Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 13

Published: 30 May 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

We prepared the jet and I waited for my guests who were flying to Darwin, a family of five returning home from holiday and the father was a big wig in the legal system. His wife a court clerk and their children were in their teens. They bickered and yelled at each other all the way and my headache was starting by the time they left. Good God and Con wants kids? I don't think our kids would be like that, and if they were then it wouldn't last long; we would get them sorted quick smart.

I wondered on the way back, if and when we were ever blessed with kids, if Con would want me to be a stay at home dad? I'd have to agree as I couldn't see any other way it could work. His career is absolutely number one and if this movie deal comes to any fruition then he will be busier, so yes I would stay home.

"Penny for your thoughts Brent."

"Oh sorry Dave, I was just thinking about kids and bringing them up and all that stuff, a bit silly actually, do you want lunch now?"

"Yes please mate. If kids come into your life I'm sure you will have plenty of help from their uncles and aunts but I do hope they don't turn out like those spoilt brats. I couldn't stand that racket all the time," he said.

"Me either, lunch in five minutes."

He walked off to the toilet as I flipped a switch and proceeded to prepare my boys' lunches. I wondered if I could adopt two grown men and laughed to myself as I grabbed napkins and a tray.

I arrived home early afternoon and my man was putting some roses into a vase.

"Happy Sydney anniversary baby, did you have a good flight?"

"They're lovely Con and yes it was good. The wigs were okay but their kids were a bit full on." I kissed him and then sniffed the bright orange and yellow roses, not much of a scent but they were lovely. I slipped a small parcel out of my pocket and wished him a happy anniversary too.

Unwrapping it he stared at the little plastic star and then me.

"I know it means something but I don't know what?" He looked unsure.

"It's a token Con, if you save ten of them then you get to do anything you want to me, as long as pain isn't involved. Any wish you have will be granted, whether it be sex, an apartment building or the moon. I will make it happen for you." I kissed his lips and added,

"This I promise you."

"You are something else aren't you? I am so lucky."

"Well think long and hard about that wish Con, I reckon you can have your first one in about ten years time."


"Oh the old what, is it, well maybe a lot sooner than that." I smiled as I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom.

Standing on the balcony I looked down at the beach and noticed the usual runners, walkers and lovers. I was watching the passing parade when I spotted over in a deserted section, two guys holding hands and kissing. It was Adam and Rob who had to go back to Melbourne on my flight in the morning and it was sad to see them saying their last goodbyes.

"Conner can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure baby what's up?"

After our little talk, he called Jill and organized something with her, then before he left for the casino, we called into Adam's flat.

"She really doesn't need you here Adam and I can look after Conner's lists you know. So go home with Rob, make babies and we will see you in five weeks time, that's of course, if you don't fly up to catch another show or two before it finishes."

The look on both of their faces was priceless and they kissed us both before Adam flew into Rob's arms and passionately kissed him.

"This starts tonight doesn't it Brent?"

"Sure Adam, you have to pack," I replied.

"Get out you two, I can pack in the morning." With that they rushed into the bedroom slamming the door behind them.

"I guess we had better go before the moaning starts Con."

"Guess we had better get to the casino and do some moaning of our own before the show starts."

"Guess we had better," I smirked.

"This is going to be fun Brent."

"Guess it will Con," I agreed and kissed him in the lift.

For the next three days I dressed, fended off onlookers and made sure Con ate something after the show and drank plenty of Perrier water. It was a great job being with my man all the time and we had a lot of fun playing star and dresser. I would make sure all his naughty bits were hidden away, and if they weren't, then I would deflate him with my mouth which happened on many occasions. It did cross my mind if Con got a boner before a concert then what did Adam do?

But I quickly forgot that visual because I think Con was doing this deliberately every night for me.

Friday was D-day, in my head I had it all planned out and when we hit the tarmac I went into big brother mode. I could see Nan and Teddy who, by now, was jumping up and down. Tan was there to sit with the boys but no Tom. I was disappointed but Nan told me he will be coming. She had a big talk to him the previous day but he still wanted to think about it.

Teddy wrapped himself around my shoulders as I walked with him up the stairs. Tan was talking to Phil and watching the Australia Post guys load up the belly with a forklift. I spied a very handsome young man getting out of a car kissing his parents goodbye. He slowly walked with his backpack to the plane so I went outside and put my hand on his shoulder.

"You okay?"

"Yes Brent okay, I need to move on and won't while this shit is hanging over my head." He forced a smile so I hugged him.

I got him settled next to Teddy, who by now, was again jumping up and down on the seat wanting to go. Tan was in the cockpit with Dave. He knew Tom was onboard because I saw him looking out the window at him.

The screaming of the engines as we catapulted up the runway wasn't a concern and Teddy's laughter was making us all smile, even Tom who sort of went along with it.

The flight was good and Tom helped me serve some morning tea but he wouldn't go into the cockpit, so I did that.

"Sorry Tan, I forgot the biscuits, can you go get some?"

"Brent, I, I, I'm sorry I can't." He blushed or at least I think he did.

"Tan, someone has to be the better person and I think at the moment it's you." I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and smiled.

He let out a deep breath and sighed, "Okay."

Unbuckling his seat belt he unsteadily arose to his feet and I led the way through the cabin to the galley. Tom was there and yes he had the rabbit in the headlight thing going on.

Tan opened the cupboard and took out a packet of biscuits and undid them.

"Would you like one Tom?"

Tom didn't know where to look first but he did manage to take one in his shaking hand.


"Your welcome." Tan smiled (thank God).

He then took off at a quick pace; Teddy spotted the chocolate delights and followed him until Tan noticed his pleas for a biscuit. He gave him one then served Nan.

Closing the cockpit door behind him, I turned to Tom and said, "You can breathe out now."

He collapsed into my arms not crying but wanting a big boy's hug then moaned, "How am I gonna survive this weekend?"

"You will and that was a good start Tom, it will get easier."

"I hope so."

I took plenty of photos of Ted so he could show his school friends. His little digital camera was working overtime.He didn't fall asleep until we were all in the people mover, no Conner but I guess he's still sleeping last night's show off.

Tan and Tom didn't speak on the way but I noticed Tan had taken Tom's backpack and put it in the back,whether it was deliberate or not, it was a good thing.

"Uncle Conner, Uncle Conner where's Luke?"

Conner came out from the bathroom, he had just showered and I wanted to make him go back so I could shower with him.

"He's at school remember? You took the day off school to come up to see me. He will be here around three," he looked at his watch and added, "In about two and a half hours."

Conner lifted him up to his height and kissed his cheek.

"Did you miss me?"

"Yes Uncle Conner, lots I miss you, can we go to the beach?"

"When Luke gets here if you still want to but for now let's have some lunch."

He hugged Tom and Tan then Nan and my boys, leading us to the balcony where there were four platters of sandwiches and fried chicken and chips. I put the kid's bags in their rooms as they had moved outside but were at opposite ends of the table, Conner being Conner, said to Tom, "So how's that boyfriend hunting of yours getting along?"

If there were a crack in the floor then poor Tom would have melted through it.

"Con," I sternly said.

He looked perplexed and then embarrassed.

"My apologies mate, I forgot myself."

"You always forget yourself Conner and I'm the one that always suffers for it." His tears had arrived; taking a serviette he got up and walked to his room. I looked at Conner disappointed it happened and hoping he hadn't undone my good work.

"Please go ahead and eat boys and girls, I'll just take a plate into him."

I put some food on a plate to take to Tom; he must be feeling like shit by now.

"Can I take it into him Brent?" Tan asked.

"Tan at the moment I don't think that's a good idea, I think we best leave it till later."

"No, I have something to say to him and if I don't say it soon I will burst." He took the plate out of my hand and smiled, patting me on the shoulder he said, "All good."

I rubbed his arm.

He turned to Conner and said,

"I'll talk to you later, big mouth."

I stifled a chuckle as Tan knocked on Tom's door then let himself in.


I could have died when Conner said that to me. He's got no right to say anything. I feel like I just want to curl up and die.

I thought the knock on the door was Brent but no it was bloody Tan. What the hell does he want? Maybe to rub it in the fag's face before he goes off and tells the whole school.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"To talk to you Tom, that's all. I need to tell you something and I need you to listen."

"Say what you want to say then get out." I didn't even look at him.

"Brent sent some lunch for you. I'll just put it on the bedside table."

I didn't answer but I heard him breathe heavily.

"I'm so, so sorry for what I did to you Tom. It was unforgivable but I want to try and make it up to you somehow. I was getting ribbed by my schoolmates, they were calling me a poof and fag and other nasty words. They had noticed you looking at me all the time and whether they knew or not, they decided we were boyfriends and were not too happy with it. They said they were going to bash you up after school one day so I did it instead just to stop them and to try and stop you from staring at me."

"Well it worked, now go."

He sat beside me on the bed so I turned over and looked at the wall. I just wanted him to leave me alone but he pressed on.

"I am so sorry Tom, I really liked you and I guess my head wasn't in the right place. Come out and have lunch with us. Everybody's mad with Conner, he shouldn't have said anything and you're right, he's got a big mouth. I'm glad I didn't tell him I was gay. He would be riding my ass too."

Uh? What did he just say?

"Your gay?" I managed to get out rather flatly.

"Well yes of course I am but only you know so can you keep it to yourself?"

"I suppose so." My emotions were going haywire.

"Well when you're ready come out Tommy, rise above it and give em as good as they give."

His voice was so deep it nearly took my breath away and then he did something, that gave me an instant erection, he kissed my cheek.

He left quietly and after some inner fighting I got up and washed my face, grabbed my plate and went to join the crowd.

Brent hugged me and whispered,



When he walked back he looked a lot calmer but he didn't look at Conner once. He just sat there staring at Tan.

Teddy was getting very hyped up so I tried to get him to have a nap, as it will be awhile before Luke gets here, but he wouldn't hear of it. A very quiet Conner took him on his lap and quietly whispered in his ear until he drifted off. I detected watery eyes from Con as he looked across at Tom.

"How the hell do I fix this fuck up Brent; I feel awful for doing that to him?"

We were putting Ted on the bed because he was dead to the world.

"I don't know Con, an apology doesn't seem enough but at least it got the boys talking. You've got to realize he's only fifteen and this sort of stuff is embarrassing to him as I'm sure it was to you at his age." He slumped onto the bed deep in thought.

"I have to fix it Brent, I feel like shit."

"Well, I'm sure you will come up with something."

And I know he will.

Lukey almost fell in the door and Sarah had to hold him back because he was so excited to see Ted.

As fate happened, a very sleepy Teddy walked out looking like he could do with a further two hours. Luke squeezed the guts out of him and they started, not even taking a breath of air. They waffled on like they had known each other for years. Ted took him into the bedroom and they started deciding what they were going to do for the next two days. They were making a list.

Nan was pleased he had someone to play with and after she got re-acquainted with Sarah, she walked downstairs to settle herself in. Conner had her apartment stocked so she didn't have to do a shop. He had disappeared into our room and was laying on the bed deep in thought. It was a couple of hours before we had to leave for the casino so I laid with him so he might get a few winks. I cuddled him to me kissing his head and stroking his back while he placed his hand on my chest and relaxed.

The giggling woke me, Teddy and Luke had appeared in our room and were about to jump on the bed to wake us. I grabbed Ted and rolled him in between us then Luke followed. Con woke with a start and began tickling them. It was good that Ted knows he can come into us anytime and Luke is such a gem to have around.

"Did you guys decide what you wanted to do?"

"Yes Uncle Conner, we are going to go to the beach tomorrow and we can fly Luke's kite really, really high then we are going to take a boat ride and see the big bridge."

"Okay that sounds like a plan, are you sleeping over Luke or is Ted going to your house?"

"My place Uncle Conner, I've got toys there," he answered.

Conner looked at me and smiled.

"No K-mart Conner, we can't store them here and Nan will get pissed if she has to take them home."

"Oooh Uncle Brent, naughty word."

"Umm sorry guys don't tell anyone." I shushed them to silence.

Tom and Tan were out on the balcony talking and my boys had gone home to sleep, I think.

"What are you guys going to do tonight, do you want to come to the concert or stay home?"

"Concert," Tan said while Tom looked a little standoffish.

"Okay go get ready, you can ride with us, it will be a bit early but I would like you with us."

"It's okay Brent, Phil and Dave are going so we will come with them," Tom said.

"Okay no problem."

We said our goodnights to the littlies and they scurried down to Jill's flat, Teddy's backpack being dragged behind him. I went to tell the boys I would see them later on but Conner got the cold shoulder. I now felt awful for him, he deserved a rebuff but not to be totally ignored so I pulled Tom aside and said, "He loves you, you know that don't you?"

"Yes Brent, I'll forgive him when we get there but I want him to suffer a little more," he explained with an evil smile.

"Good boy, I love you to bits for who you are Tom. So very grown up and already showing all the signs of being a thorough bitch."

The phone rang and it was Sarah wanting to talk to me.

"But, but, but Sarah I didn't mean to, but they said they wouldn't tell." My face was red as I hung up the phone; I looked at Conner and said, "The word,'pissed,' Luke dropped it in front of Sarah," I sort of laughed.

Con chuckled along, as he swaggered to go out the door.

"Uncle Conner?" It was Tom.

"Yes Tom."

"I'm sorry, have a good show, I am so looking forward to throwing Jaffas onstage," he said smiling.

Conner moved across to him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry too and feel free to throw as many as you want kiddo."

They hugged for a minute and I think Con skipped to the car.

I got him partly dressed; he was on a high and looking forward to the show.

It took me awhile to do his jeans up because his dick kept getting in the way. I had to do my thing on it so it wouldn't look so angry and frighten his public. Con moaned through it and I sucked it all down.

"Thanks baby." He glowed at me.

"Tis okay Con."

He didn't need to finish me off, I had a towel on the floor and my juice had soaked into it.

I looked out from behind the side curtains and spied my two boys accompanied by my two men, they looked adorable so I sent a message to Tom, 'Enjoy the show.'

'We will,' came the reply.

After making sure Rick Conners was perfectly set up I waited for the heavy beat that would announce the start of the show, my hips swayed.

"Brent stop doing that."

"What Marty?"

"Conner has a job to do but he hasn't stopped looking at you, go hide in the back."

Indignantly I threw my head back, snorted and strolled to the back of the stage where I could get a good view of my rocker's ass. He knew I was there because it was getting a good workout tonight.

Just before he started to sing his slow numbers he always gave a small speech, he had his seat placed to the side where the boys were and dedicated the next song to his nephews who were in the audience tonight, Tom and Tan. He didn't ask them to stand up but they did anyway, waving at Conner from the front seats. He sang, 'Us,' to them, our beautiful love song that I was more than happy to share.

No, I didn't see Tan take Tom's hand during the number, did I?

The show went off with a bang and I watched the boys dance and join in the whole concert atmosphere. They were rocking along; it's probably their first concert ever.

I went out front to get them just before the finale. They stood with me and watched from the wings and were amazed at the crowd that was there. After Rick took his many encores, he swaggered off as the house lights went up. Taking both their hands, he led them to his dressing room; Marty, Phil and Davo arrived soon after with Grant in tow. Marty started going off at something Conner had done and Tom told him he was wrong. Conner didn't miss a chorus because he was listening to every word he sang, so Marty should go have his ears cleaned out.

"You're hired Tom."


"Your my new manager, I think I will sack Marty."

Marty looked quite confused and shaking his head he went to see if the green room was ready for the press and fans.

I chuckled to myself as Tom was just like me in some ways.

They looked pretty tired by eleven and they are coming again tomorrow so Phil and Dave drove them home after some hugging. When we got in around one, I pondered whether to look in on Tan to see if he slept alone but thought better of it. Con and I showered and went to bed. He was exhausted and went to sleep almost straight away. I listened for unusual noises in the night but all was quiet.

In the morning I was first to wake so I went and put the coffee on and sat myself down outside. It was some time later when Tom alighted from his room alone, he opened a can of Coke and came to sit with me.

"What a great night it was, I was so pumped Brent, he's so hot on stage isn't he?"

"He sure is Tom, a beautiful guy and a fantastic performer. How did your night end baby, any more kisses?"

He blushed.

"No, we haven't really got that far yet but I think if anything happens then Tan will have to start it. I know how I feel, I really like him but I don't know how he feels only that he's sorry he hit me." He looked down at his hands.

"You know Tom, he may not be right for you, you're still quite young, both of you. Have some fun but keep your heart open, if you commit to one person you might miss mister right on the way."

"I know what you are talking about Brent and I'm trying really hard not to go there yet so I think I will just go with it at the moment. I need to shower."

"Okay baby you know where it is, I'll make some breakfast."

Smelling my bacon and eggs, Tan came out and yawned, he had already showered so I offered him coffee but he took tea and sat at the table playing with his phone.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night Tan?"

"Yes Brent, it was awesome and I had a great time."

He wasn't forthcoming with any information so I thought I would just leave it alone.

They both ate and made small talk until Luke and Teddy came up. They talked non-stop about the sleepover, they had so much fun and they wanted to tell Conner.

Before I could stop them they ran up the hallway to the master bedroom and burst through the door. I heard Conner laughing along with them and took some coffee to him, all three were in bed. Teddy was talking about going to the beach and he wanted Uncle Conner to take him so he better go have a shower and some breakfast.

Con looked at me and made a sad face, randy bugger, he wanted sex. I couldn't go into the bathroom with him so I amused the kids until he was dressed then it was my turn.

Nan arrived and told the boys to go down and get their bathers and towels; we would collect Jill and Sarah on the way.

We collected our stuff and I picked up the sunscreen then we all headed across the road. The kids screamed and really didn't know what to do first, get wet or play in the sand. but that problem was solved when Tom and Tan picked up one each and ran into the water.

Conner and I sat on our towels not wanting to get wet as yet because it was still early.

After a lovely morning on the beach we all had to go home and shower and I had to get Con to the venue by twelve. Everyone was so excited and Con had organized a stretch limo to deliver them on time. As soon as we hit the dressing room, the door was locked and we were naked in no time. We made love on the sofa and Conner's legs were resting on my shoulders. I was looking into his beautiful blue eyes that were telling me he was enjoying the ride. I sucked on his nipples and he came then I came. Wow.

After lying there for over fifteen minutes, Con started to move.

"I better shower and get ready baby, coming?"


We had one hour and he warmed his voice up in the shower giving me a private show.

I helped him dress and he played with my crotch. I had to pry his hand off my cock fast because Marty was banging on the door.

"You ready Conner, you've got ten minutes,what's the hold up?"

"Cock Marty, cock." Con smiled.

Marty just groaned and took Conner's arm then he marched him out to stage left, Conner couldn't stop laughing.

I looked through the curtain and the whole family was there. The venue was full of mainly teens and young adults who had already started to scream and it reminded me of an old St. Trinians movie I had seen late one night. The school girls didn't stop screaming all through the movie, it was hilarious.

The intro music started and just when I thought it couldn't get any louder, it did. The rush of the teen's screaming was electric, Conner appeared from the floor and I guess it sort of shocked him that he missed his first line.

It got better for him as he swaggered across the stage. Everyone was standing up thrusting their arms into the air; this is my kind of show so I followed as I danced out the back. Grant was watching me and decided to join in and he was an awesome dancer. I tried to look away but my eyes kept watching him, it wasn't my fault. He even took his tank off and I nearly fainted.

Conner was rocking the stage and he had cut his slow songs to shorten the show but he had another one to do tonight and he didn't want to strain his voice. The standing ovations took forever to abate and the fans hung around the show room hoping Rick Conners would come back on. By that time our rather large family were in the dressing room.

Luke and Ted were hyperactive and didn't stop talking to Conner about the show. he pointed them to the sandwich bar that had been set up for everyone and made sure they ate. Con and I would stay at Star City as they had reserved a room for him to go shower and chill out, maybe order some room service. We all said our goodbyes and promised to meet up in the morning.

Nan and Sarah would come back tonight because Nan wanted to listen to his slow songs and Tom and Tan would baby sit with Phil and Dave. Everyone was happy and I thought it might be a good idea to get the littlies home for a nap and take Con to our room.

Conner and I headed upstairs as he needs to get a couple of hours sleep but of course he had other ideas. Halfway through a very good head job, I could hear snoring, umm, so much for his libido. I set my phone alarm and spooned him.

My phone went off at six so I crept out of bed and dressed then ordered room service. Just a light meal but while I was on the phone a big dick appeared on my shoulder.

"Oh, you want more?"

"No but my dick does."

"Are you sure it won't go to sleep again?"


I thought about a smart answer but decided that the big dick had won again.

Room service arrived just after we had wiped up; Con went to shower while I placed the food on the table and we ate sparingly. Marty rang to give us an idea on the charity donations that were collected and it was more than the previous charity night so we were very pleased indeed. I rang the boys to see if everything was okay and Phil told me that they were going to watch a DVD then go to bed, the little ones had a nap but they were dog tired by the time they got in. Tom and Tan had been in the bedroom for the past two hours but he was certain everything was on the up and up because they had left the door open.

For the rest of the next week Con and I chilled as much as possible, I flew with my boys and slept as much as possible, I coped okay with the extra work but I would leave the venue as soon as Con was ready to suck up to the fans and media. Marty and Jill took over after that and more that once I was asleep when Conner crawled into bed, he didn't wake me but our mornings were full of love making and teasing.

He had three days off the following week and we headed for the Gold Coast, the producers wanted him to screen test for a movie, which we had no idea about. He learnt some of the script that they had sent with a synopsis of the scene and he did well rehearsing it in front of me. A limo took us to the huge sound studios and we were put into a trailer until Con was needed and eventually a production assistant came and collected us. I had to sit up the back and be quiet as I watched Con go through his lines with an actor about his age but not as tall. I figured that the movie had something to do with gangs on the street and with his rock star gear on he really looked the part but it took hours before the producer was happy with it. Later we did a tour of Movie World and did some rides and Con relaxed a bit as he had been tense all throughout the shoot.

"I don't even know if I want to do this sort of work Brent, it's going to bite into my workload."

"Well wait and see if they are considering you, they will send a script out and then you can decide." I smiled thinking that if he goes to Hollywood then I'll never see him, I loved America but I love home more.

"Do you think they might film it here?"

"Maybe Con, they make a lot of movies here in Australia, it's quite common now but just wait and see."

The next day we got a call from Marty who said that they want Conner to come back again and do some more shooting on the real set this time, there were more actors around today and the studio seemed to buzz but I don't think it was because Con was there. I didn't notice anyone looking at him so I guess he was considered just the same as the other workers there, to do a job. He actually was very professional at it; well I thought he was.

As always I appreciate your emails.

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