Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 13

Published: 24 Dec 14

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

I opened the door and found Dan laying on our bed with his hands behind his neck. He didn't look at me.

I said "Dan don't be mad at me, I like dressing like that, it suits me"

"Well not anymore" he said.

"Excuse me?" I said "I thought you liked my hipster style?"

"I do Codes but I don't want you dressing like that in front of my family or friends, it's too gay"

He got off the bed and went to have a piss.

"Oh so this is what it's all about" I followed him.

"Dan, everybody in that apartment knows I'm gay"

"I know that Cody" He was starting to get a little louder and hotter under the collar. "So what's really the problem?"

"Luke's the problem, I think he's gay and he just can't take his eyes off you, when you dropped your shorts today he gasped like he was going to faint"

"But Dan he's just a kid. He's like you Dan, he doesn't know if he's gay or not"

"Cody he's eighteen and only just five years younger than you, he's in love with you"

"Stop it Dan you're being silly, Luke's not in love with me he's maybe a bit drawn to me but we have a connection Dan, I can't help that and neither can he"

"Well I don't want you slutting around in front of him, it's not right"

"Okay Dan no problem, because I'm up with the trends I'm now a slut, but you have thought that all along haven't you Dan?"

He said "NO! Cody I never thought that at all"

"So I just happen to like the way I dress. You and all your friends can go to fucking hell"

He turned to me and made a solid fist. I saw it and walked out into the lounge. "Cody come back here, I'm sorry I wouldn't and never could hurt you. It's just a bluff I do when I play"

"But you did it to me Dan and I'm not playing. Fuck you and fuck your friends"

"I'm sorry Cody," he hugged me to him. "You can wear what you like, I'm sorry I guess I'm just jealous"

I grabbed my keys I needed some space. I walked to the door.

"Please don't go Codes, I'm sorry, stay here please" Dan pleaded.

I walked out and drove to the club; I wanted to check my work for the next week.

I didn't get home till ten. When I walked in Dan was sitting on the sofa watching TV.

I said "Goodnight"


"Yes Dan"

"I'm sorry"

"Sorry you are trying to change me, or sorry you wanted to punch me"

"I would never do that to you Cody, never"

"My last boyfriend said that to me once, when he finally did punch me, he couldn't stop, he used me, changed me then raped me. How sincere are your promises Dan?"

"Oh Codes this is no good, please talk to me"

"Goodnight Dan"

I woke up about midnight and moved to the sofa and cried, god I wish I wasn't such a baby, my nerves have been on edge for months now, years if you count back to my Dad's death. I just quietly sobbed into a cushion. I felt big strong arms around me lifting me and taking me back to our bed, Dan hugged me tight till I fell asleep.


Cody looked awesome at the ball, I couldn't take my eyes off him, I noticed Luke looking too and I also noticed he had cracked a boner. You're my brother Luke and I love you, but if you ever make a move on Cody so help me. When I got up to sing I stared into his soul, he disappeared behind the dancers so I finished the performance and went home. There was Cody with literally nothing on. I know it was for me but he was giving Luke a show too. I guess it's a gay thing, they feel the need to show off at every opportunity, I have to be honest, I love him like this, it turns me on in the best way. And I actually do the same thing in front of the camera. Breakfast with my family was the last straw. I made him change, which now, I can see was the wrong thing to do.

We had an argument about Luke. I made a fist it's something I do to opponent players to unnerve their play, I have never hit anybody deliberately; If I hit Cody that would be the end of my sanity.

He left and didn't come back till late, I was so worried. He wouldn't talk to me; I thought I would approach him again tomorrow.

During the night I woke up and Cody wasn't in bed. I looked in the bathroom but found him on the couch. He was sleeping; there were tear tracks on his beautiful face. I picked him up and took him back to bed. I guess I have to eat humble pie in the morning.


I crawled out of bed, went to the kitchen to put the coffee on. I took a piss and shower in one of the other bathrooms I thought I would let Dan sleep in; he was sitting at the table with his cup when I came out.

"What now, you don't want to shower with me?"

I said "No Dan that's not true. It was a big night for both of us and I thought you would like a sleep in"

"Right" he said.

He walked out the front door. I was guessing he was going to see how his mum was. I just sipped my drink and waited.


Cody showered in the other bathroom; I guess I can't blame him I was being a real idiot. He came out and got his coffee. We said a few words and I thought I've got to put a stop to this. I walked out and went downstairs. Luke opened the door and I said

"Have you had breakfast yet?"

He said "Not yet Dan"

"Good come with me, I'm taking you to eat out"

"I'll get Mike" he said.

I answered "No, just you and me"

I drove us down to the port area, we parked and I took him into a small Cafe I know has big serves. We ordered our food, then I said "Now what's going on with Cody Luke?"

He just said "What do you mean Dan?"

"What's going on between you and Cody?"

"Going on? Nothing's going on" Luke answered.

"Okay I'll start at the beginning. You and Cody have some connection, you healed him, you bought him a little heart which he plays with all day, your eyes bug out when he walks in the room, your jaw drops when he's in his favourite jeans or is looking hot, you had a hard on looking at him at the ball and every time he walks in the room you gasp. Now I want to know your intentions?"

"What?" He started laughing."What intentions? You sound like some debutante's father"

"I know your gay Luke" I whispered, "and I know you're in love with Cody, and if that's the case we brother have a problem"

"Dan" he said "We don't have a problem, stop trying to push Cody away like this, he's in love with you, deeply in love Dan, you know that" I just stared at him.

"Okay brother" Luke said.

He was still smiling.

"I admit we have a connection, because of the panic attack, it scared the shit out of me Dan and yes he told me his story that frightened me even more. He had no one to turn to Dan, you weren't there. I admit much to my disgust I was the cause of some of that attack. Like you Dan, you saved him three times; three fucking times Dan you saved his life. And I bet you everything I own, your love for Cody grew each time, it would be impossible for it not to have."

"The chain and heart? Okay the tricky part, the heart is a sign of life Dan, it was important it probably means more to me than Codes, but it was what I had written on the heart that mattered to him the most, "Never give up Cody". I fucking meant every word and I will never as long as I live take those words back."

"Now love, umm yeah I'm in love with Cody, but I'm in love with him because you are, Mikes in love with him too, mum and dad are in love with him also, there's nothing about Cody not to love, he's the best thing that has happened to you and our family like forever. Dan you also know this."

Our breakfast arrived and we started on it, boy, thank god Cody wasn't here, he would have me signed up with Weight Watchers in no time, I would be on TV doing ads for them. I think I'm also getting a beating from my younger brother.

"Gasping? Now gasping can be a lot of things Dan, it can mean shock, love, amazement, all sorts of things. In my case two things, jealously and amazement"

"Whoa?" I said.

"When Cody walks into a room a certain glow comes with him, he has the WOW factor Dan, I get jealous. I want to look like him; I actually want to be him Dan. I am amazed at his glow, his perfect dress sense, his keen eye for detail. I would absolutely love for him to take me shopping and him to pick a new wardrobe out for me, I idolize him"

"Oh, well I didn't know that" I stammered.

"Dan you don't have to know that, it's something I shouldn't have to even mention to you, I should be able to just ask Cody, but I'm too scared to because of you"

"You needn't be scared of me Luke I would have let Squirt take you shopping"

"No Dan you wouldn't have, you would have tagged along and said no to everything Cody picked out for me because you still see me as a little brother"

"Well maybe you got a point there Lukey. Sorry (blush)"

"Okay, now let's get to another embarrassing moment, me cracking a woody at the ball"

I just said "I don't need to know Luke, I get your point"

"No! You are going to suffer oh brother of mine"

"I wasn't looking at Cody, even though he looked amazing. Yes I am gay Dan, there I've said it, I am just not ready to come out, a bit like you actually"

He smiled.

"I wasn't looking or thinking about Cody, I was looking at the new recruit Jamie Rosano, I had a fat all night. Every time I went to the men's room he followed and he would smile at me, he's gorgeous and so you know Dan, he couldn't keep his eyes off me all night too. I was lapping it up; I've never had a boyfriend Dan. I've never been cruised. I was just thankful he even took the time to stare at me. Just between you and me Dan he's the complete opposite of Cody, but he's my type."

I knew who he was talking about that kid was Italian and fucking hot, I can look can't I? I made a mental note to tell Cody he might come up with something.

"I'm sorry Luke but I just wanted to clear the air that's all. I owe Cody a huge apology, he's now scared of me. I have no idea what he's going to do, he might leave me, I got angry with him and called him a slut last night and when I made a player's fist, he freaked"

"Fuck! Dan! How shallow do you think Cody is, you don't go around doing things like that, keep it on the field. And Dan, stop trying to control him, don't try and change him, he's perfect the way he is, you know this too.

"His last boyfriend nearly killed him controlling him, he suffered badly because of it, let him be Cody, if you try to change him then you're a fool. You will change the part of Cody you adore and the part everybody around him loves. I have no doubts about that Dan"

"Come on let's finish up and get home, you have some making up to do"

I quickly downed my breakfast, paid and ate humble pie all the way home. Luke laughed at my attempts to apologise.

"Okay Dan I'll forgive you if you lend me Cody for a day"

"Already happening Luke"

Oh and could you get Jamie Rosano's phone number?"

"I'll get Squirt onto it Luke"


Dan's been gone a long time I hope he's here for lunch otherwise my roast will spoil. I rang downstairs and invited them all up for lunch. Mike told me Dan and Luke went out for breakfast, I pray there was no blood. I knew all about the fist threat treatment, there's not much I don't know about when it comes to the boys. I know Dan would never hit me or anyone for that matter, I was mad because he was trying to change me, I didn't like it, it was like being controlled by Steve again, I felt suffocated.

I put my favourite jeans on teamed with a silver chain belt. For the top I picked an emerald green tank top with low cut arm holes almost cut to my waist. My scars showed but I didn't care, I survived. I put in Luke's sweet studs and I wore Dan's ring, I felt and may I say looked a million dollars. I flipped my hair, I abandoned Dan's spikes. As I looked in the mirror I felt satisfied, I looked decent and trendy, oh and somewhat sexy. I already knew Luke had the answers Dan was looking for but he had to ask Luke, I can't answer for him.

The family arrived soon after with Dan and Luke in tow Dan looking quite sheepish, but undressing me with his eyes "Take that! Daniel Lawrence" I said to myself.

"You look lovely Cody."

"Thank you Mrs L. I love your dress also"

"Oh this old rag, I've had it for years" she said.

"That's what I meant Mrs L, its lovely because its years old, I know you can afford new clothes, but that dress looks special"

I lead her over to the table and sat her down.

"It must be because your still wearing it, it's just well, just you"

"You are damn good Cody Mitchell" she pinched my cheeks. I've had this dress since Bubbie was born. I had it on when Rob took me to the hospital to give birth to him, I only wear it when we are all together, I love it. It represents who I am, the bright flowers are for the new lives we brought into this world, the lace collar my mum knitted, that tiny stain in the hem was made by Mike. I will never try and don't want to get it out; it was where he put his vegemite hand and hung on as he took his first steps toward his father"

"That's so sweet Mrs L, what a gorgeous story"

Luke looked miffed, she looked at him smiling.

"And this dress was Luke's favourite to wear when he played dress ups."

The whole room just broke out into hysterical laughter.

"Mum" Luke shouted.

"Hey mum" Mike said "Take it off, Luke's going to do a fashion parade"

"Come on you guys leave him alone" Dan said.

"Okay lunch is served"

As I put a big roast beef and vegetables on the table, Dan pulled me aside in the kitchen and said

"I'm sorry Squirt, I apologise for trying to change you. I don't want you any other way than who you are now"

And he whispered "God you look fucking hot, what was I fucking thinking"

"You weren't thinking Dan, come on let's eat"

Lunch was a roaring success, I noticed Dan and Luke didn't eat as much as they usually do; maybe I'm getting through to them after all.

"Hey Cody"

"Yes Dan"

"Could you do me a big favour tomorrow, I can't do it, I have another photo shoot"

"What is it Dan" I said "Can you take Luke out to get some new clothes he really likes your style, I'm no good at that stuff"

"Yep Dan already done, Luke how's ten am for you?" I said

His eyes lit up and he said "Perfect Squirt"

Dan said to Luke.

"See you only had to ask mate, Squirts happiest when he's shopping for clothes" Luke looked at Dan and grunted. I giggled to myself, somethings happening here I must ask Luke tomorrow.

"Hey Codes" Dan said

"Yes Dan" I replied

"Do you know the new recruit, Jamie, Jamie Something?"

"Yes Dan, Jamie Rosano, why Dan?"

"Oh nuthin, just wanted to know"

Another question for Luke when we are alone, but by the way they were looking at each other at the ball, I think Jamie's a good choice.

"Okay folks" said Dan.

"I think this is the best time to let you know something and make an announcement."

He got up and was about to open his mouth when his Dad told him to sit down.

"We already know Dan" Rob said.

He stood up and said

"Charge your glasses boys, everyone get another beer. I and my beautiful wife Anna would like to make a toast to our newest and first son in-law Cody Mitchell, may you Cody and Dan have a long and happy life together"

Cheers. Dan and I looked at each other and clinked glasses.

Dan said "How did you bloody know?"

"Wasn't hard son we only had to look at you both together and yesterday we spotted the ring, it's not rocket science son we knew you two were in love"

"But dad you're supposed to be really mad"

"No Dan, your confusing us with someone else son. When each of you were born your mother and I vowed always to love and protect you all, never judge your orientation, and to welcome into our family your choices of spouses whether they be male or female. We didn't care Dan, we just wanted healthy happy sons, there's no arguments from us Daniel"

I just cracked up; I looked at Dan's face and said, "I fucking love you and your family Daniel Lawrence"

"Cody Mitchell?" Dan's mum said.

"Whoops, apologies Mrs L"

She turned to Luke and said "Whose Jamie what's his name?"

"Rosano" Luke replied, not thinking.

"Have we met him?"

"I don't know him mum"

He stuttered "I saw him at the ball the other night"

"Well darling can you get to know him and bring him home to meet your dad and me?"

Luke went scarlet but he managed a "Umm okay mum, I will try"

What a day, I washed up after everyone left to go downstairs. Dan came in and squeezed me tight.

He said "How goes it Codes?"

I said "Awesome Dan"


"Yeah babe"

"Well I'm sorry about last night"

"Nothing to be sorry about Codes, I was being a royal prick"

I said "Dan and I'm sorry about yesterday morning"

"Cody, let's not go over this again"

"Well there's a reason I wore those shorts"

He was kissing my neck.

"What reasons would they be Squirt?"

"I was trying to seduce you like I'm doing now"

I turned and rubbed up against him.

"Oh Codes your doing a fine job of that"

I could feel his rigid cock.

"Well Dan I got a call from the doctor yesterday"

"Oh, anything wrong Squirt?"

He looked at me with genuine concern.

"Not really Dan, it came back negative"

"What did Codes?"

He lapped on my chin.

"Ummm my hiv test Dan"

"That's good Cody" he said.

I gave him a moment and steeled myself for the next question.

"Fuck!! Cody how do I do it? What do I do? I don't want to hurt you, you gotta show me. Fuck, fuck, I've never had a fuck before, why are you doing the dishes?"

"Because I'm the only one that likes doing them Dan"

"Cody Mitchell get in that bedroom right now!!"

I dropped my tea towel and said "Dan let's get this sorted"

Well I didn't expect that, didn't even see it coming. Dan was the perfect lover. When he got me in the bedroom, he kissed me passionately all over, he nipped and sucked my nipples till they felt like they were going to burst. He moaned all the time then said

"Codes do you have to douche or something?"

I just moaned back "All sorted Dan"

He licked me from head to toe. He actually rimmed me thoroughly, he reached into the night drawer and pulled out a tube of lube stuck some on his finger and massaged my butt.

After delighting me with his fingers, he said

"Codes, I love you so much I've got three fingers in your butt"

"That's nice Dan; do you want to fuck me now?"

"If that's okay with you Codes."

"Yes Dan try" I replied.

I lifted my legs and I gripped his small waist, I could feel his knob nudging my bum.

I said "Take it slowly Dan"

He replied "Okay Codes"

I felt the head pop in, after a few minutes he slowly pushed till he bottomed out.

"That okay Codes?"

"Ummm yes Dan, fantastic you can start moving now"

"Okay" he said.

He was all over the place. He wanted to watch his cock sliding in and out of my hole but he wanted to kiss me also. He sucked on my nipples, kissed me, then looked down. I was in heaven, the sensations Dan was giving me were something else, he had the perfect cock for my prostrate. I took hold of my dick and pumped it while Dan pumped me, I couldn't hold off so I blew an enormous load. Dan was cuming soon after; I squeezed his shaft to make it feel better for him.

He was glowing by the time he finished.

Dan said "You okay Cody?"

I said "Better than okay Dan" I kissed him deeply.

He flopped down beside me and I started to cry, he looked at me and said

"Squirt! I did hurt you didn't I?"

"No Dan, these are tears of joy"

"Oh okay Codes, that was fantastic, I really struggled to hold on Squirt"

"Dan did you say before you never had a fuck?"

"Oh yes" he blushed as he whispered to me.

"Not even a woman?"

"Never Cody"

"So you were a virgin?"

"Umm yes Codes" he replied.

"But I can learn quickly Squirt " he said.

"That's okay Dan, we've got plenty of time. I thought you were a lady's man Dan"

"Umm, Codes can I tell you something and ask you to keep quiet about it?"

"Yes of course Dan"

"Well" he continued

"I never fucked a woman or man; you gave me my first blow job and now fuck. I was too scared to sleep with a girl, I didn't know what to do, there's not many on the farm you know. When I was drafted into our team plenty of women wanted to fuck with me but I wasn't interested in being a male slut, so I just told everyone I was. I wanted to wait till I fell in love; it's good Codes you know what to do. That was the best fuck Codes"

"Dan it was your only fuck" I laughed.

"But Codes I really liked it, beats putting my cock between your legs, no offence Squirt, it was awesome"

"Thank you Dan I'll go clean up and maybe we can get some sleep"

"Okay Cody don't be long"

Two am. "Cody are you awake?"

"Yes Dan"

"Codes do you think we can do it again in the morning?"

"Yes Dan"


"Yes Codes"

"Do you want to fuck me now?"

"Yes please Codes, can I?"

"Well Dan if you don't I'll get really mad"

"Okay Codes"

So we did it all over again. In the morning we showered kissed and groped, I greased up and we fucked in the shower. Dan was shouting my name, playing with my nipples and kissing the back of my neck. I just loved the attention. It's been a very long time since someone made love to me with my feelings taken into consideration. Dan was the best lover I have ever had, period.

We dressed and went downstairs and were greeted by the whole family.

"Are you ready for your shopping trip Luke?" Dan said.

"Yes Dan more than ready" he replied.

"Well I've got to scoot; I'm doing a group underwear shoot this morning all of the other guys from the team are going to be there."

"WHAT?" I said.

"Why didn't you tell me Dan?"

"Oh umm Cody must have slipped my mind. Sorry, but you and Luke have fun shopping"

"Daniel Lawrence what company?"

"Oh umm well Squirt ummm, Aussie Bum"

I had to sit down, just the best underwear, swimwear brand in Australia.

"Fuck" I started to say.

"Don't you dare Cody Mitchell"Mrs L said.

"Strike that mum" I replied.

I looked at Luke and said "We can go shopping tomorrow, can't we Luke?"

He nodded yes with a wide grin on his face.

"No way Cody, you are going shopping, the guys don't need an audience."

Mrs L just said "Well you have fun Dan and no, absolutely no scantily clad bikinis okay?

"Yeah, okay mum, I don't think they make that sort of underwear mum"

"Oh yes they do Dan" I said. "And I say absolutely no also"

Mrs L said "Dan is that nice young Jamie boy going to be there?"

Dan said "Mum I got to go, see you tonight, all the best today at the hospital. Bye."

I hugged Dan goodbye and we kissed at the lift.

"I miss you already Codes"

"Me too Dan"

"Can't we just pop in unannounced Dan?"

"No Squirt absolutely no! It's a closed session"

Luke and I had a great time shopping, I took him to my favourite stores and we got some awesome clothes, belts, underwear and socks. The fashion parade was awesome. With Luke's broody good looks, blonde hair and slim body I had a good model to work with. Next, the hairdresser; Adam highlighted, cleverly cut and perm straightened his long blond locks, when he pushed his sunglasses back on top of his head and pulled it all back

"WOW! Fucking hot stuff "I said.

Off to the shoe shop some pairs of Vans and two pairs of Nikes.

"Anything else you need Luke?"

"Not at the moment Cody, let's get some coffee"

"Thank you very much Codes, I knew you would be great to shop with"

"That's okay Luke, I can't wait to see Dan's reaction"

"Oh by the way, what was the look of daggers at Dan the other day when he asked me?"

He started to laugh hysterically he told me some of their conversation, we both laughed at his brother lovingly.

"Want to come to the club tonight and strut around?" We both giggled.

"Of course I do, maybe Jamie will be there" he said.

"Well won't hurt to go, I've got to pick Dan up anyway"

With that we returned home, Luke showed his mum his new clothes, she loved them and just freaked over his hair.

"Luke where's your beautiful curls?"

"It's okay mum they are still there, they will return in a couple of months"

"Oh, okay Lukey"

Luke and I had fun deciding what he was going to wear tonight but he settled for a grey blue striped shirt with hipster wranglers, teamed with a great silver belt. We didn't want to overdo it at the players bar. I settled for much the same but Mike's cowboy type shirt, rolled sleeves, cowboy belt with my hipster blue denims. We stood in front of the full length mirror and we just looked awesome.

"Codes can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure Luke what's up?"

"Well" he said "I've never had a boyfriend, I'm a bit worried about how to handle it if I get one"

He wasn't explaining it well but I got the gist of what he's asking.

"Luke," I sat him on the bed. "If you find a boyfriend, please, please don't jump into bed with him straight away, get to know him first"

"Like dating for awhile?" he said.

"Yes Luke, just go at your own pace and don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing"

"But what if I can't help it, what if I lose control?"

"Okay then, you have fun but play safe Luke; if it looks like a long term relationship then you can lose the condoms but only if you trust each other. Don't put yourself in any danger. From what little I know about Jamie, he's one of the good guys"

"Oh I wasn't talking about him in particular, just generally" he said.

"Okay Luke you are coming down to start Uni in four weeks, there's going to be plenty of guys hitting on you, you're gorgeous"

He blushed. "You really think so Squirt?" he said.

"Yes I do, now let's get to the club and see if the boys have arrived, hopefully we can get some gossip from the photo shoot"

We jumped in the car and drove down to the club. When we arrived all the boys were there, they were ribbing each other about the shoot.

"Did you have fun Dan?"

"Yes Codes it was a great day, we had loads of fun"

"Who did the bikini shots Dan?"

"Oh not me Codes, Lance and unfortunately Jamie did them"

"Oh no not Jamie, fuck Luke's going to be pissed"

I could see Jamie sitting at one of the tables with his mates having a good laugh I was disappointed.

Dan said "I tried to talk him out of it Squirt, but he wouldn't listen he's young Codes he's putting it out there, he just would not listen. I tried to tell him his folks would be embarrassed, but sorry no go"

"Oh well" I said "Thanks Dan you did your best, we did some good shopping today Dan. "Luke's got some hot outfits"

"Cody he looks fantastic, it's like scruffy has grown up overnight"

"Yes Dan, he will be dating soon"

"Oh no I guess I'll have to give him the talk"

"All sorted earlier Dan"

"Okay Codes"

"When do the photos come out, do you know?"

"Umm next month I think, they will be in some magazine, but I can't remember which one, oh no!"

"What Dan?"

"Three large billboards, its okay Codes my shots were very uninteresting, I just modelled the mankinis"

He looked at me and said "Aren't you going to say anything Codes?"

I just looked him in his beautiful eyes and said "No you didn't Dan, you haven't got the balls. We both roared with laughter.

Luke had a couple of beers, he looked ace and was in a really good mood, he looked good and he felt good. Jamie was still looking at him, I told Luke to get the next round.

And whispered "When you lean on the bar just part your legs a little wider, this guy will shoot in his jocks"

He smiled at me and blushed.


"What Dan?"

"Did you tell Luke to do that?"

"What Dan?"


He pointed to Luke at the bar his butt and legs looked perfect.

"Well Dan that's a strange position for him to be in" I replied.

"Fuck Squirt he looks like a slut he whispered"

"That's the idea Dan; it worked on you didn't it?"

"Sure did Codes but Luke's a baby"

"Not really Dan and he's just having a little fun"

He returned with our drinks, he was smiling like the cat that ate the pigeons.

I whispered "I think Jamie wet himself"

We had a bit of a chuckle.

"What's up? Dan looked at us.

I just said "Jamie's up Dan"

"Now Luke I've got to tell you something and you might not like it"

"Okay Squirt, I'm ready when you are" he replied.

"Jamie did the bikini shots today, Dan tried to talk him out of it but he's young and a bit out there and wanted to do it, I'm sorry Luke"

"Oh well he can do it if he wants, it's not like we are dating you know, although I'm a bit disappointed, no Codes I'm a little pissed off" he said.

"I know baby I was too"

"Anyway life goes on Cody I'm off to the toilet"

So he went off; I felt bad for him, I did notice Jamie slip away about two minutes later. After five minutes I got a little worried but they are probably talking. Maybe I'll just go check.

"I'm off to the loo Dan be back" I said.

Dan just grunted, leaned over and said "Fuck you look hot tonight Codes"

"Thanks Dan, I love you too" I whispered back.

"No! No! Stop it. Don't do that I told you No!!"

I heard it and saw red, there were two people in the disabled toilet, I'm guessing Jamie and Luke. I knocked on the door and said

"Everything okay in there Luke?"

"No! Cody help me get him off me"

I kicked the door in, Luke was crying. Jamie had his hand down Luke's opened jeans playing with his butt. His other hand was at Luke's throat.

"Fuck me!!" I said.

I spun Jamie around and dropped him on the spot he was in shock. I leaned over him and said

"You move and I will kick you in the balls so fucking hard you will be spitting pubes for the next six months. Luke get dressed throw some water on your face"

He was crying and shaking.

I said to him "It's okay Luke, sometimes this kind of shit crawls out of the woodwork. I'm sorry kid; I thought he was one of the good guys too. Let's go home"

I looked at Jamie and said

"Very disappointing James, the boy said no and that means no; you have just royally fucked up probably the best thing that will ever come your way"

He just looked at me frozen. He looked at Luke and sobbed."I'm sorry Luke, I'm really sorry"

I pulled Luke out of the toilet into a mop cupboard.

I said "Here's the keys, go down the back way and wait in the car, I'll get Dan"

"Oh fuck Dan?" he said.

He started crying again.

"Don't worry about Dan, Luke I'll handle it"

"Okay Cody thank you".

"What fucking happened?"

"Cody he followed me in, he started grabbing my bum and cock he unzipped me, I thought he was going to kiss me but he put his hand on my throat, I got scared and freaked. I'm not used to being handled that way, to me it was full on, I thought maybe he was going to try to fuck me, I really freaked" Luke said.

I hugged him, no one was around, and said

"It's okay Lukey, I'm sorry it didn't turn out"

He just said "Maybe the next one will respect me better"

"I know he will, now pop off I'll see you in a minute and lock yourself in"

I headed back to the bar, Jamie had returned and was looking very upset.

As I walked past, he put his hand out and said

"Cody can I talk to you for one minute?"

I said "You've got one minute, so talk"

He walked me over to a deserted table.

"I'm so sorry Cody, I really like Luke, I wasn't going to hurt him, I had my hand on his throat trying to get him to stop shaking his head, I just wanted to look into his beautiful eyes, you got to believe me"

"Look James, Luke's eighteen he's lived on a farm with his parents and brothers all his life. He has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend you scared him shitless"

"I don't know about your life style but I'm guessing you are used to getting and taking what you want. He's the virgin in all this, and I mean to make it my business to make sure he's safe; or until he finds a man that will totally respect him. What I saw in the toilet wasn't that man"

"Cody can you tell Luke I really like him and I'm sorry?"

"Okay, I'll think about it Jamie, but he's not going to forgive you anytime soon" I paused, and added "The billboards will see to that". I walked away from a stunned Jamie.

I said to Dan "You ready mate I'm tired"

"Sure Squirt where you been?"

I said "Kicking ass Dan"

"Oh, do I want to know Codes?"

"Tell you tomorrow Dan"

"Okay Codes, where's Lukey boy?"

"He's gone down to the car Dan"

"Oh Okay"

I looked over at James, he was just sitting in the corner with his hands on his forehead trying not to sob, it reminded me of someone I loved doing the same thing. He got up and quickly walked down the stairs. I kinda felt sorry for him, he's absolutely gorgeous, popular, in demand, probably got all the cock he wants. I got to find someone better for Luke.

We got to the car park, Jamie was shouting

"I'm sorry" at Luke, Who was in the back of my car, he looked scared shitless.

"What the fuck Jamie?" Dan said.

"I'm just trying to apologise to Luke for upsetting him"

"What fucking happened then?"

I said "Dan when we get home, get in"

I turned to James and said through gritted teeth

"Stay away from my family"

I got into the car, backed out and drove home.

We left Jamie in the car park sobbing.

"Now will someone fucking tell me what happened?"

"It's okay Dan, Jamie really likes Luke, he's just handled it all wrong that's all, he insulted Luke in the toilets tonight"

"Luke's a bit upset about it that's all, I've handled it Dan"

"Okay then I will ask Jamie tomorrow then seeing I can't get a straight answer out of you Squirt"

We dropped Luke off at his floor, kissed him good night and went up. I made coffee and microwaved some leftovers we ate in silence. I couldn't take it anymore so I said

"Dan, Jamie followed Luke into the toilet. He grabbed him and pulled his zip down he fondled his cock and ass and he had his other hand on Luke's throat. I dropped him on the spot then I gave him a tongue lashing he will never forget. Luke's upset because he's not used to being handled that way. Jamie now knows not to fuck with our family."

"Okay Squirt, is Luke going to be all right?"

"Yes Dan he's just had a fright, he will be all good tomorrow."

"Codes, thank you"

"No problem Dan, I know you can't get involved as he's part of the team, so that's why it's better if I handle it, please don't make it worse Dan. I really believed Jamie when he apologised, I think he does really like Luke"

"Okay Codes I'll drop it but if he touches Lukey again I will get involved"

"I know you will Dan, I just don't want it to get out of hand, he's been warned so we should leave it at that"

"Dan he's just a pin-up boy, he's used to getting everything he wants, he just didn't succeed with Luke and I think it shocked him a bit. He won't forget it in a hurry."

Later in bed we kissed deeply. Dan rolled me on my stomach and thoroughly screwed me. It was fantastic, I was in heaven, I spread my legs wide and lifted my butt to match his pumps. He had hold of my hips and pulled me to him, he grunted, moaned and cum, I could feel the squirts hitting my insides. We collapsed as one. He moved off me turned me over and gave me the best head ever.

I drifted off to sleep I was exhausted.

"Codes are you awake?"

"Mmmm, yes Dan"

"How did you drop him Codes?"

"Who Dan?"

"Jamie, how did you drop him?"

"Oh sorry Dan, I got him off balance and kicked his legs out from under him"



"Yes Dan."

"How did you know how to do that?"

"I train with Mark twice a week Dan"



"Yes Dan"

"You wouldn't do that to me would you?"

"No Dan, unless you want me to?"

"Goodnight Cody"

"Goodnight Dan"

Here it comes I thought.

"What do you mean train with Mark twice a week Squirt?"

"Tomorrow Dan, goodnight."

He turned on his side and spooned me, my safe place.

"Goodnight Cody, sleep tight, I love you"

"I love you more Dan."

The next day at breakfast, I filled Dan in on Mark's self defence training. He was happy I finally did it.

"That's great squirt"

"Your mum and dad are leaving tomorrow, are we going to do something special?"

"I thought we might order in Chinese and just chill babe"

"Okay that sounds like a plan Dan"

We laughed.

"Here or their place?" I said.

"There's more room here Codes, it's getting a bit cold to use the balcony but we can extend the table and maybe order a banquet for six"

"Why don't we invite John and Matt?"

"Okay Squirt I'll ring them tonight"

"Cody can I talk to you about something?"

"Yes Dan what's up?"

"Last night you said you believed Jamie was genuine when he said he was sorry to Luke"

"Yes I do think that Dan"

"What makes you think that?"

"Well Dan when I spoke to him after the incident, I just got the feeling he was really sorry, and he was very upset. But having said that Dan, Jamie's very handsome, he's got a football and modeling career developing. He's only eighteen, you can tell from the photo-shoot, he's impulsive; he can get any woman or man into his bed. I am a bit uncomfortable with that Dan, cheating cuts to the bone Dan. He might not want to settle down just yet. Luke's a virginal farm boy all he's looking for is a mate who will love him and treat him with respect. I really don't think Jamie's that man"

"You are probably right Squirt" Dan said.

"Well" I replied "There's plenty of time for him, he just might find a nice boy at Uni. But when he comes back, I'm going to start taking him to Mark's classes; he should learn a little self defence."

"Right again Codes."

Dan kissed me forever that morning, we showered and he took me over to the bathroom sink. He sat me down on it and raised my legs. Wow what a man.

We went downstairs and told them our plans for take away tonight. Mrs L had finished her treatments, she looked bad.

"Only time will tell Cody, it's a waiting game"


"Yes Mrs L"

"Can you do a bit of shopping for me in the morning please?"

Pointing to her hair, it had started to fall out.

"Already sorted mum"

I went up and got the bag out of our wardrobe, when I came back I tied a beautiful Chanel scarf around her head.

"Thank you Codes"

"That's okay mum"

She looked so cute.

"When are you and Dan coming up to the farm? I'm going to miss you both"

I replied "We talked about it mum, the football season starts soon so we thought we might come up in three, that way we can give Luke a hand with his shifting"

"Okay Codes that sounds good"

"I'm going to miss my Luke but I know he's being left in good hands"

"Don't worry Mr and Mrs L. Dan and I have it all sorted"

"Thought you might have darling boy" she said.

Just then Luke came out in a pair of low hipster shorts and a tank top. I turned to Dan and said

"Not one bad word Daniel Lawrence"

I shook my finger and he looked at me surprised and said to Luke

"I told you Cody will get you sorted out Luke, you look amazing little brother, now all we have to do is get Mike sorted"

Mike said "No way am I going to show my butt off to the world, no that's Cody and Luke's job. What's for lunch I'm starving?"

"God Mike, you just had breakfast an hour ago" Luke said.

"Well that was breakfast, it's lunchtime now"

I rolled my eyes and started to make a shitload of sandwiches.

Luke helped demolish a platter, and they were eyeing off the other half unfinished one. Where do they put it?

I leant over to Luke and said

"When you settle I want you to come with me to the defence classes then I want to talk to you about fitness and diet."

"That would be cool Codes, I like the fitness part but I really don't need to diet"

I said "Yes you do Luke otherwise by the time you are twenty you will be looking for bigger sized shorts that pulls your stomach in"

I also lifted my finger to his beautiful full lips and said

"No buts Luke"

"Oh okay Codes"

I really didn't have to worry they were all naturally skinny, Dan did so much training on the field and gym he won't have to worry until his career is over, then hopefully in the meantime I would have him eating better. He looked at me, so I said

"I'll give you one more year then we start the good eating regime"

He made a sad face so I also said

"No buts Dan this is the way it's going to be"

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