Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 3

Published: 24 Mar 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

"Can you babysit for us Friday night? We have to go to a dinner in South Yarra and thought little Conner might like some time with his uncles and can Bob and I stay the night, I promise we won't be late?" Jen asked.

"Of course, what are uncles for, and your bed is always ready for you both, you go and enjoy yourself, he'll be fine with us."

"Thanks brother, I didn't think it would be a problem, just don't tell Conner until the last minute, we don't need any more toys," she giggled.

"Have you heard from mummy and daddy?"

"No Brent, but I did hear the house was on the market, maybe they are moving to a better climate but I guess you will know when I do."

"Strange move for them, I didn't think they would ever sell, maybe they are upsizing?" I laughed.

"Don't know brother and I really don't care," Jen answered.

"Okay, what time Friday?"

"Can we come around four, that will give us a chance to shower and dress?"

"Sounds great to me, see you then."

Mr. happy pants poked his head around the corner and asked, "Brent can you drive me to K-mart?"

"What for Con?"

"Umm, got to get something."



"He doesn't need any more toys Con, his bedroom is full."

"No, that's not what I wanted to get, I have to get that something."

"Oh that one, why didn't you say so, come on."

Con took me all over K-mart, we visited the toy department several times but true to his word, he got that something, a bloody set of drums; small size rather brightly colored and suited more to a little kid.

"Who's that for?"

"A friend."


These little games we play are just magic moments. Conner had a cheeky little boy look on his face, like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. The checkout chick sort of recognized him but couldn't quite make her mind up whether to say anything or not, so before we left he found paper and pen and wrote down his rock star signature. She was beaming as we thanked her and left.

He had to set it up when we got home, it took him awhile and lucky he didn't notice the Disney DVD I had slipped in with it.

Con went into the office every day or two and to Marty's. He was still doing charity night appearances and the occasional TV gig but mainly he spent most of his time with me. I thought at one stage he was trying to protect me but no, I knew he just liked my company,that's all. Several times we went out to dinner with the crowd so it wasn't that boring, it's just I missed seeing my fellow flyers every day, guess I'm the one that's being protective now.

We loved babysitting little Conner, it was another world. He was a good little kid and funny, I think everything within reach was given to either Con or me. He was cleaning up so the CD shelf was half empty, he would crawl over to me and say, "Ta." I would answer, "ta," back and so would Con.We both had a stack each but to distract him, the little set of drums came out and Conner at least beat them to a rhythm. Poor little Con couldn't quite get it right. Later, we both gave him a bath and dressed him for bed. I warmed up his bottle and he was happy to just lie on the big sofa between us. His noises and kicking opened our hearts to a totally different world.

When he fell asleep, we gently put him in his cot and checked up on him every twenty minutes but he was dead to the world.

Jen and Bob came in around eleven. They had a wonderful time and talked excitedly about the dinner. It included all the staff from Jen's work and there were some funny stories, but we didn't have a clue who these people were.

"Bob, you couldn't recommend a guy who is trained in warehouse operations can you? I need to advertise the position but thought I would ask you first if you knew anyone."

"No I don't Conner, how much does it pay?"

"A lot, comes with a company car too and is closer to Prahran,"Con replied.

"Well if I hear of someone I'll let you know,"Bob said.

"Keep trying Conner, you'll wear us down eventually," Jen said.

"Well Brent misses you both and little Con needs his family around him, they miss him all the time."

"Well I hope he didn't make too much noise on those drums tonight."

"No, he loves them and he's going to give a recital for you in the morning."

"No he's not,I'm sleeping in," Bob said.

"Operations manager Bob?"

"I'll get up early," he sighed.

Bob didn't get up early but Jen did as little Conner needed feeding. We had a good chat about Conner's offer and why they can't accept it. They want Conner to have a semi country lifestyle; like kicking the footy in the street and having sleepovers, that kind of thing. If they move into the city it would be traffic and smog. The other thing is that Bob is dead set against Conner doing anything big for his family. He wants to bring his kids up with a sense of respect for money. He wants them to get jobs so they earn it for themselves. He feels if Conner was around they would be spoilt and everything they wanted would be handed to them. Yes, Bob would like a better paying job but not through Conner's corporation. He loves his workmates but sees the bigger picture now Con is here. His job is a dead end one, but he will look after himself, he's confident enough to be able to do that.

I knew exactly what she was talking about and agreed wholeheartedly. I promised I would talk to Con and get him to try and curb his enthusiasm. But, I did insist they accept one more gift from us.

"What's that Brent?"

"We want you at our wedding sis, so no arguments. A trip to Canada, with all expenses paid, for one week, then home."

"I'll talk to Bob, Brent, he will be okay with that but I have to ask him. You know what he's like, too much pride."

"Yeah I know exactly how he feels, I'm relaxing a bit with Con, but it still feels a little like I'm bludging off him, even though I try to pay my way." I hugged my sister then went to start some breakfast.

Little Conner had taken off and we found him in our bedroom, he had pulled himself up on the bed and was asleep with Con's arm around him.

"You just lost him."

"I think I lost him the day he was born Brent," she giggled.

"I wish you lived closer Jen, we could help out and we do miss you all very much."

"We will try to get over more often but I think the reason we don't is, unfortunately Conner's need to spoil us, the house was a big shock but not unwelcome, but that's enough."

I kissed her and she went off to shower and I made breakfast.

Ray and John stuck their heads in the back door and John took over my attempt to make scrambled eggs. He threw mine in the bin, how rude.

Ray had a carry bag full of toys for little Conner, Bob was gracious but I could see he wasn't happy.

"I'm sorry Bob, I didn't know they were going to do that,"I quietly said to him.

"It's okay Brent, I just don't want him to expect new treats every time he visits. Small gifts yes but not bags full of the stuff. I know you all love him but I just don't want to go into a shop with my son and have him expecting to get everything he wants. I know I'm being anal but that's how I am."

"You know me Bob, I know exactly what you're talking about. It's just the guys haven't got anyone to spoil so they have adopted little Con to do that with. I'm sure when Diana gets pregnant they will do the same again with her baby. I'm going to try and get them more involved with Conner's music school. There are kids there that need spoiling too, but I have to say this also Bob. Conner's aunty gave him a block of flats on Bondi beach for his thirteenth birthday. But that never changed how he reacts with people, he's still a beautiful man in his heart."

"You never told me his story Brent, what's up with that?"

"I can't Bob, only that it wasn't pleasant. His parents were dreadful to him when he was little; they nearly killed him. Con has so much to thank you and Jen for and having the baby allows him to maybe make up for his own lack of love as a small takker."

"Umm, well Brent, was that job offer genuine?"

"I think so, he's opened a new business and it's taken over all his corporation's shipping stuff. Rob is now working there and he reckons it's a great place to work but Ray is the one to talk to about that. I don't see you both moving; but the commute, to Port Melbourne, isn't really that long is it?"

"Okay, I will think on it as I see it now, but I still don't want Conner spoiled rotten."

"That I can fix, but if Conner wants to buy him a block of flats, then you know you've got a real problem," I joked.

I noticed Bob talking to Ray later on but nothing more was said.

Conner played with the baby all morning and he virtually ignored me. I didn't care, he was making sure while he was in his house little Con would be safe and happy.

Fuck, I love that man.

After a light lunch we said our goodbyes. Little Conner grizzled a bit but finally gave it up for his capsule in the car. I detected a little bit of glumness in Con so I suggested we go out for dinner. He was okay with that so, for the rest of the day, we cleaned the house. As we changed the bed, he started to get a bit frisky, so I gave in and we stripped and climbed in for a long few hours of kissing, touching and blowing each other.

"I think I'll get my hair cut."


"I think I'll get it all cut off Brent, it's old hat now, what about a beard. They seem to be in fashion now, what about it eh?"

"Well it's not me you have to convince Con, it's Jill and Marty. It's your look and if you change it, your media changes; why?"


"Why do you want to change it?"

"To look like I fit in, to get that military mean look I don't know, a change I suppose."

"Well its fine with me. You have three years to grow it back if it doesn't suit you. I will miss running my hands through it; maybe I'll get the same done?"

He looked at me in shock horror.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Of course I would, it's not in fashion now and I kinda like the new styles."

"Maybe I won't get it done then."

"Then maybe I won't either."

"Kiss me."

He ran his hands through my hair, playing with it, teasing it and pulling it tight behind my head; then he shook his.

"Nope,won't suit you."

I smiled, "You neither star man." I pulled him onto me and opened my legs so he could get a good shot at my ass; he got it in one go and his eyes made perfect love to me.

Dinner was a low affair and we actually sat in our favorite Chinese restaurant, no take away tonight. It was small and cozy, dimmed lighting and some sort of Japanese music, which Conner caught the beat of but I didn't have a clue. He opened his ever-present backpack and put pen to paper. I guess he was creating another masterpiece. Our food arrived, with the manager's help. He passed a CD to Conner who signed it then handed it back.

"Thank you Mr. Rick,"

"Another granddaughter Lee?"

"No, this is for grandson, he think you rock Mr. Rick," he said lifting his hands and waving them about.

Conner giggled.

"I've done about fifteen of those CDs now, all for Mr. Lee's grandchildren, I reckon he's selling them on the Internet."

"What, his grandchildren?' I gasped.

We couldn't stop laughing.

"Brent, your first flight is next Wednesday. Do you think you are up to it or should I get a temp?"

"Don't even go there Con, all is good and I'm looking forward to it. The new jet is beautiful, the bed is a lot softer too," I leered at him.

"Oh well, no sex until Wednesday for you, I'm coming with you."

"We are flying to Perth and it will be a long trip, you might want to bring a good book to read."

"Yeah right." He grinned and shoveled another spoonful of fried rice into his mouth.

We paid our bill and left a tip. No freebies from Mr. Lee, he's top heavy with grandchildren to feed, apparently.

We had just got in the door when there was a knock. It was Grant and it was so good to see him again. He was on a holiday so thought he would catch up with us, Phil and Davo. They weren't home and he was going to surprise them. We insisted he stay the night with us and if he wants to tour Australia then he could use the jet. We were so surprised he was here without any warning. I got the feeling he was just checking up on us, I guess maybe he missed the crowd.

"I'm here for a month, that's all I can get and Stan is doing something with the Australian Government in Canberra. He will be here for friggin six months. I hate being away from him. I will spend a week with him in Canberra but probably won't see much of him, as he's pretty tied up. I miss him badly," he explained.

"I have a James Bond suit if he needs a hand," I laughed.

"Brent I'll get him to ring you, maybe he might just want to get into your head," he replied.

We laughed at Stan's attempt to seduce me but it was never going to happen.

We got Grant settled and I showed him my itinerary for the next two weeks. We were flying to most cities he should visit and we worked out a holiday plan for him. Then the shot glasses came out and as if by magic, Ray and John appeared. I didn't have any and the guys stopped after the third drink, we all had full days tomorrow.

"What's Stan doing for the government, Grant?" Con asked.

"I don't know Conner but it's intense, he's staying at the British embassy, which is going to make it hard for us to meet. I'm a bit worried he's going to be asked to be a permanent fixture here, not that I don't love Australia, it's just our home is in the UK."

"Grant your home is where you both are, that can be anywhere in the world," I said.

"I know Brent and he means the world to me, but it would be great if he was offered a permanent position somewhere, this shifting him all over the place is really trying our relationship."

"Well maybe this is the last time for you both, does he have to live at the embassy or can you set up house?"

"No, we can live anywhere in Australia but maybe it won't happen, maybe I've got it wrong, but my resources tell me it's going to happen."

Sometime later I noticed Conner on the phone, which wasn't that unusual as he gets heaps of calls.

Both Conner and Grant came with me on the inaugural flight the following Wednesday, We were headed for Perth. Phil and Dave were all smiles and welcomed us all aboard and while Grant talked to them, Con and I settled in, he was being sort of funny but a good funny.

"You thinking about that new soft bed up the back Con?"

"Ah yes baby, but it's not what you think."


We settled in for take off and the new jet was so smooth and less noisy than the old one. The seatbelt light went off and Grant came back from the cockpit.

"I had forgotten the thrill of a good fast take off, Dave's a genius and he's got this baby purring."

"I'm about to make coffee Grant, want some?"

"Yes please Brent."

I started to get up and Con touched my hand.

"Grant can you grab my back pack from the last salon please?"

"Sure boss."

Conner winked at me and giggled.

"What the fuck?" I heard Grant screaming, I started to get up again but Conner's laughing had me intrigued.

Grant came running out and pulled him up, he was almost in hysterics hugging Con.

"Thank you, thank you."

He kissed Con then me and ran back to the salon and I heard the door slam.

"What the fuck is going on Conner Wilson?"

"I planted Stan in the salon, he's probably perched on the bed and in the nude as we speak."


"What?" He laughed.

"How did you manage to get Stan away?"

"He flew down from Canberra this morning."

"No, how come he's got time off?"

His eyebrows shot up and he said,

"It's not what you know Brent, it's who you know."

"So whose this person you know?"

"Can't say, top secret." He laughed again.

"Coffee Conner?"

"Yes please Brent." He smirked.

We didn't see them for the next two hours. Conner told me he's put them up in a swanky hotel in Perth for three days and we will pick them up and return them both to Canberra where Grant will make his base. He's transferred him to our Australian team as an adviser and trainer so he will have plenty of time off to snuggle with Stanley for the next six months. I was getting hard just thinking about them fucking in that bed.

I felt Con's hand on my dick.

"Let's go baby, I think you need a hot fuck."

I was nude in the other salon as quick as a flash.

The rooms were sound proof so we didn't hear anything, not that we listened, we were too busy with our own business but I did wonder if there was a security camera in that other room.

On the return trip, things were different, we sat in the cockpit with the boys and I held Con's hand tightly. Phil kissed Dave and we all let out a big sigh as we flew over the red desert where we had crashed but then Dave broke the silence,

"Brent, watch the auto pilot will ya? I need to fuck Phil into next week."

We all laughed, there was no way that would happen as there are too many buttons for me to push, I only have six in the galley and that's enough.

There was no emotion on my part but I guess Phil and Dave were in knots inside. I felt sort of relieved we had done that but I have put it in the past where it belongs. Sometimes I feel I could push my way through any disaster, leaving its destruction in my wake. Walking on, smiling into the future, nothing can hurt me now.

I went and warmed up some finger food and then those big arms were around me again.

"Con, go sit down and relax will ya?"

"Nothing to do."

"Well I told you to bring a good book."

I handed him my Ipad.

"Here, play Candy Crush for me." I guess I asked for it, he played it all the way back to Melbourne, at least he got me further up the ladder.

When we landed we waited for the boys and then went across to the Hilton to have a drink and a small late afternoon tea or early dinner. While Conner talked to the manager, we ordered in one of their very posh restaurants. When he returned to our table he was all smiles.

"Oh no you don't Conner, I want my own bed tonight, we can't stay here."

He pouted then looked at the menu.

"It's free?"

"I don't care, I need my own bed."

He decided on his meal and ordered.

"It's the VIP penthouse?"

I more or less pointed my finger at him, which implied that he shut up.

"It's got a hot tub?" Now I'm interested.

Phil and Dave were laughing their heads off at our antics.

"I'm going home, and you know what Conner, I'm thinking about buying a dildo from a sex shop on the way."

"Uh?"His eyes lit up.

Then he looked at Dave.

"Want a room for the night with a hot tub in it?"

The boys nodded yes.

"Good, Brent is taking me shopping, do they have to fit it or something?"

"No Con, just pick the one you will feel more comfortable with."


Phil and Dave were very happy to stay at the Hilton. They would get up to no good tonight in that hot tub I suspect. Now big mouth me has to take Con to a sex shop.

Conner and I called into a well known sex shop in Commercial road. His eyes were bulging and thankfully he had put his cap on. I could tell he had an instant erection, like mine. I think both of us were excited looking at the various items for sale as I moved him over to the assortment of dildos.

"Do people really use that size Brent?" he whispered to me.

"I think so Con, I reckon we will try that," I smiled.

"No fucking way known."

"What about this one, looks real, feels real?"

"Let's get out of here Brent, I have to get home." He had an urgent air about him.

"Let's buy a porno, maybe one with a foursome in it."

Groan. "Brent, get one and let's go."

I grabbed the one nearest me and paid, the shop assistant winked at both of us, our faces must have been as red as beetroots. We jumped in the car and I high tailed it home.

Conner was first to undress, I shoved the movie into the player and we played with each other until it started. That was the quickest sex we have ever had. Three minutes into the movie we both exploded as we laughed at our supreme horniness and within ten minutes we were ready to do it all again. We held off though, mesmerized by the guy who was taking two dicks at a time, I looked at Con; no, I actually leered.

"Forget it, don't even go there," he warned me.


My imagination was running overtime.

"I love you."

"Me too, let's go again," he replied.

Marty and Di called in that week; he wanted to go over some offers for Con to look at as usual. Con's albums were still in the top twenty in the US and word has got around he has retired for a few years. He still had to give his fans something so Marty suggested a concert in Melbourne with some new songs and it would be filmed. Conner said he had written a few new songs and was going to book some time in the studio to record demos. He also had another three unfinished numbers to do, but I was helping him.

Marty shook his head.

"I'll get Adam on to it Conner, maybe we can do a Melbourne and Sydney show."

"Marty, I'll get Con's bum into gear and make sure he's got enough songs for a rock album then we can talk about a tour in Australia," I suggested.

"Do I get a say?" Con asked.

"No." We both said in unison.


"Well that's out of the way, now some good news," Di gushed.

"Your not?" I said.

"I am," she beamed.

"Oh that's fantastic Marty, Di, congratulations." Conner and I were over the moon at the news.

"Well there's no need to go overboard boys, it's just an Armani shoot."


"Just kidding, four weeks pregnant," she said happily.

"There goes the body," Conner smiled.

"Fuck off Conner and write some songs, maybe do some nursery rhymes while you're at it." Di was still laughing.Marty was as proud as punch, he puffed up like a prized peacock.

"No!" I screamed.


"You won't be able to be at our wedding," I moaned.

"I never thought of that Brent, oh hell, I'm sorry," Di said.

"Oh this is more important than any wedding," I said off the cuff.

"Well, we will see what happens honey, maybe we can work on it after my doctor gives me a date?"

We had a very pleasant afternoon but then Marty had to get back to the office and Di was going to look at nursery stuff. She asked us to come along but Conner declined, he didn't seem himself as I thought he would jump at the opportunity to go baby shopping.

I couldn't go without him so I said we would join them to do some shopping maybe next week.

He slumped around for a while and I did some chores but as I passed him by to get to the laundry, he said,

"Do you really think Di's pregnancy is more important than our wedding Brent?"

I was taken aback by his comment but responded almost straight away; I knelt down to his level and said,

"Of course not Conner, our wedding is more important to us than another baby."

"But why did you say it was unimportant?"

"Because it was to Marty and Di."

"Baby, it's the most important thing we will ever do, it's at the top of my list. It's what I dream of every night and it's going to happen with or without Marty and Di. What I meant was that it's not as important to them as they have a pregnancy to consider but it's important to me baby. I actually don't care if anyone comes as long as you're there, the rest doesn't matter."

"Oh." He mulled it over.

I put my arms around him and while smelling his aftershave I nestled into his shoulder.

"I didn't mean our wedding wasn't important Con. I was talking about Marty and Di, to them and us their baby is important.

Fuck, am I digging this hole deeper?

"Yeah I understand what your saying baby, it's just I thought you were going to call it off until they could attend, that's all."

"Look at me Con." I pulled back and his eyes locked on mine.

"I want to marry you so much I'm bursting at the seams with anticipation. You will never know how I feel because there are no words to express how I love you for asking me."

"I know how you feel Brent because I feel it too." He kissed me and I kissed him back.

"Now do you want to wear the wedding frock or will I?" I asked.

"You can, your body has got a better shape," he giggled.

That started our afternoon session of love making on the couch, Conner sat on my lap and slowly lifted himself up and down while I held his hips steady; then throwing his head back and groaning, he gave me a hint that this position was his favorite, and it was mine too. His long hair was everywhere and when he kissed me it enclosed us into our own special world. How could he ever think about getting it cut, really?

We picked Grant and Stan up after they had four days to themselves and Grant looked happier and very attentive to Stan who, when he looked at me, looked like he was going to pounce at any minute.

"Grant he's doing it again," I moaned.

"Stan stop it, he can't cope with all that shite," Grant bellowed at him.

"Sorry Brent," Stan blushed.

"How was your holiday boys?"

"Fantastic thanks to Conner, our room was magic and the hotel is beautiful,"Grant said.

"We did some tours, chilled out and talked about all sorts of things, it seems like ages since we have done that," Stan added.

"Well hopefully when you get back you can find a home in Canberra and settle down a bit," I said.

"We are working on it but it depends on what's on Conner's list."

"He might do a couple of concerts in Sydney and Melbourne when he does a new album but I don't think he will need you anytime soon," I said trying to wiggle my eyebrows.

"Then I will be in the Canberra office, training staff I guess."

"Maybe," I said and smiled.

A furnished house had been found for Grant through the office and Con told me he only had to go into work three days a week, there really wasn't much for him to do. If Stan is offered a diplomatic posting then there will be a bigger house waiting for him through the British embassy. I hope it works out for them; they are a couple of hunks, woops, sorry, honeys.

The trip to Canberra was long so I slept for awhile and the other two had a go at flying the plane while Phil and Dave had a short nap. There was no drama in doing that as they both had their commercial licenses and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I looked out the window after leaving them on the tarmac and thought about their lives, what would I do if Conner went away for months at a time? I think I would go crazy.

We had dinner out at his friend's restaurant in Chapel Street and Conner refused to wear his cap. He's sort of over it but it really didn't make that much difference as his friend put us up the back on our own. We had a superb dinner and talked about Grant and Stan, then the new jet, then us. He reached across the table and took my hand and I noticed his friend who was nearby shielding our table, he kissed each hand and rubbed them.

"Thank you Brent for coming into my life, I love you so much."

"Me too you Con, thank you for being there for me, the home we have shared and I can never repay your kindness, I often wonder if I hadn't have walked through that park that day, I would never have met you. I dread to

think where I would be now." A tear escaped.

We finished up and walked home not hand in hand but close. Everything was good in our world at the moment but I can't help feeling some bugger is going to come along and stuff it up.

We went shopping the next day to get Marty and Di some kid's stuff then with four very large shopping bags,we converged on their apartment. Di beamed at the assortment of clothes and toys; she had bought a few things the other day herself but nothing like we had. I steered Con to the new born section, we bought nappies and tiny jumpsuits, caps, booties, milk bottles and teats, all you need for a new baby, the big toys will come later, although we did buy a couple of rattles.

"Conner, they're so adorable, Brent thank you so much. Marty will be chuffed when he gets home. He wants to go and have a big shop on the weekend, you two coming?"

"Wouldn't miss it Di," Con said then added,

"We love spending Marty's money for him," he laughed.

"Well I guess I have you to thank for my new necklace that Marty bought me to celebrate." She lifted a box off the table, it was so delicate and shiny and filled with diamonds and it was vintage and bloody gorgeous.

"Ooh!"  I swooned, "It's beautiful."

"He said he bought it at an antique auction and had it put aside for me. I just absolutely love it," she gushed.

"Well you can wear it when you give birth, you will look stunning in it and Vogue can take photos," Con giggled.

"Not funny Conner Wilson; God your jokes are bad," she smiled then kissed him.

"What was that for?"

"Nothing, just cause I wanted to," she answered.

He winked at her.

What the fuck is going on here?

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