Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 4

Published: 31 Mar 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

On the way home I asked Con and he said he had sold it to Marty. It was his Aunty Beth's. He said it needed to be worn by a beautiful woman and when Marty was looking for suggestions he had taken it in to show him.

"Of course he paid for it, not nearly what it's worth but it was substantial. I got Ray to put the money in your bank account baby, after all it is your jewelry, you are the lady of the house," he fucking smirked.

"I'll transfer it back then."

"I'll transfer it back to you." So for the next three weeks we transferred it back and forth until I finally decided to take the substantial amount out in cash and put it in the safe.

There, done and dusted.

I hadn't had a good look through that safe but today I started opening boxes, unfolding papers and put a lot of stuff on the kitchen bench. I felt like I was thieving something, a guilty conscience I suspect.

The jewelry was absolutely beautiful, all antique. A lot of art deco stuff and a lot more diamonds, six Faberge eggs, three Patek Philippe wrist watches still in their original boxes, at least thirty little boxes that had an array of different colored diamond rings, nothing under four carats. It was a treasure chest, there was even a large Cottee’s jam jar filled with diamonds, what’s with that? I didn’t read any of the paperwork; I thought that was too personal, maybe later on.

Conner came in and caught me red handed.

"You took your time about it didn't you? I thought you had gone through it ages ago."

He kissed me gently.

"I was putting your cash in there and I thought I would have a look but I didn't touch any of the paperwork, just looked at the jewelry. It’s amazing Con but what’s with the jam jar full of diamonds?"

"My uncle would buy my aunty one every week for their anniversary and she put them in this jam jar."

"Anniversary every week?"

"Umm yes baby, I tried it with you but I saw it wasn't your thing so I stopped."

"Oh so that’s what that was all about. If I had known I would have let you get away with it."

"They were so in love Brent, it was their little game. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and she stored them in a simple jar. That’s how she saw them Brent; you are so much like her in that way, what money?"


"What money were you putting in the safe?"

"Oh the necklace money Con, I thought it would be safer in here than us transferring it back and forth."

"Clever idea baby, now I have to think up another game to play with you."

"Well I can think of a game," I said pulling his hair to one side. I started kissing his neck, smelling his Conner smell. He was putty in my hands, his jeans were down in a flash and I was making love to him over the kitchen bench while he was looking at the jewelry and trying rings on but he did moan somewhat.

"Finished?" he asked.

"Yep thanks."

"Good, now my go, you can read the paperwork. Would you like an apple to eat while it's all happening?"

"That would be nice," I joked.

I didn't do anything except moan a lot, he's very good at this stuff. I didn't ever, in my wildest dreams, imagine this would happen. I would actually like being a bottom and to be honest I was enjoying it.

He spent the next day with Marty and I flew to Sydney, a short day today and my boys were onboard and looking very good. Davo was showing me a few moves as he strutted his stuff. He looked happy and at one with his new foot but he did have an achy back, I told him the foot was too short and to go get it checked as it's throwing his back out.

But he looked good, very good. He had lost weight and his square jaw was more chiseled. I'm sure Phil had noticed, he was all eyes when Dave danced around the cabin.

A boring flight, not much to do except make coffee, we had sandwiches for lunch today they were yummy. When we reached Tullarmarine I said my goodnights to two grinning pilots, umm, I wonder what they are going to get up to.

I swung by Marty's as usual to pick Con up and they were deep in discussion, Adam was smirking and said;

"Your problem just walked in Conner." I heard a giggle too.

'One day Adam, one day,' I said to myself.

"What’s up Conner, Marty hi, how’s Dianna?"

"Hi Brent, she’s really good, the sickness has left and she’s out and about proudly showing our small baby bump off," he laughed; he's going to be a good dad.

"What’s with the smirk Adam, did you eat Rob's pet frog?"

"Coffee Brent?"

"Thanks mate,"I replied.

"Coming up." The little prick smirked again.

"On second thoughts Adam, I'll make it, rest your tired legs mate."

I got up and made myself coffee, then kissed Con's head as I walked by.

"So this problem, how can I help?" I looked sideways at Adam.

"Well Brent, we have had a request for Rick to do a show locally at Crown Casino. They want three months but Conner doesn't want to do it, but he does."

"Wow three months,what’s the commission on that?" I laughed. Marty automatically did some figures on the calculator.

"We can buy a Gloria Jeans franchise Brent," he answered.

"So you're not taking a couple of years off then?" I stared at my man.

Conner looked embarrassed and lowered his head.

"I just thought, it's local and I get to come home every night, it keeps my image well oiled not to mention my voice, umm."

"What do you think Adam?" I asked but I already knew his answer.

"I don't think he should do it Brent, I think he should keep his promise to you." He fucking was being sarcastic but in a nice way, no, a smirky way.

"Well there you go Con,there’s your answer, lucky it's Happy Anniversary day, and it's the one that makes all promises null and void for three minutes," I looked at my beautiful watch,

"From now."

"I can do three months?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yes but."

"Null and void, two and a half minutes to go."

"I'll do three months Marty, what are they offering? Thank you baby." He kissed my lips while I leered at Adam.

"Oh your so, so good Brent,so good,"Adam muttered.

What the hell, he's only sitting around all day, he may as well be doing something he loves, I didn't mind in the least and in fact I was pleased it was requested. Now this is the life I’ve always dreamed of, my man goes to work and comes home every day. I think I'm blessed with this awesome guy, how cute he was to worry about breaking promises. I held his hand on the way home and he kissed it.

"Thank you."

"It's okay Con, you could have said yes without my permission, you do know that don't you?"

"Yes, but I felt a little guilty so I just wanted to run it by you first,that’s all."

"Well as long as it’s within Australia I don't mind, I only say that because I need to get to know you better,that’s all."

"You do know me Brent, like no one else." He looked at me, his eyes switched on.

"No I don't, I haven't gotten to know what you like for your supper yet."


"Well your show will finish at ten so you will be home for supper."

"Oh, just you baby, served nude."

"Good, see, now I know you a little better." I smiled.

He kissed my hand again.

He was on a high the next day, Marty had called and told him the casino had accepted the contract immediately. He could start rehearsals in a few days and his show starts in eight weeks. They wanted to do a big promotion so he should make himself available for billboards and television in the coming weeks. I was happy to see him back on top of things again, it wasn't Europe or the US but it was home and he was only a twenty-minute drive away. 'I wonder if I get VIP parking, must ask Marty?'

"So you feel better today?"

"Yup, really good thanks to you."

"Now I feel mean, like I’m holding you back."

"No, it's been good being home with you but your back at work and I think I should be too. Anyway where do you want to go for your anniversary luncheon?"

"My?? Fish and chips on the beach, in the car because it's getting chilly."

"Okay I'll pick you up at twelve thirty."

"Why, where are you going?"

"No where, just that I'll pick you up in the kitchen or bedroom wherever you will be," he laughed.

I didn't have work today, it's the dull period and winter was coming, I guess no one writes letters anymore or sends parcels. But tomorrow I go to my favorite town, Coober Pedy; somehow it’s become a nice place to visit.

True to his words, Conner did pick me up, I had just finished changing into something warm when he took my hand and kissed it.

"Your luncheon awaits," he said with a big grin.

"Why thank you young man, take my arm." He did and we had joy in our hearts as we closed the door behind us.

"Salt, I need salt Brent." I looked him up and down and tutt tutted.

"It ages you Con," I said trying to sound like Dr. Oz.

"I don't care, I want salt on my chips," he insisted.

"Okay," I relented,

"I guess we'll age together then." I so wanted some salt but I thought Con didn't like it.

I picked up some lemon and tomato sauce too.

The car smelt like a fishing trawler by the time we had finished. He was tired after all those carbs and so was I so we took a nap together. The car shaking woke me, a storm had come up and the wind on the beach was horrendous. Con woke and I started the engine backing out of the car park; out on to Beach road and towards home.

It had turned cold and the house was freezing so Con turned the heating on, I found a blanket and we necked on the large oversized sofa.

"I forgot," Con said.

"What did you forget?"

He rummaged through his pocket then pulled out the tiniest little parcel I had ever seen.

"Happy anniversary baby,"he said smiling.

It took me awhile but my present revealed a one carat white diamond.

"Con it’s so beautiful," I said as I held it up to the light.

I got up after thanking him with my lips and got a vegemite jar out of the pantry. I popped the diamond in it then sat it on the coffee table.

"I don't have a present for you, you sprang this one on me so suddenly but I do have a mouth and two strong lips, I could thank you in another way," I suggested.


He undid his jeans and flopped his now hard dick out so I dived on it immediately.I did look at the shiny thing in my jar; it looked so lonely in there all by itself so I wondered how many anniversaries we can have in a month.

The media started almost immediately. Conner’s face was plastered all over the papers and magazines, of which I bought many just to flick through on my flights. The hype was awesome and our phone rang off the hook.

His show will start with maybe his slow songs and work its way up to his rock anthems, finishing with,'Rock on Loud.' There would be two shows on Wednesdays, the matinee was a bit shorter than the evening show but he thought he had the stamina.

One rainy morning at the gym I was helping him with his weights and Adam and Rob were there as usual. We talked about the house and the fact it was nearly finished. They were both so happyto be able to now go and select furniture.

"The discount furniture warehouse has some great stuff Adam," I said knowing full well it was crap.

"Yeah we bought something there last week for you and Conner. It will suit your suburban tastes," he smiled.

We laughed over it and Rob needed to go to the toilet but when we three went to change, Adam hadn't quite finished.

"Where’s Rob, Brent?" he said when he came in.

"In the last shower Adam, he wants you to join him."

"Really, here at the gym?"

He walked over and opened the door to the shower.

"What the fuck, shut the fucking door you moron." Adam’s face was red and I mean red.

Con and I chuckled as Rob came out of the toilet.

"What’s all the shouting about?"

"Adam tried to pick up the wrong person." I laughed uncontrollably.

"What the fuck Adam?"

"I'll get you for this Brent. I will get you if it kills me in the process but he did have a big cock, which was nice," he said laughing.

Later when we were going for coffee Conner leaned into me and said,

"I got a big cock too Brent, want to see it?"

"Yes,just as soon as we get home, stud muffin."

We called around to Mary’s in the afternoon as Conner wanted to see her about something. Of course the something was Tom and about his parents giving him permission to fly with us a couple of times. Con thought Tan would feel a bit better with someone around his own age onboard, I could show Tom the ropes, not that there were many but I couldn't teach him everything I had learnt from flight school.

She thought he was going cold on the idea. He was now leaning more to being a doctor. I was secretly happy with that but he had better get his grades up to scratch otherwise he just might end up being a nurse. Nothing wrong with that, just I would like him to have every opportunity he possibly could have.

We talked about Phil and Dave and she was positive everything was back to normal. They are still arguing about who makes the coffee and she goes there often just to keep an eye on them, they know it too.

Of course Con invited her and a friend to come along to one of his concerts, she accepted and thanked him.

Then off we went to Marty's to get Con's schedule and other papers for him to sign, no biggie, all of his media will be done locally.

"I'm sorry Rick, he's been called out to the hospital, something to do with Diana's pregnancy,we are waiting to hear from him; he left you this envelope."

"Thank you Marcy, which hospital?"

"I think he said the Monash, Rick."

"Thank you,"Con said looking a little worried.

"Can you take us there Brent?"

"Sure Conner, it’s in Clayton not far but try and ring Marty, Con, as they may be on the way home."

He tried several times but no answer, Marty had his phone turned off.

I swung by their place but no sign of Marty's car anywhere so we ventured on.

Reception said Di was on the fifth floor, room twenty-five, a private room set-aside for new mothers.We dashed up there and saw the duty nurse who told us to wait while she went to see if they wanted visitors in their hour of grief. Di had lost the baby.

I was stunned and Conner started sniffing,we were told rather bluntly and I knew the news hit Con quite hard. She returned and asked us to wait in the family room.

After about ten minutes a very red-eyed Marty came out to see us.

"We lost him Conner, he's gone, the poor little fella just couldn't make it. He wanted to see us so badly he tried to come too soon." He leant into Con's shoulder and wept.

There was nothing we could do but hold him and let him cry it out.

"Thank you both for being here, Brent can I ask you to go and talk to Diana for a few minutes, she’s a bit doped up as you would know but your presence will help."

"Sure Marty, I won't be long Con, then you can come in for a bit."

My hand squeezed Marty's shoulder and his hand raised and held it there for a moment.

I let myself in and looked at a very tired mother, not a world class model just a mum in pain.

I took her hand and sat on the bed, staring into her eyes. We both wept for her loss as she kissed my cheek.

"Feel a little better honey?" she asked.

"A little Di, but?"

"Brent, I'm in so much pain, I don't think I will ever forget this experience as long as I live; but I have to go on, because somewhere inside my children are waiting to be born, so I have to get strong to welcome them into our world. This little one wasn't to be, he's gone back to wait with the others. He was too eager this time so hopefully he won't be so impatient to be born next time." She smiled and I just stared.

"Go with me on this one Brent, it's the only way I can cope."

I smiled.

"That’s beautiful Di. I believe you are right but please take the time to grieve a little, please."

"I am Brent, every heart beat at the moment hurts but the doctor says it was a one in a million chance. I should be okay to have kids normally, it's Marty I'm worried about, he's taking this hard too," she said weakly smiling.

"He will be fine, I'll get them and then you get some rest, it's your best friend at the moment."

I motioned for Con and Marty to come in, Con kissed Di and tried to say something but he broke down into my arms. I said our goodbyes and left them to their grief, my Con needed me now, I have to think of him also. Any child's death, no matter who, will hit him hard.

I drove home listening to Connor's sobs, he was looking forward to meeting the little fella but it wasn't to be. I had to explain the medical side of things to him when we sat on our sofa, then I'll tell him what Di had said.

I held him then got him up and into bed, I moved in next to him and he went to sleep exhausted in my arms. My thoughts were with Di and Marty and I prayed they would overcome their grief in time.

In the morning Conner ordered flowers for them and answered a few phone calls from Adam and Phil then he called Mary to see if she could go talk with Di and she said she would. Then I called Jen who was very upset for them and said if there was anything she could do to just let her know. It was a heavy hearted morning at our house, Ray and John tried to perk us up but Conner was unresponsive. He was hurting inside, not so much for Marty and Di, but for the baby. I knew what he needed so I made a phone call and we were in the car going along the freeway within the hour, Conner was just looking out the window not saying anything. We pulled up outside Jen's place and I rang the doorbell.

"Conner, Brent, come in, we are just sitting down for lunch, will you join us?"

"Of course, if you've got enough Bob."

"Only spag bol but there’s always plenty of that,"he laughed.

We kissed Jen and little Con who was in his high chair babbling away to himself and when he saw Conner, his face lit up.

He yelled in baby talk, his little fingers moving wildly wanting Con to pick him up.

Conner looked at him and started to cry, he picked him up and held him close and started smelling Conner's baby smells then he walked into the lounge room and sat on the sofa, just crying into his jumpsuit.

We left him to it and Bob closed the kitchen door so Conner could have some quiet time with his son. We set aside their lunches and after we washed up we heard Conner singing to the baby, then the bub laughed and we heard Conner laugh, he laughed louder and louder.

The kitchen door flew open and a red-eyed rock star yelled,

"He did it, he did it, you missed him, he walked on his own, four steps Bob, Jen, four steps."

Conner started walking that night. I know Jen and Bob weren't phased about missing it; it healed a saddened heart and brought Conner back into the moment.

He fed little Con himself, they were laughing and little Con was going for the nose again as Conner was screwing his face up and making funny sounds to the delight of a very pink looking baby.

Jen talked to him at length and he seemed to take it all in. She assured him the next one will be okay and to just pray he will be healthy and safe.

Bob hugged both of us and told us he had applied for the job at the warehouse so Conner said he would put in a good word but Bob said not to. He was more than qualified to do it and if he can't get it on his own merits then he didn't want to do the job. He made Conner promise not to interfere and Conner promised he wouldn't but I have my doubts, he had his fingers crossed, he’s such a kid at heart.

Driving home he leaned into my shoulder and said,

"Thank you."

"Your welcome beautiful."

It had hit him hard, probably harder than Marty and Di and I wish there was a way of having children, Conner would make a wonderful dad. I sighed.

"What’s up Brent?"

"Oh nothing Con, just thinking about kids and surrogacy or adoption, that kind of thing."

He sat up straighter and looked at me; he stared for a long time then said,

"Can we at least ask someone?"

"Sure can, if Ricky Martin can then so can you, your songs are so much better," I laughed.

He was laughing with me, which was a good sign, I had no idea what the laws were here but I knew we would probably be rejected for adoption but I will have to maybe ask Phil and Dave about the other options.

We showered then Conner rang Marty, he sounded a bit better and Mary had been in and had talked to both of them. They understood what she had to say but it was still a big shock for them. Marty was taking Di home tomorrow and was going to pamper her all day and he wanted to know if Conner had looked at his paperwork. It was mainly about the finalized song list and practice dates with his band, stuff like that. Conner said he would drop them off at Marty's office tomorrow morning, he wanted to fly with me for the day.

Marty asked if he could do it on the way home but there was no hurry, we told him we loved him and were thinking of him and Di and to keep us updated.

When Conner hung up his phone, I pulled him to me and started to kiss his neck and lick his chin, he made a little noise so that was my cue to begin my journey down to his shaft that was now fully erect.

So I did him standing up in the lounge room with his phone in his hand, his dressing gown opened and falling from his shoulders. He did me in the bedroom while I was standing on the bed naked, legs apart and I was actually screaming.

"Suck Conner, suck, that’s it, go for it you little beauty."

I flopped on the bed laughing as Conner looked at me wide eyed.

"Well you've got to admit your pretty fucking good at it."

"Oh yes that’s right, I am, glad you enjoyed it."

"That I did my man, that I did."

I made him turn over tonight and I spooned behind him, holding his body so close we felt as one, no nightmares or anything, just pure bliss.

Conner looked over the papers at breakfast, he signed some then put them back in the folder and concentrated on me.

"Do you think we could have a son Brent?"

"I don't see why not Conner, with all your contacts there’s got to be something we can do."

"I would have loved kids Brent but I don't know now, maybe Jen and Di's kids will be enough, it threw me a bit yesterday and I don't know why."

"Because your human Conner and your heart is more sensitive than most people, it shows in your music. I felt it too but with recent and past events the only thing that really gets through the walls to my heart is you. If I didn't have you in my life I would be an absolute mess by now. Yes, I would love kids but I want you more, no I need you more." I looked deeply into his bright blues and gently kissed him.

"If it’s meant to be then it will be," I gently whispered in his ear.

We arrived at the airport early, the jet wasn't ready and Australia Post was still loading the lockers. I made coffee and we talked to Phil and Davo about adoption and other things. They told us unless we were prepared to go overseas to maybe Asia we don't have a hope in hell, unless a friend was prepared to have one for us.

We really didn't talk about it much after that, it seemed too hard.

We flew into Brisbane arriving around ten am. There was a limo waiting for us and after saying our goodbyes to the boys, Conner led me to it and we climbed into the back. The driver drove up the coast to a remote private beach. My jaw dropped when I saw the house, it was beautiful.

After asking Con ten times where we were going I gave up, knowing full well his lips were shut tight. When we parked in the car area he leant over and kissed me.

"Happy wedding day," he said smiling.


"This is Cody Mitchell's house and we are here to be measured and to look at our wedding suit designs, he's expecting us I see." With that I looked out the window and a gorgeous looking man came over to help us out.

"Conner, good to see you again, it’s been too long," he said holding his hand out and shook Con's hand.

"And this must be Brent; I have waited for ages to meet you. We couldn't get to your concert in Sydney before you went overseas and I was disappointed because I wanted to meet this young man. Young man? God he wasn't that much older than me.

"Pleased to meet you Cody, I want to thank you for the beautiful suit you made me for Diana's wedding," I said.

"My pleasure Brent, I've just got off the phone to her and she’s sounding a little better, it's just heartbreaking when that happens but I think I know her well enough to know she will be okay."

"Come inside, Dan won't be long, he's just gone with the boys, they had swimming lessons so I guess we will hear all about it when they get here," he laughed.

He took us into his beautiful beach house. It was astounding and I couldn't help but stare at the paintings on the wall, they were mesmerizing.

"Bobby Thompson's work, all my family plus some dark memories in there too, I will show you some before we start, the main one is called, 'Family,' just stand here and squint.

I did and saw a cloud and wings that weren't there before, Con did the same.

"His friend Rory will tell you he's brilliant like that, but we call it genius," he laughed again.

Conner was intrigued as he looked over the others.

"Fuck me," he said.

"You can look at them later on, we've got work to do." He showed us to the verandah that was as big as the Sorrento house and it overlooked a magnificent beach.

I let out a small whistle.

"Please sit down, coffee?" He started pouring and offered us cream and sugar.

"How much do you want?"Con asked.

"How much for what?" Cody asked.

"For the house, I want to buy Brent a wedding present and I think he likes it here." Con giggled at me.

"Not for sale Conner, this is our safe place and it will never be sold." He smiled and he knew Con was joking.

While we talked he was doing some drawings then out of the blue he said,

"You should become foster parents."

"Eh?" Con made a noise.


"Simple, it's written all over your faces and Conner you kept looking at my boy's photos on the bureau inside; it will be only minutes before you meet them."

I couldn't hear anything, this gorgeous man was eerie and I guess he knows something I don't.

"Brent I just heard my phone go off, it will be Dan telling me he's on his way." He giggled at my straight face.

"Oh," I blushed.

He went inside and grabbed his phone then sent a message back.

"I told him I missed him." 

We talked about Conner’s upcoming Casino concerts and he said he would try to get down for a show one night but he doesn't like being away from the kids for a minute let alone a night so Con said he would have it taped for him. We heard a car pull up and two very excited little kids ran inside.

"Dada, dada."

"Out here munchkins."

They flew out the door talking at a hundred miles an hour, something about swimming and water and daddy Dan who followed, fuck me drunk, if I thought Cody was fucking awesome then Dan was totally another story, my cock stirred.

The introductions were made and I found out Conner knew them both through their charity,'The Never Give Up Foundation,' something they had set up some years ago.

Dan made more coffee and Cody listened to the boys, they had their eyes on us until it was too much for one littlie. He asked,

"Who dat?"

"This is Brent and this is Conner, these are our boys, Conner and Cody." We sort of shook hands and I felt the need to pick them up and hug them but there was no need, Cody made a beeline for Conner’s side and kept pushing on his leg, Con stroked his face and he giggled,

"Me, me, me."

"Boy are you someone special Conner, he wants you to pick him up, do you mind?"

"Do I?" Con answered.

He picked the little boy up who instinctively wiggled his way into Con's arms and rested there.

"He doesn't go to too many people, especially strangers, you must have some powerful magic on you Con,"he laughed.

"He sure does, kids love him, might be his awesome smell," I giggled.

"Well I'm sure it is, Dan’s the main man when it comes to smells around here."

"What was that Cody?"

"Nuthin Dan," he said smiling at me and winked.

Conner was telling Dan about our little Conner and he was amazed there were three of them in his family; he wanted to meet Jen and Bob's little fella. Con just happened to have a photo in his wallet. Did Dan just say his family?

"Okay, let's get the rockstar out of the way first," Cody suggested.

"He handed a drawing over and we both could see it was a gorgeous suit.

"Basic black with hipster stovepipe pants to enhance that rock star bum of yours. Silver pinstripe lapel and pocket detailing done in the same fabric, a silk grey shirt teamed with a sapphire blue tie."

"Conner,it’s bloody gorgeous," I said.

"Fuck me Cody, I just wanted a suit not a full production," Conner laughed.

"Go with it Conner," Dan said winking.

"The stovepipe pants represent your status as a world class entertainer, I chose black because it's elegant and it says; look at me but don't touch, the silver lapel detail says I have found my silver lining, and the tie represents freedom, stability and safety, the shirt says my bad dreams are fading, harmony is returning."

I nearly burst out bawling, it was so beautiful what he had just said, so true of Conner’s life up until now. Conner looked at me and his tears started before mine but he was careful not to disturb little Cody who had fallen asleep, he leaned in to kiss me and I noticed Dan did the same to Cody.

"Well done babe," he whispered in Code's ear.

"My pleasure Dan," Cody smiled.

"Brent your suit is the same style but I changed the highlights to gold and your tie is orange, it means happiness, warmth, contentment and the gold highlights represent freedom from your chains and shackles, liberation, hope."

If gob smacked was the word for it then I was, and completely dumbfounded.

When I gathered my thoughts, I said,

"How do you do that?"

"I just know Brent,"Cody explained then kissed Dan again.

"Grr," I heard Dan moan.

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