Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 5

Published: 7 Apr 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We spent another couple of hours with them and they showed us more painting ghosts, but eventually and sadly we had to go but promised we would come back for a weekend soon. They were so in love and I only hoped Con and I would have the same relationship in ten years time. Cody said he would organize the suits to be made and will work on the other suits. He would do them in navy blue because it’s a bodyguard color and also means love. Both Ray and John would give Conner away and Rob and Bob would be with me. We kissed the littlies who by now were in front of the TV watching cartoons, Little Cody content with his twenty-minute nap. Our driver took us back to the airport and we hardly spoke on the way there except to ask each other, "What just happened?" The love that radiated out of that house was infectious.

Conner wanted sex as soon as we were in the air, I of course obliged by offering my world-class flight attendant butt to him and he attended to it beautifully. Back in Melbourne we went by Marty's to drop the envelope in, then on home. John and Ray had cooked and we sat in at their place and talked about Di and Marty then our suits and meeting Cody Mitchell. "You know they got their first boy, Tim, through fostering. I think Cody's mum organized the adoption and it was done very swiftly. Not too many people know the boy's background, I heard his mum was a drug addict and had died, he's a gorgeous young man and I have had dealings with him and Daniel Lawrence from time to time through the Foundation.If you look for a gorgeous red headed boy called Donny who plays for the Brisbane Bombers, I think he’s Tim’s boyfriend,"Ray said. "Do you know how the twins appeared Ray?" Con asked. "Not fully Con, I only know the rumors I've heard along the way." Ray wasn't going to elaborate but Conner pushed him. "Conner, long story put short is Cody was abused terribly by his first boyfriend, you may have noticed his hands, they are scarred, apparently he got that from going through a plate glass window. The boyfriend that abused him did time but cleaned up his act and had the two boys to a drug addict who died. He had contracted HIV in jail but the boys were born fine. He was going back inside for a long time so gave his boys to Cody and when everything was finalized he committed suicide.I only know this through my dealings with Connie, a nurse at the Never Give Up Foundation. She is a distant relative but as far as you both are concerned you haven't heard the story, okay? Mouths shut tight, Cody went through hell. The two men also raped him. Dan came into the picture and with his family's help brought Cody back to living his life again. He absolutely adores him and they will never break up or lose that love." "Fuck me, it must have been awful for them," I commented. "It was Brent and if you really want to know then ask Cody. He may tell you or may not but I think going on your abduction he probably will, you have a lot in common." "The babies are beautiful Ray, they adore them so much." "They deserve them Conner, what’s for dessert bub?" "Me or apple pie and cream honey," John answered. "I'll have the apple pie baby and you and cream later." He kissed John tenderly. "I'll get it."

Conner took my hand and kissed it. He knew what I had been thinking and wanted to make me feel safe. The only thing I was really thinking about was my abusers didn't have kids to give me in exchange for a mental breakdown and the pain I went through at their hands.Cody Mitchell was lucky in a way; he got two beautiful little lives for his pain. We finished our delicious desserts and headed home, Conner stopped me in our back yard after we closed the connecting gate and held me in his arms. "I love you Brenton Walsh and I can’t wait to marry you, do you want to elope with me?" "Yes my Conner but can I make a small suggestion?" He listened to my proposal while sitting on a concrete garden bench in our backyard, even making suggestions of his own.

Because of Conner’s status in the world of music we couldn't shout it from the rooftops but within four weeks we had everything organized. We sent out invitations to join us in Sorrento to our closest and trusted friends and our Australian commitment ceremony was organized. Although not legal it was all we could expect at the moment, we didn't have to fly to Canada to do something we can also do in the most livable city in the world. Our suits had arrived and of course they were a perfect fit. Conner got Helen to organize food, drinks and flowers; I organized the cake and trimmings. We found a local gay celebrant, Ray talked to him and he was found to be trustworthy.

In the meantime I was taking Di out for lunch when I could and just letting her talk things out, I noticed she was less and less depressed and more focused on bringing another baby into the world. There would be walking up the aisle but it would just be me and Con and it would be held on the large verandah overlooking Sorrento beach. Conner and I went there a week earlier to set the place up and it was two of the most loving weeks we had spent together.

Our wedding day arrived and everyone we loved had appeared. Conner and I dressed in our bedroom with the help of John and Ray and he looked at me almost in tears as I smoothed my suit, I was looking into the full-length mirror and Conner was suspended in time with his mouth open. I did the same at his reflection, I didn't want to move, this fleeting moment had knocked me for a sixer and my tears started so he rushed to my side and held onto me. "Happy tears Con, just happy tears." Kissing me for the last time before our vows he said, "Let's go get hitched."

We walked out onto the balcony to a thunderous barrage of clapping, our boys were already in place and if the celebrant was shocked at Conner’s appearance, he didn't show it as he went through his routine, saying some very loving words over us. He then invited Conner to say something. He sang,'Ask Me,' perfectly and it meant everything to me but I was jolted out of my utopia by Conner nudging me. "Your turn," he grinned. "Thank you Conner," I got out. "Is that all?" he asked. "Yes," I replied. He gave me a really funny look then I snapped out of it. "No, I meant to say, no, of course there’s more," I bleated out. I had written a poem that I called,'Thank You.'

"Thank you for finding me, and loving me and thank you for believing in us. For bringing me a family and with them so much needed love and trust. For everything you do and leading the way. I couldn't love you more than I do today. Thank you for never giving up on me and shining your light on a broken man I will never forget you let me take you by the hand. Your smile, your face, your heart made me stay. I couldn’t love you more than I do today. I love you."

He leaned in and kissed me like no other. His tears ran with mine as we sucked face in front of our family and friends. The rings were exchanged and we stood close while speeches were said then the kissing started all over again. Di sidled up to Conner and sang a very dirty ditty in his ear, Tom shook our hands but couldn't cope anymore so he kissed us both; he had tears in his eyes. The cake was cut and John started bringing out finger food. Conner put a tiny parcel in my hands and said, "Happy anniversary." It was a pink diamond this time. I was ready for him and passed an envelope over saying, happy anniversary back. He read the letter inside, smiled and placed it in his suit pocket. "Thank you." I had written out ten promises I had made to Conner and signed it, 'I promise to always be faithful to you I promise to always put you first I promise to ask you always I promise to trust you forever I promise to never hold you back I promise to always listen I promise to make you happy I promise to hold you when you're sad I promise to always be by your side I promise to love you deeply until I die.'

It was small but meaningful, he has everything he could ever want and this was all I could think of. The party kicked on while the six of us had photos taken on the beach, a friend of John’s who did a wonderful job took hundreds but Conner couldn't wait to get back to the house and hold little Conner. Bob told us he got the job and was starting this Monday, it was for more money and he got a company car thrown in. "Fuck, I forgot all about that, congratulations Bob,that’s terrific." "See Conner, I can do things on my own after all," Bob puffed up. Con looked at me and smiled and I nodded my understanding. Con hadn't forgotten, in fact I overheard him telling Rob to put Bob's papers to the top but Rob already had decided his resume was the best. Little Con giggled as he showed everyone how his walking had improved, he thought it was funny.Conner fed him some cake and ice cream but then he started yawning so Jen put him down.Tom was sitting just watching everyone, his eyes were on me for awhile so I leaned over and asked why. "I wish I could find someone like you to marry Brent, I would be so happy." "You will Tom, take your time, there’s plenty of lonely boys out there, one’s got your name on him," I said reassuringly then added, "What kind of boy floats your boat Tom?" "All of them Brent, I'm fourteen going on fifteen so all of them excite me," he laughed. Phil came and sat with us and the three of us talked about him becoming a doctor. He had made his mind up and was focused on his grades to try to get them up to scratch. "If you get there Tom then maybe the, 'Brenton Walsh Foundation,' might be able to swing a scholarship your way," I said. "That would be ace Brent, can I tell my parents?" "Sure you can but that happens only if you get there."

People started leaving, Conner and I would stay of course, Bob and Jen stayed and so did Rob and Adam, Ray and John. We talked about the wedding for a while then Conner put another cool number on the player and we all slow danced, him kissing and licking my neck and I playing with his nipple through his beautiful shirt. I didn't care who rolled over tonight, I just wanted to be with Con alone so I took his hand and led him to our bedroom. Hanging our suits up carefully I lowered his boxers and got him into bed, he was so fucking gorgeous, even more now that his five o clock shadow had appeared. "Promise number seven baby, it’s happening right now," he whispered. I lifted an eyebrow. "You promised to make me happy and I couldn't be happier than I am now, your mine and I'm yours forever,"he said smiling. "I could make you happier," I said as I started my slow journey down his magnificent torso, nothing was left out, every inch of Con's body was licked and kissed.Our lovemaking lasted an hour but eventually I cuddled into him and promptly fell asleep, dreaming of our wedding.

The next day I helped the boys clean up and we hit the beach for an hour or two. Little Conner played in the sand and mostly destroyed any sand castle his dad built for him. My Conner just sunbaked, it was the end of summer and he wanted to get one more day in, which was a good thing as overnight the weather turned to grey clouds and light rain and was quite cool.

We took a blanket outside and sat on a banana lounge and watched the day go by, I was backed up against Conner playing with his legs while he was playing with my hair and chest. His phone rang and it was Phil. Conner had a long conversation with him and when he hung up he said, "The investigation has finished Brent, a fucking quarter inch nut came off, do you believe that? A nut nearly destroyed our lives; they blame the jet makers, it was the wrong type to put in so really no one’s to blame." I thought about it for ages, a small nut, the mind boggles when I think about the hundreds of nuts and screws in the makeup of a plane, each one having a purpose or a job to do. Phil said Dave is taking no chances and is working on the two jet engines this week, making sure everything is as it should be, I felt safer.

"Stop, stop," Conner yelled. I pulled over and he jumped out of the car and ran back down the street, he bought a big bunch of roses and presented them to me. "Thank you for marrying me, happy anniversary." "Oh Conner, it's me that should be thanking you." I pushed the flowers back to him. "No, be my guest, I was first." He pushed them back. "Well if you think so?" I said. "I do." "So do I." I put them on the back seat then drove for home. Conner wanted to go see what Dave had discovered, if anything. So after a good night’s sleep we headed for the hangar at Tullarmarine. Dave was up the ladder with another guy, they were head to head, torches in hand and Dave was calling out names and his mate was saying,'check.' I guess the only way to do it properly is do it yourself.

"Conner, Brent, fantastic day last week, thank you for inviting us," Davo said. He got down the steps and his mate was introduced as Tony but he went really quiet when he realized who Conner was, then he excused himself and went to make some coffee. "He's part of the Qantas team and we hired him for the week, he's very thorough and knows as much as I do about this plane. I think you threw him Conner. I guess he’s never met a famous person before," Dave chuckled. We walked into the tearoom and Conner was smiling to himself. "You do see what I mean about Melbourne, Brent. If this was JFK airport, there would be a mob by now," he smiled. "Yes I have noticed that Con." "So Tonyhow’s the checking going?"Con asked. "Good Mr.Conners, everything's good up to now and we are sixty per cent through the second engine. You got yourself a good deal with this one," he blushed. "Good to hear Tony, oh, and call me Conner." "Okay, Conner?" "Long story short, my real name is Conner but only to my friends,to everyone else it's Rick," Con said with a wink. "Okay Mr. Conner." "Just Conner." "Conner."

He didn't take his eyes off Con all afternoon, I don't know whether it was fascination or love at first sight but he hung onto every word that came out of Con's mouth. Phil pulled me aside and said, "He's straight but I think he's got a man crush on Conner," he laughed. "Oh the man crush thing?" I sort of replied. When we were about to leave, poor Tony couldn't help himself. "Can I have your autograph for my new girlfriend,she’s your biggest fan?" His face was beetroot red. "Sure, just give me a second will ya?" Conner went out to the car and got a promo photo out and a copy of his live concert and signed both of them for Tony.He nearly wet himself. "That should get you a night of female loving and if it doesn't,just let me know and I'll come around and sing to her," he laughed. Tony was so grateful he offered to pay Con for the CD but there was no way that was going to happen. On the drive home Con asked me if I wanted to swing by the office,as there must be a pile of paperwork to sign so we went that way and as usual got the parking spot out front, I guess owning the building has some perks.

I said hi to Helen and Peggy then sat while Conner looked at the few notes Ray placed in front of him. "You have a meeting here at ten am Friday Brent, as head of the Foundation you are required to attend, a lot of boring speeches I expect." "I have a board?" "Yes Brent, just us accountants bringing you up to date on what’s happened so far." "But I already know what’s going on Ray." "Well you can nominate a proxy Brent, anyone will do, then they can report back to you." A sly grin came across my face, got you big time mister. "Anyone?" "Brent don't, he will get you back two fold, he still hasn't got you back for that shower incident you know,"Conner reminded me. I thought more on it and caved in. "Okay Ray, I'll be on board." I laughed at my joke but no one else was though. "Good to hear Brent,there’s more information to be revealed when we start." "Such as?" "When we start Friday, not before." Conner was looking at Ray and was deep in thought. We finished up and I got my man home. I made us sandwiches for dinner because I couldn't be bothered cooking, I put the big platter in the middle of the table and said, "Information Conner, spill it." "What information Brent?" "Foundation meeting information, please don't keep me in the dark, I don't like it." He chewed his sanger fifty times, because I was counting. "Fifty," I said. "Wha?" "You are the easiest person in the world to read husband, you chewed your sandwich fifty times, normally you only chew them twenty." He gave me a,'what the fuck,' look. "Okay, you got me again. Ray has found a house for lease at the end of the street. It's that big red brick one and it's opposite the government flats. He suggested we rent it and turn it into a safe house for the Foundation so the kids will have somewhere to go if they feel threatened. He's done a proposal for you, but it needs your signature." "One of your houses Con?" He dropped his head. "Brent I can't help what property I own, I swear I never bought one house. My aunty did and she left them to me. It's a big house, really it's a former bank building and ideal for something like that,"he explained. "But there’s more?" I asked. His head bowed again. "I want you to run it,"he whispered. "And how is that going to work?" "We move Mary and her assistant into it and you help with the day to day running of things, we want to hire you as the resident medical nurse, just to keep an eye on the little kids." I sat with my mouth opened, thinking if only I was there when Con was small, maybe, just maybe I could have stopped it, my heart was heavy and my other thoughts were on Phil and Dave. "I have two conditions Con." He brightened up. "Anything baby." "One, Adam is to take over the social club again." "Okay,what’s the second one?" "Don't hire Sven,"I smiled. He jumped up and grabbed me by the arms. "You are so amazing Brent, I love you so much." "Me too you Con." "Also, can I get the same deal we have now baby?" he asked. "What is it?" "When I fly, can you come too and we get a temp in to do the nursy job?" "Nursy job?" I lifted my eyebrow, well I attempted to.

After talking to Ray later on that night, he said Conner was worried sick something else would happen to me; he wanted me on the ground and close to home. I understood, I will miss my boys but will see them often enough, I kind of like the thought of nursing again, especially where there are kids involved. "Do I give you notice?" "No, we just shift your place of work, same wages and you get a signing bonus to get some nursy outfits." "Shove your bonus and as for a uniform, jeans and a white shirt will suffice and I have plenty of those." "But I want it to be an anniversary present baby." "Kiss me." He did. "Happy anniversary baby and it didn't cost you a thing." I smiled as I held his face in my hands and looked into his big blue eyes. The job, as I found out, had more to it. We would hire a den mother to sleep on site, a retired grandmother maybe, someone like that so there’s someone on call all the time. All they would have to do is ring me or Mary if there was someone in trouble and we could be there within minutes. As it turned out Mary did that job, she was looking for cheaper digs and the top floor of the old bank had been turned into an apartment that was gorgeous and had views of the city. She got that free and was put on a retainer as resident councilor come welfare worker. Her charity would be merged with the Foundation which gives her a whole lot more money to help people and she had complete control over how that side of the house would be run. From the start there would be just the three of us and if she needed to, she could expand her staff. I will make sure the kids get physicals and checkups but mainly it would be my job to look for signs of physical abuse.

The meeting Friday included Mary, myself, Ray and Conner. Ray laid down the plans for a few renovations. He had given us all a piece of paper with a list of items he thought we needed, furniture and stuff like that. Mary had her own so we didn't worry about her apartment.What I needed was on the list and no one had anything to add to it, except his nibs. "Want to go to K-mart baby?" "What for now Con?" "I have to get some toys." I shook my head but it was Mary that spoke up. "Just a few Conner, we don't want to turn it into a play ground." He blushed. "Computers?" he offered. "No." "Game boys?" "No, fresh air." "A swing set?" "Yes and that’s all,"Mary agreed. So after the meeting was over we went to K-mart, swing set, seesaw and roundabout plus a trampoline were ordered and to be delivered next week. Yep, he's turned it into a playground.

"Happy anniversary baby." I smiled over dinner that night, pushing a plastic bag over to Con. His eyes lit up. "Awesome baby, wow, thanks." I had bought him a couple of game boys and was ignored for the rest of the night. His laughter was ringing through the house and it was midnight before he put it down. His concerts will start in two weeks so that will give him something else to do; I couldn't wait for opening night.

He was off rehearsing every day with his band, some days he would come home in a foul mood but mostly he was on top of the world, today was Mr. Foul Mood. "What’s for dinner Brent?" "I made hamburgers baby, you okay?" "Yes." He slammed his backpack down on the table as I poured him a drink. "Drink this." "I don't want it." "Drink." I watched him skull the wine and took his wrist and looked at my watch for a minute. "Feel better?" "Yes." "Kiss me." "Okay."

I knew the drink would calm him down and my checking his pulse was humorous so he couldn't help but smile.I then sat on his knee and said, "Now tell me what’s wrong." "I stuffed the chorus up in,'Rock on Loud,' twice today, that shouldn't happen." "Easy fixed." "How?" "I'll just stand in the wings with the words written on a big piece of white cardboard." He laughed. "Seriously Conner if you stuff up a few words the audience won't care. They won't be able to hear them anyway, the screaming will take care of that. I don't know why you stress so much, it's a little thing." "But I am supposed to be the professional." "You are baby, you will get it right on the night, take my word for it." "Okay, I believe you." "Want to eat now?" "Yes." I placed salads on the table with hamburgers and rolls and he started making one, I watched with a smile on my face. "What’s up?"he smiled. "Nothing, I just wanted to watch you eat,that’s all." "Okay."

He chewed his first bite fifteen times, the second was the same and the third was twenty. I felt he was calmed down so I slid under the table and rubbed his man bits through his jeans, the zipper was down in a flash and while he chewed his way through that bloody hamburger, I chewed on his hot dog,it came with white sauce. Then it was my turn to eat; the white sauce took a lot longer to appear because he wanted to suck on my rissoles first.

He strummed his guitar, a beautiful tune, and I guess it’s new but again he was stuck. "Brent can you come here a minute, I want you to listen to this, I want to do a small cameo number for the first night and I want you to be involved. " "Okay,what’s if for or what’s it aimed at?" "Di and Marty's little man." "Oh." I listened to the tune a few times, even recorded it on my Ipad so I could think about it. He put it away for the night and we nestled in on the sofa. "I just wanted to do something to recognize his being loved and cherished by many and the very short time he was growing." "I know what you mean Con, it's a lovely thing to do and we can work on something." I thought about it for the rest of the night then it hit me. I scribbled something that instantly came to mind; something Di had said in the hospital, then passed it to Conner.

'I slipped and fell but my brothers stood me up and said, wait baby, wait for us, our time is near so please wait in heaven with us.'

Con looked at it and went to get his guitar and it almost fit perfectly with his tune. "The chorus is done." He smiled sweetly. "Good." I took his guitar off him and put it by the bed. "Let's get some sleep." I kissed his head while he played with my balls. Here we go again.

The big night was nearing and I was so excited, it seemed like forever since I had seen my man working.Over the next week he finished his song and it was gorgeous. He would slot it into the first show then never sing it again. He organized for the music and words to be given to Marty and Di and after the first show, we had it printed and mounted in a beautiful silver frame. He also did a disc. Conner had given me two extra tickets for Tony and his girl on opening night. I passed them onto Dave who said he would take care of it but I hope Tony leaves his man crush at home.

We dressed to the nines for opening night, I wore my wedding suit, Di looked awesome in a Cody Mitchell number and Jen and Bob were perfectly attired. Little Conner stayed with Ray and John who will catch tomorrow night's concert.The limo picked us up at seven, it wasn't a long ride and we had fun on the way, just us four, the others will meet us in the foyer. Jen said mum and dad had sold their property but didn't know where they had moved to. She hadn't heard a word from them at all. We made our way into the concert room and were shown to our seats. I didn't want to see Conner before the show as he would be nervous and a bit stressed about his night. The guys were there with Tony and his girl, he introduced me to her and she was lovely. Marty looked well and Rob looked lost, Adam was backstage but he should be arriving out here soon.

The music started, the lights went low and the room erupted in a mass of clapping and screams. Conner walked onstage in his wedding suit. He actually made a little speech and welcomed everyone to his new show then someone handed him a guitar and stool and he sat down and said. "This song I wrote with the help of Brenton Walsh. It’s a song about loss and hope and we wrote it for our dearest friends Dianna and Marty. Listen to it quietly because it will never be sung again, it's only for this one concert." He strummed his guitar and started singing the song, it was simple but stunning. Di and Marty couldn't take their eyes off him and they and their friends shed tears.

He finished the number and threw kisses our way then walked off stage, the applause was deafening. Then the music cranked up, it was the prelude to,'Bring it On,' fuck me drunk, a figure came on stage wrapped in a black cloak and when the lights came up and his first words were uttered, Conner threw off the cloak and tossed it off stage. He was wearing nothing, well almost nothing, his whole look had changed. He had on a pair of kikkin boots, mini hipster jeans and black tank top that hardly covered his midriff, the crowd went berserk. He moved his ass all over that stage, pulling his tank from side to side while showing his body off. My hard on was instant, eight dancers joined him and they rocked the stage like no other and by then we were all on our feet rocking along.

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