Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 6

Published: 8 Apr 14

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

John and Matty left after a lot of hugs and kisses. They kept congratulating Dan on his courage. When we were alone we had another beer and talked about a lot of things, mainly Dan's fear of being gay, I just said.

"Dan we can take it slow,there's no rush and if you find its not you then I will give you an escape clause in the contract."

He pulled me down onto his lap and held me tight, it was a loving embrace.

He said."No need for any escape clause Squirt, I don't want one."He added."Squirt I'm in love with you, I'm in love with your face, your hair, your eyes, your smell. I have loved you for well over a year now but I fought it like crazy because I don't want to be gay, but the girls just don't do it for me, you do.

I don't know how far I can go sex wise. I don't have any experience but I sure do like smelling, holding and kissing you. I should have told you ages ago; it would have saved you a lot of pain. I felt so responsible when you were attacked; it wasn't what you were thinking at all. I felt so shitty with myself. I blamed myself for letting it happen. I should have spoken to you about my feelings months ago."

He went on just giving me small whisper kisses.

"When I stayed at your place I waited till you were asleep then I smelled your smell and kissed your neck."

I rubbed my neck and remembered my dreams."I gave you a shower because you needed me, I fought hard not to get an erection, I kissed your scar because I wept inside for your hurt and what I had let happen to you. I wanted so bad to wake up with you every morning and share showers with you. I want that so bad. I want intimate dinners, walks along the beach, a thousand things but I only want to do this with you, no one else.

I'm still thinking like a straight jock Cody. I don't think I can suck cock but I can play with you, I don't think I can fuck you, I'm afraid I'll hurt you. But I do know for sure I love you, but I am so scared you won't love me back."

I turned to him in tears."Thank you Dan, thank you there's no fear of that. I've been in love with you forever; I never dreamed you would love me back. I only went with Steve to try and block you out, but it didn't, I love you with all my heart, I don't want you to do anything to me, just love and hold me, I sleep so much better when you do that."

"So do I Codes." He replied.

We kissed lightly for the next hour then he whispered."Let's shower and go to bed, we can start packing you up tomorrow."

I glided into the bathroom, we stripped each other,Dan's shower was three times the size of mine. I slowly pulled his jockeys down, he did mine and we stepped into the hot shower and began to wash each other.

He was more than fully erect and I was so hard my cock was slapping my belly. He washed my bits and I washed his; he also kissed my scars and burn, my cheek and my back it was so erotic. When we got out of the shower we dried each other off, cleaned our teeth and then went to bed nude. He hugged me to himself, all the time kissing my neck, ears and mouth. I was running my hand over his chest feeling his hard nipples, he was moaning when I sucked on them, he had to pull me off, he whispered."Codes I'm nearly cumming."

I slid down his body kissing and licking every part, his hard abs, his treasure trail and then I got to his full uncircumcised cock. I licked it then sucked on the pre-cum which was dripping onto his belly. I lapped it up then took his cock into my warm mouth and sucked it deep, it was a perfect fit. I sucked on it and played with his balls; I smelt his dark pubes as they tried to scratch my nose.

I was in heaven. Dan was moaning and tossing his head from side to side, his legs were very restless, his balls tightened up and I heard a gasp.


Was all he said, I didn't let up, he came in my mouth. It was the sweetest tasting cum in the world; he pumped six jets down my throat. He was moaning loudly, then silence, his eyes were half shut and he was enjoying the afterglow. I looked down and saw this perfect god, he was completely relaxed.

I left the bed and went to the toilet, I was busting, I pulled myself about twenty times. I tasted Dan in my mouth, smelled his pubes in my nose and let loose with rope after rope of cum, my bum danced to the beat. I collapsed on the toilet but I recovered fast, I wanted to get back to him in case he did a runner.

I cleaned my mouth and teeth and went back to bed. Dan was asleep; I turned the lamps off and snuggled to him. He woke when I was stroking his face.

He looked at me and whispered."I didn't know it would be like that Codes. I've never had a head job but it was awesome; I feel complete. I feel like I want to cry happy tears, I love you so much."He said as tears formed in his beautiful eyes.

I replied."Let loose Dan there's only us here."

With that he wept; they were tears of happiness and sorrow.

He finally stopped, as I held him he said."You must think I'm stupid doing that."

I said."Never, it shows you are human and have a beautiful heart"

He added."Thank you Cody, just thank you that was just the best feeling."

I said."Deal done Dan."

He looked at me and said."What about you?"

I said."All taken care of."

I moved to kiss him, he moved away, I breathed at him and said, “Taken care of."

He smiled and leaned down and we kissed till we were so tired and our lips were sore I turned out he spooned me I said"Thank you Dan I love you."

He said."I love you so much more Codes."

About two am I was woken by Dan playing with my cock and cupping my balls, I faked sleep but instantly got hard he must have realized I was awake he whispered.

"Squirt you awake?"

I moaned."Ummm." He nuzzled my neck and said.

"I can't believe you're here with me, it's like a dream."

I said."I know how you feel Dan I feel the same."

"Cody how was this taken care of?"

As he held my now rigid cock, I said.

"In the bathroom Dan, didn't take long."

There was silence and after a few minutes he said.


"Ummm"I said.

"I don't want you to take care of it in the bathroom; can you do it with me?"

I said"okay" trying to talk down my erection.

"Next time Dan."




"Ummm" I grunted.

"Do you think I could pull you off, I'd like to try?"

" Umm" I said."Help yourself."

He scooted down the bed and started wanking me. It wasn't long before I came. It wasn't as good as doing it myself, but it was Dan which made it more erotic.

He then moved to the bathroom washed his hands and wiped me down with a wet cloth.

I said. ."Thank you Dan, that was just awesome."

"My pleasure." he said."Goodnight."

He just held me and before I knew it was asleep again.

About an hour later I woke and turned to Dan I slid down the bed put my hand through his legs and held his iron ass then started to suck his cock. I wanted to thank him he again groaned and shot a load down my throat I didn't bother cleaning my teeth I was too relaxed, so I turned on my side and he spooned me again I could feel drips of his cum on my ass.

He whispered."Thank you Squirt."

I said."Your welcome Dan."

Back to sleep again within seconds.


Morning comes with two absolutes, morning wood and piss cramps. I didn't want to move, I was in my Utopia and my mate was butt up against me. My wood was between his legs, nudging his balls, his legs clamped it tight. I had to go real bad, I tried to pull out but he clamped harder.

I said."Squirt, hey Squirt are you awake?"

He said."I am now Dan."

He wriggled his ass around but didn't release my cock,

"Squirt do you think you can take the vice off my dick I need to go badly."

He must have thought about it then lifted his leg; I was free, I jumped out of bed into the bathroom and released a stream of piss; I also farted.

"Oh that feels better."

When I finished I washed my hands and headed back.

Squirt said."Did you have the team cheer squad in there with you, sounded like a fog horn went off?”

I said."Nah I wanted to fart bad so I thought there's only us here and your cool, so I let fly."

We couldn't stop laughing.

I said eventually.

"I'll put the coffee on."

So I went out to the kitchen nude, I was fucking nude in my kitchen with another bloke around, a first for me again, I turned the machine on. I heard the shower going and raced in as Cody was stepping into it, I jumped in after him.

He said."What took you so long?"

We laughed and soaped each other up, I checked his burn it wasn't as bad as we thought but combined with that angry scar my heart sank for my gorgeous boy. We finished the shower and dried ourselves. Cody started his regime, underarm, after shave and hair gel. He was surprised I had his favorite aftershave, I told him I loved his smell so much I bought myself a bottle just so I could sniff it occasionally, it drove me crazy not being able to smell it on his body. I just watched him play with his hair he looked at me and said.

"Flat, flipped or spiked?"


I replied there was no other option.

We walked to the kitchen not wanting to dress. I was drinking his body in and I'm sure he was doing the same. As I got the cups out we kept brushing our hands over various body parts. I waited for the coffee to boil, and then we leaned up against the kitchen counter, Cody said.

"Sit here."

He patted the counter I hopped up, he played with my chest,he sucked my nipples till I was almost hyperventilating while playing with my balls, then he blew me right there; right then in the kitchen, it was better than last night. He looked like he just loved sucking my cock.

I said.

"I can pull you off."

He said.

"Sorry already sorted."

There was a big pool of cum on the tiled floor. I laughed, he cleaned up then he went and brushed, we smooched for ages; we were both hard again, but Squirt said.

"Coffee, we need coffee."

"What do you want for breakfast bud?"I asked.

He said."Oh I think I just had it."


We dressed and went down the street for breakfast, I objected when Dan ordered a large meal, he leaned over to me and whispered.

"You're not going to become a nagging wife are you?"

I looked at him and said."Nah I'm not your wife, I don't like that label."

He said."Good, neither do I, Boyfriend?"

I didn't mind that label so I just smiled. We ate had more coffee and soaked up the morning sun.

We called into the police station and gave statements. I handed over the pictures and Doctors report. It was a downer in our day but had to be done. Detective Gow said he would keep us informed.

Next was to start packing my things up. Dan got frisky again. I said, “Not here Dan it's too raw,let's go to your place."

He said"Our place." We took two box loads up with us. I stalled the lift, unzipped him and licked his balls and cock til he came again, he must be exhausted; I came in my favorite jeans, no hands.

He lifted his eyebrows I said"Already taken care of." as I looked down at my wet patch. I took a shower and changed, Dan sat on the toilet and watched me. He said he had never seen anything sexier in his life, not even the porn he had watched on the net. I smiled and lip locked him for awhile, then he dried me.

That afternoon John and Matty came over we again sat at the table on the balcony. They were so happy for us, I learned Dan knew about them and he was confiding in them about me. I felt a little special as they gave glowing reports on my looks and style that had first drawn Dan to me.

John said."He just couldn't stop talking about you Squirt."

I said."I was in pain for such a long time, I used to daydream about Dan rescuing me and he did."

I broke down and cried I couldn't help it.

I said."Everything was so fucked up in my life and now it was so insanely good."

"Well."John said."Dan have you done the deed yet, you know you have to start sometime if you and Squirt are going to be umm partners?"

Dan went bright red and said."We are up to number six. And we are partners but we kind of like being boyfriends for awhile."

I went inside to get more drinks and some snacks. I raided the fridge and made a couple of dips. Dan had biscuits so it was easy to throw together.

"Man this is good Squirt, can you cook?" Said Dan.

I said."If I have to, the last few months I had to get food from Keith in the kitchen, I couldn't even afford a head of lettuce."

They looked at me with wide eyes.

"Fuck Cody, I wish we would have known, we could have done something."

"I guess my pride got in my way Matty, I didn't even tell my mum. She would have helped me but I couldn't let her. Steve would have cleaned her out too.

She bought me the new car and my dad had already bought me the apartment. Mum has money but I just couldn't ask for her help, it would have worried her."

We sat there all afternoon just talking. John and Matty were so in love they just didn't take their hands off each other. Dan just held me tight. At three thirty they took it in turns to use the bathroom and went off to training. Dan said.

"What are you going to do Squirt?"

I just said."Make some room in the wardrobe and move a few more things in."

We kissed goodbye concentrating on our asses with our hands, we got worked up again but they had to go.

"I will see you later okay?" I said then they left.

I puttered around both apartments. I needed to clean out my wardrobe first, so I took a garbage bag of clothes up to Dan's. It was a pitiful sight; I really did have nothing;a few pair of jeans, some black work pants, club polo shirts and a few tank tops and shorts. Old underwear a belt and three ties.

I made room in Dan's walk in robe and it just looked sad with my stuff in one corner. Dan had loads of clothes; because of his modeling he got to keep most of the stuff he wore. I looked at the labels, there were some top quality goods hanging in there.

I looked around his apartment, it was magnificent. He had bought two three bedroom apartments on the top floor and had them renovated into one, his bedroom walk in robe and bathroom were enormous separated from the large kitchen and huge family room with a hallway and the front door, There were two large balconies, one for the morning and one for the afternoon sun, everything was tiled beautifully; it would have cost him a small fortune.

On the other side, is another hallway and leading off it were three bedrooms two bathrooms and a storage room, come study. There was a computer and lots of books, I wondered if this was where Dan sat when he watched porn. It only took about three trips to get the rest of my stuff. As I said there wasn't much. I will go to my place tomorrow and change the bed and clean. Dan said his mum and dad would be there in four or five weeks. I had tried again to give him the cheque back but he refused to take it.

As I leaned out the door sipping my coffee watching the magnificent red sunset it dawned on me there were ceiling to floor plate glass windows all over the place, even Dan's bedroom had a wall of glass. I thought about it but nothing happened, I felt fine with it. I was better than fine because Dan's place came with an added extra, Dan. I felt secure and safe, I teared up thinking about last night in bed, it was so cute but so wonderful. I missed him already.

I decided to look in at work and see what's on my plate for the following six days. Well no that's not quite right, I wanted to go to the Players bar and see Dan, I missed him.

I spruced myself up and left my safe haven. Arriving at the club I saw the boys still hard at it on the field doing all sorts of exercises. There was a sizeable crowd there and the normal run of the mill 'groupies'.

Well girls I know three guys you won't get into bed with, one especially. I waved at Matty as he passed jogging around the oval. He is a mean looking dude, his rugged looks, tattoos and broken nose make him look really fierce; but I know different, one of the sweetest men I know with a heart of gold; he was the opposite to clean cut, ripped Johnno. They really did suit each other.

I went to my office and fingered through the appointment book. It looks like one wedding, a twenty first, a ladies luncheon and a smattering of small get togethers. Business was great because we had one of the biggest reception rooms within forty miles; we did get a lot of weddings and conventions. There are plans on the drawing board to expand the club. They are going to build a motel, come hotel, on the old playing field. Should look great.

I wandered up to the bar, there were a few of the guys already there, they again thanked me for getting rid of the annoying slut. I just said.

"Boys if anyone is annoying you in here just let me know, this is your place, you should be able to feel safe and happy here."

They agreed with me. Just then my three boys walked in. Dan saw me and came over, he whispered."I was missing you like crazy I'm glad you are here."

As a group we grabbed a table and had a beer, I didn't want too much, I just sat there and drank my man in."Squirt can I ask you something?"

"Sure Mattywhat's up" . He said"Well you know Greg the security manager?"

I saw Dan becoming uneasy.

Matty continued."Well he's starting a kick boxing, judo, karate kind of class without the boxing. He's rented some space in the Gym. I thought I would like to learn, you know, because of my looks and size I get picked on quite regularly. I was wondering if you would like to come with me? Its only two nights a week for two hours and the fees are very reasonable."

"I don't know Matt;I'll think about it, I'm not much of a fighter as you know."

"Well I think it would do you the world of good, even if you learnt the basics like how to fend off an attacker, or how to drop someone. Come on Squirt, I need someone to go with me."

I just looked at him and said."I'll give you my answer tomorrow."

I wanted sleep on it and I wanted to talk to Greg too.

We had a good night but Dan was a bit quiet, we headed home in separate cars. We got to the lift together, I pushed the button and he glared at me and said.

"What's with this Greg person?"

I said."What do you mean Dan?"

"Well you had lunch with him the other day and it seemed like you two were getting on like a house on fire, did I see him silence you like a secret thing or something?"

I pushed the stop button on the lift; we had just passed the second floor. I looked at him sideways and grinned.

"Oh the green eyed monster is here, I wondered when he would show up."

He blushed and just shuffled his feet."Okay." He said"let's talk about it when we get inside."

"Let's not Dan."

He snapped his head up.

"Dan, I don't want to take any bad stuff into your apartment."

"Ours". He corrected me.

"Don't interrupt me Daniel Lawrence."

He looked like a naughty boy.

"Now let me repeat, no nasty stuff is going to be taken to our apartment. Capiche?"

He nodded in the affirmative.

"I feel safe there and I'm very happy, I don't want it tainted."

"Greg is an acquaintance, he asked me to lunch not because he fancied me which I might add was a little disappointing, but he did ask and I went because he had a problem he thought I could help him with. He's in a gay relationship and his partner and him hadn't done the 'deed' and he was asking me for tips. I just downloaded a shit load of stuff for them to read and found them some websites to look at."

Dan said."I'm."

He never got it out.

"I'm not finished yet Daniel."

"Oh ok, sorry man."

"Ok, he shushed me to swear me to secrecy which I promised. I would never tell anyone what we discussed, if it wasn't for the trust I have in you I would never have told you, but I see the problem and I need to fix it. Dan you have nothing to fear. I'm yours forever or til you get sick of me."

He couldn't keep quiet anymore and leaned over and kissed me.

"I'm sorry". He said.

"Now can we go eat, I'm hungry."

"Ok Babe." I pushed the third floor.

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