Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 22

Published: 8 Aug 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

I beckoned Dave and Phil over and Manu stood and shook hands with them both and Conner then expressed his gratitude to them for saving my life.

"We'll talk later, I want to talk to my boy privately if I can, we can talk over dinner," Manu said so my boys left us alone.

He talked quietly to me for an hour about my kidnapping and how the investigation was going, which was nowhere. He also talked about the Indonesian government wanting to start mining in his country, which is rich with ore. He was enjoying his holiday at their expense but the mining wasn't going to happen, he wanted to leave the untouched land for future generations.

"I'm having a free holiday Brenton but they are trying hard to convince me to sign on the dotted line."

"Well general, just politely tell them no after you've used up their hospitality, a little word but it speaks volumes."

We had a very pleasant talk and then dinner was served, unfortunately the Indonesian ambassador insisted I sit with him with that woman on my other side. Con and Ted sat opposite but after an hour I'd had enough of the guy greasing up to me, and Con rubbing my balls under the table with his foot.

My general wouldn't stop winking at me and my giggles weren't far away. My sourpuss friend looked down her nose all night and I later found out she was the wife of the Indonesian diplomat who was trying to negotiate with the general, big mistake lady but I won't go there again, she's a nothing.

Teddy was tired and I needed to get him home with the promise of entertaining the general tomorrow morning for drinks at eleven. A Humvee arrived to take us home; the boys had already left on their bikes but Stan and Grant stayed to party on and to talk business.

As soon as we got Ted settled Con was all over me.

"He offered me four million dollars Con."


"The Indonesian ambassador, he offered me money to get me to talk the General into supporting the mining deal," I said while undressing.

"Well if its money you want, I'll give you ten to talk you into fucking me baby."

It didn't take me long to earn my wages, not a hard job to do, that gorgeous body was mine for now and I wanted it so badly. I spent most of my time looking into his eyes and kissing his fine lips that was after I made sure my tattoo was still there.

Ted slept through a full night but he wanted breakfast as soon as he got up and with lots of toast. Conner was still sleeping so I left a note to let him know where we were. I checked the red patch on Ted's leg and put more stuff on it and he said it didn't hurt anymore which was a blessing. Mosquito repellent, sunscreen and we walked hand in hand down for breakfast. After finding a table I got up and made him some toast, grabbed some orange juice and vegemite, served my boy then I went to get my meal while keeping one eye on him, I'm obsessive I know.

Two half awake boys arrived and sat with us. They were hungry but needed drinks first; I had the poached eggs on toast, delicious. The boys were telling me about their trip home last night, they rode past the big gay clubs and watched a bit of the show from the street but they didn't dare go in, I suggested they should get Dave and Phil to take them one night.

"Really?" Tom's eyes bugged out.

"Really, you've both shown me you're responsible. You're allowed into the clubs here so why would I deny you both that experience? Just be super careful with your drinks and don't whatever you do, drink alcohol."

"Cool, there were guys dancing with each other, kissing and stuff, it was awesome." Tan reminded me of my youth, anything like that was such a turn on.

The rest of the crowd arrived as Tom was feeding some fresh fruit to Ted who had it dribbling down his new t-shirt, I wiped it up with a tissue.

"What was that all about last night Brent, the ambassador was pretty pissed, it was the only time he had seen General Manu smile and he actually seemed happy to be there?" Stan inquired.

"We are old friends Stanley, he flew with me once, I kept the scotch up and three bottles later he boarded his flight to Papua to indulge in more of the same."

"All that hugging just for a bottle of scotch?"

"I'll have you know we only serve the best on our flights." I laughed and Conner appeared, putting a hand on my shoulder and kissing Ted on the head.

"Good morning, did you all sleep well?"

"Yes Conner, like a rock," Tan replied, Tom nodded.

"But why are you so friendly with Manu Brent, it can't just be the drink service?"

Stan went on, he wouldn't leave it alone, I didn't want to talk about it but if he insisted then I am going to tell him to mind his own business.

"It was," I replied.

"He's coming for coffee around eleven so can you and Grant go with the boys, I think they want to go into Denpasar to the computer stores."

"We do?" said Tom.

"Yeah sure but don't you want me there for the meeting?"

"No, Teddy do you want a banana juice?"

"Yes please daddy, can I come and watch?"

"Of course you can baby."

"Don't call me baby." He giggled.

"Okay baby."

I took his fingers and kissed them then I put his feet on mine and foot walked him over to the juice bar. He laughed all the way and my heart warmed.

Conner appeared at the egg and bacon dishes and he was loading up like it was his last meal.

"You will get fat; you might end up like Pavarotti."

"Then I'll sing opera to you."

"You, sing opera? Hardy ha, ha."

He took a deep breath but I put my hand over his mouth.


Ted's juice appeared with a tiny umbrella and straw in it. I carried it back to the table and sat next to Dave who was also shoveling ham and eggs down his throat. How do these boys stay so fit and trim, good God? I must admit my extra bacon and egg roll was delicious though. Ted was talking to Con about his big plans for the day. He was going for a swim then he was going to watch TV for a while and maybe order room service and get some drinks, if life was only that simple. I had to order drinks and I think sandwiches for my general, better make that two bottles of scotch and two big platters of mixed sandwiches, it's a wonder he hasn't had a heart attack.

I got the kids sorted out, they were sharing a room next to ours and had washing to do so I popped it all into a bag and got Tan to take it to reception, they have a laundry service here.

Tom flopped on his bed and sighed.

"Okay it's been awhile since we talked anything I should know?"

"No Brent same old same old; Tan is not interested in me that way and I have to admit my feelings for him have cooled even though I still like him a lot. We are going to be good friends I think but I'm still frustrated. I guess that's what you get when you're only almost sixteen. I know it will get better, dad said it does but I think I'm a little impatient."

"I don't blame you, it's very frustrating but there is someone out there for you believe me so just relax and let it happen."

"I will try; maybe he will be at the club tonight, maybe."

"Maybe he will Tom, open your eyes and look around and when your jaw drops or your extra luggage gets aroused maybe that will be him."

"Very funny, what was the computer shops thing about?"

"Oh nothing really, Stan wants to sit in on the general's visit but I just want it to be us so I was trying to get rid of him. Don't get me wrong Tom, he's a beautiful guy but the embassy is curious as to how I know him that's all, it's all about espionage and spying on the neighbors."

"I see and how do you know the general if I might ask?"

"He headed up the hunt for my kidnappers in Papua after I was found, I just don't want to talk about that stuff with Stan and the whole Australian embassy, it's private, we became friends over that and he did get drunk on my flight, it was a really fun day."

"Okay I get it, I'll try for the markets at the same time, that will keep him busy all day." Tom understood as he had seen me meeting with Mary and the tears I had shed along the way.

"Do you need money cherub?"

"Not really Brent, I've hardly spent anything and thank you for the Ipad, that was awesome."

"My pleasure, your family Tom and we want to spoil you sometimes."

"Well thank you." We hugged and he went back to doing what he does best, reading a medical journal.

"Your not just reading that because of me are you?"

"No Brent, I find it very interesting, hard to believe I know."

He hit me on the arm with it.


I left him in a happy mood and he promised to come for a quick swim before he left.

Ted was full of giggles splashing around the pool with Con when I got in so I stripped off and joined them; Tom arrived five minutes later and jumped in followed by Tan.

We swam, threw Ted in the air and laughed a lot. Later, the doorbell rang and it was Phil and Dave, they were here to pick the boys up for their day out.

"What happened to Grant and Stan?"

"They can't come, something about a meeting."

"Oh they can't, can't they?" Now I was pissed and everybody knew it.

Conner was right onto it so he flipped his phone and dialed.

"I'll handle it baby, just go get showered and ready."

I stood looking straight at his beautiful face while he acknowledged the person he was calling.

"Grant, what's with cancelling the boy's day out?"

"Well that's just plain rude mate."

"Well tell him if he so much as comes within ten meters of this room he will have more than an angry ambassador to deal with, it isn't happening."

"No, this is a family get together, nothing more than that, we want him to get to know Teddy and we want to be alone."

Con was now pissed as he flipped the phone off.

"They won't come but we had better check the phones for bugs."

I went and showered.

Ted came in to get a good rinse off, he sensed I wasn't happy and hugged my legs.

I kissed him and told him everything was okay. I shampooed his hair and sung a nursery rhyme to him at the same time and he was happy with that. We sun screened and did his leg and I found some cool clothes for him to wear. All dressed we went out to the lounge where Conner was sitting with Dave and Phil by the pool waiting for the kids to get ready. Phil didn't have to ask me why I was meeting with the general, he knew it had something to do with my abduction and he put his arm over my shoulder as a comfort thing.

"Will this nightmare ever go away Phil?"

"Yes it will, unfortunately the general has brought it back temporarily but it will leave as soon as you get home to your new house."

"I forgot about that, I hope the tiles aren't royal blue," I sort of moaned.

"They won't be, and this won't be hard either, he just wants to talk to a familiar face, it must be hard to maneuver your diplomatic persona within your muddy reality."

"You guessed," I answered.

"The instant I saw him," Phil said quietly, "I thought it funny he requested our jet when he had the Australian air force at his disposal, don't worry I'm tight lipped, especially with this story."

"I know you are and that's why I can't get Stan involved, he won't stop until he knows the full story, he will do more damage than he knows."

"Maybe you should ring the general and see if he can suggest a meeting elsewhere, you and Con could take the bikes while we keep Stan busy."

"Good idea Phil."

The doorbell went once again and a porter handed Conner a message, he read it and tipped the man saying there is no answer. He shut the door and came out to us followed by Davo.

"He's cancelled our visit and is flying back to Papua this afternoon, the note said for personal reasons, he has to leave and he hopes we would call him on his private number one day."

I thought about it and came to the conclusion he had had enough too, I was ready to go home so I looked at Con.

"Do you mind?"

"Not at all baby, when you're ready we will go."

I looked at Phil and Dave and my boy, selfishness doesn't become me at all.

"Let me calm down a bit Con, I don't want to spoil the kid's holiday, really I don't." Tears flowed down my face, another moment where I didn't realize I was doing it; thank God I didn't pee myself this time. The memories flowed but Ted thankfully was in front of the cartoon channel.

I walked into the bedroom and splashed water on my face then lay on our bed with my arms behind my head thinking how much I hated Stan at that moment. The man who saved my life can't even visit with my family and I because some prick wants to know everything I do. I wanted so much for him to get to know Teddy. Somehow I knew deep down if there was any real trouble in Ted's life the general would keep him safe, but now all I've got is a note. He was on to it, I just knew it, and he did the best thing for himself and me so I hope the Indonesians got a big fat no for their trouble.

My Conner came to me and again the tears started, he held me close to his heart and waited until I stopped shaking.

"Where's Ted?"

"Gone with Phil and the boys, only to the computer stores then back, he's excited to go for another ride on the bike." Stroking my face he added,

"I know, maybe we will ring him tomorrow, Stan's not the only diplomat in Australia that can play silly buggers baby." I detected a bit of a vengeful tone in his voice.

"No leave it, but it would have been nice to sit with him and let Ted get to know him for the wonderful person I know he is, not the ruthless killer he was."

"What do you mean was?"

"He told me after dinner he had retired from the family business because his government job paid more." I started to laugh, Con smiled then pashed me to pieces.

Later on in the afternoon Con and I were enjoying some sunshine and the doorbell went again so I got up to answer it, Stan and Grant were standing there as bold as brass.

"He's not here; he went home, thanks for nothing Stan."

Then I shut the door in their faces.

"Who was that baby?"

"No one Con."

I sat on the sun lounge and started to lick Con's chest and abs, I was getting him ready for his next chore, to fuck me into next week.

Happy boys and happy friends were all around me later that day. Tom and Tan got some great duds for their night out with Phil and Davo. They also got some bits and pieces for their Ipads dirt cheap. Unfortunately I didn't have the heart to tell them the stuff is copied and will probably fall to pieces as soon as they hit Australian soil; they insisted it was real anyway. Their night won't start until ten, nothing gets cranked up before then so we decided to take the bikes and go to one of the better restaurants a few miles away. The hotel had put us onto a couple of top places on the beach and hopefully we will get there before sunset.

I reneged on my decision to oust Stan and Grant from my family, I had calmed down completely so rang them to let them know where we were going, after all Grant is still my bodyguard and my friend and they jumped at the chance to come and said they would meet us out front. I couldn't stop laughing at Ted, he was making siren noises as we slowly rode through a lot of back streets following Grant's bike. We got to Ku De Ta right at sunset and were seated on the balcony overlooking the beach. Although the setting sun was in our eyes, it was spectacular; Ted wanted a kid's hamburger and chips while we went for the more exotic foods and while we waited we all had assorted cocktails and juices. Stan just stared at me and I think he had realized I'm not just some giddy pushover and when I went down to the beach to look at the sarongs the ladies were selling, he came up behind me, he started his sexy spiel and I whipped around and looked him in the eye.

"The general flew on our plane to Darwin with his army mates and Conner and I had a good time, he had requested our plane because he knew of me from my kidnapping and wanted to meet me." Stan went to speak but I stopped him in his tracks.

"He headed up the resulting investigation and wanted to meet me personally to let me know how it was going. You see his son was kidnapped and tortured by militants a few years ago and when they found him, the general only had moments to say his goodbyes to his mutilated son. In retrospect he and I have a connection which can't be broken. I wanted that man to get to know Teddy and to have a family day with us. In my small way I wanted him to become a member of my family. It is for this reason I wanted for us to be by ourselves. Now all the Indonesian government will get from him is a big fat no because he's more interested in the future well being of his country than letting them take his fellow Papuan children's inheritance."

I stopped abruptly, I had to, I had already said too much.

"You were kidnapped?"


He didn't know and I was surprised at that, I thought he would have checked my history out after we first met, diplomats sometimes do that I believe. I didn't even know if Grant knew, it was before his time I'm sure.


"That's all you get for now, Google it, I'm all over the net."

"Something else Stan, I am going to continue to see the general so I hope you don't cause too much disruption on that point."

"Of course not Brent, I love you and if it wasn't for the Australian ambassador getting involved I wouldn't have interfered in your visit at all. It didn't feel right to me and I didn't like doing it, believe me, I just wanted you to know it wasn't all me."

"I do know that but this is my family's personal stuff and nothing to do with any government. I told the Indo idiot the other night after he offered me four million US to talk the general into signing; it's called corruption Stan, this place is laced with it."

"He offered you what?"

"Four mill give or take a hundred or two but Conner gave me ten just to sleep with him so I took the better offer."

I laughed.

I had the ten million Conner gave me in my backpack, must put it in the safe when we get home, ten million rupiah that is about a thousand Australian dollars.

Everybody had calmed down after a few drinks and the boys were getting edgy. They wanted to go to their first gay club here. Our meal was fantastic, not a lot of heavy food but very filling and Ted was looking tired so we headed on home. Grant didn't talk to me all night but kissed my forehead before they left to change, they all would go to the clubs. I had my little family to myself and as we passed the showroom we were treated to some Balinese dancers doing a show but we had to get our boy to bed, he's more important.

We three sat on the edge of Ted's bed and looked at each other, a big smile came across Con's face as he started taking Ted's shirt off to get him ready for bed,he leant over and kissed me at the same time.

"We are leaving two days earlier baby, I need to call in to see someone special."

"Who Con?"

"Ted's uncle Manu that's who, I mailed him tonight at dinner to expect us on the seventh, he can buy the scotch this time."

I was pleased and I was jumping up and down inside because I had won another battle.

Story time was putting us all to sleep, it was one of the boring ones, Ted was breathing deeply by the time we closed his mosquito net. We hit the shower and made out some, well a lot actually. Conner almost moaned in operatic tones when he shot his load onto my face.

Later on we actually made love. I was so horned up I even stopped halfway through just to take in and thank God for the gorgeous man in my bed.

The next day there was a phone call from the ambassador's secretary inviting us out for dinner, I declined saying we were on holidays and tied up.

Our bike ride to Tanah Lot was long and slow and Ted and I got in a few screams, we avoided all the traffic jams cause Con was an excellent rider. He told me he learnt in America and dreamed of doing Route 66 on a Harley but it never eventuated, I filed that away for future reference. The young teens were sleeping their day away, apparently they all had a blast at the nightclub but the money boys annoyed the shit out of them. Grant fended them off as he found a quiet corner for them all to sit. The boys danced the night away and from what I was hearing at breakfast they were getting a little cozy with each other, maybe things are starting to stir? I might have a talk to Tan and see how things were going on his side.

Ted wasn't impressed with the giant snake Con hooked over his shoulders for a photograph. It didn't look mean to me, but I've always liked snakes, as they have a certain elegant look about them. The local handler said it was harmless but Ted wouldn't budge, he gripped me as I my held on to him. We walked through the market stalls and I kept saying no more junk but oh no, not mister happy cats, we were once again caught up in the haggling thing. Ted bought some really nice animal pencils for his mates and a variety of battery operated cars that light up and swivel all over the place while honking their horns. Con bought me a great animal print t-shirt but he was disappointed there weren't any undies to go with it. His smile returned when I said I would look for some. I already had something in mind for when Ted had his nap and my cock was rigid at the thought.

We sat on the hill in a nice Warung and ordered juices. The temple was over the water and tourists were wading out to get a blessing from a holy man who sat in a grotto. I deemed it too dangerous to venture out, so we sat and drank our juices, and watched everyone else do it, some slipping on the rocks, some losing their balance in the sand and plenty of wet folk all around.

After buying some postcards just to have some official photos of the temple we started to return home and the traffic wasn't bad going the opposite way. Ted was sorting through his stuff and had made small piles for each of his friends, little Conner and Hope and her dresses were so pretty.

"Dad, do you think maybe I could buy Mrs. Green something?"

"Sure, what about a nice handbag so she can hit me over the head with it when I've been naughty?" I joked.

"No dad, something really nice like a hair clip or something."

"Sure baby, we can get her plenty of those when we go out later."

"Okay dad and don't call me baby."

"Okay baby."

He giggled.

I looked in on the boys. I had left Con lying on the bed with Ted having an adult afternoon nap. I guess my idea of a raunchy moment got squashed the second he closed his eyes.

Tan and Tom were playing music and dancing around the room, they were quite good too.

"How was your night, boys?"

"Really good Brent, we had a blast," Tan replied.

"That's good, what time did you get in?"

"Around two thirty, I think, but I'm not sure."

"Okay, no hassles?"

"Nah, nothing we couldn't handle although I did get felt up in the men's dunnies. The local guy was after money for sex so I told him to piss off." Tom was very animated.

"And nothing else happened?"

They both blushed.


It was a no, and the quickest way to stop my prying.

"We are thinking of maybe going to the big supermarket out on Sunset road later, want to come?"

"Sure we will, are you taking the bike?"

"No we might catch a cab, if Con does any shopping we may need the room."

I laughed as I waved and went back to the room. I used the time to ring my general to see if everything was okay for us to call in to Port Moresby. He was his usual jolly self and as I guessed, he thought they would try and put pressure on me so that's why he left, he was over it anyway. He said he would pick us up at the airport and I was pleased he wasn't mad with me over the shit that went on.

Conner arrived, his nap was short and, while he made a coffee, I slipped into the bedroom and put my plan into action. I stripped and put a sarong very low on my hips, my balls swinging in the wind. I walked out passed him and stood by the deck chair. Coffee forgotten, Con quickly sat on the chair and examined my new mode of dress while running his hands over my scantly covered ass cheeks. I was about to plunge my now very happy dick past his pouty lips when I heard that whiney kid coming. Panic, I jumped in the pool, what else could I do? Conner was laughing his ass off.

"We will continue that later baby, it was so hot."

"Don't call me baby," I heard Ted scream from the lounge room.

"Okay baby," I screamed back.

His giggling brought him out to the pool steps wanting to get in so thank God my woody dick had gone down, almost.

The big shopping center was packed with shoppers and bargains and our trolley was almost full as Phil had a hard time trying to find room for the mini sound system he bought for Adam and Rob. He had to send Davo out to get another basket. Ted rode on the front and he was in his own little world. He moaned when I tried to get him to try some shorts on. It was too hot for all that so I didn't buy any. Con did though, a vast array of colorful tourist crap. He smirked as he swaggered up the aisles. Quite a few tourists recognized him and asked him questions, like was he doing a concert, where was he staying, can they have his autograph. It wasn't full on but it occupied his concentration for a half hour so the trolley had a rest.

Phil was looking at some sexy underwear when I passed so I handed him two sarongs and whispered, "They look great without underwear." Wiggling my non-existent eyebrow muscles.

"Thanks baby."

"Don't call me baby."

"Okay baby."

I laughed all the way up the next aisle.

Conner finally caught up with us just as we were about to pay for his goods. He flashed his credit card and paid the lot and nudging me in the ribs he muttered, "Your shout next time."

We had two days to go and the teens were trying to talk Phil into taking them to the gay club again. He had other plans involving two sarongs and naked torsos. Conner disappeared for two hours with Grant and Stan was making phone calls to Melbourne. They had decided to fly back on an Australian military transport plane. Stan explained he wouldn't interfere with our family visit and he needed to get back anyway, he and Grant were itching to maybe fly the huge jet some of the way.

"What took you so long; I thought you would do it the first day?"


"You know what Conner Richards, you are driving me crazy now give me a look."

"I don't know what you mean."

"You want me to slap your ass?"

"Okay, okay."

He dropped his shorts and underwear; the Teddy tattoo was scripted under my name where he said they were both protected forever. My stiff rod appeared again, he called Ted away from the TV. He looked and read it then went back to doing his best holiday pose, back in front of a Donald Duck cartoon, don't know whether he was impressed or not, but I certainly was.

Dinner at the hotel tonight, we had to ask for a table away from the tourists. Word had got around that Rick Conners was staying here. The management put us in a private room overlooking the ocean. We weren't shut away but were hard to get to seeing there was only one staircase servicing it. Our meals were top quality like the hotel, nothing was a drama and everything was made available. They even had a baby-sitting service but we declined. We wanted Teddy all to ourselves. After dinner we went for a walk along the beach and there were still plenty of bathers and rent boys hanging around. Ted waded in the water and Con did some voice exercises into the wind, Dave and Phil were walking with us as the teens readied themselves to go out again, and Grant was supervising tonight.

"Dad can we go and buy some more stuff for the kids at school?"

"Sure buddy but can we do it tomorrow, it's getting a bit late and Brent looks really tired?"

"Sure daddy, no problems."

After getting him off to sleep, we both tried our sarongs on and it was a no holds barred romp by the pool followed by a midnight swim.

Our last day in Bali was a relaxation day; we had a pool party and I ordered food and drinks for lunch while Stan, Conner and Grant took Ted shopping for more trinkets for his footy mates. Phil and Dave said they would be there but I haven't been able to contact the teens but I was assured they were still in their room by the reception desk.

When the boys came back with yet another half dozen bags of rubbish, we all changed into bathers and played with Ted in the pool, I played with Conner under the water.

Tom and Tan arrived not looking too happy I can assure you, they were very cold towards each other and hardly spoke. I asked Phil what happened but all he could say was Tom was pashing it up big time with a local boy on the dance floor but nothing happened as far as he saw anyway and they seemed to be talking when he dropped them off at their door. I overheard Tan saying something quite rude to Tom so I waded over and told him to apologize immediately. He looked stunned; maybe he thought nobody would hear him.

"No I won't."

"Okay then what's going on, and don't bullshit me either you two?"

"Ask the slut over there," Tan sneered.

I could see Tom was going bright red yet he hadn't said a thing.

"What happened Tan?"

"He was kissing that Indo guy on the dance floor all night, it made me feel sick."

"Why?" I whispered to him.


"Why did you feel sick Tan?"

"Because I didn't like it."He blushed.

"And why didn't you like it, Tom's not your boyfriend, he's a free agent so I don't see anything wrong with wanting to kiss a boy."

"Well I don't like it; it made him look like a slut."

With that he heaved himself out of the pool and sat on the sun lounge sulking.

Tom smiled at me through his blushes; I gave him a wink and a slight nod.

Way to go Tom, it's a start.

Now where is my man, I need a cuddle.

As always I appreciate your emails.

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