Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 12

Published: 18 Dec 14

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

I got dressed and made breakfast; we sat at the table as the weather was turning cooler. Dan said "Are you okay Codes?" I replied " Better than ever, my therapist Mrs Lynch told me to tell my story if I was asked, it would help me come to terms with it but it's hard to know how much to tell."

"Well mum was pretty upset last night when she phoned to see if you got home okay."

"Oh Dan, I really didn't mean to upset her, she's a wonderful lady, I love her.

He just said "We all do Codes, she wants to see you today sometime, I think just to see if you are okay."

"All right Dan I'll go on my way to work, it's not her problem or her fault, I'll let her know that."

I also said if she wanted to know the rest of the story maybe one day he could tell her.

"I couldn't Dan."

"Okay Squirt, we will see but I'm also not all that comfortable telling it, I let this happen to you, I just can't forget my stupidity."

"Oh Dan I was the stupid one, I should have said something, let's put it behind us."

"Dan can I ask you something?"

"Sure Squirt what is it?"

"Who are you taking to the ball?"

"Well" he smiled "Babe you know you are my first choice, but I can't take you, you know that."

"Of course Dan, but thank you for the thought though,” I kissed his cheek.

"So I'm taking Luke, Mike, John and Mattie to the ball"


"Well we got together and decided to arrive in the one car without dates, that would be better than me just arriving alone. I don't want to take anyone but you, so I'm not taking anyone at all. I will dance with a couple of wives and guests I like, but only a couple, if I can't dance with you I would rather get pissed."

I laughed at that comment, I would have loved to have been Dan's date, but not this year, times are changing but its small steps for now.

I called into Mrs L's on my way to work she was looking pretty bad. I only stayed a moment.

I said to her Dan had my permission to tell her the rest of the story. She just looked at me and said,

"Cody I think I've already guessed that part."

I said "Good, the two men that raped and abused me are in jail for a long time because of it."

She gasped and put her hands to her mouth. I kissed her and said I would call in later. She hugged me and said "I love you so much son."

As I left for work I suddenly realised she hadn't worked out about the rapes.

Work was shaping up to be a royal pain that day. But Annie and I just mowed through it. By the end we were exhausted, we said our goodnights and I headed for the bar. I needed a drink, Dan had dropped me off he was in a team meeting all day, so we decided to meet and ride home together. Tomorrow the boys will arrive; I couldn't wait to see them.

The bar was full of player's girlfriends and wives, they were all excited about the ball and wanted to know who the special guests were, the boys were more interested in the booze and food.

We had a good night Johnno was very sheepish and Matt just sat and rolled his eyes. John apologised for his reaction. We said don't worry about it and both Dan and me burst out laughing. I just looked at Mattie and said, "Your runts growing up I see."

"Shut up Squirt "John said, as his knuckle hit my head.

"OW! "

We drove home and called in to see Anna, she was sitting at the table having a bowl of soup. We sat and talked for awhile. I told her who Dan was taking to the ball, she smiled and said, "I thought that might be the case Bubby"

He looked at her and said, "Why's that mum?"

"Oh just a feeling Bub."

She looked directly at me and added, "If you can't take the one you love don't take anybody, it would be hurtful and a slap in the face to them."

I knew what she meant; I had felt it when she had brought it up. We said our goodnights and headed home. I made some pasta, and we sat on the sofa curled up and watched some mindless movie Dan liked, I soon got sick of it.

I did the washing up and put a load in the washing machine, then went to shower. Within one minute, Dan's movie was forgotten as he rushed into the bathroom, nearly falling over himself to get out of his clothes. We were soaping each other up within three minutes and had blown our loads within six. We rinsed off dried off and I went to bed. Dan went back to his movie. Men; gotta love em.

The next day we finalised all the preparations for the ball the next night. Everything was perfect and ready to go, the room looked gorgeous.The flowers will arrive in the morning, Dan stayed home to greet the boys and to prepare a speech for the ball, as captain he had to make one. I was excited when I went to the bar that night, Luke and Mike both gave me a shoulder bump.

"Squirt we missed you."

"I missed you guys too," I said.

"What's for dinner?"Mike said.

I looked at him and said,

"Your call Mike you're cooking."

Then I raised my eyebrow at him he blushed.

"He knows doesn't he Dan?"

"Yep mate he knows."

"Well it's only for one night, I can throw something together."

He said looking at me, I laughed at him and said,

"It's no problem Mike we are going Italian. Dan made a booking for the Italian restaurant we liked; John and Matty were coming also.

The six of us headed off around seven thirty; we were ushered by Franco out the back to his private room.


I just stared at them, not comprehending what was going on. My mum was there, Dan's parents, Annie and her husband Joe, and Connie.

"Happy Birthday Squirt !!"


Dan leaned over and said, "Happy birthday Squirt"

He said we couldn't celebrate on the day so he organised it for tonight. I thanked him with tears in my eyes. It's been awhile since I had a party, first my dad was sick and then Steve, I didn't feel like celebrating.

It was a wonderful night; I was like a twelve year old kid turning thirteen again. Franco did big platters of all sorts of pasta which the boys fell over themselves shovelling onto their plates.

"Now boys, don't you think you should have served your parents first," I said, winking at my mum as I handed a plate of her favourite to her first before serving myself.

They all blushed and Mike said,

"Sorry Mum and Dad, what would you like?"

We all roared with laughter, my mum talked nonstop to Anna, they talked openly about the chemo and the cancer, my mum's a smart cookie, she doesn't hide anything.

Dan yelled, "Pressie time."

"Oh no!" I said, "Not presents too?"

"Sorry Squirt you have to go through the opening of the pressie ceremony,"

Luke leaned over and said.

"Okay, okay "I said.

So they started to fish presents out of their pockets and carry bags, and there was a pile in front of me.

"Oh my god so many, I can't remember getting so many presents, oh it's too much, I don't deserve all these."

"Shut up Squirt and open them," Mrs L said.

Everyone looked at her and laughed, she just said, "I might be sick but I can still give orders."

I opened the first one, it was from Connie. It was a beautiful framed photo of her and I at the hospital one of the other nurses had taken, it was so cool. I thanked her and moved on to John and Matty's big one.They had bought me an assortment of very expensive after shaves, my favourites among them; I looked and mouthed a thank you.

Mike got me a beautiful tailored cowboy shirt, it was just gorgeous, Annie and Joe gave me a Myer gift voucher and a wrapped present, I opened it. I cried tears of joy it was my antique ginger jar. The only thing left of my beautiful stuff I had given it to Annie to hold for me.

I said "Welcome home baby, thank you so much Annie and Joe."

Mr and Mrs L gave me a beautiful fine gold bracelet that matched Luke's chain perfectly. I gave both of them a kiss, Rob went red.

"Oops I forgot myself," I said. "Sorry Rob."

"That's okay Cody."

Luke gave me a simply stunning pair of small emerald studs for my ears. I was just in awe of this guy, if it wasn't for Dan. My mum trumped every one she gave me a cheque for three hundred thousand dollars.

I was blown away again, I said,

"Mum, enough of that."

"What Cody darling?"

"Throwing your money at me."

"Oh son; it's our money and besides the tax man is after me so I have to offload some."

I chuckled and said, "Thanks mum but you really didn't have to, just you being here is enough."

"I know son but you and I are a team, what's mine is yours."

I kissed her on the cheek.

"What can I say mum, just thank you."

"That makes your balance even now."

Dan whispered to me, "How does it feel to be a millionaire?"

I looked at him and said, "Multi millionaire Dan."


"I'll tell you later."

"Oh okay," he said.

Dan got up and made a wonderful speech, he apologised he had accidentally left his present at home, and I would get it as soon as we got there. I gave him a blank look; I can only imagine the sort of present he was going to give me. I wish those tests were over with,

I could just sit on his cock all night. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

He whispered, "Get your mind out of the gutter Squirt."

We collected my things; I thanked everyone for making this a happy day for me. Mrs L had to get home; I kissed and thanked my mum and the other guests. Dan and the boys drove me home. We had coffee then I put my new beautiful things on the coffee table and went for a shower. Of course Dan was with me, he washed my hair, dried me, put my underarm on, a little aftershave and we crawled into bed.

"Oh Codes I forgot."

"Happy Birthday my eternal love."

He handed me a small gift, I gave him a sly smile and said


"No silly not yet."

I opened the gift and found a little flat gold ring, it had an emerald heart stone and was surrounded with diamonds scattered all around the band. It wasn't too feminine, so I could wear it always. It had a simple inscription 'forever‘.

"Oh Dan it's beautiful."

My heart soared as he put it on my finger.

He said, "Marry me?"

I looked into his beautiful grey eyes and said, "Yes Dan, forever."

It's not legal in Australia yet, but it's coming. But the intent was there in his eyes; that was enough to make me feel I was wanted, by this gorgeous man hunk. He turned the lamps off and spooned me.

"Cody I so want to marry you." He whispered in my ear.

I said, "Dan never leave me."

"Okay Squirt I won't, can you give me one of your awesome blow jobs now?"

I did and made him wait a long time before he got off.

He said "Codes can I do you now?"

"All sorted Dan."

As I wiped cum off his leg, I couldn't stop myself.

"Maybe in the morning then," he said.

I said, "Maybe."

"Codes? What did you mean by multi-millionaire?"

I told him what mum had done behind my back, with his money man.

He said "Codes is your mum rich?"

"Yes Dan, fourteen big ones, plus properties."

"Oh," he said.


Here it comes.

"Yes Dan?"

"Do you think she would buy us a big boat?"

"No Dan she won't."

"Why not?" he said.

"Because I hate the ocean, that's why not."

"Oh, goodnight Codes, I love you."

"I love you heaps more Dan goodnight."

I waited a few minutes till I got;

"Codes you still awake?"

"Yes Dan"

"Why don't you like the ocean?"

"Because the sand gets in my ass Dan that's why I hate it."

"Okay Cody, good night."

"Goodnight Dan"

I drifted off to sleep cacooned in Dan's big arms and welcomed embrace.

The morning was different this time, we showered I got an awesome blow job, and gave one back. When we went to the kitchen to start breakfast, Mike and Luke had it all done.

"Happy birthday Squirt," they said in unison.

Dan spun me around and kissed me deeply, and said, "Happy birthday Cody".

"Take it into the bedroom guys I don't need to be exposed to all this man loving," Mike said.

"Well I think it's cute," said Luke.

"Look out Dan, Luke's got a crush on your boyfriend."

I looked at Luke and he was beetroot red.

Mike added, "Hey Squirt he's got your picture on his bedside table"

Luke said "I do not; it's in my photo album."

"Yeah," said Mike, "It's stuck to another photo, you shouldn't have covered it in your man juices Luke." Mike hollered.

He cracked me up I couldn't stop laughing. Dan was mortified, but smiled, he added,

"Well Mike he's got good taste, your picture ended up in a box in the bottom of the wardrobe."

Mike looked at me and said. "I don't believe him, have you worn it out yet Squirt? I can get you another copy."

I just said, "Let's eat I'm starving.

The food was excellent, and I complimented them on it. Luke noticed my ring and they both said good job Dan. He was beaming now. A knock on the door brought us back to reality; it was a delivery man with Dan's suit.

He said "Jaques and his assistants will be here at three to fit you and style you."

I thanked him and said, "Jaques?"

He said, "He's Armani's top Australian stylist, Mr Lawrence is going to look perfect, he will also be doing you young men."

The boys laughed at Dan's perplexed look.

"Jaques might want to give you a back, crack and sack, while he's here Bubby," Mike piped up and said.

"No fucking way known," replied Dan.

The boys had hired suits; I had a new one for the night, my first new suit in ages. Jaques arrived and started on Dan. He plucked, primped and dressed him to perfection; I have never seen someone so thorough with his work. And I've never seen Dan look so handsome, I wanted to fuck him right there, right then. I just stared at him following him around the room.

Jaques also helped Mike and Luke, Mike's new wet look hair style looked amazing, his blonde curls were dead gorgeous, he wore it past his collar, it framed his face perfectly, he looked like an angel. And Luke just blew us away with his new style, Jaques's hairdresser had cut and straightened it, it hung to just past his shoulders. He got to me; I hadn't dressed yet because I was working so it wouldn't take me long. He looked me over, I was getting embarrassed.

He said, "Get dressed Mr Cody."

I went to the bedroom and got into my new suit.

I called Jaques in, he just screamed,

"OH! My God!! "

It was heard from the lounge room, the boys ran in and asked what's wrong, what's happened? They just stood staring at me.

"You look bloody gorgeous Cody," Mike said.

Dan was speechless and Luke's jaw just dropped as he groaned, Jaques screamed at me and said.

"Where did you get that suit Mr Cody?"

I said, "I had it made in the city, in a little workroom I was recommended to."

He said "Its perfection plus, I can't do any more for you. I'm sorry Mr Cody but I have to ask, who's the designer?"

"Oh" I said "I drew it up at lunchtime last week and had a tailor just make it for me, it was a rush job."

"My God" he said "Can I show the design to Armani? They pay handsomely for new styles Mr Cody."

I said, "Sure Jaques."

So I looked in the bag for my drawing and handed it to him. He took many photos of me, and the boys.

Dan still hadn't recovered, I kissed him on the cheek and closed Luke's mouth at the same time.The photographer arrived and took pictures of us all. I didn't need to be there really, everything was organised, but Annie and I had to be on hand just in case. We started downstairs after Jaques left, Dan said "We'll meet you down there boys" he grabbed me in his strong arms and said,

"I love you so much Cody."

He kissed me all over, down to my hipster evening pants, licked down my crack and kissed my nipples gently through the tight silk shirt. Then he lowered my zipper and sucked my hardened cock, till I blew a load. I did him then we left the apartment.

"Wow you all look so good boys, Rob get some photos" Mrs L said.

We had champagne with them and Dan's car arrived with the boys shortly after. They all piled into the stretch limo, I followed in my Rav.

I watched as they arrived, Dan was being interviewed by a female television identity, then John then Mattie, she was all over them and the boys looked so hot. Luke just looked like a movie star. The TV crew wanted to interview them also, being the hot brothers of the hottest player in town. Annie and I watched from the sidelines.

She said, "Cody you look so great in that suit, is that the design you did at lunchtime?"

I said. "Yes and thanks for putting me onto Mr Zimmerman Annie, he's a brilliant machinist."

"That's my pleasure Squirt, did you get the reaction you wanted?"

"Yes Annie I got it and more, Armani has the drawing and pictures of it, I believe they pay for new designs."

"Good Cody, but did Dan react the way you wanted?"

"Oh yes Annie he reacted all right," I smiled at my man.

He was staring at me. He winked and looked down; I could see a rather large bulge in his Armani pants.

The night was a resounding success, there were speeches, Dan's was more of a motivational talk but hard hitting. The singers we hired were magic, the boys danced with their partners and they all got drunk, what's new. Towards the end of the night Dan disappeared and the boys at his table were in turn looking at me I moved over to whisper to Luke.

"I'm heading off I hope you have had a great time, I'll see you all at home."

He said "No you can't go home yet, please stay for another fifteen minutes."

I looked at his pleading eyes.

I said, "You got me for another fifteen, what's this about Luke?"

Then the master of ceremonies came out to the mike.

He said "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like a bit of shush in the room for a minute." Everyone went quiet.

He said. "We have a familiar but very special guest out the back and he would like to sing the last song for the night." He said "give it up for our very own, Daniel Lawrence."

Dan came out with a guitar in hand, he lifted his hand up and tried to quieten the cheers, he eventually got them settled.

He announced quite calmly,

"This song is for all the girlfriends, wives and mothers here. And for a very special someone in my life, you know who you are."

The spotlight came on and the room dimmed, I flopped down in Dan's seat and took hold of Luke's hand under the table. Mike leaned over and said,

"Surprise! Happy birthday Squirt."

I was stunned into a vacuum like state; he began to sing Ronan Keating's; 'When You Have Nothing At All'.

"It's amazing how you can light up my life," he began.

The band and singers backed him, he was awesome and he was looking straight at me. I was losing it, I suddenly felt like I was in the spotlight with him so I calmly got up and walked to the back of the room, I turned and listened to his words.

People started to get up and dance, I couldn't see him anymore, but I heard the words till the song ended, he got a resounding round of applause, I could see him bowing, he blew a kiss.

Luke came up and said, "Squirt he's been rehearsing that song since we were here last."

I looked at him and said,

"I'll see you at home Luke, I'm going to lose it any moment now."

I left and sobbed in my car, my heart and head were full of love for this man, my Dan.

When I returned home I put coffee on and changed. All I had on was my hipster evening pants; I didn't bother to put a shirt on. I wanted Dan to make love to me that night. I sat at the table and waited till they arrived home. Dan was first through the door, he moved over to me and I jumped up and cried out,

"Thank you for the most wonderful birthday, I will never forget it." We parted.

He said "Did you like the song?"

"Like it, I loved it Dan you were fantastic. Where did you learn to sing like that?"

"I'm a man of many talents Squirt, singing is one of them."

He had sung with a garage band when he was in high school, but it folded after they decided they had other pursuits. I noticed Mike was looking at my body, I can't go through this again so I whispered, ask Luke. Luke was in his bedroom changing.

We all had coffee and Luke said, "Cody can you go put a T-shirt on, Dan's dripping all over the carpet?"

We laughed and Dan took my hand and said, "Goodnight boys, Cody's gonna give me a shower."

We missed the shower, as soon as we closed the bedroom door; Dan chucked his clothes and stood over me.He licked me from head to foot, even licked my pants, before he removed them. He sucked me from my toes up to my head.

I said, "Not fair Dan."

So we swung around and did each other, we were all over the place. I ran my tongue into his butt, he sighed loudly but he didn't do me. We got in position and both worked on our pecs at the same time, awesome feeling.

Then we started to suck each other, I was kneeling over Dan and ground my tool into his mouth, I sucked him hard, when I backed off Dan he backed off me;another mind blowing session. We kissed gently in the afterglow. I was lying on Dan's broad chest.

He said, "Cody Happy birthday mate."

"It was the best ever Dan, thank you."


"Yes Dan."

"Can you leave your shirt on when we have company?"

"Okay Dan."


"Yes Dan. "

"You looked so hot tonight."

"Thanks Dan you looked red hot also Dan."

"Thanks Squirt."


"What Dan?"

"I've got another boner just thinking of you in those pants."

"Okay Dan, that's nice."

"Codes? Can I fuck you between the legs?"

"Yes Dan."

So he did, we did I should say. When you've got a six foot four, ripped and pumped Aussie football player wanting to fuck you between the legs, you don't have much of a choice.

The phone rang; I couldn't see Dan in the bed, so I rolled over and answered it. "Squirt."

It was Dan.

"Get your butt into gear and come downstairs, breakfast is nearly ready."

"Why didn't you wake me Dan?"

"I'll tell you later mate."

I quickly showered, I had dried cum on my balls, shit it's hard to move if sticks to all the hairsI reckon I pulled out hundreds trying to get clean. Anyway I got done, changed into my cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Unfortunately the shorts are cut low so they sat below my hips, and showed off my bikini underwear, I kept pulling them up but eventually put a belt on, I didn't want to overdo it. Dan might throw my hipsters out.

I arrived at the apartment and let myself in and the aroma made me hungry.

"Hi squirt," they all said.

"Hi everybody."

As I went over and kissed Mrs L

"How are you this morning?"

"Not too bad Cody, I think the worst is over."

Dan was cooking. I looked at him and said,

"Get an attack of the guilts Dan?"

He just growled at me.

Mike said "We drew straws and Dan lost."

I chuckled and said, "I can't wait."

"Cody can I see you on the balcony please?" Dan said.

"Sure Dan, what's up?" I said when we got there.

"Cody can you do me a big favour and go up to our apartment and change into something decent."

"Oh? You don't like these shorts?"

"No! Yes! I mean just go up and change, breakfast is nearly ready."

"Okay Dan, don't get your knickers in a knot."

I was a little peeved, I didn't dress this way for everybody, just Dan, I just wanted to look nice for him.

So I said "Be back in a minute I forgot to do something."

I deliberately let my shorts drop lower and I gave them all a look at my crack.

I heard Mrs L laugh. Luke just sighed, Dan shouted


I returned wearing my Levis, all covered up, I thought better of it.

Mrs L said, "Cody you changed clothes you looked so nice before not that you don't look nice now, it's good to see you young ones keeping up with the fashion trends. Rob and I were pretty cool when we were younger, weren't we Rob?"

"Yes we were Anna; you'll just have to show Squirt our photos."

I couldn't resist it. I leered at Dan over the table and said. "That would be awesome, I can get some tips on how to dress properly."

Dan kicked me under the table.

"OW!! "

"What's the matter Cody?" Luke said.

"Nuthin," I replied.

We had a great time, Dan was a good cook, his food was delicious. Mrs L regaled me with stories about her boys.

She said "Hey Bubbie, do you remember the tractor incident?"

"Yes mum," he said.

"It was so funny," she continued.

"Bubby started the tractor and before he could get aboard, it slipped into gear and took off. He chased it all over the paddock unfortunately I was out of film. How old were you then bub?"

"About thirteen mum" he was brooding. He finally got up and said

"Well I've got work to do; I'll see you all later"

He kissed his mum and left. I stayed on for another twenty minutes said my goodbyes and went upstairs.

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