Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 25

Published: 29 Aug 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Dinner was a yummy steak and veggies; John is such a good cook and threw it all together in no time. I cut Ted's up really small and told him to chew it twenty times like dad.

He talked about school to his uncles and his footy training; they were hanging off every word. I wanted the guys to have more time with him, just to get him more comfortable. Con and I can't do this all by ourselves, maybe some sleepovers and school drops. 

"Things are moving fast Conner, John said, Bayer desperately wants our business. Have you had any thoughts about what you want to do with the money?"

"Not yet but it will probably go into a family trust thing for Brent and Ted, you know me I don't have a clue, maybe Brent can invest it in the stock market or something?"

"Don't you dare bring me into this Conner Richards, I have some money, this is between you and Ted who I might add has his own money."

"I do daddy?"

"Yes honey, your money box is almost full."

"Oh yeah I forgot."

John draped his arm over Con and said,

"Don't worry about it now, when everything settles down Ray will invest it the same as ours; a bit here, a bit there and a lot in your Zurich bank account." He smiled.

"What bloody Zurich bank account?"

"The one Beth set up years ago, makes good interest too," John replied with a smile.

"What?" It was Conner's turn to be shocked, I laughed my head off, couldn't help it.

"In any event Con, we will have a small team of accountants and book keepers to do it for us."

"Do you need another book keeper Ray?"

"I was going to wait and see when the takeovers finished who wanted a boring job in a back office, who have you in mind Brent?"

I swallowed and said,


Then added,

"Can't it be done from a home office nowadays?"

"He's hired."

That's it, that's all I had to say and he hired Andy, fuck me.

"Well I was going to wait and see who wanted the job from Ricon but it's pretty boring and your mostly shut away in a back office, but I like your idea better Brent, you can tell him to send his resume to me."

"Anyway there's no need to worry about money and investing, I will take care of it," Ray finally said, we all breathed easy.

The next day at Marty's was a breeze, Disney is still insisting they want to use Con's voice for the bear but they are compromising and are going to let him do it in the studio where he records his songs. I don't know which angels are looking over us but they are mighty powerful ones. 

We left on a high and Con had a script tucked under his arm. He said he would get us to rehearse it with him.  He also had the draft of concerts in the five cities, possible dates and surprise, surprise, options for further nights if there's a demand for them. We decided to spoil ourselves and have a banana split on the way home. He's so going to get fat. The gym hasn't seen us for weeks but running around the park should help.

Grant appeared out of nowhere, God knows where he hides; he joined us, almost drooling over the ice cream delight.

"Stan is eternally grateful to you both. He checked it out with his boss and you're right, he knew nothing of the meeting and is going to look into it."

"Well it's over now, we all better bury the hatchet and just get on with it," I suggested.

"It is Rick Conners, look he's fat," someone screamed in my ear.

"Hi Adam, Rob, join us, Con is just about to order another one."

They pulled up chairs and looked through the menu.

"The kiddy menu is at the back Adam," I whispered to him.

"Want me to read it to you?"

"Fuck off," he said.

"Sir if you use that language again we will ask you to leave." It was the waiter.

"Oh sorry." Adam was red faced, it started with small giggles then blew up to full on laughter. Rob was trying to keep a straight face but he lost the battle and I detected a slight smile on Adam's face.

"No work today Adam?"

"No, Dave's servicing the jet, today he's got Phil and Tony helping so I get to go shopping with my husband at last."

"Babe I've only got two hours, not a week."

"Well you're the boss now so you can take as long as you like."

"Not the way I play it, there's too much work to do."

"Have it your way then, Brent want to come shopping with me?"

"No thanks Adam, not this time we've got to go pick up Ted, you can come with us if you like."

"No I think I'll just go home and sulk."

"Rob just take the rest of the fucking day off," Conner said.

Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," the waiter said.

Con was mortified; I couldn't stop laughing at the look on his face.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Not really sir and I don't care either, please leave."

There was more laughter, poor Conner.

We giggled all the way home; I had to stop because he was starting to get mad.

He was sulking in the kitchen, we had another two hours before we picked Ted up so I ran a bath. We may as well try it out. I took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom where I proceeded to strip him. He was standing there naked so I sat on the bed and just looked at him. How did I get so lucky, he was magnificent? I ran my hands all over his body then had to stop, he was inching in closer to my mouth.


I stripped off and he lunged at me.


Standing, I took him to the bathroom and told him to get in. He did so and I climbed in on top then started kissing his exposed parts and by this time he was hard as nails. Reaching over to the shelf I took some lube and rubbed it on his dick then slowly sat down, he gasped lightly as he entered me. I kissed his eyes as he humped, I didn't feel a thing when he came. I was too busy kissing him, trying to enter his soul, trying to be inside him, trying to be part of him. My orgasm arrived as I cleaned his mouth out with my tongue.

We lay there for ages as he went limp and I moved up to the other end of the bath, using the soap to cleanse his legs and massage his feet, I was in heaven.

We actually went to sleep. Upon waking we still had some time so I took Con's hand and placed him laying face down on the bed with his knees spread wide, what an awesome look.

Teddy was happy and Grant followed us to the park where he would begin his classes. It had grown as more and more of Ted's schoolmates were meeting us there. Some with parents, some with older sisters or brothers; little Dennis was a shy kid who stood back and watched and when one of the boys got the ball he laughed and yelled but he didn't join in. I noticed he ran from the ball several times, he seemed scared of it.

So I made it my mission to help him. I was pretty scared myself at first, I remembered it well and I got some awful ribbing but I guess I survived. I called him over and we started off by just throwing the ball to each other, I was throwing it further and further and he was trying to throw it harder. By the time we finished he was pretty good at it.

"He needs a father," said Mandy, Simon's mum.

"What's that?"

"His mum is single and he doesn't have a man to show him these things. I can tell, he wants to play ball and needs a man's guidance." 

"Grant, come here for a minute, I have a problem I think you can help me with."

I told him about Dennis, he had noticed his reluctance to join in and said he would fix that. He ran back to the boys and held onto Dennis' shoulders. Then he told the boys to run once around the oval, he got on his knees and started handballing to Dennis, then showing him how to do it properly. The smile on that kid's face was priceless. He only needed to know how. Some kids are a little slow but I bet you he's fully into it by next week.

Conner ran with the kids then Grant looked after Ted and we went for a run. For some reason Conner was trying to outrun me, maybe he's still pissed off. I let him go, I reckon I could have outrun him but hey, it's Conner, he's a winner.

"What was that all about Con?"

"Just showing you there's no fat baby, I'm as fit as a fiddle." He smiled.

"I already know that."

We decided we would go next door tonight for dinner; John had come home early to cook a roast chicken, which is my favorite dish. When discussing the takeover, Conner dropped a bombshell.

"I'm going to buy a football team."

Ted's ears pricked up, he looked wide-eyed at Con like he was some sort of a holy man.


"I'm going to buy a footy team, maybe sponsor one, like get uniforms and hire a coach, stuff like that."

"Good luck Con, I don't think they sell footy teams at K-mart but we can try."

"Ted is your team for sale?"

"Daddy my team is for school, it can't be sold because it's just for school."

"Well I'm going to buy it and some uniforms and stuff." Con was having so much fun at our son's expense.

"But it's for school, no one owns school teams, I'm the captain and I know these things." Ted took hold of Con's cheeks and wobbled them as he spoke.

"Oh, then I better go see Mrs. Green tomorrow, maybe she knows a team I could buy."

The school had teams and they played other schools in the area in footy season but I didn't think it was a really big deal, just friendly games, for exercise mainly.

"How much do you think a footy team costs Ray?"

"A lot of money Conner, maybe five hundred dollars."

Ted rolled his eyes.

"But it's a school team, it belongs to the school."

"No, I want to buy a footy team and I think I have five hundred dollars to spare."

"Dad you're stupid."

"Am I now, sorry, but stupid is buying a footy team?"

He added,


Con grinned.

Ted's fists were tight.

The story tonight was nice, I liked it so much I drifted off to sleep, Ted was half asleep when I woke and Con was looking at the two of us. He pulled me up and started to undress me.

"Con no."

"Trust me."

He got me down to my underwear then stripped.

"Hop in, I feel like sleeping with our son, the footy star tonight."

We climbed in each side, Con pulled him in, Ted sighed but Benny wasn't happy, he had to sleep on his rug on the floor. I thought I detected a slight growl.

Each time I woke up I could see Cons eye's staring back, the ones on his poster that is.

We moved to our bed early in the morning. I missed my man holding me and I thought of the everyday occurrence that happens quite often in our underwear. Not nice if it happens in Ted's bed. Con was dozing and I was playing with his gear stick.

"Want to buy a new car today?"


"Oh, what do you want to do then?"

"Take Ted to school then go see Mrs. Green, I'm going to buy the football team."

"You're serious then?"


He leaned in and kissed me but never any bad breath from Con in the morning, he's too perfect. 

"How are you going to work it?"

"Offer to buy the kids uniforms then we can visit the other four schools and buy them some too."

"Well I did have trouble sorting the teams out last season, that's a great idea Con."

"I want Ted to do the negotiations, just having a little fun with him."

I chuckled as I threw back the covers and went for a piss, my little man had been in here, the toilet paper was half off the roll, he must be watching TV.

"Good morning baby, did you sleep well?"

"Yes dad, really, really well."

"Want some toast?"

"Yes please."

"What are you watching?"

"Ninja Turtles dad."


Con came down and hugged me while I walked from the sink to the toaster; he did that until I finally got his coffee onto the table with toast.

"Come and get your breakfast Ted."


"It will get cold."


I took a plate of toast over to him.

"Thanks daddy."

"You're welcome baby."

I waited but there was no reply, good, I got another baby in.

On our way to school the conversation got around to the footy team. Con told Ted to be on his best behavior today because he was going to buy his team. Poor Ted didn't know what to say. I think he thought his dad was probably mental.

We kissed him goodbye then he ran over to his mates, no doubt telling them his dad is going crazy.

"Good morning Mrs. Green, how are you this fine morning?"

"Fine Mr. Richards,Mr. Walsh, what can I do for you today?"

"I have a proposal for you, can you come for a walk with us for a minute or two?"

"Of course, now I'm intrigued."

We walked out the back of the school and through to the footy oval that needed a good watering but it suited the kids to muck around on it. It bordered onto the park we go to after school.

"Now what am I looking at Mr. Richards."

"The footy oval, it's a bit dilapidated, it could do with some rejuvenating don't you think?"

"What have you got in mind?"

"Well a bit of water, a clubroom, visitors room, maybe a basketball court, some seating, that sort of stuff."Con grinned.

"Oh Mr. Richards that would be nice but I don't think the board of trustees would approve that folly, we are more about education here."

"Well the kids have to learn to play sports too. They need some sort of interaction with each other outside the classroom." 

"I agree but I doubt they will go for it. We are a good junior school with a middle class cliental, there are too many parents struggling out there to ask for more money."

"Will this help?"

Con handed over a cheque, she almost fainted.

"You can use my builders, they are honest and won't rip you off."


(My reaction too.)

"You can't do this."

"I just did Mrs. Green, now I want to have some fun with my son,let's go."

"Would the captain and vice captain of the junior football team come to the office please."

Within minutes Ted and Sean were standing in the office and after a few hugs he sat down.

"Now I want to buy your footy team, how much can I buy it for men?"

"Daddy, it's the school's team, you can't buy it, I already tell you that."

"Well I don't know about that captain, if Mr. Richards buys some jumpers and shorts in the school colors, we might do a deal."

 The boys looked at each other,Ted's fists tightened.

"And some footy boots too?" he asked.


"And can we ask for some footy socks also?" Sean asked.

"Done, two full uniforms for the team and some different shorts and tops for practice days, do we have a deal men?"

Conner was loving this.

"Mrs. Green, can we sell the team like this?"

"Of course, you can captain, it's your team."

They whispered to each other for a minute.

"Sold," they both said.

"Well done men, I now own your team and the first thing we do is to build you a proper footy field and put in some change rooms. We don't want the girls to miss out so we can make a basketball court for them, is that okay?"

"I suppose so daddy,that's so cool isn't it Sean?"


A man of few words our Sean.

Conner handed over an interim plan for what he had in mind. He also said Grant would train the boys; he may as well have something constructive to do, at no cost to the school.

The boys were dismissed and we hugged them. They ran back to the classroom bursting with news for their mates.

"This is a wonderful donation Mr. Richards, how can I ever thank you?"

"By calling it the Beth Richards Oval."

"Why Beth Richards?"

"Personal reasons Mrs. Green but I will tell you some of it. I was abused by my parents horribly, my aunty Beth saved

my life. My schooldays were full of bullying and it wasn't pleasant at all. I want Ted and his mates to have the best memories of their school days and his dad and I need to offload some petty cash." Con laughed.

"My god I never suspected, I haven't met your aunt have I?" 

"No, she passed away but she sent Brent to look after me and Ted to change my world. I want all the kids to be happy and safe and by calling it the Beth Richards ground, it is a very small thing to do in her memory for saving me."

Con's eyes were glistening, he was on the verge of tears so we said our goodbyes but before we went Con said,

"My first choice was the Mrs. Green's green but it doesn't work for me." He started laughing at her.

"One hundred words Mr. Richards, I must not make a joke out of Ted's headmistress."


"You heard Mr. Richards, on my desk in the morning."

"Brent, she can't do that, I just gave her oodles of money, she can't."

"Sorry baby, she just did."I laughed all the way to the car.

"I was going to do it anyway babe. I need to get more involved with the community and that's a good start, can't have our boy and his mates running around on a dirt patch."

"It was very generous of you Con and a beautiful way to remember aunty Beth, she will be smiling now."

"She will be, won't she?" he dreamily said.

We sat in the car and held hands until it was time to go inside. Conner started his detention immediately; I couldn't stop laughing. We attempted to settle in for a good old-fashioned session but the knock at the door sounded urgent.

"I've locked myself out, can I slip through the back?"

"Sure John,that's a bit unusual for you isn't it?"

"Yes, my keys have gone missing, I will have to borrow yours. 

"Bloody inconvenient, I just want to get my spare keys and organize the locks to be changed."

"Good thinking, we are about to go pick Ted up, do you need anything else?"

"No,all's good Brent, I can handle it."

"You ready Con?"

"Yeah, I'll meet you out the car."

He was right behind me, I laughed, he had a cap and a sports coat on.

"I want to at least look like a football team owner," he chuckled then swaggered to our sort of rusty looking limousine.

"Dad you buyed our team, awesome, can we have a pie day too?" 

"No more demands captain, you had your chance and if I was you I would have held out for five hundred bucks." Con grinned.


"But because you got a raw deal, we will have a pie night and a cup, we need a grand final cup don't we?"

"Yes daddy and some medals, they always get medals too."

"Okay captain, make me a list when you get home, I will run it by my secretary."

He gave me a look I didn't like.

"Get Adam to do it."  I snarled.

Around the corner and up the road we pulled into the car park. I looked around and thought this place is going to look great with the new grass and buildings. It wasn't a big playground but enough for a footy team of small proportions.

Grant started by running the kids around the oval and he had dropped his track pants to reveal a tight pair of micro footy shorts, prick, he deliberately bent over in front of me. 

Andy was there with Monica and he looked a lot younger than he did when I first met him. I gave him John's email address.

"What's this for?"

"When the sale of Ricon goes through John and Ray will need a competent bookkeeper that works from home so I suggested you. Can you email your resume to him sometime?" 


"Yes." I grinned.

"Work from home?"


"It's my dream Brent, oh my God, I can be home for Sean and Sam is going to be over the moon." His tears flowed.

"Email John."

"Thank you," was all he had to say.

"Monica, can I fix you up with a job too?"

"No thanks Brent, I'm a stay at home mum and Bill works down at the docks, he earns good money, but thank you." She smiled and took Andy's hand and offered him a coffee.

All the boys were happy and excited to get uniforms and Conner will go see the principals of the other four schools and offer the same deals to them. Ted's school was the only one with a playing field big enough for matches so that was a saving for him.

"Well what am I gonna do?"

"Don't know Paws, maybe you can go get some honey."

"Honey! Yes my favourite food, honey, I love honey, yes."

Con was going through his lines with Ted who was playing the rabbit in the,'Forrest Friends,' movie.

"I have some honey, can we make some cakes?"

"No Paws, there's no fire." 

"Well okay, where's my spoon?"

"In the sink Paws get me one too."

It was a cute movie and I closed my eyes so I could just hear the voices. Disney wanted to hear a recording of Con saying his lines and it sounded so cute when I played it back. Ted's voice was perfect for this role so I hope they hire him, but I knew they wanted stars to do the lines, but I can dream. They had got to the stage where they didn't have to read their lines; they knew them all by heart. They practiced whenever they could.

"Come get your dinner, Con, can you call the boys in?"

Conner went to the back door and yelled, very posh I thought.

Ray and Johnno came running, I thought I would give John the night off and get some Chinese take away instead and there was a mountain of food, Ted had his usual dim sims and mini spring rolls covered in soy sauce. Conner just shoveled fried rice in like we were going to steal it on him. Ray and John looked at him in amazement.

"Conner eat properly, use your manners," Ray sternly said.

"Sorry." He settled down and ate a little more normally, well he's not picking up those bad habits from me, I'm using my chopsticks and getting very little into my mouth so maybe a spoon would be wiser.

Ted and Con continued their conversation about the footy team. John said he knew of a trophy shop and he would take them both there so they can pick out a really nice one, of course the fists were clenched. His story tonight was about Noah's ark but it wasn't read to him, John told him. Conner showered and me thinks it's going to be a late night, with his hair all wet he came to bed. I pretended I was tired and wanted to sleep but he persisted by kneeling and putting his now loaded dick in my mouth, which I treated like a dummy. 

"You happy Brent?"

"Ooh yes babe, on top of the world and more, thank you."

"No, thank you."

We got very comfortable, legs entwined, my arms holding Con tight.

Again I laid awake most of the night thinking about the future, making mental notes on scenarios that might come up. Conner's concert tour, he won't have time to do the stories. Ted and I will be stuck in hotel rooms; the more I thought about it the more I didn't like the change it would bring to our lives. Eventually I decided it wouldn't be a long time. In Sydney we will stay at the apartment and Luke and Ted can have some sleepovers so it won't be so bad for him. Then I thought something out of the ordinary, fuck the rock star, I just want Conner. Immediately I looked over to Con who was sleeping peacefully and my heart sank, I couldn't let him down, I really did love them both.

I was tired the next morning and as if Con had radar he made me go back to bed. He would get Ted to school so I slept most of the morning away.

Stroking my hair I heard Con say,

"You worry too much."

"I know."

"Leave all that to me."

"I can't, you have so much to do."

"Well it's all coming together finally, you may get a surprise by the end of the week."

"No more surprises Con," I moaned as he rubbed my bum and balls.

"Just one more." He put his mouth on them and started licking and sucking them.

"Okay one more." He was full of surprises and this one wasn't an exception, I moaned my way through his ministrations, lifting my lower body to experience the complete concert. We dressed for our lunch with Di; Hope was on full display, all pink and pretty, fast asleep of course. Di had made salad and a casserole, delicious.

"When do you do the Disney tracks Con?"

"Tomorrow Di, the music is all done and dusted, just have to do the voices and I have to pick Ted up at lunchtime, wanna come and listen babe?"


"They loved Ted's voice so I am going to record with him. It's not much dialogue and he knows it already so Disney wants to maybe use him too."

"When was this decided?"

"A couple of days ago."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Happy anniversary baby."

"That's great news Con when Marty told me I laughed. He just might pass you at the gate Con and take over the family entertainment business." Di said.

"I wish him well Di but this is a one off, it will be a big boost to his confidence." Con smiled at me. 'Fuck, this is big.'

Just then Hope decided to stir, Con picked her up and started singing the bear song to her. She settled cooing and gurgling, kicking her legs.

"So when are you going back to work?"I asked Di.

"I'm not Brent, I will do some shoots but it's time to hang up the stilettos, only part time from now on. I can't leave Hope and Marty and I won't traipse the world with a baby.  Doesn't matter how good the nannies will be, she's my responsibility and a very welcomed one and because of Conner, Marty's getting more and more clients. He's doing very well and have you looked at our shares lately?"

"Not for months Di, I just figured they would take care of themselves."

"What you're not watering the diamond field?" Con laughed.

"No Conner, they have a natural watering system,"I said with a smirk.

"Well I suggest you take a peek," Di said.

It was time to go pick our boy up; we kissed, hugged and said our goodbyes, to both women, big and small.

"We better tell Mrs. Green."

"Taken care of." He smiled.

I looked at him and thought, what else?

Ted was waiting, his troop had graduated from circus performing to playing hand tennis in the schoolyard. He stopped when he saw us and said his goodbyes to his mates then ran over. No kissing until we get home, he's growing up, maybe a pat on the head or a hand on the shoulder today and no park, just straight home to practice their lines.

"It gets better baby."

"What does?"

"Your headache."

"My headache?"

"You know the one that just won't go away."

"God you're weird today."

"Well you get some sleep tonight cause a very important thing is going to happen tomorrow, our son might just be in a movie."

"He just might too."

I had no idea what he was up to but if I know Conner well. He's trying to lift some of the worry from my mind, how he knows I'm fucked if I can fathom, but he knows.

We had an early night, just hamburgers with salad and chips and a bit of gravy over the top. Con and Ted practiced their lines but without the character pictures in my head, it was hard to imagine the Forrest Friends yet but they were having a lot of fun doing it. Ray and John popped in with some paperwork for Con to sign. They listened to their dialogue and clapped, both my boys bowed.

"All done, I'll fax these contracts off tonight and by tomorrow the rest of the money will be in the bank. We will go and help Bob and Rob for a few weeks then semi-retire, all over rover, business gone." They both had big smiles on their faces. I'm thinking they will start looking less stressed in the next few weeks.

"Well I think it's a good thing, you both have worked long and hard for this reward," I said.

"Yes Brent, it's been a hard road but so rewarding. Your foundation will be merged tomorrow and Cody's accountants will look after that side of things. Unfortunately, as you know, it's a charity so there's no income from it. It gives them more to play with and Mary is blown away because she gets a big fat cheque each month, but you have your shares and they are doing very well,"Ray said.

"God, I haven't looked at them for months, did you buy the diamond ones?"

"All done Brent, I sold some of the others and bought them, so all good."

I grabbed my Ipad and punched in my security code. There was rustling in the background but I wasn't taking any notice. All I could see was numbers, figures I had never seen before so I had to write them down and put the dots in to figure out how much was in there. Bloody Conner was at it again; I looked at them speechless. All three had earphones on and then they started, "La, la, la, la, la." 

Tears dripped down my face, I couldn't tell them off so I stood and each one of them I hugged and kissed then I excused myself and went to bed. Con popped his head in.

"Won't be a moment, just doing the story."

I nodded.

I could hear his voice in the other room and drifted off to sleep only to be woken by Conner moving me closer. I was kissed, groped and tongued all over until I couldn't take anymore.

"Take me, you own me, take me," I pleaded.

"You mad?"


"Good." He slipped his cock between my legs and began to slowly hump me.

"John will give you the codes to the Zurich bank account tomorrow." He quickly put his mouth on mine but I expected it, Ted was well and truly taken care of and so was I. Squeezing my legs harder and bucking stronger than usual and all the while sucking Con's nipple, made him cum instantly. He was breathing heavily when he rolled away, my own orgasm was awesome, I took some tissues and wiped us both up.

"John will look after everything so all you have to do is lay there and love me."

"I already love you Con, from the first moment I saw you."

"Me too you."

I slept well that night but before I drifted off I said,

"Thank you."

As always I appreciate your emails.

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