Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 26

Published: 5 Sep 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

Conner and Ted's seven minutes of fame was awesome, they did so well. The sound guy Disney had hired immediately sent the file to the head office and he said we would hear from them in a day or two. Later I took them both out for a late lunch. We went to Nan's cafe and Ted wasn't scared this time. He was hugged, kissed, picked up and cuddled; then we tucked into salad rolls and good coffee. Geoff made a banana smoothie for Ted who proceeded to tell all that would listen he would be in the new movie. He had drawn quite a crowd because so many customers knew him and loved him. We spent a good two hours there but had to go because footy training was starting.

When we got to the field, Ted changed from his school shorts to his footy shorts and top complete with socks and boots. Grant was rounding up the boys and giving them last minute instructions. They were practicing with the boys from the Catholic school down the road who also had new practice gear; the boys were all great friends, some were right from the start of playing together because they met at the park before last season.

The whistle was blown and they would have four ten minute quarters. Grant umpired and may I say, his shorts were magnificent as they covered his tight ass just right. 

"Your fucking pathetic Brent."

"What Con?"

"I give you all that money and you still lust after Grant's ass."

"And you're not I suppose?"

He went bright red and laughed.

"You ask him."

"No way."

"Good then shut up, your boy has got the ball."

"Go Ted go," he shouted.

Poor Ted was caught and dropped the ball but he only laughed and ran faster to get it back. Bubby was a winner, he dove for the kid's legs and wham he hit the dirt, which gave Sean a clear run to the goal posts. Andy ran down the boundary line with him and everyone could hear him giggling. He kicked a goal and was patted on the back by his team members. But who surprised me the most was Dennis, who was playing brilliantly thanks to Grant. His fear of the ball had vanished. We won the practice match and next week it will be held with the other school. When we were leaving I watched as Grant dropped his shorts and changed into track pants. Without even looking around he pulled the band down and gave Conner and me a shot of his white ass. Nothing was said on the way home but when Ted sat to watch his cartoon, I fucked Con in the bathroom. It didn't take us long to get off because that image was a fantastic turn on.

"I'll ask him," Con said.

I smiled and answered,

"You do that Con." 

We knew he wouldn't be in it and of course neither would we, but we had fun.

I washed Ted's shorts and shirt ready for next week's game. He wouldn't let me wash his socks as they were his lucky ones; he wanted to sleep in them,

I bribed him with ice cream to take them off then later when he was asleep, I rinsed them out, dried them and put them back in his bag.

Con and I made love once again that night and it was also urgent and quick.

"Tomorrow you get your wish, we have an appointment with Marty at ten am."

"We do?"

"Yes." Then he rolled me on my back and kissed me.

I was intrigued when we finally arrived at Marty's.

"How did you go?" 

Marty grinned.

"He was right, they bought it lock, stock and barrel," he said laughing and rubbing his hands together.

"Shall we tell him?"

"After you Conner." He turned to me and I looked blankly at him.

"One concert at Rod Laver beamed live into every home in Australia."

"What? How?"

"Foxtel special events." 

"It was Molly's idea, we do the live show of my newest album, with some hits added. It's beamed by satellite live all over Australia. We sell it to Foxtel and they sell it worldwide. We get the same money as twenty concerts, they get a shit load more." He grinned.

I couldn't believe he had done this for Ted and me; it was wonderful.

"I could kiss you."

"Be my guest."

So I did, Marty left the room, he gave us some space so I kissed Con again.

"Happy anniversary."

"That's just the best present Con, ever."

"You're welcome."

He really didn't have to do that. He would make more money by doing more concerts but I guess this way his fans get to see him live and I get him home by twelve.

We said our goodbyes to Marty; he would be in touch.

We went to the park today for footy practice. I noticed there was a front-end loader and most of the fencing had been removed. They were starting on the oval first, Phil and Dave were there and it was so friggin good to see them, God I missed them so much.

We hugged each other, they looked good and after a lot of backslapping, Phil held my hand as we talked about their work, Adam and the crappy coffee they get. Laughing it off I offered to come back because Conner would be home for some months. Con interjected and said no way but we do have to fly to Sydney for a few days so Ted can have a sleepover at Luke's. We hadn't used the plane since Bali, which now seemed like a lifetime ago. Two of my other boys turned up, Tom and Tan. They were dressed in shorts and t-shirts to go for a run. Tom winked at me which I took as a sign they had maybe done some sort of deed, I winked back.

It was like old home week. We all set off for a run. I watched Phil's ass, he watched Dave's and Con fell back, I guess watching mine.The younger boys were up ahead, I noticed Tom stop to talk to a nice looking boy, Tan was slowing down and he didn't look too good, no, he looked pissed off. We passed them while waving in the process and I kept looking back at them but the trees and bushes got in the way. We did the bigger lap and by the time we got back Ray and John had arrived with a picnic basket full of salad rolls and chicken and some of the kids already had got stuck into the sausage rolls. My thoughts went to John's freezer, it must be overflowing with food and I thought about my half empty fridge; pitiful.

I waited for the kids to arrive but when a half hour passed and there was no sight of them I said to Con,

"I've got a bad feeling Con, come for another run with me."

"Sure babe."

We excused ourselves and trotted off, we detoured into the bushes and I was thinking maybe the kids had decided to do some loving in them but no sign but that was before I saw him.

Spread out on the track was a boy's body. It was moving and I could see it was a struggle; Tom's face was covered in blood so I looked for the cut which was under his eye and was starting to swell up badly.

"That little cunt," Con screamed.

"Con, call an ambulance quick."

"I'll kill him, I'll wipe the floor with him."

"Con, call an ambulance," I screamed again as I checked Tom out, by this time he was sitting up looking much more alert than he was before.

I flipped my phone and rang Grant.

"Grant something has happened,could you call an ambulance, Toms been hurt?"

"Yes boss, where are you?"

"About a mile away, near the old shelter sheds."

"Got ya."

He hung up and all I could hear was Tom moaning and Conner screaming into the wind.

"Where is that little cunt?" he screamed.

"Conner, get a grip, I need your help." I had taken my t-shirt off and was trying to stem the bleeding, I lifted Tom's face and his eyes were filled with tears, he was silently sobbing.

"He did it again Brent, he did it again," was all he got out then he lay back down again, holding his head, Grant and Phil came running up.

"I can hear them coming, it won't be long," Phil said.

Conner swore again and took off towards the car park.

"Jesus Christ Grant, go after him, he's going to look for Tan."

Grant took off at full speed; Phil helped me sit Tom up again. The poor kid was so distressed so I kissed his head and kept saying everything was going to be all right. The cut was deep and probably needed stitches but he would be okay. I felt his arms and looked at his hands; there were no breaks or scrapes. The Mica van pulled up ten yards away and the ambos jumped out and started to check Tom out. They asked him a lot of questions but when they got to the most important one,

"Who did this to you?" Tom went rigid.

"I tripped and fell," he replied.

I looked at the ambo, he shook his head, I agreed.

"Well a couple of stitches and painkillers will do for now but we have to take you into the hospital, you might have concussion."

"No, I want to go home with Brent, he's a nurse so he can look after me." 

"It's his call mate."

"Yes I can take care of him and get him to the doctor's in the morning to check everything." 

A very distraught Tom yelped when the stitches went in, three of them; then they stopped the bleeding and cleaned him up.

"Phil ring Grant and see where he is can you?" I handed my phone to him.

He walked away and made a call, his hand combing through his hair just as Davo ran up and went straight for Phil.

"He made it to the door, Grant has got him and is taking him home, apparently he's very angry."

"Anything I need to know Mr. Walsh?"

"No, just my mate, he's going through a bad time." I smiled.

"Okay young man, rest for the next twenty four hours and see the doctor first thing, any headaches then get him to hospital mate." He looked at me again.

"Sure, I will keep my eye on him."

We stood Tom up, he swayed but found his balance. His tears had stopped and we got him to Phil's car. I rang Ray and brought him up to speed and told him to give us an hour before bringing Ted home.

I sat in the back and held him while he wept it out, he shook, he relaxed, he cried, he held onto me.

"Why Brent, why did he have to do that?"

"I don't know baby but I'm sure as hell going to find out."

"I didn't do anything, I was talking to Shane about homework that's all. He got really mad Brent, he scared me so bad." 

"Then he hit you?"

"Yes." He started again.

"What happened to Shane?"

"He was long gone, we started running again then he pulled me up and started calling me a slut again, then he hit me."

"Okay we'll get you home, call your parents and tell them you're staying the night with us."

"They liked Tan, they really did Brent but I don't know what they will do about it now."

"We all liked him Tom. It's a bloody disappointing situation and I'm sorry you have to go through it." 

At home I was met by a very agitated Conner, he and Grant were having a beer, he jumped up and grabbed Tom then started crying, saying he was sorry.

Tom tried to calm him down by stroking Con's long hair with his hands.

"It's okay Con, he's got anger management issues, it's not his fault, he's sick."

"When I catch up with the little prick I'll give him anger management issues he won't believe," Con said through clenched teeth.

"You will do no such thing Conner Richards, you won't touch that kid," I said firmly.

Con reeled back.

"We have to call the cops then."

"No!" Tom said.

"But you have to Tom, what if he does it again?"

"He won't get the chance Conner, he won't get near me again; I spent a lot of time avoiding him at school and I got good at it, I can do that again."  I was secretly glad Tom was thinking along those lines. Many other boys and girls would forgive and forget and in no time they are back together, our Tom is a very intelligent kid.

I got my phone and went out the backyard to ring Tom's mum. I brought her up to speed and after many reassurances that he was okay. We decided to leave it to us to sort it out and I would bring him home tomorrow afternoon. My phone rang; it was Tan.


"Is he all right Brent?"

"Yes, no thanks to you, where are you?"

"I'm locked in the flat, are the cops coming?"

"No, thanks to Tom's insistence, why?"


"Why did you do that to him?"

"I don't know, he was talking to Shane and I got jealous."

"Jealous for talking about homework?"

"I didn't know that." 

"Tan I want you to promise me something, two things actually." 


"Go to the safe house and start talking to Mary. She will be expecting you. Secondly don't you ever, ever fucking go near Tom again and I mean that. It's taking all my strength to not come to your place and beat the shit out of you but that would make two wrongs; so I want you to go and start talking to Mary, as far as your job goes, you will have to convince Phil and Dave you are right for the job, no one else but them."

"I promise, can't I talk to Tom first?"

"Absolutely not and if I fucking hear you have tried to approach him at school, you will be fired and you can go to hell." 

"Oh okay."

"No it's not okay, it's a given, you are not well Tan, even you should be able to see that, and yes we are very worried about you but at the moment Tom comes first; now get your butt to the safe house and start healing." I hung up to find Conner was behind me.

"What now?" I asked rather abruptly.

"I'm sorry." 

I gave him the once over and caved, pulling him into my arms and crying into his shoulder. He stroked my back while kissing my neck as I calmed down.

"Have to ring Mary," I said.

"I'll do that baby, you go be with Tom, he needs you more than me." 

"Well explain what happened and tell her to expect Tan at any moment and to let me know if he doesn't turn up." 

"Okay." He kissed me on the lips and I went inside, Grant had made coffee for me and he was sitting talking to Tom about self-defense, a good thing Tom should know more of. My baby ran up the hallway, he headed for Tom and gave him a big hug asking if he was okay, Ray whispered,

"He heard us talking, sorry." 

"It's okay, Tom's eye is hard to hide from him." 

"I'll get some food," John said and left us to it.

I noticed Conner was sitting outside probably trying to calm down more.

"Baby, why don't you go out the back and see if daddy wants a hug?"

"Okay dad," he said and went out and slipped into Con's arms, I could see a big, big hug.

"Tom, I spoke to Tan."

"Is he all right?"

"Yes I think so, he's going to Mary's now to start talking, I hope. I told him his pilot job was up to you two guys; and it is up to you Phil, if you don't want to train him then tell him he needs to learn he can't do this sort of thing without consequences." 

Phil nodded; he's trained to handle this sort of stuff, he will know what to do.

"He's worried about you," I told Tom.

"No he's worried about himself, the cops, his job, his mum's job, his anger, a lot of things, what did you tell him?"

"I wasn't very nice but he won't bother you at school again, that I am certain of." 

"Good, I can't go down that path again Brent, twice is enough. Funny though, I did love him in my own way." 

"Well maybe you were just in love with the thought of being in love baby, maybe he wasn't the one." 

He smiled at me and said,

"I love you." 

"I love you too baby, always did, always will." 

I kissed his cheek.

We hugged for awhile then John came in with food, Conner and Ted followed not long after, Tom got a bit stressed with all the attention so I asked him what date it was, just checking.

"Eat something," I said to him.

He picked at his plate but Ted had other ideas and he started feeding sausage rolls to him, dipping them in sauce.

"We have to keep your bloody strength up buddy," he said to Tom, I nearly cracked up.

"Ted." I pointed.

"Okay daddy." His fists immediately squeezed as he headed for the naughty corner.

"How long this time?" He sighed.

"Three minutes." 

Benny was by his side and they talked for three minutes, what about, who knows?

Phil and Dave spoke at length with Conner and Ray; they would wait and see how the land lies with Tan. There's no need to screw up his career before it starts; they were glad Tom wasn't laying charges as that would really stuff him up.They said their goodnights and Tom decided he was tired so he crawled into Ted's bed after a shower. Ted yawned and followed him and by the time John and Ray left, they were both asleep.

I took Con's hand and we locked up before slipping under the sheets. He pulled me into his shoulder, no words were said, it had been an exhausting day for us both. I nodded off not long after. I woke as Con stirred and went to see if the boys were okay but he came back and whispered,

"All's good." 

In the morning Tom had a beautiful shiner so I gave him some sunglasses and a bag of ice, checked his cut out and cleaned and creamed it for him while Con and Ted watched me work so I said,

"Coffee would be nice." They didn't move.

"I'll get it then." I moved into the kitchen.


They all said yes but I didn't have to make it. John must have heard me, he was there in a flash making omelets and all sorts of exotic eggs, and the man was taking orders even.

Tom rang his mum and assured her he was okay and would be home before she left for work. I got Ted ready for school and Con dropped him off after much protesting because he wanted to stay home with Tom.

"Did you ring Mary, Tom?" I asked.

"Yes, she knows not to expect me, she said Tan came around to see her and he would be back today. I don't want to see him but it can't be avoided at the safe house. She said she will try and make it easy for me." 

"Well I don't think you will have any more trouble from him, but if you do then just mention my name," I said. 

We potted around all morning just talking and I found some clean clothes he could wear home, at lunchtime the doorbell rang.

There was a really good-looking kid at the door wanting to see Tom; it was Shane.

He sat at the table and stared at Tom's eye, I tried to stay out of their way by going next door where Conner was. I gave them forty-five minutes then I offered to drive him back to school, he said he had a free afternoon and would it be okay if they went up the street and had milkshakes. I agreed, it was time for Tom to face the world but they had to be back by four so I could get him home. They agreed and if I weren't so nosey I wouldn't have noticed the extra luggage in Tom's loose shorts. I wasn't quick enough to spot Shane's. I smiled to myself as Con came in and asked what was up.

"Extra luggage in Tom's shorts Con, I think this is his guy." 

"Really, how the hell do you know that?" 

"I looked Con."

"I've got extra luggage too Brent." 

I groped him.

"No, you've got the whole luggage compartment going on down there, can I have a look?"

He nodded so I undid his zipper.

While giving Con's cock a nice slow pull he undid my shorts. They fell to the floor then he got on his knees giving me a closer examination. The favor was returned ten minutes later as he shot down my throat with my finger firmly planted in his ass.

We cleaned up and I made more coffee, we had biscuits with this one.

The boys returned laughing at something; they had a great time and Shane's face was red when he saw Conner, he was speechless. Con just held his hand out and introduced himself, Shane said nothing. Tom laughed.

"Didn't you know I was friends with Rick Conner's?"

"Yes but I didn't expect to meet him," Shane stuttered out.

"He doesn't bite," Tom replied.

"But he's here." 

"Well it is his house Shane." Tom laughed again.

It was good to see Tom was on a high for a change. It was time to go get Ted and take Tom home. I offered Shane a lift but he declined saying he only lived around the corner. We said our goodbyes and invited him to come around anytime. He almost threw up when Con shook his hand.

"So he got your luggage going did he?"

"Brent, you're worse than Conner, of course he didn't, I hardly know him." 

"So he just called in to talk about homework?"

"No, it's got around the school I was injured yesterday, he was being a friend."

"And how did he know you were at our place?"

"He asked Tan."

"And he told him straight up?"

"No, Shane bent his arm up his back until he told him." He laughed.

"Butch too?" I smiled.

"He wants us to be friends, he had guessed Tan belted me. He's new at school and has only been here three months but I catch him looking at me all the time." 

"He gets your luggage motivated?" I asked matter of factly, slanting my head to one side.


"What date is it and what's your address?" Changing the subject to concussion, he answered correctly; I drove to school.

My boy was excited to see Tom and us, he belted him in and sat in the back and they talked about footy all the way to Tom's place. He kissed us both and thanked me, I told him to come around anytime and to bring Shane. He blushed again and I watched him go inside then I took Ted to the park.

Grant caught up with all the news and started to do his coaching thing so Conner and I went for a run. I watched his ass and he watched mine. I had the black jocks on and pushed my shorts down so he could see my ample cheeks. He tripped almost falling into a dead bush. I looked back and put my arm out to steady him but he pulled me into the thick brush. He was ready and horned up so I dropped my shorts and leant into a tree, he grunted several times before he filled me. I said,

"You owe me one." Pulling up my shorts I started to jog off again. We won't be able to do that much longer as they will clear the deadwood from the park and plant new trees.

"You're gonna kill me you know." 

"No I won't and anyway, it was your idea."

"You dropped your shorts."

"You spat on your hand." 

"You bent over."

"You packed it in." 

"Your so tight." 

"You're so big."

"Let's do it again."

We detoured into the scrub again and he grunted fifteen times this time.

I couldn't help myself, my fist was working overtime, I moaned, he came, I came, end of our exercise.

Exhausted we returned to the picnic table and surprise, surprise, Ray and John were there talking to Andy who was just starting to do the bookkeeping. They wanted to give him a card to get office supplies. John and he will get together once a week to go over things. I had no idea what sort of things and I didn't understand it all anyway. Looks like I just end up a househusband in the end. I had better make time to get back to the gym or maybe buy one of those home ones and erect it upstairs. All the time I was thinking this, Con was rubbing my leg while he chewed on a piece of chicken, he had untied his hair and it was everywhere.

"I love you," I said, I couldn't help it.

"I love you more," he whispered.

"I want you." 

"You just had me twice." 

"Twice?" Andy screamed.

"Yeah twice," Con answered.

"Fuck me drunk." 

"If you want us to."


We all started laughing at Andy's beetroot face.

John piped up and said,

"One more week Andy then I will start doing one day at Go Ship, Sam can take a day off.

"Thank you John, I hardly see him." 

"Con will buy you a black jock strap." I smiled.


"Yeah, you can vacuum the carpet in it, wink, wink."

"Oh I see, it seems like years since I did that." 

"One more week."

"Thanks guys." 

"Our pleasure," Ray said, we all looked at him, he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well I do have an opinion sometimes. Andy would look good in a jock strap." Laughing, I passed poor Andy a salad roll.

Later we were talking while Con sprayed the boys with mosquito repellant and Andy told me Shaun was a gift from God but their sex life suffered badly and he is desperate to get it back on track, he loved Sam so much.

"Let's do sleepovers, kids love them." 

"You would stress too much Brent." 

"I've got to let go sometimes otherwise I will end up sucking on lollypops as I darn socks."

"I know that feeling," Andy said.

"We are going over to Go Ship tomorrow, maybe we can come to some compromise."

"Okay I'll leave it in your capable hands." Laughing again.

He was a lovely guy, I suppose being a parent does put the kibosh on your sex life, I have noticed Con and I have settled down a fair bit but I'm still happy.

"Okay time to go." I said as I helped John pack things up, at least we didn't get a repeat of yesterday's drama. Andy and Shaun were taking Bubby home and we said our goodnights. Bundling Ted into the car we got home in record time. He sat with Benny in front of the TV while I did his washing and Conner was showering. I put the kettle on and asked Ted about his homework. He had none so I thought I would let him just sit there. Con arrived in the room wearing a sarong, his hair tied back and held with a frangipani clip, my cock was instantly hard and I moved to give him a grope, he moved to the couch, I pouted.

For the next two hours he occasionally bent over and lifted the sarong to reveal his black jock while scratching his bum in the process. Once when he swaggered past, he opened it fully and then tightened the knot up, snorting as he passed. I thought I can't let him get away with that fucking cock teaser so I went and put mine on but took my jock off. Every chance I had,I rubbed against him, he couldn't take it, the wimp. My hand was taken and I was pulled into the bathroom where I fucked him into next week, slapping him on the ass. Spent, we kissed and held each other in the afterglow.

"Let's do it again tomorrow Brent," Con suggested.

"We will see." I replied.

"Brent, please?" 

"Umm." I walked out to see how the boy was doing. He wasn't there but it didn't take me long to find him next door eating fresh scones and jam so I joined in. Conner found us and all his pleading was forgotten as he honed into the delicious treats.

"What time are you going in Con?"

"Oh about ten I think, I want to try and have a talk with Helen about something, and then I want to talk to Sam."

"Okay, I'm cool with it but maybe I can clean the mess up a bit, so he won't come back to too much back load."

"Umm what's going on Con?"

"Something I thought about today. I want to give Sam and Andy a weekend at Sorrento and while he's there, John and a couple of his guys will go into Go Ship and try and get his work up to date. Once again he's another one taking on too much trying to impress Rob; he's not utilizing his staff enough." 

"That's so sweet Con, I can make the coffee." 

"No, you run with me tomorrow." 

I thought about it as I stared him in the eyes and said,

"You want me to run with you, just run?"

"Yes Brent, just run," he winked; I actually blushed because the room had gone very quiet, even Ted stopped eating.

"Daddy you always run with dad, silly boy." He giggled.

"That's right son, silly Conner." I smirked.

"Yeah silly Conner." John smirked.

Ray laughed.

I honestly don't know what was wrong with me last night, after Ted's story. I slipped between the sheets, put a pillow under my ass and spread my legs. Con was onto me in seconds. I watched his eyes as he pumped another wad out.

"You are trying to kill me aren't you?" he asked.


After dropping Ted at school we then drove to Port Melbourne. The Go Ship building was finally finished but still in chaos. The office people were running everywhere, with paperwork strewn across the desks and nobody looking like they were doing much. We headed upstairs to Bob's office. He was screaming at someone on the phone.

"I'm not the payroll manager, ring him," he said and slammed the phone down.

"Good morning Bob, having a bad day?" Con asked.

"I just wish people would do the jobs they were hired for and stay out of my space. I have too much to do," he added in the next breath.

"Good morning everyone, welcome to my nightmare."

"Where's Helen?" 

"At her desk doing her job, and well I might add."

"I'll be back," I said.

I walked to the outer office and spied Helen sitting at a desk at the back of three other girls. One was on the phone to her boyfriend, one was playing cards on her computer and the other was entering figures into Go Ship's data base.

"Good morning Helen, how are things going for you?" 

"Hi Brent, yes all's good at my desk, good to see you." 

"Okay spill it, what's going on?"

"You noticed?" She laughed.

"Umm yes."

"Tea room?"

"Lead the way."

We went to the empty tearoom and I made coffee. Helen started by telling me we need to sack the old Go Ship staff and hire competent people, maybe older people who want the work. Sal the girl that was working came with Helen from Ricon, the other two are miffed that Helen was put in charge so they do their work but don't help the others. They refuse to do menial work because they were private secretaries of the big bosses at the old shipping company, big heads but no brains.

"That's my department, Sal and I get it done but I haven't had time to talk to Bob about it. He's too busy trying to get others to do their jobs. They resent him being the boss as he was just a warehouse manager when he worked here. They don't know he's family, he didn't tell them." 

She went on,

"Twenty people came from Ricon and all are doing their jobs perfectly. Fourteen came from the old shipping company. They refuse to integrate and conform. The Ricon staff is doing most of the work as well as the seven that were hired later and, like Sam, they are good workers. I recommend either Conner or Ray lay down the law and replace them if their work isn't up to scratch. Also, there is a Mrs.Woods that seems to be the orchestrator of this chaos. She's Sam's secretary but spends most of her time backstabbing everyone in management so Sam is doing her work also. She's bitter and doesn't like direction, get rid of her and half the job is done in that office." 

"Thank you Helen, I will talk to the boys and maybe something can be done today, leave it to me." 

"I'm sure you will get it done Brenton," she said with a slight giggle.

I walked her back to her station then went and grabbed Conner.

"Day one, come with me." 

"Oh Mr.Conners how nice to meet you, I love your music and have all your CD's one secretary gushed as she sidled up to Con. He didn't have a clue what was going on.

"Okay listen up girls." I walked over and grabbed the phone out of the other girl's hand and hung it up, I turned off the other one's computer.

"You all work for Rick Conners' company but you're on the phone, you're playing cards so where do you both think you work, a kiddie's playground?"

They both blushed as Con folded his arms.

"Mr. Conners?"

"Be my guest Mr. Walsh."

"Okay you two have got four hours to decide whether you want jobs or not. You either all work as a team or you can piss off and not come back. As far as I'm concerned Mr.Conners was very generous keeping you on in the first place, but if he listens to my advice I would have you sacked on the spot. Just bloody not good enough girls, you've both got until four to make up your minds or you will be escorted off the premises. Helen give these data entry girls some work and if they refuse to do it, call security."

"Yes Mr. Walsh," Helen sang out.

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