Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 7

Published: 8 Apr 14

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

I made a large vegetable Lasagna; at least I know I won't wear this one. Dan had showered at the club so he just went and put some sexy shorts on that fell past his bum crack. It was still hot outside so he didn't put on a shirt, my jaw dropped, he said "What?" I just said "nuthin."

When the food was ready we sat close to each other and started eating. "I thought you said you moved everything today?"

"I did."I said.

He replied. "Well where are all your clothes?"

I said, "On the shelf at the back."

He left the table and in a minute he was back he never said anything.

"Squirt why don't you go do the defense course? Even if you only just learn the basics, I'm sure Greg would tailor a program for you."

I said I wanted to talk to Greg before I committed, I wanted to do it, but as he has pointed out I just want to learn a bit about defense.

By the time we stopped talking and eating it was late so I said I'm getting sleepy lets go to bed. I loaded the dishwasher and went to have a shower. When I turned the water on Dan appeared in the doorway he said. "Can I watch?" I just said pointing to the toilet seat. "Be my guest." I showered and gave him a great show. I bent over and washed my legs and butt, I stretched my arms above my head as I washed my hair, while he looked on goo-goo eyed. I'm sure if I had flexed my whole body he would have cum right then and there.

He dried me off and even did my underarms, he put a little aftershave on my neck, loaded up the toothbrush and handed it to me; then he did my cuts and burn.

He said "Cody, does your leg feel ok?"

I said "Yeah. why?"

"Well it doesn't look right babe it's really red; is it sore?"

"Not particularly Dan, it's cool." I laughed and said.

"I will let you know when I take a piss you can wipe the drips off my knob."

He really was like an excited schoolboy.

We climbed into bed and kissed. When we broke apart for some air he wiggled his eyebrows and I got the message. I worked his pecs, his belly button, treasure trail and balls.

I got near his pink bit and he squeezed his butt together. It was like a bank safe, nothing could get past his tight buns. I licked up and down his pole, and then deep throated him. I could tell he was trying to make it last and when his balls tightened and I got that first taste of copious pre-cum I lifted off; he said."What's wrong Squirt?"

I said. "Just wait" I repeated my mantra three times. He was groaning for release and was saying over and over again, "Cody, please release me."

I finally felt sorry for him and let him cum. I thought it was never going to end and I didn't want it to. He had that blank look on his face again. He was running his hand over my chest as I lay there watching his cock twitch. A small amount of cum oozed out of his perfect manhood. I licked it up like it was sweet nectar and it was.

I finally broke free leaving him in his own little world. I went to the bathroom, threw the hand towel I had cum on in the wash basket and brushed, god I'm giving my teeth a real workout lately, I grinned. I got back into bed and he kissed me he said nothing; I saw that tear form in his eyes again.

"Codes can I help you?"

I said."All taken care of Dan, let's get some sleep." He lifted his head and looked at me; I sucked his nipple and went into a deep sleep.

I did him again during the night and once in the shower in the morning. He just walked around the apartment in a daze when we finally exited the bedroom.

"I have a photo shoot to do for Billabong at ten am Cody, do you want to come along and watch?"

I said."Okay, but I have to get to work by three. There's a ladies group coming in for their annual meeting so I need to be there."

We left home and went to the photographers. There were racks of clothes, lights and a pretty amazing array of backdrops Dan went into the dressing room and was made up; his hair looked awesome, so did he. I sat at the back and watched this god like hunk strut his stuff. He was a natural exhibitionist; he went from tees to shorts, they did photos of his feet in flip flops, they even did his beautiful eyes. The photographer told me they would tweak them and place a bikini clad young lady in his eye like he's looking at her; it all sounded very high tech.

They finally had him lying on a surf board in their underwear. I nearly blew there and then; I know I was wet because of the pre-cum patch. I could have just gone over and fucked him on the spot. Unfortunately that didn't happen, everything was on the up and up. The shoot was for their range of new styles for the following summer. The campaign will start in the spring. They also informed Dan there would be five billboards with the eye shots and three with the underwear.

I couldn't wait to see them, I was so excited. He drove me to work and I couldn't stop talking about the shoot and how beautiful he looked. I was looking forward to seeing the photos. I squeezed his hand and said "laters Dan." He said to meet him in the Bar and we would get home and have an early night wiggling his eyebrows at me. I smiled and went inside, my boner raging in my pants.

I was so happy I had finally got Dan, it showed on my face all afternoon, Annie asked several times what I was smiling at, I just said I was happy they had arrested Steve and I was released from all that shit I had to put up with. And I got my real love also.

She said. "No." I said, "Mums the word Annie." I then told her the story.

I spoke to Greg and he thought my idea was good and he said he would plan a special workout just for me. He also said things were on the up and up at home, it was much more relaxed and they had no tension. He did lean over to say. "Thank you Cody for my sore butt today, I appreciate it. I think I'm one of the ones that like it." I just laughed and said. "Don't make my program too hard Greg."

I winked and left him to it.

The ladies lunch turned out to be thirty well dressed matrons from the local CWA or Country Women's Association. They offered me and Annie scone and cake baking lessons; of which we eventually did take them up on a few months after. They are a bloody special kind of people. They have raised millions for charity; they all need to be made Dames of the British Empire. I so loved their heartfelt speeches and their genuine concern for humanity. Sadly their numbers are dwindling. I guess it's that they are from a different era. The young ones now days are too busy on their iPhones to even see all the good stuff that's happening around them.

I signed out said goodbye to Annie and headed for the Oval. I watched training but really just watched my Dan. I overheard two young women commenting on him. They were saying things about his awesome body and they wondered if the package he was packing was real. I had a small giggle to myself, if you only knew ladies.

We met at the bar and got a drink moved to a table and I said to him.

"What's with the padding in your shorts tonight?"

He looked at me confused, I added.

"I overheard two girls commenting on your rather large package and they were wondering if it was real."

He just laughed and said.

"Oh I see what you mean Squirt, I had a fat all through training. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

I said."Just as well, I got the impression you were stuffing socks in there to impress the ladies."

We smiled together. "Let's go home Codes."

When we arrived home he said.

"What was that?"

I said."What Dan?"

He said.

"What did you say just then, you were talking to yourself."

"Dan, you're hearing things"

He said. "No Codes you were talking to yourself in the kitchen, are you feeling ok?"

"Of course Dan, I'm ok. I don't think I was saying anything, I am feeling a bit hot though."

He felt my forehead.

"You have a temperature Codes, take an Aspirin."

"Ok Dan, but I feel fine"

We made steaks on the barbecue, Dan ate his and half of mine, I just looked at him and thanked god for sending this wet dream my way. We showered; he didn't wash at the club because he wanted to be with me. I had noticed Matt and John often didn't shower at the club either. We shampooed each other's hair, thoroughly washed our dicks, he wouldn't let me wash his hole. I washed his hard assed legs then, I couldn't help it; I blew him in the shower. He leaned against the tiles and just let fly, moaning. We rinsed off and he said "Squirt?"

I said."All taken care of, I had the soap."

He was a bit troubled looking.

We went to bed and watched a game replay on TV; he turned it off at half time, I could see he was deep in thought.

He finally said.

"Are you happy with me Codes?"

I said.

"What brought that on? I'm over the moon and in awe of you all the time. You have been so good to me, you saved my life twice. Why would you think I'm not happy? I know its early days Dan, but I don't see either of us frowning."

He became very quiet I leant on my elbow and said.

"Oh Dan, you're not happy, I should have known."

"No of course I'm happy; don't think like that, I'm so fucking happy I feel like crying all the time." He pulled me in with his giant arm.

He said. "It's just that when you blow me, which is awesome by the way, you always find a way to cum."

I said. "Dan, I gotta get off, you turn me on something shocking. It doesn't take me long to explode, in the lift the other day, I didn't even have to touch myself."

He looked me in the eye and let out a big sigh.

"Ok, what's the matter now?" I said.

He opened his mouth as if he was going to speak a few times then he said. "Codes, I don't want you to get yourself off all the time, it's not fair, I get all the attention."

I said. "I don't mind Dan. I know this is all so new to you. I was just quietly doing myself, because I didn't want to embarrass you in any way. I totally understand and I'm prepared fully to make sure you have the best time."

He said "Squirt I want to get you off. I need to have your dick in my hands, I want to watch you cum; I think about it all the time, I know I have to learn stuff but can't you hold off for me to get involved too?"

"I didn't think Dan; I just thought it might have repulsed you."

"Why would you think that Codes? I want to make you happy too. This is a two-way relationship and I'm prepared to learn you know, I want to know what turns you on."

I just said."That's easy Dan, you do."

I didn't sleep too well; my leg throbbed all night. Dan woke me in the early hours, I had been talking gibberish in my sleep, I went and took another aspirin, but I was ok in the morning.

I woke him with an awesome blowjob and I straddled his waist, his cock was rubbing on my ass it felt wonderful as he wanked me off. My jizz was spewing all over his well developed pecs it was bliss. We headed for the shower again. He said.

"I loved watching you cumming, you had a little smile on your face and made little noises it was so cute."

I kissed him and said."Thank you."

He asked what I had been dreaming about, but I couldn't remember. He said I talked non-stop for ages; he couldn't make out what I was saying.

We had breakfast and talked about our day. I said I didn't have to be at work till four as there was a twenty first birthday party that night, so I won't be home till after eleven. He looked disappointed, but was ok with it, he had nothing on today, he thought he might ring John and see if he wanted to do something.

There was a ring at the door while I washed the dishes and Dan spooned behind me at the sink just nibbling my ears.

He said. "I'll get it."

There was a delivery guy there with his trolley full of boxes. He signed the docket and put the four cartons inside the bedroom.

I said. "What's that?"

He just said." Clothes from the photo shoot; I better start making more room for them."

I said." God you're lucky, you'll never wear all that stuff, but added I couldn't wait to see him do a private catwalk for me."

"Cody can you come in here for a minute, I just tried on this great t-shirt it doesn't fit me, it's too small."

We looked through the well packed boxes and found Billabong had sent all the wrong sizes to him.

He said he didn't want to send them back he thought it might be a bit rude

"Codes, can you try this tee and these shorts on?"

I didn't have to be asked twice; they fit perfectly. I felt awesome; Dan just couldn't stop touching them, putting his hands around my slim waist, making sure my pecs stood out and my butt fit the shorts.

He then said."Squirt can you use them?"

I said."Next year's range, ummm brand new clothes ummm."

It's been so long since I brought new clothes I can't even remember what the items were.

"Of course I can use them Dan do you mind?"

He just said. "Of course not, my wardrobe is full and I have unopened boxes in the den I haven't even looked through, it's a perk Codes they want me to be seen in their new season stuff before the release. Let's pack them away on your side."

I was really stoked I saw my side of the wardrobe had already been cleared everything fit me, even the underwear.

It wasn't til after he'd done the big Abercrombie and Finch campaign that I woke up. They also sent the clothes from the shoot and they were all too small for Dan again. I had all those wonderful clothes. I looked at my side and it looked a lot better than before.

When he had gone to training one night I sat in the wardrobe and wept for joy. I could have brought this stuff myself but I really didn't want to use mum's credit card, she had done so much for me already.

I got ready for work and started to leave at three thirty. Dan said John had invited him over for dinner, I kissed him, he started to lick me so I left saying. "Have fun."

I was out the door in the lift when I got the first of many text messages for the night. Miss you already xx, it read. I got in the car and wrote back. Not as much as I miss you xx.

This went on all night; I cracked a fat when he said he was on the bed naked waiting for my mouth. It got to the point I was too busy to message him back. The twenty first was great, there were almost two hundred kids and adults dancing, drinking and generally getting drunker as the night wore on.

Annie and I had our hands full and my leg was starting to throb again. It was really annoying me; my nose was running like a waterfall, I hoped I wasn't getting the flu.

There was a fight involving two guys over some girl, I had to get Greg and his men in to break it up. I was bloody exhausted after talking to them, trying to calm everybody down. I broke out in a sweat and quickly went to the toilet to wash my face with cold water. Annie noticed and got me some more aspirin and cold water.

The guests started to leave for the slot machines or to go on to the nightclubs, or home. The birthday boy, Shaun, and his parents collected up all the presents and took them to the car. He was such a good looking kid. His parents thanked us and apologized about the argument. Birthday boy thanked us and shook my hand. I said "Happy Birthday to you Shaun," as I handed him a signed football from the club.

Annie and I finished up and I started for home. Up ahead I could see an ambulance, there had been a bad accident and the roads were blocked; so I messaged Dan I would be late getting home. I got out and walked around just stretching my legs, I was sweating something shocking. An elderly lady was by the road crying into her handkerchief she looked at me and said.

"It's so sad what a waste of a young life."

I looked at her and said.

"Sorry, I didn't hear what you said." She repeated.

"The young man in the back was thrown through the window on impact, killing him instantly his parents survived with no more than scratches."

I surmised the boy didn't have his seat belt on. As I walked back to my car, feeling like shit, I noticed there were gifts everywhere on the road. I saw a football lying in the gutter I picked it up, It suddenly dawned on me, oh no poor Shaun, his poor parents.

Police cleared a lane as I drove past there was a group of teenagers standing by the road I recognised them from the birthday party. They were sobbing openly and hugging each other; I looked to my right and saw glass and blood all over the road and lying under a blanket was Shaun. A silent prayer escaped from my mouth. I downed my 'calm me down' pills with Annie's bottled water.

I don't know how I got home. I don't remember parking or going upstairs. I don't remember hugging a football to my chest weeping. I do remember the nightmare that woke me up screaming. Glass was falling all around me I was being cut to the bone. Shaun had gone through the car window, his beautiful face smashed, and Dan had fallen onto the driveway with a sickening thud.

I shook and sobbed with terror. When I looked around I was still dressed and in my old apartment, on the bedroom floor, the football still clutched to me, I didn't even know how I got there. I panicked and screamed as I ran to the balcony and sobbed "Dan" as I looked down on the empty driveway.

I found my phone, my hands felt numb, I felt like my brain was exploding. I tried to ring Dan, but no signal. I began to try and write a message to him. Help me, at home, was all I managed to say, my hands hurt, I could see the deep cuts and there was blood everywhere. It wouldn't send, I was in a raging tunnel there was water and wind pushing me from every side then I saw a gigantic glass wall that cracked, as I got closer it rained down on me, I was being sliced open from every angle, my leg throbbed with pain and I couldn't breathe.

I managed to open the front door and head for the lift no! Don't take this to your happy place, i finally collapsed in my old bedroom.

"Cody, Cody," I heard my name being called, "Cody, wake up for god's sake Cody."

There was a cooling sensation all over my body. I breathed deeply, my ribs ached. I know I screamed and sobbed in pain over and over.

"Squirt, its Dan, please wake up."

I opened my eyes and saw Dan and John, I said.

"Dan, you saved me, you saved my life, thank you. I feel so dirty; you don't want me now I know, but that's ok I will go on, we had a good time and I will always cherish the memory. I will go now, but don't forget me; I love you more than life itself."

His face changed and it was Steve's face I was looking at. "Steve, " I screamed "Steve don't, please you hurt me real bad the last time, I'm still not healed."

I was punching Steve hard but he held me in his arms tightly.

"Dan, Dan, come back, help me please, don't leave me here alone."

Then I let out an almighty scream.

"Fuck, fuck, Cody help's here. I'm here to help you, I'll save you, I love you, please calm down."

I could hear someone screaming in pain, I could feel them but I couldn't find them. Shaun, his face was a bloody mess, the blood dripped all over his beautiful suit; I couldn't see his eyes, then Dan screamed and fell over the balcony, he hit the drive with a thud, I knew he was dead. Uncontrollable shaking and sobbing followed, I was terrified, I then realised it was me screaming and sobbing; then nothing just nothing.


Squirt looked delicious when he walked out of the hallway into the kitchen, his cargo pants, club polo and his hair was perfect. I couldn't take my hands off him, he smelt beautiful, I chucked a woody and licked his neck and face.

"Eww Dan now I have to go wash again or maybe not," as I closed in for a sensational kiss.

He said goodbye and walked out the door. I immediately missed him I sent him a text 'miss you already xx'; I hung around for an hour just in limbo. I sent another miss you text. Then I thought I would have some fun and tell him I was lying on the bed naked and I needed his mouth. He replied, you wish; xx.

After several messages he wrote he was really busy he would see me after. I went over to John and Matt's. I wanted them to show me something. I had dinner with them; they ordered a couple of pizzas. They explained a few things to me and I thought I understood, they also gave me a web address that discusses this type of thing.

It was ten thirty when I got home Codes should get home soon he said about eleven, I waited till after eleven then I got a message from him, Dan be home soon got held up. I waited for half an hour then tried to ring him there was no answer. I kept ringing but it was going to voicemail.

I rang John."Can you help me mate? I can't get in touch with Cody. Can you drive to the club and then back here? He might be stuck on the side of the road. I want to stay here in case he comes home, I'm really worried mate. Thank you, I owe you plenty."

I hung up and waited. A half an hour later John arrived at the door.

He said.”I couldn't see him but there looks like there was a bad accident about a mile from the club Dan".

I froze." Oh my god" I said as I reached for the phone to ring the hospital.

"No, I'm sorry sir, no one by that name has been admitted tonight. There was a fatality earlier on but the poor lad had a different name."

"Thank you." I said as I hung the phone up.

I said to John. "Maybe he went back to the club."

He just said "I'll drive."

We ran to the car park I did a double take, Cody's car was in his parking spot; my phone alerted me with a message. I opened it and it said, Dan help am home.

I was frantic what did he mean and why the crazy text.

John then said "Fuck he's in his apartment." We took the stairs; his front door was wide open. We heard an almighty scream I began to scream.

"No! No! No!" I nearly collapsed under the pressure, when I got to the bedroom Cody was on the floor screaming and sobbing.

"Dan, help me help me."

John said "He's burning up, fuck strip him off and put him under the cold shower."

He was saying goodbye to me and thanking me for saving him. Then he said he loved me.

"Steve don't you hurt me bad." he said.

The noise that came out of Cody's mouth was inhuman. It sounded like his spirit was leaving his body. I have never heard and never want to hear that sound ever again. I thought he was going to die in my arms. I cried out "Cody I'm here, holding you, stay with me."

I got Cody stripped and under the shower while Johnno called the ambulance. They didn't take long to get here; Cody was out of his head with pain.

He sobbed. "I hurt Dan; I hurt so bad, I'm going now."

The Ambos gave him a shot of morphine he almost instantly calmed down; they put him on the gurney and drove away with him to the hospital.

John and I followed. I was sobbing with grief.

"What the fuck is happening John, fuck me dead."

John was crying also.

"Don't worry Dan they will fix him I'm sure, he was hallucinating and his temperature is off the scale. I hope to God we weren't too late."

"What do you fucking mean, 'too late', John?"

"I read somewhere if your body temperature reaches a certain number, it fries your brain"

I went deathly silent and prayed with all my soul we were on time.

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