Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 10

Published: 9 May 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

The news started to dwindle as the days passed, and by the end of the week Conner was back in the recording studio. He came up with a great cover and title; 'Rick Conner's Stripped.' He would use the bum picture. The chick that took the photos was arrested for prostitution, and within a week she was the newspaper's darling of the day, quite an impressive arrest history too. Dennis wasn't mentioned but Conner still had the songs he had written in his back pack. He sent them back to him with Grant one day, and Con had written across them in red pen; 'Good luck with getting these recorded.' He told me they weren't very good anyway. He had tried to sing a couple of them, but they didn't work for him.

I did what the doctor ordered and stayed on my pills, but by the end of the first week, I was cutting the dosage in half, I knew too well the consequences of staying on them long term. Tan was flying with us at every opportunity, and it was the thought of the flying lessons that was making him all excited. They would start after we left for Europe and, thanks to Phil and Dave, he had more knowledge of the workings of a jet than most kids. He was a pleasant young man, totally gorgeous in his Asian Australian way, the mix was perfect, his skin was flawless, his eyes as dark as night.

"Good morning Tan, ready for another exciting day?"

"I sure am Brent, what's for lunch?" I smiled thinking why are growing boys always hungry?

"Umm, chicken something today, it looks nice and I ordered in extra for you."


"Where are Phil and Dave?"

"They had a meeting but they should be here shortly, want to help me set up?"

"Sure Brent, what do you want me to do?"

"Well first I would like to talk to you a little." I beckoned him to sit with me.

"Sure what about?"

"I worked briefly at the safe house on the corner as the resident nurse, and my young friend Tom was helping me. He's going to be a great doctor one day and like you, he has a scholarship through my foundation. He mentioned he knew you that's all, are you friends with him, Tom Keating, is he in your class?" I was being cunning. He blushed.

"We were good friends a few years ago but something happened and we don't see each other anymore, I was a dickhead then and treated him badly so he never spoke to me again. I am glad he's going to be a doctor, he's very clever."

"What was it all about Tan, Tom is a great guy, did he say something nasty to you?"

"No Brent, it was more about the looks he gave me."

"Oh I see, he wasn't being a good friend then?"

"No, I wasn't being a good friend. Can we drop this subject. It's something I don't like to talk about? I'm ashamed at some things I have done over the past few years and just want to forget it."

"Sure Tan as long as you're okay, that's all I need to know."

"I miss him Brent, he was a good friend but we move in different circles now, and I don't think he will ever talk to me again."

"Well stranger things have happened, enough said. Can you do the coffee while I check the toilet and salons out?"

"Sure, any biscuits?"

"Yep, you know where they are."

Have the whole packet Tan, and thanks for that little piece of information, I know what happened now.

When my boys arrived I made sure I kissed both of them on the cheeks. An old ruse but a good one to get a young man's brain kick started. Tan was in the galley watching.

"Everything okay Brent?" Phil asked.

"Experiment number one Phil, remember Tom's coming out?" I whispered.

"Oh," Davo snorted then laughed.

"Yes, oh," I replied.

"Well I think after that I need coffee, good morning Tan, ready to fly into the wild blue yonder?'

"Umm yes Davo, do you want coffee?"

"Sure do mate and my boyfriend would like some too," he said, as he winked at Tan. I couldn't believe we could pull this off twice, but I left it at that. The ball is in Tan's court now and according to Ray and Tan's mum, they maybe thought he was gay. Why is it Tan is the last to know, or was he? I chuckled to myself as I helped him bring the mugs into the cockpit.

"Now sit yourself down and watch us go through the pre-flight checks, and let us know if we miss something will ya?" Phil said to Tan.

They won't miss anything and will go through the checks twice just to make sure. Oh, and I know I shouldn't be looking but I did detect Tan trying to hide his boner when he thought we weren't looking.

The boys told me he didn't say anything much because he was too engrossed in watching what they were doing.The flight was swift and I thought the boys had given Tan a go at the controls because the seat belt lights went on, and Tan announced for me to buckle up, in a very deep voice.

The plane swayed then settled smoothly, and after we had landed Dave told me they were showing him how to engage the autopilot, but mums the word, it was highly illegal.

Tan rode home with me so I could drop him off at the flats, so his mum didn't have to make the trip to the airport.

"Mum has been offered a real job Brent and she is so excited. Ray called her in yesterday, he needs a linguist to help him convert his many emails from China, and mum is good at that. I hate what she does now and if my dad had hung around he would have protected us more, and she wouldn't have had to do that kind of work. Why did you kiss Phil and Dave?"

"They're my friends and I love them. I hope it didn't upset you Tan. It's just we are friends and I forgot you were there," I replied with a smile.

"It's okay Brent, a guy once nabbed me at the flats. He wanted me to pull my pants down and show him my goods, but my mum appeared and nearly killed him. They had to pry her hands from his neck. He's in jail now, my mum's an awesome fighter," he laughed.

"Are you gay?"

"Yes Tan but, if it upsets you to work with me then I will stay out of your way, but not everyone is like that fuck wit."

"No, it's okay Brent, I'm pretty good at reading people and I know you guys are the good guys, it's cool."

"Good, I like a friendly workplace." I winked at him.

I dropped him off at the flats then did a u-turn for home, no Conner. I dropped my bag on the hallstand and went searching for him but only found a note that said, 'Meet me in the bathroom.'

I went to see what he was up to and opening the door, I was confronted with a long haired rocker leaning over the hand basin, his ass was sticking out and he was naked, what do I do now I wonder?

He didn't have to say anything, I dropped to my knees trying to undo my jeans at the same time, I rimmed that gorgeous ass until it opened up then slid into the velvet folds, he let out a gasp and started to buck onto me in a frenzied movement. I gave him all I had and more and he was exhausted when I finally shot my load.

"Thanks," he said.

"Anytime mate," I answered.

Wiping us both he said,

"What's for dinner?"


"Oh the old leftover thing again, why don't we go see Teddy and have a couple of baguettes?"

"Suits me baby."

So we wandered up the street to go see our adopted son, and his gran.

"Boys, it's so good to see you again, I actually was going to ring you tonight. Do you want to sit out in the sun or up the back?"

"Here's fine Nan, is Teddy home?'

"Yes, I'll take your orders first and get the girls started on them, then I will call him, also there's something I want to discuss with you," she said.

Conner looked at me and then ordered a foot long baguette. It was my turn to gasp; they were huge so I ordered one too.

Teddy came skipping out and kissed us both, he was telling us about his homework and he was finding it hard to do. We got him to go get it and show us. We looked it over, simple add ups and words. Conner was very good as he didn't actually give him the answers, but worked through it with him. It actually sounded like he was giving him a singing lesson. Our food arrived and I cut the end off mine and put it on a butter plate for Ted. He played with it for a while then started to break bits of the crusty bread off to eat. We got some looks but the coffee shop wasn't very busy so we were left alone. Nan waited until we had finished and Ted talked his head off. We now know all of his schoolmate's names and where they live.

"Boys, I need your help with something. I unfortunately need to go to Sydney for a week or two as a friend has passed away, and I need to go organize things. It's sudden I know, but could you find it in your hearts to babysit Teddy for a week, maybe two. If not I will pay one of the staff to stay here with him, but I would rather you boys did it?" she asked.

I stuttered and couldn't find the words so Con took my Ipad and punched in my password.

"When do you have to go Nan?"

"Day after tomorrow, there's no real hurry, there's no funeral, the cremation is today but I have to pick up the ashes and spread them on the beach," she explained as she teared up.

"Okay cool, there is a flight day after tomorrow to Sydney and while Ted is on holidays, he could come too, I guess it will be his first plane ride?"

"Yes, he's never flown, but I can book a commercial ticket Mr. Conners," she answered.

"First of all, and once again, it's just Conner. Secondly my jet has a delivery in Sydney on Tuesday, so you get a free ride. Now do you really think Teddy would like a ride in a jet?" he said rather firmly.

Teddy squealed and I jumped, I guess that's a yes from him.

"Thank you boys, he's very easy to look after and I really don't trust anyone else to look out for him. He trusts you both and that's half the battle and it will put my mind at ease."

"You okay with this Brent?" Con asked. I snapped out of it and answered,

"Am I? Well of course I am Con. Thank you for thinking of us Nan, it will be our pleasure," I said eagerly.

"It means you will have to stay home Brent, are you happy to do that?"

"Ah, yes Con but I really don't have to stay home, you will be there for him."

"Yes I will, but just in case I get the urge to go shopping at K-mart, you had better be there holding me back," he smirked.

"Better get a temp then Con," I suggested.

That bloody temp is getting a lot of work out of me, I had better find out who he is and thank him, and my honeymoon gets pushed further away but I don't care. We've got ourselves a little gem for a week or two. Now I have to get rid of Con and Teddy so I can speak to Nan privately.

"Teddy you better put your homework in your room, Con can you help him?" I asked.

"Sure babe, come on Ted, show me your toys again."

They both sort of skipped off, well Con swaggered, Ted skipped out the back and I turned to Nan.

"When did she die?"

She gasped.

"Three days ago, I've been going mental as I don't want Ted to come with me and I don't want him to feel all alone. I have to go and grieve for my beautiful daughter, the one I had for fourteen years, not the one that relentlessly abused me, I need to be on my own."

"Where are you staying?'

"I'll get a hotel room near the beach, now that I know the plans."

"Leave it to me," I told her.

Con came back and we paid the bill insisting we all work hard for our money and we expect no favors.

"What was that all about baby?" Con asked on the way home.

"Ted's mum passed away in Sydney and he hasn't been told yet, I want to ask you if Nan can stay in your apartment in Bondi for a few weeks she needs to be on her own as she needs to grieve, I am guessing before she tells Teddy."

"I'll call Helen and get her onto it, Jill can stock it up, and it's our apartment Brent," he reminded me.

"I hope she doesn't find your chocolate surprise Con, she might eat it," I laughed.

"She wouldn't dare." He looked mortified.

He opened the heavy iron gate and stepped aside to let me open the front door, and as soon as I was inside he jumped me.

"God, your ass is so sexy in those shorts baby." He was licking my neck again, he walked me over to our bedroom door and before I knew it he had my cock in his mouth. He's pretty good at it now, deep throating my rod he had both his hands on my ass cheeks, pulling more of me into his throat, God I love this man.

Con had media to do the next day, Marty picked him up and I spent the time turning Beth's bedroom into a little boy's room. I ducked up to Spotlight and bought a Power Rangers quilt cover, then grabbed some matching curtains in the process. I changed the bed, not that it needed doing but I was on a high and needed something to do. I packed away all the makeup and powder puffs that were on the dressing table, then placed the box in the wardrobe. I put six boy's books on top just in case Con wanted to read him a story. I would leave the games and toys to Conner. Folding the stepladder I looked at my handiwork and nodded then packed everything away. I made some salad rolls for lunch as Con should be home soon and I didn't know if Marty was staying. It was just a music show interview taping so it wouldn't take that long. I heard the front door close but I didn't see Conner, so I thought he might be changing and the wash had finished so I hung it out on the line.

"Where are you Con?" I called as I walked up the hallway.

I heard sniffing coming from Beth's room. He was on the bed holding one of the pillows and was trying not to cry, but he wasn't doing a very good job of it.

"Sorry Brent, she's really gone hasn't she?"

"Yes babe but don't be sad, we can put everything back after Teddy leaves if you want?"

"No it's okay, I thank you for doing it because I couldn't bring myself to put everything away, it's a little shock but a much needed one, thank you."

I slipped onto the bed and held him for an hour or so while he slept. Upon waking he turned over and stared into my eyes then kissed my lips and asked,

"What's for lunch, I'm starving?"

I laughed and answered,

"Ham and salad rolls."

I stood up and offered him my hand, he took it and we headed for the kitchen to eat.

After a very late lunch, he thanked me again then I made him ring Nan to let her know his apartment was available and not to worry about a thing, we would pick her and Teddy up around nine. She said he was all packed but if he needed anything, then he would have the key to their flat and we could go anytime to get stuff.

Conner made passionate love to me that night but he was all over the place, I guess the excitement of having Ted staying was getting to him. We were both exhausted by the time we had cum, I looked into his eyes and they were mine again, he only saw me.

We were running around early checking that his room was okay, snacks were plentiful in the pantry and I cleaned the bathroom twice. By eight we were just sitting at the table waiting and the tension was bloody nearly unbearable.

"Let's have a coffee before we go hey Brent?"

"Let's go." I laughed at his enthusiasm.

We arrived in Con's beat up car and got a park straight out the front, then said our good mornings to the staff, by now we knew them all by their first names. Con went out the back and I ordered two coffees. It was a wonderful day and the sunshine was warming my bones.

Nan came out and we chatted about last minute things.

"Just let him do his own thing, he's very intelligent Brent, he knows when to go to bed, and when to get up and he can go to the toilet unsupervised, but please don't let Conner buy him too many toys. His room is chocker's full of them already?" she asked.

"I won't Nan, you will love his apartment, it's awesome. His aunty gave it to him for his thirteenth birthday and he helped do the renovation designs."

"His aunty gave him an apartment?"

"The whole block actually but don't tell Conner. I suspect it was some sort of tax dodge thing, but it is awesome and you stay as long as you need. We will be thinking of you He's got his agent in Sydney who by the way lives below you so if you need anything just let Jill know. Also, she has stocked up the fridge and pantry so there's no need for you to shop."

"That's so wonderful Brent, how can I ever thank you?" she asked as a tear was developing.

"You already have Nan, by trusting us to look after your most precious grandson for awhile, the only problem we will have is we won't want to give him back," I laughed.

Conner came out carrying two suitcases and Teddy was following him, talking non-stop about flying. Nan grabbed him and placed him on her knees while Con put the suitcases into the boot, then he joined us at the table. By then his coffee would have been cold but he drank it anyway. His awesome eyes and body called me, and I wondered if we could have a quick grope in the salon on the way to Sydney, but I quickly put that thought out of my head, I guess our lovemaking will take a beating over the next couple of weeks, I felt a little loss.

A five year old boy called Teddy didn't shut up on the way to the airport, the fact his nanny was leaving didn't even phase him. The plane had his full attention and he nearly fainted when we pulled onto the tarmac, Con's jet stood there like an eagle ready to soar into the skies.

Dave opened the door and knelt down to talk to him quietly, then he helped him out of the car and Ted took his hand. They walked around the plane with Dave pointing out a few interesting parts to him, he was listening intently. My guess of course is he didn't understand a word of what Dave was telling him, it sounded very technical to me anyway. Nan was met at the door by Phil and Tan who already knew her but did the, 'We are your flight crew,' thing anyway.

I got her settled and started on the coffee, big hands moved around my waist and Con whispered in my ear,

"I miss you already."

"Me too you Con, it's going to be hard to get rid of this boner I've got in my trousers," I giggled.

"Ahem," someone cleared his throat. I spun around and it was Tan. "O fuck!"

"When you're finished groping your boyfriend Brent, can Phil and I have some biscuits?"

I stuttered,

"You know where they are Tan, have as many as you want." I reached into the cupboard while the embarrassed Conner slinked out to see where Teddy was.

"Mums the word Tan, what happens here is our business only." I was trying to sound stern but inside I wanted to chuckle.

He winked at me.

"Okey dokey boss," he agreed, then took the packet of biscuits and started for the cockpit, picking Dave up along the way. Teddy was now seated by the window, and that heart attack is looming, so I had better go to try and calm him down, God, he will sleep tonight, his adrenalin is on overload.

The roar of the engines coming to life startled him and his eyes were everywhere. All of a sudden he jumped up and ran over to the couch trying to look out the other side windows, so I took his hand and led him back to his seat, then buckled him up.

I stood in front of him and did my safety spiel. His eyes never left me as we taxied to our runway and waited for a jumbo jet that was about to land. I pointed out to Ted where it was and he sat transfixed on it.

"Wow," he yelled.

Nan couldn't wipe the smile off her face, the love and pride I saw there was perfect. but I did feel sad for her, so much to cope with and doing it alone.

It was our turn and the jets roared again as we started to gather speed, Ted's face was plastered to the window, his hands gripped the armrests as the plane flung itself up and started to climb. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day but that didn't deter Ted. He was picking out shapes in them.

"A rabbit Brent, Nan, look at the rabbit." We looked but I didn't see a rabbit anywhere but smiled at his little boy game. The seat belt lights went off and I started to show Nan around the plane and she was suitably impressed, then I set the table and started to get morning tea ready. We had cakes and a few assorted finger foods. I had better do the whole lot because I know Tan will be hungry. The school holidays will be over for him soon and he will have to really knuckle down, but from what I hear his grades are in the top twenty in the state.

Conner was playing with my Ipad so I guess, 'Candy Crush,' is getting a beating again. He was very quiet but was well aware what was going on around him. I caught him looking at me a few times so I sat with him most of the flight, and at one stage I fell asleep on his shoulder. I was the one who was exhausted now, well not really. I was sitting next to my Con and the drone of the engines just lulled me to sleep.

Teddy was too excited to eat and when Phil came out to get him, he squealed and ran to his Nan, babbled something about flying a plane and took Phil's hand and disappeared into the cockpit. We could hear more squealing off and on, of course the seatbelt light went on, and the plane swayed then settled into a dull whistling sound. The flight was quick and the landing was very smooth. We had a limo waiting to take Nan to the apartment. Con gave her the keys and alarm codes and told her there was a rental car in the car park for her use whilst there, she was so grateful. She hugged us all, thanked us, kissed us and left. We prepared for take off after the belly was loaded up and our next destination was Mildura then home. When Ted disappeared into the cockpit again, I kissed my man and stroked his face.

"What's up?"


"What's up Con, you have been awfully quiet."


"Please let's not do the nothin dance again, somethings up so just tell me."

He gave me a quizzical look and kissed my lips, his breath was warm and sweet.

"Your parents."

"Okay,what's happened?"

"Sorry baby but I read your emails and there was one from Adam telling you the word on the streets is your parents are doing an interview with,'This Day Tonight,'that's all the information he's got but is working on it with a mate from that channel."


"Don't give me the,'Oh,' dance Brent,what are your thoughts?"

"They probably will dish me for not giving them any money but there's nothing they know about my life except the Foundation, and I'm certain they don't know about us, I'm not worried, let's just enjoy Ted's visit and if it ever goes to air then I can deal with it."


"What's that?"

"We will deal with it?"

"That's what I meant Con."

"Wanna fuck me?"

"Yes please."

"Then let's go."

I phoned Phil and asked him to give us a half hour and he said Ted had gone to sleep and was tucked up in the spare seat; he would move him to the bed in the other salon in a few minutes.

While Conner royally fucked me, I was thinking about the parents, they really are suburban, not that there was anything wrong with that but I wish they would just go away.Fucking hell I'm starting to think like a bloody snob.

"Hey, stay with me Brent."

"Sure Con, always."


"Oh sorry, are you finished?"

"Brent I've only just started."

"Oh enjoy yourself then."


He shook his head and went back to doing what he does second best, and I did manage a groan or two.

We showered and checked onTeddy, he was dead to the world and he stayed that way until we arrived in Melbourne. He didn't even flinch when Conner picked him up and held him while we landed or when we took off from Mildura, he simply snuggled in, to sleep his big day away.

We had borrowed Nan's kids seat and whilst driving down the freeway, Ted woke up.

"Where are we Uncle Brent?"

"Headed home possum."

"Have you seen a possum?"

"Yes baby, quite a few." I smiled.


Then he immediately nodded off again and my Con was snoring by the time I parked the car. I woke both of them, there's no way I could carry them both into the house,

they headed for the TV and promptly started to watch cartoons, I was left to unpack Ted's suitcase and start dinner. I rang Nan and told her all was good and he had a big sleep on the way home. She was put at ease when I told her it was an early night for everyone tonight. She again thanked me for my help and said Jill was very nice and had invited her down for dinner the following night. I guess little Lukey will get some Nanna spoiling when they meet. She talked to Ted for a few minutes then hung up. I sat my boys at the table but their eyes were still on the TV. The spaghetti went down well then Con made some phone calls and he was talking to Adam for some time. I guess about mum and dad but I wasn't sure. I did hear, 'Star City,' mentioned a few times.

"I have to do talk back radio tomorrow baby so I will be in the studio most of the morning, they won't come at me doing it from home so have you any plans for tomorrow?"

"No not as yet Con, we can wait for you to finish then go somewhere if you like?"

"What about we just have a slow day, you can pick me up from the studio and we can go into the office so I can put my signature to stuff, and maybe we can go out for an early dinner. The girls at the office will love Teddy's company, he's such a chick magnet." He laughed.

"Sounds good to me Con, maybe I can take him up to the safe house to see Mary and Tom?"

We agreed we wouldn't go overboard with him, maybe a toy or two but not a truckload. He had disappeared for awhile, maybe he's gone to the toilet, no he's in his pajamas.

"It's too early for bed baby but you are a clever boy getting ready to go."

"It's my job Mr. Brent, I get ready for bed early so all Nan has to do is tuck me in, is uncle Conner going to read a story to me?"

"If you want him to sweetheart then he will."

"Yes please, I like that, it's what daddies do."

My heart sank, it must be so hard for him to hear his friends talk about their dads doing stuff with them. The first thing we do is buy a basketball and a ring, Con can do that when he goes to K-Mart. We watched a couple of shows he liked then he said,

"Well it's time for me to go to bed, he slid off the couch and started walking to his bedroom and I detected a big smile on his face as he went." His fists were clenched.

"Story baby, he's excited you are going to read to him."

"Well let's not disappoint him, coming?"

"No, I'll clean up and come in later I think, he would just like you to do it."

"Okay." Con kissed me and went to check on him.

I heard Con talking and being very animated as he read,'Biggles,' out loud; Teddy's giggles were flooding our house with love.

After I finished cleaning I went to see what they were up to, Con had gone to sleep with Ted in his arms so I switched the lamp off and the night-light on, threw a blanket over Con and went to shower. He crawled into bed some hours later and wanted to fool around, I didn't have a book handy so I stroked his head until he dropped off again.

In the morning I found Ted watching cartoons, he had sort of dressed himself but it wasn't quite right, his t-shirt was on back to front so I helped him to get it right and explained the tag should be at the back. I made him toast and a big glass of milk then we watched some more TV.

Con came out scratching his ball bag but he promptly stopped when he saw Ted. I smiled at him or should I say smirked, so he gave me the finger. When he kissed me he sat at the table and Ted immediately sat next to him.

"What did Adam have to say last night Con?" I asked as he piled his plate with bacon and eggs, some of which ended up on Ted's now cold toast.

"He's working on it. His mate is going to try and get a copy of the uncut version so we can have a look at what it is all about."

"Well I'm not going to worry about them, and if it comes to the crunch then I will go see them and yes Con, I will tell them to F off."

"What's F off Mr. Brent?"

Guess we will have to change to plan B plan, A isn't working I thought.

"It means fly off baby but it's not a good saying so I prefer you not to use it."


Then he added,

"What are we going to do today Uncle Conner?"

"Well I have to go to a radio station for an interview, then into work to sign a few papers, then we can go have an early dinner, what would you like to do baby?"

"I think I would like to see a radio station but I don't know about your work, but I could come with you so you don't get lonely."

Con looked at me, I nodded.

"Okay dude that would be so cool to hang with you all day. Go get your sweater so we will be ready for the limo when it gets here."


"What's knuckles?"

Conner showed him how to bump knuckles and he was happy as Larry.

"Okays," he said and jumped off the chair he had claimed next to Conner and rushed to his room.

"He's got a daddy crush Con, don't be surprised if he asks you if he can call you that."

"O God, that would be so cool, but I think Nan wouldn't be too pleased but he will be so disappointed if I said no."

"We will cross that bridge when we get there Con, for the moment just go along with him."

My heart flipped and I'm sure Con's was doing some somersaults too.

As always I appreciate your emails.

David and Duncan thank you.

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