Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 10

Published: 04 Dec 14

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

My week went slowly, I cooked pretty decent meals for my new boys, we did eat a couple of lunches at the club, but no panic attacks and no dreams. Luke became my best friend that night of torture. His gift wasn't just my heart and chain, it was his silence and kind nature, plus brains that called me back from the hell I had been living in. On Friday I tested his theory, while Mike was out; I went down to the apartment and stood by the windows. I felt nothing, I walked outside on the balcony, I felt and saw nothing.

I looked to Luke and wept. "Thank you." I was in heaven again.

On Saturday we loaded up my car and hit the road. We got to the hotel early, and waited in the foyer. I saw a bus pull up and my boys were getting off, god I missed them.

"Squirt," yelled Larry.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh I'm just delivering these boys to their brother."

By now I had a crowd of hunky men around me, it felt great. They all said hello to me and the twins, I couldn't see Dan though. John and Matty were there; I spoke to them and told them I missed them. My phone rang, it was Dan, I answered, he said,

"Say nothing and walk over to the men's toilet behind the check-in counter."

Then he hung up.

I casually walked to where he said to go but I couldn't see him. I went inside and a voice said, "Try the last cubical."

I stepped up to it, the door swung open and there was Dan without a stitch on. "Surprise," he said.

I quickly went in, locked the door and we kissed gently. I rubbed my hands all over Dan's gorgeous body, then I knelt down and gave him one of my super duper blow jobs.

We kissed some more as he dressed, I walked out first, then he followed.

"Dan where have you been the others have nearly all gone up to their rooms?"Mike said.

"Had to take a piss Mikey, let's go."

Luke looked at me and winked, he whispered,

"I told you he had no brain."

I couldn't stop laughing, Dan and Mike both looked at me with concerned but bright faces.

We got to the boys' room and settled them in, then to our room. I wasn't in the door for more than two minutes when Dan kissed me deeply; he had me naked in three and was making love to me within four minutes. He kept saying over and over,

"I've missed your smell Codes, so much."

I just laid on top of him nibbling at his pecs and neck, a thousand kisses later, he was sucking me off, one mind blowing orgasm flew down his throat. He was ready to go again, so I did my usual rimming which was his G spot. I worked his ass for ages then I licked his balls, I was able to get them both in my mouth, his sac was the most sensitive part, so I eventually worked on it. I pulled his foreskin down and dove on his cock again. He blew after struggling with it for some time, but he gave up and shot down my throat.

We laid there breathless for awhile, he said,

"I love you Squirt."

I muttered,

"Not as much as I love you."

"Okay two weeks down, one to go. Did you get the photos done?" Dan asked.

"Yep, the boys did exactly what you do, played the camera."

He chuckled.

I said, "They looked great; the photos should be delivered next week sometime. I had fun doing them but I'm not really good at it, not like you."

He said, "I can't wait to see them, especially yours."

I told him I would have to look at them first and, if there were any I didn't like, I would hide them. He just said, "Then lucky I knew you would do that and ordered a second set to be sent to my agent's office. He wiggled his eyebrows.

I looked at him and said. "OUCH!"

We were making coffee in our underwear when he came up behind me; he nibbled at my neck and asked, "What's this, a new present?"

He was looking at my chain. He picked up the small heart and read the inscription. "Never give up Cody."

"Did you have this made?"

"No, Luke did," I replied.

He raised his brows and I just said,

"Let's sit on the terrace; I have something to tell you."

I wasn't going to say anything but I thought better of it. I had told Luke in the morning I was going to tell Dan it wasn't right to keep it from him, and I wanted him to know what a brilliant brother he has. Also, the main reason was I wanted to release Luke from his terrible promise.

I started telling him what had happened at the apartment and what Luke had done for me, he just nodded, so I continued. I told him about the doctor's visit and the glass door of the flat below. I ended with a big thank you to him for having such a handsome, clever brother. I told him I loved my little heart nearly as much as I loved him. He held me, there were no tears, I felt both needed and wanted.

"Also Dan I'm so sorry but he knows about us."

Dan jumped up and said,

"What? He knows?"

"Settle down Dan, he's not going to tell anyone."

"How did he find out, who told him?"

"I did and I didn't, he asked me a few medical questions and when he asked me the question, "do I love you?" I said I'm not answering that. He just said "you just did." So he guessed about me, putting two and two together, he came up with four, I'm so sorry Dan."

But I added, "He swore he would never tell anyone."

Dan seemed okay with it, they had to know eventually.

We rang the boys and said we would be down in ten minutes; we can go to the board walk and get lunch. They met us in the foyer, Dan hugged them both again and we set off. When I got Luke to myself

I said, "I think that went well."

"I hope so," said Luke.

When we sat down in the big eatery at the mall, Mike went to find a men's toilet. Dan just stared at Luke and said,"And you aren't going to tell?"

Luke said, "Dan, Squirts business is his, I'm ashamed I read his email, I thought it was part of some book he was reading. But I promise you I will never speak to anyone about it."

"And you don't mind that I might be," he swallowed, "gay?"

"Of course not Dan, I can see you're happy, you're almost glowing, if and when I fall in love with a woman or a man, I hope I have that special link you and Cody have. I have sort of suspected for awhile Dan."

"How?" he looked at Luke in surprise.

"Well it wasn't hard to work out you had some problems, when you came to the farm at Christmas, I would watch you sitting on the porch deep in thought. You were always far away in dreamland, sometimes you would get a silly smile on your face, so I thought, you've got it bad mate, you're in love. So when we arrived at the apartment I knew instantly who it was in your daydreams, did you know Dan you never take your eyes off Cody even when someone else is talking to you?"

I blushed and thought, I was right about this one; he's going to make a brilliant doctor one day.

Dan just said, "I'll have to watch that."

As he was looking at me; he held my hand and said, "When the day comes I want to tell the world about us, but for now Luke, it's just between us, I have too much to lose and society hasn't caught up with the times yet. Especially having a gay star footballer; they wouldn't understand"

Just then Mike came back, he said, "What wouldn't society understand Dan?"

Poor Dan just said, "Oh we were just talking about stuff, nothing in particular."

Mike then blew all of us away and said, "Are you two gonna have a commitment ceremony or something?"

"WHAT?" Dan and I said at the same time. Mike just said, "It's obvious to me you're both in love, why don't you make it kinda legal? Now, what's for lunch, I'm starving? I guess I'll just stroll around the booths and see what I fancy."

With that he got up and walked off leaving us in a stunned silence. Luke just put his hands to his face and shook his head from side to side. He eventually said, "Sometimes I underestimate that twin of mine"

"I didn't tell him Codes, Dan believe me."

"We know you didn't Luke," I said.

Mike came back with a shit load of food; he looked at us and said, "What not eating today?"

Luke said, "Tonight we talk Mike."

Mike said, "No I want to hit the nightclubs, there's nothing to talk about is there?"

"Well Mike, I think there is," Luke answered.

He thought about it for a moment.

"Oh for fucks sake Luke, don't go all holier than thou on me, it's as plain as the nose on your face that Bro here and the Squirt are in love. You just get over it and move on. And Luke if you tell anyone I'll bust your balls down in the cow paddock."

We couldn't help laughing at poor Luke; Mike had completely blown him away. I leaned over and said to him, "I'll give you my supermarket shopping list when we get home Luke."

We both burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I looked at Dan and said, "Tell you later"

We had a wonderful two days with Dan, Sunday all the boys and us hit the theme parks.

"Luke said come on Bro let's do some rides."

He winked at me. We all did the twister, it was awesome, we all screamed but Luke screamed the loudest. When we headed for the shot tower I could see Luke almost fainting, he said, "I don't feel well, you all go ahead, I'll just sit here for awhile"

I cracked up, I couldn't stop laughing, the tears were falling like a flood down my face, Dan and Mike just looked at me strangely. Poor Luke he didn't do any more of the park's rides that day, we just had the best time, the three of us did nearly all of them, then it was a heartfelt goodbye to Dan and the guys.

We did manage to make love eight times, when John met up with us he looked at Dan and said, "Six."

Dan smiled at him and said, "Eight."

John just hit his butt and said, "Damn Squirt, you must be awesome in bed?"

Of course this was all said out of earshot.

I looked at Dan and said, "One week, I'll see you at the club Saturday lunchtime."

"Okay Squirt, it's been a special weekend, this one, I'll treasure it always."

He started to lean into me, but I stepped back a pace, "See you guys, have fun."

They all groaned.

Monday I had to work late, I told the boys I had work Monday and Tuesday evenings, and will let them know about the rest of the week, tomorrow morning.

Mike said "All's good Codes we will be right as rain. And Cody move back into your bedroom, I'm sure that bed you're in isn't as comfortable as your's and Dan's."

"Okay," I said, "I'll go back there tonight."

I watched him down a big bowl of oats and thought; I could love this kid in a big way.

I struggled through the night, there was a fiftieth wedding anniversary, I thought ahead and wondered if Dan and I would still be together fifty years on. I was daydreaming when the happy couple walked by, they did look so in love.

When I got in there was a big envelope on the kitchen bench, the note said, we took ours Codes, these are yours. I opened the package and looked in stunned amazement; the photos were absolutely wonderful it's really not me is it?

I flicked through them several times not one scar showed the photographer had done a great job tweaking all of them .The next morning I rang him to say thank you.

He said."I was very happy to do that job Cody. I didn't have to do anything but add backgrounds, you are a natural talent. "Raw sex" is the word I'm looking for, you should get yourself an agent."

We talked for another five minutes and I hung up. No tweaking? Are you sure that's really me? Fuck, even I could hit on me, I laughed at the thought. The boys came up with their's and we had a lot of fun looking at each other's photos, the best ones were the ones taken with them together, oh and the Speedo one of Mike.

"I did that one for you Squirt."


"Yep, I decided you might be missing Dan so I wanted to give you something to perve on, maybe a little hint at what you were missing the most."

He rolled his eyebrows, I looked at him blank eyed.

"My cock you idiot!"

I understood now, laughing hysterically. Luke looked at me with tears again.

He said, "Where's that shopping list Squirt?"

Another round of laughter, Mike just looked at us as if we were mad.

"What's for breakfast?" he said. I looked at him and said, "Your choices today, buddy."

"Oh goody," he said.

"Now, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes a shit load of toast, for a start, the rest I'll think about."

Luke and I just cracked up, it was another half hour before I got to the frying pan and cracked the first of many eggs, gotta love that kid.

The next thing that happened that week was I went online Tuesday morning to check my investment account with Dan's money man. I saw the balance and nearly fainted, instead of seven hundred thousand, the balance read one million seven hundred thousand. That's not right, so I rang him.

"Oh hi Cody, been looking at your balance have you?"

"Yes mate it's not right."

"Yes it is mate, all correct" he said.

I had a sneaky suspicion.

"Where did the other money come from I asked?"

"Oh umm, well your mum."

I thought as much.

"Thanks mate have a good day, bye."

I then rang my mum and gave her my 'I can look after myself' routine, 'she can't afford it, I will transfer it back' talk. She calmly said,

"Cody it's the least I can do, I can see you and Dan are very happy together, I just wanted you to have your own money. Just leave it there and let it build up honey. I have more than enough for me. Your dad and I did very well with the hardware shops."

"What are we talking about here mum?"

I had never asked and never would, except today is turning out to be full of surprises, she just said "Well darling at the last count, I think there is about fourteen million in my investment accounts. But I don't know how much in the various properties."

I said, "WHAT?"

"You heard me darling, don't shout."

I told her I loved her and would ring her tomorrow when I'm in a better frame of mind. She said she loved me and hung up. I could feel her grinning for most of the day.

When I rang the next day, I thanked her humbly. We had a good conversation, I told her I loved her very much, she said the same, then we hung up. Dan was due home Saturday so Wednesday I cleaned the apartment top to bottom. I wasn't working next day so I took the boys to the Australia Zoo where we had lunch. They loved it there. It was full of crocs, we spent all day there. We headed home, but Mike decided he was hungry, so we called into the Sunshine Coast and had a rather large all you can eat Chinese meal. I was pooped by the time we got home, I slept very well.

A message came through from Dan saying he was arriving noon tomorrow, my heart leapt; they were coming home a day early. In the morning I fed the boys, had a shower and put my best looking clothes on, a pair of hipster jeans that almost showed my bum crack off, a wicked muscle type t-shirt, Harley belt and boots. I spiked my hair, walked out and Luke just let out a small moan.

"What was that Luke?"

He said, "Nuthin Codes."

I had my doubts about Luke, I reasoned he could maybe swing both ways, like Dan, but I put those thoughts away for another time. I didn't have any thoughts on Mike, I knew he was straight. We arrived at the club early, I ordered eight platters of sandwiches for the boys, and we just sat in the players bar and had a beer, they started to arrive soon after, chugging down beers, and sandwiches like no tomorrow. Dan came up and we spent a pleasant few hours catching up.

He told us all about the camp, how good it was, but he missed me terribly. I went to get another round and I deliberately stood at the bar, with my legs just a little too far apart, I 'accidentally' dropped my keys, so I bent over slowly and picked them up showing some bubble butt crack.

I knew Dan would be watching me. I got the beers and handed them out, then sat down again, Dan's mouth was open and Luke just said, "Fuck Me Cody."

I said, "Luke what's that?"

He said,"Nothing."

Johnno walked past and said,

"Everything ok Dan?"

He just smiled and said,

"Perfect Johnno."

Dan turned to me and said, "why don't you play football Squirt? You could have come." I leant over and said, "Dan you know I don't play, but I suppose I could do the massages."

"Not bloody likely Mate, not with all these horny guys you aren't."

I laughed.

We got home and kissed and fondled forever, had a shower and we blew each other, we couldn't wait, he did me in the shower I did him sitting on the edge of the bath, he fed me his cum and I lapped all of it up not losing a single drop. His grin was awesome.

"Welcome home Dan," I said.

The boys had to get back to the farm early the next week so we talked about his mum and Dad coming down Friday.

"What kinds of food do they like boys?"

They said, "Simple Squirt, roasts, casseroles, stews, barbecue, stuff like that."

"Dan, I better go down and see if the barbecue gas is full, I'll go down with the boys later."

He looked at me,

"Are you sure that's wise?"

I grinned at him and replied,

"Thanks to Doctor Luke all my bad stuff has left the building."

He smiled at me and looked at Luke.

"Thank you," He mouthed at him.

"Your welcome," Luke mouthed back.

That night we made love several times, when I sat on his crotch I nearly had his cock at my ass, it felt great. After I came all over Dan's ample chest I wiped up with the hand towel. We were just laying there making little noises and grunts at each other; he rolled onto me and kissed my lips his powerful body enveloped me, his legs wrapped around mine. I wish this moment would last forever.

"Squirt I feel very complete now you're with me."

I said, "Me too Dan."

I continued, "Dan had you ever thought about fucking me?"

He lifted his eyebrows, waited for a moment and said.

"Every minute of every day Codes, I've always had the urge to make love to you in that way, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity though, I could have fucked you in the bar this afternoon, and I wouldn't have cared who saw me. Cody was the key dropping deliberate?"

I said, "Dan." witha shocked voice, "Why would you think that? I've never been a cock teaser."

He just grunted and said, "Sure Squirt, whatever you say."

"You know you can fuck me, Dan, anytime."

"But I don't want to hurt you Codes, your still not right."

"I'm fine Dan, so if you want to try it, it's ok. At your own pace, but give me some notice so I can get clean."

"Ok Babe I'll let you know."

"Cody? When do you go for another HIV test?"

"Next month, Dan, why?"

"Oh I was just thinking, I prefer not to use a condom with my first time, especially with you. So if it's ok with you, can we wait for your test results?"

"Sure we can Dan, but I know every things going to be ok," I said.


"Yes Dan."

"Codes, do you ever think of screwing me?"

"All the time Dan, but I don't think you're ready for that yet."

"Oh ok Codes, just asking that's all."

He wriggled around so our cocks were rubbing each other. Then he turned me again and spooned me, he put his cock between my legs and started to pump another load out. It ran down my balls, I was nice and slick down there, I didn't like it when he did that, I wanted it inside me so bad.

He said."Codes I was just thinking of fucking your ass when I blew."

"That's nice Dan, ready for sleep yet?"

"Ok Codes, go to sleep."

I wiped up and went to sleep. During the night I was woken by small kisses.

"You awake Codes?"

"Yes Dan" I yawned.

"Codes can I ask you not to wear those jeans in public anymore?"

"You can ask Dan, good night."

In the morning I cooked a very large meal, my boys devoured it in no time. Then we sat round and Dan looked at our photos. He was blown away with the boys' ones when he got to the one with Mike in his Speedos he said,

"A bit much for mum's album isn't it Mike?"

Mike just picked it up and gave it to me.

"That one was done for Cody."

Dan looked at him then me.

"Well Dan, when you're not here he will have something nice to jack off to."

We nearly fell out of our seats laughing. I also got a really nice one of Luke in his boardies.

"Thank you guys, just take what you want from mine."

Luke immediately went through and took one. I knew which one too. Dan said,

"Give us a look."

He shyly showed Dan the photo; it was the one in my hipster jeans showing some crack. Dan said,

"Take any of the others but not that one Luke."

"It's ok Dan, I'll order a second set for us. And I'm going to have that one blown up and hung in the lounge room."

"You're fucking not Squirt. It goes in our bedroom."

"Ok Dan, whatever you say."

I laughed as I slipped the photo back to Luke.

We had a great day I had to go into work and Dan went to training. We met at the Bar after, had a drink, talked to John and Matt for awhile and went home. We didn't see the boys that night. They left a note to say they had gone to the movies.

Slowly Tuesday rolled around and we had to say goodbye to the boys. Dan's parents will be here Friday and they had to go home to help them pack and organise the cattle. I will miss them; they are a lot of fun. I hugged Mike and said,

"You come here anytime and I hope to get an invite to the farm soon."

He said."For sure Squirt, you can come up with Dan anytime mate, just make sure you bring your cook book."

I smiled and said,

"See you soon."

Thenit was Dan's turn to do man hugs.

I looked at Luke and said.

"Luke my knight in shining armour, you will always have a special place in my heart, anytime you want to talk I'm only a phone call away."

We hugged and he then kissed my neck. He whispered,

"Codes, I'm not ready yet."

I nodded and a few tears appeared in both our eyes. We parted on a good note. They started arguing about who was driving, it was like watching Lucy and Rikki, Luke was trying to do his Ghetto voice again. Waving them out the drive we went inside and all was quiet.

I went and cleaned the other Apartment, changed the beds, washed, vacuumed and wrote a shopping list. I did this list on the small balcony. Dan came down to give me a hand; he walked out and sat down.

He said."Everything okay Squirt?"

I looked at him and said, "Sure Dan all's well I'm just doing a shopping list to replenish the bar and fridge."

"No that's not what I quite meant Cody, are you ok sitting out here?"

"Of course Dan, Doctor Lawrence took care of that for me."

"Well I'm glad and I hope it's the only thing he took care of."

"Dan please don't talk that way. Luke's a really nice, very special boy there's no way I would take advantage of him that way. He was there for me Dan, he did hold me till my attack passed, he did work out it was my pills causing it, he did spoon me but the covers were between us; it wasn't sexual. I wouldn't do that Dan."

"I wasn't talking about you Codes, I saw the way he looks at you; it's the same way I look at you. I just hope he hasn't fallen in love like I did. "

"Fuck me Dan I replied do you really think so?"

He said."It's possible, he's never had a girlfriend and I get a kinda feeling when he's around."

"What kinda feeling Dan?"

"Oh I don't know, like he's gay or something."

"That's your Gaydar working Dan; it's a kinda sense you get when gay boys are in the room. You sort of connect with them, like a telepathic feeling. Will it be so bad if he is Dan?"

"No I suppose not, but I don't want him swooning over you ok?"

"I only love you Dan. I never look at other men like I look at you, I'm yours, you own me, because you saved my life. Apart from the fact I'm deeply in love with you Dan."

"Ok Codes I know that. Hey Codes?"

"Yes Dan"

"You got any Speedos?"

"No Dan, but I can get some tomorrow. What colour do you like?"

"Ummm Codes, say like emerald green, like your eyes?"

"Ok Dan but you have to get a grey pair also and I want them loose fitting to show your goods off when you walk."

"Uh, okay Codes anything you want .Oh and Codes do you have to put Mike's photo up?"

"Only when he visits Dan."


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