Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 20

Published: 25 Jul 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

It had been a big day, Con popped Ted in our bed and crawled in with him, his head on Con's shoulder while he read him a story. He was tired but I could tell he had something on his mind. He leant over and kissed me then Conner.

"Thank you," he whispered. I looked at Conner, who smiled then put the book on his side table and answered quietly for both of us,

"Your our son Teddy, no one can change that ever and we love you more than you will ever know and more. If anything is ever bothering you, come to us and we will fix it, if there's anything you need, you come to us, even if it's just for a hug and kiss, you come to us."

"Good, that's the way it's supposed to be," was the last I heard from him, he was fast asleep instantly.

I took Con's free hand and rubbed it with my thumb, thank you I mouthed. He air kissed me.

I turned out the lamp and listened to my boy's breathing, thinking something very beautiful just happened then my thoughts turned to Nan. I only let her in for a moment, it was too painful to go all over it again, but I thanked her for having so much faith in us.

The next three days were full on thanks to my big mouth. Firstly Ted and I had to find room for his extra toys. I know now how Jen and Bob feel; we just don't have the room. Con's house has only two bedrooms, one bathroom and a combined family room and kitchen, four miner's cottages joined together so my only option is to go up, but I agree with Con, it's cozy and well it's just home. Pretty standard for a cottage in Prahran but certainly not designed for big families.

"Con can you come here for a minute please?"

"A minute?"

"Yes, just for a minute."

"Only a minute?"

"Yes Con, don't play that game now, this is serious."

"Okay but only a minute."

"Con, get in here," I shouted.

I could hear him giggling all the way up the hallway.

"What now?" Hands on hips, smile from ear to ear.

"We got no room Con, we need to renovate and soon."

"Okay baby, no problem, I'll buy you a sledge hammer, we can knock down that wall and steal Ray and John's front room."

"Con that's a fire wall, it's too thick and the council won't allow it anyway. How about this for an idea, the bathroom is really too big, it's nearly the same size as this bedroom, why don't we cut it in half and do a communal one so Ted can have a door and we can have one, it will free up heaps of useless space. We can halve it and do two walk-in robes?" I expected the your minutes up routine but he was thinking about what I said, he walked into the bathroom which you entered by the hallway then looked inside, considered the ceiling, nodded and said, "What do you think about the idea Teddy?"

"I think its amazing dad, I can put my toys in the wardrobe, cool dad. I never have a walk-in one." He looked up to me.

"I'll get Ray onto it and we can have it done by the time we get back."

"Conner you just can't do that, Ray is busy, he can't get this done in that time and what about fittings and colors and tiles, we need to choose them."

"What color do you like baby?"

"Blue daddy."

"Okay." He smirked at me.

"What taps do you like Brent?"

"I don't know Conner, you're supposed to buy house magazines and look then go to Bunnings and choose something."

"Okay it's clear that the younger Richards knows what he wants so how about we leave it in his capable hands?"

"You can't do that Con, he's just a kid."

His chest puffed up.

"May I remind you I was renovating a block of flats when I was young, there was no problem there."

"Con you were thirteen." I could scream.

"Well Teddy's our son and what he says goes, I'll go talk to Ray and we can get the ball rolling."


"You heard." He kissed me full on the lips before I could protest any further then took Ted's hand and said,

"Come with me son we have a bathroom to get done." His other little hand was squeezed shut.

They returned in half an hour, smiles galore.

"All fixed baby, it will be done by the time we get back."

"How Conner, you can't do that."

"I just did, there's a consultant calling in this afternoon and she has instructions to design a high end bathroom with a shower, two washbasins, one luxury bathtub and one toilet all in bright white. Ted will pick out the tiles from her swatches and you can pick out the taps and fittings from her sample book, any questions?"

I didn't know what to say, they were both looking at me as if I knew what they were talking about.

"Blue tiles?" I squeaked out.

"Yes," Teddy screamed as he threw his arms in the air.

"Now can I get back to my voice exercises?"

I nodded and flopped on the bed.

"You need a cup of coffee daddy?"

"Yes son, I do."

He took my hand and led me to the kitchen then joined Conner on the couch.

"She's an interior decorator babe, it will look stunning, we are using her for Bob's offices, and she knows her stuff."

Miss West was a good looking, well-dressed lady of around thirty and she was very business like. She was sitting with Teddy while he chose the tiles he liked, she was showing him photos of bathrooms and I heard him laugh then he pointed to a particular photo, I guess the deals sealed. Next she called me over and I got started on taps and lighting.

"It's all too quick, I need more time, I really wanted one of those showers that come out of the ceiling."

"Oh, a rainforest shower?"

"I suppose so, if that's what they're called."

"Great in a modern contempory bathroom but not so great for little boys, water on the head and all that, how about you look at this?"

She opened her valise and looked around the room then placed a large photo in front of me.

"Oh that's perfect, it's beautiful, could we do something like that?"

"Already done Brent, the guys will start as soon as you leave."


"All I really had to do was make sure Teddy liked the tiles, we don't want to disappoint him and Conner wanted him involved, the tiles he picked will go beautifully with this design. He also picked this bathroom design, so easy peasy; now what type of kitchen do you want?"

"What?" I yelled.

Con and Ted came running.

"Kitchen, kitchen you never said anything about a new kitchen?"

"Well this one is getting old now so while the guys are here we may as well get it done too."

"You pick, Ted and I are going next door, thank you Miss West, just do what you need to."

Luckily we did go next door, John was cooking biscuits.

"She's an amazing interior decorator Brent, be confident, she will do a good job especially for you and Conner. He's her biggest client at the moment so I think you will find most of it will be gratis and the latest bi-folds will look stunning across the back of the house."

"Yeah, she will add it to the company's bill when she completes the new office block."

"What friggin new bi-folds?"

"Spoken like a true board member Brent; now you're talking my language. Don't worry, they will look superb," Ray said with a smile.

"Fuck me."

"If you want me to, I will."

I changed this mad conversation quickly.

"While we are on the subject of talking your language Ray, what was that 'in-depth' conversation you were having, with Bob, the other day?"

"Well give Bob credit where it's due. He's got some excellent ideas for the new company he wanted to run past me, that's all. I told him to just get it done; he's already saved us millions on the price and has already got a buyer lined up for the local interstate side of it, at a very good price too. We are happy with him and all he needed was a push in the right direction."

"So all this is not just you and Conner?"

"No Brent, we can't do that where the company is concerned. We have to make the best decisions and Bob was one very good one. The loans come from Conner's personal accounts. We made up that the staff got cheap loans but Conner just wanted to help you get out of the shit, that's all, and he wanted to help Jen and Rob too. So don't get mad at him, that's Conner. You are all his family. I know this is all too much for you but there's something John and I want to talk to you about, but maybe later on."

"It's okay Ray, I already suspected Conner was behind the loans and he did get Bob the job but I also have known Bob for a long time. I knew he wouldn't let you down. I knew he would be an asset. I'm glad it's all happened like this; now, what do you want to talk to me about?"

"Well as you know, Conner isn't the only owner of Ricon Pharmaceuticals, John and I are equal partners, we were leaving everything to Conner when we go upstairs or downstairs but now Ted is here. We are thinking about leaving it all to him. Conner doesn't need it and Ted is our grand nephew. We are leaving some money to Tom and the others but the company will be passed down to Teddy."

"Do whatever you see fit Ray but, you are Conner's uncles, don't you think he might feel left out, like you forgot him or something?"

"No Brent, we would never do that to him. We love him too much. He will have full control until he feels Ted is ready to take over. Anyway he will be too busy helping you deal with our other investments and properties; we are leaving to you both."


"Maybe we will talk another time, biscuit?"

I took one and instantly thought of a new bright red Lamborghini sitting out the front; that would be nice.

I had to put my little fella down for his nap, today has been a big one for him, I lay next to him and slipped off to sleep. I was dreaming of diamond mines and iron ore.

Conner was with us when I woke up. He and Teddy were whispering not to wake me up because I might be cranky but I wasn't, I just went with it. I had a lot of confidence in Miss West's choices and I knew the blue Ted chose would be a beautiful shade. As far as Ray and John go, well it's their choice; I will leave it to them to do the right thing by Conner. Teddy can't know about that stuff, not yet, as he's only a kid and I want him to be a great kid, unspoilt, polite and honest. I opened my eyes and spied all his toys, unspoilt eh? Now I do know how Bob feels.

The next day to clear the air I decided to take Ted to the airport, well Ted and Conner, special cargo is arriving for our son. Luke bounded off the plane and hugged a very excited Teddy. Adam swanned down the stairs followed by Phil and Dave, we all hugged and retreated to the hangar tea room for a catch up before we took the boys home.

Adam called Jill then Sarah to let them know they had arrived safely; I overheard him say to Sarah it would be pies and chips, for the next three days, because I can't cook. I have bloody news for you Adam, I've got my own chef living next door and I know how to order pizza or Chinese if I'm stuck. Luke and Ted talked at a million miles an hour and Ted was telling him about his footy team, his Christmas and his renovations to the house.

I picked up a slight smile from my Conner then whispered,

"Two would be nice wouldn't it?"

His smile got larger.

This afternoon I organized Sean, Bubby and Grant, with parents, to come to the park for a picnic. I invited the boys and they accepted. Poor Adam had things to do so he will miss out on my gourmet basket of food I had ordered from Nan's cafe, now Geoff's; we will pick it up on the way.

We belted the kids in and I drove us all to Prahran to pick up our lunch. Ted wouldn't get out of the car, he seemed upset, I left Conner with them and had a bit of a yarn to Geoff. He said to leave it to him. We hadn't been to the cafe since I had cleaned it out. It had been three months now. I put the basket in the boot then Geoff went into action. He opened the back door and hugged Teddy, laughing and smiling all the while, the other employees came over to see him and some customers told him they had missed him and asked him to come by sometime and have a milkshake, his smiles were returning. I bet he thought he would never see his old home again. It will be high on my list when we get back; it was remiss of me not to think of it earlier. His adult friends were here and I guess he thought they had forgotten him.

A much happier little boy attacked the park with gusto in his stride; he spotted the other kids then Grant; and took Luke over to introduce him. They started playing handball and I noticed Sean was a very happy boy; quite different from the scared little chap he was when we first met.

We said our hellos to Monica, Sam and Andrew, they were beaming, I guess after the good news of his job offer.

"Why didn't you tell us Conner owned Ricon?"

"Just my little joke guys, did you take the job?"

"Of course I did, my former employers weren't too bloody happy, but they used me up for years. I have a real job and Andy doesn't have to do overtime anymore. Rob told me about the employee's loans, so after three months, I will put my hand up. We can't thank you and Conner enough. If there's anything you need just ask us, we are indebted to you guys for life."

We all sat at a big picnic table, my boys had arrived and introductions were made and they all got on well. I was asking Andy how they got Sean into their lives.

"We have had him since birth Brent; Sam's sister had him for us, she's already had four kids and wanted Sam to have a child in his life. That was after we had met. I am the father and with Sam's sister's DNA, he has some of Sam in him too. She's a gorgeous lady Brent and the gift she gave us was unbelievable. She helps a lot and still babysits heaps so he's involved with his half brothers and sisters, it all works, confusing I know but boy he's our life, he's what keeps Sam and I strong and for that I thank God because I adore him in every way possible."

"I know that feeling well," I said as I looked at Conner attempting to play touch football.

I told him about the safe house and how Ted came into our lives, unfortunately my story wasn't as wonderful as Andy's but he did hold my hand to get me through the difficult bits.

"Now who's for lunch, enough of the sad stories, Brent give me a hand," Phil said.

We set the picnic up, it was excellent and there was enough to feed an army. Sean, Bubby, Luke and Ted got on really well and they talked footy all the way through lunch. Each one was an expert on the subject. Grant corrected their misguided notions as they went along. He was pumped at the thought of going to Bali with his man but I don't think he's even thought about what they would be doing except lazing around their private pool, perving on each other. Phil and Dave I think had the same idea, I know I did.

"You both could have come with us but we didn't think you would want to, new job and all; but maybe you can all come on the next trip. I know Conner has to tour the world with this new film he's going to be working on but that's not really a holiday. Maybe you both can come with us on our honeymoon, you know Conner, the one you promised me but never got around to doing anything about?"

Conner blushed and answered in his best butch voice,

"How do you know I forgot it wifey, you underestimate me so much."


"Yeah wifey, you moan like one."

"I don't moan Conner."

"Yes you do, every little thing that happens you moan about it, well I'm here to tell you life's a bitch."

"Shhhush," we all said in unison.

"Mrs. Green might be listening," Andy said.

"You too eh?"

"She got me five times this year, god knows how that woman sleeps at night," he joked.

"Twice so far." I pointed at myself.


Con handed his phone over to Luke to call his mums, he spoke for ten minutes then handed it to Ted who handed it to Bubby who gave it to Sean then Conner then me.

Sarah was calm but I did detect a little sadness, she was lonely for her boy, so I promised I would get him to Face Time her when we get home.

He was talking away on the Ipad to his mums for ages and Ted was by his side while I put his things in a drawer I had cleaned out for him. John and Ray had come in and were going over some paperwork with Conner; they hugged every now and then but also laughed. I talked to Jill and everything is okay. They were satisfied Luke was in good hands and I detected Jill was planning a big night.

The boys had made spaghetti, every little kid's favorite with plenty of cheese. Conner ate in silence while we talked non-stop to the kids about what they wanted to do tomorrow. They decided on a tram ride through the city, that's an easy one to do, we only have to walk two corners away to catch a tram. Conner had to go into work so John said he would come with me to help.

We got the boys bathed and dressed for bed and they both were hanging out for a story but they didn't actually go to sleep. Benny was on the bed with them as they giggled and talked into the night. Conner and I finally got to bed and he wasn't himself but I did manage to get a really good grope in. He cuddled up to me and we eventually went to sleep but Benny woke me at two. He needed to be let out for a pee. No Conner so I checked on the kids and they were fine. I found Conner on the couch.

"What's up?"

"Nothing, I just couldn't sleep; too much going on in my head."

"Okay, spill it."

"Spill what?"

"The will thing Ray was talking to you about."

"How did you know?"

"He spoke to me about it yesterday morning, what have they decided?"

"I thought they would be with me forever Brent, I never for one second noticed they were getting older and I guess it's thrown me a bit, that's all."

"Well they aren't going anywhere for the next twenty or so years Con, so don't even think about it."

"They want me to do more with the company, be there more and take over a lot of it's day to day running, I'm a little scared I will fuck it up."

"You can't fuck it up, they are there to help you, I know you only get to see the final recommendations that's what you pay accountants and salesmen for but that shouldn't phase you Con, is there something else?"

I knew bloody well this day was coming, I couldn't help him, I loved Rick to bits now but I still loved my Conner more, it has to be his decision.

"No, that's it for now."

I pulled his head into my shoulder and stroked his hair.

"Con can I ask you a few questions?"

"Yeah sure."

"What happens to your singing career if you just make albums and don't tour?"

"Well if the album is good enough you have to follow it with the maximum exposure you can get, it's not for me it's for the record label, fans and everyone that works for it to get there."

"Okay, so what if you don't sing on the album, what if it's written for someone else to record?"

"Then I get the credit for it but not the fame."

"How easy is it to offload a pharmaceutical company?"

"Plenty of offers come in every year it's been in business but we don't seriously look at them. It's worth billions Brent or that's what Ray tells me and it was my aunty and uncle's company as well as Ray and John's, I don't think I could suggest that."

"Okay, one sort of last one Con."


"What is your heart saying?"

He took his time and sighed a few times.

"My heart says I have my own destiny to forge out, I want to be here for you and Teddy, I want to help Ray with the company but I have so much music going around in my head, I need to get it out to the world."

I held my hand up before he went on.

"Con I don't know much about business but it seems to me if Ray and John are talking about semi-retirement, they may be over running the business. The new transport company, although much smaller, would be more suited to a young gun like Bob to run with the help of board members, Conner, Ray and John. My foundation can merge with Cody and Dan's and the new business can take care of it. You can move Helen and whoever you trust over to that company. The parent company was founded in a time Australians were urged to star on the world stage and Aunty Beth and her husband were well suited to it. She being in the medical field and he being a pharmacist, it was their thing. Now comes the important part so listen." He leaned back.

"Your music is the most important thing to you, the company isn't. You have displayed your songs on the world stage and it's paying off plenty. If you only had Ted and me to worry about, not all your employees and friends, I reckon you would have enough songs in you to last until Ted leaves home at fifty, you also are well suited to that task."

I smiled.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, now today at the office you talk to Ray, put all the other shit aside and really honestly and openly talk to him."

I kissed his beautiful lips and so wanted to make love to him but with the kids around it's a no go tonight, maybe on the flight to Sydney. He pulled me onto him and I dragged the blanket around us. We slept for the next four hours on the sofa. Two little pairs of eyes woke us, they wanted the TV. I put the coffee on and started breakfast, Con went back to bed, must be exhausting having all those songs exploding in your brain.

Grant turned up along with John and Ray. I pulled John aside and told him Conner wanted to have a serious talk with them today and Grant and I had the kids covered, he gave me a funny look.

"How do you feel about selling the pharmaceutical side of the company?" I sort of whispered.

He smiled at me and said,

"Thank you."

Kissing me on the cheek he then felt my bum, which he doesn't normally do.

"I'll still come with you, Con has to talk to Ray about this but I promise you it won't be as painful as he thinks. Conner chose wisely, or should I have said, you did."

We kissed our men goodbye and Grant drove us to the tram stop. The kids were so excited and of course they wouldn't sit still. Grant had another guy drive the car into the city. We figured after three hours on trams the kids would be dog tired so we thought driving back would be a better idea.

"I'm sorry John, I just had to know how you both feel about it, Con has been driving himself crazy not knowing what to do but I think our little talk at two this morning helped."

"Brent we wanted to offload it two years ago after Beth passed but we thought Conner might object if we mentioned it but thank god he has. Now we can get on with our lives and be real grand Uncles to Ted. You can have more to do with the foundation; we can do the school run."

I must have had a shocked look on my face cause he burst out laughing.

"Okay we will supply the meals and you can do the pick ups but we insist he start spending more time with us, I can teach him how to cook maybe?"

"Well I kinda like doing the school drop off too, I haven't got sick of him yet, and I want to spend every minute with him."

"I know what you mean son, we were the same with Conner, still are. We know he's not a businessman, he's an artist and he deserves to do what he wants to do, not be bogged down in an office. All's good Brent, we both want to sell and just oversee the running of the transport company, looks like Bob is getting another promotion soon."

"Oh shit," I groaned then looked around for Mrs. Green.

We rode trams around the city, had lunch in Carlton, took another one out to Carnegie and back and by that time the boys were getting droopy eyed so Grant went and collected the car and we all piled in.

I carried Ted and Grant took Lukey, they were zonked as we placed them on the bed. I pulled the door halfway closed and followed John down to the family room.

Conner and Ray were having coffee and cake, his eyes were red and I noticed the tissues were out again; he passed me a small parcel.

"That's your thank you stone," he said and kissed me.

A beautiful yellow diamond appeared.

While Ray and Con brought John and Grant up to date, I opened the safe and took my diamond jar out; I placed the yellow one in with the twenty others then rattled it until I found my Teddy diamonds. I know what I wanted now, a ring, I can look at it all day when my men aren't around. John leant over and said,

"Helen can organize it for you; her brother is in the business." he touched his nose, and winked.


We were all sworn to secrecy and decided Ray would put a few little feelers out just to test the water. Conner would keep the buildings and Ray and John would help oversee the transport company, bumping Bob and Rob up the ladder in the process. There's too much to think about so I lowered my head onto my arms on the table and was out to it in no time.

I felt Con and Grant move me to the bedroom where I slept for the next four hours, well until Ted and Luke decided I had enough sleep and should be playing with them but Ray collared them and took them next door to watch a movie. Conner got me in the shower and proceeded to kiss me all over, I was in heaven. I stroked Con's back as he bent over and sucked my nipples, his obscenely long wet hair leaving a spider web trail down my chest. My legs spread wide as he tasted my manhood and balls, I was full of cum and he gagged on it as shot after shot left my body. I slumped against the wall for a moment then got him out and onto the vanity where I gave him as good as I got.

With minutes to spare we had just sat at the table when two kids came running in followed by two very proud Uncles. John had cooked so I set the table while Luke rang his mums; his excitement was infectious leaving a certain buzz in the room. Ray and John looked younger and relaxed and I know Con and I were the same, it's been an intense day and I couldn't wait to hold my man in my arms tonight but for now, dinner is served.

It was very quiet when I woke early the following morning. I slipped out of bed and checked on our son and his mate, they were fast asleep and Benny was keeping them warm. I walked down to the kitchen and put the coffee on, my thoughts were still with early last night when Conner Richards and I made love, neither of us wanting or needing to urgently finish. I thought as I sat on the sofa and pulled a blanket around me that our lives were destined to converge. I had saved Conner that night in the park from his living nightmare and in turn he had saved me in a park from mine and now we both are saving a little boy who in return gives us so much joy and love.

My Conner Wilson was growing up fast, his zest for life now is a mirror of his child self in a way, I will miss protecting him but Teddy and I get so much more in it's place. With all my heart I love this man as much as I love the boy within.

I felt a whisper of a kiss on my neck, my man wants his breakfast me thinks and my son wants the remote control. Enough of the looking back thing, I guess this is just another day in the Timms Walsh Richards family; I had better get on with it before I get fired. Forge on Brenton Walsh don't let those bastards win.

We were rushing around putting suitcases into the car, hurrying little kids up and moving Con's ass off the couch. Ray had organized a people mover for the day, as we had to pick Tan and Tom up; Stan and Grant were already at the house. Grant drove, our estimated departure was nine thirty so we had two bleary eyed teenagers sitting up the back trying to get a few more moments sleep. I wasn't surprised Tan had stayed the night with Tom; he still insists everything is friendly, that they are not doing anything.

I indulged in thinking maybe they really weren't right for each other, if they haven't fooled around yet they probably never will; Tom's crush was just that, a crush.

We flew to Sydney to drop Luke off, they both sat by the window at the table, I treated them like royalty, offering drinks and biscuits for their trip and they giggled most of the way, one teen had gone for a nap and the other was in the cockpit with my boys.

Conner played my Cookie Crunch; every now and then he looked up at me then shook his head and smiled.

Both Jill and Sarah were there to meet us and Luke ran into their arms, he had missed them. Ted helped him with his bag and they both hugged goodbye as our ride arrived to go to the international terminal and customs. Luke was talking non-stop about Ted's mates, the footy workout and the tram rides, it would be Ted's turn to visit next time so I hope I have the strength for it; maybe I can put it off for a few years.

We had to go through customs so I went with Phil and Dave as flight crew and Ted was still mesmerized by my uniform. Con, Stan, Grant and the boys struggled through, they were so excited. Conner had been waylaid by some fans but there weren't many and he was pleased to do it anyway, it's good for his rock star ego.  It was sad to leave Ray and John behind with all that workload but hopefully when it's all over and done they will be able to travel with us. We all met on the other side and I made a point not to look at the duty free but the kids did and I noticed Grant taking note. Tom was more than interested in the new mini Ipad and I don't even think I've seen him with one, I noticed he looked in his wallet but shook his head. Grant was onto that in a split second so when the boys weren't looking, he took two of the Ipads up to the counter and bought some power packs and Beats earplugs to go with them; the little kid was only interested in what his dad Conner was looking at, a mini speaker for his iPhone, that was snaffled up by Grant also.

Stan was buying a bottle of very expensive wine, which he said was for his New Year's Eve celebrations, I think he had plans. With that all done we were shown to our bus and customs escorted us out of the terminal to the plane.

My boys settled Tan in and began the pre-flight check. I attacked the kitchen and put everything back to where it should be. Adam had left it in a mess, the little prick. Big arms enclosed my upper body and a gorgeous looking guy kissed my neck.

"You are something else Brent, I thank God every day for introducing me into your life."

"You want to snuggle up don't you?"

"How did you guess?"

"Oh just a hunch and that thing that's poking into my rear is a dead give away." I smiled.

"Well it's lonely."

"Wait until Ted goes for a nap and then we can play for a bit."

"Okay, Teddy, are you tired?"

"No daddy, we haven't even taken off yet, don't make me go to bed, I'm not tired yet." His lip dropped.

Con turned to me and said,


"There goes that big mouth again Uncle Conner," whispered Tom.

He sat down next to Ted who was looking like he wanted to cry and explained he thought he looked tired but if he wasn't then that's okay. He didn't want him to miss the take off anyway and wanted to keep him alert, that's why he had asked. I don't know why but Ted bought it. Tom smirked and I'm sure I heard the word, 'tool,' come from his direction.

In actual fact I was a little impressed with Tom, he was reading a medical journal to pass the time, I was very proud of him.

The take off was smooth like a slingshot and after some maneuvering we settled in for the five-hour flight, of course Ted couldn't contain himself, he yelled, laughed and dribbled his way through it.

"Would you like a glass of milk sir?" I said in my best flight attendant voice.

He giggled.

"No thank you daddy, I will widdle the bed if I have anymore."

"Okay sir; but if you want anything else, please just press this button."

"Okay daddy."

He pressed it six times on the flight, just to see if it worked.

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