tail you right from the start, we don't want to take a chance that you may be nabbed for ransom, it's a precaution, Conner always has two guys on his tail, you aren't supposed to see them."

"Umm, I don't want to know." I wandered off into the street looking for my bodyguard but he had vanished.

"He's around somewhere babe, he will always be around," Conner assured me.

"Thank you," was all I could say. I knew Conner was getting his information from someone but I thought that had finished ages ago.

We walked home and I kept looking behind us, but no one in sight.

He turned the TV on to get the news and seemed intent on flicking through the broadcasts then I heard him ask, "Brent, come watch this."

'On This Day Tonight,' we have come across footage of an attack on a flight attendant by children's television presenter Alan Ferver. Eyewitnesses watched as a rather drunk Ferver was taken from a private aircraft where he attacked an unknown flight attendant. The report went on that he had been dropped from his TV show and his court case was coming up next month, there was also footage from inside the plane and it showed me hitting the floor but not my face although a rather red faced Ferver was fully recognizable.

"Did you do this?" I asked.

"No, Owen did," he answered.

"Thanks," I said.

"You're welcome."

As it turned out he was heavily fined and put on a good behavior bond for three years. The general public basically trashed him too in the newspapers, enough said.

That started another round of kissing and making out on the sofa, I had Con's jeans down around his ankles in no time while giving his beautiful, rock hard cock some of my special attention, it didn't take long as I had a finger in his bum playing with his prostrate button.

When it was my turn, I knelt over his head and his awesome lips worked their magic.

We laid there just talking about things in general, he wanted to know a bit more about my parents and I told him what I thought, I was of no value to them, yet if they knew what I had in the bank or for that matter, what Conner had, I'm sure being gay would be forgotten about overnight.

Before I told them I was gay, they doted on me, they're not particularly religious, I think it's only because they see it as a social setback, a bit like Tom's belief that all gays are broken, I was broken in my parent's eyes. Conner said that his aunty Beth had told him being born gay was Mother Nature's way of keeping the population in check; perhaps you could call it natural selection. I like that thought and I would use it whenever I got into a debate about homosexuality, not that I ever thought about it much, it was just the way I was.

We also talked about setting up a school fund for little Conner and thought that if we get Ray to set up some sort of trust for him, that it will pay for all his schooling, but we had to run it by Bob and Jenny first, it's not something you just go ahead and do as they might have other plans for him. I told Conner that they would refuse the offer but he said we should go ahead anyway, maybe enough money put aside for a car when he turns seventeen; that would make a great christening present. I firmly believed though that Bob would want to buy him his first car so why couldn't we just give him a smaller amount of money in a card like normal people?

"I only have you Brent and I want to be involved with your family, well maybe not your parents but Bob and Jen's and I don't get to spoil people often enough, that's all."

"Well Con, they already love you and I'm sure little Conner will too, it doesn't matter how much you have in the bank, it's what's in your heart that matters. Bob and Jen would be just as happy if you turned up empty handed, unlike my parents, they don't judge their friends on how much money they have in the bank, they love you and small things mean a lot to them, just the trip to Sydney was enough for them to feel special," I said.

"Okay, we can think about it, I know what your saying, aunty Beth didn't spoil me either, much," he smiled.

"I bet she did Con, who could resist your adorable smile and your gorgeous eyes, you were spoilt rotten."

"Well maybe just a little bit, and I'm just as spoilt now with you being in my life, I feel blessed every day."

"Well let's go to bed and give thanks."

"Umm, on your knees?"


The day arrived and the christening was booked for a Saturday morning, Conner and I were godfathers and mum and dad arrived uninvited. They got stuck into Jenny for not inviting them and the media were alerted that Rick Conners was there; it further ruined the whole morning. They took heaps of pictures of little Conner and all of us. My mum was all over the press and was yapping non-stop about how proud she was that Rick Conners was the godfather of her grandson. That was after it dawned on her who Conner really was, but it took a journo to tell her.

Their attitude immediately changed, they were inviting us over for dinner and they invited themselves over to Conner's place. Ray pulled Bob aside and then he spoke to Con's security guys who were disguised as guests.

Father allowed us go through the apse to a waiting people mover and Con, Jen, Bob, Ray, I and two security guys got in, John will drive our car home and Rob and Adam followed.

"You're coming home with us in case they decide to go to your place, we can get stuff for Conner on the way Jen," Ray suggested.

"Sounds like a plan Ray, any Woolworths store will do," she replied.

"Fuck me, what just happened?" I wondered.

"Don't worry babe, they're not getting anywhere near you or Jen, especially today, did you let their tires down?" Conner asked the security guys.

"Yes boss, all four."

I started laughing loudly and everyone joined in and by the time we arrived home, Bob had twelve messages from mum, where are you, what's the address, we can come now. It was useless trying to make sense of her attitude and I know Conner meant it when he said they wouldn't get near the baby or I again.

"I put a security guy outside your place Bob, as a precaution, in case the media turn up," he said.

"There's no need for that Conner, they won't hang around there, they will be looking for your place though and the media know where you live, they might just tell them," he said.

"Well if they turn up here I've got it covered," Conner said.

We ordered heaps of pizzas because all of John's food for the christening breakfast was at Jen's, she said thank you for the food but John was miffed, he had gone to a lot of trouble.

There was a knock on the door and Warren the security guy answered it, a gorgeous woman walked in bearing gifts.

"Sorry I couldn't get to the christening, I had a shoot to do for Myer and it was important that I did it," Di said.

We kissed and instantly she picked Conner out of my lap, my Con went to help her but she slapped his hand.

"As if I don't know how to hold a baby Conner, how rude," she giggled.

Marty turned up ten minutes later so I guess the gang is all here again, the pizzas were destroyed and so was the liquor cabinet, poor Bob got into a shot competition with John and Dave but Conner stuck with a Jacks and coke.

I went and changed the bed in the front room, we had bought a small cot in case we had to babysit one night so it was placed in the bedroom along with the bears and assorted toys that we had bought weeks ago.

Conner handed an envelope to Jen that contained a thousand dollars for little Conner's bank and Di and Marty had bought a few clothes and also put money in a card. Everyone else gave money so his bank account will look very healthy when it's opened.

A late night again and we were bushed, I said my goodnights and Conner wanted to move the cot into our room but Jen told him he wouldn't appreciate it at two in the morning. We snuggled up and slept.

Of course little Conner woke us around three wanting his nappy changed and a drink. It was nice having him in the house because he sort of fitted in.

Breakfast was just as busy as last night but John had it organized in no time, I tried to help but was shooed out of the way. Conner was talking to Bob and Jen about America and how he wanted them to come over and have a holiday in Vegas, they said they would think about it because they would miss us, we were going to be away for a long time.

The weeks went by and America loomed on the horizon, two weeks in New York and ten in Las Vegas and Conner's concerts were almost all booked out. Unlike the UK, there were no plans to release any more and the media were limited to every other day, television was carefully vetted and two charity nights were slotted in, one for Cancer and one for Aids.

I flew every day and made love to my Conner every night, he was busy writing and recording tracks but is way off a full album. It seemed that every time he looked at me, he would reach for the pad and pen, I guess another love song is on his radar.

I had a rather early morning call from Jen one day and she was laughing and not making much sense, I tried to slow her down so I could get the gist of what she was telling me.

"Start from the beginning Jen, slowly," I pleaded.

"I opened the local newspaper this morning and mum is on the cover, not a very flattering picture Brent, I can tell you."

"Oh and what was that all about?"

She started laughing and again not much sense was coming out of the phone.

I looked at Conner and shrugged, he smiled and snuggled into me and I switched my phone to speaker.

"Jen what is it all about?"

"Well, apparently someone trashed her bridal shop, they not only sprayed paint on her stock but they must have let go of at least fifty rats that started to chew on the dresses, there were no security cameras and the silly bugger didn't have any insurance. Her face is priceless, I will go and get you a couple of copies on the way to work, you just have to see this," she gasped for air as I heard Bob laughing along, Conner was having a little giggle to himself but I was in shock.

"That's terrible Jen, what's she going to do now?" I was concerned.

"Fucked if I know Brent but do you really care?"

I thought about it and it started with a small rumble and ended up in full-blown laughter. She was right, I didn't care and of course it dawned on me an hour later.

"Untraceable?" I lifted my eyebrows.

"Yup," he laughed.

Conner's smile didn't leave his face all day.

Eventually we got through the throng of fans and the media circus, Conner's security and the airport guys were working overtime and it was frightening because microphones were being shoved into Con's face, a couple even hitting him. The questions were loud and quite personal and us flight crew were ignored, I wished we could have played the same trick that we did at Heathrow.

At one stage Conner tripped and grabbed Grant's arm, he kept smiling but I knew that underneath he wasn't very happy.

It would be three hours before I even got a glimpse of him at the hotel so Phil, Dave and I decided to go look for him in the media room. He was still answering questions about really stupid things and it wouldn't matter what Conner said, the story would be twisted around for dramatic effect. Marty got hold of me and said,

"Ten minutes and he's all yours, Adam will call an end to it soon and we will all re-group in your penthouse," he smiled.

I patted his shoulder but then I felt eyes on me when I looked up, Conner had stopped talking and was staring at me, he winked.

Adam put a stop to the media circus and Grant and his boys got Conner out the side door and into the private lift, there were two guys standing outside of it and although they knew us, we still had to show them our room keys. We waited for the elevator to return and there were media reporters milling around the reception area on phones and laptops as the hotel people were trying to clear them into the bar, offering free drinks and snacks, for which I think Conner will pick up the bill.

In the suite, Conner was drinking water and laughing at something Adam had said.

"Take note Marty, this is how I want him back in three months, okay?"

He gave me a wink and a thumbs up and Adam gave Marty a funny look.

I sat with my man and listened in on the conversation they were having.

"He didn't even get close enough to ask one question mate, it was so cool to see his smarmy assed face looking so deflated."

"Whose that Adam?" I asked.

"Oh, Peter Boyne, he writes a celebrity gossip column for, 'That's Celebrity News,' and has a website following. He trashed Conner the last time he was here so we got Grant and his boys onto it, they made sure he didn't get close enough to ask questions, he's gay and a bit of a bitchy type, I guess karma hit him back today."

"Oh okay, so he's a prick then?"

"The biggest."

"No, mines the biggest," Conner interrupted.

We laughed at his straight face.

"What?" he said.

The first three sellout concerts would be done at Carnegie Hall, I would be at all three and Conner had added a few new songs he had written but he wouldn't let me hear them, the rest will be staggered until he gets to Vegas to take up residence at Caesar's Palace. They want Conner to do his unplugged concert at the matinees and the rock one at night but Marty had explained to them about Con's voice. He was only willing to do the unplugged concert three days a week, his tour wasn't extensive but it was necessary after the two hit albums and America was screaming for him.

The New York unplugged concerts went off without a hitch and the songs he added were beautiful, one was called, 'Ask Me,' the most gorgeous song I have ever heard and a chamber orchestra was backing him with this song only. Violins and base drums pulled it into the audience who were deathly silent but a very noticeable hush at the end added to the reverence, another hit song for my Conner I think, it was up there with the best. The reviews were absolutely positive and fans were asking for more of the same.

The after party was full of dignitaries, some movie stars and selected media. Conner was drinking but not heavily because there were too many important people to schmooze, he was sitting in a corner with a dark haired, stunning man who had his arm over his shoulder. I didn't go over, I was too nervous and Mr. Jackman looked like he was unapproachable, two bodyguards were with him. Conner finally called me over to meet him and I nearly curtsied, he was a very down to earth and charming man, he spoke to me like I was a longtime friend.

We said our goodnights and Grant and his men got us through the throng of people outside without a hitch and then into the underground parking at the hotel and up to our room. I don't know about Conner but I was stuffed, he had to be tired. I wrapped my arms around him and said,

"It was bloody beautiful and if it doesn't win you a Grammy then I'll run naked up Chapel street, when did you find time to write it?"

"It's got a beautiful melody baby but I don't think I will record it, I want something just for us, I wrote it when I was finishing off my European tour, but it's ours and not for the world."

"Thank you," I answered.

He kissed me and I started to undress him and get him ready for bed.

Sex wasn't on our radar tonight but sleep was, he had a television interview to do in the morning and I wanted to go look at Times Square in the afternoon.

We cuddled and kissed but his eyes were heavy so I held him while he went off to sleep.

In the morning we showered and took our time, washing every crevice and blowing each other and by the time we were dressed, Adam and Marty were at the door ready to go to the studio with him.

After hugging for a while, I kissed his cheek and wished him good luck.

I had more coffee and logged onto my Ipad, I skyped Jen and then Ray, telling them who I had met last night and how the concert went and about the new song, then I thought I would have a look at the Peter Boyne site. It was awful the things he was saying about the stars and celebrities, very demeaning and I suspect mostly untrue. The first story was about Rick Conners and his, 'Up Close and Personal,' concert, apparently it was hideous and very dull.

There were pictures of Conner on stage and he had replaced the microphone with a penis and the word, 'Gay,' was written all over the photo. It wasn't nice but what got me even madder was that he dished out a lot of crap about me. He had somehow recognized me and decided to have a go at the pathetic person I was and how I let these people abuse me while I supposedly enjoyed it, now I was sponging off Rick Conners. I felt sorry for him, he seemed deluded and it was sad to read his tirade on us both, maybe payback for not getting an interview, but it was hurtful so thank god Conner doesn't read this shit. I decided not to let it get to me and busied myself by walking around the block, I grabbed a coffee at McDonalds then sat out the front and a lady came and sat with me. She was telling me that she was homeless; she explained that her husband abused her so she eventually walked out and along the way her ID cards were stolen, so she ended up joining the homeless brigade. Her nights were the worst as she rode buses till dawn because she was in fear of her life on the streets at night. To get her paperwork back was a nightmare so she had given up all hope and resigned herself to remain homeless and on the streets. A homeless man then approached me and asked if I would buy him a burger as he was hungry so I asked the lady if she would like one too and she asked for a fish burger. I got her two and coffee, she was a lovely soul and I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it must be awful for her.

I had stayed too long so I quietly slipped her a couple of hundred bucks as there were others watching and said,

"You get yourself a hotel room for a couple of nights and meet me here on Thursday, I will try to get something sorted out." She kissed my cheek and I had to leave, I really didn't know what I could do but I would talk to Grant, he would know how it all works.

Conner was home by the time I got back and the show he had taped would be shown tonight while his concert was on. I told him about my meeting with that lovely lady and he agreed we should do something for her, I know she's not the only one but somehow I needed to help her.

We put Conner into his disguise and Grant took us down to the basement, an old Honda Civic was produced and he and another guy drove us down to Times Square. Conner went ape shit and I took heaps of photos again; he posed beautifully then took hundreds of me. I got some of Grant; his bulge was a stand out as his denim shorts hugged his powerful legs and butt. "Stop it, stop it Brent," he protested.

We noticed that, 'Momma Mia,' was being performed at the Winter Garden theatre so we bought tickets for the matinee for us all, Grant had already seen it in London but he had to come along for security. We had coffee and talked about my friend's dilemma and Grant said to leave it to him, he knows someone who could help her. I was hoping that at the very least we could get her off the streets and into a safe house, she needs paperwork and some sort of card to get a job but he said he would handle it.

Conner kissed me and said, "You can't save them all baby."

"I know, but if I can make one person feel safe then I will be happy."

Smiling he winked and said, "Then I'm happy too."

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