Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 16

Published: 15 Jan 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

The morning was different Dan got up early and brought me breakfast in bed; he almost fed me like a baby. I finished what I could but I was still numb with the realisation of what might have been, I thanked Dan, we had a silent shower together. I whispered, "Dan you have meetings all this week, I have work Friday and on the weekend, can we find time to go to the farm for a couple of days?"

"Yes Codes we can go anytime you want, why?"

"I need to see if our family are okay".

"Cody I'm so sorry, what I did is unforgivable" he wept as he fell to his knees in the bathroom, "Can you ever trust and forgive me?"

"Already done Dan, I just wanted you to realise not all the stray people that come into our lives are great people. We already have enough wonderful family and friends, we don't need anymore." He wept as I held onto him.

Luke called in and could feel the tension.(If Dan feels the need to find a new best friend that's the last he will see of me.) Unknown to me at the time Dan was making plans already.

"How was your night Luke?"

"Wonderful Codes he's so interesting to talk to, he's just gone home but I miss him already".

"Well sms him and tell him".

"Already done Codes".

I remembered the day Dan "messaged" me, from the time I left til late at night.

I looked over at him he had just realised the same thing, he came around the table and took my hand pulled me to him and kissed me with all the tenderness and love he could find, I just melted.

I whispered to him, "I love you so deeply Dan sometimes it hurts really bad."

He said, "I feel exactly the same about you Codes only the hurt you feel I caused, I promise it will never happen again".

We went to the farm that Wednesday, the family was all okay. I just needed to be free of the apartment and grey clouds for a while it felt tainted, I loved it but now I have an uneasy feeling when I'm there. Mike was his jovial self he started in on Dan straight away. It was so funny to watch. I moved to the kitchen and talked with Mrs L. I asked her if she could shed any light on Dan's need to bring home strays.

She looked surprised and said,"You need a cuppa son."

She put the kettle on and I noticed she had a spring in her step she looked a lot better. She put the cups and teapot on the table and poured us some tea. I added milk and one sugar.

She held my hands and said, "From an early age Dan would bring home every animal that was sick or lost, any stray cat, dog, bird, even a snake one time. This place looked like a zoo, I had to put my foot down, eventually he stopped but it took me quite a lot of nagging for him to take notice".

She laughed, "Why do you ask my boy?"

"No real reason mum, just trying to figure out something" I said.

"Okay sweetheart you don't have to tell me."

"Want to help me with the roast tonight?"

"Sure you know I will."

So we started to shell the peas cut beans, chop carrots. Dan came in to see what we were doing and was handed a pumpkin.

"Just cut eight pieces Dan, Mike still doesn't eat it."

I said, "I didn't know you were going to help Bubbie, I would have saved the carrots for you."

He stared at me and smiled and mouthed,

"I love you so much."

I blushed because Mrs L had seen him.

"Umm I'm guessing someone's done something wrong and it isn't Cody."

We all laughed and I gave him a big hug. I didn't care anymore its over; I just want to be happy with my man and my family. Dinner was fantastic I did eat too much and could hardly walk by bedtime; Dan picked me up and took me up to bed.

"Robert why don't you ever do that for me?"

"Cause your too heavy Anna."

We heard him reply another round of laughter, well he's honest.

We didn't make love that night or the next morning. I was too stuffed with food.

"But squirt you hardly ate anything."

"Oh yes I did Dan, loads more than I normally eat."


"Yes Dan."

"I'm randy."

"Have a wank Dan, that will fix it."

"I can't do that Codes that's your job."

"Well Dan just hang on til morning."

"Okay Codes goodnight, I love you."

"I love you so, so much more Dan, goodnight."

The morning was not much better I had bad stomach grumbles.

"Sorry Dan I'm out of action today you sure you don't want to wank?"

"No Codes it would be like I'm cheating on you and I won't do that."

"I know you wouldn't cheat on me Dan, I trust you completely."

"You do Codes? Codes can we talk for a bit?"

"Sure Dan what about?"

"Well I've been thinking and I don't want an answer straight away I just want you to think about it."

"Okay Dan what's this all about?"

"Well I'm thinking why don't we sell our apartment and buy a house like together, somewhere nice and with a bit of land so we can grow veggies and things?

Maybe we can get a dog or a cat if you prefer."

"Oh Dan you love your apartment and I kinda like it too."

"Okay Codes but will you think about it some?"

"Yeah okay Dan I'll think about it."

He added, "See I was thinking I want us to be a family, the apartment is nice but at the end of the day it's only bricks and mortar, I want us to have a real home. Also I want you to feel like you own half of the property, like we can't marry yet but we can have a home together. I can change the apartment into both names but I think maybe a house is the way to go."

"Okay Dan, I'm thinking already, I understand what your trying to say and I love you for it."

The phone rang it was mum.

We talked for a while about nothing really then I started to tell her about Dan's plan.

"Well I'll have a look in the local papers honey and email you any that I think will suit you."

"Okay mum thanks I guess if we find something we really love we could part with the flat."

"All right keep me informed honey I gotta run, talk soon I love you."

"I love you too mum, bye."

I started to look online at properties; there are some gorgeous houses in beach settings but way too expensive. I went to the club to pick Dan up from training, he was in the bar, I just got water, I noticed Jamie and Luke were missing.

I said, "Hi Dan wheres Luke?"

"Oh he just left he said he would catch up with us tomorrow he's going to Jamie's place for dinner."

I just smiled and thought bingo Luke.

"What are you smiling at Squirt?"

I'll tell you later Dan."

"Hey Dan can I ask you something?"

"What kind of price are you looking at with the new house?"

"I don't quite know Codes I recon I could get maybe one point five mil for the apartment so how about we settle on that amount as a benchmark."

"Dan if your thinking of buying this property on your own it's not on."

"Squirt I own the apartment I want us to own the house together so if we find one we buy it in both names."

"Oh and you decided you buy it and give me half is that your plan?"

"Well yes it was my idea I should pay."

"Okay give me an honest answer apart from the flats how much money do you have invested total Dan?"

"I think about eighteen hundred thousand Squirt."

"Well if you think you can put Luke through medical school and give me half of a million dollar house then you don't know me Dan."

"But Codes my modelling brings in big bucks, I am knocking back work at the moment but after the footy season I will be making a lot more money, at the moment I'm only taking on the big money jobs."

"Okay Dan here's my revised plan in case you are interested."

"Of course I'm interested Codes, tell me your plan I just wanted to give you some time, we haven't really talked about it yet anyway."

"Okay point taken Dan I apologise here's my plan. We buy the new place together we go fifty-fifty it's bought by the both of us, that way if we each put in say seven fifty we can get a really nice one on the beach maybe."

"Okay squirt that sounds like a plan, I don't want you to feel left out I was just thinking that's all."

"It's okay Dan it's just I won't let you waste your money when I have much the same. It's not fair on you and with the leftover money maybe you can set up a trust for Luke. He will get a cheque each month to pay his way with and he can live in the flat unless he wants to live with us of course."

"Do you mind if he moves with us Squirt? because I'll tell you why, I think I would feel uneasy if he didn't come with us".

"Good" I said, "So would I, he's my family too, so we look for something near or on the beach with a big back yard for a dog and maybe with a granny flat or an apartment attached, something like that maybe."

"Sounds good Codes, I'm with your plan."

"Okay we can start looking on the computer tomorrow. Mum's going to look at her end and maybe we can get Luke involved also, we can let him know tomorrow."

"By the looks of it anyway, Jamie will move in with him".

"I was thinking that too Squirt, they do look like their totally in love with each other".

"I love you so much Dan".

"I know Codes the feelings very mutual. Can we go now?"

We said our goodnights to everyone and drove home.

"Hey Squirt what was with the smile when I mentioned Luke?"

"Oh you will like this, James told his parents the first man he brings home to meet them will be his true love".

Dan thought about it and said,

"I don't get it Cody".

"Well Dan he's taken Luke home to meet his parents, get it?"


"Oh that is so sweet Codes, I'm really happy for him and Jamie that's awesome another celebration at the Lawrence house soon I think".

When we got home we made dinner and sat at the computer for awhile, Dan wouldn't stop nibbling on my ears and his hands were turning me on something fierce. He whispered,

"Codes do you feel better now?"

"Yes Dan I said as I moved to kiss him lightly all sorted".

Can we do this tomorrow Codes?"

"Yes Dan let's go to bed".

Love making with someone you love is just the best sex ever and we didn't disappoint each other, I moved my mouth all over Dan's body. I rimmed him forever, he nearly went to sleep, I rubbed my cock in his butt crack as he moaned.

"The answer is still no."

He flipped me over and put my legs on his shoulders, lubed up and screwed me forever. I almost came, I was so far gone when I did my dick was rubbing on his treasure trail, my bum muscles contracted and he spewed a load into me.

I was breathing heavily and Dan collapsed onto his forearms so he didn't squash me, he panted in my face just looked into my eyes; a tear fell from his eye. I could see pure love there,I could actually see it.

"Don't ever let me forget this night Cody" he whispered, "Please remember it with me I fucking adore you, you're the most forgiving loving person I have ever known please don't ever leave me."

His tears were flowing again and so were mine.


"Yes Dan"

"Codes I thought you didn't like the beach?"

"I don't Dan but you do."

"Oh but Codes you have to like your house too."

"I know Dan I like looking at the beach, the sunsets, sunrises, the walks."

"Codes is that all you want?"

"No Dan I want you to lie on the beach in your speedos so I can watch you all day."

"Oh that's okay then Codes."


"Yes Dan."

"Do you think you might do the same for me?"

"Yes Dan guaranteed done deal."

"Okay goodnight Codes."

"Goodnight Dan."

No he's not finished yet.

"Codes are you still awake?"

"Yes Dan."

"Codes what are we going to name our dog?"

"Go to sleep Dan."

"I love you Cody".

"I worship you Dan goodnight"

I could hear him laughing to himself.

I turned into him and slept like a baby.

In the morning we showered, I gave him a long head job and he did the same, what a way to start a day. Luke came up just as I put the toast in.

I said, "Good morning Luke how was dinner?"

He said, "It was perfect, those Italians know how to welcome their guests, everything was great and the food was wonderful. They are a crazy bunch I think I'm going to like them. We got in at ten; it was an early night.His parents had to get up early to prepare for the business. His brother's a worry though he hardly spoke all night. What did you two do?"

"We went house hunting."

"What? "

"We are thinking of selling and moving to a house somewhere on the beach if we can."


"Yes really." Dan said.

"Wow" Luke replied, "This is sudden."

"Well you got to start somewhere." Dan said.

"So Luke can you spare an hour looking at houses on the internet, we are going to do the same but Codes and I have a date with a photographer this morning so can you write a few down for us to look at?"

"Sure Dan I will bookmark the ones I think will be good. What are you looking for?"

I said "Near or on the beach four or five bedrooms maybe three bathrooms, a great view, big family room and kitchen porch that sort of thing."

"Oh" Dan said "We want a granny flat or over garage apartment for our special guest."

"Whose that Dan?" Luke asked.

"You Luke, we won't leave you here on your own so you're coming with us."

"I'll be okay Dan." Luke said.

"Not an option Luke so look for something you like also."

"Oh okay Dan are you good with this Squirt?" Luke asked.

"Of course Luke we won't move unless you are with us."

"Okay" he said smiling from ear to ear.

The photographer had us at every angle, he must have taken hundreds of pictures of us together, and we both took five outfits. Dan blew me away when he came out in his hipster jeans, no top leaving nothing to the imagination. "Commando Squirt” so I went back and put mine on also commando. Those photos were the best, we even got some touchy feely, huggy ones in, the photographer was gay so he knew what we wanted.

I asked him to Photoshop my scars he said he would have a good look but on the camera they didn't show. I thanked him. He had us lie on a sofa together with our bathers on, the photo was so loving and awesome I ordered extra copies for Luke and Mike. That out of the way, we drove home and made a baby together.

The days went by and I got a bit sick of looking at houses so we decided we would just let it slide til after the football season starts. Luke still looked and I did most days at the new listings but nothing within our guidelines. I had to work on Fridaynight, there was a small wedding. Annie was glad to see me she had already done some of the work, she worked full time mainly when I was off, she worked the bar in the games room in the morning and she did bookings and events in the afternoon, she had a good job, she loved it. So she had the diary up to date as we sat and planned the weekend. Wedding Friday night, a computer geeks convention Saturday afternoon and another small school reunion Sunday afternoon.

The wedding was beautiful, I could tell the bride's parents didn't have much money they cut back on the usual extras like they only had two courses, just beer and wine, soft drink no expensive champagne, they would use what they had for the toasts. Stuff like that, the groom couldn't take his eyes off his bride he was beaming and she was glowing, this is going to be a happy marriage.

The best man gave his speech it was funny but heartfelt. Then the father of the bride got up and made his, he welcomed his future son-in-law to the family, he said they were simple folk but good people. It reminded me of my family or Dan's to be precise, I got a ping in my heart. Stay here Annie I have something to organise. I ordered two bottles of champagne for each table and organised glasses to arrive with them, the father came over to me and said,

"We can't afford the champagne".

I just said, "It's on the house now go and toast the kids properly".

"Thank you" he replied.

We cleaned up and I met Dan at the bar, he was very animated maybe one too many Dan I thought. I didn't mind if he drank, he never got violent or nasty he actually got more romantic, I just had water.

"Not drinking again Codes?" Matty said. "No Matt I am settling down on the heavy stuff for the time being I just need to clear my body of toxins for awhile that's all".

Dan looked at me sadly. I said,

"You can get those thoughts out of your head Daniel Lawrence, it's not that at all It's just I think I'm getting a paunch and so I am sort of dieting, a part of that is the amount of sugar in alcohol".

"What?" he said.

"You have a paunch? I better check this out when we get home, I don't want any paunches in my bed Squirt".

We all roared with laughter.

It was a good night we were telling Matt and John about the decision to move, they thought it was a great idea and Matt asked if Dan's apartment was on the market. He said.

"Not yet till we find something we like."

He didn't want us to be out on the streets with nowhere to go.

"As if that would happen Dan." Matt said.

But he looked at John and I saw a nod. Matt said.

"Dan when you do decide to move do you think maybe John and I could have first offer on your place?"

Dan looked at them and said.

"Sure mate I'll get it valued and you can have first choice. We can negotiate a price settlement."

"We have always loved your place not that we don't like ours but yours is so much bigger."

I thought they are a very happy couple, they will bring joy to the apartment nothing nasty ever seemed to happen to them, they were just a couple of fun loving guys who happen to love each other, no baggage like I have.

When we arrived home Dan said.

"Strip Squirt."

I know what this is about.

"Okay Dan do you want to strip too?"

I did and he did also, we looked at each other thoughtfully.

"Where's this paunch Squirt?"

"Here Dan" I said.

As I grabbed a small piece of skin at my waist.

"What the fuck Cody that's not a paunch, no way" he said."Your perfect"

I said.

"But it could turn into a paunch at any time, I don't want one Dan."

I looked him over, by this time he was rock hard, I said.

"But I really think you need to be doing more exercise Dan."

"What!" he replied?

"I couldn't do more exercise if I tried, my days are full of it."

I held his dick in my hand and said.

"Well Dan you better get into that bedroom and I will check out your fat bits."

He ran to the bedroom bounced on the bed and I gave him a thorough check up.

When we finished and talked for a few minutes I went to the kitchen and put some steaks on then made a fresh salad. We ate in the nude with Dan's foot under the table rubbing my balls and me doing the same to him I washed up and turned the computer on, there was an email from mum, it read.

"Is this what your looking for Cody and Dan?"

I opened the attachment and wow! That's it mum well done I hadn't seen it on the internet, it was an old beach house quite large looking with a big porch overlooking the beach, single story and the bottom had been filled in with wall to ceiling glass.

It looked as it was high up on a small ridge overlooking the ocean.

She had written down the address and I wrote it on a slip of paper. It was twenty five miles down the road on sixty mile beach a pretty untouched upmarket area. I thought about the price but when I showed it to Dan he said.

"That's it Codes. Can we go look at it in the morning?"

I said. "You and Luke go I have to work."

"No I want us to see it together can we go Sunday?"

"Sorry Dan"

"How about Monday we can make a day of it? Luke starts uni the following Monday so we could have like a family day out. How about fish and chips at Smuggler's Cove on the way back?"

"Done deal Dan."

I emailed mum back and said the house looked perfect it's not too far away from the club and as it was in an outer suburb it's a straight run down the freeway to get there. I asked where it was listed on the computer, how much was it and how many bedrooms.

I got an answer the next day. It's not listed Cody, the people that want to sell it are friends of mine. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, it's on a hectare of land and has a rather large downstairs granny flat the owners never used, and it also gets the views, it also has it's own bathroom and kitchen; a four car garage and some out buildings. It's got mains water and electricity and backs up to farmland that will probably never be sold so you don't have to worry about Urban sprawl, it's not heading that way. There's a quiet road leading off the freeway, there's not a lot of people living in the area. It originally was a fibro beach house but has been renovated extensively over the years.

The computer geeks convention was great, they gave funny speeches and most of them were on their iPhones all night, no dancing and not much drinking. They were well behaved and I had a great time asking many questions about my phone that they were more than happy to answer or show me.

I missed the bar and went straight home; Dan was cooking for us all. Luke and Jamie came up and we had a casual meal of meat loaf salad and veggies.

"Well done Dan." I said. "See you can cook after all."

"Squirt I've been at it all afternoon."

And by the way the dishes looked piled in the sink I am guessing he had been. Luke asked if Jamie could come with us on Monday.

"Of course" Dan said. "It's going to be a family day out. We will go and have fish and chips on the way back."

Jamie said. "Thank you."

He was looking forward to it. I asked how his schooling was coming along, he said fine but he really has to study hard as he's been a bit distracted lately with footy and all. I just smiled at him and turned to Luke.

"Well you start uni next week and I am guessing James will have plenty of time to study after you do."

He blushed.

Dan said. "Your so cute when you blush Lukey and squeezed his cheeks."

"Thanks Bubbie."

Monday arrived and we set off early, mum was going to meet us there, it wasn't that far from her house.

"Hi boys, hi Luke whose this hunk you have on your arm?"

"Oh Mrs Mitchell this is James Rosano my special friend."

They hugged Italian style, mum talked to him in Italian and he lapped it up, she was well travelled my mum.

She said. "Let's go have a look."

We were blown away; the photo didn't do it justice. The entrance was at the back as the house was raised to catch the view and the driveway ended there. We climbed the three steps to the back porch it was awesome. Mum opened the door and led us inside; there was a large utility room, a bathroom and three large bedrooms with another adjoining bathroom. Dan was speechless as we walked up the wide hallway, it lead to a very large sunroom which had a wall of folding floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the blue ocean.

"Wow!" we all cried, mum said in summer they folded back to let the ocean in. The kitchen was over in one corner; it had a caterer's oven and was just perfectly designed. Off each side was a hallway and two huge bedrooms with ensuites, the views were spectacular, big French doors led out to the extensive porch which mum said was eighteen feet wide all around, we just were astounded at the size and views we got from the front rooms.

The ocean was gorgeous, it was a nice day and it was showing off.

"Come on Luke" mum said.

Behind the kitchen was a staircase that lead down to another massive room very similar to the one upstairs plus two large bedrooms, both with ensuites.

"Sorry boys I know you didn't want that many bathrooms but hey they are great aren't they?"

We nodded in shock. She said.

"Luke the apartment has it's own entrance and she pointed to it, you can access it down the little pathway at the side of the house."

She had a huge smile on her face and she said.

"Well boys do you like it?"

"Oh yeah" we said. "What's not to like mum?"

Jamie said.

"There's been a lot of money spent on this house, it looks solid as a rock and the quality and workmanship you don't see that nowadays, everything is straight I can't feel any cold spots at all."

"It's well sealed Jamie, the people that own it built it in the sixties, it originally was just a fibre cement cottage but they demolished it and built this house for their retirement. The husband was an architect and his wife was a Interior designer a great combination" mum said.

We just fell in love with it. "Mum how long can we stay here for today?"

"All day if you like it's empty so the owners wouldn't mind."

"Luke and Jamie can you go down the road and get lunch?"

"Yeah sure Squirt, I'll take the orders.

"Why?" Dan said.

"Dan we can't afford this house but I want to have at least one family meal here, we can sit on the porch there's a table and chairs at the front, let's just have one day in dreamland."

He said. "Good thinking Squirt, Luke I'll have a minimum chips, two flakes, six potato cakes and four dim Sims."

"Daniel Lawrence you will not" I shouted.

Mum was laughing as he stood to attention.

"Squirt I ordered for both of us, we have to share it."

"Oh, that's okay then Dan I thought that was just your order."

"No Squirt I couldn't eat that much on my own."

Luke rolled his eyes and said.

"Sure Dan you wouldn't eat that much, good save" he winked.

"No salt Luke" Dan added.

The guys arrived back with lunch and we all settled down at the rickety table and chairs. They had also got paper plates, plastic forks and a roll of paper towel. As we ate I asked some more questions that mum was eager to answer. Dan finally got around to the price; he shut his eyes and was looking like he was going to be shocked at any moment. I knew it was going to be hefty but I still was enjoying our family picnic on the verandah.

Mum said. "What did you say Dan?"

"I said how much are they asking Mrs M?" he said.

"Oh boys you don't worry about that, Cody and you already own it."

There was silence I could hear just deep breathing and the seagulls.

"What? What did you just say mum?"

"Oh Cody you were too young to remember but you used to come here all the time when you were a little boy, this was your grandparent's holiday house darling, they built and designed it years ago. When they passed away they left it to me with the proviso I left it to you. I had updated the kitchen and bathrooms, your father and I were planning to retire here but then he got sick honey. Everything else is original."

"What" I stuttered. "Baby it's your and Dan's house, I told you your dad and I had some properties."

I started to cry.

"This is too much mum we are not accepting it."

I got up and went to the bathroom as I left, I turned and said.

"Too much."

My emotions got the best of me again so I washed my face and reappeared on the verandah.

I said. "It's been nice to see you again mum but we have to go now."

"Baby come for a walk with me, you too Dan."

She took our hands. We walked down the beach and sat on some rocks.

She started. "Cody your grandparents left me the beach house and eventually I'm going to leave it to you so whether you live in it now or years down the track it is still going to be yours eventually."

"But mum it's too much, what's it worth, four or five million?"

"About that Cody but they only spent a hundred grand building it and forty years ago the land here was virtually worthless so it's not a lot of money in the big picture to worry over. If you and Dan agree, and to make you both feel better, instead of just signing the Title over to you both how about I just sell it to you for one hundred thousand but I insist it goes into both your names and look at it this way, it can be an early wedding present."

I was deep in thought; I looked at Dan and said.

"Your call Dan do you want to do it, is it what you want?"

He nodded yes but added.

"Codes is right Mrs M, we wouldn't feel comfortable accepting your offer."

"Nonsense Dan it's my gift to you both. I know you would never sell it and it's a strong house brimming with love and there's no one around to annoy you. The farmland behind is worth a kings ransom, the tenants there are leasing it from the owner and the owner will never sell it, so it's perfect for you both."

"What makes you say that Mum?"

I had a funny feeling I wasn't going to like the answer.

"Say what Darling?"

I said. "How are you so confident a housing estate won't be built on the farmland?"

I squeezed Dan's hand and shut my eyes and leant into his neck.

"Oh Cody your grandparents were private people, both on top career wise, this was their hideaway from it all."

"You didn't answer my question mum"

"Cody ummm you own the farm and the land either side of the house, she pointed from that big rock down there to nearly that one up there."

I screamed. "Why don't I know these things mum?"

"Well Cody it just never came up, we didn't want to spoil you too much. So we just decided not to tell you everything. Umm Cody there's more. I looked at her through tears. "But can I keep that for another day? All this is starting to make me feel quite old."

"Okay mum, one hundred and it goes into both names."

I said through my tears.

"Dan you just bought a million dollar house for fifty grand."

I told her we fell in love with the house as soon as we saw the pictures. She said

"Well you just sit here and I'll go break the news to the boys."

We sat in silence just watching the night sky blanket us.

I said. "Dan I could get used to this real quickly."

He kissed me and whispered. "Can we go look at dogs now?"

We stood up and kissed deeply and slowly walked back to our house.

The boys were sitting on the stairs just nibbling each other; it was the start of a perfect evening. We didn't want to leave but mum kissed us goodbye and said. "I'll get my solicitor on to it tomorrow and have keys cut for you all, better still you can have this set and get some cut and you can move in anytime you like. You will have to have the utilities turned on sometime this week."

"Bye mum"

I hugged her tightly and whispered.

"Thank you."

Dan also did the same, what could we say, she was right why not move in now instead of waiting another twenty or so years. As we drove away the boys were so excited they couldn't wait to tell their parents what had transpired today. I sat there in a better mood and on the way home every large house I saw I said. "I own that, I own that one also". The car was full of laughter all the way. Little did I realise I wasn't far off the mark with my throw away comments.

"Dan you really don't have to sell this apartment now we could use it when we are busy at the club."

"It's okay Squirt, I fucked this one up so it's got to go. We still have your old one, we can renovate it and use it if that's okay with you that is?"

"I don't mind keeping yours but I'm all for selling the old one, I really don't like it sitting there still feeling like I'm attached to it somehow, maybe Matt and John would like it. It's bigger than their two-bedder and maybe if the one next door comes up for sale they can buy and join the two, like you have done. And Dan you didn't fuck anything up here I did, I should have said no right from the start."

"Oh Codes you're too generous, I won't let you take that on board but I do like it here." He added. "And I'm sure with a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture it will feel different, we have had some very beautiful things happen here so it's full of love and cherished memories."

"I told you I loved you here for the first time. I held you on the balcony forever. We made love here. I can't give those memories away just yet."

"Okay Dan I'm with you, sometimes I forget the reason I am here in the first place, I love you Dan."

"Me too Codes."

We talked most of the night about the house, it really felt like a dream. I was over the moon, we can have Dan's twenty first there and Luke's pad was great for him. We figured it wouldn't be long before Jamie moved in. We made love with abandonment, Dan's hard body was pressed to my back I turned my head and he kissed me, I had my hands on his tight ass as he ploughed my butt. As always the orgasms were intense as I rubbed my cock into the towel beneath me. We cleaned up and had afterglow kisses.

"This is the second best moment of the day.


"Yes Dan"

I have some good news for you"

"What is it Dan?"

"You get to go shopping for furniture baby."

"That's nice Dan, I'm looking forward to it."

"Okay Codes goodnight."

"Goodnight Dan"

He snuggled up to me.

"Codes you still awake?"

"Yes Dan"

"Codes can we get a couple of sheep, just two maybe?"

"What ever for Dan?"

"I don't really want to mow the back lawn."

"Okay Dan we get some sheep, maybe Mr Farmer behind us will lend us a couple."

"Goodnight, I love you Dan."

"I love you a thousand times more Codes goodnight."

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