Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 12

Published: 23 May 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Waking the next morning I couldn't move because Con had wrapped himself around me. It was hard to work out where everything was so I started with his big arms.

"Nooo," he moaned.

"I have to get ready for work Con."

"Nooo, stay here with me."

"I can't Con, we have a deal; I go to work and you record."

"Noo, stay Brenty, I will get lonely."

He took my hand and placed it on his very rigid cock. It only took me half a heartbeat to begin to wash it for him, maybe that will settle him down.

I finally broke free when he decided to take a piss. I showered and dressed, coffee was on my menu and the knock at the door wasn't long after I had taken my first sip.

The boys had one with me as Conner was looking for his backpack.

"It's on the balcony where you left it Conner."

"Oh, thanks." He winked at me.

He had coffee with us and we talked a bit about his day. He would be home early but had to go to the casino tonight and walk through the show with the stage director. It wouldn't take long and we could go out for dinner afterwards. There were plenty of restaurants around this area. I drove into the airport with the boys; no way we would take both cars, it's not practical.

The food was delivered and a couple of miners that worked at the Argyle diamond mine were going back after a week off work. They were really blokey but quite nice to us, it's a different world at the mines, Australia has a big mining industry and there's so much money to be made. These guys were on some phenomenal wages that allowed them to travel all over the place on their weeks off, mainly they were telling me they just went to Bali. This time they had to be in Sydney to finalize some property deal they were working on. I told them about my shares and how they were being very good to me. They said if I wanted to invest in their little venture they would email the details within the next few weeks. They said they were confident they could find diamonds on the land they had bought. It might just take a few years to get there.

I thought about it long and hard and decided to invest when they sent me the prospectus.

When I got in that night Con was waiting, so I quickly showered and dressed, we picked up everyone and headed for a restaurant Jill put us on to. Well it was an eatery and very crowded so I guess the food is good. We were shown to a table up the back, menus were handed out and drinks were ordered, I noticed Con only ordered a glass of water.

The table of rowdy blokes next to us put a damper on our night. They were regulars apparently and the hostess was reluctant to move us so we decided to just pay our bill and leave. The manager was called and apologized for their behavior and he tried to quiet them down which worked for a half hour. Our meals arrived and Con went to the toilet. On his way back one of the boofheads put his foot out and tripped him up saying something that sounded like,

"Oops, sorry poof."

I shot up and helped Con get to his feet. His cap had fallen off and his long black hair now covered his face. The boofhead stood up and started verbally abusing him for getting in his way as one of his mates grabbed him and said,

"Doug, that's Rick Conners you just tripped up man, leave it alone."

I don't for the life of me know what happened next but the guy was flying through the air like a dart and he landed on our table sending our food flying all over the place. Grant was furious and if looks could kill, I'm sure the guy got his point.

"Touch my boss again and your dead meat cunt!"

The manager and a bouncer came running and the guy's friends were helping him off the table. He looked a little stunned and I held Conner behind me as he was ready to have a go if it escalated, but Adam was in control, he talked to the manager and said, "Let's go guys we can eat elsewhere. The cliental here is not up to our standards and neither is the management. He still wants us to pay the bill," he laughed.

Grant then leaned over and said, "Put it all on your friend's bill mate. You had Rick Conners in here tonight and you just fucked up badly."

We walked out onto the street and when we were all together, Grant pointed to a people mover that was hurling up the street.

"Your carriage awaits you sirs."

We ended up at a small restaurant up a back street, no diners and plenty of service. The manager knew who we were and he has tickets to the opening concert. The food was delicious and Con signed his wall with a felt pen.

"Are you okay Con?" I whispered into his ear.

"Yeah Brent, just winded me that's all, what a fuck up. I must tell Jill to recommend somewhere less popular next time, you okay?"

"Sure Con, I was just a bit worried about you that's all," I replied.

My heart had settled down and, surprisingly, Grant sat on the other side of me and held my hand. I'm not that delicate but it was reassuring to know he was thinking of me; my down there region was tingling too.

We had a glass of wine each on the balcony and just watched the moon, Con only had a few sips of his and I was pleased he was doing that. Only time will tell.

Flying to Cairns the next day included a very busty pop star. I offered her Perrier water but she declined and had coffee instead. As the flight settled in her mouth got dirtier.

She was telling one of her minders off for being a fucking idiot at the gig she did Saturday night. I felt so sorry for the guy. Her tits were bouncing all over the place, because she wasn't wearing a bra, and no makeup. She could pass as a cheap hooker looking the way she did.

I was getting lunch when Phil appeared and he told me the guy she was screaming at was her husband. "WTF?" He took his and Dave's lunch and added, if I need a hand to quieten her down, to just call him. She wasn't drinking so I suspected something else was making her edgy.

Oh well, horses for courses, she was pleasant to me and the crew but she was as mad as hell at her husband. Why the fuck did she marry him in the first place if she's going to put him down all the time? Beats me.

We landed to a perfectly beautiful day, it was magic. I said my goodbyes to Miss Perrier water and her boys, then walked over to the terminal as I thought I might buy Con a trinket or two.

Well there's not much here but I did manage to get him a paperweight with a starfish in it. He can use it when he's at the office signing his paperwork.

My phone rang and it was Dave.

"Brent, come to the plane a.s.a.p. we have to get back to Sydney."

'What now,' I said to myself as I started to half run back to the plane.

"What's happening Dave?"

"Don't really know Brent, Helen just rang and said to get our asses back to Sydney a.s.a.p. Lucky it's not busy here, we were granted an early take off time slot so buckle up."

All sorts of things were going through my mind, was Conner okay? I better start doing something so I opened my Ipad and sent off a message to Helen and then Conner.

I checked every fifteen minutes but no answer until just before we landed and it was from Helen.

'Brent you are needed at the apartment a.s.a.p.' was all I got, I showed Phil and he was as confused as me.

We bedded the jet down and Dave drove like a madman to Bondi.

They were on the ground floor so they left me to go on alone, which I thought strange. I opened the front door and there was Conner sitting at a beautifully decked out table on the balcony of course, he was horned up and nude.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing baby, I just didn't want our seafood to go off that's all," he explained, I slumped.

"Fuck! I didn't know what happened, so all's okay?"

"Yes baby, get undressed and join me, your lunch is getting cold," he invited me with a fucking smirk.

Then added,

"I missed you."

I smirked.

This is no ordinary life I lead. Nothing is too much for Conner so he always gets his way and I guess I just go along with it. I was thinking this as he bent me over the table and fucked me unashamedly, putting a small parcel under my nose and saying in between his thrusts,

"You didn't think I would spend our anniversary luncheon alone did you? Well it isn't going to happen baby. This is your Sydney stone." He pushed three times harder and then started to make his descent back to earth.

We spent the rest of the day trying to work ourselves up again and just before we were expected at Jill's, Conner was bent over the same table while opening his paperweight.

"Happy fucking anniversary Conner, oh God, oh no, here it comes."

Luke was all over us. Conner had told him about Teddy and he wanted to meet him. Like within the next half hour, but we reassured him Ted would come up and have a sleepover with him within a fortnight. He wanted Con to ring him to make sure he could come so he did. After I got off the phone to Ted I passed it on to Luke who talked all sorts of kids stuff for the next half hour. They were the best of buds by the time he hung up. Dinner was perfect and Jill and Con sat and went over some media she had set up for before the shows started. Conner had produced a CD and Sarah put it on. It was a demo of some of the songs he was working on. We listened to the five songs in silence and they were so beautiful I nearly cried. I detected the melody in one was the song he had written for Di and Marty's little one, but he had written new words for it.

"They aren't finished yet, these are just demos."

"They're beautiful," Jill said and we all agreed, even Luke.

Conner put him to bed and read him a story and he was asleep within minutes.

"Conner you have to be available this Tuesday morning for the Grammys. You have been nominated four times so I have booked studio and satellite time. They want you to be live if you win anything, which you will."

"Okay, I'd better write another speech," he said with a laugh.

"The Grammys, Con, have you ever been to them?" I was amazed at his calm response.

"Of course baby, I've won nine so far, they're in those boxes at the bottom of the laundry cupboard."

"What? You have them in a cupboard, why not on display?"

"No baby, too in your face. Think about it, there are no gold records or memorabilia around the house. I put all of it in storage. It can clutter up your life if you let it. But I thought the Grammy awards looked cool so I was going to have a shelf built for them but I haven't got around to it yet."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"If it wasn't for my Sydney shows I would have flown over for them and showed you off but maybe next year." He winked.

"Well you have to be in the studio by seven thirty Con. They will be in touch with Marty beforehand with the times."

"Anything else Jill or is that it?"

"Well there is something Marty was excited about and I was waiting for him to talk to you but I can't resist letting the cat out of the bag. How do you feel about acting?"

"What acting? I'm no actor."

"You could have fooled me this afternoon Con, or were you seriously moaning?" I asked.

"Brent what a thing to say, of course I was acting, you really didn't think I was enjoying myself did you?"

I laughed.

"What's it all about Jill?" Con went on.

"A big studio want's you to fly to the Gold Coast and do some screen tests for an upcoming movie. It's a small part but they want you and they suggested it could lead to bigger things." She wiggled her eyebrows. I am jealous of people that can do that, I have tried but it doesn't look right on me.

"When do they want me?"

"Two weeks time, will you agree to it or will I fob them off?"

"Nah, I'll do it, what harm could it do and I get to go to Movie World with my baby while we are there." He took my hand.

"Sounds good to me Conner, I will get Marty to set it up then."

We kissed our lovely hostesses and went upstairs. I immediately switched my Ipad to movie and got him to do some acting things but he wouldn't get serious and kept flashing his dick which I took heaps of footage of. We snuggled in for the night and I spooned him while holding him so tightly, my very own rock star and movie star, I hope he can act, this is a whole new world for him, and me.

I flew with my boys the next day and Con went off to the studio then the casino. Opening night was a week away and he had to rehearse, basically the show will be the same as Melbourne's but he changed the sequence of some songs to break it up a little. Marty had negotiated three days off for him to fly to the coast so he could do his acting thing.

Adam had called me and told me the parent's interview had been canned. It wasn't very good and the producer wasn't happy because they wasted their time. I have to do something about them but will think on it later, but maybe I won't.

Tuesday morning rolled around and Conner and I were driven to a studio in the city where we watched a live telecast of the Grammys. He won three and his acceptance speeches for each one were wonderful. He was on a high and wanted to celebrate but Marty had other ideas. He sat Conner in a private room then the phone calls started. Every journo, radio station and television channel wanted an interview so it was set up there and continued throughout the day. He was looking a little under the weather by five so I called time out.

"What?" Marty turned and said.

"You heard me, time out; he needs to rest for an hour or so. We have all been at it since eight this morning so time out for food and drinks." I casually looked at Conner who was smirking.

"Okay guys, take a break for an hour," Marty told the film crew then got the studio to hold all calls.

"Thanks baby, I was hoping you would do that soon," Con whispered.

"Well I need you to look your best for the cameras Con. Can't have you being filmed with bags under your eyes now can we?"

"I guess not Brent." He immediately looked into a mirror.

"Actually Brent we have only one more to do for Rolling Stone. They want to put Conner on the cover, leave it to me for a minute," Marty said.

When he returned he said he had put them off until tomorrow. They will be at his rehearsal and they want to film him getting ready for the show, which I thought was a good idea. We could all wrap it up and go home. I think Marty wanted to get out too; he had called Di several times during the day, I guess he missed her.

Con and I were transported home to our wonderful apartment where I proceeded to undress him and ultimately if I'm lucky, make love to him. I found a frozen pizza in the freezer and began warming it up. Normally I don't like this kind of food but we were both too stuffed to even contemplate going out, and John and Ray were in Melbourne, so we couldn't bludge a meal off them.

I stroked Con's neck and legs and his head flopped back giving me a better go at it, his hair was pulled back into a tie and my right hand went from his thigh to his balls to his six pack to his nipples where it stayed; his pecks filling my palm, he moaned, no, he snored.

Ding went the oven so I reluctantly went to the kitchen and got the pizza sorted.

I put the plate on the coffee table and shook Con's shoulder, he woke and we ate in silence.

After our meal he took my hand and we crawled into bed. He looked into my eyes then went to sleep. I of course had risen for the challenge and couldn't get to sleep so I took myself in hand and moved down to nuzzle Con's pubes. I came quite quickly, drying myself with my discarded T-shirt. I snuggled in and closed my eyes.

"Pervert," I heard Con whisper.

My embarrassment, thank God, couldn't be seen in the dark; however Conner's stifled giggling could be heard. I turned over on my side and his arm came across me and his hand held mine, his hips moved back and forth, then he snored lightly.

The Star Casino pulled out all stops after the huge success of Conner's Melbourne shows and on the massive worldwide publicity of his wins; Sydney was going to go one better. They had talked Marty into allowing two of Conner's shows to be beamed to three huge screens that were to be set up in Domain Park. The general public could see the shows for free and there would be charity collectors from the Cancer Council, Beyond Blue and my charity walking through the park and patrons would be encouraged to donate. I thought it was a great idea, Beyond Blue is a charity dealing with depression in men and it's more prevalent than we realize.

Conner was okay with it and he immediately started off the fund with ten thousand dollars in each charity box and I matched it immediately, I could afford it. I don't do anything much with my money; I only buy food and the occasional meal out. My shares had soared but I hardly looked at them now. To me they were just numbers on my computer and I didn't need it but it felt good, if I ever do need money then it was there. My personal account just kept building; the royalties from our song were still going in along with my wages. I sometimes wished I could buy Conner the moon but he didn't need it. A two-dollar carved sun was his world and it came to Sydney with us and was immediately placed, opposite our bed, on the wall.

Opening night was a blast. There were huge spotlights lighting up the sky and a red carpet laid for special guests as well as a string quartet playing in the lavish foyer. We were all dressed up to the nines, Di looked stunning as usual and so did Sarah, Marty came with us but would leave to go and annoy Conner after we got settled. His arms never left Di's waist as he hugged her to himself. They were so in love and I was very happy Pat wasn't around, as there would be no peace and quiet in their lives. I know I shouldn't be thinking bad things about the dead, but this was Pat, no big deal dishing her.

As Di passed me in the foyer I remarked, "Di, you look absolutely stunning but you'd better do something about that excess make up you've got on your back, maybe wipe some off?"

She looked at me in horror then grabbed Sarah's hand and they headed for the ladies' bathroom. I chuckled to myself, 'I'm back!'

I think I skipped to our seats leaving the girls to it. Rob was already there. It was good to see him and after the pleasantries were over we reminisced about the first concert we had gone to.

"I had a boner all night Brent, he is a god on stage, but I'm glad you got him, I couldn't live without Adam now. He's a wonderful guy, thank you." He kissed my cheek.

"You did all that yourself Rob, I was already hopelessly in love with Conner, although maybe it could have gone either way. I'm just sorry he has to go through my meltdowns, but they are getting better."

'Well you have every reason to feel the way you do Brent. No one goes through the shit you did and comes out the other end unscathed. I thought I had lost you that day we met in the city, you were almost dead and I didn't know what to do for you, thank God Conner did." He held my hand and I lifted it and kissed his.

A very flustered Di arrived and she thumped my arm.


"That's for being a prick," she huffed.

"You look better Di," I said smiling.

"Robert, where's Adam?" she asked.

"Umm he's with Conner but he will be out to watch the second half."

"Good." She looked at me.

"I need his advice on something."

I screamed.

"Please don't cut off my Botox Di, please I need it."

The lights went down and the noise was deafening as Rick appeared by a floor lift. He settled the crowd down and gave a heart warming speech about the charity collections that were dotted throughout the venue and outside in the park. This would be the first concert to be beamed to thousands of fans in the park, after his speech the music started.

"And if you don't like me then just tell me, bring it on."

Conner rocked his way through his first hit and of course it was hard to hear him above the screaming crowd. Rob and I looked at each other and in reflection we had been here many times before but we both still get a big buzz out of this song. I couldn't stop smiling at my man, he was awesome on stage and I just wanted to run up there and eat him, well hold him at least.

The show was turning out to be a complete success and the crowd was now totally in Conner's hands.

There is something about the Sydney crowds, they are more outspoken than some Australian cities and they totally merged with the show.

When Con got to the spot where he does three of his slow hits, he once again quieted the crowd down. He said he was featuring a song he had only sung once and had never recorded but he thought tonight was appropriate to give it it's second outing, he said he also wrote it for someone he loved deeply and my heart soared.

The music started and while he sat at the mike he sang our song and looked at me. It was a beautiful ballad full of love and deep affection for his lover then, 'Ask Me,' soared throughout the venue and lovers held each other and kissed, I wanted so badly to hold him.

'Us,' was next and the third was, 'I'll wait for your return.'

Three gorgeous songs followed by another rocking one and then interval.

I couldn't wait to get back stage. I almost fell on the stairs and barged into his dressing room. I took a deep breath as Conner turned around to see who was there. One, two, three steps and he was in my arms, my mouth on his and I was holding onto him for dear life, he does it for me.


"Wow yourself."

"What brought that on?"

"What do you think?"

"You wanna go home?"

"You have a show to do."

"I'll finish it tomorrow."

"No, I want more."

"You didn't mind that I used your song?"

"Not in the least, you should record it."

"I might." He smiled.

"And I get all the royalties seeing that it's mine?"

"You sure do baby."

"Well maybe only half."

"Maybe just for your charity?"

"Good thinking."

"Kiss me again."

"Oh yes."

I took him again and gave him a master blaster of a kiss and my knees trembled, it was only broken when Marty asked,

"You two finished yet?"

I hadn't seen them, Marty, Jill and Adam, they were sitting around the room with big grins on their faces, thank god no one else was there but I hope they weren't too disappointed we didn't do a full on show for them.

"Get lost guys," Con said.

They laughed and Adam said, "You've got fifteen minutes." Then they left.

Conner had my fly down within five seconds and was on his knees before I had my now rock hard dick out. It was in his mouth instantly and he deep throated me to a blasting orgasm. We didn't have time for pleasantries so I obliged him with a gob job of my own. He was very hard and I thought I might have trouble getting him there but again he surprised me and within minutes he fed his spunk to me.

We cleaned ourselves up just in time for Marty's knock on the door. He had two minutes to get on stage. Giving me a crazy wave he took off to take his place among some of his dancers. The production reminded me of Las Vegas. There were feathers and rhinestones all over the stage.

Clearly the crowd in the park were having a great time because we raised an enormous amount of money. It was an alcohol free night so no fights or dramas were reported.

Conner and I left the after party early citing a private gig to attend. I thoroughly enjoyed his concert when his lips played with my mouth before turning off the lights: it let the full moon shine through the room, throwing shadows across the walls.

We played the game even whilst we slept. I would turn him on his side and snuggle up to him then be aware he was doing the same to me. When I fully woke he was kneeling on the bed looking into my eyes and smiling, he kissed my nose and said,

"I love you so much."

I nodded that my love was mutual then kissed him.

Breakfast was held in Phil and Dave's room. They had set up a table on the balcony. Dave's a great cook and they were raving about last night's concert. Today we are all going to go down to the beach. It's a beautiful day and Con doesn't have to be at the venue until six. Phil and I were talking about the show and Conner was ringing Jen to find out how little Conner was. He was talking for ages, I guess he can't wait until he starts talking.

Next he organized with Nan for next weekend's visit for her and Teddy. They would fly back Friday with us and stay a few days. Tan and Tom were going to be a problem but I was confident Tom would come up. They could each have a bedroom and Nan can take an empty apartment. I think Luke will collar Teddy to stay with him and Jill and Sarah have no problem with him staying. Jen, Bob and Conner wouldn't make it this time and Con was disappointed, but we promised to catch up soon.

As it turned out Tom rang me that night. I asked if he wanted to come and promised he won't have any trouble with Tan. He was still very apprehensive but agreed to come. The Saturday matinee was mainly for the younger fans. Conner toned it down a bit, sort of made it teenager friendly but it sounded good and of course it sold out. It's the second one to be beamed into the park. Packing a picnic lunch and our towels, we picked Luke up and headed for the sandy beach. Adam and Rob met us there poor Rob has to fly back with us in the morning. He couldn't take any longer off work but will come up again next week.

Adam was a little quiet and not much fun but I knew how he felt. It's not a nice feeling to be separated from the one you love.

Conner was playing with Luke in the water and all I could hear was his giggles as I lay on my towel trying to get some sun. I had my boardies on but decided to slip them off so I could get better coverage, but I had my orange, 'Aussie Bums,' on. Three minutes after I had relaxed someone came up and asked if I needed sunscreen on.

"Yes please Con."

I had the most delicious massage because he wanted to rub it into every crevice.

"Turn over."

He did the same only his hands slid under my shorts and down my crack a few times and I guess the others were getting a good perve.

"You're done," I heard Phil say.


"You're done so do you want to do me now?" he asked.

"Bullshit, no way."

"What was that?"

I spied Conner swimming in the water then he looked at Phil again.

"Don't fuck with me Phil, it wasn't you, it was Conner."

"Was it Brent?" he said as he loped away to have a swim.

I watched the both of them play ball with Dave as Phil winked at me when he walked by to get his towel. I give up, it wasn't Phil, it was Conner, I'd know those hands anywhere.

After lunch we decided we had had enough of the sun and surf, so dropped Luke off and went to shower at which time we were both hot and bothered. Again we made slow love on the balcony but then, exhausted, we decided to nap before we hit the casino again.

As we nodded off Conner whispered, "It was me."

I smiled.

I went to the venue with Con and hung around his dressing room while he rehearsed, filling in my time watching TV and reposing on the sofa. I would leave early tonight and Con could do the meet and greet by himself as I had an early start in the morning. This would be my last show till Saturday when everyone would be here but at least tomorrow is Con's day off and he can sleep all day, undisturbed if he wants.

The concert was a huge hit once again and after telling Con, I left with Phil and Dave who walked me to the door and after some hugging and light cheek kissing, they left me to go to bed. I woke when Con came home which again wasn't late and he said he missed me and decided to have an early night himself.

We nestled in and the next thing I heard was the alarm on my phone going off. Showering and dressing I took my coffee out to the balcony and Con wandered out in his boxers and sat on my knee then he nestled his head into my shoulder and dozed.

"Go back to bed baby, you're still tired."

"I don't want to Brent, I like it here."

"Well I don't mind but promise me you will go back to bed when I leave."


He lightly snored.

I got him back into bed twenty minutes later because I couldn't stand the cramps anymore. Kissing his sweet lips I told him I loved him and then left for Phil's flat to go into work with them. The radio was full of accolades about Con's show and the talkback segment was also full of great comments. The announcer said the charity event to be held Saturday night looks like it's going to be another success just like the last one and much to my surprise, congratulated Conner for doing them. It's not often he gets positive comments, well he does all the time but usually it's followed by a negative, what I was listening to was very promising.

As always I appreciate your emails.

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