Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 14

Published: 6 Jun 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

They didn't need us the third day so we decided to go back to Sydney early, I don't know how Helen does it but the planes belly was full of parcels on the way back. I had work the next day but wasn't rostered on today.

As we approached Mascot I noticed black clouds in the distance, Conner has been a lot better with the weather but then again we haven't had any really big storms in the past few months. I hope this one blows over even though the farmers need the rain and the cities have been on water restrictions for a few years now. The wind was up when we crossed the tarmac so we ran to the limo and our bags were quickly slung into the boot. Marty was keen to get back to his hotel he had opted to stay at only because he can't cook. Di will be back the following week then maybe they will stay with us at the flats.

It was a bit chilly when we arrived home so Con put the heating on and I looked out to sea at the sheet lightning that constantly flashed between the dark clouds.

"You okay baby?"

"Yeah sure, you're here with me so we can ride it out in bed. Sorry to be a pain but it really does scare me."

"Con you're not alone; there are plenty of people that don't like it. Of course in your case you have good reason to get upset but don't sweat it, I'll be here," I answered.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The rain blasted the windows but the thunder was only heard from a distance. The most beautiful thing was watching the surf pound the beach as we watched from the bedroom. This apartment was something else. Our view was magnificent and Con and I had fun watching a couple of surfers trying to ride the waves, but it was too choppy for them yet they persisted, I admired that.

We made love to the sounds of rain beating on the windows. I pulled back the covers and folded Conner into my body, stroking his hair and running my lips over his face, I thanked God once more.

We slept until the afternoon then chilled in front of the TV. 'Entertainment Tonight,' had a clip on Rick's concerts and a bit of a thing on the acting career, boy are they quick!

"Probably Jill."

"What do you mean Con?"

"Jill or Adam probably sent a memo to them, it's all publicity baby, nothing sinister."

"Oh," I said.

"What do you want to do tonight?"

"I don't know, at some stage we've got to eat, maybe we can throw a hamburger on later and chill some more." And that's what we did.

Marty came by in the morning and said the producer would use the footage they took of Con in the movie. There was no need to come back but he had a contract to sign, to release the footage. and a small script so he could see what the movie was all about. It hadn't been named yet and they said if Con's tiny scene had to be re-done they would call him; well that was easy.

Arriving home was the best buzz I have had for some time. The concerts were a resounding success and Marty was in the process of negotiating next year's lot. Adam met us at the plane. He was bringing Conner up to date on the publicity the shows had generated and to start organizing the release of the new album. It won't be released for quite a few months yet. Con still had some tracks to finalize. We dropped Adam at his home on the way. He just wanted Con to look over the paperwork. I think we will wait until tomorrow to go to the office. Ray would have a stack of papers for Con to sign and my foundation stack would be bigger this time.

After unpacking our stuff Con suggested we go see Nan and Ted and maybe have a late lunch with them, so we trotted off to the cafe in High Street.

"Great to see you both, I've only heard good things down here about the concerts Conner, everything is positive. Teds out the back if you want to surprise him."She smiled at a slightly eager rock god.

"Okay I'll go get him," he eagerly said.

Ted came running out and into my arms. He hugged me and started showing me his latest action figure. We ordered some lunch and coffee then Nan sat with us.

'Well I am thinking, maybe you haven't got much on in the next few months, and I have a proposition for you boys," she started, "All good I can assure you."

"What's up Nan? You have our full attention," I said.

"Well I have been wanting to do a world cruise forever and I want to know if you two would look after Teddy for me while I do it?"

"Umm yes," Con answered.

"Good, you okay with having him for a couple months Brent?"

"Of course I am, it's our pleasure, why a cruise?"

"It's something my husband and I did years ago and I wanted so much to do it again. The cruise leaves from London and ends in Darwin but is for two months, I would have liked three months but I don't think I would survive without my Teddy's morning kisses for that long." She laughed.

"I can't ask Mary and I wouldn't trust any of my family. I know he will be safe with you two and your extended friends. As you know he's no trouble and I will give you both a legal document so you can make decisions for him at school and medical just in case. Maybe I can ask that lovely man John to draw it up. I haven't made my mind up which cruise but I thought London or Los Angeles could be a good starting point."

"Cool Nan, you know he's safe with us, maybe you should book your trip for three months or six? I have an idea and I'll let you know about it tomorrow so don't do anything until you hear from us okay?" Conner asked.

"Sure Conner, I can wait a few more days, there's no hurry, what's on your program for the next few months?"

"Well I have to fly all over this big island and Con has to finish his new best selling album," I chuckled.

"What do you think Ted, do you want to stay with your uncles for a few months?"

He smiled and punched the air.

"Yes!" he beamed as he turned his head around and kissed his Nan's cheek.

"I want pictures so gather around the table and I'll ask one of the waitresses to take a few," I said as I wanted to document this happy moment. We all smiled for the camera as Ted sat on Nan's knee, his happy smile was beautiful.

On the way home we talked about having that little boy for two months, my stomach was churning with anticipation.

"What have you got on your mind Con?"

"Oh nuthin."

"Don't give me that nuthin talk again, what's up?"

"Well I thought I would get Helen onto it and book a real cruise for Nan, like Los Angeles to London via Australia, that sort of cruise. I heard one of the women at work talking about one and it called into lots of countries but it was a three month tour. I wanted to ask Helen to check on it for me."

"You want to pay for it too I suppose?" I tried to lift one eyebrow but I'm still no good at it, the Botox had firmly taken hold.

"Well yes baby and we get Teddy for three months to ourselves, how cool is that?"

"Very cool Con but there's a big but," I suggested.

"What's that baby?"

"Well I don't want to appear to piss on your parade Con but don't you think it sounds like we are trying to buy Ted's company. Nan said for two months maybe three so don't you think she would like to pick her own cruise? I'm just saying three months on a ship might just be too much for her and I know you're prepared to fly Ted to see her at any port she wants but if I was her, I would want to pick the cruise more suited to my tastes."

Con leaned over and said, "I love you."

"I love you too, let's get home."

The next day we had to go back and talk to Nan and she was very thrilled that Con was going to do that for her. She said she wouldn't even entertain that idea, being away from Ted was going to be hard yet she needed to do it.

Con assured her he could fly him to wherever she was and wanted no arguments. He said we were going into work and she could come with us and get the paperwork started and she could also talk to Helen who handles the travel side of the company. She grabbed her bag and let the girls know where she was going, then came to the office with us.

Ray was his pleasant self and kissed us all on the cheek while feeling my bum in the process. I yelped but only Conner noticed and he gave Ray a mean stare then laughed at his red face.

"John is on his way Nan, he's only three floors up."

"Okay Ray, I can ask Helen about my cruise in the meantime."

Con took her elbow and maneuvered her to a seat at Helen's desk then he introduced them and the last I saw was Nan pulling some brochures out of her pocketbook.

We had coffee and cake with Ray and when John arrived he joined us, we talked about the Sydney gig and they thought it was beautifully done. They had flown up a couple of times and it was great to have them there. We also had a couple of home cooked meals. Nan came back and John took her into another vacant office and they talked. Conner and I started signing documents, I tried to read some of mine but Con said to just sign, as Ray wouldn't give me anything but the finished product.

We would be another hour or so before Con was done, he put a piece of paper on the desk and was asking Ray about it, Ray looked at me and said, "Brent why don't you go and see if Nan wants some help in there?"

"No, I don't think I will," I replied.

"Oh," was Ray's response as he cleared his throat then he tried to whisper some information to Conner before finishing with,

"It's okay, don't fuss about it."

"Fuss about what?" I said clicking my fingers, indicating Ray was to hand over the piece of yellow colored paper.

He nervously handed it over while looking at Conner, I think for direction, then they both stood right back as I eyed them with suspicion. I looked at the piece of paper, which said a balance of five million then I looked at the name at the top.

"What the fuck? He is going to go ballistic Conner, why would you do that for god's sake? You have to drop this. Bob is already at the breaking point and he's a fucking proud man. Please cancel this Ray before he finds out about it. Fuck me drunk, you both are like a pair of schoolboys. I should take you over my knees, bloody hell!" I combed my hand through my hair and thought. 'Shit I don't want to be in the room when Bob finds out his son has a trust fund with that much money in it.'

"He doesn't get it until he turns twenty five baby."

"And what will it be worth then Con, twenty, thirty? Fuck me!"

"I can't reverse it honey, it's all done and dusted," Con very bravely said.

"Of course you can't Conner, but Ray can," I insisted.

"But he's my nephew too," Con sort of whined.

"Time to go home, that spanking is about to happen."

Well maybe that was the wrong thing to say. Conner had Nan and I in the car in no time. He almost threw her out at the cafe saying we will call in later and he had his pants down pronto waiting for me to give him a good spanking. I did and it was wonderful and I got to play with his bum for the next hour or so.

I'm not even getting into that one. It's Conner and Ray's problem so they can take it up with Bob when the time comes, but if I were them; I would put some protective gear on before I said anything.

Falling back onto the bed we were exhausted, Conner wanted more but his butt was so red yet I guess that spanking helped because he whispered to me, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay and a really good thing for you to do but just don't tell Bobby," I warned him.

We went to Nan's for an early breakfast the next day and Conner was hoping he could drive Ted to school just to get in some practice, that's all, and we apologized for our abrupt departure yesterday.

"I was young once myself boys. Don't worry about it. Conner would you like a cushion?" She'd heard.

"John will have something to sign by the end of the week and Helen has got all my details. She said she won't send me off to Siberia and she promised me, if you so much as try and pay for the ticket, she will personally march you out of the office." She smiled at Conner.

Teddy arrived and Nan went and got him some toast. He was all excited because today is sport's day and he gets to play footy with his mates all afternoon.

We bundled him into the car for the five-minute ride to school and Conner looked so happy. I could have cried when he walked him across the road and collected a kiss on the cheek. He had organized to also pick him up but I had to get to the airport. My boys are taking me to Hobart and a couple of small towns today.

Kissing Con farewell isn't always the nicest thing; he had nothing to do today, he will start back at the studio tomorrow so I reminded him there was plenty of laundry to do.

I arrived at work and hugged my men. I brought them up to date on Nan's plans and they were as excited as us. They were also looking forward to helping look after her grandson.

The flight was short and fun because all I did was play my, 'Candy Crush,' which was moving along very nicely. I walked around the small terminal, while the post loaded up the lockers, flipping through some books in the news agency. I spied the perfect gift for Conner so I made the purchase and wandered back to the jet.

Stopping at Launceston before heading home to Tullamarine, I was onto the freeway in no time.

When I got in, Conner and Ted were playing on the floor. He had all his trinkets out and was showing them to Ted who was touching the brightly colored stuff but being very gentle with it all. He giggled at the happy cats and took great delight in trying to get them to wave all at once before he spotted me and ran over for a hug.

I put my bags away and changed into shorts and tank.

"How far did you get with the washing Con?"

"All done and put away baby, don't stress."

"Great, I thought we might have dinner at Nan's when we take Ted back."

Teddy looked at me like I was mad.

"No, I stay here tonight with you and uncle Conner."


"It's been cleared with the boss, she said we had to start having him for sleepovers so he's familiar with our routines and rules," Con explained.

"John is going to cook dinner and I think he has something special he wants to try."

"Okay then, I'll check the bathroom is up to scratch."

"All done baby."

"Oh, I'll just have a coffee then."

"Would love one Brent, thanks, what about you kiddo, want a drink?"

"No thank you uncle Conner but you can help me with my homework if you like."

"No problem, let's get this stuff away and we can start on it."

I smiled as I pushed boil on the kettle. I noticed Teddy's hands were now tight fists and a smile from ear to ear told me he was very happy.

Ray and John came in about an hour later, he had done a great pasta bake and it smelt wonderful.

"Hi guys, thanks for doing dinner, I wasn't in the mood for cooking tonight or doing the washing." I kissed their cheeks.

"I hope I put everything away in the right place Brent, it's an easy task for me."

"What do you mean put everything away John?"

"I did the washing; after it dried I ironed what I could and hung everything in the closet. I put a stack on the shelf and you can sort through it later, I hope it's in the right place?"

"You did our washing?"

"Well yes, you didn't expect Conner to do it did you?"

"Umm, let me get this answer right.... yes."

Conner looked sheepishly at me.

"I don't know how Brent, John has always done it for me so I rang him to come home and do it."

"What? You pulled John away from his important work so he could do our bloody laundry?"

"Yeah, what else could I do, you said do the laundry so I got it done."

I wanted to swear but thought better of it when Ted came back with his school bag.

"You got it done." I was flabbergasted.

"Well I didn't want you to be mad at me baby."

"Thank you John, I will teach Conner how to do the washing when I get another load." I smirked.

"Do you have to?" he whined

"Yes Con, I think I do." I smirked again.

Teddy was getting sleepy so Con put him to bed and read him a book and he was out like a light in no time. We called Nan to assure her everything was good.

I sat on the couch and handed Con a present. He eagerly unwrapped it then yelled something I couldn't quite comprehend then he kissed me.

It was a book on how to raise kids I had seen in the shop and I thought we might get some tips out of it. Conner started reading it straight away and as I turned my bedside lamp out he was still at it, oh well, I guess his red ass is still a little tender, so maybe tomorrow.

Yes, it was all happening in the morning. We were pleasantly rubbing the goods together before we got down and dirty but Ted had other ideas, at least he did knock before he swung the door open then jumped on the bed and bull's-eye, he got my balls, that knocked me out for the next hour.

"Good morning uncle Conner, uncle Brent, how are you this morning?" he happily greeted us.

"Very well nephew Teddy, did you sleep well?"

"Yes thank you, I didn't wake up once, it was nice."

"Well what do you want for breakfast, toast?"

"Yes, thank you Uncle Brent," he accepted with a giggle.

"Okay, you stay here with Uncle Conner while I get it for you."

"Coffee too babe," Con reminded me.

I adjusted my balls so they felt better then slipped out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

When everything was done, both my kids came and sat at the table, I didn't want to start the breakfast in bed thing, it gets messy and uncomfortable sometimes, especially with a five year old involved.

I dressed for work and Ted saluted me so I saluted back, kissing him and Con. I was about to walk out the door when Con raced after me, he grabbed me on the cock and said, "Stay home."

"I can't Con, I've got work to do and anyway I will be home most days before he gets out of school."

"I can get a temp."

"That's not always the answer Con. He will be back at home with his Nan tonight anyway, so we can catch up then." I smirked this time and he looked let down.

I kissed his sweet lips and started off to work but I so wanted to stay home.

An easy day for me again, I really didn't have to do much except make coffee and serve dinners. No guests for the next week at all and when I looked at my itinerary, I only had two flights a week for three months, what the fuck?

Knocking on the cockpit door I waited until Phil answered, "Come in."

The door buzzed and I went in and sat in the spare flight seat and noticed Dave's shirt was out of his pants. Oh no, I disturbed them, god knows what they get up to in here.

"Sorry guys I thought, I mean didn't think you were allowed, I mean I will come back," I stuttered.

"Brent, it's okay, we are finished. Dave was feeling a bit frisky so I helped him out, it happens, drop it okay?"

"Okay Phil."

"Was there something you wanted to ask us?"

"Yes this itinerary Helen has sent, I only work two days a week for the next twelve weeks, what does your's say Dave, that's of course if you can focus now?" I laughed.

"I can focus, thanks babe, that was great."

"My pleasure Dave," Phil responded.

Dave got out his Ipad and started to look at his schedule.

"It's the same Brent, you know we don't get many parcels sent this time of the year. Looks like the only cargo is human on the days we have to work so maybe Con wants you at home while Teddy is there?"

"Well I'm not happy about that Dave. How the hell does he run this thing at a profit if we don't actually do anything for three months?" I asked.

"Shall we tell him Phil?"

"I don't know, it's top secret Davo," he seemed unsure.

"Tell me what?"

"We go to Canberra a lot Brent, as you know, and sometimes more often than not we carry some very top secret papers for the government onboard, it's hush, hush, Brent so no telling, and for that little service, Con's company get's quite a lot of government allowances. So although we don't work a full week, sometimes we still get those big discounts, one of which is aviation fuel. We virtually get it for nothing, are you following me?"

"I think so, but I don't see, official boxes come on board and no officers delivering them?"

"They are mixed in with the mail for security. Sometimes there's nothing but mostly very private documents get sent with us."

"Oh," I sort of answered.

"And don't worry about us, we still get paid and on the days off we will be at Moorabbin airport helping Tan to get his pilot's license."

"You're training him, in what, this jet?"

"No silly, in our light plane, the one Conner bought for us."

"What!! He bought you a plane?"

"Yes Brent, when he heard of Tan's wish, he bought a little training plane and because we can teach we get the pleasure of flying every day with him."

"Oh." I was more confused than ever so I did a,'Greta Garbo,' and went and had a lie down; I wanted to be alone.

At home Conner wanted to get going. We still had an hour before school got out but I obliged him and we drove to Ted's school.

"We have to get the best spot baby. Ted wants us here early so he can show us off to his friends," he said.

"His friends, I guess he's wanting to show his uncles off then?" I replied.

"No just me, his mates didn't believe he knew me, even though he had shown them the concert photos. So he wants me to swagger up to his class and ask for him, little bugger has got it all worked out."

"Oh then do you want me to wait?"

"No, you are coming with me. He also said he knew a pilot and with that uniform on I reckon you look like one too." He kissed my lips then started to get out.

"Oh, I should have borrowed Dave's hat," I said.

When Teddy's teacher opened the classroom door she nearly farted. Con politely asked if Edward Timms was in school today and being a good student. She said, "Yes," I guess that's all she could manage to get out.

"Wow, awesome, beautiful, spunky," one bug eyed girl said.

Con was very popular with Ted's little class, he signed autographs, had pictures taken and kissed the teacher on the cheek as she tried to look unfazed. I think Teddy's popularity moved up a notch or two that day. Unfortunately as the bell rang they all followed us out to the car just as the big school got out up the road; and when they all realized who was there, they converged on our car. Security had to be called; both ours and the schools, followed by the Police and Fire Brigade.

It took us an hour to clear our space to the angry voices of other parents wanting to get on home.

Teddy ran into the cafe and started telling the staff and his Nan what happened. They listened politely and he was really stoked it had happened.

"Thank you, Uncle Conner, can you pick me up again tomorrow?"

"O.M.G," Conner spelt out loudly.

We ate at Nan's cafe and hung around talking about her trip until Con went to read Ted a story. He had got into his PJ's early and hung around with the book in his hand until Con couldn't hold his laughter in anymore and scooted off with him. It was a late night for us, we had to get it on as soon as the front door opened, and we ended up with Con lying over the kitchen bench again moaning, his hair was tangled up in my hands. I did go on forever and if it wasn't for him putting his hand through my thighs and grabbing my balls, I would still be riding him, but alas all good things have to stop sometime.

Exhausted we showered, then I worked on Con. I took him to great heights and left him hanging, then started to take him there again. Six times he nearly came but on the seventh he let me finish him off. He exploded down my gob. When we finally retired I gave him a thank you star token so he put it with the others in his drawer.

The next day Con had an appointment with Mary down the road. She was talking to him about his drinking and from what I have seen over the past few months whatever she was doing was working, but I knew he would lapse a few times before he gave it up full time, fingers crossed.

I did our supermarket shopping, then called into the cafe for a coffee before I went home to get lunch. Nan was nowhere to be seen and the girls said she had an appointment, so I decided to do a little window-shopping. I bought some tops and a pair of sneakers then walking back to the car I spied Nan coming out of the medical center and she looked a bit flustered. I started the car and drove home but I hoped everything was okay with her.

Conner was on the phone when I struggled in with my quite heavy bags. I plopped them on the kitchen bench and began to put stuff away when he finished his call and came up behind me to kiss my neck.

"I missed you baby."

"Me too you Con, what do you want for lunch?"


"Salad roll it is then."

I added, "How did you go at Mary's?"

"Good Brent, she's a great lady and I think Tony is moving in with her. I saw him scurry across the hallway to the bathroom," he informed me.

The phone rang halfway through lunch.

"Hello Con speaking."

"Sure Nan, is everything okay?"

"Okay, we will come by later."

"All right then, we will see you tomorrow."

"Okay, have a good night." He hung up.

"Nan wants us to take Ted tonight, so we have to pick him up from school."

"I saw her coming out of the clinic this morning and she didn't look too good. I hope everything is okay with her."

"Well she doesn't want to see us for a few days, I think Brent, so maybe we will get Helen to change your roster so you can stay home next week."

"Con, I love my job, the boys told me about the government papers and the stuff you do for them. I feel awful that the jet doesn't fly. I know what you're thinking, but let's just wait until she wants to talk to us, okay?"

"All right Brent, let's just wait and see."

We drove to the school, Con had his cap and wig on and security followed us. We don't want a repeat of the other day.

Ted and his little mates were sitting on the school fence. We watched as Ted slowly fell backwards and swung by his legs with his hair flopping down. His giggles were like pure sunshine to my ears. I loved this kid and I couldn't help but feel a pang of sorrow for some reason. I looked over to Conner but he wasn't there. He had gone over to the boys and grabbed Ted's arms and pulled him up, Ted screamed, "Stranger danger."

Conner looked around and asked, "Where?"

By this time there were mothers running towards Con and Ted who was still screaming and so were his mates.

They tackled Con to the grass and started to yell at him.

I couldn't stop laughing as it was so fucking funny and Con was calling, "Brent help."

I walked over and Teddy ran to me.

"It's okay Teddy, it's just Uncle Conner."

I took Con's cap and wig off and there was silence for a minute, then apologies all around the place, one father stood Con up and apologized and a couple of mothers brushed him down very slowly.

Teddy screamed, "Uncle Conner, I didn't recognize you I's sorry, I thinks you a stranger danger." He laughed and I laughed along. By this time Grant and his men were around us, and moving us towards the car. I was still laughing at the shocked look on Con's face, it was priceless. When we got home I couldn't wait to give him another plastic star.

Still chuckling to myself, I sat Ted at the table and told him he was staying the night.

"Awesome Uncle Brent, thanks."

I gave him some milk and cookies while Conner rang someone and as I passed him to go to the laundry to retrieve Ted's night clothes I had been warming up in the dryer, I heard Conner say, "Phil, what government papers, what free fuel?" I chuckled again. It was all bullshit, as if I didn't know Phil was spinning me a yarn. My life just keeps getting better and better.

When he got off the phone I gave him another token, I couldn't help it, it was my pleasure just to watch his screwed up face.

"What's the matter with Brent, he laughing a lot Uncle Conner?"

"Nothing Teddy, I just changed his batteries but he will settle down soon," Con joked. He picked Ted up and plopped him on the couch then turned the TV over to the cartoon channel.

"Do you have homework?"

"Yes uncle."

"Okay we can do it after dinner."

I saw the little fists again.

I watched both of them from the kitchen table and prayed Teddy's Nan was okay. The boys from next door arrived and of course they had dinner already prepared.

All three of them helped Teddy with his homework. It wasn't much but they debated the sums until poor Ted was exhausted. I clapped my hands and all four of them jumped.

"He's a five year old, for god's sake, can you three be a little more mature about it?"

"O'h, okay baby, don't get your knickers in a knot," Con replied.

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