Castle Roland

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus


Chapter 17

Published: 22 Jan 15

Never Give Up

by Maxieplus

The morning came and Luke and Jamie arrived for breakfast it was a great time to catch up with the boys and we looked forward to it. They did look so much in love they held hands throughout the meal, Jamie was very pumped, bigger than Luke, he hit the gym just about as much as Dan, he was a walking wet dream.

Luke said. "Dan when we move to the house is there any rules for me?

I mean would it be okay if Jamie stayed like a few nights?"

Dan knew what was coming so he thought he would have some fun.

"Luke, Jamie can have a sleepover two nights a week, I don't want your studies to be forgotten. Also, you have to mow the lawns and take the garbage out, no noise so keep the music down.

"Oh" Luke looked at me and I winked.

Luke knew Dan was trying to put one over him. He looked at Jamie and said.

"Is that okay with you baby?"

He just dropped his lip and said.

"Sure Luke, I guess I have to study also so we can cool it till you leave uni and start medicine."

Dan said. "Enough of this shit Luke there are no rules, Jamie can move in when you do."

He stared at Dan and at me and said.

"You serious Dan?"

"Of course I'm serious, I'm just hoping you two are serious."

They kissed each other and Jamie had a tear in his eye, he said.

"More serious than you know Dan, I love my Luke so much."

Luke said. "Not as much as I love you Jamie."

"Oh and" Dan said. "You both better go to the farm, mums going crazy she wants to meet Jamie."

"Okay Dan"Luke said."All sorted."

A round of laughter was heard from that apartment for quite some time. That afternoon a very nervous Jamie came to me before they left, he said.

"Thank you Cody for giving me a second chance. I nearly went crazy when you dropped me."

"I'm sorry about that Jamie, I over reacted there are reasons for that but I can't tell you. I hope you weren't hurt."

He laughed. "Only my pride but thank you anyway I would never intentionally hurt Luke."

"I know" I said.

"Off you go, you're gonna love this fucking crazy family."

My mum rang that afternoon she said.

"Cody I hope you're not too mad at me and your father."

"No mum it's all good, I just wasn't expecting it that's all. Thank you mum."

"Now the keys I gave you, the small one is for the lock on the rusty old container at the back of the property. In the container is most of the furniture mum and dad had in the house, there are no beds or electrical stuff however you might like to use some of it. It was all hand crafted for the house by the top furniture designers of that era. I couldn't bare to part with it so I bought the container and stored it.

"Mum I'll go up tomorrow with Dan and have a look, I'm sure it will be good quality stuff that would save me trawling through tacky furniture shops. Thanks mum that's ace."

"It's okay dear, is Dan happy?"

"Yes mum, over the moon he's been talking about a boat and sheep."


"Well he doesn't want to mow the lawns."

She giggled. "That's how your grandfather got out of it too."

"Well it's just a bonus mum being attached to a farmer."

I couldn't stay mad at her for long, we talked about my grandparents and how much they had loved me, they were killed in a car accident when I was very young and mum had kept the house empty but had a cleaning company look after the gardens and the property.

Dan and I drove up to the house the next day, I wasn't expecting much furniture but it was crammed full of the most beautiful modern and antique furniture I've ever seen. We started to move some of it into the house, I didn't know where to place it but thought I would get mum to lend us a hand, she would know where everything went. We didn't get it all out just a half dozen pieces, the chaise lounge was in mint condition and there was an old oak set of drawers it was heavy but bloody beautiful. From what I could see from the door there were tables and chairs, lounges and small tables, just about everything we will need.

When I went inside to get Dan he was lying on the chaise lounge naked, so I stripped and we had our first fuck in our new house and it was awesome, the sun was shining through the windows, I felt like I was in heaven. We lasted ten minutes and cuddled for the next hour till I had to use the toilet.

That night Dan had a television football show to do. I sat and taped it; he was born for TV, so suave and gorgeous. It would be a regular gig throughout the season. I met him at the club. We talked to John and Matty about the house and my old apartment, we agreed on a price and they said yes, they would take it, they'd just have to sell their's first.

Dan just said. "No sweat guys when you do, just let me know.

They were very happy.

As it was they contacted the body corporate and made an offer to the owners of the adjoining flat, and they accepted, they started to renovate as soon as they could.

Dan had given them his plans and Jamie had improved them. My furniture was still in it, we would put it in Luke's place to use. The boys had got it for me when I was so down I couldn't part with it; they went to so much trouble. So all we really had to do was buy new beds, we would leave Dan's apartment as is.

So off we went to buy some beds, we needed five. Dan and I got a king size for the two large bedrooms, queens for the other three. We did ask Luke if he wanted a new one, he said no he has beautiful memories about the one he has and didn't want to part with it. Dan had thrown my old bed out after he took the flat over and bought a new one for Luke, the other two will go in his other bedroom. We were all sorted.

Mum came and told us where to place the furniture, she knew where each piece went, and oh my god it looked stunning. I couldn't believe the quality.

She said. "Your grandmother was a designer and had an excellent eye for detail, that's who you get your keen eye for fashion from."

We exchanged money and signed the contracts, the house was now ours. A moving truck was in the yard and Luke was moving in the same day. That night I cooked a meal and we all sat at our walnut dining room table with twelve chairs, all perfectly matching. It was just a dream. The beds had arrived and were made. Nothing left to do except move our personal stuff we need in.

Mum stayed the night; she said it was like old times. In the morning I got up and had coffee with her on the verandah. We watched the start of a magnificent sunrise.

"Now while we have ten minutes to ourselves what else do you own mum? I'll find out eventually but I don't want any more shocks."

"Okay all the surrounding land to the house, there's fifteen hectares of undisturbed bush land about ten miles up the beach. Fifteen other houses in town and an office block on the city fringe."

"My god mum how?"

Well your dad and grandparents was very savvy Cody, they invested wisely. Oh I nearly forgot there's a villa in Spain; sorry I keep forgetting about that one."

"Shit a villa in Spain? I'm there mum."

"You can't Cody it's leased to an American couple for the next ten years. This is the only house we kept empty, we were going to move here when we retired but it never happened. If I had of known about Steve's treatment of you I would have moved you here in an instant." She started to cry. "I would have had the property patrolled with armed guards if I could. Please in future Cody if you need help promise me you will call me."

"Oh mum I have Dan for that now; he's my knight in shining armour. But yes I will call you, I promise."

Just then Dan appeared and helped himself to some cold toast and coffee.

"Good morning Mrs M, good morning Squirt."

I leaned over and kissed him.

I said. "Dan you wanna go to Spain and check out our Villa?"


"I'll tell you later my main man," in my best ghetto talk.

"God Codes, that's worse than mum's."

We giggled at the thought. After a full breakfast which the boys joined us for, we said our goodbyes to mum and she was on her way. God I said to myself, mum don't leave me, I would never cope with all that stuff. We went and sat on the beach, I took a big blanket down as it was a beautiful day.

Dan had a word to Luke; he said he was setting up a trust for him so he would get a cheque each month to live on and to pay his expenses, that way it won't come directly out of my accounts. Luke thanked him gratefully.

"I won't let you down Dan."

Then Dan said something I really wasn't surprised at. He looked at Jamie and said.

"What about you brother-in-law of mine are you struggling or is everything okay?"

Jamie said he was more than good. He was on a scholarship from the university; he worked the pizza place which his parents paid him well for. His parents weren't rich but they were comfortable.

After an hour I'd enough, I got up brushed sand from my legs and said to them.

"I'm off to have a shower; this sand is getting to me already."

Dan said.

"I'll come and help, see you for late lunch boys."

We had a nice big shower and Dan rubbed himself against me, he turned me around and slid up me, he came within twenty pumps then he gave me some great head. We dried off and started exploring our house.

"Dan you do feel like this is your house too don't you?"

"Of course I do Codes, I love it, I don't have any urges to change it, it's perfect like you."

"I just thought you might have thought mum and I pushed you into it that's all." I said.

"No Codes if you're here, I'm here I'm okay with it all it's not about the money Codes, I have some money, it's about us being happy, this is a beautiful place, it was always a dream of mine to live on the beach. Living here with you makes it more than a dream it's reality. It's a shame it faces east but we will get some magic sunrises streaming through our windows."

"Codes I feel at home here and want us to stay here for the rest of our lives. Now I'm going to say this Codes and it might upset you a bit but if god forbid we ever broke up for any reason the house won't be an issue. Getting you back will be the issue, you understand me Codes?"

"Yes Dan I understand."

"Now can we explore, I want to see where the kennel is going to go."

I rolled my eyes and walked on around the side of the house. I could see Luke and Jamie doing some heavy making out on the beach, I think they had their shorts down but it's too hard to see from here.

Luke loved his apartment and with Jamie's help he had it set up in no time, they had printed some nice photographs for the walls a couple of rugs, it looked like a home. I went down to see what they felt like for lunch, knocked on the door, Jamie answered he had only his shorts on, fuck he was hot.

He said "Lunch is in ten minutes."

He was making some pizzas for us and he and Luke will bring them up. They arrived with three large pizzas that were so yummy.

I said. "Well done Jamie."

"Oh these are a couple of gourmet ones I invented, dad doesn't do them, he's just straight pizzas."

"Well he should, these are great, I'll get it sorted for you."

"Okay Squirt" he said. "You will meet them soon I hope but they are so busy."

"I am looking forward to it Jamie."

Dan and I just sat on the porch and soaked up what was a beautiful day. He went inside for a minute and came back in his Speedos, he laid on his stomach in the sun I just soaked his body up, I wanted to rim him I was so hard, he looked up with his smoking grin and said.

"This okay Codes?"

I just shook my head and said.

"Perfect Daniel Lawrence, perfect."

Later I put mine on and we made out heavily on the porch. After, we didn't bother to get dressed we just put shorts on. Dan was used to seeing my scars, my back and front were covered in pink and white lines. My face had cleared up to almost invisible; the plastic surgeon had done a good job. I have to watch my tan, not too much sun otherwise the body scars will stand out.

We sat on the couch and watched a pre-season match. Our season starts next Saturday so the week will be full of team motivation speeches for Dan. Annie had emailed me the events we have next week, we were both going to be busy. We decided to stay at the apartment till Sunday then come home for three days then back. It was very doable so we weren't getting uptight about it. Luke and Jamie will have to cook for themselves which I'm sure they will cope with.

Luke and Jamie rang the bell then came up, we had installed the bell just in case naughty things were happening so it was a warning to cover up, it worked well.

They said they were going out and would we like them to get anything from the store. I said. "Not really boys I think I'm pretty right."

We moved to the table outside and had cokes before they left. Jamie was very quiet he just stared at my body, it made me feel uncomfortable and it made me feel dirty, the more he stared the more I felt lonely and unwanted. I got up and put a tank top on, it covered most of the scars but not my arms and hands, these scars I got from trying to stand up after going through the window.

They all noticed my sudden change of mood. What the hell's wrong with me now all I had to do was tell Luke to explain my body scars to him, no big deal now. I started to get agitated so I just said.

"I'm going for a run."

So I took off down the beach and started crying and I didn't cry for Dan I knew he couldn't help me this time. When I got out of eyesight I slumped down behind a big rock and started my sobbing like a little lost kid.

I'm not getting any better it's reversing, I was waiting for the nightmares and panic attacks to come. I don't think it was Jamie's fault because all I could see was Dan and Stewart waving me goodbye, it had affected me more than I told Dan. I was hurt and mad as hell to be made to feel like I was nothing by a stranger, to be kicked out of my bed and home. Cody you have to deal with this you can't let this beat you. Never give up Cody I said to myself as I played with my locket and wept. I really felt like I wanted to kill myself. At that very moment I hated Stewart so much but I hated Dan more.

I sat there for ages, I heard Dan and the boys calling my name but I didn't want to see anybody. I fell asleep and dreamed of a drunken woman staggering through blood and glass, her hands handcuffed. My dreams were also full of Dan, he was fucking Stewart, and they were laughing at me. Dan looked me in the eyes and said;"fucking hot hey Squirt."

I woke with a start, I didn't know where I was for a minute or two, and my body was freezing. I looked at my watch it was nearly eight o'clock. I got up and started to walk back to the house. I could see the lights from far down the beach, when I finally got there I was beat, my head was throbbing, my body was broken. I walked in and Dan was sitting at the table playing with his phone.

"Hey Codes long run." he said.

I just ignored him and went and had a shower. The tears flooded my face again. Finally Dan's arms slipped around me and he held me to him then he whispered in my ear.

"Codes it frightened me too, more than you will ever know, I do have nightmares of you leaving me, I do dream of the horror that nearly tried to tear us apart, I wake up in cold sweats and I'll never forgive myself, it doesn't matter if I live for a hundred years Codes, I'll never ever forgive me. I watch you sleep and try to will you to feel better; I kiss you lightly in the night trying to draw the pain from your body into me. I look at you and see the absolute anger in your every breath you breathe."

"I can't do anything to save us this pain but I can tell you this. I love you with my whole being, there is no way I have any desires for anyone but you, it was you I fell in love with and only you. I was over this mess before the girly club, I never went there with the guys, I knew you were pissed with me, so I slipped away from the players bar after you left, I was too drunk to drive so I booked into the motel for the night. I didn't go back to his place and I didn't invite him into our bed. I was horrified that morning when I woke up."

"Dan thank you for being honest with me and telling me what happened. All this time I thought you had slept with him again." I said.

"It still hurts, but it's not you it's me, I understand your position completely Dan. You didn't really do anything wrong, it was him that tried to break us. And I'm sorry I made you feel so guilty, I love you so much Dan and I need you to forgive yourself because I just did, maybe before when I said I had forgiven you, I hadn't. When Jamie was staring at my scars today he brought all my ugly thoughts about myself back."

"Perhaps if I hadn't given up so easily, things might have been different, I kick myself everyday for not putting my foot down the first day."

He was drying me with a big fluffy towel, it felt so good, I didn't hate him anymore. He put my deodorant on, a cooling face cream and a touch of aftershave. He was kissing me all over my back and neck as he whispered.

"You can fuck me now Codes, if you want."

"Thank you Dan but you just want me to punish you. I'm not going to do that to you, we are going to move past it, a good cry is all I needed Dan it has calmed me down and you brought me back to reality, thank you; Dan how did you know what I was thinking?"

"Oh Codes we have a really strong connection, I instinctively knew what was wrong that's why I didn't pull you from behind that rock, I wanted you to just cry it out, but if you had left it any longer I would have come and got you."

I lifted my eyebrows and said.

"God you're fucking good Danny Lawrence that was the best decision you have made today apart from the Speedos."

"Codes, want a lap dance? "

"Do I what? "

Fuck the music was hot, he danced his ass off. I did think about fucking him but now's not the time. He straddled me and rubbed his butt up and down my dick I've never been so hard. He rubbed his chest on mine while he gyrated like a porn star. He sat up and threw his big arms in the air and kept grinding into me, he played with his swimsuit giving me a peek at his ample goods. I blew my load no hands and when he got me on all fours as he blew into me, I came again.

"Fuck that was awesome Dan, just fucking hot and awesome."

He wiggled his eyebrows then kissed me, his tongue lapping all over my face.

"Nice doggy." I said.


"Yes Dan?"

"What did you mean by the comment, do you want to see our villa in Spain?"

"Fuck Dan what brought that on?"

"Just that I wouldn't mind going to Spain."

"Oh" I said.

"Well mum owns a villa there but unfortunately it's leased for another ten years."

"Oh well I can wait till then."


"Yes Dan."

"You don't hate me anymore do you?"

"No Dan those feelings are all gone now thank god, I know in the end it wasn't you I hated it was actually me. I hated myself for even thinking that. I love you more and more every hour of every day."

"Thanks Codes I feel a little better now."


"Yes Dan."

"Do you think I should learn some Spanish?"

"No Dan I'm sure they speak English there also."

"Goodnight Codes I love you forever."

"Me too Dan, I will love you always, goodnight."

He snuggled into me and I could hear him smiling, I smiled too. So I turned around and slowly whispered, kissed him until he was sound asleep. I really did love this guy, I could forgive his stupidity and I can't totally blame him, I had acted stupidly too.

The next day Dan and Jamie headed off together, Luke didn't have to be at uni for another two hours, we talked about Stewart and Dan's drunken binge. Luke said.

"So that's what's been wrong. Something changed in you both at the other apartment, but I couldn't put my finger on it. You changed Codes; you didn't have that wow factor anymore.

I was worried you both were breaking up or something and also Cody I want to apologise for Jamie's staring at you yesterday."

"It's okay Luke he didn't do anything wrong, I guess he was just the catalyst for my little tantrum."

"He loves you Squirt."


"He loves you, he cried for you last night; I had to tell him the short story. He was a mess when we went home and couldn't find you. He calmed down when Dan sent a message to us. I'm sorry Codes I had to tell him he wouldn't calm down."

"He said he loved you and respected you enormously, like we all do."

"Thank you Luke, you're slowly returning my confidence to me, thank you and you can tell him the full story, he's family and I trust him."

We hugged and he left. I got ready for work, we had to take stock of what uniforms would be needed for the next three months so we have to replenish anything that we are short of. But that won't take long, then I just might party tonight. I dug out my best hipsters and club shirt tossed my hair, splashed on the aftershave and took off for work.

"Hi Cody" said Annie, "How's things?"

"Great Annie better than ever."

She said. "You look so good tonight Codes, what have you done differently?"

"My hair Annie makes a big difference. Well have you been busy?"

"Not really Codes same old, same old. How's the new house?"

"Awesome I can't wait to have a party there. I think I will wait for Dan's twenty first to do that but Annie you are welcome anytime you know."

"Thanks Cody we might just take you up on that, but will wait for a sunny day."

We got stuck into the stock take; we had to go to the change rooms to do it. The lockers, where the club stocks were, so we counted it all within three hours. The under eighteens were coming in for training so we finished up and returned to the office. I copied the diary down in my notebook and we started to plan for a convention that was happening in two night's time and a ladies lunch the day after. I didn't have to be at the bingo so I was free after Thursday. Saturday was a home game so I was looking forward to watching it then going home. Two days on the beach then back for three days work again, life's good and I'm back.

The player's room was full and it will be like this for the next six months. Plenty of girlfriends, wives, and heaps of hopeful young ladies some pretty drunk I see. Dan was talking to Larry and Matty, Luke and Jamie were with John. I grabbed a beer and walked over saying hello to the guys as I passed by.

"Hey guys, how was your day?"

"Hi Squirt good to see you." said Larry.

One of the drunken ladies walked by and pinched his butt, he yelped.

"Fuck I hate that, I go home with a bruised bum every night during the season."

She came back and did it again. He just stared at her; she was with a group of friends sitting on the couches near the windows. Dan leant over and said.

"Fuck you look hot tonight."

"Why thank you, so do you Dan my main man."

"I see your having a beer."

"Well you see right I decided if I get a paunch, I will hit the gym and send it on its way."

"Codes it's good to see you in a happy mood."

"All's gone, Dan my man, the only way is forward, give me one of your killer smiles."

He did and it was a killer. I wasn't drunk, I was just happy; I'm back on track and in charge again.

After a couple of yelps from Larry the girls got daring and started to grope some of the guys, poor Jamie copped one, Luke looked furious. I wanted to tell him to tell the girl to fuck off, but they were at the next table with John, he was talking about bananas. Oh my god!! I leant over and said to Jamie and Luke.

"Take note, Dan's an expert because of John's coaching."

I heard Dan yelp it was so funny his face was beetroot.

"Codes can you do something about this?"

"Sure Dan all sorted."

She was walking back from the bar with a drink in hand as she lifted the free one to do the grope on Dan; I grabbed it and pulled her in for a hug I whispered in her ear.

"Touch my boyfriend's ass once more and you will have a cat fight on your hands. Tell your friends to behave themselves, the guys are sick and tired of the bruising. I'm sure if they treated you and your friends like that you would be complaining to the tabloids tomorrow, now stop acting like sluts, that gets you all nowhere and behave like ladies. Your all beautiful looking girls, everybody's noticed you I'm sure so don't degrade yourself anymore."

She looked at me and then Dan. She said.

"Sorry Dan."

Pointing her finger at me she said to him.

"He's so cute."

Dan said.

"Well I think he is."

So he leaned in and licked my face. The shock on her face was priceless, the yelping stopped almost by the time she went back to her girlfriends.

"Thanks Cody."

"Well big boy I guess I'm gonna have to come here every night to save ya'all from the big bad girls."

Larry laughed and said.

"Shit Dan he's good, no wonder you love him."

We all cracked up with laughter. He then looked at me seriously and said.

"Codes you don't have a twin do you?"

"Sorry Larry only me," I dropped my bottom lip.

He gave me a man hug.

"Love you Larry."

"Love you too squirt." he replied.

I then went and sat at Luke's table. He went to get some beers, Jamie leaned over and said."I'm sorry Codes I'm really sorry."

I looked at him and said.

"Jamie you did more good for me yesterday than bad and I thank you for it and I love you more for it . There's more to the story but I can't tell it."

He looked confused. Luke came back and I leaned into Jamie and said "Ask Luke."

I played with my little heart and said.

"I'm never giving up Luke, never."

A tear came to his eye James noticed but never said anything.

"Well how big a banana are you buying Luke?"

He went red, I added.

"It's all sweet Luke mah main man."

"Oh shit, Jamie the ghetto man's here again." he said.

Dan came up and knelt down and said to Jamie.

"No cumin in Luke's mouth, it will rot his teeth and his momma won't like it."

"Dan!!" Luke said. "Not if I brush after it won't."

I looked at the dumbstruck Jamie and said.

"God I love my fucking family."

I roared with laughter it didn't stop for some time, guess I am back and it was good to see Dan smiling also.

We went home and about an hour later I was still in a good mood, Dan said.

"Your glowing again Codes."

"Thank fucking god for Daniel and Luke Lawrence and now cocksucker Jamie Rosano."

Dan laughed with me then we made out on the sofa for some time. I couldn't be bothered cooking so I ordered Chinese delivery. We sat watching TV in our underwear slowly linking our legs and arms I smelt Dan's smell and he did the same. I ended up on his lap sucking his dick forever, my saliva was dripping down his balls, he finally came buckets. He kissed me and started sucking on my nipples and treasure trail; I came very quickly in Dan's mouth. We pashed some more and were running our hands all over our bodies. I licked his nipples till they ached, he had to stop me.

"Ready for bed now, Dan?"

"Okay Codes let's go."

There was no Codes questions tonight, I spent the next hour kissing him, licking him and generally making him feel good, I am now devoted to making Dan happy and I will succeed. He fell asleep while I rimmed him, so I spooned him and nodded off.

We had breakfast on the balcony, it was a beautiful sunrise, I had made a shitload of bacon and eggs, toast, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

"How did you sleep Dan?"

"Okay Squirt."

"Codes did you rim me last night?"

"Yes Dan you fell asleep while it relaxed you."

"I had wonderful dreams about you Codes. I was screwing you on our bed and someone came into the room. I said fuck off asshole and they left. It was funny Codes I looked at you and you were smiling from ear to ear with happy tears."

I hugged him and said.

"Dan I'm glad I enjoyed myself in your dream. Thank you. Now change of subject, what do you want to do today?"

"Go home I've been given the day off."

"Great let's finish and go this morning can we spend the night?"

"Yes Codes you can do a lap dance for me."

"You're on Dan then it's your turn again okay?"

"Okay" he said.

"You know Squirt I was only joking about you screwing me you know that?"

"Yes Dan."

"But if you really wanted to I would let you."

"I know that Dan maybe sometime in the future okay babe?"

"Okay" he said.

We necked for awhile, I did the dishes while Dan made the bed and we were on the freeway within half an hour. Our photos had arrived when we got there so we looked and laughed through them, the best one was us on the couch in our Speedos. I said. "That one's going next to Mike's on the bedroom wall then all I have to do is get one of Luke and Jamie, maybe I'll talk with Jamie about it."

"Fuck off Squirt."

"I was joking, Dan this is going on the wall alone and the hipster one is going in the lounge. It's so awesome I love it."

That day we spent tidying up the house; we took a long walk on the beach and kissed forever. Dan wanted more but I said save it up for tonight.

We had dinner alone, the boys weren't home yet. I slipped into the bedroom while Dan washed up surprise! I put my Speedos on and my hipsters with a tank. I put the iPod in the cradle and pushed play. The music I chose groaned out of the speakers, Dan was out of his clothes and on the bed in a flash, the dishes forgotten when he heard it.

I gyrated slowly running my hands down my body lifting my tee up to show some skin, I turned and played with my ass. Slowly I got hold of my shirt and pulled it up all the while swinging my hips, I took it off and started to rub my hands over my crutch and ass, I got on the bed and showed Dan my crack, pushed it in his face then I spun around and took his hand, I put it on my zipper and slowly leant back and he pulled it down I then put them on the snap, I stood up looking down at him still gyrating. I put his hands on the waist of my jeans and he lowered them.

His eyes were bulging, he got them to below my knees and I leant my hands on the wall kneeling I let him lick my balls through the thin fabric. Still I was swinging my body to the beat of the music. I laid on him with my back to his front and I took my jeans off then I pressed my ass onto his cock. He just pulled my Speedos down and lubed up and slid into me, I was laying there on Dan with my legs spread wide, my knees bent and leaning back on his shoulder kissing his chin and lips. Dan was now moaning loud, slowly pumping me to the music, he held off for ages then filled me with his cum while wanking me off. We lay like that for a long time, then he slipped out of me. I looked behind and up at his face he was just blank, he started to weep they were happy tears.

"God Codes that was awesome, where did you learn to dance like that?"

"I just know these things Dan that's all."

"Oh Codes I think I'm gonna cum again. Not according to your cock Dan."

"But I don't want it to stop. Please start again Codes please."

"Okay Dan I'll do it again but don't blame me if you have blue balls in the morning."

I got dressed and put the music on did the same routine and he filled me with more Dan juice. I was leaking there was so much, Dan just said.

"Again Codes please again."

"Sorry Dan I have to go to the bathroom and wash up. You filled me up there's no room for anymore."

"Okay Codes."

By the time I finished my shower and toilet, Dan was fast asleep. I locked up, finished the dishes and went to bed. I hugged him to me; he made little noises as I went into a deep sleep.

The morning was again beautiful; I showered and made breakfast Dan was still asleep. After a half hour he came into the kitchen, all showered and smelling like wow. He nuzzled my neck and said.

"Again please Codes."

I replied. "How did you sleep Dan?"

"I slept like a baby, no dreams just music."

"That's awesome Dan."

"Please Codes."

"Sorry Dan not now."

"Oh why not Cody?" He said like a whiney child.

He was nibbling my ears now. I said.

"Maybe later I have to rest my bum."

"Codes I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No Dan I'm feeling just a little tender that's all, it happens."

"Okay Codes what's for breakfast?"

"Sausages, eggs and hash browns babe."

"Smells good like you." he said.

He had started on my back lightly kissing it .The bell rang and the boys arrived while Dan was still nibbling, we had our boxers on so didn't mind.

"Dan put that cook down, I'm hungry." Luke said.

Dan replied. "That's no cook that's my personal lap dancer."

"Whoa?" was all Luke could say.

I looked over and said.

"Tell you later boys, come sit and eat."

"Jamie you're glowing this morning."

He blushed. Dan said "Luke yo momma done rung and wanted to know if you brushed this morning."

Hysterical laughter echoed through the house, god I really love this family. Well they cleaned up the food then helped me clean up.

"What you all doing today Luke and Jamie? "

"Studying for me." Luke said. Jamie added. "Training then study for me, I should be home around seven."

Okay that's good. We have to go back into town so probably will stay the night. Although there's really no need, we were home in a flash yesterday.

When Jamie finally got me by myself he hugged me, and said.

"Never give up Cody."

I kissed him on the cheek and replied.

"Not an option Jamie but thank you."

He held me for awhile, I could hear him quietly shaking he was trying to stop the tears.

I said. "Jamie now you know why I saw red when you had Luke in the bathroom crying."

He said. "I can never forgive myself for thinking Luke was a slut. I did myself and him an injustice, you were right to stop me."

"Please Jamie forgive yourself otherwise it will eat you away, Luke loves you and I'm sure he hasn't given it a second thought. Just make many, many happy memories with him."

"I am getting better but it's taking a long time to leave me." he replied.

"But your okay now, I told you he was one of the good guys. Wait till you meet his mad twin, when he finds out you have a pizza shop he's going to be your best friend forever.

"Yeah Luke's told me a bit about him they aren't identical are they?"

He said with a sly smile jokingly.

"Jamie." I laughed. "No and don't even think about it."

I went to my photo album. "This is as close as you will get."

I showed him the Speedo picture, you really couldn't see anything rude, he looked at it and said.

"I really did get the right brother didn't I?"

I said. "For you yes but mine's better. He's way past the banana stage."

We giggled and I made coffee.

"We have to make a day so your parents can come up." I said.

"They are really busy Codes they don't seem to ever slow down, my dad gets home so late I hardly ever saw him while I was growing up. My mum was around though, my older brother works full time there and it looks like his life is going to be the same as dad's. I just didn't want to fall into that trap, its excellent money wise but not good socially."

"How old is your brother Jamie?"

"Oh he's twenty but a bit of a blokey type Codes, he knows about me and Luke but he tends to be a bit cold when he's around. I thought maybe he's jealous of his little brother."

"Any sisters Jamie?"

"No just me and Gino, mum's a bit disappointed but seems happy with two boys. Of course there's the extended family, there's heaps of girls so mum spoils them all rotten."

He left not soon after as he and Dan had to get to training, I said bye to Dan and I would meet up with him later as James and Luke kissed by the car, they were rubbing their hips together. But Jamie was taller than Luke, his knees were bent. Ummm.

"Dan do you think we will stay the night?"

He said. "We better babe, I have an early photo shoot in the morning, a meeting then weight training. Big day for me and you have to work so we better stay."

"Oh who's the photo shoot for Dan?"

"No! No! Codes I will never, never tell you, no!"

Jamie whispered.

"The new Wrangler range Codes."

"Daniel Lawrence I'm coming with you."

"Jamie I'll see you on the field."Dan said.

"And no you're not Codes, you stay home and do house duties or something."

"Daniel I'm going to lap dance tonight."

"Oh! Fuck Codes."

"Well maybe I won't then." I said dropping my lip.

"Cody I get a bit distracted when your there, it's hard to do my job." he pleaded.

"Wrangler, Dan Wrangler."

"Oh okay you can come just for a minute though."

Fantastic! A sneak preview of their new range, just my favourite brand, I love them.

I drove to the apartment, there was rubbish, like empty boxes near the garbage bins so I folded them up, I figured John and Matt had started to move in. With that cleaned up I went upstairs and let myself in. Put the TV on and chilled on the couch for an hour or two. Then off to see Annie then to meet Dan. I got to the bar it was full again so found Dan's table which by now was surrounded by our friends.

I saw the girls there from the other night, not drunk this time and being very ladylike. Larry was over talking to Miss Crab Claws. I thought if they only knew they would get further with the guys if they just showed a little respect to them. Anyway no longer my problem I said hello to Dan and the boys, they all greeted me.

"Did you and Matty start moving in today?"

"Yes Squirt we took over some stuff. We had to rush to get here we got waylaid"

"Umm I bet you did."

He blushed.

"We left the boxes by the rubbish bins we will call around tonight and crush them."

"Already sorted John."

Dan looked up at me and smiled, all of a sudden I put my shy look on and moved my seat closer to him and said.

"I'm feeling a little shy tonight Dan."

"Why's that Codes?" he looked a bit concerned.

"Oh I don't know I think it's because I was such a slut the other night' I think I'll just tone it down tonight maybe, I'll lose the hipsters and just do the Speedos."

He looked at me and said.

"What are you up to Cody Mitchell?"

"Oh nothing Dan I just was looking through the wardrobe and found my old school uniform, I had kept and because I'm feeling naughty I was wondering if you might give me a spanking for being such a bad boy."

I could see his eyes light up; his bulge was now hard as rocks.

"Would that be all right Professor Lawrence?"

He said. "What the fuck Cody Mitchell let's go home and get you sorted."

"Not yet Dan I need another beer thanks," as I handed him my empty glass.

Dan rushed to the bar; Larry brought Miss Claws over and introduced her to us all. Her name was April, she apologised for her rudeness the other night and she said she and her three girlfriends had all turned eighteen in the last couple of months and had wanted to come to the bar like forever, but they weren't used to drinking so much.

She turned to me and said.

"I'm sorry Squirt."

"That's okay April no harm done."

I looked at Larry and quietly said to her.

"See I told you if you toned it down you might get the guys talking to you."

She said. "Thank you, I'm really not like that it was the booze but I know my limits now."

"Good, I think we are going to be great friends April."

She said. "I hope so Squirt."

Just then Dan came back.

"Here you go Codes drink up."

"Dan, this is April"

"Hi April." he said.

"Are you two really together?"

She whispered.

"Yes." Dan said to her. "We are."

And he took my hand and sincerely said. "Forever."

She smiled and said. "That's so cute and its okay, your secrets safe with me."

Then Larry whisked her off to meet the others. Within ten minutes, her friends had joined the boys and they looked like they were having a great time.

"Thank you Dan." I said.

"For what Codes?"

"You know including me."

"Oh always Codes I'm not going to hide anymore and I'm not going to have people ignore you."

That was the turning point for Dan, he never let anyone treat me badly again. If they didn't like it then tough luck for them.

We went home to attend to my naughty side. Dan was nude by the time we hit the bedroom, I slipped into some tighty-whities, pulled my grey shorts up and put my school jumper on of course the shorts were too tight for me, I had put on a little muscle since then. But I looked the part.

I said. "Professor why am I here?"

Dan said, "Because you have been a naughty boy Mitchell."

I said. "But professor I will be good from now on."

He said. "Come here Cody Mitchell I have to punish you."

"You won't hurt me will you professor?"

Dan was rock hard, I was amazed he lasted as long as he did; his hands were all over me. He sat on the edge of the bed and patted his knees I whimpered and dropped my bottom lip.

"Please don't hurt me Professor Lawrence."

"You need to be punished Mitchell lay here."

I lay across his knees he pulled my shorts down slightly after playing with my ass. He saw the tighty-whities that fit my ass perfectly (I had deliberately bought a smaller size so they stretched across my body). When he saw them he let out a very audible groan.

He spanked me lightly on the bum and his other hand rubbed my back and pullover, my shorts fell off and I said.

"Professor my shorts fell off do you want me to pull them up again?"

He said. "No Master Mitchell leave them off."

He was breathing heavily as he continued to rotate his hand then spank me, his dick was rubbing against my whities, my pullover was now around my neck. I heard a loud gasp and felt a shudder; Dan had his first orgasm for the night.

I said. "What's the matter Professor?"

He said. "Nothing Master Mitchell all's as it should be, perfect."

He was rubbing my butt; he had put his hand through the leg of my tighties. "Professor?"

"Yes Mitchell."

"Professor is there anything else I can do to make you not punish me anymore?"

"Maybe Mitchell" he said as he poked my hole.

I squirmed and said. "Professor that feels nice can you put your finger in a bit more, I kinda like it."

He inserted his finger and said.

"You are a tight naughty little boy aren't you?"

I said. "It's all the exercises I do Professor, the other boys like putting their little cocks in my bum but I don't like it."

"I would like to try a bigger one; do you think you can help me?"

"Maybe Mitchell."

He stood me up and got behind me and bent me over the bed he lubed and shoved his cock in me and started pumping I pulled my own dick, he said.

"How's that Mitchell?" I replied.

"Thank you Professor I am not going to be naughty anymore."

He flooded me again and I came bucket loads at the same time, we collapsed on the bed, exhausted my bum was a little red from the spanking it tingled nicely.

I leaned over and kissed him and said.

"Thank you Professor Lawrence. Do you want to see me again tomorrow?"

He groaned. "You're gonna slowly kill me Squirt."

We laid there for ages basking in the afterglow. I got up and went to the bathroom did my business and said.

"What would you like for dinner Dan?"

Everything snapped back to normal.

"What about a pie and chips."

"Sounds great to me Codes."

He got up and took a piss. We ate inside and just endlessly groped each other.

We cleaned up and checked the mail there was one for me, a contract from Armani and a cheque for ten thousand dollars. I freaked it was payment for my design and they wanted to sign me to a freelance designer contract, I showed Dan, he looked at me with amazement on his face.

"Codes this is awesome. It means if you come up with designs they can use, they will pay you for them."

I thought fuck me, where's my pencil I've got tons of ideas.

He kissed me and told me how proud he was. I was to send my drawings directly to Jaques in Brisbane. I was over the moon, this is my utopia. I told Dan if they bought one or two designs off me a year I could give work away and work from home, what a perfect life. Everything is coming together after being shattered by a piece of plate glass, one terrible night. I was laying in bed thinking about my luck over the past months and I heard.

"Codes ? "

"Yes Dan."

"Codes, does this mean you have to go to Milan?"

"No Dan freelancing I can do from our home."

"Okay Codes."


"Yes Dan."

"It would be good to have you home all the time."

I replied,"for sure Dan."



"Goodnight Dan."

No not finished yet, a long pause as we nestled in.


"Yes Dan."

"Have you got a nurse's outfit?"

"No Dan and never will have."

I waited for the finale.

"But I do have a wetsuit, boardies, Speedos, surf tank and flip flops."

"Owwww" he groaned.

"Goodnight Codes I love you so much and thank you."

"Goodnight Dan I love you too and thank you."


"What Dan."

"What are you thanking me for?"

"My tingling red ass Dan."

"Oh goodnight."

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