Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 16

Published: 20 Jun 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Taking our boy to the park was a good thing because he was easy to get to sleep that night. I did my homework when he did his and Conner checked both papers. We told him I was going to change his name at school tomorrow morning, he was speechless and yes the scrunched up fists appeared.

Conner came with me in the morning. He was mobbed; but it was quickly sorted out by Grant and his boys, gently of course, and I think the kids were in awe of these big brutes who showed them some stranger danger moves while we slipped into Mrs. Green's office.

"Good morning Mr. Conners, Mr. Walsh, is this the boy whose name will be changed at school this morning?"

"Yes Mrs. Green, this is our son Edward Timms Walsh Richards," a proud Conner said.

"Firstly, Mr. Walsh, have you got your homework with you?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied as I handed over the paper.

"Good, now please explain the new boy's name to me, why Edward Richards and not Conners?"

Con took over still laughing at my homework.

"I was born Conner Wilson, my aunty adopted me and changed it to Conner Richards which was her name, my stage name is Rick Conners but my legal name is Conner Richards."

"Okay I get it now, Teddy Timms could you please wait in your classroom and I will call you when we are done?"

"Yes Mrs. Green." We hugged him; his fists were white by now.

"He's over the moon, his fists are nearly white," she said.

"You noticed too?"

"Yes, it was picked up on his first day at school, we call it the Teddy Timms' thing." She chuckled.

I now know why he wants us to change his name, Teddy Timms isn't going to win him any favors later in life, or maybe I read too much into things.

She changed his name on her computer with a flag to put the document number in when it becomes available.

"There done, it will be changed in the mainframe when tonight's updates are done, thank you boys, this is a wonderful thing you have done for Teddy. He does get a little ribbing from the older boys but I'm sure all that will change in about three minutes."

I was right.

She picked up a small microphone and winked.

"Attention class one, would Edward Richards come to the principals office immediately please."

She giggled.

"He's being formally welcomed as a new student." She had a great smile.

Her intercom bleeped and a voice said,

"I have an Edward Richards to see you Mrs. Green."

"Please send him in."

A very excited boy jumped through the door and straight into Conner's arms. He cried so much we had to make him drink some water, our tears were not far away.

She called him again to the office in the afternoon to make sure the spelling was right then that was it for his day. His mates were just as excited as he was not to mention my, Conner and Grant's smiles.

We go to the park to get Ted some fresh air. Conner and I have started running again while Grant watches him. Usually by the time we get back there is a mob of kids surrounding Grant as he's started a kick to kick club with both girls and boys included.

"Thank you Grant, it means a lot to us," I said.

"My pleasure, everybody is so stoked you have Teddy now and Stan is on my back constantly to do something. He even suggested I go fuck a chick then take the baby but he got a good clip under the ears for that one."

"Well we didn't win him mate, he came at a terrible cost," I reminded him.

"We know and as stoked as we are, we are just as proud to call you mates and would do anything for you."

He added, "Except that Brent, keep dreaming." I was insulted, I never thought of Grant that way, did I?

We dined in at Ray's place early. John did some fish fingers and chips for Ted and he ate them watching TV while us adults ate steak and veggies. Ray said he had to let Adam off the hook because he couldn't stand his dummy spits. I was disappointed but kept my mouth shut; there are more ways than one to skin a cat.

Conner got a call from Marty about this film thing, it was an arty farty love story film and they want Conner to write the closing music but at a good price. He agreed because he's had a tune going round and around his head for days now and he was going to shelve it and put it on his next best selling album.

Ray gave him documents to sign and I gave them my look.

"Same trust account as little Conner babe, that's all," Con said.

"Okay," I managed to say; I'll let him get away with that one, after all Ted is our son.

Teddy was dog-tired and Benny had taken to sleeping at the bottom of his bed, I allowed that because the first five nights he slept in the laundry, we had complaints from the neighbors, due to the noise from his whimpering. More than once I heard him jump up on the bed and a little boy giggling so I turned a blind eye to that which is a good thing, Ted needs to know there are people and dogs around him, he has to feel safe.

Conner had finished what he started yesterday and I was filled with his special kind of love. After going to the bathroom to clean up we talked a little about the day and Ted's excitement but then I dropped a bomb.

"This house is too small Con."

"No it's not; it's cozy that's all."

"I know and I love it but with Ted here now we don't have a lot of storage space and he will need a place to study or play video games, his own space."

He let his breath out and asked,

"What have you got planned?"

"We go up, two bedrooms, an ensuite and a parent's retreat upstairs and Teddy gets these two rooms for his bedroom and play room, his own space."

"Let me think on it for a minute."

"One minute."

"Okay, can I have overnight thinking?"

"Of course, it's just an idea."

"I like his room next to ours and he might get scared being downstairs by himself."

"We will revisit the idea in six years Con."

"Okay Brent, night, night."

"I love you."

"To the moon and back baby." He kissed me deeply.

Bloody hell he's erect again.

"Night, night Conner, go to sleep."


I was to get a minute to myself today to get some photo albums from the shops but Con wanted me to go into the studio, he wanted me to listen to a master tape of a song, before he signed off on it.

I sat in the sound booth while Conner set himself up. His sound manager counted down and the music started, I guessed it was pre-recorded then a beautiful voice bounced off my ears, his new song was gorgeous and I think it was called, 'My beautiful life,' or something like that going from the chorus. It was just beautiful and when he stopped singing he put his finger to his lips while the music played out.

"How was that?" he asked when it stopped.

"Just a sec Conner, I'll play it back."

The sound guy did and it was just like the original.

"Happier with that Conner?"

"Yep, print it."

"Let's go Brent, I need to go to K-mart." He smiled.

"Still looking for things Conner?"

"And don't you know it baby."

He bought me a beautiful set of saucepans and Ted a small bicycle so he could ride it while we trotted around the park, I tried to talk him out of it but he wasn't listening. He insisted, I knew Ted wouldn't have time to ride it, he was too busy with the kick to kick classes.

When Ted saw it he said, "I never have a bike, my nanny won't let me, she would get mad, she say too dangerous." He looked at the bike like it was poison.

"I'll get a refund."

"No, I'll take it to the safe house in the morning."

"Ask me?"

"Ask you what Con?"

"Why did I take you to the studio today."

"I already know."


"You needed to sing that love song to someone to get it perfect and you did."


"Want to learn how to use the new pots Con?"

"Nah, I'm watching cartoons with my buddy."

He put his arm around Ted and sure enough his little fists tightened up.

I went to the safe house in the morning and dropped the bike off. Mary had the coffee ready and we spoke for an hour or two about Ted then Tony, he was moving in until he could buy a house or apartment in the area.

I assured her I would feel a lot better if he moved in there with her. She would be safer and he can save more money if he wanted, then he could buy anyway and rent it out. We touched on Nan's death but I had already been talking to her about it so I had a grasp on how Ted would feel and all things considered I think he's an amazing little boy.

I went shopping at the local Office Works. I bought ten photo albums for each boy, Con's were green, Ted's blue and I spent most of the afternoon sorting through Ted's photos. Nan had dated and named each one so it was an easy job for me. I placed them into the albums and they filled six of them so I had some spare to continue his story. Wrapping them up in bright paper I stashed them under the laundry sink. His baby pictures were the best, who would have guessed he would be abused the way he was by his mum, fucking bitch.

Anyway, I started off to school and as always he was sitting on the wire fence playing circus performer. (I think.) He waved goodbye to his mates and we headed off to the park. As usual Grant was following and soon was kicking the footy around then Conner arrived and we ran through the quite large park. He stopped suddenly and ran into the bushes so I followed thinking he wanted a leak. I found him with his pants down and bum in the air waiting to be fucked so I obliged. It was urgent and quick because you never know who may be around in those bushes. We giggled all the way back to the kid's playground, how decadent we were that day but it was a real turn on though. Grant smirked, oh shit, it must have been written all over our faces.

"We have a naming present for you baby, come sit at the table."

"It's not another bike is it, Nanny won't like it."

"No it's something you can keep forever and look at whenever you get sad or happy."

I gave him the rather large parcel and he eagerly unwrapped it.

Finding the books we started going through them but he was looking for a particular picture. He found it in the sixth book; it was the one we had taken outside the cafe and he was on Nan's knees with us on either side. He placed his little finger on Nan's face and said, "Nanny found me two daddies but she had to go away because God wanted to see her about something, but she said to me my daddies would love me as much as she does."

I could have cried, Conner did.

"Well you're ours now and we aren't ever going to leave you, Nanny is happy in god's house. He loves her very much and she plays with your mummy every day."

He smiled.

"So we can put these by your bed and when you are feeling a bit sad or happy you can look at all the wonderful times you had growing up."

"Thank you daddies." He kissed both of us then I went to the fridge and brought out a big cake and we celebrated naming day.

I told Conner that night I was going to do the same with his photos and he could look at them anytime, he thanked me thoroughly, twice actually.

"Do you have any Brent?"

"No Conner, they were tossed in the garbage along with me. I don't think even Jen has any of me when I was younger, shame really, I would have liked you to see the geeky me." I smiled.

"I don't believe you."

"I was you know."

Just as I said it we heard crying.

"You go Con, bring him in with us."

He went and got Ted and we put him between us. I guess the photos weren't such a good idea after all. Conner sang a lullaby to him and he slept soundly but I don't think Con did. He was a bit bleary eyed in the morning. Teddy on the other hand was firing on all cylinders, he fed Ben then Conner fed him. We watched for signs of sadness but we didn't detect any and he was eager to get to school. Today was pie day when once a year the junior kids get a pie and ice cream for lunch. I remember at our school we had fish and chip day for all the junior school as a treat, it's harmless but the kids do get hyped up. Ted was raring to go so we packed him in and took him to school. He was a bit early but so were his troop of mates so they played footy to kill some time.

At a loose end today we decided to spend most of the morning in bed, on the couch and the kitchen bench got a look in too.

I changed the beds and started showing Conner how to do the laundry and he did quite a good job for his first time.

A surprise visit in the afternoon from Marty and Di was a very welcome surprise. It felt like ages since I had seen her and she looked fabulous, she had just finished a shoot in Tasmania.

"How's my boy going Brent?"

"I'm good Di, how are you?" Con answered.

"Not you dickhead, I meant Teddy."

"Oh sorry, I thought you were asking about me." He laughed.

"He's just fine actually, his name change comes through Monday and I think that's the last thing to do, it's been a bit of a pain but well worth it."

"Well I'm so jealous but I'm sure I won't have to wait long for our baby to come," she said grinning.

"Your fucking not?"

"Yes I am," she beamed.

"Oh this is great news Marty, Di, congratulations, how wonderful for you both."

Conner was ecstatic but a little hesitant as he was remembering the last pregnancy so I nudged him and he snapped out of it. He hugged them both and kissed Di's cheeks.

We made coffee and sat at the table, sad but good things were discussed and there were no foreseen problems, everything was normal. As we chatted I was looking at Di and thinking what a perfect mother she would make.

"Fuck I'm nearly late." I jumped up to get the car keys to go get Ted from school.

"If I'm late again I get more detention, fuck it."

"What the hell are you talking about Brent?" Di asked.

"Come with me, I'll tell you on the way." I kissed Con and patted Marty's head.

"Be back soon."

Di laughed loudly as I told her Mrs. Green had given me homework for being late. Ted was waiting with his mates as usual when he saw Di so he ran to her and hugs were exchanged before a big wave to the boys and we were off home. No park today but Grant did go after he got us home, he couldn't let the kids down. Di helped me get biscuits and milk for him and she was shaking with excitement.

"I can't wait Brent, I'm so overdue for this family thing."

"You will be perfectly okay Di and the best mother in the world to your kids, settle down a little, maybe it's all happening too fast."

They stayed for dinner because John had done a rather large roast beef and we celebrated Di and Marty's excellent news with friends and family.

"I might do a kid's album baby, I can run the songs past Ted and he can say yes or no."

"Good idea Conner, when are you going to do it, before or after you do the golden oldies album?"


"Your golden oldies album, you know the one you are going to make for all those fans of yours over sixty, classic songs your mother used to sing by the kitchen fire, only not your mother, their mother, from the forties and fifties, it's an ageing population Con and people start looking back at their youth when they get older."

"Its not going to happen baby, I have an image to uphold you know."

"So a kiddies album is better for your image?"

He blushed.

"Maybe make a disc just for Teddy so he can hear your voice when he wants to."

He smiled.

"Want to fuck me?"

"Yes please."

He rolled onto his back and gripped my thighs with his legs; I drowned again in his eyes, I had stopped pushing and was just watching Conner's face.

"Brent you okay?


"Yeh sure Con." I pushed on.

Ted was in bed with us in the morning and I didn't even hear him come in.

"He had a belly ache so I took him to the toilet around three, then put him in here."

"Must have been the pies Con."


He was looking okay when he got up to watch the cartoon channel so maybe it's a one off thing but that day most of the kids were off school. Mrs. Green said it was food poisoning and when I asked Ted, he confessed he had two bites and traded the rest with one of his mates for his ice cream because he liked that better.

There was no point in him staying at school; most of his class were sitting on toilets so I took him home.

We decided to go out for the day and Conner was keen to go to a big shopping center, as if I didn't know which one. I wanted to take Ted to see the museum but after a lot of moaning and whining they got their way so we headed for Chadstone. Parking is always crazy there but we were lucky to get a spot close to the shops. Conner got Grant to come with us and we had a crazy morning doing some shopping for things we don't need and things we would never need. A bloody coffee machine, who would have thought a four hundred dollar machine would do the same job as my forty dollar percolator does, oh my what an advancement. We of course were there for one thing and one thing only, an Ipad for Ted and maybe a phone so in case he gets lost then he can ring us. I kept reminding Conner he was five and not fifteen but he insisted, I said he would regret it.

He got the Ipad but not the phone, there are plenty of games he could download to it that will keep him amused but he was told not to take it to school.

We rested in the food court as I wanted to get some more fluids into Ted and to get him something to eat and just to be on the safe side. I got him a cheese sandwich, Conner and Grant had a nice hot curry dish and I ordered noodles. They started to set up the Ipad but I suspect Ted did most of it, he's brilliant my kid.

There was a tap on my shoulder and it was a security guard from the center.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Excuse me sir, is this your child?"

That threw me.

"Of course he is, whose kid did you think he was?"

"I'm sorry sir but the gentleman at the far table said he wasn't and he was concerned for the child's welfare."

I looked over and fuck me it was dad.

"Well you go back and tell that gentleman that his grandson is in the best of hands."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Teddy here is his grandson, my father and I don't speak because he likes to cause drama whenever he sees me, I'm sorry he put you to all this trouble."

Conner and Grant quickly got up and I could see rage in Con's eyes.

"Stay here Brent." Was all I got.

They walked over towards dad's table but he saw them coming and tried to get away and he slipped and almost fell. They took an arm each and marched him off to the men's toilets.

The security guard started to head in their direction but someone called him towards one of the food outlets. I recognized the guy from Grant's team. Conner came back laughing his head off. He still had his disguise on so wasn't recognized by the now very alerted shoppers.

"Wait and watch the show baby,"he said.

I heard a commotion and then dad came running out of the toilets stark naked. He had his hands over his privates and was running through the diners.

"Oi, stop right there," I heard the security guard yell. It wasn't more than thirty seconds before dad was wrestled to the floor with the help of Grant's mate; the police arrived ten minutes later but not before three hundred phone cameras captured the scene. Dad could see me from where he lay, his face was as red as a beetroot and I was furious he could try and accuse me of such a thing.

"Stay here Conner, be back in a little while baby." I smiled and patted Ted's head.

I walked over to dad and knelt down, then looking him in the eyes I said,

"If you ever; ever try to interfere with my family you old cunt, ever again, I will have your balls cut from your body and have them stuffed in your foul, ugly mouth. And you give my supposed mother a message from me too, tell her I will break every bone in her fucking body if she so much as looks my way, did you hear me?"

He mumbled some sort of apology.

"I said did you fucking hear me?" I screamed into his face.

He didn't say anything.

"Now we are quite clear with each other, I have one more thing to say, get fucked, fuck off out of my life and tell that other cunt you exist with the same thing."

I then walked back to my family and sat and watched the police take him away.

"Get it done Brent?" Con asked.

"Certainly did Con, I don't think we will see them again." I had a slight smile; there were no guilty feelings anymore.

Grant told us his mate knew the security guy and he was going to have him charged with a few public nuisance offences. I thought the videos and photos would go viral on You Tube and Facebook overnight.

Ted of course thought the whole thing was funny but he looked a bit white but before I could ask him how he felt, milkshake and sandwich was vomited over the floor and he started crying. I grabbed tissues and wiped him down, Conner picked him up and we exited the shopping center after slipping the cleaning lady a twenty on our way out.

We took Teddy to the medical center near home and we were lucky he got a priority appointment. His head was very warm, his stomach hurt him and he was still sobbing when we were called in.

"Another little one," the lady doctor said.

She mixed up a potion and asked Teddy to drink it, he did being the good boy he was, and then he settled down.

"He's the eighth one I've seen this morning; pies?"

"Yes doctor, pie day at school," I explained as he held onto me.

"Well I'll give you a script but keep him from school until Monday. You need to also keep his fluids up until this bug passes, it's not a biggie but keep an eye on him and if there is anymore discomfort then come back and I will do some bloods."

"Thank you doctor, what do you say Ted?"

"Thank you,"he whispered.

Conner took Ted from me and we headed for the car, he sat in the back seat with him.

We got him into bed and turned the cartoon channel on. Grant had gone to get his prescription filled and he wasn't far away.

"Well that was a bit full on Brent, I hope it doesn't happen too often, I'm worn out," Con said.

"He's a kid and these things happen Con, Ted is not that bad but I feel sorry for the other kids."

Just then Grant arrived with a sour looking medicine so I made up a bowl of ice cream for him to wash it down with. He was a happy boy again.

Sitting at the table, Grant passed over dad's wallet.

"What would you like me to do with this Brent?"

"Bloody hell, why did you take that?"

"We threw his clothes out a window but I thought if someone finds his wallet they might just use his credit cards illegally so I kept it."

"Who would use his credit cards Grant, don't you have to have a pin number?"

"Not necessarily Brent."

"Well do what you want with it, maybe hand it into the police in a week or two," I suggested.

That night I rang Jenny, filling her in on what happened and she was mortified dad would pull that stunt. She said it was all over the news but his face was blanked out.

She wanted to talk to Conner for a minute but then he hung up.

"What did she want?"

"She thanked me for the weeks of chuckles she's going to have from this," he said with a grin.

We made coffee then went to see our boy; he was a better color and was playing a game on his pad.

"Time for your story kiddo." Con grabbed the book.

"No daddy, I want to play my game."

"Oh?" Conner looked sad.

"Yes oh?" I said.

"I'll make it disappear."

"Sure Con, good luck with that one."

I felt sad because now we have to put restrictions on his game time.

We gave him ten minutes more then we had to firmly shut him down.

"This isn't what I wanted Brent, I thought he would play for a little then we could put him to sleep."

"I'll be the baddie Con, it goes to the safe house in the morning." I felt awful but someone has to be strong.

"No it's my fault so I will handle it,"Con insisted.

No love making tonight, it's been a big day of learning so we snuggled in and kissed a lot.

"How are you feeling this morning baby?"

"Okay daddy, I never feel so bad but I think I am better now."

"Good, want some toast?"

"Yes please."


"Yes baby." I sat down and took his hand.

"Dad it took me a long time to get to sleep, I miss dad telling me a story."

"Well he was sad you wanted to play your game baby but we can fix that."


"Well how about we do this, we put the Ipad away for now, you are too busy with football after school and your homework and things so you can play with it when your not busy and daddy can read a story to you every night."

"Good, because nanny say fresh air better for me than a computer."

"Nanny was right Ted." I kissed him and silently thanked Nan.

"Good morning my son, are you feeling better?"

"Yes daddy, I am better, I hope my toast stay in my tummy this time." He giggled.

Con kissed me good morning and whispered,

"Where's the Ipad?"

"I threw it in the bin."


"Lesson learnt Conner, it's in the bin and you get your son back."

"Want to watch cartoons, Sylvester should be on soon?"

"Yes daddy."

They moved to the sofa while I looked at my Ipad, maybe,'Candy Crush,' has improved since I last played it.

While making Ted's bed I boxed up the device and put it in Con's treasure cupboard behind the big fluffy Panda bear, maybe I'll find it in ten years time.

Adam was still going through flight school but he will be in the air in about four week's time. We caught up one night at their place where they were having a small party for Rob's birthday. We took Ted along as it was going to be an early night and Adam smirked his way through the evening. He was very overly attentive to me and I did think twice about the finger food he was passing around so waited until Conner ate it first.

"He's not going to poison you baby."

"But Con he might you know, he's mentally unstable."

Conner cracked up and so did everyone within earshot. Even Adam.

"The home rang Brenton, they are anticipating your return," he said.

"Is that the one that accidentally released you last week?"

"Girls, put your claws away and be happy," Di urged.

"Stay out of it Di," Adam barked.

"Yeah stay outta it," I smirked.

"Well I never," she said.

"Yes you did and we all know you did," I said.

"What?" She was now completely confused.

"Pulled Suzie Parker's plaits at school, bully."

"Whose Suzie Parker?"

"You tell us," Adam laughed.

We backed Di up to the wall and started tickling her.

She was a mess of jelly before we finished, god I loved to hear her laugh.

Adam slapped my hand and asked,

"Another drink Brent?"

"Thank you Adam, you're the perfect host."

"And you're the perfect guest."

He smiled then winked and walked away.

Ted had fallen asleep on the way home so Con carried him into bed. We got him undressed and into his PJ's, he was out to it all.

We then got ready for bed but because it was early we decided to put our black jocks on to sleep in and after a lot of kissing and rubbing, I decided I wanted to explore Con's body some more. I licked and kissed it all over and he was everywhere on the bed, a bit like jelly but I managed to eat him all up until I plunged into his hole with my now very wet tongue. He gasped and unfortunately for me, he blasted a load onto my hair but I sat on his now deflating cock and rubbed out a big load onto his face.

We giggled and headed for the bathroom, showering and washing each other's hair.

Sleeping with my man that night was bliss, all was good in my world and I had everything I ever wanted, right inside this house with me.

Sunday is park day, I made sandwiches and put drinks into a backpack and we motored off to the park. Grant and Stan arrived with Ray and John who had an even bigger backpack loaded with food. Ted and some of his friends were playing on the swings and slides and Grant started playing with the football. It was an instant magnet and in no time he had a team of kids joining in.

"He's good with kids Brent, it's a shame it's all wasted," Stan lamented.

"Well maybe it's not too late have a talk to Mary about fostering, the course isn't hard and maybe, just maybe things will happen at your house."

"He works all the time and I'm busy too, there's no time for a family."

"That's where you're wrong Stan; Conner hires him and Conner can fire him and voila, instant daddy. It's not that you need the money Stan and I'm sure Grant would rather stay at home than gallivant around after some soppy rock god."

"Hey, who are you calling soppy?"

"Sorry Con, just thinking out loud."

"Anyway, if you two do adopt a kid I wouldn't expect Grant to hang around, I completely understand the situation," Con added.

"Well we can work on it then."

"Want to make babies John? We can sell them."

"Sure Ray, let's start now, come into the bushes over there and we can get started." They grinned at us.

I blushed.

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