Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 1

Published: 8 Apr 14

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

Hi, my name is Cody Mitchell, 22, 5'9" tall semi ripped, emerald green eyes, short blonde hair, a decent package, gay and secretly in love with Daniel Lawrence, my favorite footy team's star pin up boy.

I work at my favorite footy club the Brisbane Bombers. I started working there two years ago behind the bar in the player's lounge, which is a private bar for the players and friends to let off steam without the eyes of the public on them.

Mainly my boys are well behaved, I used to take a lot of ribbing off some of them because they knew I was gay. How, I don't know but nothing was said; only John and Matt used to whisper dirty things to me in my ear. It was all in fun though, I loved my boys. My boss decided he liked my organization skills and offered me a job as events manager. I accepted it and was paired with Annie Wilson.We organized Bingo conventions, dinners, weddings, any kind of party. I was sad leaving my boys, but I was only a few doors away. My job was great, I only had to turn up, organize the diary of events and attend them to make sure everything ran smoothly. So it was a sort of casual full time job.

Daniel Lawrence was my supreme idol, at 6'2 this 20 year old, with dark grey, brooding eyes, Australia's new top model looks, cropped dark brown curly hair, an iron man body, and I believe a male slut, his well rounded pecs and perky nipples just continually teased me when we were in the Gym together.

His bum was so tight when he sat down it didn't change shape, he was a god, a media pin up boy and he brought big bucks into the club; so did the poker machines and restaurant, but my and Annie's job was to raise money for uniforms, the player's lounge,gym upgrades, physiotherapy and all the stuff to do with the players.The guys themselves didn't pay for anything.If they were hungry they got food and never paid for a drink. The machines paid for the grounds, players wages, club upgrades, etc,etc.

I have been in a relationship for a year now with a guy called Steve, taller and bigger than me I thought I loved him.At first it was great, but he lost his job and started taking drugs; so for the past four months it's been hell at home I just don't know what I'm going to get when I open the front door. An abusive drug addict or a pathetic drunk, either way I can't seem to win. Of course he blames me for all his problems, but he won't go see a councilor or try to dry out. I'm just about over it. I feel the safest when I'm with the boys.

Annie and I were counting up the days takings. I was about to take four weeks holiday.It was end of season so not much would be happening.We had enough reserve money to take us through to the next season. Annie and I hit it off immediately.She knows just about everything about my personal life, but she's the only one I've ever told.

"How's the situation at home Cody?"she said, as we finished the banking.

"Oh, still the same Annie, I'm nearly ready to evict him. I can't do this anymore, I've got nothing left."

I do own my apartment, my beautiful dad left me enough money to invest in one and he wanted to make sure I had somewhere to live. He died of cancer four years ago.Mum and I sat with him every day.Thank god he went quick and didn't suffer too long. A year before he and mum had sold their chain of Hardware stores to a large company.They made a killing so he didn't balk at the price of the three-bedroom apartment I fell in love with.

I said goodnight to Annie and she said.

"Cody my spare room is waiting for you as a safe haven if you need to get away, don't spend the night in your car baby, come to my place."

"Thanks honey, that means a lot."

Remembering the nights I had spent sleeping in my car after escaping Steve's brutal attacks.

I called by the Player's bar, it wasn't that busy tonight. I said hi to the boys then spotted Dan sitting alone.

"Not feeling so good Dan?" I said.

He replied. "No Squirt I think I'm getting the flu. Can I hitch a ride with you tonight, my cars in the shop?"

"No problem Dan."

Dan lived in the same apartment block as me. I'm on the second floor he's on the third.

"Ok let's go man, I'm buggered, need some sleep." He said.

"Ok" I said. "Grab your bag."

We said goodnight to the boys and walked to the car park. He squeezed into my Honda Civic holding onto his legs, it was so cute and so was he.

"I did some underwear shots today, I'm really not comfortable with doing them but my agent said, just think of the big bucks."

I said. "I'll look forward to seeing them."

He looked at me and said. "I bet you will."

We laughed, he knew I was gay but he never really mentioned it.

We rode the lift together, me to the second floor him on to the third, sort of penthouse. It was two apartments joined fully modernized and renovated and just awesome. The views alone were million dollar ones, his looks and sport had afforded him a better life. There were two other apartments on his floor but empty. Most of the building was empty. Big companies owned the flats. They keep them empty, tax write off or something. Dan did invite me for a beer but I declined I was tired.

After saying our goodnights I walked up to my door and took a deep breath, opened it and slipped into the semi darkness. My beautiful apartment was bare. Only a heavy wood table and two chairs survived Steve's wrath. He had either sold or smashed up my things, I had nothing left. I heard a sound from the bedroom.

Steve sang out.

"Where have you been slut, were starving?"

I peered around the door and there was Steve in his underwear high as a kite with some guy lying next to him also in his underwear, no guesses what's been going on here all day.

"Hi Steve whose your friend?".

"This is Carl, he just called in this afternoon, we were just having a lay down."

They both were drugged up; I'm guessing Carl is his dealer.

"Well, what's for dinner asshole?"

"I got some Lasagna from the club I'll dish it up, does Carl want some?"

"What do you fucking think of course he fucking well does."

I put out three paper plates and separated the food into three. Steve came into the kitchen and said.

"I sold your ass to Carl today, be nice to him."

I was mortified and said.

"Steve, get out and take your dealer with you."

Then he slammed the plate of food he was holding into my face.He grabbed me by the hair and tried to drag me into the bedroom, I screamed.

"Steve let me go, get off me, I can't do this anymore."

He literally threw me into the wardrobe door. He kicked me in the head, groin, ribs,and stomach all the while screaming at the top of his voice.

"You going to play nice now boy?"

I was stunned when he picked me up and threw me on the bed, my head hitting the wall hard. It dazed me and I hurt all over. I begged him to leave me be but he was relentless.

He pulled my pants down and Carl held my arms. Steve proceeded to rape me cold, no lube, no lovemaking, no nothing. It hurt like hell, I hurt like hell. All the time he was calling me filthy names. He finally came, then it was Carl's turn; he raped me for ages I don't think he came maybe he wasn't as into it as much as Steve, his filthy disgusting breath and body odors made me vomit on the bed. My ass was numb. I managed to get away.

I tripped at the small kitchen step, then Steve grabbed me. I could hardly breathe; he threw me at the plate glass sliding door that ran to a small balcony. Death was near that night, glass sprayed all around me; showering, cutting and destroying my body. I collapsed onto a pile of it. I could feel it cutting me up. After a few minutes I heard a voice.

"Let's go Steve; I don't want to be a part of this."

I heard my keys jingle and he probably took my phone to sell. There's nothing left for me now but to slowly bleed to death. I couldn't ring an ambulance, the land line was cut off, I was chasing my ass trying to survive from one week to another, there's nothing left.

I finally found the strength to pull myself up by the kitchen bench. I only had one thought, Dan's home, he will help me. I struggled to the lift leaving a trail of blood behind me I pushed third floor and prayed he had stayed home. I made it to his door looking around but not seeing a doorbell I pounded on it til I couldn't feel my hand anymore. It finally opened.

"Cody, what the fuck?"

I said, "I'm sorry Dan I have cut myself can you help me?"

Then I must have collapsed.

The beep, beep, beep of a machine woke me two days later. I could smell the hospital aroma. I hurt badly all over. I remember saying, "Thank you Dan."

Then went to sleep, sometime later I woke again it was the pain that pulled me out of my slumber. I felt around for the call button and pushed it hard and long.A nurse came crashing through the doors.

"Hi Cody baby, good to see your awake."

"Pain," I said, "pain, there's so much pain."

She disappeared and came back with a man who I assumed was a doctor.He injected something into my wrist tube and almost instantly I was pain free.

"Thank you Doctor, thank you."

He sat by the bed as my nurse, who, I found out later, was named Connie, took my obs and wrote them on my chart I knew enough about hospitals to know what was happening. The doctor looked at me.

I said."How bad is it?"

He looked at me thoughtfully and said. "Cody you are a very lucky young man. If your friend hadn't got you here you would have been dead within a half hour. You lost a lot of blood. You have two cracked ribs, that's why you find it difficult to breathe, you have major and minor cuts to your body, one was so bad there was a chunk of glass protruding from your right leg, that's where the bleeding was coming from. You have a bump on your head the size of a golf ball, unfortunately you have a gash across your left cheek but we got a plastic surgeon in to repair it. I think it makes you look sexy and it will fade with time. The cuts to most of your body are superficial but will be seen for some time yet. We spent hours picking glass out of your skin and applying stitches. It's a plus you are in good shape; we hope you will heal quickly."

Then he added. "Cody you have had two major operations, one for your leg, we sutured your muscles together and you should recover well but that scar unfortunately is big, it will fade but will be seen for years to come, there are big ones on your back also that won't fade anytime soon. The second operation was to repair your bowel it was torn but not a major rip; thank your lucky stars you didn't have to have a resection. Now my two questions, are you in any pain?"

"No sir." I said. "Not at the moment."

"My second one is, were you raped?"

I broke down as I relived that night. I was shaking all over and couldn't stop I just whispered, "Yes."

He then said, "I thought that was the case; I'm sorry Cody I had to inform the police which is standard practice in these sorts of cases. I have done tests on std's and they came back negative. We will have to do more in three months but the initial test didn't turn up anything. Next thing is the Detective assigned to your case has asked me to contact him as soon as you're able to speak. I am now going to ring him and Cody? Tell him everything, don't hold back you promise me? What's been done to you is terrible; whoever did this has to pay."

"I promise." I said.

The detective was nice and understanding I told him everything that happened. I gave him Steve's full name, birthday and his parents address. I didn't know anything about Carl but I gave him a good description right down to his awful smell. He said he hoped it didn't drag me down and he would find the bastards real soon. I thanked him and he left. I then sobbed into my pillow the pain was back again. Connie hooked me up to a morphine box and I controlled my pain from there. Although I didn't use it often, I had enough of drugs.

That afternoon Dan called in. When I saw him I began to cry again. He was my savior, my god, my strength. I thanked him for saving my life through emotional sobbing. He looked terrible as he sat there looking a bit uncomfortable, so I pulled myself together. I thanked him properly he just said, "I'm glad you came to me I heard nothing.It was a bit of a shock. I tried to stem the blood flow but didn't want to remove the glass in case of more damage. I am so glad to see you awake, Squirt. John, Matty and I cleaned your apartment as much as we could and the next day I got a glazier, cleaners and had deadbolts put on all your doors."

"Thank you Dan I'll repay you as soon as I can."

"That's okay it will take some time for the insurance to pay out."

I lowered my head and said, "I don't have any I couldn't afford it."

I burst out crying again.

"That's okay kiddo, it's on me."

"No Dan you have done so much already I will repay you."

"Cody what happened?"

"Dan I can only give you the basics, it's too painful to talk about."

"Okay squirt at your own pace."

"I met Steve a year ago, I thought I loved him but when he lost his job he started on drugs, it changed him something shocking, he cursed me, bashed me, sold or gave away all my things, cleaned out my bank account, and broke what he couldn't sell. I was left with nothing. Every night when I left the club, I didn't know what I was walking into." I wept.

"I threw away all my cutlery and bought paper plates and plastic knives and forks. I was terrified of him Dan. I'm not a fighter, I've never had to learn, and he was so much bigger than me. I couldn't fight back; he always hit me where it couldn't be seen. When I got home that night his dealer was there.They both decided they didn't like their dinner so they laid into me.He kicked me and threw me around the bedroom then they threw me into the glass door that leads to the balcony, abusing me all the time. They stole my car and phone, the one last thing of value I had. My home landline was disconnected so I ended up at your door hoping you would call the ambulance. The cops are out looking for them."

I continued with the tears silently sobbing, "There's so much more Dan, but I can't tell you." I wouldn't tell, never tell, Dan about the rape.

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