Castle Roland

Ask Me

by Maxieplus


Chapter 24

Published: 25 Feb 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We had to get back to the hotel because Conner was due at the theatre early to do a small meet and greet. I would go later on as I had a date with a beautiful girl and a gorgeous man, Di and Rob, for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

We had enough time to have a quick parent sex session. Conner was satisfied and I was walking on clouds. He didn't want to go but knew he had to; he actually sang, 'See You Later Alligator,' to me as he left. I laughed.

I met Di and Rob in the dining room and fuck she looked fantastic. We had decided to dress up for the occasion so I put my beautiful suit on and felt a million dollars. James Bond was in the room in the form of Rob. He had left his work and was having a big holiday before he starts his new job at Con's new corporation. He and Adam mostly did their own thing and most of it was done behind closed doors.

We ate well and got quite a lot of stares before a limo picked us up to go to the concert. Backstage we were touched, kissed and groped; well I was in Conner's bathroom that is. The crowd roared when he walked on stage, I think it might have been his hard on they were welcoming, but maybe not.

The same mood the same songs and the same reaction was repeated tonight and the next. The promoters were screaming for more concerts to be released, but true to his word Marty declined citing that Rick had a full schedule.

We rocked along and sang every word to Momma Mia. Even Grant knew all the words. I met my friend with Conner and Grant then we took her to a rooming house where we met a really nice man who was going to help her get her papers in order for her to find work. Conner and I paid three months rent in advance. She was crying her eyes out; I guess she was feeling a lot safer now. Mr Sawyer will keep us posted on her progress and he had Conner's card to call him or me anytime if she needed anything else.

Some money was left for her to live on and a card for her to buy clothes and groceries.

She was sitting on her new sofa as tears flooded her eyes. She took my hand and said, "Thank you, you are an angel a true angle." I kissed her cheek and we left.

I don't think she knew who Conner was.

We had three days before Conner's Central park performances. Phil and Dave had been visiting a friend but they had returned last night.

"You ready babe? We got to get to the airport." Conner said.

"Where are we going Conner, what's the hurry?"

"Surprise baby, happy anniversary."

I smiled, and thought we could end up anywhere today, just go with it.

Rob and Adam were already aboard. We had a smaller plane not unlike our one in Australia and it was fully stocked but I was told the flight won't be long.

We soared into the air and I made morning tea, cakes and all. Well I pushed buttons. We ended up at Niagara fall. I was almost hyperventilating I wanted to squeeze the guts out of Conner but it was too public. It was magnificent, so powerful and loud, I even screamed I Love you into its mighty roar.

We were booked into the hotel for the night. I couldn't stop looking at it and of course I took loads of pictures. Phil and Dave were just as excited, they kissed by the safety rail. Some dropkick walked by and said something, but they didn't hear.

Grant was on to it but nothing more was said as we booked in and were shown to our rooms. I could see the falls from our window and the sitting room was set up so you could sit on the sofa and watch it.

We made love with it as a backdrop and took our time. I had to thank him thoroughly for the mini holiday.

There is no way I was going to sit in the audience there were too many people, so I sat with Adam and Rob in the wings as Rick Conner did his stuff and bought the night to life. We heard his voice because we were near the oversized speakers, but I don't think the crowd did, the screaming was deafening. He did two slow songs but it didn't quiet down. I think he gave up in the end. His dancers put on a spectacular show while Conner changed. He had cut his dance sequence to spend some time regrouping.

It was a good move but he gave them more in the second half. He walked on stage with just his black hipsters with silver chains hanging off them, nothing else. If I thought they were noisy the first half the second was one continuous roar, very similar to Niagara.

He was beautiful. He ran his hands over his abs and pecs then turned his back, dropped the waist of his jeans and showed them his tattoo. I was a bit jealous, him sharing it with the world, although it was just a quick glimpse. A wardrobe malfunction he called that moment. He said he was thinking of me.

Grant got us home after the meet and greet in record time. We were in bed almost immediately and I was kissing his tattoo and hard ass, ignoring his pleas to let him cum.

The press were kind but Mr Boyne wasn't.

He knew I was a bit depressed the next day. It wasn't intentional on my part, but he noticed.

"Everything okay baby?"

"Perfect Conner, just perfect." I replied.

Marty was full of beans when he arrived to collect my man. He said he had a phone call from the Julie Brown show, one of the biggest talk shows in the world. They want Conner to feature in an hour long show, and were prepared to fly to Vegas to film it. Conner said yes, she was well known to be fair and honest but he still said he wanted to see the questions first, so Marty said he would go ahead and set it up.

Conner kissed me goodbye so I went about my business until Di appeared at the door. She was as bored as I was so we went downstairs for coffee. We talked a lot about Marty and Conner. She was flying to Miami tomorrow to do photo shoots and would meet us in Vegas. She was going to miss us, but the shoot was for Vogue so she was excited about it too.

"Sitting in a hotel room with three strangers isn't my idea of fun honey, but I guess we can talk modelling and Botox." She giggled.

"Brent forgive me for saying this, and please only take this information as it's given by a good friend."

"Sure Di what's up?"

"Well you know Botox is now being used on stroke victims to lift their sagging faces. It might be worth a try for you to have your cheek done. I know it's not visible to anyone that doesn't know, but for you and you alone it just might lift your left side honey. Why don't you give it a try?"

"Actually I have been reading up on it and have thought it might just help. I know its not bad but I do notice it. Can you point me in the right direction?"

She took my hand and said, "Come with me."

We went back to her and Marty's room and she stuck a needle twenty times into my face. I didn't feel a thing. She said it might take a few days but there should be an improvement.

I felt silly doing that but hey why not. Back in the room while waiting for Conner I thought I would Skype Ray and John. I missed them, but I couldn't find my iPad. Just as I was about to ring reception to send up someone to help me search Conner arrived. He opened his backpack and handed it to me.

"I must have picked it up by mistake baby. Sorry did you miss it?"

"Thank you. I was just about to call in the cavalry." I laughed.

"What do you want to do this afternoon Brent?"

"Skype Ray and John, fuck you, have a spa with you, generally get really dirty with you. Is that okay?"

We didn't Skype the boys. We jumped ahead and got really dirty instead.

I couldn't understand why every time I went to the Peter Boyne site after that I was redirected to Disneyland. As much as I fiddled I couldn't get on it.

I asked Grant he winked and said.

"The world is full of fools Brent, don't even give him the time of day mate."

Rob said that a security bar had probably been put on my iPad. As usual I went along with it. I was getting a little depressed about the things he was saying. I loved New York. I want to get back there one day just for a holiday.

Vegas was full on. Conner had ten shows a week to prepare for. I was watching him rehearse the second day. He had two leggie girls and boys running through a routine with him. They were rocking along to one of his songs, Vegas style; glam glitter and two hunks and chicks with hardly a loin cloth on, but lots of feathers and pasties.

It looked good and he was pleased with the way it was choreographed.

He played to packed houses and we were treated like royalty. We even managed to get a few tours in.

Into the third week Conner started coming home a bit late and quite a bit drunk. He was staying back to party with the cast. I didn't mind but didn't go to them. I just waited for him to return to the apartment. I didn't like it but understood he had to let off some steam, until one night he didn't come home at all. I was frantic and rang Grant. He said to leave it with him.

An hour of ringing around I had enough. I thought he might have slept in his dressing room, so I took the lift down to the showroom. There were waiters and a few barmen there, so I walked straight through to the dressing room corridor. When I opened the door I gasped, Conner was there fast asleep. One of the male dancers was sitting in a dressing gown at the make up mirror drinking coffee.

"Hi Brent, I was just going to wake him, he had a bit to drink last night so we put him in here. I was grabbing coffee for Jane and me so I thought he might like one too."

"I see well thank you George, I'll take it from here. Where did you and Jayne sleep?" I was whispering.

"In our dressing room, we had better make tracks, I'll see you tonight." He said, but was a little rushed to get out of the room.

"Okay thanks again." I said.

I went out into the hall, I couldn't face Conner. Grant was coming through the opposite doorway that lead to the showroom and stage area. He told me they had lost Conner around three. I looked him in the eye and said, "Bullshit."

He was a bit taken aback.

"You knew exactly where he was. It's your job! I hope you never experience the feelings I have at the moment, thanks for nothing mate."

I walked up the stairs and turned to the right to the hallway that took me into the showroom. My tears wouldn't come. I was so angry with him and I did feel the kick in the guts when I opened that door. Stayed in the other room, my fucking arse he did; lose Conner my fucking arse again. I refused to get weepy. I guess my pride was hurt. I see now why he's out every night, my guess is his star power ego is emerging and this morning is the start of a very rocky couple of months; well Mr Conners I wont have it. I wont stand for it and if Grant goes along with Conners behaviour he can get fucked too. I poured a brandy and tried to skull it but coughed it all over the kitchen bench.

Wiping it up I was thinking about my next move when the penthouse door opened, it was Conner and Grant.

"You've got a fucking nerve coming back here Conner, and as for you." I couldn't form the words for the way I felt about Grant. My finger pointed at him and moved back and forth but the words wouldn't come out.

"What kind of idiot do you take me for Rick? If you wanted to totally humiliate me why didn't you bring him up here, I would have moved to the sofa."

"Oh Brent your so wrong, so very wrong. Things happened last night, please let me explain, its nothing like you think." Conner pleaded.

My finger was waving at him. I couldn't take it anymore. He's trying to make a bigger fool out of me. I pushed past him and walked to the lift.

"Ask me." Conner shouted somewhere behind me.

I sat alone on the rooftop of the hotel, but decided to actually book a flight and go home. This is no good. Whatever happened maybe wasn't as bad as it looked, but I am sick to death of this shit. I had half decided I needed to go home. On one hand I was torn between coming across as a jealous lover who spits the dummy at every opportunity or sticking to the plan and actually accepting his behaviour.

I began to feel all the emotions a jilted lover feels; emptiness, humiliation, second best, ignored and unloved. I did weep a bit but did that at a quiet table behind a bush on the rooftop garden.

Pulling myself together after my dummy spit I had to go to the Penthouse to get my passport and some clothes. I just wanted out of this madhouse. Conner's matinee was just starting as I caught the lift, I could hear the applause.

Opening the door I felt numb, if Conner wanted to fool around he fucking can, but don't treat me like a idiot.

"Your back." I heard from the chair in the darkened room, it was Grants voice.

"Shouldn't you be backstage looking out for your boss?" I sneered.

"The others are doing it for now. We have to talk Brent, what you are thinking is all wrong. Conner wouldn't cheat on you, he can't. He loves you too much."

"Why the lies and what was a near naked George really doing in his room, playing Chinese checkers?"

"George and Jayne did stay in the room next door. Conner didn't pass out he was drugged. Someone slipped a pill into his scotch. We decided to put him to bed in his dressing room. I had to track a certain male dancer down and give him a good thrashing; he wont be dancing any shows for some time if at all.

George sat with Conner while that was happening, he's one of the good guys Brent. We didn't ring you because I thought it best to just keep it from you, but it didn't work out the way I wanted. Be mad at me Brent but not Conner, it's not his fault. He's busting his balls down there, trying to get through this show. He's upset and worried sick about you. can you at least go smile at him, he needs you." Grant smiled.

I turned for the door the egg on my bright red face was huge.

Backstage I could see my Conner doing his rock god thing without the rock, he was struggling, three Vegas dancers were in the background.

I took my t-shirt and jeans off. I had on a pair of black hipster briefs, then rushed on stage and camped it up with the dancers. I was flexing muscle and the house was howling with laughter. Conner faulted and turned to see me making a goose of myself down stage.

He rock star skipped back and started dancing with us; he was very good and very sexy.

I winked.

He laughed.

He grabbed my arm as the end of the song arrived and pulled me upstage. We took a bow together. The audience were whistling, clapping and cheering. I bowed to Conner and smiled, then walked off stage waving at the audience. His next number had started; he found his second wind and bounced through it. The crowd were all on their feet singing along with him, real magic moments.

When he came off stage he had to change while the other dancers did their thing.

"I'm sorry." I touched his lips.

"Don't be, just love me Baby." He replied.

"I do, but we have to talk."

"I know." he replied.

We couldn't kiss but I stroked his cheek.

Grant was smiling at me, my pride kicked in. "You should have fucking told me when I rang."

"I know it was wrong of me, I am sorry Brent. I do love you, your such good value mate." Giggling to himself, his face lit up and he moved to hug me laughing all the way back to the room. He switched the coffee machine on and of course laughed some more. I admit I did smile at his antics; I could see a mischievous teenager under all that muscle.

"What are we going to do about it Grant, I'm not too comfortable it happened, it could have killed him." I said more solemnly.

"That's why I'm here, in one way Rick is full on go go go, you saw that in London, he just cant say no. I want you to read him the riot act but I want you to read it to Conner, your friend. In a lot of ways that kid inside him is there but needs some discipline. I talked to him this morning and I think it sank in but it needs to be concreted into his head." He said.

"Okay Grant I apologize, and I think I know what to do. He's working tonight but has the next two days off I hope. That's if Adam's list is empty."

A very sweaty boy came walking in with two bodyguards at eleven, a record for him. He never even stopped to shower. He didn't falter just swept me into his arms and kissed my lips swirling his tongue into my mouth, I wondered if he was trying to clean my teeth at the same time.

I said goodnight to the boys and they retired to the room next door they shared with Grant. They knew we were an item, but it's their job to keep their mouths shut.

"That was awesome baby, you should do it again tonight, the audience got off on you, you are a star." He kissed me again.

"Well I enjoyed it, I actually was trying my hardest to look like a fool. I was hoping they would boo me off stage." I smiled.

"Don't go there Brent, it was just as much my fault. I should have never been at the party in the first place. He drugged me hoping to get a good feel of me while I slept. He's a bit of a pervert Brent, maybe he wanted nekkid pictures, we will never know. He fell down some stairs early this morning, no one knows what really happened."I ignored the last comment.

"So what are we going to do about it Conner?" I folded my arms.

"I'll stop partying and come straight home baby. It is getting out of hand anyway." He blushed and dropped his head.

"You don't have to do that baby, I know I'm ugly and you don't want to be with me." I said.


"Well you like the hangers on and band members more than me, our romance must be over." I sniffed.

He was speechless.

I walked over to the desk and punched in my security number; the safe opened and I took my wallet out that held money cards and passport.

I put it on the table next to the front door.

"What's going on babe, what's this all about?"

"I'm going home on the ten am flight. I will wait for you at home, bring a pizza with you Conner." I said sadly.

Then kissed his cheek.

"Seriously?" He said.

"Seriously." I lied, I know for sure now I'm going straight to hell.

"You cant, I need you here, I wont be able to function. Please stay here Brent, we can do things. I know its not the best place to be in the world but please don't do this." He sort of pleaded.

"Conner, I've hardly seen you, I miss you so bad I can't protect you from what happened last night if I'm stuck in here all the time. I nearly went insane when I woke up this morning! Just get the job done and come home in one piece."

"I beg you, stay with me." What gave him away was the fact he was trying not to laugh.

"Okay Conner I will but this passport stays here to remind you that I can go home anytime." I of course grinned back.

"If I let you fuck my Rock Star bum will you stay."

"Maybe, if I get to stick my tongue in it first."

"Okay deal."

"Now?" I said.

"Lets go." He replied.

The love making was wonderful, a connection I can never get enough of. Conner was very good at this shit, he knew all my buttons. He did know I wouldn't leave him here alone and I wouldn't either. Even if he had fucked George I would have stayed, I think. He also knew he had overstepped the mark; partying wasn't the only thing to do in Vegas.

The Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and helicopter night flights were on my list for the next two days, and Conner tagged along with Adam and Rob. We had so much fun. Conner was singing into the canyon trying to coordinate the echo, but he didn't quite get it to work. He was all over the place trying to see out of the helicopter that took us over the Canyon. The little kid was back, and had a very good time. I eventually put my travel wallet back into the safe, but it came out when Adam confessed he was talking to the management about extending two weeks. Of course I won, but they wanted him to book in for six months next year. He said he would let them know. It's huge money but at what cost? I loved it there and did manage to see lots of shows with Rob, and some with Conner but the best show was in my bedroom, that's when I got him all to myself. The press were kind and the people outstanding. I never looked at Mr. Boyne's site again, but did hear it had been shut down, he had law suits to concentrate on. But it didn't stop the other gossip magazines from reporting negative things; some photos slipped through. We were photographed together constantly but the dots weren't connected.

Conner told me that it was over for the next few years. He wanted to concentrate on writing and making a new album or albums.

And he wanted to concentrate on us.

The Julie Brown Show turned up for filming, she had also bought two hundred of her fans with her as a thank you present to them, and before she started doing her show she had quite a few dinners and chats with Conner. I tagged along to some of them but we were never alone. Phil, Davo, Rob and of course Adam were at most of the meetings. She was a lovely black woman with a huge smile and a genuine heart. Her philosophy on life was infectious. She was showing her audience around Las Vegas doing all the sights and her film crew taped both of Conner's shows. He made himself available for meet and greets and must have signed hundreds of autographs.

We had her up to the penthouse for dinner one night before the interview was taped. She wanted to go through her questions with Con in private, and she insisted I be there just the three of us. Dinner was relaxing and casual. After going through the standard questions which she had kept to a minimum, she began asking some unusual ones like what did he like to do on his days off. Did he read books? She wanted to get personal like they were old friends, then she shocked us by saying she wouldn't ask about our relationship but she wanted to interview me for a separate show she was planning about abuse.

Conner's jaw dropped she held both our hands and said.

"It's written all over your faces guys, don't worry you can trust me to do a good job, nobody's going to hear any gossip off me. I'm not that kind of person being on the defence myself many times I wont put my guests through it."

"Thank you." was all we could say. She at that very moment was added to the trusted friends list. I asked about my interview and she handed me a list of questions and said I could delete or add whatever questions I wasn't comfortable with, and to get it back to her by tomorrow afternoon. She will do Conner's interview first then mine the next day. We had a wonderful night with her. I noticed when we were talking casually about the stars she had interviewed she never bagged or judged them, just spoke kindly and positive about them.

The interview with Con was awesome! I say awesome because he looked gorgeous on camera and was very relaxed sitting there with his all black rock god outfit on. She asked about drugs, she asked about children. It was as if she wanted to get those annoying questions out of the way first, then she got into being personal. She made him feel very comfortable and he was being my Conner, not the rock god. She did three hours of filming. Towards the end she asked Conner to sing. He was handed a guitar, and Us was filling my senses. He was looking at me again. The audience went ballistic.

"And when I watch you sleeping my heart beats to your breath, I am now whole because you created me, us."

She told us it would air in two months time. She would have a copy sent FedX to Marty's for our final approval.

My interview was different I didn't sing I cried. She had me back in my cell, but she said it was necessary because her audience had to see the effects that abuse had on people. I agreed with her as I told her about the gardens and a pizza guy that saved me. Mary my councellor and her business got a free plug.

I was wrung out after that interview and talked with Phil for a few hours after. He got my head back into the right place quick smart and when Conner went off to do his evening show Phil stroked my back and held me while I cried, not because I still hurt, because I was just one of so very many.

A delivery boy arrived a week before we were due to go home she had sent Conner a gold Tiffany happy cat she had made for him, as a thank you present and me she had sent a beautiful gold chain with a St Christopher on it.

I was looking forward to going home to see little Conner. Jen and Bob didn't come over, they thought it was best that they didn't. They would come when Conner was older so he would remember and they could take him to Disneyland.

We flew into Sydney on a beautiful Monday morning, then swapped jets to get to Melbourne. Fans packed the terminal and Conner tried to talk to most of the ones at the front, signing autographs and posing for photos. We were driven to the Hilton, ushered down to the basement car park to where Ray and John were waiting. After tears and hugs they drove us home in a beaten up BMW. Fans and media were stalking the hotel for days after that.

I could smell home cooking, John had food already on the stove. I wanted a shower and Conner showed them his trinkets we had bought in the US. They were promptly put into his glass cabinet. Of all the treasures Con owned these were the most precious. Take away all the awards and accolades and he would be happy just looking at his things.

I was drying myself and looking in the mirror. My face had lifted a tiny bit, it looked even to me, thank you Di. I guess I had better resign myself to making Botox a permanent thing. My scar I could hardly see, my hand a lot stronger, so everything's as it should be. I get my man to myself for a couple of years and a job I love. Conner came in and pulled the towel off me. He backed me up to the washbasin and started licking me like an icy pole, yep you guessed it I melted.

We ate a late lunch then went to bed, the jet lag was kicking in. I spooned Conner kissing the back of his neck and whispered.

"This is better than sex baby, it's just so nice to be able to do this."

His hand moved around and pulled my bum closer, he was asleep soon after.

We felt a lot better in the morning and I told Conner what Di had done. He was happy because I was, but he said he didn't see it in the first place.

The phone rang and it was Bob. We talked about the trip then about little Conner. He was putting on weight and looking more like his father every day.

He said that my mum and dad hadn't been back to see him, but they weren't worried, it was better that way. We said we would drive out in a few days after our jet lag left us.

I fiddled with my phone while Conner talked to Ray who had come in the back entrance. I noticed I had a few messages, that I hadn't received in the states. Four were from mum. Strange, she's never rang me or messaged me so I opened them up; The first one could I ring her. The others were similar, the last one was Ring me darling we are worried.

I ignored them. She's obviously read a magazine that mentioned Conner's imaginary life and now she's worried, what a crack up she is. Concerned my arse, she just wants an introduction.

I put it aside and went to see what Conner was talking about. They changed the conversation as soon as I walked into the kitchen. Not again, so I breathed out heavily.

"What's up?"

"Nothing baby, just catching up." Conner said.

"I'll put the washing on then."

I went to the laundry and started the machine, then was on my way back to the lounge to sort some more clothes. When I walked past Conner and Ray I said.

"What's up?"

They didn't say anything.

Again I said the same thing as I passed, again nothing.

I had enough. I knew they were hiding something so I sat at the table, coffee in hand and shouted.

"Now tell me what's up?"

They jumped and stared at me like two naughty children. I laughed.

"Coffee Ray?" Conner said.

"Sure Con." He answered looking at me, I'm sure if he could have he would have ran out the back door.

He was handed coffee and they sat at the table.

"So what is up?" I said.

"Brent your parents are snooping around, they have been here three times in the past month. John spoke to them and he told them you wouldn't be home for a couple of months. They wanted to know if you were all right, they were worried about you."

"That's all?" I said.

"For the moment yes, they haven't been back since." Ray said.

"So why the secret?" I said.

"We thought we could handle it without you, that's all." Conner said.

"They want to meet Conner. I don't think they would realise we are in a relationship, they just want a leg up on the social scale that's all. Just leave them to me, I have always found if I ignore them long enough it puts them off."

"Okay baby, but if you need help with them, just ask, will ya?"

"Sure Con, but there's no need to panic. They will eventually forget all about it and go their merry way."

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