Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 11

Published: 16 May 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

It was beautiful to watch Con grab his backpack and take Ted's hand to go to the limo that was waiting outside, Teddy let go and ran back and got his Buzz Lightyear backpack, I guess that crush or need, is getting stronger.

I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, then Ray popped his head in. He apologized for not coming over last night and they had wanted so badly to, but thought Teddy's first night should be with just the three of us. I filled him in and he was quite concerned. He knew Teddy would have to eventually go home, but he could see no reason why he couldn't be a big part of our lives as he only lives a mile away. He had to get to work so after some hugs he left and I walked up the street to have a word with Mary about it.

"Mary, all I can tell you is Conner was badly abused when he was Ted's age, and Father Thomas was called to give him his last rites. But through the love of his Aunty Beth he survived. Both Conner and I have an urgent need to protect him, and, I am only guessing, but the connection for Con is real. If Ted asks him if he can call him daddy then Con will say yes. We don't know what Nan's reaction will be and I really want to handle this between us as she's not in a good place herself at the moment."

"Brent she's a good woman and she will be pleased Conner wants Ted in his life, I'm certain of that. If the boy asks then just say, do you want one daddy or two, then you will be included. It's a little boy's fantasy, he's probably listening to his schoolmates stories and feels left out, it's harmless to let him think he's got two dads." She smiled broadly and added,

"Personally I'm very happy for the both of you." I'm sure she smirked but I guess I was getting in too deep and I should take it, as it is a daddy crush, no harm done I suppose.

"How's it all going with Tony?"

"Great Brent, we are going just great." She didn't elaborate but I detected a slight smile at the mention of his name.

"And Conner's drinking?"

"He's doing well, haven't you noticed he's only having one every now and then?"

"Yes but I'm still waiting for the next time."

"Have faith in your husband Brent, he's stronger than you think."

We had more coffee then Tom arrived for his tuition. He was even more gorgeous, he's growing so fast and his voice has broken so it was like talking to an adult now.

"How are things Tom, learning heaps?"

"Yes Brent and still yearning for more, I can't get enough of it, it's fascinating."

"That's awesome baby, what have you been doing on the holidays?'

"A lot of studying and a lot of nothing. I heard you have a visitor so can I come over maybe tomorrow and see him?"

"Sure you can and you know Tom, anytime you want to fly just ring me and I can pick you up on the way to the airport."

"Umm is Tan still flying?"

"Yes baby but he's in the cockpit with the boys mostly, I hardly see him."

"I'll think about it."

"Don't be shy Tom, he's not going to abuse you again. In fact I'm pretty sure you might just get an apology out of him if you're prepared to listen."

"Wha? Have you been talking about me?"

"No and yes, I asked him if he knew you from school and that you were doing the doctor bit. He was certainly impressed but sad because you were no longer friends."

He stared at me for some time then went off to set up the sick bay.

I was talking to Ray when they walked in, Ted spotted me and ran for a cuddle. He then got on to my lap, two daddy question answered loud and clear.

"How was your morning, did you get to talk on the radio baby?"

"Yes Mr. Brent, I talked to my friends at school, I don't know if they heard me but I have a tape to play them, uncle Conner gave it to me."

I guessed it was a set up and he really wasn't on air at all.

Conner did his signature thing and the girls in the office fussed over Ted. Helen winked at me and I blushed, I can't think of Teddy as ours because he's not, but we can be good uncles and will never see him hurt or ignored, just loved.

I rang Jen and brought her up to date with what was going on. She was not surprised at all and promised to come over and see Teddy before he left. I could hear him talking to one of his stuffed animals about his day and he was saying stuff like, 'and now here comes the news.' I guess we've got a radio announcer on our hands.

"Teddy it's time for your bath. then we can go and have some Chinese or pizza for dinner, okay?"

"Yes Mr. Brent but I like pizza, is that okay?"

"Sure slugger, pizza it is."

"What's a slugger?" He laughed.

"It means friend, buddy, mate."

"Oh okay slugger," he giggled.

I helped him bathe, washing his hair twice and drying him with a big white fluffy towel.

We found some track pants and a top in case it got chilly, then Con and I drove to our pizza shop and ordered a large family sized one.

It was starting to get dark so we took it over to the park. It was busy with workers running for their trams and trains, sitting on a bench we proceeded to eat our favorite meal with our favorite little man.

He could only manage two pieces, Con had four and I was full after three. The two bits left were a surprise for Ted.

We made sure he drank his chocolate milk and then I spied my possums. Con walked him over to the tree and broke the pizza up to place under it.

He stood back and knelt beside him. Three possums came down and started their meal. Ted was jumping up and down laughing his head off and pointing. He at one stage ran back to me and dragged me over, Con put his arm over my shoulder and when he thought no one was watching, kissed me.

I felt wanted and warm.

"Better memories baby, better ones," he said.

"For sure Con, much better." I smiled at the beautiful scene.

On the trip home Ted wouldn't shut up about the possums. Ray and John arrived with a big bag of toys and he told them all about them too, me thinks sleep was near. They played with his toy farm animals they had brought him and generally got a little boy fix.

He went to the bedroom and got into his pajamas then came out. He sat next to Conner on the couch. Con grabbed his guitar and started to sing nursery rhymes so Ted started to sing along with him. I could see he was eager to go to bed and looked kinda disappointed when Con started another song.

I put my hand on his shoulder then knelt down and whispered,

"Story time Con."

He nodded and picked Ted up who kissed everyone goodnight then Con swaggered into Ted's bedroom.

Ray and John were on top of the world and invited us to an early dinner tomorrow night; I think they had kidnapping on their minds.

I rang Nan and she brought me up to date. She had found a small deserted beach thirty kilometers down the coast and would put her daughter there tomorrow, Jill had offered to go with her but she wanted to do it on her own.

I told her about Ted's dad crush and she laughed then said something odd.

"Maybe we can share him." She didn't elaborate.

I told her Ted would be asleep but I will make sure he rings her in the morning.

Saying my goodbyes I headed for Ted's room, Conner was reading a book and Ted was trying not to close his eyes. I kissed his forehead and stroked his back and he was out like a light within three minutes.

Con locked up and we settled down in front of the TV.

"You know a second story would look great on this house Con."

"What? We've got plenty of room baby, we don't need a second story."

"Well maybe if we just put a bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen up there, maybe a family room with a balcony overlooking the garden?"


"Just thinking that's all."


"Well maybe Nan might move in with Teddy, it would be a lot quieter and more secure here wouldn't it?"

"It would be nice babe but I don't think she will come at it. She's very work orientated and where she is suits her."

"Just thinking that's all."

I put his arm over my shoulders and snuggled in, my hand was resting on his lap and slowly moving around massaging his sexy bits. I made him lift his arms and helped him out of his shirt, then I began to kiss and lick his chest, nipples and pits. He was moaning, I'm sure of it.

We made love on the sofa under a very large blanket, just in case, but we didn't expect a visitor this early. Con was well and truly seen to thoroughly and his smells stayed with me until we had a shower.

Waking early I rolled over to look at my man and shock, horror he had lost twenty years of his life. I was staring at Ted; he must have had a nightmare.

"He crawled in about four." Con lifted his head and smiled and he was tucked in snugly, Ted that is.

I emerged from the bed as I needed to piss and my morning coffee was calling.

Con arrived a half-hour later closely followed by a sleepy Ted.

"Why don't you sleep some more baby?"

"I have to get up Uncle Brent, I can't sleep the day away." He looked at me.

I smiled at him.

He didn't go for the TV but sat next to Con at the table just looking up to him watching him have his coffee.

"Would you like to go to the park today?"

"Okay uncle Conner," he said with a grin.

"What was your nightmare about Teddy?" I asked.

"I don't know but I was scared and came to your bed, is that okay?"

"Of course it's okayTed, anytime, just crawl in with us," I assured him.

"Thanks, my nanna let's me do that too," he answered.

Conner found an old Australian football in the shed and we headed off to the park for the morning. We did some kick to kick and handball with him then let him go play with the other kids on the swings and slides. I don't know who had the most fun, Ted or Con.

"This is the life Con, no pressure."

"Too right Brent, I wish I didn't have to go to Sydney now, this is kinda fun."

"Oh, I guess the honeymoon is off then?" I asked but wasn't really disappointed.

"Sorry baby, there's no time now, in two weeks I have to start rehearsals in Sydney. I want you to come with me and you can take your holidays."

"I get holidays?"

"Yeah, six weeks a year."

I started laughing, six weeks a year for my job? that's so fucked.

"Con I already have had a lot of time off, I can just see you when we fly up, okay?"

"Not okay baby, anyway we will look at what Helen comes up with."

"Sure we can but I wouldn't feel right taking holidays, I get so much time off as it is."

"Oh the old guilt trip is it?"

"Yes Con, afraid so."

"Let's not panic yet, she may have you flying out of Sydney so we can move into the apartment and live there instead of a hotel."


"I love you," he said.

"I know," I replied.

"Teddy, it's time to go, mate."

"Okay uncle Brent," he sweetly agreed.

I made sure Ted rang Nan every other night. He was excited to tell her what we had done each day, which really wasn't much; the zoo, museum, train rides and that fateful day when Con was chased up Swanson street by a group of teens wanting a piece of him. He jumped into a cab while we looked on laughing. His minder grabbed another one for us to follow him home. I don't think Ted had any idea what was going on, but he did wave at the girls as we passed. Adam and Rob visited quite often and so did Di and Marty and it was like one long party at our house but like all good things, it had to come to an end. We all flew to Sydney to pick Nan up on the second Friday and she looked tired but eager to see her little grandson. He held her all the way home and I guess he missed her more than we thought.

His things were packed and in the boot, Conner and I helped carry them out the back to her apartment.

She thanked us more than once for the accommodation. It was just what she wanted and she just loved Sarah, Jill and Luke' They made her feel so welcome that she wasn't lonely at all but she did do what she was there to do.

"Now boys, in about three month's time I would like you to help me out again, if you would. I am going on a long cruise for quite awhile and I want to know if you can babysit my boy while I'm away?"

"Anytime Nan, it's been our pleasure, anytime he wants to come around we will pick him up. Con has two months in Sydney but we are free after that," I said.

"Good, then it will work out well for us," she said and smiled.

We will always make time for Teddy and if we didn't see him for a couple of days then we called him. Conner even picked him up from school occasionally when Nan couldn't make it; he had become a big part of our lives.

When he left it was like something had been stolen from us and we couldn't settle into our normal lives again. Conner got himself back into the studio and was working on that new album. I guess it was the,'Rick Conners Stripped,' album because there were some very sexy songs coming out of his mouth as he strummed away in the backyard.

"Stripped album Con?"

"Yes baby, it's going to be full of gloom, doom and woe, some regret and plenty of love," he said.

"Happy anniversary baby."

He handed me another small present, it was a white diamond this time and I looked at it for ages in the sun.

"Your uncle diamond baby." I smiled and kissed him with all my heart. I have to talk to Grant about getting Conner something but I'm fucked if I know what. Grant hasn't been around much lately, he's at head office training more security guards; I guess I have a man around somewhere but if there is, I don't see him. It was easy when Grant did the job; he's so bulky and big I could spot him a street away.

Adam arrived one beautiful morning with a copy disc of the parent's interview and he had a big grin on his face, but didn't say why. I suspected this interview wasn't what I thought it would be.

We waited until Marty and Grant arrived then settled in to watch the uncut version of the show.

'How did you feel when your son was kidnapped, it must have been awful for you both?"

"It was Jacky, we sat by the phone all those days for some news, and when we found out he was safe in Darwin it was a relief, but we knew he would be all right, he comes from fighting stock our boy does." Dad answered while mum just smiled like she was getting ice cream cake anytime now.

"And you flew to Darwin to be by his side, what was that like seeing your son in so much pain?"

"No we didn't go, I was really busy at work although his sister went for awhile and he had that friend of his looking out for him."

"And that friend was?"

"Rick Conners, Jacky we weren't happy about it but I guess at least all that money he's got moved mountains towards his recovery."

"You didn't even go see your son?"

"No Jacky, as I said we were too busy at the time."

Jacky Somers just looked blankly at them and rolled her eyes.

Adam paused the disc laughed and said,

"But there's more." He actually giggled and then pushed play.

The interview was a crack up full of lies and back slapping stuff. They had no idea what I was up to nowadays, only that I was a flight attendant and on the board of some obscure charity they have never heard of. They finished by saying they were worried about my living arrangements because that rock star is pretty much a drug addict, drunk and generally not a nice person for their son to live with.

We all just looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"Are they seriously thinking of putting this shit to air? God, the newshounds have got nothing better to do?" Con said between laughs.

Adam was the one that was on top of things, he answered,

"They want you to reply to their answers Brent, to spice it up a bit. You should be hearing from the producers soon and they will get twenty grand for the interview if it goes to air," he suggested.

"It would be a giggle if it went to air Adam, but I think I will decline the offer to reply. They won't get their money then and surely the station won't put this shit to air," I said.

"Well I guess that's it then, thank your friend, Adam and tell her or him I laughed all the way through it."

"Brent you know what this is all about, don't you?" Marty asked.

"My parents trying to find out how much money I have in the bank. They are hoping I will see it and feel pity for them," I replied.

"No mate, it's about getting an interview with you. Apart from the open letter and your speech at the press conference, they don't get to talk to you one on one. They want you to reply to this interview, even I can see that mate," he added.

"Well maybe I will then Marty, I had better think more on it," I responded.

After a few drinks and some food, the guys slowly left and there was only Con and I sitting at the table. I noticed he had only had a few sips of his wine before he dumped it in the sink. When he came over he pulled me up then sat me on his knee.

"Are you really going to respond to this crap baby?"

"Not in a million years Con. They don't deserve a response and I don't think they would like my answers. Best if I just keep a low profile on this one Adam will tell his mate I am thinking about it, but it isn't going to happen." I kissed his nose.

"Good, you're learning."

"Learning what Con?"

"Telling them to get fucked."

"Oh,that learning?"

"Yes." By this time he was sucking on my neck, I moaned loudly.

"Con let's take this into the bedroom."


"Because I can see John and Ray looking at us through the window."

He looked around and sure enough, there they were.

"Good evening boys, sorry to interrupt but I have a new schedule for you Brent, Helen sent it home, she will update your Ipad in the morning, I hope it's to your satisfaction."

I took the paper and both Con and I stared at them.

"Well we had better be going then, goodnight."

They bloody giggled as they left by the same door.

I put it on the table and moved my neck over to Con's mouth. He didn't miss a beat as he opened my jeans and played with my dick. I was spewing cups of cum all over the floor within minutes.

"Did you enjoy that baby?"

"Umm." I nuzzled his shoulder.

"You are so good to me."

"Well you could be good to me too you know."

I twisted around and placed Con in the same position. He took a little longer and I suspect he was holding off to get more sensations. Finally his sperm mixed with mine and we were thoroughly spent.

I didn't look at Helen's schedule until the following morning but it was perfect. The jet will fly out of Sydney for the months Conner was doing his show, Fantastic, Phil and Dave will be staying at the apartment building with us. It was a no brainer that Tan would be starting flying school in a month or two. He will be back at school but I would like to fly him and Tom up to watch one of Conner's shows, but I had better be onboard when they do.

I was flying again today, no Teddy to look after and Con was doing his recording thing. After a bunch of hugs and kisses Phil and Dave settled down and I told them what was happening but they already knew. Helen had asked them if they would like a holiday in Sydney and they jumped at the chance to get away and beach it for awhile.

"We better go buy some new speedos Davie, your old ones are ripped."

"And who do I blame for that?"

"Me." Phil laughed.

"Well you've got to admit Coober Pedy was a hot place baby and Bondi is going to be hotter, I guarantee it."

I was the one getting hotter and couldn't wait to see Dave in his speedos, or Phil either but I didn't say anything, just adjusted my crutch and asked,

"Cold shower anyone?"

My medication was working but I was only taking quarters by now. My anxiety had settled into the past and I don't think I'm depressed anymore. I know they aren't a cure but just a management thing. I had to take them. We got into the routine of going to help Teddy with his homework and having our dinner at Nan's place whenever we could, which wasn't every night but quite often. He was very pleased to see us and more often than not we would read him a bedtime story and if we didn't, he wouldn't settle down, so when we got home we would head for bed. There's something about little kiddy smells, stories and night-lights that relaxed us completely to the point we started taking the car because we were too tired to walk. Sometimes Grant would sit with us and sometimes I would spy him hanging around in the streets again. He helped Con put together a kite for Ted, who of course wanted to fly it straight away but it was getting too dark for that so we decided to take him to the local park on the weekend. Grant said he would bring Stanley and we could maybe have a picnic one day. Nan simply said to pick up Ted and the picnic basket at lunchtime. They would be ready.

"I will cater for eight, just in case you invite the others," she said with a smile, she knew us too well.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and even more beautiful as Con lifted himself off my cock. He had been ready from the minute we woke up, and had thrown his leg over my hips trying to place his ass over my dick. It all worked well and I hadn't moved. I just kept my eyes shut and enjoyed the sensations Con's muscles were giving me; he was a fucking milking machine.

After showers we drove around to the cafe and ordered coffee with bacon and eggs. We were a bit early but what the hell I didn't want to cook.

"What are your Sydney dates Conner?"

"I'll email them to you Nan, why?"

"I will book my cruise a few weeks after you finish, that will give you enough time to rest before you start babysitting again," she explained.

"Sure Nan but I want you and Ted to come to my Sydney concert so be prepared to fly up one weekend."

"Sure Conner, we would love to come, but are you sure it's okay for Ted to come to your show?"

"Yep, the third matinee show isn't as raunchy and more family friendly, it gives my underage fans a chance to see the show, so he will love it." It was good of Con to do that; there's so many fans that love his songs that wouldn't otherwise get to see his live shows, too many artists forget that.

Breakfast had arrived and Nan left us to it as she was busy in the kitchen today. Then I spotted a little boy coming through the back door and he ran up to us and screamed,

"Good morning my uncles."

We replied and kissed his head and he sat with us while we ate. Conner fed him the toast and vegemite Nan had popped on the table and she had cut the crusts off, it reminded me of my earlier years, I hated crusts too.

We had a quiet uneventful flight to Sydney, Marty and Di were on board with Adam and Rob and I mainly sat with Di. We joked our way through the flight. She was happy again and was talking about getting back to work. Marty was trying to get her more local work so she wouldn't be flying all the time. His efforts were rewarded because David Jones wanted her to be the new face for their stores which meant she would be based in Melbourne but will travel to do PR work for them around the country.

"I've made a bob or two Brent so I don't need the money thanks to Ray and his efforts to reign my spending in. I really just need to be out there. I hate it when my picture isn't in Vogue or any magazine in fact, I feel left out." She pouted.

"So does Conner, he looks in the paper everyday for a photo or news on what he's doing. It's where he catches up with his own gossip; if he didn't look he wouldn't know how he went with his last concert or song."

"What?" Conner said.

I started laughing; Conner would no more read his own publicity than he would read 'Horse and Hound' magazine.

I then moved over to Con's side of the sofa and he put his head on my shoulder.

"Why are you taking the piss out of me baby?"

"Because your so easy," I said with a slight smirk.

"You're both so easy," Adam interrupted.

"Umm Rob, the salons are empty and you've got an hour before we start to descend."

"Let's go," Rob said.

Adam jumped up and took his hand and they walked towards the back of the jet.

"So fucking easy Adam, so easy," Di commented.

"Don't you start Dianna, I couldn't cope with three of you."

"Oh sorry Adam, I thought it was hobbit season." She giggled.

He turned and stared at me then shook himself and left the room.

"Better go get changed into your rock god outfit Con. If I know Adam he's probably alerting the media as we speak."

"Oh shit, wanna help me get dressed?"

"I might."

"Not the old,'I might,' again?"

"Well what's in it for me?"

"I'll let you suck my cock?"

"Okay but only because it's a big one, I only like big ones."

"Get a fucking room guys," Marty sounded a little exasperated.

"Wanna watch Marty?" Con added.

"No and neither do you Di, so don't even move."

"Oh you're no fun Marty," Di joked.

"Let's go Brent, we are running out of time."

He stood and took my hand and we moved to the salon.

"Rabbits," I heard Marty say.

I laid on the bed and Conner gave me a special one on one concert, while he stripped ever so slowly. When he was nude he crept up the bed, swung his leg over me and presented me with his big cock surrounded with black curly pubes. I didn't waste any time opening my mouth. I gripped my rod and he plunged his dick into my gob and started to pump away as I pulled. We came at the same time, me getting fed swallowing as quickly as I could trying not to waste a drop and my cream finally flowed up and down Con's back as he fell sideways.

"Don't go to sleep Con, we don't have much time," I said to him.

"Okay, thank you for the, 'I might,' thing"

"My absolute pleasure Conner." I dreamily smiled.

When Conner finally sat down he went into rock star mode. He put his dark sunglasses on and pulled his long black hair back from his perfect face. It was hard to believe this guy loved me. He could have anyone on the planet he wanted but his eyes were mine only. I had to go clean the galley as I was starting to tear up again.

Of course journo's flashing lights and screaming fans met us at the airport, Adam did well and I told him so. Jill ushered us through the crowd with the help of Grant and his crew. Con did stop for photographs and autographs and one very young guy actually kissed his cheek as he took a selfie of them both. Jill then beckoned us to a small bus that was waiting to deliver us to Bondi. She sat up front with Marty and they were going through Conner's program. He wouldn't just be doing the show but would also be working on his album and doing TV, radio and satellite hookups. My world has been rocked once more.

I really didn't want to party that night as I had to fly to Broome the next day. Marty and Jill had a meet the press organized for three pm and then a small party for the band and Conner's entourage on a cruise boat on the harbor. I didn't want to go so I told Conner I was feeling a bit tired and these things could go on for hours. I really wanted to just sit on the beach and chill out. He understood and knelt down and said,

"I'll be good babe, no drinking and I will be home early, I promise."

He kissed me and I walked him down to his limo. Dave and Phil were staying in, as they don't get a chance to have time together when flying so I guess they are hard at it now.

I took a bottle of water out of the fridge and stood on the balcony. It was a beautiful afternoon so I unpacked and slipped on my boardies then went down to sit on the sea wall. I spotted two very hunky guys playing in the surf so decided to join them. They dunked and pulled at my shorts and threw me into the air. I had so much fun with my two awesome mates and I even got a glimpse of Phil's balls when he lifted his leg up to climb onto Dave's shoulders. Well I thought I had anyway.

We dried off and decided to sit outside a nearby cafe and have coffee and a sandwich. They were going to have an early night too because it was business as usual for them, and I wouldn't expect anything less. We talked about Tan and they thought he was gay but nothing has been said, and he's more interested in flying anyway but they did say he was bloody mature for his age. I told them I thought he might just be a good friend for Tom to hang around with, and they agreed.

It was getting dark and I had been just wallowing in the ambience not wanting to move but needing to get back home to shower, watch a bit of TV and then bed. I said my goodnights and caught the lift up to our apartment. I could smell burning candles as I opened the door and Conner was sprawled out on a banana lounge, nude of course waiting for me. I stripped and quickly rinsed off under the balcony shower as he watched me like a kid deciding when to pounce on that chocolate cake.

"Why are you here?"

"I missed you and I am a little tired myself."

"Oh okay."

"Remember Singapore?"

"Yes of course Con."

He swung his legs over and stood up, the perfection of his bodyline was completely on show to the world. He walked over to the balcony rail and leaned on it spreading his legs slightly, I didn't need a second invitation. I didn't bother drying just turned the stream of water to off and walked over to him, my rod leading the way. I inserted it into his garage and started humping him. His man noises were very audible in the still night and my breathing heavy. I wanted it to last forever as I kissed his neck and pulled his head back so I could reach his sweet lips. He moaned as I came and we stood there for ages, until his muscles pushed me out. I turned him around and started to kneel down but he just kissed me more and whispered,

"I'm okay."

I figured he had cum like he had done in Singapore, all down the balcony wall. We stood in each other's arms and I said,

"I love you so much Conner, my husband, this is really happening isn't it?"

"Yes Brent, my husband don't ever go away."

I thought about those words, and I guess it's everyone that's in love who fears they may be left alone and I felt it deep down.

"Never my Conner, never in a million years."

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