Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 23

Published: 15 Aug 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

For our last dinner together in Bali we walked along the beach road to Mozzarella's, a top restaurant with apparently great food, not a long walk from the hotel and again there was a beautiful sunset. There were guys selling all sorts of toys and gismos along the way, it was a road full of colorful lights and flying objects and the trees at various eateries were covered in all sorts of lighting, it continued all along the beach. Conner was taken in by the exploding wallet, which you open and the whole thing bursts into flames.

"No," I said firmly.

The dancing toy Zebra was cute though, we would have one of those for little Conner, we really didn't buy for Jen and Bob, although I will get some really good aftershave and perfume on the way out from duty free. I appreciate they don't want the crap clogging up their house.

Our meal was great but the kids still weren't talking to each other so there will be no nightclubs tonight and early to bed for all. Stan and Grant will leave later in the day and we have an early departure window.

While walking home Conner found his voice, he stood on the sea wall and belted out a song from his, 'Hard Assed,' album. Don't even bother asking me the name of it, all I know it has something to do with someone's pink tush.

After making a spectacle of himself for the passersby's; who clapped and a slap on the back or two, we said goodbye's to the security guys at the beach end of the hotel and said we would be back soon. I let Conner take Ted to our room and get him settled because I wanted to have a word with Tom, he wasn't very happy at all.

"It's all too confusing Brent, one minute he doesn't want to know me and the next he's as jealous as hell, I'm sick of it. Last night I fucking enjoyed myself, I shared my first kiss with a stranger which I didn't want to happen but I did and I enjoyed it, I actually came in my jocks it was so nice."

"That's it Tom, let it all out," I urged him.

"He said we were just friends so why couldn't he be happy with that, I liked him, I really liked him. I pretend we are just mates but I have liked him since forever, fuck me, anyway I have talked to Stan and he can get me a lift on the transport plane tomorrow with them. I'm going home and I'm sorry, I will miss you all but I think it's best I go."

"You do what you think is best honey, some people are slow learners Tom, I think you will find Tan is very jealous underneath it all but he doesn't know it. We will miss you too baby, don't forget we all love you and just want you to be happy." We hugged for ages until he wiped his eyes and left for his room.

When I got in Conner was reading Ted's book to him. Ted was plaiting Con's hair and it looked good so maybe we have a hairdresser in the family, he put a pink scrunchie in the plait, so cool.

"Hey island prince, you look so cool."

Con actually blushed, I think.

In the morning it was a big rush to get breakfast over and make sure everyone was organized.

"Have you packed Tom or are you doing it later?"

Tan's head shot up.

"No but I already have done most of it, I have plenty of time yet."

"Well do you need money?"

"Nah, I've still got plenty, I can give some back to dad when I get home."

"What's going on?" Tan asked.

"Nothing why?" I replied.

"What's this about going later, you are coming home with us aren't you Tom?"

"No, actually I'm flying home with Stan and Grant, I'm tired and I need my own bed."

"No, you can't do that, you have to come with us. "

Tan by this time was getting rather agitated.

"I don't have to do anything."

"What did you say to him Brent, why is he flying home without me, what did you do?"

"He didn't do anything Tan so just settle down. I think, under the circumstances, it's maybe better if I leave you to it, I've already organized with Stan to go with them so I'll maybe see you around at school sometime."

"No, you can't do that to me, not after all I have done for you, you have to come with us."


"Because I said so, that's why."

"Not good enough Tan, you don't need a slut hanging around your perfect little life."

"What slut, what are you talking about man?"

"According to you I'm a slut, so because I am, I choose to go home alone thank you very much."


"You heard."

Tom got up and went to get another drink from the juice bar.

"You can't let him go home alone, his parents will kill you."

"No they won't, I spoke to his mum last night and she's fine."

"But I wanted him to come with us."

"So you can call him a slut once more?"

"No, I didn't mean that, it was a slip of the tongue."

"I see, you didn't mean that slip of the tongue word four times yesterday because that's how many times I heard it Tan and to be honest mate, I don't blame him for wanting to go home early, I certainly wouldn't want to listen to that kind of shit all day, especially, and I fucking mean especially, from my best friend."

"I didn't mean it, I didn't."

"Tell him not me," I almost shouted at him, I was so mad.

Tan stood up and shoved his chair back, it crashed to the floor then he stormed off towards the beach.

I didn't have time for his tantrum, we had to go. I kissed Tom goodbye and he in turn said his farewells to Teddy and Conner, Phil and Davo. He then went out the front, hopped on his bike and rode away. He was in love with Tan and I know now Tan loved him, too young, well in the great scheme of things yes, but in their minds no.

Phil left us at reception and walked down towards the beach, we had to be going and our bags had been loaded into the people mover, Ted thank God hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, he was eager to go ride in the jet. Grant and Stan promised no harm would come to Tom and they will see him to his doorstep.

Phil and Tan came back and hopped in the car, Tan's eyes were very red and of course my heart was heavy for them both but what can I do? They have to work it out themselves.

He started again.

"He should have told me he wasn't coming with us. I wanted him to ride with me; it's all your fault Brent. What did you say to him?" I took a deep breath.

"Obviously Tan I said all the right things to Tom. The main thing I told him was I loved him dearly and cherished his beautiful friendship."

He mulled it over while the security guards waved us out into the street.

"He should have told me, that's all."

"You should have told him you loved him too, but that certainly didn't happen; you abused him instead. It should have been you kissing him at the club not a bloody stranger."

There was silence in the car except Ted singing to himself.

"Let me out."


"Let me out, I have to find him."

"Take your passport and we will see you at home."

I brushed my fingers on his wet cheeks.

"And tell him, no more hurting okay."

"Okay." He kissed us goodbye and we actually got a smile out of him.

"Phew that was intense," Conner said, "I was about to call in the Ninja turtles."

"What daddy, the Ninja Turtles don't live in Bali."

"No they don't but I have their private number to call on them anytime so thank goodness we didn't need them today."

"What daddy, you have their number?"

I nudged Conner to stop now.

"Yes baby but that's because I'm a star and they look after stars."

"Oh but silly daddy, they are cartoons."

"Are they baby?"

"Yes daddy and don't call me baby."

"Okay baby."

We settled into the jet, it was just the five of us now, I prayed the kids get it sorted out; no good comes from hiding your feelings.

Ted was belted in and ready to go and his fists were again closed tightly. Conner watched him from the table with a slight dreamy look in his eye. His laptop connected to the jets Wi-Fi he was collecting his mail for the day, most of it he would pass onto Jill and her mob to answer. He started laughing as he motioned me over; there was a big picture of a bathroom with blue dolphins painted all over the walls.

"Bathroom is finished baby."

"Nope, not happening, they can do it again."

He laughed then showed me the real photo.

It was gorgeous, I unbuckled Ted to show him what a good designer he was, the tiles were the palest blue, almost white and I couldn't wait to see it.

"Where's the kitchen?"

"Nope, it's a surprise."

He closed the lid on the computer; I'll have a look later.

"Okay listen up people and kids, this is the safety speech."

Ted laughed and Conner pulled faces, I hopped in the seat next to Ted and buckled up. His nose was tightly pressed against the window watching the runway quickly fly past us and then miraculously we were over the ocean again, the white tips of the waves looked like frosting on a cake.

I made coffee then took biscuits to the cockpit, no Tan today so he's missed out again, I wondered if I could ring Grant. The boys were excited to be flying again and were also curious as to what happened so I said I would try to find out. They already knew Tan liked Tom a lot by the way he talked about him. They also were a bit miffed I had got in the middle of it and copped a mouthful from a lovesick brat in the process.

"A very protective brat I think boys, Tom is in for some good fights I fear." Chuckling back to my other boys I threw my leg over Conner's lap and started grinding my ass into his crutch, Ted was too busy playing cloud animals.

"They are fine, Grant said Tan found Tom on the beach not far from the hotel and they have been in their room since. He said he heard some squishy, sucky face noises coming from the room so I think all's going to be good."

"That's a relief, now you can have that safe sex talk to them when we get home."


"Well you know now Tom has got a boyfriend so you have to move on with your questions and I think it's wise to start with safe sex."

"Tom is going to be a doctor Brent so don't you think that's the first thing he read about?"


"Oh the old maybe is back again?"


"You gonna have a sexy sleep with me soon?"


"Well maybe you might like to get your rod polished too?"

"For sure Con."

We kissed and I ground harder, he of course moaned in low tones.

After putting Ted down for his nap we scooted into the other salon and were naked within minutes. Our bed got a great workout as both our asses were lubed and oozing fresh cum, then we drifted off for an hour or so.

Flying into Jackson's airport in Port Moresby was an experience, not much of an airport to write home about but the welcoming committee was waiting in droves. I think he brought his whole family along to greet us. After squeezing the life out of Conner and I, he tried to attack Teddy who ran behind Conner's legs and held on fast.

"He's not gonna let it happen Manu, maybe later?"

"I wouldn't hurt the little fella."

"We know that, it's just he's so small and your so."

"I know big."

Phil and Dave had some maintenance to attend to so the General said he would send a car for them in two hours time, nothing important, they just wanted to check everything was tied down properly.

He motioned us to a large bus that took us through the streets to a big house surrounded by a large compound. He told us it wasn't safe to walk the streets alone, too many idiots out there, he would personally do a guided tour for us tomorrow but today was catch up day with his Australian family.

There were kids there about Ted's age playing ball; he looked at me with his fists tight. I nodded yes and he hit the ground kicking, for the next hour all I could hear was a lot if kids having a great time.

"My cousin's kids so I thought he might like a game with them."

"Thank you and I am sorry about what happened in Bali. It wasn't my intention to cause any drama, we just wanted you to get to know us a little better that's all. The embassy shouldn't have got involved."

"I understand completely, I thought they might try something but I didn't realize they would use one of your dear friends to do it."

"Well it got out of control but we are here now with the assurance no one will interfere."

"You believe them don't you?"

"Why shouldn't I? They said so, they promised."

"They have spies all over this country, I don't trust anyone but we can talk in the garden, I'm sure there's no microphones hidden away there." He laughed.

He showed us to a lovely rose garden where a table had been set up for a late lunch with a trestle and kid's party food on it. They were playing kick to kick their chatter was awesome, me thinks our son is a star.

"He's going to make some great friends here Brenton."

"I hope so Manu."

"What's his story boys, I know you didn't give birth Conner cause I would have read it in the Rolling Stone magazine." He belly laughed; we told him the story and how much we had loved him right from the start. He gazed over for a second but came back to us when I touched his arm; I knew he was thinking about his boy, the one that was tortured many years ago.

All the kids called him Papa Manu but I didn't detect any direct references to his children, they were all referred to as my nephews and nieces.

The servants started to round them up for a party luncheon and our food arrived looking very alien but deliciously appetizing.

Teddy was covered in dirt and he had scrapes on his knees but they didn't seem to bother him much. He wasn't the only one, some other kids had the same but they all had one thing in common, their smiles and their willingness to be Ted's mates.

"I can organize it if you want?"

"Organize what Manu?"

"For Ted to have a sister or brother, not the same color but close enough." He laughed again.

"That would be ace Manu, how many can we have?" Conner beamed.

"As many as you want Conner, just go over and pick a couple you like, they are all house trained and de-fleaed."

I was shocked, who would ever consider just giving away their kids to strangers?

"There are twelve kids under fifteen living here with me, they are the result of rebels killing their families. I take them in to keep them safe from the idiots that come here expecting a sex trade to be booming. It's definitely taboo here in PNG, hanging comes to mind so I do what I can for the kids. They are all schooled until they are seventeen then sent to university if they show promise."

"Sounds like you are on top of it then Manu."

"Oh yes but I was joking when I said you can have them. I wouldn't part with their smiles for anything. I have the confidence of the Prime Minister whose government provide the funds to house and feed them, they are safe with me."

"If we can help in anyway just let us know, we owe you a huge debt Manu, one that will go on for generations," Conner was almost whispering.

"You owe me nothing Conner, I didn't do anything, only head up an investigation."

He was matter of fact about that.

"You're right but if you need anything just let us know," I chipped in.

After we had eaten, the kids went to change and shower, Ted went with them and I noticed some ointment on his and the other's knees. I guess they are looked after beautifully.

Phil and Dave arrived and fresh food was brought out to them. They said the plane was locked and guarded and thanked Manu for that.

"Rebels boys, you can't be too careful nowadays."

"This mining thing the Indonesians want to get their hands on, why is it so important?"

"It's not the kind of mining you are thinking of Brenton. PNG is loaded with copper and gold, that's what they want. Rio Tinto have quite a stake in our country so to introduce the Indonesians here would cause an upset with the government, they like Australia, we have since the war."

"Then why were the Aussies hosting the talks?"

He leant over and said, "They weren't, I guessed that the first day. Corruption is everywhere, tall poppy syndrome and all that stuff. I knew from the outset they were in cahoots, it wasn't the Australian government that was hosting the talks just the ambassador, get the drift?"

I thought about it for a while, it would be a feather in his cap if the PNG deal was signed and the ambassador would benefit greatly but why did Stan get involved?

These questions he can't answer and wouldn't ask funnily enough. I trusted Manu and I believed his word. Anyway what do I know about such things?

Six other children with Ted listened to his story tonight so Conner had his work cut out for them. Six camp stretchers were put into Ted's room so he didn't have to sleep on his own. The nanny would keep her eye on them; to make sure there were no little kid antics throughout the night, he was tired anyway.

We retired to the room next door as I needed to make love to Conner but he wouldn't get off the phone. He was talking to Ray then John so I took the situation into my own hands. I motioned him to sit then slowly relieved him of his shorts and underwear.

"Ray, no I'm not."

"What sounds?

"What do you mean moaning?"

"He's asleep in bed."


I smiled as I munched my way through some very serious salami, with salted nuts.

He hung up and began to really get into it, lifting me off him and standing up. Then turning and leaning over the chair, which was my cue to get to work, I did so quite happily.

Our departure wasn't drawn out much. Ted wouldn't get out of the bus and his mates tried to hide him up the back, Conner threatened him with the naughty corner but he giggled.

Manu hugged us and said he would see us soon and it had been a pleasure to host his other family and when he's in Canberra next we would fly up to see him. I asked him where his offsider was; I hadn't seen him so he whispered in my ear, "He's too busy being the prime minister now but he sends his regards."

I laughed all the way up the stairs and into the cabin, what a pair. Me thinks corruption is everywhere here also.

Settling my boys in for the comfortable ride to Melbourne I was glad to be getting home, like Dorothy said, 'There's no place like home.'

A beautiful sunny day greeted us on landing and two beautiful guys were waiting for us. Ray and John had smiles from ear to ear. They hugged Teddy a lot then Conner then ganged up on me. They helped to pack the car, we had bags under our legs so in the end I looked at Conner. He smirked at Teddy, who was oblivious to everything and just concentrating on asking John how Benny was then telling him about his footy game and the friends he made. He was assured Ben was eager to see him and he had a good time while Ted was away. I heard Ray say under his breath, 'thank God your back, he might shut up now.'

We had cleared customs, they had gone through the plane like a fine-toothed comb, I don't know what they expected to find.

As expected Benny was there to meet us. He smelt fine so they must have bathed him for our homecoming; he and Ted jumped on the bed and cuddled while I went to look at the bathroom. It was gorgeous and a skylight lit the room up like daylight. The tiles had a mild hint of pale blue in them and Teddy ran in to look.

"My blue, daddy, my blue."

"Yes son you did really good with the color, it's awesome."

Conner used the toilet and I stared at him in shock horror, he pulled off some tissues and wiped around the bowl, then flushed.



There was loads more room for our clothes, the closets were fully fitted out and surprise, our clothes were all hung and tidy. Ted's was the same with his toys packed into crates on the bottom shelf. Ray and John had gone to put the kettle on as I walked out the back. I stopped and thought, it was,'Home Beautiful,' live in our house. The kitchen was also a triumph so I guess I'll have to learn how to cook now. The bi-folds took up much of the back of the house and my laundry was now in a cupboard, the garden landscaped with a new dog house for Ben and a spiral staircase which led to a room on top, hello what's this?

"It's your new daddy retreat baby," Con said as we maneuvered ourselves up the stairs.

"I don't need one."

"Well it's Teddy's teenage home away from home room."

"He's five Con."

"Maybe a movie room?"


Opening the door I found a large room with a small kitchen and bathroom, a small flat actually. There was a wall-to-wall display case, a projector in the ceiling and a big comfy couch.

"Display, movie room Con?"

"Great idea baby, yes I can put all my treasures up here and nobody will pinch them, not with Bennie's kennel at the bottom of the stairs." He grinned.

"Benny sleeps inside."

"Not when we are out."

"Point taken, it's lovely Con."

He let his breath out, guess he was doing his exercises.

The coffee was ready together with a big plate of homemade biscuits. Ray held Con's hand while Ted told them all about his holiday and Con's big lie about the Ninja Turtles. His motorbike rides got the most praise and he asked Con if he could buy one so he could go to school on it. I heard Conner make a mental note.

John asked about Tom and Tan, they hadn't seen them since they got back, something about playing computer games Grant had said. I must ring them when I get time but for now I want to put Ted down for his nap and maybe have one of our own.

Ray indicated he had news on the business sale but he would leave it for later. He promised Ted a short story and John accompanied them. Con and I had another look around; Miss West had done a superb job. I had loads more room and Conner's bum picture had been moved over the fireplace. His awards were actually in a glassed off kitchen cupboard, on display for all to see. The new furniture fitted in and the lighting was mood to bright, hidden away under bulkheads unobtrusively. We sat on the new sofa and decided it was more comfortable than the old one and we couldn't wait to try it out.

The boys said Teddy was asleep and we should get some rest, wink, wink. They said they would see us later.

We held hands as we walked into our new bedroom, Con had my clothes off in no time and we were urgently rubbing dicks under the covers. My emotions took over and I began my journey down his magnificent body pausing on his beautifully sculptured bits and pieces until I won the perfect prize.

His legs cracked as he lifted his ass to meet my mouth. His feet pointed downwards and his breath came in short gasps. My throat worked the way it was trained and his bursts of man juice were strong and copious. I lay there until every drop had cleared my mouth and he relaxed completely. I wanted to do it all again but for my efforts, all I got was light snoring. I guess he was tired.

I wrapped our blanket around us and pulled him in, my hard on planted firmly under his balls.

Hair everywhere, I had brown in my face and black all over that. I felt small kisses on my chin, what a perfect way to be woken up, I froze, then dared to move slightly, good that everything was tucked away and soft. Con must have tidied me up when Ted came in.

"You sleep well little man?"

"Yes daddy, I am still a little tired but I going to watch TV now, goodbye."

"See ya."

He jumped up and ran to the family room. Conner pulled me closer.

"Thank you for tucking me in."

"Was my pleasure."

"Want to do it again?"

"Give me one minute, hold that thought."

He jumped out of bed and walked out into the hallway. I gave him a minute to realize the old bathroom wasn't there anymore. With his head in the air he came back and found the new one saying as he passed,

"I knew that."

I stroked my now very hot rod waiting for his return and when he did, it didn't take me long to unload into his stomach. I was so horned up it was ridiculous. We have got to find more time to make love otherwise I will go crazy.

A bomb hit my new kitchen benches; they were covered in crap, clothes, trinkets, sarongs, all the stuff we won't use here, well in public anyway. Why the hell did I buy all this stuff? I laughed at myself, Con's purchases were all over the floor and he and Ted were having so much fun sorting it out. They both had arms covered in bangles and heaps of beads around their necks. I came across a silver pendant with our names engraved on it so I found a silver chain and put it around my neck. I giggled to myself as I dropped my shorts and took my T- shirt off, wrapped a sarong around my waist, and popped a frangipani behind my ear.

"You like coffee Conner?"

I strutted around the place. Ted was laughing and Conner was trying to put his hands all over me. I slipped by and switched my new beaut coffee machine on. It had somehow finally made it's way onto my bench. We had fun that late afternoon. Conner put his sarong on and we made a small one for Ted. I put some flowers in his hair and showed him how to tie two ponytails in Conner's hair. We loaded them up with beads and flowers and he looked sensational. We stuck on a Bali cd and danced around the room. Ted was giggling at Conner's swaying hips and I was boning up.

Ray and John came in with dinner. We kinda looked gay in all our regalia, but being the good uncles they were, they joined in; Ted helped them choose their bracelets.

Dinner was superb and we did have a good time but just after, when John insisted on making drinks, they got down to business. Quite a few offers had come in, even without advertising; Ray smiled when he read the biggest one.

"Whoever thought two accountants, a nurse and a pharmacist would build a company worth this much?"

"Well it was all your doing Ray, all of this wouldn't have happened without you," Conner said.

"I can't take all the credit. I just wish Beth was here to see this. Personally I think it's a great offer and we should play with them a bit but I would settle for this anyway."

"Then settle for it, no more hard work for you uncle, accept this one and let's go live a life of happiness and no regrets," Con added.

He took a deep breath then stroked John's hand. John nodded and handed over an official looking paper. All three of them signed it; it was a pre-sale agreement accepting the offer from Bayer. Everyone relaxed and I picked up the offer and started reading it.

"You got what?" I screamed.

They looked at me like I was mad, like this happens every day.

"You'll frighten Teddy if you scream again Brenton," John said calmly.

I placed the contract on the table then walked down to the new bathroom and screamed into a towel.

Conner was stroking my back as I tried to calm down.

"Sorry Con, that's a whole shitload of money."

"Baby I only get a quarter of it, not a lot really."

"Conner you get a third of it and that would pay the national debt."

"No baby, there are four of us, we share it four ways."

"Ray, John and you, that's three."

"And you, that's four."

"Never, don't you dare do that Con, please don't, I couldn't cope with that much money, it would make me sick with worry."

"Okay I understand baby, I'll invest it in Ted's name then."

I was about to faint when he walked in to do a pee.

"Finished daddy, you take a long time?"

"Yes baby all finished."

"I'm not a baby."

"Okay baby," we both said in unison.

Ray told us the sale is for the pharmaceuticals only. No buildings, no transport and he had called a meeting for the morning to announce the pending sale to management. The new company wants all the staff and it will be business as usual but Ray is going to exempt Helen and a couple of other personnel and of course John.

He got a slap on the arm for that one.

The Foundation is about to be merged with the,'Never Give Up,' one and will be funded privately by Ray, John, Con and Mary.

"Now the hardest thing we have to do tomorrow is to get Bob to accept the general manager's position and of course Rob will become a board member, any ideas?"

"No," I said.

They looked at me again.

"Well he loves Amoretti biscuits, you know, the Italian almond ones."

John said he was on to them.

We celebrated with a bottle of champagne that Miss West had left in the fridge. We only had one glass each, Ted had warm milk. The jet lag was catching up with us, I know I will sleep well tonight so we suggested his uncles read him his story tonight but he got mad.

"Did you forget that's my daddies' job?"

"No baby, it's okay, daddy will read your story."

"Good, because my uncles read me the wrong one for my nap." He crossed his arms over his bare chest.

But the uncles did get to give him a bath, he was almost asleep when I dried him and wrapped him in a fluffy towel. His new bath was awesome by the way; I reckon you could get four people in it. Anyway I put his PJ bottoms on and got him settled and Conner started reading his story to him.

"Thank you daddy."

"You're welcome my son."

No love making tonight, we were too buggered but we did kiss a lot. I undid Con's ponytails and stroked his hair with my hand, looking into those bright blue sapphires of his.

As always I appreciate your emails.

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