Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 17

Published: 27 Jun 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Ted was lapping up the family bit big time, he even made suggestions on punishment just in case he was naughty and I guessed his friends were telling him these things. We had a good talk to him so he understood his dads would never slap his bum if he forgot to feed Benny or if he muddied his shoes, never going to happen.

He protested one day soon after about doing his sums.

"Okay go sit in the naughty corner." His eyes lit up.

"Which corner dad?" he asked excitedly.

"That one," I pointed to an empty corner and he went over and giggled his head off, Benny joined him.

"What's up with Ted?" Con had just come in from next door.

"He's been naughty so he's in the naughty corner." I spoke firmly.

"He's never naughty Brent."

"I know but he likes to think he is, it's just a game and he'll get sick of it as soon as I mention ice cream." Ben's ears pricked up and Ted came running.

"Enough time daddy?"

"Yes son." I smiled.

"How did you go at the studio today?"

"Good, it's all finished babe." He held up a disc. "Present time," he said with a laugh.

We hadn't done presents for awhile, with all that's been happening; it kinda got waylaid.

"Ted, do you want to listen to dad's new songs?"

"Really, can I?"

"Of course you can, you will be the first boy in your class to hear it."


Conner put the disc in and we three settled on the sofa to listen.

I must say it was different, the rock portion was unbelievable, he had mixed it with dance music, which was a first for Rick, very mainstream.

"Your fans will get angry," I said.

"My record company wants more money."

"It's not very good Con."

"The last song is the movie theme."

It was the song he sang to me in the studio that day, the only slow song on the album.


"Just to piss the fans off a little more."

"No it's not on the album but will be released with the movie as a one off."

"Well I didn't expect it to be so, so boppy."

"Boppy, is that the best you can do?"

"No Con, I hate it."


"It's not you, it's not your essence, it's awful but good, I think you would give Gaga a run for her money though."

"You really don't like it?"

"I'm sorry Con but it's a bit disappointing."

He started laughing loudly and pulled me in.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too Con but please don't release this, its garbage."

He looked into his bag and pulled out another disc.

"Lets try this one then."

He popped it in and for the next ten tracks we bopped around the room, even Ted started dancing to it and of course it was pure rock, nothing disco about it. The music was solid gold and the words rough and ready, it said Rick Conners is back.

I screamed loudly, "I love it."

He kissed me then asked Ted what he thought.

"You rock daddy."

He got a hug and a kiss too.

We replayed it three times and the movie theme was on a different disc.

I prepared dinner and we sat at the table eating hot dogs, our feet tapping and heads moving to the beat.

"Just fooling you that's all, as if I would release that garbage but you were very honest in your opinion Brent, almost too honest."

"I wouldn't let you release that shit, so best I tell you right from the start."

Con put five little parcels in my hands and I nearly cried when I opened them, they were five little blue diamonds to match my Teddy one; I needed to do something with these, maybe a ring? I better have a talk to Ray.

He kissed me so I went and got him two plastic stars; there was only one remaining.

"Daddy homework."

"Okay son, go get it."

We turned the music down and when he wasn't looking, I slipped his love song disc in.

They laughed through the homework and giggled through the bath time, I gave Ted an icy pole and in no time he had fed Benny and was in bed listening to his story.

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too son." Con and I both kissed him then turned his night-light on.

As soon as we got into our bed I heard a dog scamper up onto his bed.

The next day Con and I were having sex in the laundry and I had put a towel over the glass on the back door so the neighbor's couldn't see us. The washing machine was on and I was perched on it, my legs over Con's shoulders. I looked into his eyes and played with his beautiful long hair. His balls slapped my butt with every thrust as I moaned loudly and he gasped then came.

The phone rang so I grabbed it as we passed to go have a shower.

"Mr. Walsh?"

"Yes that's me."

"Good morning Mr. Walsh, this is Mrs. Green from your son's school."

"Oh hello Mrs. Green, how are you?"

"Very well Mr. Walsh, I have a small problem with your son." I held Con's arm.

"Teddy, what's wrong, is he okay?"

"Yes he's quite okay but we didn't like his swearing in class today Mr. Walsh."

"Swearing? He doesn't swear."

"Has the word,'shit,' been used in your house in the past twenty four hours?"

"What? Of course not, oh no, he was listening to our conversation last night and I might have dropped that word once or twice, I'm sorry Mrs. Green, will he get into trouble?"

"No, Teddy Richards is going to be just fine but tonight you must write out,'I must not swear in front of my son again,' one hundred times. Thank you Mr. Walsh, have a lovely day."

"Fuck Conner, I've got detention again."


So I told him what Mrs. Green said.

He was still laughing as we drove to the school to pick Ted up, and half that night.

"What do we do Brent?"

"Send him to the naughty corner Con."

"You can't do that, he's just a little boy."

"He will expect it Con."

We gave him a bit of a talk as he had his biscuits and milk then he looked at us expectantly.

"Five minutes in the naughty corner then homework."

His eyes scrunched and fists formed, the small grin on his face was pure joy.

"He expected it Con, his mates get sent to the naughty corner and he's feeling left out, that's all, he will soon get sick of it."

Ted and I both did our homework and my wrist was aching by the time I finished my one hundred sentences. They both laughed through it and Teddy checked my spelling to make sure it was correct.

I drove him to school and dropped my homework off at the office; I didn't see Mrs. Green around so I left it on the secretary's desk then scurried away.

The other man in my life was with Marty this morning, the new album is finished now but they have to talk about covers and everything else that goes with it.

I did some housework then looked at a recipe book and thought I might attempt making cannelloni; it looked easy so I gathered up all the ingredients in readiness for dinner.

My phone rang and it was Con, he was nearly ready to come home so I grabbed my keys and took off for Marty's. They were still in deep conversation when I arrived so looking around I noticed photos on the desk and some artwork. I picked it up and gave it the once over.

"Everything okay Brent?" Con asked.

"Looks good to me Con," I answered.

"Thank God for that Brent, I would hate for the art department to have to start again," Marty joked.

"How's Di?"

"She's resting Brent and a picture of good health."

"Great, I'll go over and see her when I get time," I said.

"Well I'm free baby after we see Ray then we can maybe chill out at home?" he suggested expectantly.

"Oh yes Con, chill out." My dick was stirring.

Ray didn't look to 'with it' today as he handed over two small stacks of paperwork. He fussed over us but he was preoccupied, I don't think Con noticed it but I certainly did.

"What's up Ray?" I inquired.

"Nothing much Brent just a small glitch I'm trying to work on. My spies tell me we have a mole in the office as someone's been leaking information about the company. We essentially look after the parent company here, the pharmaceuticals side of it, but Bob was telling me the owners of Go-Ship are being stubborn and holding out for more money which he says isn't worth it, considering, we are the only tenders."

"Oh I can't help you with that then, who owns the company Ray?"

"It's a family run business, they smell huge money coming their way and are getting a little greedy, their name is Stanton.

"Well as for the mole, he or she is in Bob's new crew. It wouldn't come from here; your staff are loyal and have been here for years unless you have hired somebody new lately?"

I smiled but the penny dropped before I finished. I looked at Ray and Conner.

"What?" Con asked. I felt awful and struggled to get out.

"Tan's mum."

"What?" Ray replied.

"She's an ex-lady of the night, maybe one of the families is a client, maybe he's blackmailing her or she's still working the streets, maybe," I emphasized.

"Fuck me Brent, what are we going to do?" Con asked.

"Well for a start you can't fire her if it is blackmail, which floor is Linda on Ray?"

"This one, her office is at the end of the hallway."

"I'll be back."

"Brent you don't have to do anything, leave it up to Ray."

"It was my suggestion you hire her Con, it's up to me to fix it."

I took a big risk walking into her office but it had to be done.

"Good morning Linda, how's the job going?"

"Hi Brent, it's wonderful, I still can't believe it's happening, but so much work."

"Linda can I be candid with you, I want to ask you a personal question?"

"Of course Brent, no secrets here."

"Okay, do you know a man with the last name of Stanton?"

She went very quiet all of a sudden.

"How do you know Troy Stanton?"

"Lucky guess I suppose, you're still seeing him aren't you?"

"Yes, I don't do anything, just be his friend, he like to dress like a woman and we sit and talk. It's easy money and covers my rent but I'm not working in the sex industry anymore, just the one client Brent."

"It's okay but I wish you would cut him off too, did you ever discuss work with him, in particular the shipping takeover?"

"Maybe, we talk about everything He just want sit there in his female evening dress and want me to call him Angel, but maybe I let slip about something, he in shipping too."

"All right Linda, no problem but can you please not discuss the business with anyone in the future, it's bad for Conner and Ray." I smiled gently.

"Okay Brent, me sorry, I don't think I do anything wrong just Angel think me clever talking about shipping a lot."

"Please don't see him anymore, he is trouble."

"Okay Brent no problem, I get my first pay check yesterday so I pay rent on my own, I am very happy now, easy job but very busy, my son get good job, my husband looking after us again." I saw a tear so gave her a big hug, she really didn't know what I was talking about but maybe she thinks I saw her out and about, I'm sure everything will be fine now.

"What happened Brent?" Ray asked as I closed the door behind me.

"All in good time Ray, all in good time."

I picked up the phone and asked Helen to get Bob on the phone.

"Coffee anyone?"

They both suspiciously looked at me and replied,'yes.'

The intercom beeped.

"Brent, Bob on line two."

"Thanks Helen, Con can you do the honors?"I pointed to the coffee pot.

"Sure baby."

"Bob, hi, yep I'm good, listen mate do you know a Troy Stanton?

"Oh he's the son is he, on the board, aha, handling the sale."

"Okay, here's what I want you to do."

Stick with the first bid, they will definitely call you in for a meeting and if Troy's there, whisper in his ear, 'How's that evening gown working for you Angel?'

I laughed at his comeback.

"Seriously, they will settle for the lower offer, trust me. I'll call you back tonight okay, but let them know it's our final offer by the end of today's business, they will be having kittens all night."

"Okay talk later."

"Where's my coffee Con?"

"Here baby and just the way you like it."

It was too sweet as usual but I didn't tell him.

"Want to include us in your little game Brent or don't we want to know?" Ray asked.

I laughed and said,

"Do I get commission for this?"

"Yes," Con said rather too quickly.

"Linda's still seeing a client who loves to dress in woman's clothing, he's in shipping and his name is."

"Troy Stanton?" they both asked together.

"He's the big boss' favorite son and on the board, she says he's boring and just wants to talk business."

They both laughed.

"She's promised she won't see him again now she's getting pay cheques, but I don't think daddy would be too pleased to hear about his son's favorite pastime. Let's hope sonny is ready for a back down."

"Genius," Con said.

Ray hugged me tightly and felt my bum.

"I'll fill Bob in tonight; he will be relieved the mole wasn't in his office. I know he only hired close friends but anyway, the mole was in ours." I laughed so hard at my own joke.

The guys didn't get it.

"Ray transfer two million commission to Brent's accounts tomorrow, if they accept the offer," Con said.

"What the fuck Conner?" I screamed and it's a wonder Helen didn't come in with a cake of soap to wash my potty mouth out.

"You did say you wanted commission baby and we agreed didn't we?"

"Not that much Con, dinner would have been enough."

"Dinner? Brent if this works you saved us millions of dollars and you want a thirty-dollar dinner?'

"Fuck me, it's about the same as Bob's commission isn't it Con?"

"Umm yes Ray, it's the same." Con blushed.

I pointed at him and lost my voice so my finger was moving into his face, my words silent.

"What's that baby, oh thank you you say, you're welcome gorgeous husband." Con had guessed at what I was dying to say, he was trying to distract me.

But eventually I found it again.

"What the fuck am I going to do with you Conner, I shudder to think what Bobby will do, that's an awful lot of money for him to even comprehend. I think you will find he's not expecting anything."

"Well he should have read the fine print on his contract," Ray butted in.

"I bet it's so small it looks like a typo," I retorted.

"Okay how long have we got?" I looked at my watch.

"Come on Con we've got two hours, I had better get you home before I end up owning the company."

"If you let me fuck you, I'll give it to you," he offered.

"If I let you fuck me, I'll still scream if you do."

"If you let me fuck you, I'll play with your tits."

"If I let you fuck me, I'll play with your balls."

"Boys, just go home and fuck for God's sake, bugger it, now I have to go visit John again," Ray squeezed out.

"See you Ray."

"Bye Ray." I followed Con to the lift giving Helen a quick wave.

"Don't you be too rough on that boy Conner Richards," she yelled.

Conner didn't fuck me when we got in, he made love to me, he did play with my tits and I did play with his balls and when he entered me, I gasped at the sheer beauty of his eyes and face which I kissed continuously. I was more comfortable with Con's dick now, he slowly moved in and out while trying to not screw his face up and trying very hard not to cum, but it was a hopeless exercise so he lost the fight.

"I love you so much husband."

"Me too baby, want to go again?" I invited him.

We did it all over again after we talked about the takeover and I convinced him not to pay me a commission. He didn't like it but I told him about my diamond mine that might just be a winner in the next year of two.

"But I'm buying you your diamonds Brent."

"Yes but its ever so exciting growing your own," I chuckled.

His fingers were nearly touching my liver by the time we started kissing, again he turned me over and slammed into me gently but firmly.

"Grow your own diamonds? I see you know a lot about them baby," he said as he thrust.

The groaning coming from my throat made him move faster then a gusher slammed my insides, fuck, I must be quite full up by now.

"Do they have to be watered Con?"

I just had time to have a quick shower, throw some clothes on and get out the door to pick Teddy up from school; I got into a major panic because Mrs. Green won't be very happy if she's kept back.

"How was school today baby?" I said as I buckled Ted in.

"Great daddy, I got picked as captain of the footy team, they say I'm the best at it."

"That's wonderful Teddy, I can't wait for you to tell Conner, he will be so happy."

"And Uncle Grant, can I ring him?"

"You will be seeing him in a few minutes at the park."

"Oh I forget."

We had a great hour at the park and Grant made a fuss over Ted's captaincy, he was a star that day. When we got home he couldn't wait to tell Con, his fists were tight and he looked like he was going to burst. Conner gave him fifty bucks and told him he could get a treat for himself at the shops tomorrow but I told him it was too much, just ten dollars would've done. He reminded me he was his son too and no way is his son walking into a shop with under fifty in his pockets, he then slipped a fifty into my pocket.

"Happy Anniversary baby."

"Thanks dad."

"Your welcome son."

I rang Bobby that night and filled him in on what had happened, he said he told them there will be no other offers than the first one, which was a fair price, sure enough he got a call while driving home. There will be a meeting tomorrow at noon. I told him about Angel and said it was important for him to let the guy know earlier on in the day so Bob said he would send a bunch of roses to him and write Angel on the card.

We had a good laugh about it, maybe it was common knowledge at the company but maybe not, we were taking a big chance.

Homework time tonight was difficult, he had add ups and even I was surprised at the big numbers but Ted had it under control. He did them rather quickly using his scribble pad and I checked them with the calculator, my kid's gifted I think.

Story time was, as always, a family affair. I played with his light brown hair and Con told the story. I was kinda disappointed it ended when Ted fell asleep.

Con and I showered and halfway through we just held each other, rubbing our hands up and down our backs, a little kissing but no groping, we were too buggered from earlier on. I slept like a log and didn't want to get up, I was warm and cozy but I could hear the living room TV going. I went to the toilet and closed the bedroom door so Con could sleep some more. Ted was, as usual, in front of the TV so I said good morning and kissed his head then put the coffee on; my new coffee machine is still sitting in the hallway cupboard, unopened.

I made toast for us both and sat with Ted. He was on the floor with Ben but slowly he maneuvered himself up next to me. I handed him a piece of toast and he began to chew on it. I guess Ariel the mermaid was too fascinating to look away.

I cleaned up then made some scrambled eggs for Con and could hear the shower going. It was all ready when he came out and my heart melted at the sight of this man, he was fucking awesome.

He said good morning to us both and Ted sort of waved. Benny's bottomless stomach needed feeding so I did that and put him outside, more coffee and I sat with Conner.

"What are we doing today Con?"

"Let's not do Chadstone, I think we should go to Southland shopping center for a change."

"Okay, I'm happy with that."

We dressed and I drove us all off to Southland, a very large shopping center in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. I actually didn't even know why we were there except for Ted's reward money; I would have liked him to save some in his piggy bank. We walked around for awhile, looked in a few shops and then it happened, a big scream from Teddy.

"My daddy, my daddy."

"What's up baby?"

"My daddy," He was pointing to something he had seen in a music store.

Breaking free of Con's hand he rushed in, when we caught up to him he was talking his head off and laughing.

"My daddy, look my daddy."

The shop assistant was confused but I wasn't, over the counter was a full sized poster of Conner on stage, it was beautiful, it was from the waist up and his eyes were shining like sapphires.

We were laughing as he took the assistant's hand and put his fifty dollars in it and pointed.

"Daddy picture please."

"He wants a Rick Conners' poster mate."

"Okay, he's a little bit excited so I better find one and pronto."

"Daddy, daddy look what I buy, daddy it's a picture of you."

"That's awesome buddy, maybe I'll sign it for you."

The guy came back with a cylinder and popped the poster in it, he counted out Ted's change and he pushed it all into his tiny pocket.

The penny dropped when the guy stopped dead in his tracks.

"O my god no," he slowly blurted out.

"Well thank you, in a rush better go, come on Ted," Con gushed out.

"Daddy I get picture of you for my wall, it's beautiful but I no see picture of you dad, why there's no picture of you?"

"Because I'm not a superstar baby, just your dad."

We bought some take away KFC for lunch and drove home.

Ted put his poster in his bedroom, he didn't want to hang it straight away but he did get his piggy bank and sat at the table to put his change in it, I found some change in my pocket and gave it to him, Conner did the same.

"Come on lets hang your new poster baby." I reached over to help him off the chair.

"No daddy, I can't hang it on the wall until I finds your picture, do you think they might have one at Chadstone?"

"No baby but I know where I can get one, give me an hour, I'll be back."

I sorted through the photos Jen had taken of me on our flight to Sydney, me looking spiffy in my uniform.

"Be back in a minute Con."

"Okay babe, I love that photo of you." He kissed me.

I took it to my mate in Chapel Street and got him to blow it up to poster size, which only took a half hour, he put it in a cylinder and when I got home I gave it to Ted.

He was over the moon and insisted we hang them straight away.

Beth's bedroom was changing but for the better and for another very much loved member of our family, I think she would be pleased.

Con got them sorted and Ted lay on the bed with his hands behind his head smiling at the two oversized photos.

I was halfway through organizing lunch again when the phone rang. Conner picked it up and it was Bob, I forgot about him, I wonder how he got on.

Con was laughing and then he was telling him about the poster Ted bought. I put our food on the table and called Ted to the table, he wandered out with Ben behind him.

"Yummy dad smells good."

"Football captain food, baby, here let me help you." I lifted him up a bit because he has trouble with the higher chairs but we got there.

Con finished his call and kissed me.

"We got it, we f...,"


"Oh we full on got it for the original offer. Bob said he blew kisses to Troy all through lunch, he knows he was being a dick, but the smarmy little beggar asked for it. He was the one trying to push the price up, his father was just there to oversee the sale, he was quite happy with the first offer"

"That's great Conner, awesome, I'm so pleased."

"So is Bob, Jen had read the fine print on his contract and he knows it's standard procedure, he gets a percentage and he's taking Jen out tonight to celebrate," he chuckled like a naughty boy.

"What's funny Con, what have you done?"

"He thinks he's getting a lot less than we are going to give him."


"He thinks the small print says point zero one percent of purchase price, but when you blow it up it's really ten percent of the price, I told him to double check it."

We both laughed but I waited all afternoon for Bob's angry call, it didn't arrive today but it did in an email to Ray on Monday morning. Apparently Ray had to go to Bob's office with a team of accountants and they all had a stern word with him. He shut up after that but Con got a very strange message from him.

'Thank you,' was all it said and for Bob that was strange, maybe Con's winning him over, finally.

My baby only wanted ice cream and banana for dinner, he was exhausted playing with Benny in the backyard and when Stan and Grant came for dinner, Grant was telling him how to be the best footy captain, it was fun but Ted took it all in like a seasoned footballer.

They both had a go at bathing him and again there was water all over the place, he doesn't do that with Con or I. They stayed to listen to his story and before he went to sleep he looked at the posters and said goodnight to his daddies.

If he wakes up scared he will know we are in the room with him and all he has to do is look over to the wall.

Big day today baby, I am singing at the casino for some guy's daughter's wedding, only two songs but he pays well, want to come watch?"

"No Con, just do your best, I don't want to miss Ted's pick up time, oh shit it's my job, what time do you sing?"

He giggled.

"Lunchtime baby, plenty of time to get to school, I can dress here, there's no band just my guitar and me."

"Okay in that case I would love to come, I don't have to wear a suit do I?"

"No babe, casual attire, you will be out the back with me and Marty just in case I need something."

"Well that something you will get before you leave here, it should do you until tonight."

"Okay I'm good with that, want to start dressing me now?"

"It's too early, Ted, get your backpack honey, it's time for school."

"Okay daddy, one minute."He turned back to the TV.

"Now honey or we will be late."


He sat still.

I turned the TV off and he didn't even complain, he just walked over and kissed Conner and grabbed his bag.

"Let's go daddy or I be late."

I shook my head.

Getting Con ready isn't the greatest of jobs, all he wants to do is fool around, I had already gotten rid of his stiff member but it was a bit of a struggle to tuck it all away until I had a thought, jock strap.

I made him put it on, big mistake because he was ready to go again, so I obliged him one more time, and he seemed satisfied with that. He looked a million dollars when he swaggered to the car and wouldn't stop playing with my hair as I drove to the casino for his luncheon gig. I didn't know whose wedding it was but one of the Packers was mentioned, they did own the casino I think, extremely rich family with money to burn.

Con and I were shown to a small room where Marty was already relaxing in the only comfortable looking chair in the place.

"Hi Marty how's Di?" I politely asked.

"She's good Brent, more than good, on a high is how I would describe her at the moment."

Just then she waltzed into the room.

"Look Brent, look fifty bucks, I only put a dollar in the machine and I got fifty back. Wow I must come here more often." She laughed.

"Over my dead body Di," Marty adamantly said.

"You're no fun Marty; I could make a fortune with my luck."

"And you can lose it just as quickly too."

"How are you Brent, Conner?"

"We are good Di; can we catch up for coffee one day? I've been a little busy these past few months and miss our little chats."

"Sure Brent, I'll give you a call tonight after I look at my schedule which is almost nothing, we've only got two months to go and not many designers do maternity wear."

"Okay no problem, I'm free after today but before two o'clock is best as I pick Ted up from school."

"Okay I'll ring," she answered.

"What are you singing today Con?" she asked.

"'Us and Ask Me,' I might sneak in the new one but will see how the room is."

He started to warm up his voice, it was awesome so we just sat and listened.

"You feel okay Conner?" Marty inquired.

"Sure Marty, why?"

"Well it sounded a bit dry to me; do you need water or something?"

"I will just before I go on, it's just Sydney took a lot out of it but it should have revived itself by now, I don't detect anything amiss, maybe a slight twinge in my throat."

He went through the scales again and was satisfied with the final result, I couldn't detect anything but what do I know about notes.

His five minute call arrived and I looked him over big time, then he strutted onto the smaller stage, he was welcomed by some seven hundred guests and his guitar started to ring out his first song, 'Us.'

It was perfect as always and,'Ask Me,' brought tears to my eyes, little did I know it would be awhile before I heard him sing it again.

His coughing started late that night and was relentless. I took his temperature, it was a little high but nothing to worry about and after I got some of Ted's cough medicine into him he seemed to settle down a bit. He had a worried look on his face and early in the morning he got up and moved to the couch where he sat until sunrise.

I went to find him and he was watching cartoons with Teddy.

"Good morning baby." I kissed them both; Con didn't say anything and just smiled. I was a bit worried but I put the coffee on anyway, I guess he didn't want to worry Teddy or me too much, maybe a throat infection I thought.

He came with me as I dropped Ted at school, he walked him across the road and kissed his head and Ted ran off with some mates.

"Can you take me to the doctors," he rasped.

"Con! Why didn't you tell me I would have taken you to emergency last night, fuck me."

I was pissed but now I am worried, his voice is his life, okay, okay, it's a virus that's all.

"Sounds like a virus Con but we better get it sorted out as soon as possible." I took his hand and kissed it smiling reassuringly.

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