Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 6

Published: 14 Apr 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

As Rick showed his stuff off,his dancers one by one left the stage until there was only one pretty girl dancing on her own, he took her hand and they did a few sexy moves then she disappeared, the lights went dim and Conner went through the floor and disappeared too.Then the next song belted out its thump, thump, thump, he reappeared and began singing his,'Hard Assed Rock,' anthem, he had lost the tank top, and now was in hipster jeans and I wanted to lick him all over, Di took my wrist and yelled into my ear, "Don't you dare go onstage with him." She was laughing, it was good to see so I kissed her hand and answered, "I so want to be there with him."

He had moved to the front of the stage and was twerking his ass at us,I could see the top of his tattoo,the grin on his face was priceless and so was mine. Five numbers later he took the time to sing three slow ones and to their credit the audience was quiet, he had put a leather jacket on, his voice crisp and resonating through the room. He got a standing ovation before the lights went up and we moved to go get a drink at the bar. A big hand took my elbow and maneuvered me backstage where a very sweaty rock star waited for me in his dressing room. "Fucking awesome mate," was all I could get out in front of the helpers and stage manager. He pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door. "Did you get a boner looking at my ass?" I took his hand and put it on my cock. "Good, because you are going to shoot in the second half." He kissed me and let me go get a drink, I did think about his Perrier water but I needed something stronger. I talked to Di about the song and she was very happy we had done that for them and loved it; Conner had got the words perfectly correct.

Adam wasn't talking to me at all because of the Social club thing and Rob was talking to Tom and his mum and dad so that left Phil and Dave for me to hang with, they were talking to Tony and his girl, Denise, who were both star struck. There was something about her I couldn't quite put my finger on, she was very free with her words and Tony seemed to be calming her down all the time. The bell rang and we marched back to our seats, lights down Conner appeared through the floor lift, his tank top had reappeared but his pants were off and he had replaced them with a pair of sexy footy shorts with shin high boots, yes I could cum in my pants and no one would know, all I had to do was rub my dick a few times through the light material but I didn't want to mess my beautiful suit up.

Another six rocking songs and then'Rock on Loud,' his signature song arrived with a blast of fireworks and fog. Eight zombies danced down the aisles ending on stage with Rick Conners. He left the stage on a high; the music belted out for the next three minutes and his first show was over.

In the green room we waited for him to arrive and start his meet and greets and he looked awesome, Adam had done a great job dressing him, he talked to many people including Molly before he got to me, and as he approached Adam came over with a bright bag in his hand. "The cameraman has already done the live disc and it and the photo frame are in here for Di and Marty." He leered at me and I cringed. "Oh by the way Brenton, the social club's big day out is Saturday week and this is your timetable, I put you down for the, Dunk a Spunk, team and the kissing booth, you will be there won't you? It's for a good cause, just bring your bathers, we will provide the towels." A bigger smirk as he swanned off into the crowd. "He's got you there mate, no getting out of it now," Conner laughed. "And I bet you have the first six throws at the bulls eye too." I looked down my nose at him. He giggled and added, "I really wanted to do the first six kisses with you but Marty insists it's not happening, anyway he's got me down for a,'Dollar A Hug.'" "Do you want to go to New Zealand next week Con, I really want to go and see the hobbit houses, maybe we can catch up with the rest of Adam's family?" Of course that was said within earshot of Adam.

Tony and Denise came over and he introduced Conner to her and she all of a sudden squealed and kissed him on the lips. Shocked wasn't the word for it, poor Tony was red and not very happy, I just had to put up with it. Conner blushed and said something to her then took my elbow and maneuvered me over to Molly. "Hi Rick, hi Brent, fantastic show mate, I loved every aspect of it, you were so fucking hot up there," he greeted us. "Don't you start hitting on me Molly, I just got some uninvited lip lock from a woman I don't even know, it was embarrassing for me and Brent." He was apologizing to me. "She's a little over the top Con, forget it even happened," I suggested. "Well it's not right, I feel like a blow up sex doll at the moment." "Well you're not Conner, you're a world class act and I hope you are going to let me produce the live CD you are making?" Molly asked. Conner looked at him and replied, "Definitely yes Molly, I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it."

I was called over to Tom's side of the room and told it was okay for him to work at the safe house with me, he's a big boy now and can make his own decisions so I said I would be in touch, we thought it would give him an insight into the medical world. Con walked me over to Marty and Di and we gave them the bag, kissing them both on the cheeks, they thanked us then I hit the toilet, Adam followed me in and whispered, "One down, two to go." I laughed. I love Adam he is good value. I was washing my hands when Conner arrived looking a little flustered, he asked if I would stick with him for the next hour and then we would go home. "What's wrong?" "Nuthin." "Oh, not nuthin again, how about somethin and spill the beans now?" "She wants me to have a threesome with them,"he whispered in my ear. "Who?" "Denise, she just bailed me up and wants me to go home with Tony and her for a threesome." He started to laugh. "The nerve of that wench, poor Tony, you would destroy his untrained ass Con,"I replied. "I don't think he knows what's going on Brent, he's out there trying to apologize to all that heard her." "What's security doing about it baby?" "I don't know, it just happened so I came to find you." "Okay stick with me kid, my ass is used to your big cock and you can have it anytime." "Now?" "No, not now." "Later?" "Maybe." "Oh, the old maybe is here is it?" "Yes." "Well Tony has got a great ass." "Okay yes Conner, as soon as we get in the door, no maybes mate." "Thanks." "My pleasure."

We finished up and went into the room again, no sign of Denise but Tony was waiting for us. "I apologize for her behavior Conner, I fucking don't know what's happening to her but I won't be friendly with her anymore, I'm not into that shit, I don't do that stuff,it's disappointing and I am sorry." "Don't sweat it mate, all's good, I really don't do that sort of thing either Tony, don't take any notice of what you read." "I know, Dave told me not to, fuck me, all I ever want in this world is someone to love and take care of, the rest is just trimming as far as I'm concerned,"he blushed and he was mad. "Okay, let's get one more drink and I will see you to your door unharmed Mr.Conners," I said with authority. "Brent it's your front door too," Con replied looking at me. "Oh so it is, that will kill two birds with one stone then,"I smiled. "And no maybes," was his answer as he waved his finger at me.

He was hot to get into it, I think I like this working nearer to home business, my dacks were down as soon as we closed the door and I looked at Con's photos on the hallway wall as he gave me ‘a seeing to that' I would never forget, his legs gave way and I ended up nose to the carpet my feet were knocking on the door furiously as I lifted my ass to meet his thrusts. His hair was covering my head and he was whispering, ‘I love you's,' in my ear. I wanted to stay there forever but Conner started laughing. "What's up?" "Extra make up tomorrow I think baby." "Oh?" "Carpet burn, both knees." I laughed at his very red looking knees. "Denise will be jealous." "Fuck Denise,"he answered.

The day finally arrived that I had been secretly dreading, Conner and I were the last to turn up and Adam was onto us like a whore in a back alley. "Good, now you are both here we can get started, Brent darling can you go over to the kissing booth and get started, a dollar a kiss and Conner can you stand next to the booth with this sign on, Brent I will need you in one hour for the dunking booth," he instructed with a wink. I went and stood behind the table that said,'Kissing Booth - one dollar a kiss,' and Conner put his sign on,'A Dollar a Hug.' Ray was my first customer and he gave me five dollars. "Ray, not here," I moaned. "Pucker up baby, I want five good ones,"he leered. "Brent what are you doing?" Conner was in shock. "Making money Con." I kissed Ray five times then it was John's turn, Ten fucking dollars, oh well, it's for the Social Club.Helen was next and fuck me she wanted twenty smooches. "Brent what are you doing?" Conner was in a panic; I don't think he's sold any hugs yet. "OMG Phil, twenty kisses? Fuck me." Wiggling his ears he whispered, "If you want me to, then there's a hundred bucks in it for you." It was with the greatest pleasure to kiss him, his lips were beautiful, and so were Dave's who was next in line. Di came running up. "Oh a dollar a hug and a dollar a kiss, ummm, I think I'll take five kisses, sorry Conner, hugs are so yesterday." Poor Conner, he had to stand there and watch me being sold like a whore for the next hour. Adam worked that well. "Okay guys, switch places, Brent you go over to the dunking display and Conner take over the kissing booth, how much have you taken Brent?" "Two twenty," I said. "Conner?" "Umm three dollars." Adam let out a gasp, and totally smiled at me.

Con took over the booth while I stripped to my boardies, I never got wet and as a matter of fact no one wanted to dunk me although plenty of people stood and looked. With my half hour shift over I thought Conner might take over but he couldn't get wet in case he got a cold but he did take a hundred and fifty in the kissing booth. I took over the hugs with my towel just wrapped around me, the line up went out into the foyer, my bum was felt and was red by the time I finished, even Marty had a couple of gropes. Another hundred dollars I guess, I'm winning. Adam's plan had backfired on him, when he sat in the dunking chair the crowd lined up, he went in at least fifteen times before he called a halt to it, he looked like a drowned rat. I just enjoyed giving out my hugs while laughing my ass off. A guitar was produced and Con was busking with a hat in front of him so I put fifty bucks into it as he sang some tunes, nothing too heavy he had a show to do tonight. It was a great success and lots of money was raised, I won the highest amount and Conner was runner up. "He did that deliberately you know, putting me next to you so I would get mad." "I know but Con none of them kissed me like you do except Phil, he came close to getting me boned up,"I laughed. "Let's go home, I need to eat before I go to work." "Okay, then you can kiss me and it will cost you nothing." "Can't wait, but disinfect your mouth first," he joked as he rolled his eyes. Adam tried to stop us from leaving as he had a few more jobs for us. "Suck it up Adam, you lost." Conner got in his face. "I'll get you my pretty and your mangy dog," he screeched then hugged us before we left, thanking us for a great show and the money.

We kissed and hugged forever before Con had to go to do his thing and he reminded me I was to be nude when he got home, I said I would be, all I was doing tonight was making up a list of things I would need for my new job. I will fly for the last time next week and I have to admit I felt empty, but I also felt a bit excited about working with kids and doing what I love the best, helping people. Conner came in around eleven and as per my deal, I was nude on the bed waiting. He was still on a high and I took him higher.

It was Sunday and Conner had only a matinee to do today so he was ready to go at eleven and I went with him because I wanted to watch him work his thing. His limo picked him up and I followed in our beat up BMW, finding a parking spot in the massive car park I locked up and walked into the Casino.I was surrounded by millions of colored lights and the pull to play a machine or two was strong but I would rather give a kid on the street my coins than a multi billion-dollarcompany so I resisted the urge. I watched Conner do his sound checks and marveled at how commanding but small he was, then he went through the dance routine and the stage manager was bellowing orders to the lighting guys and then he turned to Conner, "Mate, you're in the wrong spot again, fuck me, how many times do I have to fucking tell you?" "Sorry, but these chairs shouldn't be on stage, they are throwing me off," Con replied. "Well push them out of the way you lazy prick." "Enough," I heard a voice shout, oh it was mine and I began to walk towards the manager with fire in my eyes. "How fucking dare you talk to him like that, you glorified chimney sweep, if it wasn't for Rick Conners you wouldn't even be allowed into this room, so how about you remove the chairs and while you're at it keep in mind who the star of this show is and start paying a little respect to him?" I was in his face and he bloody well knew it. "Sure." He squinted under the lights. "Bill, remove those fucking chairs." I assume it was Bill as someone came out and took them all away. "And don't fucking forget mate, you can be replaced just like that," I snapped my fingers and glowered. "Rick I need to see you in your office," I said. "Are we done here?" I looked at Mr. manager. "Yes sir." "Good." Conner followed me into his dressing room, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the door and started pashing me hard while grinding his cock into my crotch. "God you get me horned up," he said. "Well you don't have to take that shit from anyone." He started laughing. "It's not funny Con." He laughed louder. "Okay,what's so funny?" "You are babe, he's a great guy and we talk to each other like that all the time, he was joking and so was I. The chairs weren't in my way, I just missed the beat that's all, he knew that, he's a pro but he didn't figure you would walk in just at the wrong moment, but thank you." His giggling was out of control. "I guess I should apologize?" "No, keep him bluffed Brent, he won't do a bloody thing while you're there, it's so fucking funny." I watched the show from the wings; the stage manager even asked me if I wanted coffee, Conner was beautiful and I was a bit dreamy eyed looking at my man.

Of course I couldn't find my car, everyone thought I was crazy running around the multi-level car park and by the time security found it, Conner would be long in bed. I called him to tell him, he laughed. I slipped out of my pants and jocks then slid into bed, I was buggered. Conner's arm went across me and I heard muffled giggling again. "Go to sleep Con,"I said. It got louder, then louder so I turned my back to him and put the pillow over my ear but the bed rocking kept me aware there was a silly kid in bed with me. "Shut up!" I shouted and it was the right thing to do, he jumped out of bed and went to the toilet and by the time he came back the fit had passed.He snuggled into my back and went to sleep.

My last flight and I was sad and looked at this new plane like it was a newborn baby, I sat with Phil and Dave as we were heading to Canberra. VIP guests today, probably over stuffed politicians, Phil tried to make light of the situation by telling me he had seen my temporary replacement and she looked lovely but he was pissed they couldn't be themselves anymore. A shy lad came on board with a bag, it was Tan, a beautiful mix of Asian and Australian, very well mannered and excited as hell to start flying with us, he talked to us for some time as we got him to relax. Phil and Dave were his mentors and he had already been booked in for flying lessons that he will start soon. I plied him with a Pepsi and made the boys' coffee; they went through the pre-flight list and explained most of the dials that displayed themselves proudly in the cockpit. I wanted to know more about Tan but held off because it was my last flight.

He had a great day and was taking lots of notes then I fed them and when we picked up our guests in Canberra he even helped me in the galley, he has to know it all or maybe he is just wanting to know it all. The pollies were a couple of overfed senators on their way home to Melbourne, not much in the looks department but with a fine sense of humor and it got worse as they drank their way through a bottle of scotch. I said my goodbyes to the jet and the boys and it wasn't a very happy ending. But on the light side we would see each other at the Centre or at dinner because they were our best friends so we would always be in touch, and as usual when Con flies then so do I.

We kissed and hugged inside the jet after Tan's mum had picked him up and with an empty heart I said goodbye to my jet-set friends. On the way home I did some supermarket shopping to pick up a few necessities and spied an old acquaintance, I say that because she was just that, it was my mum. She didn't see me and I made sure we didn't bump into each other. At the self-serve checkout a man standing next to me said he would drop my shopping off, I didn't know him but I could see mother queuing up. I left my stuff there as I could get to the market tomorrow morning if need be. A half hour later, the man delivered my groceries, he just nodded and left, I wanted to pay him but he was too quick for me. Of course I'm not that stupid, he was security, well I didn't realize that until I was halfway home. It was Conner's rest day and he tried not to use his voice, he just gargled with mouthwash and ate very little fats. I took my stuff into the kitchen and proceeded to put it away. "They are living in Caulfield baby, your father was promoted to the agency there and your mum was in Prahran today shopping, your guy spotted her in the supermarket." "Well you know more than Jen and I know Con, but it doesn't matter anymore, I've got you now, so I don't need people like them in my life." "Well it's my business to know where the infidels live Brent," he said with a laugh. I pushed him onto the couch and held him close.He didn't need me to tell him I loved him, he knew by the look in my eyes.

I walked to work today, Mary and Chris were on board, we had a small meeting then I offered to make coffee, old habits never die. Sitting in the kitchen Mary brought me up to date with things and after a big write up by the local paper a few kids started hanging around outside the front door. Mary had invited them in but at the moment they were too shy to take her up on the offer. She expected a couple of them to come in and check it out before the word is spread, she did say one little kid asked her if she had a computer to play on. I laughed at that but she explained the computer wasn't the problem, they could get ten of them, it was the upkeep when kids that don't know what they are doing stuff them up; we would need to have a full time tekkie on board.She had brought her regular clients over and Chris was busy with hers, I didn't have anyone to attend to so I made the coffee.

Tom arrived after school and I began my instruction, I gave him an orange and a syringe, it's the first thing you're taught at college and he did well but was a little nervous. I showed him how to scrub and how to make a bed and he was happy doing that, then I gave him two volumes and said, "Study these in your spare time,I bought them from a friend and they are the first books you will use and if you understand what they contain then you will sail through your first year." He started asking questions and he really didn't understand the medical talk so I tried to explain that a lot of it had common connections, I wrote quite a few down with the meanings beside them and I will go and get him a medical dictionary tomorrow.

My first patient was brought in by Chris and she had a knee scrape, the poor little girl was crying so I winked at Tom and got him to put his gloves on. I prepared the cotton wool with a solution that would take the sting out of it and he very gently wiped over the scrape. Talking to the girl whose name was Jordan about school and her friends and by magic she was happily chatting away to him like they were old friends. I passed a larger Band-Aid across and he placed it tightly on her knee. She was a very happy girl after he took a red felt pen and drew a smiley face on it. I didn't tell him to do that but it looked good and she was happy so off she went to play some more on the swings and slides.

The only problem with the safe house was parents wanting to dump their kids there for the day while they worked, we had to explain to them we weren't a childcare center but somewhere for the kids to go after school if their parents are going to be late home or have urgent business to attend to.I think they thought they were going to get a free ride; I can't blame them, childcare costs a bomb.One smart assed young mother wanted to dump her two year old boy for the day while her boyfriend and her could have some,'us,' time and while I sympathized with her, I said no and boy did I get a mouthful of colorful language as she swept out the door leaving the little fella playing in the backyard. Mary called child services that were flat out and couldn't look at the case until tomorrow morning but by that time I thought mummy would be back to collect her baby. He was a gorgeous little takker and when he got bored he followed Chris or I around the place talking his head off, but I couldn't understand his words, as they weren't quite formed yet. Chris just talked to him like a normal person where I of course talked baby talk, if there is such a thing; it reminded me of talking to Conner when he was in a silly mood. We fed him and changed him and made sure he was never left unsupervised then sure enough on the dot of five o' clock mum turned up but not even a thank you, she swooped her boy into her arms kissed him and left, maybe to fight another day.

By the end of that week I was so full of sad information it was hard to let it go but I had to.Conner's concerts were making headlines throughout the world and many fans flew in from overseas to catch one or two of them. There were casino packages offered within Australia and both the night and the matinee shows, which had been extended to three days were sold out but they did have standing room only at the back but even that was eventually taken up.

He looked good and was coping with the work beautifully and was happy, we had lunch together every day at the safe house where he played with the kids and usually followed me around until he had to go. Tom became my right arm and did everything that was within his understanding, we sent him to do a first aid course and he talked for ages with other medical staff I knew. We were cramming his head with as much info as possible and he even started talking in medical terms. As always, I was nude when Conner came home so I was on call, it wasn't like it was earlier on in our relationship, sometimes he didn't feel like sex so I swanned around the house naked talking about the show until he couldn't take it anymore, generally he was very,very happy.

I overheard the kids talking in the back yard one day about the little boy in apartment 302 so I went out and listened, they hadn't seen him for two days and they heard crying coming from the flat, for little kids they were showing all the signs of concern for the little boy who was their friend. "What's his name?" I asked. "Teddy, Mr.Brent, he's our friend but we don't see him any more, can you help?" I immediately thought of Conner's ordeal and calmed the boys, telling them I would call in tonight after work, they didn't know where his mum was as they hadn't seen her either for a long time. I talked to Mary about it and we agreed she would come with me, I called Ray and he assured me my bodyguard was in the area and he would contact him.

So with my comrade-in-arms, we walked over to the relevant block before taking the very noisy lift to the third floor. I knocked on the door several times and there was someone home as I could hear shuffling. "Teddy are you home, it's Brent from the safe house, can we talk to you?" "The doors locked and I can't get out," he said. "Okay Teddy, can you please stand away from the door?" "Brent we can't just break in like this, it's illegal," Mary said. "We aren't, he is," I said pointing to my security guard. "Can you kick this door in?" "Piece of cake boss." Mary looked at me. "Ray's idea," I said. "Teddy can you stand right back and don't be scared?" "Okay." I heard. Bang. The door nearly flew off its hinges, the smell was rank and I nearly vomited but then I saw him, a little boy covered in scratches, dried blood and looking very neglected. He cringed when he saw us. "You're not supposed to be in here," he cried. "Why Teddy?" Mary asked. I couldn't talk. I was rooted to the spot. "Cause mum said not to talk to anyone." "Well where is mummy?" "I don't know, she went out days ago and hasn't come home."

I pulled myself together then looked around the flat, I went into a bedroom, he had wet the bed probably in fright, he was about four or five. We found his mother's name on one of the many bills that littered the table. Mary wrapped him in a towel. She had wiped his face and had started on his body but he was in pain, the welts on his back and front were the result of him trying to get out the kitchen window that had been nailed almost shut. The police were called and arrived fifteen minutes later and in that time I had managed to open another window that looked straight down to the concrete car park. My whole body shuddered at the ‘what ifs' that suddenly appeared in my head.

The police said they would take him to the hospital but I explained I was a nurse at the safe house and we could take him there. They wanted statements and put a call out to arrest his mother, I don't think there was a father.

Mary, being a child care worker signed some documents and said we would come down tomorrow and make a formal statement. My security guy talked to them for ages until they got another call. We bundled Teddy up and I carried him across the lawn and road to the house. Mary ran a bath and got him stripped, he wasn't talking but I guessed that was maybe from fear of reprisal. "Your first rescue Brent,"Mary said. "I've seen it before but not at its grass roots, what the hell are we going to do with him Mary?" I replied. "Sit down for a minute Brent." I did but watched Ted wash himself through the open door. "You are going to take him to your place tonight, I can't have him here in case charming mummy comes looking for him, then in the morning I'll call my friend at children's services and try and work out some sort of plan for him to be put into a foster home for the time being." "I can't take him home Mary, what do I tell Conner, I gave birth to a five year old?" "No, you have to take him home to a safe house so if mum turns up I'll tell her he's with child services and to contact them tomorrow." "Now go help him bathe, maybe change the water and do him again, he's in some sort of shock but he's pliant at the moment, I'll rustle up some food for him."

I went into the bathroom where he was just playing with the face cloth, so I gently took it out of his hands and did his back and he groaned. My tears happened, my memories came back and it wasn't good.

Letting the water run out, I got the shower hose and did his hair and body again then I got him to stand up, he smelled better and was squeaky clean. I wrapped the towel around him and Mary met me in the sick room where I put some ointment on his scrapes, they weren't that bad but they hurt him. "Brent please don't fall in love with him, I know what you're thinking, he's not you and you're not him and I am only guessing but he's not Conner either." I looked at her and hung my head. "I can't tell you," I whispered. "You don't have to, the connection you both have tells me everything I need to know, now Teddy, let's get you fed." He sat at the table with a glass of milk and some sandwiches, he picked at them little by little, he still hadn't spoken. "You need to eat Ted, you will feel a lot better when you do," I said trying to encourage him. He looked at me and put one in his mouth then he demolished three full ones, he must have been starving. "Now you can walk home with me and we will go to bed okay, you also need a good nights sleep." He nodded. "Brent, I will call you as soon as I know something but in the meantime I think you should take tomorrow morning off." "Okay, thank you Mary."

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