Castle Roland

Ask Me, Book II

by Maxieplus


Chapter 27

Published: 12 Sep 16

Ask Me

by Maxieplus

"Come with me Mr.Conners."

"After you Mr. Walsh."

"The next ones going to be fired."

"Oh dear you are in a mood."

I walked Con into the bigger office. I spied Sam at his desk talking to a junior and waved. I walked over and said.

"Good morning Sam, which one's Mrs. Woods." His face went pale but he pointed out a middle-aged woman standing with some men by the water fountain sharing a joke or two.

"No work for her today?" 

"Any day Brent." 

"Call security for me will you?" 


"Call them."

I then escorted Con over to the water fountain.

"No work today Mrs. Woods?" I said rather sarcastically.

"Who are you; oh Mr. Conner's nice to finally meet you." Con didn't move.

"Just what is your job here Mrs. Woods?" 

"Well I'm Sam's personal secretary Mr.?"


"Can I help you Mr. Conner's?" She didn't look at me but security came up and stood behind.

"Please leave this property, get your bag and get out, security will escort you off the premises; your severance pay will be in the mail in the morning please don't come anywhere near this company again." I was firm.

"You can't do that."

"He just did." Con smiled at her.

"Well I never." She snorted.

"Yeah you never; please don't expect a good reference from this company good bye."I sneered.

The two men that were with her looked shocked.

"Haven't you two got work to do, because if you don't I'm sure a transfer to the packing bench would be in order." They scuttled off to their various desks.

"Right let's go." Con was having fits.

"I want to fuck you right at this moment baby." He whispered.

"I couldn't think of anything worse Con, but I could fuck you." I laughed.

Back to Bob's office I wanted to nut something out with Ray and John.

"It can be done then." 

"Of course Brent give me a minute." John said, he took pen to paper and got Bob to sign it.

"Bob call a meeting of the warehouse managers." 

"What the fucks going on Brent?"

"I'm saving your ass brother." I smiled.

Five men were sitting in the conference room when we arrived. Bob introduced them to us and we sat down, I asked if they wanted coffee, they said no.

"I'm Mr. Conners; personal secretary, my name is Brenton Walsh, you may or may not have heard of me but that's not the important thing. I've been hearing all sorts of rumors about the guys in shipping but I refused to believe them, and so did your boss and friend Bob here. What I can't understand is why has the warehouse gone from silky smooth, from what Bob tells us, to utter chaos. Can someone answer that question?"

One smart arse piped up and said.

"Because he's turned into a dickhead, he's just a worker like us, he's a nobody." 

"Oh I see, a nobody, you know he speaks really highly of you all and when we were deciding to have all managers in the warehouse made redundant he begged us to keep you on; and you're wrong he's not a nobody. He's your friend, your boss yes, but first and foremost your friend."

"He's become someone we don't know that's all."

"Well mate I'll tell you who he is Rock Conner's brother-in-law, and he's also a part owner in this company. He works from five to eight every day trying to fix your mistakes because you're his mates. Unlike you all he doesn't have a home life because he's too exhausted when he gets home. I have no option but to give you all a twenty four hour warning. If you guys don't pull your weight and get over your jealously there will be packages offered. Mrs. Woods has already been escorted off the premises and I have two girls in the office on notice; hopefully they will go by the end of the day. Now go back to your offices and do your jobs. Help your mate and stop being prima donnas, its not a good look, you've got twenty four hours." 

They got up, four of them shook Bob's hand and the other undecided.

"Let's go." I marched up to Helen's department.

I looked at the two girls they were hard at it entering data.

"Good decision girls welcome to our company."

In Bob's office he slumped into his desk.

"What have you done Brent, you can't just fire people there's procedures, Mrs. Woods can sue us." 

"Yeah she can but as far as she goes she walked out because some stranger fired her. Gee now I don't work here, I'm not an owner, she just walked out." 

"Ummm Brent."

"Yes Con." He looked sheepish and the blood drained from my face.

"Silent partner." He said.

"Oh no." 

"Oh yes." He said.

"Well she can take us to Vcat and get an extra ten grand out of the company, I recon that's a small price to pay to get rid of the bitch. Anyway her job was made redundant." I looked at my watch.

"At nine am this morning, Sam doesn't need a secretary because he's doing that job himself." 

"Umm Brent." 

"What now Conner?"

"The warehouse has a union." 

"Keep your fingers crossed then Con, and Bob start wearing jeans and hi Vis vests tomorrow, fit in, keep it casual."

"Yes boss, and thanks for the one share in the company." He chuckled.

"Well it made you one of the owners." 

"Can you get Helen in here?"

Helen arrived and I shut the door she burst out laughing, tears were streaming down her face.

"You kill me, you crack me up big time you gorgeous thing, those two are working their butts off out there, they are shit scared, they both have mortgages and families." She held her ribs.

"My pleasure Helen I really don't want them to leave but have the IT department take the games off all the computers, and Sam needs someone urgently who do you recommend?" 

"Actually Belinda in the mail room she's a certified accountant but she took that job because she needs the money." 

"Can you please have her transferred to Sam's department as his personal secretary?" I begged, I needed help now because the warehouse might walk out and Mrs. Woods will sue the company.

"Sure I'm on to it Brent, and thank you with the Woods thing. She won't sue, we have too much footage of her doing nothing all day that clever little man in Conner's music class installed cameras just last week." I slumped.

Bob's phone went off.

"Yes Brian, thank you I got your's too thanks mate."

The next four calls were much the same and Bob sat back and sighed.

"I don't know how you fucking do it Brent honestly you're

fucking mint, just mint."

"I need coffee." 

John went to find the tea lady, she arrived with her cart.

"What would you like Mr. Walsh?" 

"You know me?" 

"Of course Mr. Walsh everybody's talking about you, that Woods woman was a very good thing you did today. I think you will find the office will settle down now. Oh sorry, I spoke out of turn." She slightly smiled.

"And what would you like young man, you really need a haircut badly." 

Conner started giggling, we all started.

"It's been one hour and I haven't had any emails from the warehouse, do you think they will leave me alone now?"

"I'm sure they will Bobby." I smiled.

"John, what's one share worth?" Bob was being smart.

"About one million, why Bob do you want us to buy it back?" 

"You prick, you bloody prick, you got me again." He laughed at me.

"Got you? What's my share John?" 

"Umm the four of us own the company and Bob has one share you work it out." 

My coffee went everywhere.

"Come into the bathroom baby, I'll clean you up." Con took my hand, he was very eager.

"See you in half an hour guys, Cons going to clean me up." I waved with the other one.

We had sandwiches delivered to the board room. Bob actually looked a little relaxed, I was starving and my ass hurt, Cons orgasm was very urgent and swift. Mine will come tonight.

"Sam's here to see you Bob." 

"Send him in Helen." 

Sam came in wringing his hands he looked at me.

"Can you explain what just happened? The office has gone wild their looking for work, they are actually looking." He looked worried.

"Take a load off Sam; did your new secretary arrive yet?" 

"No after lunch, two, I think." 

"Sandwich Sam?" 

"Thanks Brent." 

"You will like her, she's apparently a certified accountant and I believe very efficient." 

"Oh god, that nightmare is gone at last." 

"You should have told Rob or me, Sam." Bob chided.

"You were too busy Bob and Rob's flat out too." 

"By the way where is Rob?" I said.

"Adams got his balls today, he came in here around eight and hauled him out shopping, they should be back soon." Bob said.

"Just a thought Bob, do the warehouse managers have company cars?" 

"No Brent, it's not in their job descriptions, why?" 

"Just thinking in case you need a sweetener." 

"You know John and Ray, the cheap home loans would be better for the guys, they all have mortgages." 

"I'll work something out when I'm here next weekend, and email it to you at home you can tell them next Monday." 

"Your coming in John I better join you then." Sam said.

"Your busy that weekend Sam, just show Belinda their files. I will see if she would like some overtime." John said.


"Yes you, Andy and Shaun are spending the weekend alone at our house in Sorrento. The limo will pick you up Friday afternoon so you have to leave here at lunchtime, and buy a jock strap." Con laughed.

"A jock strap?" 

"Yes Andy needs some attending to." 

"Fuck me a weekend away, how long has it been." He mused to himself

"I would say about six years Sam, just before Shaun arrived." I gently said.

"Andy, he's my life." 

"We know and you're his." I passed another sandwich to him.

"Coffee Sam?"

"Oh yes please." 

We picked Ted up and took him to footy training, Grant was getting them to practice kicking goals. Andy was over the moon when Conner told him about the weekend away; he had a tear in his eye. Conner leant over and whispered.

"He's buying a jock strap." Wiggling his eyebrows.

"He is?" He gulped.


"Run Brent?" 

"Run Con." 

Within a week everything had settled down at Go Ship. People were actually happy in their work, apart from the usual sickies, the staff became more human. Bob was having lunch with his mates again and Rob was pleased to have his workload halved. Sam found a gem in Belinda but he had to tell her to slow down, she didn't need to impress anybody.

The next time we visited Conner was ignored, I was offered umpteenth cups of coffee and cake and many people I didn't know thanked me. Mrs. Woods didn't sue and Andy and Sam connected again in a big way, I believe.

Smiling faces all around, within two weeks everything was running silky smooth again.

"We are off to Sydney for the weekend baby. Ted needs a sleepover at Luke's, and Phil and Dave need to see you." 

"Oh Con, are they sleeping over with us?" 

"Keep dreaming Brent." 

"When are we leaving?" 

"Friday night." 

"Will Tan be flying?" 

"No he's suspended for a month."

"I see." 

I went to talk to Mary about Tan and really I wanted to know how he was doing, all the shit aside I did like him. She told me his anger stems from being abducted when he was small by the neighbor and fears losing his virginity and heart to anyone. A very complex boy who I'm sure will heal but it all takes time. Look at me I still have trouble believing I survived my ordeal and still have anxiety attacks, but the pills help. I don't think I will ever get off them, even though I'm down to a quarter one.

I was walking back when this long haired swaggering rock legend came looking for me. He smiled as his hair blew up in the wind; wish I had my camera, what an awesome shot. We had the conversation while he walked me home, it will be great to see Jill and Sarah again and Lukey. But I was more looking forward to seeing my boys.

"Adams not working is he?" 

"No, the boys are going to have a holiday, Adam and Rob are going to Sorrento." 

"Oh, I hope he doesn't use the good towels, Con can you ask him..."



 Once inside he dropped his jeans, his hair was splayed out on the bed, he was ass up and face down, what could I do but oblige him.

I nearly had an orgasm when I held the rail on the steps going up to the Jet. Ted had already ran on ahead, Con was putting bags into the hold. It seemed like years since I had done this and I stopped short of going into the cabin just to take all those memories in. Today we fly to Sydney, my boys stood just inside the door smiling, Phil was carrying Ted in his arms. Dave had his arms held out while I fell into them and smelt his aftershave. A tear escaped as his hands moved down to my buns and he squeezed them gently, a slight kiss on the cheek and it was Phil's turn.

"Welcome aboard." He smiled but because of Ted I only got one very gentle squeeze this time. 

"Come on dad we gotta go." Ted said.

"Okay go belt up baby."


"Belt up Master Richards baby." 


I hugged both my boys my memories were all good and if I wasn't mistaken Dave had a slight boner but it was because he was kissing Phil at the same time, fuck me.

"Coffee boys?" 

"Yes please Brent, Adam's just isn't the same." Dave chuckled.

"I'm sure it is boys." 

"No not the same, he's too busy doing his nails looking in the mirror and Skyping Rob to worry about us." He laughed.

"Really? I might have a talk to Helen." I laughed loudly.

"You strapped in baby?" 

"Yes dad, lets go." 

"Another half hour and then we fly." I looked around the main galley switched the coffee on and started rearranging the kitchen cupboards until I was comfortable with it. Adam had it all mucked up, now it's right. Smiling I made my boys' coffee and took it to them to have while they did their pre-flight checks.

Conner swaggered up behind me, his strong guns enveloped my chest and his thumbs flicked my nipples through my tank top, I leant back.

"Con its a two hour flight he's not going to get sleepy so don't do this to yourself." 

"Okay, but I just want to feel you, that's all."

"Then feel away, knock yourself out."

I took the coffee to my boys and kissed both their heads. I didn't want to disturb them too much because what they were doing was important. Thanks Helen, I said to myself, Lasagna today my favorite. Ted was nose to the window eyes wide, Con sat at the table with his lap top.

"Looks like two months time for the concert baby, I start rehearsals in two weeks. The album will be released around the same time."

"That's good Con, are you sure you want to do this. We can work on a tour you know; I'm not a complete ass. I do understand it's about your music not the money." 

He lowered his head and spoke softly.

"I would miss you and Ted too much Brent. We are a family and we should stick together. I can write and do media, maybe another Casino gig, other artists do it. Some only release albums every six years, I think I have done well to get this far. I want to watch Ted grow and I need your arms every night." To which I put my arms around him and squeezed hard.

"Me too." I answered wistfully. I was sad because I wished we had Ted from a baby.

He was very excited; his fists automatically clenched as we sped up the runway and like a slingshot, took to the air in no time. 

"Wow." Ted shouted into the window.

I unbuckled, when it was safe, and went to make more coffee, the phone buzzed.

"Okay Phil coffee?" 

I went and got the boys' cups from the cockpit then unbuckled Ted.

"Want to go sit with your uncles?" 


I took his hand and seated him behind Dave.

"Now the rules, no touching anything okay?"

"Okay." his head nodding.

I made the coffee and took it to them, a small juice for Ted.

I hadn't quite closed the cockpit door when Con was on me like a dog on heat; he had my pants down and was dining on my hard dick, my gasps strong and loud. I came almost instantly then spun Con around against the door and whipped his pants down. He didn't even have time to swallow my load. I was on his big cock in an instant, sucking away joyously, his legs buckled. He let out a deep groan and he came hard. I stood and kissed him deeply mixing our cum in our mouths.

"Fuck that was hot." Poor Con said.

"It was wasn't it?" I smiled.

"Let's do it again." 

I kissed him again and there was still a lingering taste in our mouths, well at least Ted hasn't affected our sex life.

In an hour Dave brought Ted out and buckled him in. I got his lunch ready and the phone rang.

"Yes Phil?"

"Can you not disturb us for about twenty minutes Brent, your lovemaking against the cockpit door kinda turned us on." He chuckled; I blushed.

"Go for it Phil."

"Thanks mate." 

I cracked a fat just thinking about what was going on in that cockpit, Con noticed.

"We can join in if you want."

"Conner Richards don't you dare." 

"Well I'm the boss still, they will do it for me."

"No they wont." I smirked.

I fed my men and after twenty-five minutes knocked on the door.

"Ready for lunch boys?"

"Yes Brent we are starving." Phil smiled.

I fed them, then fed myself.

Con had found his guitar and was strumming notes randomly on it. Then he burst into song, I listened to his words while I ate. 

"A new love song Con?"

"Yes its about Ted and you." 

He sang it again my hand was suspended between my food and my mouth, tears threatened to flow, Ted's nose was firmly on his window; it was pure family magic. My eyes closed, I rocked back and forth because Con was making love to me with his voice. The shivers down my spine woke me up, how the hell did I get so lucky.

I didn't say anything about the song, I couldn't speak, Ted screamed, the moment was lost. 

"What's up buddy?"

"Look, look a lion in the clouds." 

"Well better have a look at that one." Con moved over to his side, his hair covered Ted's small body, I cried.

Getting up I took my plate to the kitchen and grabbed some tissues, my life is complete, everything fits perfectly, balanced, and I'm awesomely happy.

Landing was just as exciting, we watched Ted, he watched the ground and when the wheels hit we bounced once, a big wow was heard throughout the cabin.

We parked in the private part of the airport. The doors were open and the steps attached to the jet. Lukey was onto us in no time, bounding up the stairs grabbing Ted and hugging him, then us, then the babbling started. Sarah was behind doing the same, Con piled our stuff in her people mover and my boys said they will see us in an hour; the talking and giggling didn't stop. As soon as we got to the flats the boys headed towards Luke's bedroom to try out the new games Ted had bought him.

"That's the last we will see of them until dinnertime." Sarah laughed.

"Good, gives us some time together." Con smiled.

"Jill's had the flats stocked and you're all coming here for a family bbq tonight around seven. I will feed the boys before then, good to see you both, now scoot." She laughed.

Con raced me to the bedroom, I dove on him and we kissed while we stripped our outer skins off. 

"Wait." He said.


"Wait just lay with me hold me." 

"You okay?"

"I think so; just want you to hold me." I did; my hands held his back and his buns.

He was looking into my eyes, I was doing the same, whispering, kissing his gorgeous face; I felt his erection he felt mine.

I started to move down his body he stopped me.

"Not yet." 

After half an hour he kissed me deeply and strongly, then he got up. He walked to the window and stood with his right foot resting on his left leg. His ass muscles popped, his tiny waist twisted, his guns strained, as he leant into the window, he was deep in thought.

He sighed then went to his back pack and took something out, then headed for the living room. I slid out of bed and followed. He had opened his secret drawer and bought the box to the table. He opened the paper bag and showed me, taking out a very small teddy bear he placed it in with his chocolate surprise, and then he put a very small carved brightly painted sun. He kissed the drawer and put it back. He stood me up, tears flowed down his face as his tongue probed my mouth, I had my hands in his armpits. He started to lick my face, suck my nose and chin and stroke my pecs. He turned me around and bent me over the table, he rimmed me forever then took me gently and purposefully. I wanted it to last a lifetime but his cock had other ideas, he bent over me and we swayed for some time then he slipped out but was still humping. 

"Lets go back to bed." He whispered in my ear.

Then he took my hand and led me to our bed, laying me down and half lying on top of me.

"Thank you." He whispered.

This ends my story so far, I will continue it; but for now I need a break. Thank you to David, and Duncan for getting my writing sorted out with their editing. To my many fans thank you, your encouragement and kind words have pushed me to continue writing.

Thank you.
As always I appreciate your emails.

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